The Four Fulfillments of 70 Years

November 29, 2017 | Author: Theodore James Turner | Category: Babylonian Captivity, Isaiah, Eschatology, Christian Eschatology, Religious Texts
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four fulfillments of the 70 year prophecy...


Brother, I have been reading over some of your comments in regard to the 2520 prophecy. You ask many questions. Hopefully they are sincere and not rhetorical.

First, you ask about the 220 years from Manasseh's captivity to the beginning of the 2300 day prophecy. In 677 BC Manasseh is taken captive. This begins a 70 year probationary period and commences the judgements in Leviticus 26. His captivity marks the breaking of the pride of power spoken of in Leviticus 26:19. 70 years later Daniel is taken captive and the 70 year babylonian captivity begins in 607 BC, that is the seventy years for Babylon. This is a period of 140 years. from Manasseh's captivity to the end of the Babylonian captivity in 537 BC. From the time that Jerusalem is destroyed until the "going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem" is also 140 years. From the destruction of the Temple in 586 BC to the building of the temple under the decrees of Cyrus and Darius is 70 years (the temple being built in 516 BC. From the time of the destruction of the temple to the end of the Babylonian captivity is 49 years (586 to 537 BC, a jubilee).

The 2300 and the 70 weeks both start in 457 BC. Each are a jubilee cycle. The 490 is 49 x 10 = 7 x 7 x 10. the 2300 days is 49 x 46 + 46 = 46 x 7 x 7 + 46. That is from 457 BC to 1798 is 7 x 7 x 46. The 80 years that span the the end of the babylonian captivity to the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem (537 to 457 BC) is 80 years. That is, 10 x 7 + 10.

The seventy weeks marks the end of ancient Israel just as the 2300 days marks the beginning of spiritual Israel. the seventy weeks end in 34 AD. 36 years later in 70 AD (10 x 7 = 70) The prophecy in Daniel 8:2325 is fulfilled. 36 years is 6 x 6, the number of man. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 etc. + 36 = 666. the year day principle is based upon 6 x 6 x 10 = 360.

The prophecy of Isaiah 7 - 12 clearly marks the start of the captivities for both Israel and Judah. This prophecy was given in 742 BC. It says, that within 65 years that ephraim will be broken that it be not a people. Isaiah, in this prophecy given to king Ahaz, says that what will happen to Israel by the hand of the king of Assyria will also happen to Judah by the hand of Assyria (read these chapters). Israel was taken captive 19 years after the giving of this prophecy, in 723 BC, and manasseh was taken captive 46 years later, in 677 BC, totaling 65 years.

642 BC 723 BC 677 607 BC 537 BC

Conditions in 742 BC - Prophecy revealed - Civil war north (confederate) vs. south - Kingship broken - Not a people - Not established - Literal Israel - Literal land of Israel

We see that if we match this to known dates, already accepted by Seventh-day Adventists that there are two periods of 2520 years. One for Israel (the literal false prophet) that ends in 1798 when protestantism (the spiritual false prophet) rises into prominence. the second for Judah (literal Israel) that ends when Adventism (spiritual Israel) rises into prominence in 1844. 19 years later the SDA denomination is formed.

1798 1844 1863

Conditions in 1863 - prophecy hidden on the 1963 chart - civil war north vs. south(confederate) - kingship restored - denominated people - SDA church established - spiritual Israel - spiritual land of Israel (USA)

The seventieth week of Daniel's prophecy in chapter 9 says that the seventh week, in which Christ would be cut off in the midst of, would "seal up vision and prophecy". This week is on the 1863 chart. It is written as,




|______t_____| 3 1/2

3 1/2

Christ ministered on earth for 3 1/2 years (1260 days) and in heaven for 3 1/2 years (1260 days) to confirm the covenant.

677 BC

607 BC


586 BC

537 BC

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