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Getting ready for the OET Test Passing the Occupational English Test (or IELTS Academic) is a pre-requisite for being a registered health professional in Australia (or New Zealand). As a registered health professional you can enjoy a better-than-average salary, follow a satisfying and challenging career, live life to the full, plan holidays, enjoy a peaceful country. So – you decide – is it worth the work and expense?

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As a

• You have already invested lots of time and mroo nefe ys tosgio etntoalw:here you are now Health P • The Australian Government wants you to speak, write, listen and read English at a high proficiency level, in order to become a registered and practising health professional.

¤ OET W orkshop

The OET Workshop has writing, reading, listening and speaking materials to help you prepare for the OET Test. You need: • access to an internet broadband connected computer • Skype software - with headset / mic The OET Workshop also runs classroom-type Workshops. Our next one will run for 4 days: Monday 10th January – Thursday 13th January 2011 10am to 4pm each day [Refreshments included]

¤ OET W orkshop

O E T Speaking – 2 role plays The assessors/examiners are looking for:

¤ OET W orkshop

Overall communicative effectiveness – how well do you maintain a meaningful conversation?

You need to sound FRIENDLY and CONFIDENT

Intelligibility – how’s your pronunciation?

Fluency – do the words come easily?

Appropriateness – don’t call a ‘him’ her – and a ‘her’ him ! Don’t refer to Mrs Susan Brown as “Mrs Susan” - you should call her “Mrs Brown”

Resources of grammar and expression – this time it is good spoken grammar that is needed

O E T Speaking – Format of the test Your test will take 15 to 18 minutes. 2 minutes “warm up” time. Everything you say will be recorded. 2 minutes “preparation time” Looking over your first role play. 5 – 6 minutes ROLE PLAY NO.1 2 minutes “preparation time” 5 – 6 minutes ROLE PLAY NO.2 In the space of 5 to 6 minutes, you will need to: Introduce yourself / find out the name of the patient / find out what the problem is / ask questions / get answers / ask for clarification – and do much much more. Mastering the speaking role play format needs practice – and that’s where the OET Workshop can help. We have heaps of role plays, the patience, the experience and expertise to help you get a pass in OET Speaking.

¤ OET W orkshop

O E T Writing – based on a case study The assessors/examiners are looking for:

Good grammar and spelling [Control of Linguistic Features] Completing all the given tasks [Overall Task Fulfillment] Logically written letter – “cohesive” – keeping to the main points – relevancy [Comprehension of Stimulus] One’s writing style [keep it formal – not “familiar” language] Correct letter format (dated / paragraphed / a reference line / a suitable finishing paragraph / minimal abbreviations)

OET Workshop ¤

The Writing Test - Format of a typical letter


¤ OET W orkshop

Safest is: DD / MM / YYYY


Name / Title / or create one if neither is given in case study.


Use only last name / or Title


First & last name / age if known


I am referring the above named patient who is suffering from ….


For the past five years, …….


Since admission / Since first attending this Clinic, the patient has been treated for ……


Please examine and assess this patient’s suitability for a hip replacement


Yours faithfully,

O E T Reading

The Reading test has 2 parts Part A (4 pieces of text + a gap-fill exercise) 15 minutes is given to do Part A and Part B (2 separate pieces of text – each about 1000 words long with 10 MCQ for each one) 45 minutes is given to do Part B

¤ OET W orkshop

Criteria for the Reading Test – Your overall score for Part A = 1/3rd Your overall score for Part B = 2/3rd Let’s say you get 22 out of 30 for Part A And 8 out of 10 + 8 out of 10 (two Part B’s) = 22 + 8 + 8 = 38 out of 50 2/3rd of 38 = 12.7 X 2 = 25.4 1/3rd of 38 = 38/3 = 12.7 25.4 + 12.7 = 38.1 of 50 38.1 X 2 = 76.2 = a solid pass

• AT OUR READING WORKSHOP we show you the strategy to apply to successfully complete a Part A reading exercise • DON’T spend too much time on just one question – leave it - keep going - and come back to it at the end • USE a soft pencil(s) and have an eraser if necessary

¤ OET W orkshop

Reading Strategies – Part B Look at both articles ….. Make a quick choice on which one to read first • Read the questions and note the key ideas (not just words) • Read the opening paragraph and the conclusion carefully • Read the first and last sentences of each remaining paragraphs to gain some idea of the main points. • Ensure you have read each question accurately • Locate the relevant section in the text and scan carefully • Don’t assume the exact words used in the question will be used in the text – synonyms are often used by both OET and IELTS

¤ OET W orkshop

OET LISTENING Part A – a consultation – 10 – 12 minutes Part B - a lecture (monologue) 25 minutes

Use the “read ahead” time effectively Listen for clues – change in intonation – a longer pause Make abbreviated notes while you listen Do lots of practice tests - Understanding the context and being familiar with the topic will certainly help you. You need to be able to block out extraneous noises - really concentrate on what is being said.

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Note-taking skills

Recording information while listening:

• Most of us take notes to record important information – such as phone call messages • Note-taking increases our listening efficiency • Efficient note-takers use symbols and abbreviations - for example, use hosp’zn for hospitalization; use med’ctn for medication. • Can you think of any? Part B listening is spoken quickly in parts – you need to be able to write abbreviated notes, in English, while listening to English.

¤ OET W orkshop

IN A NUTSHELL . . . . . . • If you are not marvellous at English grammar – start doing crosswords, or online grammar quizzes • To improve your speaking – start talking to your house mates, your neighbours, fellow supermarket shoppers, your travelling companion, the stranger on the seat next to you. The more you speak, the better you get. • To improve your reading – read, read, read, read. • To improve listening – practise taking notes while listening to the TV news or radio news. • Get some help from the OET Workshop! We are very affordable and know how to help you pass the OET ! ¤ OET W orkshop

Listening class - OET Workshop, Sept.2009

Your OET Workshop online speaking tutors: Christian & Marg.

¤ OET W orkshop

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