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October 2, 2017 | Author: ulfheidner9103 | Category: Online Safety & Privacy, Computer Security, Insurance, Crimes, Manufacturing And Engineering
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Adams Rite, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, has been working with window manufacturer, Total Glass, to develop a doorset specifically designed to meet with the demands of social housing specification.

Thousands of security professionals recently flocked to the annual IFSEC (International Fire & Security Exhibition) at the NEC. But if a little green man had emerged from a spacecraft in the foyer he could be forgiven for thinking that security was entirely dependent upon electronics, says Mike Palmer of Eurosafe UK.



Research from has revealed that many of Britain’s van drivers could be putting themselves at risk of theft, and some haven’t even got the right level of cover, according to a survey by insurance comparison site, Gocompare. com. Almost two thirds of those surveyed said that they transport tools, equipment or goods in their vans; and half leave these items in their vans overnight.

According to official police figures, crime in England and Wales is at its lowest level in 30 years with a 8.5 per cent drop in reported incidents in the year to December. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) claims the rate has halved after a peak in 1995 and the latest readings are the most positive since the 1980s, thanks to falls in almost every category of crime.

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FIT A HIT WITH EXHIBITORS & VISITORS The FIT Show held at Telford in April proved to be a spectacularly successful event for the companies taking stands there – including those specialising in hardware and security products whom we regularly feature in The Locksmith journal. Take up for the next FIT Show is already impressive, with companies who weren’t there this year making certain they don’t miss out in 2014. The organisers did have concerns initially about how many visitors would take the time and trouble to attend the event – but these concerns proved unfounded with visitor numbers vastly exceeding the anticipated numbers. Clearly, it was considered a worthwhile trip. There are those who don’t believe it is worth exhibiting at trade events largely because of the costs involved, and when money is tight that is perhaps understandable. But well-organised, properly planned and executed shows can be considered a good investment for the business they can attract, not just from the UK but also from overseas. That is even more the case if organisers can put together attractive packages tailored to different needs and budgets. As with most things, it is wise to shop around and check out the pros and cons before deciding which events in your industry calendar are right for your business. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Our popular contributor, Mike Palmer of Eurosafe UK, makes some emphatic points this month about how much emphasis there is on electronics and technology in today’s global security industry – and how more traditional security products are sometimes sidelined. That may be the case at some events and certainly was at this year’s IFSEC; but referring back to my comments above about trade shows, you

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MAY/JUN 2013

need to be sure that the events at which you decide to exhibit are tailored to YOUR particular part of the industry. In The Locksmith journal we do, of course, include news about the broader security industry, and we have seen and reported on how some locksmiths have diversified into areas such as CCTV for example. But the essence of the journal remains: physical security hardware – locks and safes, bars and grilles, shutters, doors, fences, barriers, security glazing as well as auto locksmith products and expert advice. As Mike says, security should ideally be a balance between high quality hardware backed up by all that modern technology has to offer. The best of both worlds, in fact. OUTDOOR SECURITY BROUGHT HOME With Spring weather at last in sight, we decided it was time to get on with many of the outside jobs that needed attention at home. Top of the list were new drive gates: the rear of our house is reached down our own private lane and as we have big dogs, we have always had large, lockable timber gates to keep the dogs in and deter unwanted visitors. But the severe weather over the last few years meant these now needed replacing. The new gates are vastly superior to the old ones at that price, they should be!) but what was interesting was the new locks that were installed – a huge improvement on the old ones and, I think, worth every penny.

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Since then, we have been busy looking at upgrading security on my husband’s workshop and our storage outbuildings which I am aware, like all outbuildings, are so vulnerable. A YALE survey revealed that on average householders have around £1,000 worth of tools or other equipment in a shed that is often left unsecured. At least The Locksmith journal is packed with ideas and the latest products so at least I have lots of information available! But any suggestions from you experts out there on recommended shed alarms would be very welcome. BARKING MAD…. Friends have remarked how our dogs are a good deterrent because of their size and the noise they make when anyone unknown to them seeks entry (especially neighbourhood cats!); thieves dislike noise and anything else that draws attention to the property. But ironically, dogs themselves are now increasingly the victims of unscrupulous thieves who, apparently, mark houses where they know dogs live by tying coloured balloons on the gates so their accomplices can follow on either to drug and steal the animals or drug the dogs and burgle the premises. Or perhaps both. The colour of the balloons is a code. What a world. Patricia Editor. To read more, visit

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Small firms lose up to £800 million to cyber crime, says FSB In a new report, Cyber security and fraud: the impact on small businesses, the FSB has partnered with the Home Office and the Business Department to look at issues affecting small firms. New research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) shows that cyber crime costs its members around £785 million per year as they fall victim to fraud and online crime. The report shows that 41 per cent of FSB members have been a victim of cyber crime in the last 12 months, putting the average cost at around £4,000 per business. Around three in 10 members have been a victim of fraud, typically by a customer or client (13%) or through ‘card not present’ fraud (10%). For the first time, the FSB has looked at the impact that online crime has on a business. The most common threat to businesses is virus infections, which 20 per cent of respondents said they have fallen victim to; eight per cent have been a victim of hacking and five per cent suffering security breaches. The FSB is concerned that the cost to the wider economy could be even greater as small firms refuse to trade online believing the security framework does not give them adequate protection. Indeed, previous FSB research shows that only a third of businesses with their own website use it for sales. The report finds that almost 20 per cent of members have not taken any steps to protect themselves from a cyber crime. However, 36 per cent of respondents say they regularly install security patches to protect themselves from fraud and almost six in 10 members regularly update their virus scanning software to minimise their exposure to online crime. TOP TEN TIPS In response to this, the FSB has developed 10 top tips for small firms to make sure they stay safe online.

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Launching the report at an event in London in May, Mike Cherry, National Policy Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “Cyber crime poses a real and growing threat for small firms and it isn’t something that should be ignored. Many businesses will be taking steps to protect themselves but the cost of crime can act as a barrier to growth. For example, many businesses will not embrace new technology as they fear the repercussions and do not believe they will get adequate protection from crime. While we want to see clear action from the Government and the wider public sector, there are clear actions that businesses can take to help themselves. “I encourage small firms to look at the 10 top tips we have developed to make sure they are doing all they can. We want to see the Government look at how it can simplify and streamline its guidance targeted specifically at small firms and make sure there is the capacity for businesses to report when they have been a victim of fraud or online crime.” INCREASING SECURITY DRIVES GROWTH David Willetts, MP Minister for Universities and Science, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published guidance in April 2013, ‘Small businesses: what you need to know about cyber security’, based on our comprehensive ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ guidance. This guidance sets out the current risks, how to manage these, and plan implementation of appropriate security measures. “We know only too well of the importance of securing buy-in from both big and small business in implementing

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appropriate protection against cyber risks - business success can depend on it. Increasing security drives growth.

‘We know only too well of the importance of securing buy-in from both big and small business in implementing appropriate protection against cyber risks’ The 10 top tips for business are: • Implement a combination of security protection solutions (anti-virus, antispam, firewall(s)) • Carry out regular security updates on all software and devices • Implement a resilient password policy (min eight characters, change regularly) • Secure your wireless network • Implement clear and concise procedures for email, internet and mobile devices • Tran staff in good security practices and consider employee background checks • Implement and test backup plans, information disposal and disaster recovery procedures • Carry out regular security risk assessments to identify important information and systems • Carry out regular security testing on the business website • Check provider credentials and contracts when using cloud services To read more, visit


PUTTING PARTNERSHIP TO THE TEST Adams Rite, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, has been working with window manufacturer, Total Glass, to develop a doorset specifically designed to meet with the stringent demands of social housing specification Despite large cuts to government funding for affordable new homes, the social housing market has recorded another strong year, with reports suggesting the sector made £1.4bn net surplus on turnover of £14.2bn. Whilst this supports calls from the government for social landlords to use more of their own resource to pay for the development of new housing, it also identifies housing associations as an important and strong market for fabricators and manufacturers. Housing associations, private not-forprofit companies and charities manage more than a quarter of the UK’s total housing, with an asset value of £122bn. This relative success at a time of austerity, combined with the sector’s drive for efficiencies and cuts in maintenance costs, makes it a target market for many fabricators and systems houses. But, entering into such a competitive market means OEMs need to be aware of the legislative demands, and continually develop products to serve the demanding specifications of social housing. Increasingly, door opening solutions and hardware devices for social housing need to meet with Secured by Design standards. Historically, the access control systems used on the main entrances for social housing properties have been hard to reconcile with the demands of this standard. A TRIED AND TESTED SOLUTION The use of magnets in these doorsets has always been favoured due to their lack of moving parts, which reduces the likelihood of damage and prevents general wear and tear through everyday use. In addition, magnets will also comply with fire safety regulations and, along with other types of access control systems, can often be incorporated into fire alarm systems. These types of entry systems, however, often fail to meet with the requirements of PAS 24 needed for

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Secured by Design accreditation, creating conflict for those looking to supply to social housing projects. Total Glass and Adams Rite have been working together to develop a solution for this, so landlords will not have to make a choice between fire safety and Secure by Design accreditation. The upgraded magnet door features all the functionality of traditional access control systems, whilst meeting with fire safety standards and now also meets the criteria for PAS 24.

‘Housing associations, private not-for-profit companies and charities manage more than a quarter of the UK’s total housing’ Standards for Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) is another key area to consider when working with housing associations, as a vast majority of homes within this sector will fall into this category. Doorsets in HMOS will need to meet with the requirements of BS5588-1, which state that dwelling entrance doors in residential buildings above ground level should not be self-locking, as occupants must be able to re-enter a property without a key in an emergency. Additional security standards, relevant to social housing include BS 1303 and BS 3621. Rating products across eight categories including safety, security and durability BS 1303 covers a range of products, whilst BS 3621 - the Thief Resistant Lock Assembly Standard - is increasingly required on home insurance policies, as well as being recommended by the Police. The Equality Act is one of the most crucial standards, where doorsets can assist in creating an inclusive environment across all social housing projects. Providing guidance that is enforceable

under Approved Document M (ADM) of the Building Regulations, the weight, ease of opening of a door as well as locking hardware can all contribute toward a door’s ability to facilitate accessibility. THE IMPORTANCE OF FIRE SAFETY Finally, as previously discussed, fire safety is one of the areas undergoing the most improvement in its administration and implementation. The primary function of fire exit doors is to ensure that escape is possible from the premises, meaning that any person required to use them in an emergency should be able to do so immediately and effectively. This means that all controlled locking systems on doors require a mechanical or electromechanical override in the direction of escape. As there are numerous different combinations of products and situations, there is no one prescribed solution but general guidance, which Total Glass’s latest doorset has been developed to meet - working with Adams Rite to create a doorset that releases on power failure and on the operation of the fire alarm system. The rigorous testing process, which took place at ASSA ABLOY’s UKAS accredited testing lab, has resulted in a door that is capable of withstanding the toughest inner-city environments. Available with a choice of Adams Rite locking systems, including electro magnetic locks and secure electronic solenoid bolt locks, which link to video and entry phone systems, these all satisfy fire safety regulations ensuring ease of egress. Adams Rite is the leading supplier of aluminium door locking, electric locking and escape devices. The company is part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions. or

MAY/JUN 2013



Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Opens World-Leading Epilepsy Centre The Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP recently opened the new world-leading Epilepsy Centre in an area considered to suffer from a high crime and anti-social behaviour. Ms Sturgeon was joined by Kelsey Durham, who was treated at the charity’s former centre in Bridge of Weir, to unveil a plaque at the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre ahead of the first patients

being admitted on 15th April 2013. Kelsey, 20, from Larkhall, was diagnosed by Quarriers four years ago as having three strains of epilepsy. She has gone on to raise thousands for the charity’s epilepsy services including for a video monitoring system installed in the former centre. It proved so successful that a state-of-theart system has been designed for the new centre with technology never before used anywhere else in the world for the assessment and diagnosis of epilepsy. The Centre consists of a new 22,800 sq ft, 12 bed unit at Elderpark, Glasgow, specialising in the in-patient and outpatient care, treatment and research of Epilepsy. Nicola Sturgeon MSP said: “The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre is the first of its kind to offer an enhanced service which will significantly improve quality of life for those living with the condition.

Quarriers Chief Executive Paul Moore said: “Today marks the start of a new chapter in the history of the charity’s services for people with epilepsy which have been going for more than a century.” ALO from Police Scotland, Robert Young said: “This development is in an area that is considered to suffer from a high crime rate. It was thought that the mindset of the individuals that become involved in antisocial and criminal behaviour suggested that there was a very real prospect of disorderly youths being attracted to the development, either out of curiosity or to engage in disorder or take advantage of the vulnerabilities of residents; however, to date no incidents have been reported and it is hoped that the inclusion of the principles of Secured by Design have played some part in keeping staff and residents feeling safe in this fantastic facility.”

POLICE REPORT ‘PROMISING’ DROP IN CRIME RATES IN WEST MIDLANDS PEOPLE living and working in the West Midlands are safer now than at any time in recent history as the latest crime figures show another record fall in offending rates. But Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito says that cuts in police funding and an “unfair funding settlement” for West Midlands Police will make sustaining the improvements a challenge. Total crime fell by 11.7 per cent from April 2012 to March 2013 compared to the previous 12-month period – with significant reductions in business crime, burglary and robbery. Total crime now stands at roughly half the level it was a decade ago. The downward trend comes as the force ramps-up its vigorous offender management programme and follows successes in tackling gang activity with dedicated police units disrupting organised criminality and infiltrating Urban Street Gangs. Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe described the crime figures as “promising” but vowed officers would build on the good work to further drive down crime and protect the public. She said: “Policing has seen unprecedented changes both nationally and locally, presenting considerable challenges, but

‘Total crime fell by 11.7 per cent’ 8

MAY/JUN 2013

we’ve met those challenges head on and the latest figures show West Midlands Police continues to perform extremely well.” Running alongside the management of known criminals is a concerted effort to deter young people from becoming embroiled in a criminal lifestyle. The Precious Lives project – run by the force’s firearms unit –launched in 2011 - features a moving talk from Marcia Shakespeare, mother of innocent victim Letisha Shakespeare who was shot dead in 2003 by a gang member. The Tackling Families who Undermine Neighbourhoods (TFUN) unit – a specialist team consisting of police, Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, city council and probation officers – is just one example of partnership working in action. Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito, added: “The continued fall in crime is great news…it’s an ongoing trend that began under the Police Authority and one I hope will continue. “However, the reductions in police funding coupled with the unfair funding settlement for West Midlands Police means sustaining this level of performance will be a huge challenge.”

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A RIGHT ROYAL SALUTE TO A MAGPIE! The UK’s only locksmithing company to hold a prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment is celebrating after having been selected as one of just 200 businesses to exhibit at The Coronation Festival this July. Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) Approved Company, Magpie Security Services Limited of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, will be exhibiting at the event, having been awarded the much coveted title of Royal Warrant of Appointment for HM The Queen in 2010. To be held within the Gardens of Buckingham Palace between 11-14 July, the suitably sparkling Diamon event - hosted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association - will mark the 60th Diamond anniversary of HM The Queen’s Coronation. CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE The four day event will bring together for the first time on this scale – more than 200 companies all of which hold Royal Warrants of Appointment. Promoting the very best of UK plc, the Festival will celebrate innovation, excellence and industry through trade and craft. The Festival will be open to members of the public who will be able to buy a ticket for the daytime event; giving visitors the opportunity to explore the Gardens and buy, sample and experience the wide range of products and services from the exhibitors. Or, buy a ticket for a magnificent Gala evening of entertainment - a celebration of music and dance over the past 60 years. The Royal Warrant holders will be exhibiting their products, services and skills in the four areas of the Festival: Homes & Gardens, Food & Drink, Design & Technology and Styles, Pursuits & Pastimes. In addition to those who are exhibiting, many more Royal Warrant holders will be represented or participating at the Festival in an exceptional showcase of trade, industry, innovation and craft in Britain today. A PRIZED MARK OF ROYAL RECOGNITION The Royal Warrant Holders Association was established in 1840 and represents individuals and companies with Royal Warrants of Appointment, which are a


MAY/JUN 2013

mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to The Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. At present some 800 companies hold Royal Warrants of Appointment. They represent the widest cross-section of British trade and industry from traditional crafts to large firms equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Regardless of size or specialisation, Royal Warrant holders are united by their commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence. Royal Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating excellence and quality, and are highly prized. Some Royal Warrants date back more than 200 years. MAGPIES FLYING HIGH Family-run Magpie Security Services Limited is headed by former Police Crime Prevention Officer and MLA personal member, Bob Angell in conjunction with his wife Penny, their son Simon and an experienced team of expert locksmiths. Simon Angell commented: “We are honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the Coronation Festival and are incredibly proud to be able to represent the British locksmithing industry at such a prestigious event. “Our stand will display a classic Chubb lock and key dating to the early 1800s which won a Government competition to find a lock which at that time could not be opened with anything other than its own key,” Simon explained. “We will also be exhibiting some high tech gadgets at the other end of the scale including face recognition technology - which I am sure will be of interest to members of the Royal family who will be visiting the exhibition on the first day.” Dr Steffan George from the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), said: “To see an MLA member being invited to exhibit at such a high profile event is incredibly exciting. Bob and the team

at Magpie Security Services Limited are representing not only our members, but our whole industry and British skills and craftsmanship, in the most professional manner. “Magpie Security Services has been an MLA member since it was established in 1987 and Bob has successfully grown the business into the highly regarded family business it is today. The fact that they have been invited to The Coronation Festival is further testament to Bob and the team’s commitment to providing first class service, and we are very proud of their achievement.”

More information on the event at: www. Contact the MLA at: www.locksmiths.

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VAN DRIVERS PUT THEIR VEHICLES AT RISK OF THEFT Many leave tools or equipment in vans overnight. Research from has revealed that many of Britain’s van drivers could be putting themselves at risk of theft, and some haven’t even got the right level of cover, according to a survey by insurance comparison site, Almost two thirds (63%) of those surveyed - which included many small businesses who rely on vans - said that they transport tools, equipment or goods in their vans; and half (50%) leave these items in their vans overnight. The same research also shows that one in 10 van drivers select ‘social only’ as the class of use for their vehicle when buying insurance. When asked why they chose this level of cover, 71% said it was to get cheaper insurance, 23% said they didn’t want or need cover for the items they transport, 13% assumed that the cover was the same no matter what class of use they selected, and 8% admitted to not knowing the difference between the various cover

options available. While almost half (46%) of those surveyed had needed to make a claim on their insurance (10% due to an accident, 22% because of theft, and 14% claiming for both), over a third (34%) said that they’d had a claim rejected or contested by their insurer. Scott Kelly, head of motor services at Gocompare. com, said: “For many van drivers their vehicle isn’t just for ferrying the kids around or popping to the shops; it’s vital to their livelihoods. So it’s important to invest in the right sort of insurance policy. “If you transport goods or tools you need to choose the appropriate class of use so that your insurer can provide you with the right level of cover. There’s often a negligible difference in cost between a policy that’s for ‘social use only’, and one that also covers ‘carriage of own goods’, so far from saving you any money, opting for social only could actually land you with a policy that might not cover you adequately, if at all.

CHECK THE POLICY WORDING CAREFULLY “Your insurer will base your premium on the information you provide, so if you’re a builder driving a Ford Transit but select ‘social only’, don’t assume that your insurer will automatically provide you with ‘carriage of own goods’ cover based on your occupation. Check your policy wording carefully and, if in doubt, contact your insurer to check what your policy does and doesn’t cover.

‘vital for your livelihood’ “We’ve all seen stickers on vans claiming that nothing is kept inside them overnight, but our research suggests that one in two vans do in fact have things left in them at night. Don’t rely on a sticker to act as a deterrent for opportunistic thieves. Lock up your van securely, remove any valuable items, especially overnight or when the van’s being left unattended for a prolonged period, and get a van insurance policy that covers your tools or goods too.” has put together a van insurance guide that explains the different classes of use, so that those who use their vans for work purposes can choose the right cover for their needs. THIEVES LOVE FORD TRANSITS Of course, it is often not just the contents of a van that get stolen: it is the van itself. According to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS), the most frequently stolen vehicle in the UK is the Ford Transit. Clearly, people in the security industry should need no telling to ensure their vehicles are as thief-proof as possible – but as we all know, the thieves are getting smarter so it is important never to relax your guard. Remember that your insurance cover may not be valid if you have failed to make proper security provision and/or given your insurers accurate insurance details. The impact of problems such as this on a small business can be considerable.


MAY/JUN 2013

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COST TO BUSINESS OF CYBER CRIME TRIPLES IN A YEAR The cost of cyber security breaches against British businesses has tripled in the past year as attacks on valuable intellectual property and customer data continue to increase. A report issued last month by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills shows that 87 per cent of small businesses and 93 per cent of large organisations

experienced at least one kind of security breach in the past year. The worst examples of breaches cost small businesses an average of £50,000 while for those with more than 250 employees, the figure rose to £650,000. The report also shows that the number of repeat breaches has increased by half. Cyber security attacks have been

identified by the government as a threat to British business interests. Last month it announced a new unit aimed at providing protection for companies from growing threats from China, Russia and Iran. The Cyber Security Information Sharing partnership, staffed from government communication HQ and M15, will work with

business representatives. The Business department is extending its Innovation Vouchers scheme to help SMEs strengthen cyber security. SMEs can bid for up to £5,000 each from a total fund of £500,000 to improve their defences and the Business department is publishing guides on how to make cyber security part of day-to-day risk management.

Zaun crowned winners of Security Innovation Awards 2013 Zaun Limited, the Wolverhamptonheadquartered manufacturer of perimeter protection systems, was last month crowned winner of the Security Innovation Awards 2013. Zaun’s Rapid Deployable System (RDS) fence has been widely praised for offering a fast, effective and adaptable solution for areas which need

high security temporary fencing. The product’s success was experienced first at the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe meeting in Brighton last April then cemented during a tour from Brighton to Birmingham via Manchester for the three main political parties’ autumn conferences. Paul Painter, director of finance and sales at Zaun

Limited, commented: “This award will mean a tremendous amount to every member of the Zaun and Highway Care teams who have worked tirelessly to develop, trial, manufacture and install this solution for the protection and security of the public. “While the product itself has already received positive feedback from the police and industry, it is hugely exciting

to win this evening, cementing the importance of the product within the wider security landscape.” The Award runner up was 3rd Forensic in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and their Forensic Image Linking and Management database

BARRIER COMPONENTS WINS MAJOR AWARD AT OLYMPIA In its 26th year of trading, specialist architectural hardware supplier, Barrier Components Ltd, has won an award for its new security products at this year’s Counter Terror Expo held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in April. The award was even more notable as this was the first time the company, which is based in Purfleet, Essex,

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has exhibited at the event. Barrier Components was selected to receive the AWARD FOR COUNTER TERROR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013, for the launch of its High Security gate system with manufacturing partners, FAC of Italy, and for its Blast Enhanced system for glass facades with its manufacturing partners, Sadev of France. Joint MD of Barrier Components

Ltd, Graham Walker, who was presented with the award said: “The Sadev product may have been launched some time ago, but getting the bolts ISO EXV 25 tested at a governmentapproved centre and receiving a hazard rating C – Minimal Hazard is a result we are extremely proud of.” www.barrier-components.

MAY/JUN 2013



Genetec’s Synergis Master Controller wins award at IFSEC 2013 Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a leading provider of world-class unified IP security solutions, was awarded the Access Control Product of the Year award for its Synergis Master Controller (SMC) at the 2013 IFSEC and Firex Awards. Judging panels rated the Genetec SMC features best-in-class for its fast and efficient set-up, affordable integration, and the most future-proof investment for security installations. Introduced in February 2013, the Genetec SMC is an intelligent IP controller designed to secure any organisation’s facilities and buildings. When modernising an existing access control installation, it allows organisations to migrate to an IP-based access control solution while leveraging their network

infrastructure, existing equipment and wiring. The benefits of unification across security and IT applications can therefore be realised without the need to rip out and replace. “Genetec continually challenges itself to anticipate the technology needs of our customers, finding and validating an innovative and creative solution to unifying legacy access control systems was a key achievement for our product development team,” said Pierre Racz, Genetec CEO. The Genetec SMC is radically different from similar products on the market as it offers open access control and provides native support of widely-deployed and non-proprietary security modules from leading access control and hardware vendors.

BSIA launches its new Lone Worker Section at IFSEC International 2013

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) launched its newest section of membership at this year’s IFSEC International, in recognition of the growing market for Lone Worker protection products and services. Officially launched by Rachel Griffin, Chair of personal safety charity, The Suzy

Lamplugh Trust, the BSIA’s Lone Worker Section represents companies operating in the lone worker protection market, all of which are accredited or working towards accreditation to lone worker standard, BS8484. The launch event also featured the election and announcement of the first official Section Chairman, Patrick Dealtry, who is a stalwart of the lone worker protection market, having been involved with the BSIA’s Lone Worker Industry Group – the forerunner to the section

– for many years. He received the BSIA Chairman’s Award in 2010 for services to raising standards in the security industry. On his election, Patrick commented: “Today represents a milestone and reflects the success of BSIA companies in supplying these services. I am very pleased to have been elected Chairman and look forward to representing the interests of companies in the market with which I have been associated for over 10 years.”

Security industry welcomes new Home Office appointment The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has welcomed the Home Office’s appointment of Stephen Phipson as the new Director of Security Industry Engagement in its Office for Security and Counter Terrorism. This announcement comes as a result of last year’s publication of a white paper relating to defence and


MAY/JUN 2013

security, entitled New Security Through Technology, which recommended the creation of a ‘Senior Responsible Owner’ post to coordinate the interaction between Government and the UK’s private security industry. Commenting on the announcement, James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA said: “The appointment of a single point of contact within

Government will provide our industry with a greater opportunity to demonstrate its value to a wider range of government departments, while facilitating a more streamlined approach to Government purchasing of security products and services.” Stephen Phipson – an experienced security industry professional who will take up

his post in early summer – will also support work across Government, led by UKTI, to promote security exports, a move that is especially welcomed by the BSIA’s Export Council, a forum dedicated to establishing and cultivating relationships between UK security providers and overseas buyers.

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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is to host a lecture in memory of a man who helped encourage hundreds of young people to pursue careers in engineering. Dr Alastair Graham-Bryce, who died last year, helped create the Imagineering Foundation after he retired, which aims to introduce 8-16 year olds to the fascinating worlds of engineering, technology and manufacturing through fun, hands-on personal experience. It has recently celebrated its 12th anniversary. The lecture – Inspiring the Young to Engineering – Formula AGB – will be presented by Bob Shanks, chairman of the Imagineering Foundation. As well as paying tribute to the career of Dr GrahamBryce, it will also highlight the ongoing work of the foundation and how it aims to encourage even more young people to choose engineering.

‘Inspiring the Young to Engineering’ WHEN: 6pm for a 6.30pm start, Wednesday 12 June. WHERE: Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ For further information or to attend please contact: Dan Hearn on 0207 973 1261 or [email protected]

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Genuine Parts for Automotive Locksmiths and Independent Garages


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Timpson Limited is one of the countries largest reactive locksmith businesses and is expanding rapidly.

We are seeking to recruit two external Sales Executives covering the north and south of England. The responsibilities will include the development of business within target areas through the use of canvassing and tele sales techniques. On securing new business, this must then be managed and developed to its full potential.

Salary between £22,000 to £25,000 + bonus OTE to £30,000 complete with company car and laptop. The ability to stay away from home will be required along with a significant element of travel.

Candidate Requirements • Proven sales experience. • Good individual planning of time and geographical area. • Proven communication, selling, persuasion, negotiation, and team working skills.

• Highly driven to achieve excellent sales results, together with proof of past achievements.

• An understanding of the locksmith industry and related products would be advantageous.

• Ability to prioritise work in a demanding environment.

• Excellent attention to detail. • The ability to identify potential business opportunities by the use of search tools.

To apply please forward a C.V. and covering letter to [email protected]

MAY/JUN 2013



Owl On ‘Watch’ In Bradford Bradford South is to be the pilot area for a free on-line initiative aimed at enhancing communication between the police and local communities. Called OWL or ‘On-line Watch Link’, it enables Police and partners to communicate with groups such as Neighbourhood Watch schemes or individual members of the public at the click of a button. Residents can log onto the website to sign up to the facility which has national police approval. Bradford South, Chief Inspector for Neighbourhood Policing, Damien Miller says it will be of real benefit to local communities: “We chose the Bradford District to pilot this scheme as it already has one of the most established Neighbourhood Watch networks in the county with over 32,000 households.

“OWL also allows users to become part of other existing schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch and Forecourt Watch to name just a few.

‘Most established Neighbourhood Watch’ “The OWL system has proven to be a success in other areas of the country where it has already been implemented. “Police are urging residents to sign up to the new scheme. Log onto the website to sign up.

Window Ware launches new trade counter Hardware distributor, Window Ware welcomed customers and brand partners recently to the opening of its redesigned trade counter, including the new click and collect service, at its 36,000ft2 distribution centre and offices in Bedford.

Customers were greeted with what Window Ware describes as ‘a newly segmented offer’ based on the ‘We’ve got it’ principle of the company’s new logo – ‘Install It’, ‘Lock It’, ‘Furnish It’ and so on. Managing director, Rachel Attwood, said response was encouraging and the company was ‘thrilled’ by the support of brand partners in the relaunch such as Yale, Door-Stop, Hoppe and Soudal. Rachel commented: “We wanted to make sure that our trade counter customers also get the full benefit of our

operation – we have over 5,000 items in stock with leading brands including Yale, Maco, Trojan and Hoppe. “The refit has included some strong visual merchandising displays and hopefully the whole experience is easy and enjoyable for customers. We have got some good feedback since we opened and our launch day was a great opportunity for our brand partners to see that side of our business and meet our customers.”

CONFIDENCE CONTINUES TO BUILD IN MANUFACTURING SECTOR - CBI Manufacturers continue to expect strong output growth in the next three months, according to the CBI’s latest monthly Industrial Trends Survey. But the survey of 404 firms found that output growth was broadly flat over the three months to May, again disappointing expectations for a more pronounced recovery. The outlook is, however, again much brighter for the next quarter, with output volumes expected to rise strongly – expectations have been elevated for


MAY/JUN 2013

‘Manufacturers remain optimistic’ three months. Twelve of the 16 sectors anticipate a pick-up, with the mechanical engineering sector being one of the key contributors to growth. Both total orders and export orders edged up a little and were broadly in line with their long-run averages. Meanwhile expected price inflation has fallen back to its lowest since last September.

Stephen Gifford, CBI Director of Economics, said: “Manufacturers remain optimistic that demand will pick up in the next three months, despite a recent history of disappointed expectations. “This tallies with what we’re hearing from some businesses about confidence returning. “With orders improving and the global economy heading for calmer waters, it looks like conditions for manufacturers may be on the up.”

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GIVING A ROYAL SALUTE TO A MAGPIE Royally approved locksmith to exhibit at The Coronation Festival. The UK’s only locksmithing company to hold a prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment has been selected as one of just 200 businesses to exhibit at The Coronation Festival this July. Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) Approved Company Magpie Security Services Limited from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, will be exhibiting at the event having been awarded the prestigious title of Royal Warrant of Appointment for HM The Queen in 2010. Held within the Gardens of Buckingham Palace between 11-14 July, the event hosted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association, will mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation. The four day event brings together the very best of the UK companies who hold the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment. Family run Magpie Security Services Limited is lead by former Police Crime

Prevention Officer and MLA personal member Bob Angell in conjunction with his wife Penny, their son Simon and an experienced team of expert locksmiths. Simon Angell from Magpie Security Services Limited said: “We are honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the Coronation Festival and are incredibly proud to be able to represent the British locksmithing industry at such a prestigious event.

‘honoured to be invited’ “Our stand will display a classic Chubb lock and key dating to the early 1800s which won a Government competition to find a lock which at that time could not be opened with anything other than its own key. We will also be exhibiting some high tech gadgets at the other end of the scale including face recognition technology which I’m sure will be of interest to

the Royal family who are visiting the exhibition on the first day.” Dr Steffan George from the UK’s leading locksmithing trade association the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), said: “To see an MLA member being invited to exhibit at such a prestigious and high profile event is incredibly exciting and Bob and the team at Magpie Security Services Limited are representing not only our members but our whole industry and British skills and craftsmanship in the most professional manner. “Magpie Security Services has been an MLA member since it was established in 1987 and Bob has successfully grown the business into the highly regarded family business it is today. The fact that they have been invited to the Coronation Festival is further testament to Bob and the team’s commitment to providing first class service, and we are very proud of their achievement.”

Errebi branded cylinder blanks Available from the UKs largest independent key blank distributor For more information please contact Paul Clohosy on the details below. Since foundation in 1866 Rollins & Sons (London) Ltd have been associated with the distribution of professional quality tools.

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ABUS: ABUS: The The Complete Complete Security Security Solution

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Padlocks to toTrust Trust Padlocks

MLA MLA Exclusive “Z” Section MLAExclusive Exclusive“Z” “Z”Section Section

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Award Award Winning Electronic Security Award Winning WinningElectronic ElectronicSecurity Security


TIPS TO KEEP YOUR VAN SAFEAND CUT INSURANCE COSTS Vans are essential for many small businesses, but they’re also appealing to thieves. In fact, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS), the most frequently stolen vehicle in the UK is the humble Ford Transit. Locksmiths should need no reminding about this of course, but here are a few top tips on keeping your van safe – and that could save you money on your insurance to boot: Consider both internal and external locks in addition to standard central locking. External locks such as wheel nut locks and fuel cap locks will ensure your costly wheels and fuel stay in one piece whilst door locks are ideal if your job requires getting in and out of your van a lot. Door locks to consider include deadbolts (tamper proof door security devices operated by the central locking system or manual key, depending on the type) or slam locks (automatic locking upon closure) or Armaplate locks. Interior locks can also be fitted as required, consider ignition locks (these come as standard on most modern vehicles) and steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake locks to prevent movement when not in use. These locks are not impossible for thieves to break, but they would increase the time taken to achieve a successful break-in and act as a deterrent.

‘External locks such as wheel nut locks and fuel cap locks will ensure your costly wheels and fuel stay in one piece’ Aside from locks, internal security measures can be used to protect your contents. Consider bulkheads placed between the driver and the load of the vehicle to prevent thieves climbing over the seats and accessing your cargo. Combined with window grilles (steel lattices that fit to back windows, preventing thieves entering from the rear), a thief has little chance of getting


MAY/JUN 2013

‘It’s wise to choose a welllit and secure parking area and removing tools and equipment whenever possible can only be to your advantage’ at your contents! But if you want to make doubly sure that your valuable cargo or tools are stowed safely whilst leaving your vehicle unattended, vaults and safes are ideal storage units which can be removed easily. Should your locks not deter determined thieves, then your alarm and immobiliser will come into use. Most modern vehicles come with an alarm and immobiliser as standard. Immobilisers are electric devices which place a barrier to the ignition when a foreign key is inserted. Before leaving your vehicle, it’s wise to choose a well-lit and secure parking area and removing tools and equipment whenever possible can only be to your advantage. Advertising your logo and contact details on your van is likely to detract thieves from the vehicle, if not from its contents. Easily identifiable branding is something that everybody, including police patrol vehicles, take note of when driving past. A branded van is less likely to go missing, but should it be stolen, could be located

quicker than an unbranded vehicle. Other visual van adornment may help deter thieves. With stickers such as ‘Vehicle left empty overnight’ and ‘No power tools are kept in this vehicle overnight’ available, it’s worth giving a thief the warning that there’s nothing to steal. So now you have done all you can to prevent theft, if a theft does occur, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure the thieves don’t have an easy job of it. To make your van recoverable, try these tactics: Identify your vehicle Aside from branding, you could also try invisible marking. Stamping your vehicle and valuable contents with a unique identifier which is only identifiable when placed under ultra-violet light could make it easier to find if stolen. Or if you want a more visible identification method that may act as a deterrent, perhaps invest in some Vehicle Identification Number etching. This involves inserting your car’s identification number into the windows of your car. Once again, this may not stop thieves braking in for the contents of your van but it may be less appealing to them if they have plans for the motor itself.

‘Should your locks not deter determined theives, then your alarm and immobiliser will come into use’ Install a tracker Installing a car tracking system is a good way to locate your vehicle. These devices use a Global Positioning System, which allow your vehicle to be located if stolen. This can be costly but if it’s worth your while, it’s a relatively reliable way to locate your van.

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Another successful Hickleys Key Programming event All existing users of Advanced Diagnostic and Zedbull products were invited to attend the seventh Hickleys Key Programming trade day, held at Advanced Diagnostics Ltd in Nuneaton on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th 2013. The shows held for the past six years have been a tremendous success with more than 200 customers attending on each day, says Robin Huish, Technical Director at Hickleys Ltd. “We know that the various training sessions are of great value to both new and existing users,” said Robin, “and there were some fantastic deals on offer including software and associated equipment. “As usual, we demonstrated the latest in Key programming breakthroughs on a range of vehicles including precoded on VAG, BMW and Fiat, plus other software shortly to be released.

NEW IQ SYSTEM DEMONSTRATED “We also demonstrated the recently released “IQ system” which assists hugely with technical information. There was an opportunity to see AD600 Code wizard and many other pin code reading products that assist programming abilities. “We included demonstrations on the Zedbull and AD900pro key cloning tools offering the latest cloning and special functions to assist key programmers plus demonstrations on eeprom equipment, such as CodeX lite, Zed-prog and some great new applications to extend your services including Jadoogar Totota programming with 4C & 4D transponders,” Robin explained.

KEY CUTTING ON SHOW “On key cutting our new range of An-San duplicating machines were on show and attendees were interested in the options in electronic machines including Chacka Bay, Miracle A5 & A9, Bianchi 994 with both cylinder and laser cutting and other new models to consider.” Both Hickleys and Advanced Diagnostics staff were as usual on hand throughout the weekend, demonstrating various new softwares and products, and answering questions from the trade customers.

‘great value to new and existing users’

ADT to secure Aberdeen Emergency Care Centre ADT Fire & SecuritY recently announced its selection as the security provider for the new Aberdeen Emergency Care Centre. ADT won the competitive tender with a CEM AC2000 integrated access control, security management system (SMS); custom designed to secure the 400 doors throughout the premises. The new Aberdeen Emergency Care Centre has replaced 40% of the beds at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and combines all the services required to give emergency care under one roof.

“Protecting patients, staff and property requires that hospitals and care centres prioritise and implement the right security solution. When selecting a security management system, reliability, scalability and

‘Protecting patients, staff and property requires that hospitals and care centres prioritise and implement the right security solution’

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cost-efficiency are all vital considerations”, said Paul Paton, Senior Security Director, NHS Grampian. “ADT offered a customised solution which enabled us to import our existing 10 000+ staff card holders from our previous system directly into the new AC2000 system. This seamless transition saved both time and money in the present, whilst future proofing our system for the years ahead.” Having worked with the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in

the past, ADT understood the challenges of installing and managing an access control system in an emergency care environment. The AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system, designed by CEM, was customised to enable seamless migration from the legacy system to the new AC2000 system; right down to the access cards. This meant no downtime during installation and no additional expenditure on new staff cards.

MAY/JUN 2013



APECS FORGES AHEAD WITH BUILDING CONFIDENCE IN BRITISH MARKET Earlier this year, we introduced readers to the well-established Russian company APECS, which specialises in providing quality locks and door furniture. It is now around four years since the company took the decision – despite the uncertain economic situation – to launch into the UK market. This did represent a major challenge for APECS, but meticulous market research enabled them to penetrate this area and their efforts continue to pay off. Establishing an office in London’s Chelsea Harbour – in the heart of Britain’s Capital city, has proved a useful move. The UK office is headed by Anastasia Goncharova, daughter of the company’s founder, Andrey. “From the beginning we felt confident that with our background, we would be able meet the requirements of this market in our own way, with our own products - as well as developing new products to match changing demand, in both the traditional and increasingly high-tech markets,” she explained. The APECS product catalogue is available to download (www.apecs. “But if the product you require is not listed, do contact us because it can be manufactured for you,” said Anastasia. “We regularly add new products to keep abreast of the market trends, but we will always strive to fulfil our customers’ specifications.” “Putting customers at the forefront has always been our top priority,” says Andrey Goncharov, who is chairman and founder of the group.

For more information visit or email [email protected]


MAY/JUN 2013

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EEF launches multi-million pound investment in West Midlands Apprentice & Skills Training Centre EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, is investing in a new state-of-theart Apprentice & Skills Training Centre in the West Midlands that will set the standard for world class manufacturing education. The bespoke training facility at Nexus Point, Witton, in Birmingham will replace EEF’s current centre at Tyseley. The investment is designed to ensure that companies are able to access top level training facilities and will provide opportunities for learning, re-skilling and up-skilling from Apprentices through to Adult Learners. The major investment will double the number of classrooms and lecture theatres currently available, as well as increasing the footprint of all workshop training areas to provide greater capacity and, an increased range of manufacturing technologies. Initially the Centre is being designed to be able to train 130 apprentices on any given day, with apprentices getting their own dedicated training work stations, whether that be a CNC machine, CAD work station or welding bay. Trainees will rotate around the various sections during their training and will have the opportunity to specialise in any skills area. GEARED TO EMPLOYERS’ NEEDS Bite-sized re-skilling and up-skilling courses will also be available, developed around employers’ needs. Manufacturing, mechanical and electrical pathways will continue to be the core offering and the delivery team will ensure apprentice programmes, be they Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeships (and potentially

Traineeships), are designed and delivered to meet the needs of employers. Apprentices and delegates attending the Centre will be assured of first rate facilities and training delivery as EEF will continue its focus on maintaining high quality training provision in premises and an environment that will meet our customers’ expectations. Part of the investment will fund new high technology machines and training equipment and there will be self-study IT breakout areas, together with improved catering provision. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE The centre is targeted for opening in September, in time to welcome the new 2013 intake. It offers good transport links by road and rail and EEF will also run a shuttle bus service in the locality, connecting with Birmingham city centre at the start and end of the day. Commenting, Peter Winebloom, EEF Apprentices and Skills Director, said: “This will be an industry-leading apprentice centre for employers in the West Midlands and across the UK, with sufficient capacity to cater for current and future needs.” “This significant investment symbolises the importance EEF places on apprenticeships. We are committed to providing employers and other UK manufacturing organisations with the very best facilities and training to equip their young employees with the skills they require.”

‘Manufacturing, mechanical and electrical pathways will continue to be the core offering and the delivery team will ensure apprentice programmes’ Powered by


Empower Yourself!

MAY/JUN 2013

0121 355 8510

He added: “We looked at options of developing our existing site, but it was too constrained. All the current programmes will transfer from Tyseley, but we intend to expand our existing portfolio in response to employer demand. The new centre will enable EEF members and other clients to develop their own bespoke facilities (or areas within the facility) dedicated to their trainees.” IN PARTERSHIP WITH INDUSTRY Also commenting, Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “With figures out this week showing growth in the manufacturing sector, it’s important we are giving people the right training to meet future demand. “The Government is investing in a record number of apprentices and creating a £150 million pot for employers to create the training schemes they need. But we must work in partnership with industry and others if we are to remain competitive and create growth. “Facilities like these from EEF will help as we create the next generation of manufacturers. Apprentices will be able to gain hands-on experience in their chosen speciality, acquiring the skills and techniques that employers need to help create a stronger economy.”

EEF will be hosting employer briefing sessions this summer. To enquire about the events, or for further information please contact the Centre on 0121 707 1414 or email at [email protected] To read more, visit

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Glass and Glazing Federation |

insightdata business is better with insight


TATA CHOOSES NW SYSTEMS FOR NEW CHESHIRE HQ NW Systems Group, the security solutions provider, has designed, configured and installed a highly sophisticated IP surveillance system for Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE) at its new head office at Northwich, Cheshire. TCE has extensive manufacturing operations in Cheshire, producing soda ash, salt, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride and Crex®. NW Systems installed a modern network surveillance system based on some of the latest indoor and outdoor Axis and Mobotix cameras and video analytics software. Axis P3364 VE static network cameras, fitted with virtual tripwire and motion detection sensors, were installed to cover the car parks and perimeter fence around TCE’s building. This cameras offer impressive Lightfinder technology which enables users to gain high quality colour images in all resolutions up to HDTV 720p/1 megapixel, right up to 30 frames per second (fps) and with very little image noise. Other cameras were fitted internally. IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE – DAY & NIGHT Frank Crouwel, managing director, NW Systems Group, said: “TCE needed high quality, 24-hour surveillance of its UK head office. They needed video images

to be high enough quality to identify individuals in the car park and guard the perimeter fence.”

‘Getting access to colour images of this quality throughtout the night exceeded our expectations’ Frank added: “The performance of the Axis P3364 cameras in particular was so impressive at night that no additional white lighting or passive infrared devices were required so installation savings were impressive. This helped us deliver a top quality surveillance system for TCE at a very reasonable price.” Martin Murgatroyd, head of IT, TCE, added: “We have been very pleased with the IP surveillance system which NW Systems installed for us. At night these systems generally only offer grainy black and white images but getting access to colour images of this quality throughout the night exceeded our expectations.” NW Systems Group is an IP Video and security

solutions provider with four principal offerings. NW Security is a leading integrator of video security systems within IT environments offering expertise in both CCTV and IT environments. Remote Manager is a web-based camera system designed specifically for construction and development projects. Streamdays is a live streaming webcam hosting service designed for the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors. Network Webcams is the group’s highly successful supply only division, offering a wide range of IP cameras, video management software and accessories. Network Webcams has grown in to the leading supplier of IP video products across the UK.

‘The leading supplier of IP video products across the UK’ This year it is devoting increased resources into expansion across Europe and has recently launched a VSaaS offering called Cameramanager, available via

Webeye Home launches new cloud based alarm solution VDT Direct, the developer of rapid deployment video security solutions, has launched WebEye Home, a new cloud-based alarm system for the residential market sector. Quick and easy to install, it enables alarm notifications to be received and handled from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


MAY/JUN 2013

According to Clive Mason, Managing Director of VDT Direct: “WebEye Home will be sold through accredited installers and system integrators across the UK. Cost effective to install with low running costs, it provides home and property owners

with the confidence that they are protected around the clock.” “WebEye Home offers significant ongoing revenue opportunities and we are currently appointing new reseller partners across the UK, Europe and Africa,” continued Clive Mason.

“Approved WebEye Home(tm) service installers will qualify for significant discounts on the product and the service, which provides significant new ongoing revenue opportunities.”

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Great products, designed exclusively for security professionals. Improved range UNION StrongBOLT™ is now available in a NEW market beating extended range built on the best in class BS 5 Lever and includes 3 Lever, bathroom locks and Euro and Oval profile cylinders.

New features Easily reversible radius latch that uses the unique UNION SwitchLatch technology.

Easy reversible radius latch • No tools needed • Time saving • Simple

Anti rattle adjustable strike for on site fine tuning. Plastic splinter guard for easy installation and a professional finish.

Find out more about UNION visit our website UNION. First choice for the Trade.

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions


IN BRIEF FARMERS URGED TO REVIEW TRACTOR SECURITY Farmers in south Lincolnshire are being urged by police to review their security arrangements, following a spate of tractor thefts. Thieves have been targeting ‘Star Fire’ satellite receivers that are attached to John Deere tractors, and are valued at more than £10,000. Community Policing Inspector Jim Tyner said: “This is a new offence for us. These are unusual and specific pieces of equipment and I would ask people to be on the lookout for these being sold”.

IAATI National Vehicle Crime Conference 2013 The National Vehicle Crime Conference organised by IAATI, (the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators)will take place on Wednesday 12th June at the Henry Ford College, Loughborough University in Leicestershire. The conference opening address is by Chief Inspector Stephen Potter of the Leicestershire Police followed by presentations during the day from vehicle crime reduction experts. The first day ends with drinks and the opportunity to network at the Burleigh Court Hotel. The second day of the conference, on Thursday 13th June, opens with words from the sponsors and the announcement of the IAATI awards: the Keith English Award – the Peter Leigh Plant Award -the IAATI President’s Award – and finally, the Alan Taylor Award. Finishing off the conference will see continued presentations and the closing address by the Outgoing / Incoming IAATI UK Branch Presidents.

SFS EXPANDS COLLEGE NETWORK Skills for Security has expanded its college network and is now working with Newark College who will deliver the intruder technical certificate on day release as well as the Functional Skill element of the systems apprenticeship. SFS is now enrolling for Newark and all other colleges that they work with for the Level 2 Certificate in Providing Electronic Security and Emergency Systems. Skills for Security work with colleges throughout the UK – check the website to read about the qualification or how to take on an apprentice, contact Customer Relations on 01905 744 000 or email [email protected]

NOTE: The Government AGE GRANT has been extended until April 2014 so employers may be entitled to £1,500 for taking on an apprentice, subject to eligibility.

IronmongeryDirect locks down prices IronmongeryDirect, the UK’s largest online and mail order supplier of ironmongery products to the trade, has locked down prices on thousands of products in its brand new catalogue (issue 88). And, with an extended cut off time, customers can take advantage of these fantastic deals by ordering up to as late as 8pm for free next day delivery. The new catalogue, with the UK’s biggest range of ironmongery products, features the Carlisle Brass Victorian Summer Levers at an amazingly low, locked down, price of only £7.50 a pair. Available in polished brass or polished chrome this durable, high quality design makes these levers ideal for both modern and traditional homes, offices or shops. In addition, the UK’s lowest price fire door closer, at £7.50, can be found in the extensive door closer section. Fire rated up to 60 minutes as well as CE marked


MAY/JUN 2013

and Certifire approved, the door closer is designed for non-public light duty applications, such as offices and store cupboards. Bulk buy discounts mean customers can save even more money, plus all products are covered by a minimum 5 year guarantee to ensure product quality. All orders over £45 benefit from a free reliable next day delivery service with order tracking available and are covered by a money back guarantee with a freepost returns label included in every order box.

Order the latest free catalogue today by calling 0808 168 28 28 or visit www. Alternatively, download the free IronmongeryDirect App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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PETROL RETAILERS’ ADDRESS RISING CRIME “Independent petrol forecourts are experiencing a rise in crime rates yet the support of local police forces can greatly differ,” said Brian Madderson, Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) Chairman. In a letter to the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Mr Madderson addressed the rise in forecourt drive-offs, bulk

fuel theft, shop-lifting and burglaries with which PRA members are currently contending.

‘Serious implications for all’ The letter went on to address the alarming incident concerning a PRA member, Steve Jones, who has received a letter from lawyers representing a Woman

Police Officer claiming he is personally responsible for injuries she alleges to have suffered during a night call to his site. Madderson continued “The PRA believe such a case will have serious implications for all our members across the UK. Forecourt owners may feel deterred from making legitimate calls for police assistance during the current tsunami wave of crime at their businesses.”

New video showcases importance of data destruction The Information Destruction Section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) held the premiere of its first official promotional video at IFSEC International, showcasing the vital role that professional information destruction plays in today’s society. Failure to destroy confidential information efficiently can have farreaching implications for both individuals and businesses, should the information fall into the wrong hands. Individuals’ credit scores can be seriously damaged, and organisations risk huge financial and reputational losses. In fact, recent research by accountancy firm KPMG

revealed a surprising rise in identity fraud throughout 2012, with the cost of this crime more than doubling in value to a startling £26.3m. Sector specific BSIA research has also revealed some startling statistics. According to a recent BSIA survey which questioned key workers in the healthcare sector – including consultants, doctors, senior managers, facilities managers and IT managers – one in four healthcare professionals reported that their organisation had been the subject of some form of data breach. Last year, a survey of educational professionals found that 79% of respondents believed that the threat posed by lost or

inadequately disposed of data had either increased or stayed the same over the previous 12 months. To add to this, only 34% of schools confirmed that they were using a professional company to oversee the destruction of their confidential data. These figures show that there is no room for complacency in any sector when it comes to information destruction, and the BSIA’s new video serves to inform decision makers of the responsibilities they have when it comes to selecting an information destruction provider. “The importance of sourcing an information destruction company should not be underestimated in any

organisation, and effective information destruction should always be high on the agenda,” comments Anthony Pearlgood, Chairman of the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section. “It is important that key decision makers do not make these choices lightly, and are sure to source a reputable supplier that meets the relevant standards.” The new video can be viewed on the BSIA’s YouTube channel: com/watch?v=AbzTlxPs9S4

DON’T LEAVE TOOLS IN VANS OVERNIGHT Police in South Yorkshire are warning tradesmen in the Dearne Valley to take care of their tools after a spate of van break-ins. Officers tweeted details of three thefts in just 48 hours in which almost £3,000 of power tools were stolen from parked vans. Thieves have long targeted tradesmen’s vans but the incidence of thefts is growing.


MAY/JUN 2013

Risks are higher during periods such as Bank Holidays when vans may be parked up for longer periods than normal and tools left inside. PC Andy Robinson said: “We would like van owners to think about what they are leaving in their vans overnight. It takes a matter of seconds to move power tools into a house or secure garage.” The advice also extends to car drivers

who often leave laptops in their cars resulting in increased thefts.

‘Almost £3000 of power tools were stolen’ “We just want people to take that extra few seconds to remove any valuables from their transport,” says PC Robinson.

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SMALLER MANUFACTURERS SEE OPTIMISM IMPROVE, DESPITE ANOTHER DISAPPOINTING QUARTER - CBI Small and medium-sized manufacturers saw orders and output continue to fall in the three months to April, though firms are expecting both to grow in the next quarter, according to the CBI’s latest SME Trends survey. This decrease in total new orders was driven by falls in both domestic and export demand, disappointing firms’ expectations that it would pick up. Output also fell for the fourth consecutive quarter. However, manufacturers expect output to grow slightly over the next three months, on the back of strong predicted growth in export orders, while domestic orders look set to stabilise. Despite weaker than expected activity, optimism about the overall business situation has steadied, following three quarters of decline. Meanwhile, optimism

about export prospects rose for the first time in a year. Employment in the sector ticked up in the three months to April, and manufacturers expect a modest increase in headcount in the coming quarter.

‘Conditions will remain challenging for the sector’ Elsewhere, both domestic and export price inflation were broadly the same quarter-on-quarter, but growth in average unit costs was the fastest since October 2011, squeezing manufacturers’ profit margins once again. Pressure on margins will persist in the coming quarter, with domestic prices expected to rise only slightly, and exports to be flat, against a backdrop of strong cost inflation.

Investment plans for the year ahead were broadly unchanged, with no sign of an improvement in credit conditions. Stephen Gifford, CBI Director of Economics, said: “It’s been another disappointing quarter for small and medium-sized manufacturing firms, who have seen new orders and output continue to fall. “Nonetheless, firms do expect to raise output a little in the coming three months. The recent weakening in Sterling will have boosted the competitiveness of the UK’s smaller manufacturing firms, with a strong pick-up in export orders predicted. “But conditions will remain challenging for the sector. Fears about the impact of political and economic conditions abroad on export demand have risen and there is little sign in this survey that credit conditions are improving.”

Industry Forecast Report to 2016 Just released is the Spring PVC-U Window, Door and Conservatory Industry Forecast Report from independent specialists D&G Consulting. This is the most up to date study on the current health and future for our markets. This comprehensive 74 page report is packed with detail, figures, analysis and forecasts to 2016, covering volumes and values for PVC-U windows, doors (panel, composite, bi-fold and patio) and conservatories. As with previous issues, the report covers all these products by volume and value at systems company, fabricator and installer level, and by sector (private housing improvement, social housing improvement, private house building, social house building and non-housing applications). David Amos, Principal of D&G comments: “Crucially at this time the medium and long term prospects are probably more favourable for the industry than for some time. Having

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been battered by events over the past five years – most out of control of the industry, but some self-inflicted – we see clear signs of an industry led fight back. The industry is leaner and more professional. Many companies are adapting to the current austerity measures and fighting to get an increased share of the consumer’s disposable income. “We forecast that the installed value of windows, doors and conservatories will increase by 14% on 2012, to £6,000m in 2016. Windows dominate the value of the various products in this market but the importance of conservatories and the increasing impact of composite doors on the values is also noticeable. “The private housing improvement and conservatories markets are also important to the window industry, with a total share of the market of 62%. It is these sectors that rely upon consumer spending that is driven by confidence in the economy and bank lending.

“However, before the wider window industry can be part of this forecast period of growth some changes are still required. Some companies still fly blind or look back rather than forward. There is no alternative to hard-nosed decision making based on facts and figures whether it concerns, amongst other things, investment in plant and equipment, products, markets, pricing and customer service. “The report includes such crucially important issues such as the Green Deal, energy efficient windows and doors and the government’s measures to stimulate construction in general and house building in particular. “ The cost of the report is £950 (with a 15% discount to existing subscribers). The reports are sent by email. D&G are happy to visit and discuss the report and help you present the data in a format useful for individual businesses and stakeholders.

MAY/JUN 2013



SECURITY & SAFETY COMPANIES WIN QUEEN’S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE 2013 Several security industry companies featured in this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Jo Bird & Company Limited of Highbridge, Somerset, established in 1986, manufactures specialist cabinets to protect fire safety and lifesaving equipment. It has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade 2013. The company recently carried out a fundamental strategic review of its operations including product design and manufacturing processes. In response to customer feedback, they set about enhancing their products to meet the new environmental challenges of the increasingly extreme climates in which their customers and contractors operate. This included designing robust products successfully to perform with longevity in extreme arctic, desert and hurricane conditions. For the Gorgon Project in Australia, for example, cabinets were designed to withstand a once in 100 year cyclone with wind speeds up to 200mph. A welcome consequence of such responsive product development has seen outstanding three year export growth of 141% - with sales achieved in two new markets, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Simulation Systems Ltd, based in Yatton, Bristol received an Innovation Award for developing a range of closedcircuit television cameras and associated control systems. These are used for surveillance in complex environments, such as traffic interchanges or large sports venues. The range includes realtime, networked cameras with internet protocols and devices powered by solar panels. The ‘flagship’ camera, having 15 miles viewing capability, has low running and maintenance costs and is

‘Designing robust products successfully to perform with longevity in extreme arctic, desert and hurricane conditions.’ 32

MAY/JUN 2013

easy to install. It produces high quality images, day and night, in extreme weather and temperature conditions. Using an image-clarifying system developed by the company, faces can be identified at distances of two miles in mist, rain or snow. Its high specification reduces camera numbers deployed at particular sites. The commercially successful innovations provide increased monitoring capability for minimal cost increases. Rinicom Ltd is one of the few winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2013 for its continuous achievement in International Trade. Established in 2002, Rinicom has gained recognition as a leading edge technology company providing bespoke state-ofthe-art solutions. Rinicom develops and manufactures COFDM wireless IP mesh communication systems aimed at first responders and professional security services. Based in Lancaster, the business has built a worldwide reputation for providing robust and reliable integrated communication systems using the latest technologies, providing flexible platforms for robust video, voice and data transmission in hostile environments. Rinicom has delivered consistent financial performance, growing overseas sales by over 31% per year, by expanding rapidly throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Collaborative research with leading UK universities helps keep Rinicom at the forefront of robust communications systems design. Winsted Limited, based in Hampton Lovett, Droitwich was established in 1984. The company provides specialist control room furniture design whilst also undertaking the manufacture, assembly and installation of consoles, monitor walls and workstations. The company wins its second Queen’s Award in International Trade based on continued growth in its overseas sales, which have increased to more than 74% of its total sales and by 60% during the last three years.

The company exports across Europe, Middle East and Africa and has strengthened its distribution and trade partner arrangements to further its international trade strategy. New markets in Russia and Eastern Europe have been established in the last three years.

‘The company exports across Europe, Middle East and Africa and has strengthened its distribution and trade partner arrangements to further its international trade strategy. New markets in Russia and Eastern Europe have been established in the last three years’ BEST OF BRITISH A total of 151 Queen’s Awards were announced this year for business achievement. Overall, 116 companies have won Awards for International Trade, 27 for Innovation and nine for Sustainable Development. In addition, eight individuals have received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion (QAEP) for their inspiring efforts to encourage UK entrepreneurship. Winning firms cover a vast range of business sectors. This year, Sun Mark Ltd has become the first ever company to win an Award in five consecutive years. Winners of The Queen’s Awards can expect a company visit by a Royal representative during the year to present a crystal bowl and an invitation to attend a special reception at Buckingham Palace. They can also use The Queen’s Award Emblem in advertising, marketing and on packaging for a period of five years as a symbol of their quality and success.

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MAJOR REFORMS WILL TOUGHEN UP PRISON LIFE Major reforms are being made to toughen up the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme in male adult prisons throughout England and Wales. The major changes follow a review of the existing scheme which was ordered by Ministers last year. Convicted prisoners will work a longer day and will not be allowed to watch television when they should be working or engaged in purposeful activity. Certificate 18 DVDs will be banned, subscription

channels will be removed from private prisons and gym access will depend on engagement with rehabilitation. Prison rules will also change to ensure more

power is given to recover money from prisoners to pay for damage to prison property. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “It is not right that some prisoners appear to be in their cells and watching daytime television while the rest of the country goes out to work. “Prisoners need to earn privileges, not simply through the avoidance of bad behaviour but also by working, taking part in education or accepting the opportunities to rehabilitate themselves.”

Team work and presence made the difference Carl F Groupco has reported a ‘highly successful FIT Show’; the company says its stand was ‘consistently busy’ with visits from both existing and potential new customers throughout the three days. Heavy investment was made in the 80m2, purpose-built stand, which displayed individual lines and complete working systems. Main ranges from the company’s portfolio of distributed products were shown including Cotswold Architectural, FUHR, Fullex, Greenwood, Hoppe,

Kenrick, MACO, PN, Siegenia and Trojan. Carl F Groupco’s managing director, John Crittenden, said: “The industry got its mojo back at the FIT Show which has given a much needed confidence boost to the sector. “I am extremely proud of the team work and presence of our company at the event; approaching three years after Carl F Groupco was formed, we demonstrated that we are in a strengthened position, offering one of the largest product portfolios in the industry.

The T-Fold fully exclusive timber folding sliding door kit, available exclusively from Carl F Groupco.

“We have now established a firm footing on our development path towards our goal of becoming a leading player in the UK hardware market.”

NEW CYBER SECURITY PARTNERSHIP The government has unveiled a new Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP), just as the global Internet is facing what some are calling the “biggest attack in history”. The new partnership is designed to help businesses tackle cyber-security threats, and will share knowledge from industry analysts and security experts from businesses, MI5, the government’s signals intelligence agency GCHQ, and the Police. The partnership is set to include a secure online collaboration environment where experts can collaborate in real-time by

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sharing responses to an ongoing attack. The formation of the CISP comes in response to comments from the Director General of MI5, Sir Jonathon Evans, who said last year: “The extent of what is going on is astonishing -- with industrial-scale processes involving many thousands of people lying behind both State-sponsored cyber espionage and organised crime. The announcement comes as a distributed

‘Peaking at 300 gigabytes per second’

denial of service attack, similar to the one that brought IFSEC Global down recently, is being targeted at an organisation called Spamhaus. “If you aimed this at Downing Street they would be down instantly. They would be completely off the internet. These attacks are peaking at 300 gigabytes per second. Normally when there are attacks against major banks, we’re talking about 50 gigabytes per second. “The scale of the attack is slowing services down across the internet, so if you’re wondering why your connection is a bit slow today, now you know why.”

MAY/JUN 2013



ACEA calls for balance between competitiveness and environmental concerns Vans are mainly used by SMEs In reaction to the 7th May vote on reducing CO2 emissions from vans by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI), the European Automobile Association (ACEA) has called for a more realistic balance between the competitiveness of the industry and environmental concerns. The automotive industry has a strong track record for meeting its environmental obligations. “No other industry sector has done as much in driving down emission levels, both from its products and its production sites,” stated Ivan Hodac, ACEA Secretary General. “We are

committed to further progress. However, it is essential that policy makers take into account the realities in which the industry operates.” The commercial vehicle sector has been particularly hard hit by the economic crisis, with registrations dropping by 39% between 2007 and 2012. One issue of concern to the industry is the setting of long-term targets without any impact assessment. Hodac commented, “We cannot afford to play political games with this industry, especially in these economic times. Targets for both vans and cars need to be fact-based. At this stage, even the European Commission does not have an

‘We are committed to further progess. However, it is essential that policy makers take into account the realities in which the industry operates’

analysis of what the post-2020 targets for vans should be. The only basis for the figures that ENVI came up with is political horse-trading.” The 2020 target for vans of 147g CO2/km is seen as ambitious, with independent studies showing that it will only be achievable with full hybrid technologies. As vans are first and foremost business tools used by SMEs, there is extremely high price sensitivity, with purchasing and operating costs being the number one decision factor. Given this price sensitivity and other barriers like recharging needs, consumer acceptance of the more expensive hybrid and electrified vans has been poor to date. Indeed a total of just 2,383 electric vans were registered across the EU in 2011. There is also great uncertainty regarding future market penetration of these new technologies.

“Despite not yet being in strong demand by the market, low-emitting vans are in strong demand by legislators and opinion leaders,” commented

‘Low-emitting vans are in strong demand by legislators’ Hodac. “ACEA, therefore, calls for more effective ‘supercredits’, which are incentives for investing in innovative clean technologies. “Super-credits represent a zero-cost support mechanism which has a minimum impact on the overall fleet target,” Hodac explained. “As super-credits are the only tool on the EU level that can stimulate market uptake of electrically-chargeable vans, it is important that they are effective. It is in everyone’s interest to get these clean vehicles on the roads.”

BSIA appoints Baroness Henig as Special Advisor on regulatory change The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has announced the appointment of Baroness Ruth Henig as the Association’s Special Advisor on regulatory change. Working alongside the BSIA’s leadership, the former SIA Chairman will support the Association’s active public affairs programme to represent the interests of the BSIA and its members in Parliament,


MAY/JUN 2013

and also at industry events including IFSEC and the BSIA’s Annual Luncheon. Reinforcing the importance of primary legislation to support the Government’s proposals for a new ‘lighter touch’ regulatory regime – which is set to include business licensing alongside individual registration – is a key priority for the Association, and this will be one area in which Baroness Henig’s

‘Reinforcing the importance of primary legislation to support the Government’s proposals for a new ‘lighter touch’ regulatory regime’ influence will benefit BSIA members.

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KEEPING FAITH WITH THE PAST AND THE PRESENT Established by in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in1987 initially as a general locksmiths business, Magpie Security Services Ltd is a supplier and installer of locks, safes and ironmongery both to the general public and commercial customers nationwide.

In 1992, following expansion of the company’s services, they moved to the current premises in Norfolk Street and continued to broaden the range of products and services, but remained a family business committed to upholding the traditional

Dr Steffan George of the MLA

values of the UK locksmithing industry. The company’s ethos of combining the best of these traditions - while keeping in the forefront of the latest security technology - will be demonstrated on their stand at the Coronation Festival – which will feature a classic Chubb lock and key from the early 1880s as well as state of the art face recognition technology. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and expertise of the company’s team of qualified locksmiths they provide a comprehensive range of products and services - from antique lock restoration to high security locks and quality door and window furniture, supply and

repair/maintenance of safes. As an approved company of the Master Locksmiths Association, Magpie Security Services Ltd has been thoroughly vetted and undergoes regular inspections to ensure the best quality of service – as you would expect from a company which is also a proud Royal Warrant Holder.

Telephone: 01553 691121 [email protected] www.magpielocksmiths.

ATTACKERS BEHIND BARS FOR CYBER ATTACKS A “reckless” hacker who caused more than £20 million pounds worth of financial loss and put lives and jobs at risk through a series of cyber attacks on high profile organisations has been jailed for 30 months. Ryan Ackroyd (26) of Oak Road, Mexborough in South Yorkshire, admitted one charge of conspiracy to do an unauthorised act with intent to impair the operation of a computer. Ackroyd, who operated under the code name Kayla, was part of hacking group LulzSec who infiltrated organisations including the CIA, NHS and 20th Century Fox and published a fake article claiming News International’s Rupert Murdoch had died. He was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court following a lengthy investigation by the Metropolitan Police e-Crime Unit and the FBI. Ackroyd was sentenced alongside three other members of hacking group Anonymous – Jake Davis (20) from


MAY/JUN 2013

Lerwick, Shetlands, Ryan Cleary (21) of Wickford, Essex and Mustafa Al-Bassam (18) from London. They met online and created offshoot group LulzSec which stands for “laughing at security”. The court heard how the group launched a series of attacks which overload websites causing them to be removed from the web. Their hacks involved confidential data being extracted and published online. Ackroyd was responsible for researching and executing many of their hacks and their first victim was a major security firm in America. They also accessed personal email accounts of employees, extracting personal data which they published online in February 2011. Over the following five months, they caused significant damage and financial loss estimated to be more than £20 million. The prosecution also argued that they put lives at risk when they published

the names and contact details of police employees. Det Supt Charlie McMurdie, head of the e-Crime unit, said it had been a “long and complex” investigation. “After initially being alerted by the FBI to criminal activity on British soil, we quickly began unpicking LulzSec, who had been running riot, causing significant harm to businesses and people. He said: “Theirs was an unusual campaign in that it was more about promoting their own criminal behaviour than any form of profit. The conviction should serve as a deterrent to others who use the internet to commit cyber attacks.” He added: “In essence they were the worst sort of vandal – acting without care of cost or harm to those they affected, whether that was to cause a company to fold and so costing people their jobs, or to put at threat the thousands of innocent internet users whose logins and passwords they made public.”

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It Only Takes a Minute - Anti Sneak-in Burglary Campaign Lock up or lose out! West Yorkshire police have launched an anti sneak-in burglary campaign to run throughout the Spring and Summer months. ‘It Only Takes a Minute – Lock up or Lose Out’ kicked off as clocks went forward

which often leads to an increase in sneakin burglaries – usually peaking in June. During the last 12 months burglary has reduced by 27% across the county; but it is still a major priority for the Force, which last year featured in the extensive

cylinder snapping campaign. Campaigns like this represent a useful opportunity for locksmiths in the area to run their own campaigns in local press and leaflet drops and by working with community organisations.

KENRICK LAUNCHES ITS MOST EXTENSIVE CYLINDER COLLECTION YET Catering for all security requirements Kenrick has announced the launch of a new range of cylinders. The range, which has been designed to cater for all security requirements, includes more than 80 individual cylinder options, reportedly making it the most extensive collection ever launched by Kenrick. Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director, commented: “We are delighted to unveil this exciting new range to the industry. It offers one of the widest ‘off the shelf’ ranges of cylinders and also


MAY/JUN 2013

superb value for money. And the new range has clearly been greeted with great enthusiasm by customers too, with many placing significant orders as soon as it was available.” SUPERB VALUE FOR MONEY The Kenrick range of cylinders spans three levels – Standard, Security and High Security. The collection of Standard sixpin cylinders conforms to BS EN 1303 and is available in all popular sizes. Options include half cylinders, key-key and keythumb cylinders. The Security collection includes six pin anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill cylinders, which meet the standards of TS 007 and KM 544418 and are SKG 2 star rated. Kenrick’s top of the range High Security six-pin cylinders are anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap when used in

conjunction with the Kenrick RASP Anti Snap system. The KM 544418 accredited cylinders have been designed to achieve a minimum SKG 2 star rating and are available in a number of sizes. Every cylinder in the range is available in a polished brass or nickel finish. The Kenrick RASP Anti Snap system has also been in-house tested at Kenrick. It sustained a 14 minute attack using all the tools used for PAS 24, as well as additional tools which are available to any burglar but are not currently used in PAS 24 testing. Kitemarked against ‘lock bumping’ by BSi (BS3621) and successfully tested against physical cylinder attack by to BSi PAS024, the Excalibur RASP is also approved by Secured By Design.

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ISEO AND M MARCUS LTD BRING YOU NEW PRODUCT M Marcus has now launched its ISEO F6 Plus British Standard cylinder range. As the principle UK distributor of ISEO security products, M. Marcus Ltd has been working closely with its Italian partner in order to produce a kite-marked, bumpresistant cylinder which meets BS EN 1303:2005 to TS007 standard at extremely competitive prices.

The F6 Plus is available keyed to differ, keyed alike, and master keyed with substantial differ capability. Locksmiths pinning components and kits also form part of the range. Its bump resistance, anti-pick and anti-drill qualities make it ideal for any domestic or commercial application where increased security is required This range is one of many new Iseo products being launched by M. Marcus Ltd during 2013. New for summer... In further developments, June also sees the launch of the Iseo Panic Hardware ranges featuring the new “Anti-germ finish” as standard.

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This new anti-bacterial treatment is based on the slow and constant release of silver ions which are able to kill off over 650 know viruses including legionella, salmonella and MRSA,making it ideal for applications within the medical and healthcare sectors.

M Marcus welcomes any questions you may have about the F6 plus or any of its other products in the meantime – please call the sales office 01384 247844 and the team will do its best to answer any queries and meet your requirements.

MAY/JUN 2013


The Dedicated Key a 01442 291400

and Lock Supplier

Dedication.... it’s in our DNA

SKS Limited T: 01442 291400 F: 01442 863683 E: [email protected]


Surveillance cameras to help combat bovine TB Infrared surveillance cameras monitoring badger visits to cattle farms will be used in a new study to determine the risk faced by individual farms of badgers entering buildings. Surveillance cameras will be installed at 75 volunteer farms for the project run by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA). Over a four week period,

cameras will count the number of badger visits, and determine what factors encourage badgers to visit regularly. Wildlife Program Team Leader, Dr Gavin Wilson, said: “Badger visits to farm buildings are widespread and common, but some farms are more prone than others. “The purpose is to try to understand the reasons behind this, and develop a

simple method to assess the risk of badger visits to any given farm. Ultimately, this is about helping farmers determine what the best biosecurity measures are for their individual farms.” A survey for badger activity will be carried out near farm buildings and details of farming practices and landscape features will also be recorded.

The research is the second phase of the Farm Assessment Tool project launched by Food and Environment Agency (Fera) last year.

JEWELS STOLEN AT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL More than $1m (£650,000; 777,000 euros) worth of jewels were stolen from a hotel in Cannes, during the film festival, French police say. The theft took place a few hours after the festival was shown The Bling Ring, a new film by director Sofia Coppola. The film is about teenagers who find out when celebrities are attending red carpet events

in order to break into their homes and steal their designer clothes, bags and shoes.

‘More than $1m’ The jewels were taken from the hotel room of an employee of exclusive Swiss jewellers Chopard. Police say the thieves ripped the safe containing the jewels from a wall of the room at the Novotel hotel.

But a company spokeswoman, Raffaella Rossiello, insisted the value of the pieces had been exaggerated and “the jewellery stolen is not part of the collection... worn by actresses during the Cannes Film Festival”. The event’s top award, the Palme d’Or, also made by Chopard, was apparently not among the stolen items.

A great three days for Hoppe at FIT HOPPE says it came back from the FIT Show ‘with more leads and enquiries than it could ever have predicted’. Stewart Lamb, sales and marketing manager for the Door and Window Division at HOPPE (UK) explained: “What a great three days for us, and I have to say, FIT was up there as one of the best industry shows I can remember, not only in visitor quantities but in quality of companies attending too. “For HOPPE, the event was all about showcasing our innovative next generation products: duravert, duraplus


MAY/JUN 2013

and duranorm. From the top end, niche design focused retailers to the higher volume trade fabricators, the interest in our newly segmented products was excellent. There was also a lot of demand for our new range of complementary hardware and the innovative quick-fit system, which allows handles to be simply pushed together into position in a matter of seconds with the backplate already fitted to the door sash.

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Jaguar Simplicity Jaguar Simplicity

A lightweight machine designed to accurately cut household and A lightweight machine designed to accurately cut household and automotive cylinder keys. automotive cylinder keys.

Ref: KM1524 KM1524 Ref:




Lancer,RS206, RS206, Orion Lancer, Orion

MK2,Mancuna, Mancuna,Dart Dart MK2,

CW1119T CW1119T

£499.00 £499.00 Limited LimitedSpecial SpecialOffer OfferPrice Price

£28.93 £28.93

CW1106T £35.88 £35.88 CW1106T


Retro,Bravo BravoProffesional, Proffesional,Carrat, Carrat, Retro, RekordPlus, Plus,Rekord Rekord2000 2000 Rekord

CW1012T CW1012T £49.40 £49.40

Giving your business business the the power power to to grow grow ALL Available Available with with 0% 0% Finance FinanceDeals Deals MUSTANG MUSTANG GEM GEM--RX5 RX5 GEM GEM- -CX5 CX5 GEM GEM- -FX5 FX5 UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL- 350 - 350

Purchase Purchase Deposit Deposit 12 12 Payments Payments Ownership Ownership Transfer TransferFee Fee


MUSTANG Cavity Machine Cavity Machine


£1195.00 £1195.00 £195.00 £195.00 £83.33 £83.33 £50.00 £50.00

£3750.00 £3750.00 £7495.00 £3750.00 £3750.00 £7495.00 £800.00 £800.00 £1000.00 £800.00 £800.00 £1000.00 £245.83 £541.25 £245.83 £245.83 £541.25 £245.83 £50.00 £50.00 £50..00 £50.00 £50.00 £50..00



£9495.00 £9495.00 £1000.00 £1000.00 £707. 92 £707. 92 £50.00 £50.00

01902 366448 01902 01902366448 366448 366448


Tel: 01902 366448, Fax: 01902 602472, Email: [email protected], Web: Tel: 01902 366448, Fax: 01902 602472, Email: [email protected], Web:


SALTO installs access control solution at University of Cambridge SALTO Systems has seen its 1,000th RFID lock installed into Jesus College, one of 31 individual colleges at the University of Cambridge. Chapel Court, one of the largest blocks of en-suite undergraduate accommodation for students, is the latest property to be updated at Jesus College. The six (red brick) staircases on the north-eastern wing were built in 1885 and the remaining staircases in 1928 - both wings are Grade II Listed - also created special demands for the installation of the access control system needed to provide control over entry to the building. To solve this problem Jesus College has selected and installed a networked electronic access control solution from SALTO Systems, choosing SALTO GEO (Global Electronic Opening) cylinders that are smart, intuitive and designed to be used with almost any type of door. SALTO GEO has been specially designed and developed for

use with doors where normal escutcheons cannot be fitted or are not allowed i.e. antique doors in historic or listed buildings. Grahame Appleby, Head Porter at Jesus College, says “Having previously used a master mechanical keyed system, we had ongoing problems with students losing keys giving us the expense of having to replace keys and locks on a regular basis. “The college has 93 external buildings to protect so we are progressively working through them updating and replacing keyed locks with stand-alone wire-free electronic access control from SALTO. All are controlled by 4K Mifare cards that are student ID and room cards as well as being used for print, library and restaurant functions. All the locks in the college are being supplied and installed by SALTO certificated partner AC Leigh. “The first building we updated was our student accommodation at North Court

‘93 external buildings to protect’ with SALTO XS4 smart handle sets. This was followed by the library building with more XS4 units and now we’ve just completed Chapel Court with GEO cylinders. “The SALTO Data-On-Card system in use at Jesus College is powerful, flexible, capable and cost effective,” says Rex Palmer, SALTO Area Sales Manager, who comments “All SALTO products are designed to be simple and easy to fit, vitally important when you’re dealing with historic doors such as those found in many of the buildings at Jesus College. “Our state-of-the-art system enables Grahame and his colleagues to turn any door into a fully featured access control door without compromising comfort, convenience, security or control.”

BURGH LOCKS VOTES WorldPay PAYG card acceptance service A HIT Alistair Grant of Burgh Locks has been working as a mobile locksmith for three years and identifies his biggest concern in the current economic environment as not only surviving but also growing. A year ago, he decided to open his shop to give the business a permanent location and help him to develop his customer base. Always aspiring to stand out from his competitors, Alistair joined WorldPay’s Pay As You Go card acceptance service in August 2012. Unlike many mobile locksmiths he can now accept cards easily, efficiently and most importantly, on the go. Prior to joining the service, Alistair was only able to take card payments through his computer, without a terminal, which was time consuming in-store and unavailable to at home customers. It also meant that when he was called to an urgent job his clients always had to ensure that they had the cash to pay for his work, which often meant travelling to a cash point unexpectedly


MAY/JUN 2013

and inconveniently. This was especially complicated and even dangerous late at night. Alistair said: “A lot of my custom comes from emergency situations; perhaps following a break in or when a homeowner is locked out. This means that customers are often unable to travel to a cash point, and have to borrow money from a neighbour or friend. Therefore, being able to pay by card really does help to resolve a stressful situation with minimal trauma.”

Alistair was therefore immediately attracted to the WorldPay Pay As You Go card acceptance service, which provides him with a portable chip and PIN keypad that he can also use in his shop, without any monthly charges or rental costs. Since the chip and PIN keypad works by connecting to Alistair’s smartphone, it makes taking payments on the move fast and simple. Having now used the new system for over six months, Alistair is planning to continue with the service programme as he has found that the range of solutions provide the best product for his business. Alex says feedback is excellent and he recommends other locksmiths to follow his example. To find out more about the Worldpay Pay As You Go Card Acceptance Service and to sign up please visit: mobile.

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Technology is the ‘tipping point’ for SME success The UK’s most ambitious SMEs are hungry for new and affordable technology, with access to the latest tech seen as one of the tipping points for business success. Almost 80 per cent of companies believe that technology plays an essential part in their plans for growth, helping businesses to up their game and reach larger audiences, according to a new study commissioned by TalkTalk Business based on research by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The report’s author, Richard Cree, editor of ICAEW magazine economia said “There is no doubt that the application of technology is increasingly important to all businesses, regardless of sector and irrespective of their ambitions for growth. However, when it comes to how technology affects growth, respondents were clear that its key role was to deliver value by driving efficiencies and savings.” The Geared for Growth report, which looks into the ambitions of UK businesses, also revealed that almost two thirds of respondents expected some business growth in the year ahead despite the economy, with one in 10 business owners setting this as their number one goal. The majority (52 per cent) of UK businesses, classified in the report as ‘Strivers’, claimed to have modest growth ambitions.

‘Despondents’, which made up just five per cent of businesses surveyed, believed their business would downsize in the near future. The Geared for Growth Report found that the top 10 per cent most ambitious companies were twice as likely to recognise the role technology has to play in bringing about growth, than those happy to stay a similar size. They were also least likely to think that luck played a part in their success. Managing director of TalkTalk Business, Charles Bligh, commented: “Technology plays a pivotal role, with 80% of respondents saying it was important or very important to help drive value through efficiencies and savings. British SMEs are clear that they need access to affordable technology to help control costs. The two thirds of SMES that are still ‘offline’ need to urgently consider the huge opportunities they could be missing, potentially valued at £18.8bn per year.*” The report also explored key factors that impact on success such as people management and training. Almost a quarter (22 per cent) of businesses that took part said that they are affected by the skills gap and need better technical knowhow within their teams to succeed. A huge 49 per cent say that the skills held by the management team are critical to the business’ success or failure.

THE 2013 FIT SHOW MORE THAN DELIVERS ON ITS PROMISES! Throughout three days in April, almost 6,000 people passed through the doors of The International Centre for the inaugural Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show, as Telford became the epicentre of the UK window, door and conservatory industry – more than exceeding all expectations. Companies from the security industry were among the 170 exhibitors that backed The FIT Show, which so brought in a staggering 5,810 visitors. All roads led to Telford from day one of the exhibition, right until its conclusion as visitors, including 4,078 pre-registered guests, an outstanding 59% of the total, flocked to the show from home and abroad keen

to view hundreds of the latest industry innovations, bringing the town to near standstill. EVERYONE’S GOING… NEXT YEAR As a result of the collective success of The FIT Show and their own individual accomplishments, a significant quantity of those who exhibited has already

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rebooked for next year’s event. And companies who did not exhibit this year are already booking for 2014. The show also saw a grand total of £20,000 handed out at The FIT Show Gala Dinner hosted by comedian Ed Byrne, to the winners of the Sales Professional of the Year, Adrian Phillips of Nolan UPVC, and Master Fitter Challenge, Arron Clegg of Eco-Sash. At the beginning of the night, the 15 cyclists from the glazing, construction and related industries tackling the 2,616 mile long route from Chicago to Santa Monica later this year, in aid of Hope House Children’s Hospice, were invited up onto the stage to a rapturous reception. A charity

casino hosted later raised a generous £2,670 towards the cause. Paul Godwin, Managing Director of The FIT Show commented: “Of course Matthew [Glover] and I always believed that the industry would embrace a new national event. But even we could not have anticipated just how enthusiastically the exhibitors would be in creating some of the most exciting displays we have ever seen. And then the visitors flocked in…It has been an exciting, nerve-wracking and now, an immensely satisfying experience. Our thanks go out to the industry for listening to our ideas and taking up the challenge so magnificently.”

MAY/JUN 2013



Land Rover and WISE launch scholarship programme to support female engineers Land Rover, in collaboration with UK charity WISE, has announced a new scholarship programme to enable young women to pursue a career in engineering. Currently, just 13 percent of the engineering workforce is female. The Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship will provide a £9,000 bursary to three female students or apprentices who would like to explore a career or further studies in engineering. In addition the winners will be provided with mentoring support from both Land Rover senior engineers and WISE representatives. WISE is a UK-based charity that helps organisations to inspire women and girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as pathways to fulfilling careers. Nicci Cook, Senior HR Manager at Land Rover said, “Engineering is at the very heart of our business and we rely on a broad range of talents to give us a competitive edge and help us move forward. We hope that the Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship will inspire a new generation of women in engineering.” According to a report published by EngineeringUK, Britain needs to double the number of engineering graduates and triple the number of engineering

apprentices by 2020 to meet industry needs. At present, just 13% of engineering undergraduates are female, something Land Rover is determined to address. In addition to the Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship, Land Rover already runs specific training schemes to support ambitious female engineers.

‘According to a report published by EngineeringUK, Britain needs to double the number of engineering graduates and triple the number of engineering apprentices by 2020 to meet industry needs’ Commenting on the Scholarship, WISE Director Helen Wollaston said, “The greatest British brands emerged through creativity, innovation and passion – all qualities which shine through all the female engineers I have met, but at the moment, there are far too few of them.

This new scholarship offers a really good start for a young woman entering the engineering profession. The industry needs to attract more female talent; this is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.” The scholarship has also been welcomed by government. Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock MP said, “Britain needs more engineers from a diverse range of backgrounds to compete effectively in today’s world. The government is delighted that the Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship recognises the key role played by female engineers and hopes that it will encourage more women to pursue a career in this exciting, dynamic industry.” The Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship is open to any woman who has arranged an engineering-based apprenticeship or has a confirmed place on a higher education engineering course. For more information and to apply visit: www.inspiringtomorrowsengineers. com. Click through to find out more about skills, training, apprenticeships and careers in UK automotive.

BSIA member companies win 2013 IFSEC & FIREX Awards Three members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) are celebrating after scooping prestigious IFSEC & FIREX Awards, which were presented in a ceremony held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.


MAY/JUN 2013

Bosch Security Systems, Kings Security Systems and Guardian 24 won awards for their innovative solutions in the fields of CCTV equipment, security guarding service delivery and lone worker protection respectively. Among the finalists for this year’s security awards was a total of 11 BSIA member companies, each shortlisted in recognition of the people,

products and technological advancements that have shaped the security industry over the past year. Finalists included BSIA members Integrated Design Limited, CSL Dualcom, RISCO Group, Securitas, Dedicated Micros, Xtralis, Connexion2, Oysta Technology and MITIE. James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, comments: “The security industry

prides itself on innovation and this year’s IFSEC & FIREX Awards highlight just how committed the industry is to quality service delivery and technological development. All of this year’s winners and finalists are to be congratulated on their achievements and should be justly proud of the contribution that they are making to our industry.”

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ABUS CCTV range has performance “designed in” The lingering myth that CCTV is somehow ineffective in fighting crime was laid to rest in the months following the UK riots of 2011. By February 2012 a total of 3,000 people had been successfully prosecuted and the officer in charge of the operation, Detective Chief Superintendent Greany, has stated that 2,200 of those prosecutions would not have been possible without video evidence. It’s not only in such extreme circumstances that CCTV is effective. To take just one example, Hambleton District Council, along with Ryedale, Leeds, Kirklees and Hull, claims CCTV has played a part in more than 15,000 arrests over the past three years (source: Yorkshire Post). But it’s not just the police who can benefit from a quality CCTV system. A new wave of CCTV cameras now available specifically for home and small office use are now putting high-end technology in the hands of home owners and businesses.

These ‘plug & play’ kits operate straight out of the box without the need for costly installations making them ideal for the home user. ABUS TVAC16000, with its wireless ‘plug & play’ weatherproof camera, can be fitted in any location, allowing you to monitor your home, office, warehouse or holiday home, even via your mobile phone, iPad or laptop. The camera is pre-synced to a 7” LCD colour monitor with intuitive touchscreen controls, and ABUS’ bespoke Android and Apple apps mean you can monitor what’s happening in your home or office, 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world. With encrypted transmission the TVAC16000 records to an SD card. The superb level of picture quality is a far cry from the fuzzy CCTV video of old, massively increasing the chances of being able to observe, recognise and identify perpetrators. The Home Office advice on CCTV usages states that “Performance has to be designed in and cannot be taken for granted”.

With its new line of CCTV systems, ABUS has “designed in” an impressive range of high-end security features - and absolutely nothing has been taken for granted. Anyone who’s serious about their personal and business security should take a close look at what the ABUS CCTV range has to offer. In addition think how these out of the box security solutions can help you manage your own retail footfall. ABUS CCTV is available from ABUS UK, Aldridge and Toolbank at very attractive trade prices.

Security Sells The latest crime statistics are never good reading and this presents a clear opportunity for installers / tradesmen to enhance their services and boost their profits within the security market. RhinoCo Technology offer a wide range of analogue and digital CCTV cameras, recorders, accessories and kits, to provide the busy installer with a solution for all applications. Designed to be easy to fit and operate, the RhinoCo range is ideal for non “Part P” contractors as all connections are low voltage and can be pre-wired and pre-terminated. Furthermore, RhinoCo Technology are so confident in their product line that they provide, at no extra cost, a comprehensive four year warranty. Lisa Lupton, UK Operations Director stated “We at RhinoCo believe in supporting our customers. Whether that be by providing an industry leading warranty or through training, marketing aids or pre- and post sales support.”

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RhinoCo’s popular CCTV training course will be running again on 4th July 2013, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The course covers all aspects from assessing and surveying premises to specification and installation, as well as practical exercises including networking for remote view. The whole day course includes lunch, refreshments and course notes however places are limited to 20 attendees. For further help or information on either CCTV Training or Security Products please contact: RhinoCo Technology, Unit 3b Vernon Drive, Shrewsbury, SY1 3TF Tel: 0845 644 5421 Email [email protected]

GREAT CCTV DEALS Free Car Camera With Every 4+ Camera System ordered before July 31st 2013 Like our facebook page rhinococctv

To receive details of our weekly offers Tel 0845 644 5421 Email [email protected]

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SUMMERTIME – AND THE STEALING IS EASY MAKE IT SECURE – MAKE IT SECURED BY DESIGN. Summertime is often a busy season for criminals, who will not be slow to take advantage of summer weather that leads to open doors and windows, unsecured outbuildings, expensive equipment left outside - as people relax their guard to enjoy outdoor living. As always, the best way to safeguard yourself and your property at home, at work or in transit, is to invest in the best possible security and safety products.

Many of those top products will have achieved Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation, meaning they have been subjected to rigorous testing and reached the high standards SBD requires. In the July-August issue of The Locksmith journal, we will be publishing a special feature on SECURED BY DESIGN PRODUCTS with profiles on the manufacturers and suppliers behind them.

If you would like your products/company to be part of this special feature, or would just like to know more, contact Andy Davies on 01226 321450 or email: [email protected]


MAY/JUN 2013

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Newstar. Security First

Newstar Door Controls Ltd

Key Cabinets

20 Key NS-S2020 •Digital combination lock •High security

20 Key NS-S0080 •Key lock •Standard security

50 Key NS-2050 • Digital combination lock •High security

60 Key NS-S047G •Combination lock •Standard security

150 Key NS-S150

400 Key NS-S400B

•Key lock •Standard security

•Key Lock • Standard security

24 Key NS-S0077G •Combination lock •Standard security

64 Key NS-S64 •Key lock •Standard security

1170 Key NS-51170 •Key Lock •Standard security

36 Key NS-S0057G •Combination lock •Standard security

93 Key NS-S0060 • Key lock • Standard security

Epoxy Powder NS-S1021

Home Safes

High Security Mini Compact Home Safe NS-S-23ET

High Security Small Compact Home Safe NS-S-20E

High Security Small Home Safe NS-S-23ET

42 Key NS-S42

•Key lock •Standard security

45 Key NS-S0050 •Key lock •Standard security

100 Key NS-S2100

100 Key NS-S100 •Digital combination lock •Key lock •High security •Standard security

Epoxy Powder NS-S1022

High Security Meduim Home Safe NS-S-23ET

Key Tags NSTag Plastic tag

High Security Key Safe NS-S0301

Unit 2 Block A, Lion Business Park, Dering Way, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2DN Tel: 01474 353 111 Fax: 01474 353 911 Email: [email protected] Web:

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SQUIRE’S NEW STRONGHOLD® WS75 CONTAINER LOCK SETS THE SECURITY STANDARD Award-winning security company Henry Squire & Sons Ltd was established in 1780 and has been manufacturing premium quality locks for over 230 years.

Stronghold® WS75 Container Lock

Today, Squire – still an independent family owned business – is recognised as the UK brand leader in padlocks and cycle locks and manufacturers to World Class standards as its state-ofthe-art production, research and design headquarters in Wolverhampton. The company also has a production facility in China. Squire’s extensive range of products benefit from a 10-year guarantee, are ISO 9002 approved and meet CEN standards. LATEST LAUNCH The premium lock manufacturer has now introduced its most sophisticated high security container lock with tamper proof technology, purpose designed for extreme resistance against the threat of a sustained attack. Squire’s Stronghold® WS75 Container lock is constructed of an 80mm solid hardened steel lock body and electrophoretic finish for excellent anti-corrosion resistance in challenging weather conditions. The 12mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle rotates for extra antisaw protection and ultimate security performance.

EASY TO OPERATE Easy to operate, the rekeyable 6 pin, anti-bump, tumbler locking mechanism features anti-pick technology and offers over 260,000 key variations. Uniquely, the key system can also be upgraded to restricted or protected profile offering over 530,000 key variations. It is available as master keyed or keyed alike so one key fits all - ideal for multiusers operating in high security or commercial environments. Squire’s Stronghold® WS75 is recommended for use on containers, warehouses, perimeter gates, commercial vehicles and industrial units.

‘the key system can also be upgraded to restricted or protected profile offering over 530,000 key variations’


MAY/JUN 2013

MEETING THE CHALLENGE “The challenge to protect cargo is one we take very seriously,” commented John Squire, managing director of Henry Squire & Sons Ltd. He said: “Due to the growing threat of cargo theft, the commercial and storage industry can no longer rely on standard security locking mechanisms to protect goods. “Users can be confident in our formidable Stronghold® brand and the signature high security performance and versatility it represents.” Available now, Stronghold® WS75 Container Lock carries the Squire 10-year guarantee. For further information contact Henry Squire & Sons Ltd on 01902 308050, visit or email [email protected]

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Buy 4 Pay for 3*

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new COLLECTION from sterling locks Sterling Locks is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive collection of the most popular sizes and types of chains, ropes and accessories. Presented on a purpose built display stand which features the complete range, these new products all fit neatly alongside Sterling Locks existing range, providing strong, safe and secure solutions. Chains are also available on standalone modular dispenser. Marketing Director, Rex Atkins commented. “This new range features a cross section of the chains, ropes, straps and bungees most frequently requested by customers. Every aspect has been considered, so the range also includes all the relevant accessories such as hooks, clamps, turnbuckles,

links, shackles and rings. We’ve designed a purpose built stand which both displays and dispenses the products safely and easily. The large stand even comes with an innovative built in hydraulic cutter for chains.” This range is a significant development for Sterling Locks and follows up on demand from retailers. All the products fit within Sterling Locks ethos of providing great value, quality products backed by the highest standards of service. The environmentally friendly packaging is clearly illustrated with icons that illustate diameter, length and

MRL (maximum recommended load) for each product. Chains: the range is supplied on reels and features both steel and plastic in different sizes and finishes. There is a choice of popular decorative chains provided on precut hanging cards. Ropes: are available in steel wire, polypropylene and braided nylon in a selection of sizes. Bungees and Straps: produced for durability and strength, available in a variety of sizes with bungies supplied in packs of 2. Accessories: All the practical accessories required to

complement the ropes, chains, bungees and straps. The smaller accessories are supplied as twin packs which makes them great value. Sterling Locks believes this range offers a significant oppportunity for its stockists. It is a great fit with the existing selection of padlocks and security chains and cables, offering the same good design and practical application at great value. Its easy to build orders with Sterling’s low minimum order values and provide good margins for retailers.

For more information on Sterling Locks’ range of products, please visit www. or call on 0113 250 3603



MAY/JUN 2013

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Trojan’s Stallion 3 Window Lock offers unique versatility The launch by the Trojan Group of its Stallion 3 Window Lock is a welcome addition to the Group’s portfolio. The new lock offers a wealth of benefits, as Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s Managing Director, explains: “The Stallion 3 has one price for all sizes, above 400mm, and a minimal product inventory because one size fits all applications, helping to free up cash for fabricators and installers’ businesses.” The Stallion 3 is suitable for all applications from zero to 1300mm and fits PVC-U profiles or profiles with standard Eurogroove applications. Apart from the minimised inventory, one of the advantages of the one size fits all applications approach is the drastically reduced supply lead time, which will help installers to fulfil urgent projects. Other improvements to the Stallion 3 include increased security: there is a new multi-point locking action, an increased 20mm locking engagement and enhanced night vent security. Twin locking central lugs offer additional strength and security while there is guaranteed centre and corner locking with every installation. Importantly, the lock has been tested to BSI specified loads and provides improved lock engagement if the sash is jemmy attacked or flexed. The lock is quick to install, in part because the compact central gear box means minimal routing is required. In addition, off-set locking variants are easily achieved due to the lock’s intelligent design. The Stallion 3 includes stainless steel-composite corrosion resistant keeps and offers full corrosion resistance for ultimate performance. The proof of the quality of the lock is demonstrated in the 10 year mechanical and corrosion guarantee that it accompanies every one. The Stallion 3 is the new generation of the iconic Stallion lock and looks set to continue the tradition of being one of the most respected locks on the market. It recently featured on Trojan’s stand (2-170) at the FIT Show in Telford.

Up the Anti with UNION keyULTRA™

Anti Attack

Anti Drill

Now available sub-assembled Anti Pick

The New Patented Cylinder System from UNION Highest key related security Key related security as per BS EN 1303:2005: Grade 6 • • • • • • •

6 pin master key cylinder Key differs in excess of half a million Solid nickel silver keys Easy grip, oversized key bow Strong durable key design Self lubricating material for enhanced wear resistance Nickel silver differ pins for durability and wear resistance

Highest attack resistance Attack resistance as per BS EN 1303:2005: Grade 2 • • • •

Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance

to to to to

attack attack attack attack

by by by by

plug extraction drilling chisel twisting

Other security features GuardPIN™ bump resistance • Bump resistance is achieved by using GuardPIN™ (patent pending) • Pick resistant • Paracentric keyway • Mushroom drivers • Anti-pick notches in the differ pins

Customer Services 0845 223 2124 Email [email protected]

Product enquiries: Tel: 01922 713 933 Email: [email protected] Website:

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New security ranges exclusive to IronmongeryDirect IronmongeryDirect now exclusively stocks three new security brands - Project, Altro and A-Spec . These new locks can be used for light duty, low use projects and housing through to medium use, where security is required with a higher spec finish. Durable finishes in anti-tarnish brass, chrome plate, Florentine bronze and black cater for a range of

environments. Architectural specification heavy duty locks are also available and ideal for high usage levels. With the medium and heavy duty locks replaceable strikes there is no need to remove the lock, making it quick and easy to maintain, minimising disruption. A patented Easi-T function offers an easy latch reversal system without having to undo the lock case.

Various products within these ranges are fire rated up to 120 minutes and as they are CE marked will ensure compliance with Construction Products Regulation from 1st July. All products in the range are covered by a minimum 5 year guarantee. Orders can be placed up to 7.30pm for next day delivery.

For more information, or to download a free copy of IronmongeryDirect’s new catalogue or Guide to Fire Door Hardware visit: www. or call 0808 168 28 28.

Trojan’s New Sparta 3 Window Handle - most versatile yet Trojan recently launched Sparta 3 Window Handle is its most versatile yet, offering Many new benefits without increasing costs or reducing quality or size. Spindles are simple to fit and remove and easy to convert when the spindle length changes because it reduces stock variations and frees up cash. It also offers improved aesthetics, a more

substantial look and a new ergonomic design. Practical improvements include a new action button and a lower base height for additional clearance. The handle has a soft grip for improved comfort and is available in key lockable and non-lockable variations and in-line or cranked variations. It suites perfectly with the other handles in the Sparta

range and is available in a full choice of colours including Gold (PVD), Polished Chrome, Satin Silver and White, with special finishes available upon request. The Sparta 3, which attracted much attention at the FIT Show in April, comes with a 10 year mechanical and finish guarantee, evidence, if any were needed, that its quality is up to Trojan’s high standards.

Tel: 01922 713 933. Email: [email protected] Website:

H‘App’y Anniversary IronmongeryDirect To coincide with the 10th anniversary since the launch of its e-commerce website, IronmongeryDirect, the UK’s largest online and mail order supplier of ironmongery to the trade, is launching a new Mobile App. The free App, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from 15th April, will make it even easier for tradesmen on-the-go to search for products, place orders and track their delivery status. Wayne Lysaght-Mason, MDat IronmongeryDirect comments: “This


MAY/JUN 2013

new App not only marks our 10 year e-commerce anniversary but also our continued commitment to evolving our service to meet the needs of our customers. We started out as a traditional shop and today, our customers can browse over 13,500 products in our 800-page catalogue, online and now with our App.”

At IronmongeryDirect orders can be placed up to 7.30pm for next day delivery with late cut off on Sunday at 3:30pm for Monday delivery.

Visit or call 0808 168 28 28.

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Alpro introduces adjustable spring strength transom closers Alpro Architectural Hardware (A division of IEC Limited), based at Poole Dorset has added an adjustable spring strength transom closer to its extensive range of architectural hardware. The unit uses the same footprint as the existing closers and so is easily retro fitted into existing applications, as well as new installations. The unit uses all the standard accessories which are available as both part of the transom closer kit and as optional extras. The unit has adjustable closing and latching speeds and is available in both hold open and non-hold open models. Designed for aluminium doors, the new

unit allows for ease of installation and low maintenance. The Alpro transom closer comes with a three year guarantee and is comprehensively backed up by Alpro’s technical staff to allow for correct ordering and despatch. Nick Bartlett Alpro’s Technical Manager commented: “This unit is a great addition to our already comprehensive range of transom closers. Customers have been

asking for a unit similar to this for some time. So in line with our policy of listening to customers’ requirements we have introduced the product they wanted. It really is a great addition to the range”.

The Ultimage Outdoor Key Safes At Sentinel we specialise in producing the ultimate outdoor key safe. Part of Credit Card Keys Ltd, we use only the toughest materials and most innovative designs to manufacture a secure and easy to use key safe. Each Sentinel key safe is made from aluminium and steel, this allows them to be lightweight yet hardwearing. The key safe is coated with weather resistant paint and the hatch is made of toughened plastic. This combination of materials makes the Sentinel Key safes virtually indestructible, and with over 10,000 safe combinations, a very secure way to store keys.

To read more, visit

There are 3 types of Sentinel key safes: PL968 - Dial combination key safe • Programmable 4 digit code • Holds up to 5 keys • Weather resistant • Easy to mount PL998 - Push button key safe • Easy to operate • Faster access than dials • Holds up to 10 keys • Weather resistant • Easy to mount • Holds up to 8 credit cards, ID cards, etc.

‘with over 10,000 safe combinations, a very secure way to store keys’ PL997 - Push button shackle key safe • Shackle for portable use • Easy to operate • Holds up to 10 Yale keys • Weather resistant We have been established for over 30 years and pride ourselves on achieving high quality standards and outstanding customer service.

MAY/JUN 2013


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Are you managing driver risk? Simon Elstow, head of training at IAM Drive & Survive, explains to Clearview how well-trained drivers protect your company and save you money. Picture this. It’s 2pm and it’s the usual frantic day. You’re about to grab something to eat when the phone rings. One of the lorries out doing deliveries has been involved in a crash with a car. The driver and driver’s mate are on their way to hospital and the lorry is sitting, badly damaged, on the A40. The traffic news is reporting an accident with a shed load causing a major tailback. Straight away you know you’re going to be busy. Managing the aftermath of a crash is difficult. It’s time consuming and then there’s the cost to your bottom line. It can be emotional too if you know the people involved. And when the insurance company ask to see your driver risk assessment and training history, do you have it? And will your customer wait for another delivery? There’s going to be a mass of things to deal with to sort this out; it’s going to be stressful and time-consuming too. Added to the rest of the day job, it’s easy to see how driver safety fell off the agenda but look at what it’s left you to deal with.


MAY/JUN 2013

Health and safety law applies to driving for work just as it does all work activities, so the risks must be managed. A few employers still believe that they are covered as long as their drivers hold a current driving licence and their vehicles have insurance and MOT. This is simply untrue. It is a blinkered way of looking at road safety and it doesn’t comply with the law. Driver Risk Management (DRM) saves money for employers because the costs of road accidents are nearly always higher than the costs of repairs and insurance claims. These costs are higher for smaller businesses and the self-employed, so whatever the size of your business, it makes financial sense to invest in a DRM strategy. Fortunately, many businesses now see the link between improving driving skills for their employees and fewer crashes, lower insurance costs and reduced fuel consumption. The consequences of ignorance can be damaged products, additional labour, warranty claims and excessive fuel costs. Today’s businesses are also more socially responsible and understand that caring for their employees is extremely important.

Skilled and trained drivers have a better attitude and look after their vehicles more carefully – often using less fuel and causing less wear and tear to the engine, tyres and brakes. This makes them worth more when they are sold on. A significant amount of fuel can be saved every year by using fuel-saving techniques. In fact IAM Drive & Survive’s award-winning green driving course - Ecolution - can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent. Results from Ecolution trials also show that companies can make CO2 savings of up to £100 per vehicle every year. Make it personal Every company is unique and a DRM strategy should be tailored to suit each company. All businesses should seek expert advice to help find the best and most cost-effective DRM programme for them. An online driver risk assessment is the first step in establishing an employee’s driving skills and where they need to improve. It helps profile each driver’s risk factors and proposes ways to tackle them. Each individual should get a personal DRM programme that gives you an audit trail and also meets health and safety legislation.

Some drivers may not need coaching while they drive. They may be more suited to online e-learning courses. These are tailored to individual needs and are a refresher for understanding good road craft and driving regulations. Where budgets are tight, e-learning can also be used to ensure staff are still provided with the essential training they need to do their job safely and effectively. For drivers who are judged as high-risk, hands-on training in real-life situations - with a qualified trainer - is best. Make sure your trainers are DSA approved driving instructors and listed on the DSA fleet trainer register. Tailored training develops the core skills needed for the job. It maximises each driver’s skills, whether they drive heavy goods vehicles or are infrequent grey fleet drivers.

IAM Drive & Survive is a leading driver and fleet safety specialist, part of the IAM, a national charity with more than fifty years’ experience in driver safety. [email protected],, 0870 120 2910

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MIKE PALMER takes a retrospective look at this year’s IFSEC event, and as ever, puts his finger precisely on the button….. NO BELLS AND SWITCHES… It is show-time once more. Thousands of security professionals recently flocked to the annual IFSEC (International Fire & Security Exhibition) at the NEC. But if a little green man had emerged from a spacecraft in the foyer he could be forgiven for thinking that security was entirely dependent upon electronics. Surrounded by the bells and switches on stands promoting the latest technology in CCTV products and intruder alarm components, he would remaining largely unaware of the diverse and long standing physical security hardware industry. WHAT ABOUT PHYSICAL SECURITY HARDWARE? If this LGM from outer space was to then call up some of the major security product portals on the internet he would find sites claiming to provide “total security solutions”. Yet not a single word anywhere about locks, safes, bars, grilles and shutters, doors, fences, barriers, security glazing or any other physical security hardware. Only alarms, CCTV and access control. By any stretch that’s hardly ‘total’. Given that there are some notable exceptions, these “high tech” devices often fail to deter or prevent crime. Intruder alarms and CCTV either warn that a crime is being attempted or simply record it happening. For the traumatised victim of an armed robbery, it is little consolation that an electronic eye watched it all and that the recording it made may assist the police in making an arrest or securing a subsequent

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conviction. They would much rather that the incident had not happened at all. I am often stunned by the readiness of experienced security professionals to sanction expenditure on expensive electronic installations that are often of marginal benefit, yet they frequently baulk at spending a comparatively minor sum on security hardware with a proven deterrent effect. Understandably, visitors to security shows are fascinated by the ins and outs of the latest CCTV cameras, movement sensors, remotely controlled multiplex monitors. Where’s the excitement in a steel door-sets, collapsible window grilles, high security padlocks or the latest cash safe? Yet it is these products that actually form the last line of defence – that hold the villain at bay long enough for the cavalry to arrive. ARMED ROBBERY IS REACHING EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS Armed robbery has almost reached epidemic proportions. Fast food restaurants, petrol forecourts, convenience stores, pubs and off licenses are right there in the front line. When these organisations ask for advice on what can be done to deter this type of crime, nine times out of 10 they will be told to instal CCTV cameras and monitors. Where’s the deterrent in that? A drug addict desperate to feed a habit probably doesn’t give tuppence that he is being recorded. Other raiders wear masks or demand the disc or tape along with the cash. In a recent, well-publicised spate of armed robberies, the bare-faced perpetrator actually waved and smiled at the camera. A digital combination lock incorporating time delay and time locking systems and fitted onto and existing cash safe costs little more than £300, yet used in conjunction with eye- catching warning signs, can reduce the likelihood of armed robbery by as much as 80 percent. Major users have audited the number of armed robberies before and after fitting anti

One of the few safe exhibitions

hold-up locking systems and have found this to be so. TRIED & TESTED DEFENSIVE BARRIERS Maybe I am not quite as Luddite as I sound as these safes do incorporate stateof-the-art electronic locking, but the main benefit lies in the protection provided by tried and tested, defensive barriers. Of course, security is not a matter of “either/or”: it should be a balance between the use of high quality security hardware backed up by the use of modern technology. My only complaint is that security professionals, who should know better, are too ready to reach for the chequebook, seeking electronic solutions to problems that could be solved more readily and certainly less expensively, by a security hardware product. As we all know, crime is cyclical, problems arise, are resolved and replaced by yet more problems. Maybe the difficulty lies in the fact that physical security solutions cost too little. Specifiers and the end users won’t believe they will work unless they make a big dent in budgets. The security hardware side of our industry subsists on notoriously low margins compared to our hi-tech cousins; that’s why you see so few of us as major security shows; we simply can’t afford to be there. Perhaps - if we put up our prices and doubled our margins - we might be taken more seriously? Mike Palmer FSyI Eurosafe UK.

MAY/JUN 2013


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EURO GRADE SAFES FROM SECURIKEY OFFER KEY RACKING OPTION Securikey, a leading supplier of Physical Security Products, has extended the options offered by their well-established Euro Grade safe range with the introduction of integrated key racking systems, which convert each safe into a high security control access solution. This innovative feature brings together Securikey’s Safe and Key Cabinet ranges, both of which have formed the backbone of the company’s high quality product program for over 40 years. The compact racking units can be installed in each Euro Grade safe on easy-slide telescopic runners and their design means that keys are easy to organise and access once the safe is unlocked. Depending on the model selected, Euro Grade safes fitted with the new racking system can hold between 50 and 2000 keys. For added flexibility, customers have the option of fitting as many or few racks as required so that a section of the safe can also be

‘High security control access solution’ used as storage for money and valuables, providing an ‘all in one’ solution that is convenient whilst also offering spacesaving benefits. As members of Euro Safe UK, Securikey is dedicated to supplying products that meet the very highest criteria and Euro Grade safes are designed to offer maximum protection for both domestic and commercial applications. Every single model is certified to meet EN11431 security standards after undergoing a rigorous series of technical and practical attack tests for partial or complete access. The range also meets strict insurance industry guidelines. All models are approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS), meaning they are listed in the Official Safe List used by many


Fire Test BS476 Part 20

Conforms to BS EN 14450: 2005 requirements

insurance companies nationwide, and they have full VdS Test House approval exceeding the criteria laid down by the insurance and security industry. As the name suggests, the different Euro Grade ranges offer varying grades of protection from 0-5. In addition, Securikey has given each grade a cash rating ranging from £6,000 (Euro Grade 0) to £100,000 (Euro Grade 5) based on each safe’s ability to resist attack. As well as offering the highest standards of security, these safes have been designed with ease of installation in mind due to their lightweight construction and rear fixing option included as standard for Grades 1-3. As with all Securikey products, a range of locking options are available. For more information, please contact Securikey on 01252 311888, email [email protected] or go to

Concept 3 Using the latest developments in design and materials, S.M.P. Security have produced a new range of high performance lightweight cash and jewellery safes. They are available in seven sizes to suit all customers needs, ranging from 23 litres to 354 litres in volume, with various locking options.

Concept 3 safes are superbly designed for storage of cash, personal papers, laptops and jewellery. They hold a minimum overnight cash cover of £4,000 or jewellery of £40,000 with the added feature of a Fire Test to BS 476 Part 20. The affordable concept - for peace of mind. Seven sizes available

Different locking options available Suggested overnight cash risk - £4,000

Suggested jewellery risk £40,000

New New New New New New New

Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Size Size Size Size Size Size Size

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume

23 Litres 35 Litres 53 Litres 77 Litres 97 Litres 253 Litres 354 Litres

Special Discounted Price Inc. VAT & Delivery

£520 £544 £580 £614 £689 £879 £985

Free Delivery - 4 + units


SMP Security Ltd. Halesfield 24, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4NZ


MAY/JUN 2013


01952 585673


01952 582816

website/email [email protected]

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PHOENIX SAFE COMPANY LAUNCH TWO NEW HIGH SECURITY EURO GRADE FIRE SAFES The new Galaxy HS1120 & Constellation II HS1130 Series. Phoenix Safe Company is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of safes and security products and can trace its history back to Liverpool in 1799. Phoenix Safe now manufacture and distribute a wide range of modern safes to suit all requirements, ranging from residential to commercial security and fire protection.

‘modern safes to suit all requirements, ranging from residential to commercial security and fire protection’ With the increasing demand for high security fire protection safes, Phoenix Safe have developed two new product ranges to add to their increasing portfolio.

The new Galaxy and Constellation II Series. These are both designed and tested to the latest and prestigious European test standards for both Fire and Security protection as well as being approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). The Galaxy and Constellation II are tested to European Grade 1 security standard (EN1143-1ECB.S certified) giving cash cover of £10,000 or £100,000 cover for valuables. They are also tested to the European EN15659 ECB.S Certified standard for fire protection. The Galaxy range offers 30 minutes fire protection for paper documentation and is ideally suited for the domestic market while the Constellation II has increased fire protection, providing 60 minutes cover which is more appealing commercially.

Phoenix Safe always look to provide flexibility for the end user, therefore the customer has a choice of locking mechanisms. Each safe is available with a high security double bitted VdS class 1 key lock or electronic lock. For added security, both ranges are prepared for floor fixing and feature double wall construction with a high grade concrete infill, anti drill plates and integrated re-locker protection. Backed by the Phoenix Safe 2 year manufactures warranty and free lifetime after fire replacement warranty, this makes the new Galaxy and Constellation II very attractive to the end user. To find out more about these and other products offered by Phoenix, visit www. or call 0151 944 6444 for marketing and product literature.

New Product Launch Galaxy & Constellation II Manufacturers of safes since 1799


The Phoenix Galaxy & Constealltion II series are designed and tested to the latest and prestigious European test standards for both Fire and Security Protection. As well as being approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). Security Protection - Tested to the prestigious European Grade 1 Security standard (EN1143-1 ECB.S Certified) giving cash cover of £10,000 or Valuables cover of £100,000. Fire Protection - Tested to the European LFS 30P & LFS 60P Fire protection standard (EN15659 ECB.S Certified) giving the Galaxy HS1120 Series 30 minutes fire protection & the Constellation II HS1130 Series 60 minutes fire protection for paper records and documents.

Locking - Fitted with a high security double bitted VdS class 1 keylock or high security VdS class 1 (SECU SELO-A) electronic lock with time delay function. Fixing - Ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete supplied. Construction - Double wall construction with high grade concrete infill. Door thickness 105mm, wall thickness 77mm. Anti drill plates and integrated relocker protection. Colour - Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint RAL9003 White.

Constellation II HS1130 Series

Galaxy HS1120 Series I 0151 944 6444 I [email protected]

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LEARNING THE ROPES: THE FIRE SAFE MARKET IS BOOMING IN THE EDUCATION SECTOR Despite the slash and burn culture of the current coalition government, opportunities in schools, colleges and universities are still on the up. In his first article exclusively for The Locksmith Journal, Simon Ruggles, Marketing & Sales Operations Manager at SentrySafe UK, explores how to unlock the potential in Fire Safes pitched for the education sector. As the sensationalist red top media continually turn their eye towards any number of child welfare cases (past and present), it is no wonder the education sector offers multiple ripe hanging fruits ready to be picked by the entrepreneurial locksmiths in the market. From advanced access control to CCTV, the scale of the opportunity is broad and lucrative, largely fuelled by legislation and paramount need for protection in today’s society. Aside from the obvious product adjacencies that add depth and breadth to the category offer, many are surprised to learn of the hot demand for Fire Safes. For many years I and a number of my colleagues walked the halls of the education sector. From teaching to pastoral or business support, the leap from education to security hardware (whilst unusual) has offered up valuable insight to dispel myths and inspire growth in this previously intimidating market sector.

‘30 years of history was incinerated’ In August 2008 I awoke to the news that colleagues at St Felix Middle School (Newmarket, Suffolk), had become victim to an all too familiar fate. Following a devastating act of teenage angst, 30 years of history was incinerated in a fire that was to ravage the site in less than 15 minutes. While a comprehensive insurance policy will cover contents and equipment, paper pupil records, exam scripts and data backups can all be destroyed without appropriate diligence and peril protection.


MAY/JUN 2013

With over 20 schools being damaged by fire weekly across the UK, it comes as no surprise that the opportunity for sales of Fire Safes and Fire Filing continue to grow. The size of the prize continues to expand considerably when you begin to consider the thousands of educational establishments ravaged by water damage each year. From poorly maintained flat roofs to leaking pipes and poor plumbing, mitigating the risk with waterproof or water resistant hardware is often more attractive to a facilities manager than capital expenditure on construction.

‘Tight capital budgets coupled with the financial independence of free schools and academies have led to a rise in sales of fire-files and safes’ Tight capital budgets coupled with the financial independence of free schools and academies have led to a rise in sales of fire-files and safes. In particular, exams officers turn to secure water resistant fire filing to protect exam scripts under the ruling of UK exam boards. Secure filing is a high margin, easy pitch opportunity for the trade. The modern school is a hot bed of technology featuring networks of high value laptops, tablets and educational peripherals. Earlier this year Suffolk Constabulary reported a spate of connected thefts from primary and secondary schools. IT Labs are a common target for thieves, both from organised crime and opportunist pupils.

Large capacity fire certified safes and tandem cupboards offer an invaluable solution to protect the tax payers’ investment. With a vast array of digital data held on site, the possibility of critical failure through fire, flood or theft presents a significant challenge. An expert provider, working closely with facilities and ICT managers, can highlight the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and demonstrate the need for data rated fire protection. The risk of student work loss also adds significant ammunition to the current growth in demand. The information commissioner’s office recommends that any data administrator should: • Take regular back-ups of the information on your computer system and keep them in a separate place so that if you lose your computers, you don’t lose the information. • Only allow your staff access to the information they need to do their job Fire Safes with ETL or EN1047 fire-rated data certifications offer ideal protection to conform to the recommendations of the ICO, especially when combined with ETL certified water resistance. As the building schools for the future programme grinds to a halt, the outdated educational campuses of the UK continue to compromise the security and safety of paper records, exam scripts, equipment and digital backups. The education sector can offer great long term rewards for those who choose to select a comprehensive range of fire rated and water protective safes and containers.

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RAISING STANDARDS Working with safe makers, importers and distributors to raise standards in the safe industry Promoting high quality, reliable testing Ensuring good practice and integrity Setting a benchmark for excellence in service & support

Buying, moving, opening, repairing or servicing - look for Eurosafe UK membership

[email protected]



Always look for EurosafeALTERNATIVE UK membership when choosing a safe supplier SIZES AVAILABLE LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION

Telephone: +44 (0)1252 311888 Web: Email: [email protected]

148 x 210mm Half Page advert.indd 2

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New figures SHOW UK crime at 30-year-low Crime in England and Wales is at its lowest level in 30 years with police figures pointing to a 8.5 per cent drop in reported incidents in the year to December. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) claims the rate has halved after a peak in 1995 and the latest readings are the most positive since the 1980s, thanks to falls in almost every category of crime. Official readings show violence is down six per cent, robbery down 13 per cent and burglary down nine per cent. The murder rate continued to decline over last year, with the number of crimes dropping four per cent to 552. The only blemish was an eight per cent rise in cases of “theft from person”. The number of reported incidents reached 107,471, which police say has been fuelled by a rise in smartphone theft.

In a Daily Mail report, Deputy chief constable Jeff Farrar, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, claimed his group couldn’t afford to get complacent despite hearing of such a positive set of readings. Car crime continues so motorists need to ensure good security for their vehicles, including tracking devices. Farrar explained that as their budgets decrease, police departments will be forced to adapt and innovate in order to continue to bring the crime rate down. “The statistics reflect the efforts of our workforce in doing all they can to protect communities from harm,” he added.

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CAR THIEVES ‘BOASTING’ PHOTOS LED THEM TO JAIL Two car thieves tripped themselves up by taking pictures of themselves posing in each of the 35 luxury vehicles they stole David Leadbeater and Sam Holmes, both in their early 20s, unknowingly led the police to discover their crimes after using their mobile phones to snap themselves whilst in

the stolen cars. Worth over half a million pounds, the cars included various Audi, Mercedes and BMW models. The two went to other lengths to avoid being caught, including changing the cars’ licence plates; but police officers still deemed them “incompetent” and explain that they “slipped up” in most

‘Officers still deemed them “incompetent”‘ 62

MAY/JUN 2013

every way. The cars were stolen when Holmes and Leadbeater burgled a total of 43 homes in Spring/Summer 2012. Eventually, Leadbeater was pulled over in one of his stolen vehicles - a Mini Cooper that had false number plates. Whilst searching the car, police found his mobile phone and subsequently pictures of him posing with the other cars. Most of the stolen vehicles

have been recovered, thanks to car tracking systems or other devices. Sentenced to six years’ jail time each, Leadbeater and Holmes both admitted their guilt when questioned in court. But the investigating officer, DC Adrian Grew, said neither man showed much remorse. “Not only were they incompetent, but they have no morals either,” he revealed.

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Free Key Codes With Genuine Lishi UAP TradeLocks have launched a new Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 set which will enable Auto-Locksmiths to obtain the key codes for various Citroen and Peugeot models for free. The Citroen/Peugeot 2-in-1 set has been put together following Citroen and Peugeot cancelling all non-dealer licenses, thus limiting the provision of key codes to dealers only. It is believed that other car manufacturers are set to follow suit.

This new development has caused problems for some Auto-Locksmiths who are now struggling to cover these jobs. Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/ Decoders enable the user to work out the key codes, eliminating the need for the manufacturer. UAP TradeLocks MD David Jennings said: “Manufacturers are starting to limit the access to key codes; this can be seen as a hindrance for AutoLocksmiths. We want to help

them see the benefits, with a Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 they can find the key codes themselves, saving them money and giving them independence from the manufacturers.” Currently Peugeot and Citroen are the only ones to cancel non-dealer licenses. The following tools make up the Citroen/Peugeot 2-in-1 Set; the HU83, VA2T, NE72 and the NE78. The Citroen/Peugeot 2-in-1 Set is available now from

TradeLocks and is the current product of the month. It is on special offer so when you buy the set you will receive four tools for the price of three. For more information visit

KENT & SUSSEX POLICE WARN OF LAND ROVER CRIME SPREE Thieves have been sweeping parts of Kent and East Sussex in a spate of Land Rover thefts, leading police forces in the area to issue warnings to owners of 4x4 vehicles. Five thefts were reported over three days in Sussex, highlighting the scale of the problem. TRACKER is urging all car owners to take steps to protect their vehicles. “Land Rovers and other 4x4s are popular vehicles, making them a prime target for thieves, who may break them down for

spare parts,” explains Stuart Chapman of TRACKER. “We already work closely with the UK’s police forces, which use our market leading SVR technology to identify and locate stolen vehicles. Through this relationship, we help police make arrests

Land Rover Defender 2013 tackling snow

and bring car thieves to justice, as well reuniting car owners with their vehicles. Some 95%* of stolen cars fitted with TRACKER are returned to owners and 86% of these are recovered within 24hrs. TRACKER’s technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even hidden in a garage or shipping container. *Based on analysis of cars fitted, stolen and recovered between January 2012 and September 2012.

New Releases from Genuine Lishi Genuine Lishi has added three new products to its extensive and growing range of premium Auto-Locksmith tools. The new additions include the TOY43, 8 cut 2-in1 Pick/Decoder for IC card 67, the TOY38R 2-in-1 Pick/ Decoder and the MIT8 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder. Over the past few years Genuine Lishi has come a long way to solidify itself as the Auto-Locksmiths “go to” brand. It has done this by working with


MAY/JUN 2013

the finest locksmiths around the world to develop new and relevant products, by keeping up with changes in vehicle designs and by listening to its customers’ needs and requests.

The latest releases from Genuine Lishi reflect this. The Genuine Lishi TOY43, 8 cut 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder for IC card 67 was developed due to popular demand from customers. It works on numerous Toyota models, certain Suzuki models and the Chevrolet Prizm 1998-2002. The second addition is the MIT8 2in-1 Pick/Decoder for Mitsubishi as well as several other makes. Relevant locks for this tool are beginning to get

old making this 2-in-1ideal as it is very reliable and accurate on worn locks. The TOY38R 2-in-1 Pick/ Decoder works on older locks, it covers a range of Toyota models, the Holden Nova 19891994 and the Volkswagen Taro up to 2000. To add the latest Genuine Lishi 2-in-1’s to your collection or for more information visit www.

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Telematics systems could facilitate future car theft - SBD The fast-paced recent development of vehicle telematics systems to provide an ever-greater number of convenience features is generally incompatible with the approach necessary to make a system secure. Due to the complex embedded software and a multitude of communication channels, it is likely that weaknesses exist in all systems which a criminal could exploit to facilitate theft of the car. SBD has produced a useful publication covering this issue: ‘The Threat of Over the Air Hacking for Cars’ (SBD Ref: SEC/522) It covers: How might cars be stolen remotely? What scenarios can be envisaged? Have such attacks been performed? What are the future risks?

Commission for Auto-Locksmith work We operate a call-centre, Control-room for Auto-Locksmiths and have over 70 Mobile units operating throughout the Country. We offer a £20.00 commission for every job that is sent to us that is completed.

Don’t say no to work you cannot do! Send us the details and we will pay £20.00 for every completed job. Paid monthly this can add up. It is better to get paid for jobs that you cannot do, or are out of your area. It just takes a call with a few details and we do the rest. Email your details so we can send you a reply with our procedures and get you registered. Payments by BACS early each month.

For more information call Les Tasker on 07980 765102 or 01234 241176 Email: [email protected] We are always looking for experienced Auto-Locksmiths


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Admiral reveals the cars targeted by thieves & vandals Admiral has revealed that owners of Smarts, BMWs or Maseratis are the most likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals - but Bentley drivers might also want to pay special attention to the safety of their vehicles too. Car insurance specialist Admiral looked at over 700,000 claims and found that Smarts were the make of car most likely to have something stolen from them, BMWs were the most likely to be stolen and Maseratis the most likely to be vandalised.* But Bentleys appear to be a risk across the board, appearing in the top five on the lists for having something stolen, being stolen, and being vandalised. Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, commented: “Our research shows a real mix of makes being targeted, however, there’s particularly bad news for owners of Bentleys which appear in second position in all three lists; it certainly suggests they are attractive to both thieves and vandals. “When specifically looking at the vandalism list, all the makes in the top five are expensive prestige vehicles, so the acts of vandalism could be down to envy against those cars and owners.” When turning to specific models, it’s the quirky Nissan Figaro that’s most likely to have something stolen from it, the BMW X6 that’s most likely to be stolen and the Kia Soul that’s most likely to be vandalised. Sue continued: “Due to its retro look the Nissan Figaro is sure to attract attention, but it also doesn’t have the same security features as more modern cars, so that could make it more attractive to smash and grab thieves. It’s important to remember to never leave anything on show in your car that could tempt a thief to break in. “The BMW X6 is a prestige 4x4 which makes it a desirable car, but the Kia Soul’s popularity with vandals is baffling as unlike the makes in our other list, you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to attract the attention of jealous vandals.” *Only makes and models with at least 500 vehicles on cover were included to prevent skewing of statistics.

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The machines which have given Lockdecoders Ltd such a reputation as innovators. • The MiraClone, the most technically advanced transponder cloning and eeprom device, now exported to 36 countries. Continuous updates, new modules, great technical back-up. • The original Miracle A5 12V automatic keycutting machine – the machine of choice for 100’s of mobile autolocksmiths. • The revolutionary all-in-one Miracle A9 which can be enabled with drop-in jaws to cut edge and laser vehicle keys, dimple keys, tubular keys, domestic cylinder keys. • The Magic 2 and Magic F30 flatbed engraving machines – incomparable value for money. Magic 2 will engrave 6 keys of a single pattern at one time either with your business name or for master-keying. The F30 will do that as well as padlocks, pens, cut-out signs, all sorts of add-on income for your shop.

All great machines but no machine is better than the after-sales service and ours is something special. Talk to Lockdecoders Ltd about extra profit Tel: 01322 407790 Email: [email protected] or see our website:

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SINGLE LIFTER 2 TRACK LASER 2in1 The single lifter tool is probably the best known tool type in the range as these were the first and the original 2in1 tools developed and produced . The single lifting arm of the tool allows for easy navigation and simplicity in use.

The single lifter tools pick the lock and decode the lock by picking and reading the wafer on the inside top and inside bottom edges’ The tool’s simplicity is what makes it so effective as very easy to use and to follow, the tool comprises of:1) Blade end 2) Shoulder 3) Tensioning arm 4) Grid displaying depth and space ( wafer position and key height) 5) Single lifting arm You will notice that if pulling down on the lifting arm, you pick the wafers at the top of the lock and if lifting up on the lifting arm you pick the wafers on the bottom of the lock. The single lifter tools pick the lock and decode the lock by picking and reading the wafer on the inside top and inside bottom edges of the wafer as per the diagram above. So as you can see, it is a very simple process indee .


MAY/JUN 2013

Important info when using single lifter 2in1 tools It is important that you fully insert the tool into the lock prior to applying any tension at all on the tension arm. It is just as important to remember that no turning tension is applied whilst removing the tool . Using the Lishi 2in1 tool is a simple process:a) Insert tool fully into the lock b) Check a wafer can be felt in each numbered position c) Apply a medium tension to the tension arm in the opening direction d) Feel each position by tickling it very gently (by tickling I mean lifting it 1/2mm gently to feel if a wafer has movement) e) If the wafer even has even a small movement then leave it alone f ) I cannot stress this enough: if it moves then LEAVE IT ALONE. g) We are feeling for a stiff/solid binding wafer h) Once we find a binding wafer , we lift it 1mm i) Check it again and if still solid pick it 1mm again, until it has movement then leave it alone j) Keep working through the lock until all binding wafers are moving and the lock will open Once open we hold the lock in the open position, we can then take an accurate decode

of the lock, by reading the key height grid. NB: some locks will decode in the same direction as picked, and some will decode in the opposite direction in which we picked. This process is far easier to explain with pictures, so there follows a number of ‘how to’ picture guides to explain this fully . We begin with the HU66 single lifter. Picking the gen 2 lock As we know the only difference between the gen 1 and gen 2 lock is the wafer configuration being 2 up and 2 down; this changes the preferred picking sequence we must follow. Clockwise direction In a clockwise direction of picking we must first pick and set positions. 1 , 5 , 8 and 4 in whatever order these bind solid first, once picked the plug will turn approximately 2mm and each position will slap tightly; we are then ready to pick positions 2 , 6 , 7 and 3 in whatever order they bind solid until the lock opens. Anti-clockwise direction If picking in an anti -lockwise direction we must reverse this and we would begin by picking positions 2,6,7 &3 first until these are set, then picking positions 158 &4 until the lock opens.

Again as a single lifter tool, while holding the lock in the open position we again read each position in turn in the opposite direction to which we picked the lock. Write down each reading and insert into your cut to code machine to cut an accurate key. Picture ‘how to’ guide for gen 2 lock using the single lifter 2in1 For the single lifter guide I have chosen to pick and decode a gen 2 lock for the picture ‘how to’ guide . We begin by inserting the tool fully into the lock and checking the wafer positions to ensure a gen 2 lock configuration of 2 up 2 down ‘.

‘Gen 2 lock’

begin by fully inserting the tool and check

We now apply a firm medium tension and pick positions 1 , 5 , 8 and 4 in their binding order

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Position 8 reads as a No 1 cut

Position 8 is first to bind & pick

Position 3 reads as a No 2 cut

As position 3 picks, the lock opens instantly.

position 4 is next to bind & pick

Once position 4 was picked the plug turned 2mm which confirmed that positions 158&4 are all picked and set; this was confirmed by checking each position had a tight slap so set. As we did not need to pick positions 1 and 5 this confirms instantly that positions 1 & 5 are No 4 cuts. We maintain our firm medium tension and now concentrate on picking positions 267&3 in their binding order.

So as again we did not need to pick positions 2 and 6, this confirms that these 2 positions are also number 4 cuts, as the tool already pre-sets the No4 cuts. So holding the lock in this open position we begin the decode process, knowing already that positions 1,2, 5 and 6 are all No 4 cuts. We read each position in the opposite direction to that in which we picked.

Position 4 reads as a No 2 cut

Position 5 reads as a No 4 cut

So having written down each reading, this decode gives us a key from bow to tip which is positions 1 at bow to 8 at tip of: 44224431 We have three choices for

‘Read each position in the opposite direction to that in which we picked’ cutting the key: we can either select insert the cuts on our cut to code machine and insert the above cuts and cut the key; or we can use software such as instacode and select the car make model and year, select HU66 key and click on find bitting, then enter our cuts above as per diagram below.

Click next and instacode will give you the manufacturer’s key code

Position 1 reads as a No 4 cut Position 7 is first to bind and pick.

Position 6 reads as a No 4 cut

You will see it offers us the manufacturer’s codes of 3241 or 03241, and we can now select insert the code, choose the correct manufacturer and key type, enter this code and cut the correct key.

Position 3 is next to bind and pick

Position 2 reads as a No 4 cut

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Position 7 reads as a No 3 cut

Our final choice is to cut the key manually by using depth and space keys.

MAY/JUN 2013


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Picking And Decoding the VA2 Lock using the Lishi 2in1 pick/decoder

The VA2 lock has been widely used by both Peugeot and Citroen, and is considered to be one of the most basic and simplest locks to pick using the Lishi 2in1 pick.

The lock is a six wafer lock with six cut heights. Some code software lists the cuts as 1 to 6 and other software list it as letters A to F - the tool gives you the numbered height grid to the left and the alphabetical grid to the right to make life simple for the user and their relevant code cutting equipment. There is no confirmed and proven picking sequence for the VA2 lock - the lock shows no preference to picking direction and picks simply in either direction; this lock prefers a light to medium tension. There are no curved balls with this lock, it is in fact a very straightforward pick and decode that throws up no surprises, always gives a defined and positive feel making this one of the simplest locks to pick and it is an ideal lock on which to learn lishi picking. Picking The VA2 Lock Picking the VA2 lock is a straightforward process. The lock gives great positive feedback and feel which makes it the perfect lock to pick following a traditional picking procedure of simply find the binding wafer and pick it. Follow a simple process of tickling each wafer in turn and if it moves leave it alone; if it binds then pick it, once each


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binding wafer is picked, the lock will open. On average the VA2 lock is open well under a minute a lock. A picture guide of this is below.

Fully insert the pick and tickle each position

The first position to pick is position 5

Position 5 binds again so picks again

Position 4 is the next to bind and pick

‘Holding the lock in the picked position, push the lifter along the line in the opposite direction to the one you picked the lock in’ a medium tension and is a simple opening, the decode is as straight orward , just follow the decode procedure below. Decoding the VA2 lock with the Lishi 2in1 tool Hold the lock in picked position, and as a single lifter design, we decode in the opposite direction to that in which we picked; it is a very quick and accurate decode, taking a minute or less on average, again, simply follow the process below.

‘Very positive and very quick pick and decode‘

Position 1 is a D (4) cut

Position 1 picks next and lock opens

The binding wafers are totally solid and give a very positive feel. The pick prefers

Position 2 is an A (1) cut

Position 4 is a C (3) cut

Position 5 is a B (2) cut

Position 6 is an A (1) cut

Holding the lock in the picked position, push the lifter along the line in the opposite direction to the one you picked the lock in, and read from the grid on the right or left, depending whether your code software/machine uses numerical or alphabetical codes.

Position 3 is the next to bind and pick

Position 3 is a C (3) cut

So the key on this particular lock is from bow to tip DACCBA alphabetically, or 413321 if numerical cuts. The VA2 lock is a very positive and very quick pick and decode. Generally the whole process takes just two or three minutes from start to finish. Picking the SIP22 fiat Lock using the Lishi 2in1 Pick/decoder The SIP22 fiat lock is one of the simplest to pick and decode. It follows a basic picking principle and is a good positive feel that throws up no surprises at all. It is an eight wafer lock and in most cases all eight wafers are found in the door lock, although on a few early Punto models with this lock, only seven wafers are used in the door lock and position 1 will be empty. The wafers use four cut heights which are clearly listed on the right of the tools

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grid. The lock has anti-picks that are actually a help to picking and defeating the lock, as the wafer remains solid until picked when a defined bounce (slap) is felt. The pick is a single lifter design that decodes in the opposite direction to picking. The lock has no proven picking sequence, so it is a matter of locating the binding wafer and picking it and the lock needs picking with a light tension only. The lock has no preference in picking direction – it picks simply in both directions.

wear to your tool. A picture guide to picking this lock is below.

Position 5 binds and picks again

Position 3 is the first wafer to bind and pick

The 3 position is a No 1 cut Position 1 binds and picks next Position 5 is the next to bind and pick

Picking The SIP22 Lock using the Lishi 2in1 1 ) Fully insert the tool into the lock , and apply a light tension 2 ) slide the lifter under each position in turn 3 ) lift each wafer in turn half a mm, if it moves at all leave it alone and move on

The 4 position is a No 2 cut Position 6 binds and picks and lock opens Position 7 is the next to bind and pick

‘Very straightforward’ 4 ) when a solid wafer is found, lift it, it will give a positive click. If it now moves leave it alone and move on, but if it is still solid then lift it again, and continue with until this movement is felt 5 ) once each solid wafer is picked until moving , the lock will open It is a simple process of find

‘find the binding wafer and pick it until it has a tight bounce’ the binding wafer and pick it until it has a tight bounce (slapping) - it is as simple as that. The only thing that complicates the picking of this lock is excessive tension, as this binds the wafer so tight it is difficult to lift and will result in unnecessary damage and

The 2 position is a No 2 cut

Position 2 is the next to bind and pick

Position 5 binds and picks again

Position 2 binds and picks again

Position 3 binds and picks again

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It is a very straightforward and simple picking process that takes just a minute or two to complete, because this lock requires the lock to be held in the picked position to decode it; once picked open, hold the lock in the picked position. Decoding the SIP22 Fiat lock with the Lishi 2in1 As this tool is a single lifter design of tool, we decode in the opposite direction to that in which we picked. It is a simple process of following the numbered line by lifting the lifter along the line until it stops: it will stop on a cut height numbered line from the grid on right -read the number to decode the cut height. A picture guide of this process is below

Position 5 is a No 2 cut

Position 6 is a No 3 cut

Position 7 is a No 1 cut

Position 8 is a No 2 cut

The 1 position is a number 1 cut

So in this example the key cuts from bow to tip is 12122312. The entire pick and decode function for this lock is generally less than five minutes to complete with minimal practice time.

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Single Sided Single lifter Lishi 2in1 Picking and decoding the Renault NE72 using the new NE72 Lishi 2in1 Pick/Decoder The Renault NE72 Lock is used on the majority of the Renault range prior to key cards such as Megane, Clio, Renault Traffic vans and the Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primstar relatives -it was also used by Peugeot, amongst others. This lock has always been a headache for auto locksmiths to strip the lock down, as it is a time-consuming and awkward job for many to do. This is a welcome addition to the Lishi 2in1 family of tools and has drastically simplified picking and decoding this lock. In fact I tested the sample on my own 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro van and found that it was a shockingly easy tool to use and extremely accurate on the decod. The first time I used this on my own van it took one minute. This I have found to be the easiest of the range to use with a 100 percent decode on all 22 vehicles tested on. There are two x NE72 lishi 2in1 picks available , one x clockwise and one x anti-clockwise version, clockwise for models such as Vivaro with lock on driver’s door and anticlockwise for models on cars such as the Megane.

‘This I have found to be the easiest of the range to use with 100 percent decode on all 22 vehicles tested on’ Introduction The NE72 lock is a 6 pin, pin tumbler lock , the later versions use wafers, the tool picks both equally as well, and both only pick one way, upwards as a standard rim cylinder does. Some models are fitted with a clutch: these differ from year to year, later models being far lighter than earlier models, so sticking to a light tension is absolutely essential as with any clutched auto lock. The Picking Process There are no set picking sequences with this lock, it is just a matter of finding the binding pin and picking it, and the order of this process will change from lock to lock as in any pin tumbler.


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Insert the pick into the lock, check each position without tension to ensure a pin in each position.

Next you need to apply a light tension in the opening direction; generally this is clockwise on the driver’s door and anti -lockwise if on the passenger door. Once you have applied a light tension, move the pick to position 1 and gently lift the pin 1mm; if it moves leave it alone and move to the next position, and so on until a binding resisting pin is found, once a binding pin is found;

In this instance the first pin to bind is the No 6 position; position yourself under the resisting pin and pick it 1mm, if still resisting pick it again, once it is moving and a tight slapping feeling is felt, leave it alone, and feel each position again until the next binding pin is felt. The process for picking is as simple as that, find each binding pin in turn and pick it, if it moves leave it alone.

The Decoding Process The decoding of this lock is both very quick and very accurate, and you decode in the same direction as you picked the lock. Position 1 is the bow of the bow end and position 6 is the tip of the key. The grid is numbered for the heights as cut 1 to 5 , but the cuts on instacode and cut to code machines are in letters M,N,P etc , so the tools grid relates to the following cuts:1 on the grid = CUT S 2 on the grid = CUT R 3 on the grid = CUT P 4 on the grid = CUT N 5 on the grid = CUT M This chart is important in the decode process so do make a note of it and keep it safe for future reference.

Once the lock is picked, hold it via the tension handle in the open position and prepare to decode the lock, starting with position 1 at the bow end of the key.

It stops on the line for No 3 (P) cut

Once the final binding pin is picked the lock will open and in order to then decode the lock, the lock needs to be held by the tensioner in the open position.

It stops on the line for a No 4 (N) cut

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Position 3 is a No 2 (R) cut

Position 4 is a No 3 (P) cut

Position 5 is a No 2 (R) Cut

Position 6 is a No 3 (P) cut

‘With practice this is easily achieved in less than two minutes’ From bow, cuts are P , N , R , P , R and P at the tip , so you are ready to cut and program the key. With practice this is easily achieved in less than two minutes - which is a huge saving on time from the alternative method of stripping the lock down and decoding it.

Hints & Tips provided by Martin Pink, Rapid Locksmiths

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