The Ki Nobody Blueprint

July 31, 2017 | Author: Prabhim Nair | Category: Physical Fitness, Recreation, Self Care, Physical Exercise, Management Of Obesity
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The Ki Nobody Blueprint...



© 2008

2 This is your full year of workouts, layed out in easy to understand and easy to use format. You can’t go wrong if you follow these workouts and the nutritional guidelines found in this manual.

These workouts are designed to take you from day 1 all the way to the very last day of the year. You will progress through basic movements to more advanced movements slowly and correctly.

In addition, variables such as rest, sets and reps will be manipulated as you become more advanced. We don’t want to make the workouts too difficult early on which leads to discouragement and frustration.

The key is to progress at your own pace though, so understand this, that if you feel the workouts are too easy, you can perform any of the following to increase intensity: •

Add weight to the movement

Less rest between sets

Add reps to the movement

Perform more work in the same time frame (more weight, sets & reps)

If things are too difficult for you, then simply use the above variables and lessen them.

The guys who look the best are not the guys who have secrets of nutrition and fitness. They do the basic compound movements, move and eat like animals and follow a sensible and healthy eating routine 95 % of the time. Every 2 – 3 months or so you can take 4 – 7 days off from training entirely and give yourself a mental and physical vacation. © 2008


For your warm ups, crank out some bodyweight calisthenics in circuit fashion along with some jumping rope. Perform only 50 % of your normal reps for each movement just to get into the groove. If you need to perform a 2nd circuit for your warm up just to wake up the mind and body, then slightly increase the reps on each movement.

Do some jumping rope for a minute or two, throw a medicine ball against a wall, and move freely for your warm up. Allow your body to tell you when it’s ready to work hard, or, when it is not ready or wanting to work hard. Listen closely to the messages your body sends to you.

Never skip the warm up because this is your time to prepare yourself for the hard work ahead. Skip the warm up and you increase chances of injury which can slow or halt progress altogether. Be smart at all times which means train smart first, train hard second!

Abbreviations DB = dumbbell Max Reps = as many reps as possible JG = jungle gym BW = bodyweight Double = two dumbbells at same time OH = overhead RDL = Romanian Deadlift

© 2008


Month 1 / Weeks 1 – 4: Break In Program / Introductory Phase Perform two workouts per week for all four weeks. If the allotted reps are too easy then add weight or extra reps. The body can easily adapt to the program but because this is your first month, we are not looking for extreme challenges. Workout # 1 1A) BW squats 3 x 15 1B) seated knee tucks 3 x 15 2A) recline rows on JG 3 x max reps 2B) Mixed Grip Push Ups 3 x 15 (switch hand spacing every set)

Workout # 2 1A) double military press 3 x 6 reps 1B) double bent over row 3 x 6 reps

2A) dumbbell walking lunges 3 x 6 each leg 2B) v ups 3 x 15

Month 2 / Weeks 5 – 8 Perform 3 workouts per week, non consecutive days. The last week of the month, use lighter weights and perform 1 less set than prescribed to allow the body some recovery time.

© 2008

5 Workout # 1 1A) BW squats 3 x 20 reps 1B) Recline row on JG 3 x max reps

2A) Feet elevated push ups 3 x 20 reps 2B) V ups 3 x 20 reps

3) 1 arm dumbbell snatch 2 x 10 ea. arm (both sets performed non stop)

Workout # 2 1A) Reverse dumbbell lunges 3 x 8 ea. 1B) Standing dumbbell alternating military press 3 x 8

2A) Staggered hands push ups 3 x 20 (switch hands mid way through set) 2B) 1 arm dumbbell rows 3 x 15 ea.

3) abdominal circuit: 15 reps per movement •

V ups

Seated knee tucks

Planks (15 seconds)

Workout # 3 1A) double clean & push press 3 x 7 1B) dumbbell shoulder squats 3 x 7

2A) recline rows on JG 2 x max reps 2B) push ups on JG 2 x max reps 2C) plank 2 x 30 sec.

© 2008


Month 3 / Weeks 9 – 12 Perform 3 workouts per week, non consecutive days. The last week of the month is your week off! If you decide to exercise that last week, do not perform weight training or calisthenics. Activities such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, playing a sport, etc are good changes of pace and will serve as “active recovery”. Workout # 1 1A) shoulder squat & press combo 3 x 8 reps 1B) double bent over rows 3 x 8 reps

2A) knee tucks + push up combo w/ power wheel 3 x 10 2B) recline row on JG 3 x max reps

Workout # 2 1A) close grip push ups 3 x max 1B) mixed grip pull ups on bar or JG 3 x max

2A) Romanian dead lift (RDL) 3 x 15 reps 2B) shoulder squat 3 x 15 reps

3) ab circuit, 20 reps each: v ups, leg scissors, knee tucks Workout # 3: 1A) burpee + push up + double clean and press 4 x 6 reps 1B) recline rows on JG 4 x 20 reps

© 2008


2A) walking DB lunges 2 x 10 reps each 2B) knee tucks on power wheel 2 x 15 reps

3) hand walking on power wheel 2 x max distance

Month 4 / Week 13 – 16 Four workouts per week: the most effective way to do this is 2 days on 1 off, 2 days on 2 off (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, weekends Off). You will perform upper body one day, lower body the next day, followed by a day of rest. Workout # 1 / Upper Body 1A) DB floor press 3 x 25, 20, 15 reps 1B) double bent over row 3 x 10 reps

2A) mixed grip pull ups on JG or bar 2 x max reps 2B) feet elevated push ups on chair 2 x max reps

3) see saw DB press 3 x 8 reps each Workout # 2 / Lower Body & Abs 1A) DB Reverse Lunge 2 x 10 ea. 1B) BW Squats 2 x 25 reps 1C) Side plank 2 x 30 sec.ea.

2A) split squat jumps 2 x 10 2B) squat jumps 2 x 10

© 2008

8 2C) power wheel roll outs 2 x 10 reps Workout # 3 / Upper Body 1A) Mixed Grip Push Ups 3 x 33 reps 1B) Mixed Grip Recline Rows 3 x max reps

2) 1 arm DB snatch 3 x 10 ea. (no rest between sets!) Workout # 4 / Lower Body & Abs 1A) Bulgarian split squat 2 x 10 reps each 1B) DB RDL (Romanian dead lift) 2 x 10 reps 1C) V ups 2 x 15

2A) BW squats 1 x 1 minute 2B) BW Walking Lunges 1 x 1 minute 2C) 2 Hand DB Swings 1 x 1 minute

Month 5 / Weeks 17 – 20 After having a full month of 4 day a week workouts, you are going to take week 17 off! You can perform active rest if you want or give your body a full week away from physical activity.

This month you will be back to the full body workouts 3 days a week. Workout # 1 1) One set of Push Up ladders 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 reps (after each push up, jump to the standing position, then drop back down and perform the

© 2008

9 next set of push ups!) This will total 50 reps and 9 jumps. You’ll be feeling this in your entire body. Reps must be perfect, no sloppy technique.

2A) BW Walking Lunge 3 x 50’ 2B) V Ups with light DB in hand 3 x 10 reps

3A) Recline Rows with JG 3 x 15 reps 3B) pike ups with power wheel 3 x 10 Workout # 2 1A) DB clean and press 5 x 3 reps 1B) BW Forward Walking Lunge 5 x 20 ea. leg 1C) 1 arm OH (overhead squat) 5 x 3 each Workout # 3 1A) Burpee + push Up + 1 arm DB push press 3 x 10 ea. 1B) 1 arm DB bent over rows 3 x 10 reps

2A) 1 arm OH squat 3 x 5 reps 2B) double DB swings 3 x 20, 15, 10 reps

Month 6 / Weeks 21 – 24 This month will only be two workouts per week. But, there is absolutely no way you can miss either of these two workouts! They will be focusing on heavier weights and very basic movements. Take two days off after the first workout, and then after your second workout, take the remainder of the week off from strength training. © 2008


Day 1 1A) handstand push ups 4 x max reps 1B) 1 arm DB rows 4 x 6 reps each

2A) RDL 3 x 7 reps (use heavy DB’s for this exercise, as heavy as possible) 2B) weighted pull ups 3 x 5 reps Day 2 1A) weighted V ups 2 x 20 1B) side plank 2 x 30 seconds ea. side

2A) double military press 5 x 5 reps 2B) DB reverse lunges 5 x 5 ea.

3) mixed grip weighted pull ups 3 x 3 reps

Month 7 / Weeks 25 – 28 This month you will return to 3 full body workouts, all performed as a circuit. Don’t be surprised if you finish in 10 minutes or less. You’re going to have to stay tough here and step outside of your comfort zone. These workouts are tough, but so are you! Workout # 1 Maximum rounds in 12 minutes (write down how many rounds you can get in 12 minutes, try to beat your score each week) © 2008


Bodyweight Only 1A) squat jumps x 10 1B) chest slap plyo push ups x 5 1C) walking lunges x 10 ea. 1D) pull ups on JG x 5 1E) V ups x 10

Workout # 2 DB’s only Maximum rounds in 12 minutes (write down how many rounds you can get in 12 minutes, try to beat your score each week)

1A) Thrusters x 7 1B) Bent over rows x 7 1C) Swings x 7 1D) Double Snatches x 7

Workout # 3 Maximum rounds in 10 minutes (write down how many rounds you can get in 10 minutes, try to beat your score each week)

1A) Renegade Row x 10 reps 1B) DB Reverse lunges x 5 ea. 1C) Bent Over Rows x 10 reps 1D) DB Forward Lunges x 5 ea. 1E) DB Push Press x 5

© 2008


Month 8 / Weeks 29 – 32 We want to keep the body off guard so once again we’re going to switch the way you organize each workout. On the flip side, changing too much never allows you to give each program a chance to work. There will be some months where the same style of training is used, but various movements and methods will be incorporated to keep the FUN alive.

Workout # 1 1A) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps 1B) 1 arm chest press (on floor or bench) 3 x 10 each 1C) pike ups + push ups w/ power wheel 3 x 10 reps

2A) jump squats 2 x 12 reps 2B) 2 hand DB swing x 12 reps Workout # 2 1A) Push ups on JG 2 x 20 1B) Pike on JG 2 x 10 1C) Recline rows on JG 2 x 20

2A) lunge jumps 2 x 10 2B) squat jumps 2 x 10 2C) 2 hand DB swings 2 x 10 Workout # 3 1A) handstand push ups 4 x 6 reps

© 2008

13 1B) rope pull ups 4 x 6 reps

2A) DB walking lunge 3 x 50’ 2B) see saw high pulls 3 x 10 each

3) DB get up sit up 2 x 5

Month 9 / Weeks 33 – 36 Stick to three full body workouts each week on non-consecutive days

Workout # 1 1A) Power wheel push ups 2 x 10 reps 1B) knee tucks on power wheel 2 x 10 reps 1C) leg curls with power wheel 2 x 10 reps

2A) hand walking w/power wheel 1 x max distance 2B) 2 hand DB swings 1 x 2 minutes non stop Workout # 2 Maximum number of rounds in 15 minutes. Track your score and try to beat your score every week.

BW only 1A) hindu squats x 15 reps 1B) wall walk outs x 3 reps 1C) walking lunges x 15 ea. leg 1D) pike on JG x 10 reps © 2008

14 1E) recline row on JG x 15 reps 1F) lateral hand walking against wall x 5 steps left / right

Workout # 3 1A) DB Reverse Lunges 3 x 10 ea. 1B) Handstand push up 3 x max reps

2A) recline rope climb 3 x max 2B) 1 arm DB snatch 3 x 8 ea.

3A) ab wheel roll out 2 x 10 reps 3B) plank 2 x 1 minute

Month 10 / Weeks 37 – 40 Still sticking to full body workouts, except this month you will train every other day. This will equate to 3 workouts one week, 4 workouts the next week. Stay focused, stay determined, never lose sight of your goals! Workout # 1 1A) DB see saw bench press 2 x 20 reps 1B) DB bent over rows 2 x 20 reps 1C) L sit hold 2 x max time

2A) Burpee + push up + DB clean & press 2 x 6 reps 2B) 1 arm overhead walk 2 x 50’ each hand

© 2008

15 Workout # 2 BW only, complete as many reps as possible each set until reaching the prescribed total. Once you finish the prescribed reps per movement you can move on to the next movement. The entire workout must be completed in less than 15 minutes! 1) Hindu squats x 100 2) JG push ups x 100 3) recline pull ups with JG x 100 Workout # 3 1A) 1 arm DB snatch 2 x 10 ea. 1B) Bulgarian split squat (back foot on chair) 2 x 10 ea.

2A) clapping push ups 2 x 10 reps 2B) side to side pull ups 2 x 10 reps

3A) power wheel roll outs 1 x 10 3B) v ups 1 x 10 3C) side plank x 30 seconds each

Month 11 / Weeks 41 – 44 Take week 41 off for recovery. You can engage in active rest or anything that gives your mind AND body some down time. Heck, go away on a vacation with your family or your friends!

© 2008

16 After your week off you’ll come back with a light week for week # 42. On weeks 43 and 44 I want you to use heavy weights in the 6 – 8 rep range and push hard to gain muscle. Each set you should leave 1 rep in the tank.

So remember, even though the reps prescribe ranges of 6 – 8, your first training week after the week off is a LIGHT WEEK! This light week should have reps in the range of 8 – 15 utilizing 2 – 3 sets per movement. Workout # 1 / Upper Body & abs 1A) 1 arm DB push press 3 x 6 – 8 reps 1B) Bent over DB rows 3 x 6 – 8 reps

2A) Weighted Back Pack Push Ups 3 x 12 - 15 reps 2B) Mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps

3A) weighted v ups x 12 reps 3B) get up sit up x 5 reps Workout # 2 / Lower Body 1) overhead DB squat 3 x 6 reps

2A) DB walking lunges 3 x 15 ea. leg 2B) double DB swings 3 x 10 reps

3) farmer walk 2 x 150’

© 2008

17 Workout # 3 / Full Body 1A) DB deadlift 3 x 6 1B) renegade row 3 x 6 reps

2A) 1 arm DB chest press 3 x 5 reps 2B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps 2C) weighted v ups 3 x 10 reps

Month 12 / Weeks 45 – 48 This is the last month of your REAL Man Fitness program! By now, you should be lean and mean, while looking and feeling better than ever! The key factor in your results have been your dedication and commitment in nutrition and training. Both go hand in hand and your most powerful results come when both are utilized consistently.

You are going to utilize the basic full body template. Each workout will have a different focus as you’ll see by the pace, the set and rep protocols and the weights needed to achieve your prescribed number of reps.

Workout # 1: 3 rounds total 1A) mixed grip pull ups x 6 reps 1B) DB reverse lunges x 6 ea. 1C) DB push press x 6 reps 1D) DB bent over rows x 6 reps 1E) Double DB snatches x 6 reps

© 2008

18 Workout # 2 1A) lateral jump overs 2 x 15 1B) hand walk with power wheel 2 x max distance 1C) leg curl with power wheel 2 x 12

2A) plyo push ups with power wheel 2 x 12 2B) recline rows with JG 2 x max reps Workout # 3 1A) sprints 3 x 40 yds each 1B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps 1C) cross carry farmer walk 3 x 100’ (switch hands @ 50’ mark)

2A) burpee + push up + DB clean and press 3 x 6 reps 2B) 2 hand DB swings 3 x 8 reps 2C ) plank 3 x 45 seconds

There you have it, a full year of REAL Man workouts to get you in serious, ass kickin’ shape! The blue print is layed out in stone for you and all you need to do is dedicate and believe in what you are doing!

You have plenty of time scheduled for rest during each week as well as a few weeks throughout the year of complete absence from the strength workouts! Take that time off and go away somewhere! Vacations are what we live for so live your life with adventure.

Your results will be due to your effort of following the plan above on a consistent basis along with consistent nutrition principles discussed here as well. I know

© 2008

19 you can do this, it’s a matter of YOU taking action and deciding on what YOU want out of all this.

The workouts in the Blue Print can always be tweaked and changed according to your needs and energy levels. Incorporate the Top 6 Animal Based Movements into your fitness regime as often as possible, and feel free to add more of these movements.

Walking on your hands on a regular basis through bear crawls up and down stairs, on parallel bars, using the Power Wheel and on the ground or picnic table are excellent for the upper body! Allow freedom to guide you in your fitness regime, and if you feel lost or the need for extra guidance, come back to the Blue Print and follow the workouts again.

Remember, the majority of people never get the results they want because they quit before their training and nutrition take an effect on their mind and body! Often times the results are just beneath the surface so stick to your goals and watch as your inner and outer self take on a transformation like never before!

Your job is to kick major ass and get what you want! Now go get it!

Dedicated to your success, Zach Even – Esh

© 2008

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