The Metaphysical melaninated properties of Oksaho water featuring Joel Benjamin

November 21, 2017 | Author: Round table discussions | Category: Alkaline Diet, Ph, Alkalinity, Water, Consciousness
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The Metaphysical melaninated properties of Oksaho water: a conscious news report Written by Peter Vasquez featuring Joel Benjamin Introduction: The importance of proper nutrition and hydration is an essential value in the age we are currently living in. The life style or state of being will reflect on the state of your sickness or health. In the wake of our planetary alignment and the oil spill in the Gulf Coast having access to clean water is an essential issue. We live in a time of greed and confusion where disease runs rampant ruling over fear. In these hard times having an understanding at the very basic level of the human psyche is something the majority of the people would not think of. While being conscious of the events slowly taking place an effort should be made in maintaining our longevity and improving our overall health. With that said I would like to introduce a guy in our conscious community by the name of Joel Benjamin who has been working diligently to make the community aware of the health benefits from drinking and utilizing Oksaho water, a product that Japanese, Chinese and Europeans elites such as prime ministers, presidents and wealthy people drink. One of the first things I learned from Joel is that the quickest way to alkaline your body is by drinking certain waters and that water and melanin goes together. Joel also breaks down how the right water enhances the melanin tenfold. He also told me that when the cells in the human body dehydrate, they start dying and the body starts to break down. Dehydration produces stress, chronic pains, dry mouth, and many degenerative diseases. So the cause of illness would stem from too much acid waste in the body. There are many types of waters out on the market that have various effects but few actually gets into the essential core replenishing our vitality and enhancing our capacity to a peace of mind. Some of the types of waters Joel goes into are Fiji water which he gets very deep into, the bottled waters we buy at the store and our tap water at home. As Joel pointed out to me that not all alkaline waters are the same based on the pH level when tested, Joel has been working in the community teaching about alkaline water and also demonstrates teaching you why is it so important to have clean water and not just any type but the right kind that will feed your cells, stating the higher the level the faster the recovery rate. At his demonstrations Joel would test the pH in the water in front of a live audience with pH drops; now seeing the results in person for the first time will shock or even surprise you, or you might even ignore what you see. For those who are not familiar pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gaseous or conscious element of water, it has the potential or capability of transforming into whatever you want it to be, do you see how powerful that is? At the deepest level of awareness you can program the water to heal and do all sorts of things this is very key towards Joel’s point as his intentions is to bring clarity to anyone wanting to learn about benefits from drinking high level alkaline water. As he always points out to me the most important thing about water in general is that it must feed the cells in your body. I then researched for myself the product Oksaho water and concluded from my own findings that it’s a great water to use. 1

They key with water here is quality and Oksaho water has that pH is the measurement used to determine if the water were drinking is neutral, acidic or alkaline. PH is measured on a 1-10 scale. Everything in our lives must be balanced, the same goes for water, measuring how acidic or alkaline the water is. The tap water in our homes usually is neutral at 7.0 sometimes even lower depending on where you live and depending where you live the water is most likely very bad. Anything measured below 7 is acidic and anything measured above 7 is alkaline. The number seven however is just used as a base or foundation or a point of reference; this is used as a tool to keep the rhythm in our bodies in total harmony, to remember this just think about Ma’at or the Taino goddess Guabancex as she flows with the wind. Joel also says that you should use crystals to enhance the consciousness of the water and also place magnets under the water to pull out and keep out various types of harmful chemicals, the same method can be used for food as well. For some time now alkaline water has been used as a medical supplement treating various illnesses for over 40 years by people of Asian descent. Alkaline water is a highly recommended product found in places such as Japan, Korea, and even China. You can check this out and research it for yourself. It’s only until recently that people from the West have been starting to take alkaline water seriously. Freedom starts with the body and soul, the Ka and the Ba. Studies in Japan showed that the average Japanese citizen manages to spend 1/3 as much on health care as the average American, yet lives 5-7 years longer. According to the United Nations the United States is currently ranked # 37 for longevity and prosperity- right below Cuba. In this study Japan tops the list being at # 1. A recent New York Times study reported that 62 million Americans have been exposed to drinking water that doesn’t meet government health guidelines intended to help protect people from cancer or any serious disease. This can be researched over the internet and inside various books as there is a long list of sources that speaks out about the dangers of drinking tap water in our homes. Protecting our water should be a primary concern! Furthermore Kevin Trudeau reveals in his book More Natural “cures” Revealed page 80 “Unfortunately, in many states of America it is a criminal offense to cure someone of cancer without using chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, and surgery (Dr. Sebi is an example of this). There are doctors in America who are being imprisoned for committing the crime of curing a patient of cancer without using chemotherapy, drugs, radiation, and surgery…The number one reason people get sick or have disease is too many toxins in the body.” And in page 98 Trudeau writes “Once the body is free of toxins and provided that you have proper nutrition, limited amounts of electromagnetic chaos exposure, and limited amounts of mental and emotional stress, your body can easily heal itself.” Over time I learned that Trudeau has a lot to offer, so I took the time to learn what was behind this product and to my surprise there was so much to learn. Water is the storer and carrier of information such as your DNA. It has the ability to receive, pass on and transmit consciousness. The water that you drink everyday is alive like you and I. Like us, water thinks and feels. If the water is sick, you will be sick. Just stop and think about that for a moment you will find that this is very true. You should be drinking alkaline water with 2

a pH of 10. Oksaho water is an alkaline-ionized hydronated, magnetic water or good quality of alkaline water in general, which can help to restore the body’s proper pH levels and also assist in becoming more harmonious within our inner being. Neutralizing the imbalance and flushing out the acidic state out of the body, also increasing the flow of oxygen into the body replenishing your vitality. When there is more oxygen flowing within the body the results one will find is improved circulation, cellular regeneration; tissue repair and muscle growth. Becoming conscious of this the Oksaho water will help to make you aware of your full potential. The easiest way to understanding this is by one principle I always like to keep in mind: Atum the self-created one. To destroy the health of the body is to destroy the health of Atum who is all and within all. Water is the foundation of life, it has the ability to nurture, cleanse, and transform mind body and soul. Our bodies are composed of 85% of water which is the main key in maintaining our overall health. When utilized from its natural source water can keep the body free from infections and disease. Oksaho Water is a product described by elite people as high quality alkaline antioxidant water. As the water is used to nourish and vitalize our body on a cellular level as I stated earlier this is very important. Alkaline water aids in keeping the body free of toxins and harmful chemicals, decalcifying the pineal gland, and helps to make our thoughts clearer. It can also prevent complications in the long run. So get into fasting, Yoga, and Chi Gong, and take control of your health! Once the body is alkalized, meaning returned to its natural state, no disease can survive in it. I was shocked to learn that this water was known only by wealthy people, and it made me wonder why Oksaho water, being so valuable was kept from other people.

Figure 1: pH Chart showing the correspondence between Acidic and Alkaline substances.


Around the United States various studies have been conducted on our tap water showing out of the 50 states discovering that 29 major cities in the U.S. on average of 21,000 chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, disinfectants and many others unclassified were found in our drinking water! Just imagine a fish tank with no filtering as time goes by, more waste is accumulated with no place to go. Soon the fish tank will be so overloaded with trash the fish in the tank will get sick and die. The same goes for the body as a disease is the body’s way in ridding itself of large amounts of garbage accumulated but never leaves in total. The human anatomy needs a balance of both acids and alkaline to properly process foods of various kinds, make repairs and generally remain in good working order. Ingesting too many acidic foods and beverages as well as overdoing any type of extracurricular activities can lower the body’s natural rhythm to dangerously acidic levels. For example the 1974 Drinking Water Act states that there are more than 60,000 chemicals that are used within the United States according to environmental protection agency estimates. This includes the oil spill in the Gulf Coast leaving our environment and water in jeopardy. Over time and from my own research and experience I have seen the demonstrations of the positive effects Oksaho water has on the human body. Because of the profound effects of the water it has people that are not aware of it say it has been tampered with. It is their lack of knowledge about this water that has them in a poetic form so surprised. If you take the time to stop and listen for a moment there is a lot of information that Joel can share with the people different types of water. Now my personal experience with Joel with his demonstrations was a very explosive in a mind opening way. My first impression was what is this crazy guy talking about? At the time I had a lower back injury from wrestling one summer, I knew right away there was a connection. Before Joel makes you drink a small sample of alkaline water he conducts a quick test: first he asks that you plant your feet together standing still. Second he asks to stay as firm and strong as possible standing erect. Third he starts to pull down on your arm slightly on either side right or left. When I first experience this I thought he was playing mind games. As I learned later on that the purpose for the test was to show that your body wasn’t properly hydrated thus explaining why you couldn’t stay firm when resisting. Joel does several tests pulling down on your arm and this is just one of many other tests he can demonstrate. When this happens you will fall off balance slightly. As much as I tried I was unable to keep still. When witnessing this for yourself you quickly learn it’s not as easy as it looks. After several tries Joel quickly makes you drink a sample of a different type of alkaline water and then conducts the same test again. What got to me was right after I drank the water he was hanging right off my arm with his feet in the air! I never forgot about that experience to this day. The saying goes if you can’t dance you can’t play. “If you’re not taking the time to make some improvements, doing research, or helping to advance the collective consciousness in any way don’t waste your time” says Joel. Enforcing that you have to be about it and not pretend to be something you’re not using not just your words but your actions bringing forth liberation to yourself and others around your aura. At the time I didn’t ask Joel were he got the water from


because I was still in shock. I then did research on my own time and came across Oksaho water and later seen great results. You can find out about this information for yourself as I did and go test the water for yourself and see what you’ll find. You can go test the water for yourself with pH drops which you can get in a pet store. You will see disturbing results about the water you drink at home and cook with everyday. As indicated by the pH chart shown in figure one, the pH drops will show if the water or soda you're drinking is either acidic neutral, or alkaline. This is Indicated by the colors shown on the pH chart shown in Figure one with red being the lowest to purple being the highest. What will shock you most of all is the results for soda. After testing the waters and comparing the effects with the Oksaho water you will notice that the color of the soda never changes. To truly understand this you have to test a soda that is clear like Sprite so you can clearly see for yourself. Demonstrating how Soda is not good for the body as it is very acidic, it will take a lot of water to clean out just one cup of soda. This has to make us realize that there has to be a change in the way we think and eat. We are sick from watching too much television, eating refined foods, and over engulfing the appetites of the flesh.

Figure 2: An example of an Aura Picture. Based on the colors in the photo your Aura Picture will tell you where you are in consciousness such as what you need to work on, things to avoid and so on. Almost like a Tarot reading but even better because you can see where you are as a person first hand. In closing Joel encourages that you utilize good water for its health benefits and to go get yourself an aura picture. The water helps in raising your vibration and expanding your auric field, this is supported by a method called Kirlian photography. I personally have seen the 5

positive results from drinking Oksaho water and have gotten several aura pictures taken. If there is one thing I really learned from being around Joel is he lets nothing affect his aura and I have went many times with Joel to get a aura picture and have seen his aura photos right then and there as it was taken and being made, so there is nothing fake about it. Action must be taken! In a recent interview with Joel another person breaks down the science of the body while discussing the healing effects of alkaline water. There were two things that he said that caught my eye he states: “The body is an electrical mechanism and that the water is a super conductor of electricity.” Joel will surely make you think about the water you drink at home. With an open heart we must continue to search within our true self the way to the divine and improve upon the flaws of our character ridding our selves of the ego. Every effort should be made in making our lives better and putting aside our health should not be an excuse. Like my mother always said the life you might be saving might be your own. So take this into consideration and check it out for yourself. Drinking Oksaho water can help a great deal in releasing stress, fatigue and losing weight, as the healing of the mind and body should always start at home. Everyone has their own special gifts like the X-MEN but if those gifts are not utilized then what is the point in being conscious? If somehow those gifts can be combined harnessed to create a single harmonious unity, more work could be potentially done. So I advise to go out and check Joel and learn as I did. Overall Joel teaches that every moment counts and that no time should be wasted. It means to take what you learn in life and make the very best out of it and always put a 110% into what you do, when one actively takes control one attains total control of their destiny effectively. With that said we should never take things for granted for its looks without properly examining the potential from within. From my research I have found that drinking alkaline water makes the brain more active as alkaline water helps to improve the circulation of the blood. So become empowered and learn how to consciously drink water for the better of your health. This is my report, peace.


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