The Lost World

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THE LOST WORLD ·Pre-reading activities Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with the words below 1. 2. 3. 4.

Dinosaurs became extinct long ago. I’m a journalist for a big newspaper. Last year, I went to a meeting at the Zoological Institute. A famous professor said, “Dinosaurs exist today in South Africa,” but I was sceptical about this. 5. He showed me a drawing and a photograph to prove it. Exercise 2: Write T (true) or F (false) next to each sentence 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Journalists sometimes go to dangerous places. T There were no cameras or photographs 100 years ago. T Dinosaurs disappeared from the world millions of years ago. T Travellers in remote areas often get help from natives of the area. F Even in the world of science, people sometimes laugh at strange new ideas. T

Exercise 3: Look at the picture and answer the questions. 1. What is surprising about the picture? The surprising about the picture is on the way where the people walk, there are two dinosaurs. 2. Where do you think it is? I think that’s in the rainforest. 3. Why do you think the men came to this place? Because they want to explore and discover more things about the history.

·Chapters 1-2 Activities Exercise 1: Match the words in A to their definitions in B. 1. Die - stop living 4. Clarify – make something easier to understand 2. Approached - came near 5. Forever - without ending 3. Marry - become a husband or a wife 6. Sincerely - honestly, genuinely Exercise 2: Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The journalist wrote an article for his newspaper. Edward announced to Mr McArdle, “I want to go on a special mission”. Gladys’ words changed Edward’s life. Nobody believed the professor’s fantastic story about dinosaurs. Instead, they thought he was crazy. 5. The professor attacked a journalist last week. 6. A good newspaper story must tell the truth.


Exercise 3: Match each character with a feeling or an action below. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Gladys – Wants to marry a hero Edward – Wants to go somewhere exotic Professor Challenger – Doesn’t like journalists The policeman – Asks, “What’s going on here?”

Exercise 4: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. How does Edward plan to convince Gladys to marry him? He decided to go to a dangerous mission in the Amazon rainforests. 2. Why does Edward say he is a science student in his letter to Challenger? Because if he doesn’t say it, Challenger won’t let him enter to his house. 3. Why doesn’t Professor Challenger like talking to journalists? Because he think journalists only want to write goods stories and they don’t tell the truth. 4. How does the professor know that Edward is not a science student? Because he makes some absurd questions to Edward and he answers them. 5. What was Edward’s answer to the policeman after the attack by Challenger? Edward tells to the policeman to forget what he has seen because he was responsible for everything.

·Chapters 3-4 Activities Exercise 1: Write each word under the correct picture. a) Envelope b) Bone

c) Afraid d) Drawing

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the words below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The professors discussed the dinosaurs at the meeting. The professor had an interesting idea in his mind. We sailed out to sea in a large ship. Before he began to speak, he stopped and breathed deeply. I don’t believe you. Can you prove it? Your story can’t be true! I’m sceptical about it.

Exercise 3: Match each speech bubble to the correct person. a) Professor Challenger – Two years ago, I was studying animals in the forests of South America. b) Professor Summerlee – I want to prove everybody that you’re a liar. c) Lord Roxton – I know the forests in the Amazon very well. d) Edward – What am I doing on a ship on the way to the Amazon?


Exercise 4: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. What did Professor Challenger find in the bag of Mr Maple White? He found a drawing of a high plateau and in the top of it there was a strange animal, it’s looked like a dinosaur. 2. How does the professor convince Edward the animal in the photo was a pterodactyl? Because he showed to Edward an original bone of a pterodactyl and in a science book there was the same bone. 3. Why does the audience at the Zoology Institute laugh at Professor Challenger? Because they didn’t believe what he said. 4. Why does Professor Summerlee volunteer to go on the mission? Because he wanted to prove to everybody that Challenger was a liar. 5. Why does Edward offer to join the mission? Because it was his only opportunity to prove to Gladys that he was a hero.

·Chapters 5-6 Activities Exercise 1: Find words in the puzzle to complete the sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The professor told us to follow him into the forest. I couldn’t sleep because I had a vision of a frightening pterodactyl. The bird has got a long, sharp yellow beak. He shot the animal with an arrow. If you shoot at a bird, you can kill it.

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the words below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The water in the lake was clear and cool. I wanted my friend to accompany me to South America. I saw a baby monkey in the zoo. I fell and hurt my leg. The men were shocked to see a dinosaur. I didn’t want him to see me so I hit behind a tree.

Exercise 3: Write T (true) or F (false) next to each sentence. 1. Lord Roxton believed in the journey to South America to look for dinosaurs. F 2. Edward, Lord Roxton and Professor Summerlee were happy to see Professor Challenger in Manaos. F 3. Professor Challenger knew the way to the plateau. T 4. A pterodactyl took the men’s dinner in its beak and flew towards the plateau. T 5. After Professor Summerlee saw the pterodactyl, he knew Professor Challenger’s story was true. T 6. Zamba showed the four men an easy way to climb up to the plateau. F Exercise 4: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. What was inside Professor Challenger’s envelope? The envelope was empty. 2. Why does Edward compare the two professors to children? Because they were competing all the day.


3. Why was it difficult to walk on the ground up the river? Because the ground was covered with rocks and sometimes it was soft and wet. 4. What did Lord Roxton and the others see near the tree on the fifth day? They saw the remains of a fire, an empty bottle, an old newspaper and some bones. 5. What happened to the four men while they were standing at the bottom of the cave? When the four men were standing at the bottom of the cave, they heard a loud noise and then an enormous rock fell from above.

·Chapters 7-8 Activities Exercise 1: Use the words below to complete Edward’s diary. 1. Separated 2. Bridge 3. Across 4. Prisoners

5. Footprint 6. Dangers 7. Pain 8. Blood

Exercise 2: Put the sentences in the order the happened in the story. 1. Zamba stayed on the pinnacle. 2. Professor Challenger thought of a solution to cross the abyss. 3. Edward felt there was something mysterious about the plateau and he wanted to discover it. 4. Everybody was surprised to see two dinosaurs; they looked like giant kangaroos. 5. The four men heard a strange noise and there was a terrible smell. 6. Lord Roxton spoke to Edward about the blue ground around the water near the pterodactyls. Exercise 3: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. In Professor Challenger’s opinion, what do you need in order to find a solution to a problem? To find a solution of a problem all you need its determination and intelligence. 2. What catastrophe happened after the men crossed into the Lost World? The treebridge fell into the abyss. They didn’t have way back. 3. How did the explorers escape from the pterodactyls? They ran to the trees, because it was the most save place, because the wings of the pterodactyl were too big to flew between the trees. 4. What bad surprise did the men find after they returned to their camp? All their things were in disorder. Their food wasn’t there and their provisions were on the ground. 5. What does the dinosaur in the picture below look like? Describe it. The dinosaur in the picture below looks like an enormous dog with a long a big tail. It has a small head but it has a long neck. His skin is green and the top is brown. If we look the picture we can see the dinosaur is omnivorous.


·Chapters 9-10 Activities Exercise 1: Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

We usually travelled in the early hours of the morning. I arrived at the scene of the accident. Suddenly, we heard a loud scream. The half-human face had hairs on its chin. There was a wonderful panoramic view. My mouth was dry and I wanted to drink.

Exercise 2: Find six words in the puzzle. 1. Alive 2. Stick 3. Beside

4. Alone 5. Inflamed 6. Bow

Exercise 3: Correct the mistakes in these sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Summerlee’s neck was inflamed and he had a high temperature. While climbing the tree, Edward saw a half-ape, half-human. Edward chose Lake Gladys for the name of the lake. Edward walked to the lake at night because he wanted to be a hero for Gladys. After Edward sat on a high rock, he understood apes were in control of the Lost World.

Exercise 4: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. How did Lord Roxton make the grotesque creature with green eyes and sharp teeth go away? He took a stick with fire and put it on the eye of the creature. 2. What did Summerlee say to Challenger to convince him the four men must leave the plateau? He said to Challenger if they died there, the world will never know about their incredible scientific discoveries. 3. Why was it a problem for the men to make a map of the plateau? Because the plateau was full of thick forests and they couldn’t see the land around them. 4. How did Edward help make a map? He climbed up a tree. 5. While Edward was sitting by the lake at night, what did he see in the caves in the cliffs? He saw fire in the cliffs. 6. Edward got a terrible shock after he returned to camp. What was it? He arrived to camp and their friends weren’t there.

·Chapters 11-12 Activities Exercise 1: Match the word in A to their definitions in B. 1. Captured – took someone as a prisoner 2. Exit – way out of a place

4. Objective - ambition 5. Messenger- a person carries news


3. Observing – seeing, watching, perceiving.

6. Publish – to print newspaper or book

Exercise 2: Use the letters in the canoes to make words. Then complete the sentences below with the words. 1. React a) b) c) d)


3. Extraordinary

4. Build

The Indians waved their spears in the air. The Indians were quick to react to the attack of the ape-people. We admired the flora and fauna in this extraordinary plateau. His dream was to build a large, new museum.

Exercise3: Complete the sentences with the characters below. 1. Lord Roxton shot the king of the ape-people to stop them before they threw Summerlee over the cliff. 2. Edward wrote a letter about the adventures in the Lost World and sent in to Mr McArdle in London. 3. The Indians didn’t want the group to leave, but Motosawi made a map showing them the exit. 4. Edward was sure Challenger had something secret inside his big, heavy bag. 5. Gladys married William Potts while Edward was in South America. Exercise 4: Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook. 1. What did Lord Roxton do after he escaped from the ape-people? He returned to the camp, explained to Edward the problem and the two men took the rifles and went to save the others. 2. How did Edward feel about leaving the plateau? He felt happy about return home but a little bit sad too. 3. What happened after Challenger opened the bag to show the baby pterodactyl to the people at the Zoological Institute? People in the Zoological Institute started to shout and the pterodactyl was frightened and it escaped through an open window. 4. Lord Roxton invited the two professors and Edward to dinner. What important information did he tell them? He told to them that he found some rocks by the pterodactyls pool, and now he tests them and they are real. He has more than twenty diamonds, and his value is more than 5. What did Professor Challenger plan to do with his share of the money? He will build a private museum.


CROSS-CURRICULAR FOCUS Dinosaurs Exercise 1: Help the T.rex choose the correct answers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Pterodactyls lived near a lake. Pterodactyls ate fish. The stegosaurus had a sharp tail. The stegosaurus only ate plants. Tyrannosaurus rex means “tyrant lizard king”. The T.rec had sharp teeth.

Exercise 2: Read the sentences below. Then match A and B to make phrases and use them to complete the sentences. 1. Sharp – teeth 4. Favourite – meal 2. Small – brain 5. Front – legs 3. Big – animals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Iguanodon was T.rex’s favourite meal. Velociraptor had 80 sharp teeth. The velociraptor attacked big animals. Brachiosaurus had a small brain, like the stegosaurus. Brachiosaurus had long front legs.


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