The Personal Devil by Dr. Amitakh Stanford

February 16, 2018 | Author: XeeaTwelve | Category: Devil, Satan, Evil, Problem Of Evil, Eucharist
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Short Description The Personal Devil has been revised and a new chapter has been added. T...


The Personal Devil by Amitakh Stanford 16th July 2008 The Personal Devil has been revised and a new chapter has been added. The earli er chapters primarily discuss the traditional views regarding the origin, nature , development, and perception of the Devil (Satan). In Chapter 17, "Why Darkness Created the Devil", I take a radical stand, differe nt from the traditional views, and discuss why the Force known as Darkness (Prin ciple of Evil/Darkness) created the power known loosely as the Devil and infeste d the Earth with it. The "Conclusion" has been revised and expanded to address the viability of the D evil, among other things. The following are selected excerpts from the book: The hat hat all

phenomenon of the existence of evil in the world encourages people to give t phenomenon a name or a label for ease of identification. Some of the names t have been assigned to this entity are: the Devil, Satan, Kui etc. These are personal names of the Devil.

Those who hunger for mystical power often welcome the Devil and worship it. Thos e who abhor evil can point to the Devil for the bad things in the world, thus ex cusing God for the evil. Either way, it benefits Darkness. "Saa" is the first manifestation of the Principle of Evil. "Saa" is the motion t hat permeates matter. It gives rise to thought forms, desires, emotions etc. tha t further draw people into deeper separation from the True Light. "Saa" eventual ly was given the name of Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil and other name s. Without the resurrection of Christ and without the Devil and the doctrine of sin and redemption, which are central to Christianity, the Church would collapse. C hristianity is the epitome of a religion that demands a devil to continue. Therefore, the birth of the Devil is crucial to the Principle of Darkness, which in reality, is the God of this world. The force that is identified as the Devil was created by the Principle of Darkness to infect the whole Universal Dodecahe dron (the Virtual Reality), and most importantly, to resist correction down to t he lowest levels, especially the human level. Regardless of what explanations the Church gives about the Eucharist, the Church has erred and made a mockery of Christ and the True God. Jesus did not want any thing resembling the Eucharist, symbolic or otherwise. The whole ritual of symbo lically eating the flesh of Jesus is cannibalistic, and horribly offensive to th e True Light. The vampiric ritual of drinking the blood of Jesus is repulsively demonic. Only a ghoul would favour such sickening rituals. Only the Anti-Christ

would want others to mock Jesus in such a way, week-after-week in "holy" communi on. Only the bloodthirsty ghoul who pretends to be a loving god would instigate and spread such gory rituals to contaminate the innocence of "children", whilst simultaneously rewarding the overt demons with the putrid "pleasures" of the Euc harist. It is no wonder that some people express such love for the Eucharist bec ause they feel empowered by devouring the flesh of Jesus and quaffing His blood. The eating of flesh and drinking of blood of animals and humans who have been co nquered is an ancient custom in many cultures. It is still done in many societie s, whether overtly or discreetly, by those who worship the Devil. Many Christian s are sickened by customs that require ritual drinking of animal blood, yet they have been so programmed by the Church that they accept the symbolic drinking of Jesus' blood as a "holy" sacrament. In reality, the ritual of the Eucharist was implemented under the Devil's influence to attempt to signify a supposed conque st over Christ by Darkness. It is a celebration of a victory that Darkness will never have. Those who sincerely love Jesus have been deceived into partaking in the Devil's pleasure of mocking the Christ. The Church has become the Devil's to ol. Just as the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has apologized to the indigen ous people of Australia for past atrocities of former governments, so too should Pope Benedict XVI (Ata-i-lek) apologize to all the descendants of innocent peop le who have been persecuted, tortured, and murdered by agents of the Church (som etimes on direct orders of past Popes) for heresy through the Inquisitions, and for many other atrocities committed by the Church in the name of God. We are now in the final stage of the Rescue Mission and Christ will soon gather all the viable True-Light particles and take them back Home. Those left behind a re following Darkness' resistance to Divine Correction of the Error. Everyone an d everything, including the Devil and Darkness Itself, are given the opportunity to accept the Correction. Unfortunately, Darkness and Its Devil have rejected t he Correction and have lured many to follow them. Many have chosen Darkness as t heir God. Regrettably, most people have done just that. Click here for free e-book The Personal Devil

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