The Fascination of Aquariums

September 23, 2017 | Author: Mark Mittelstaedt | Category: Aquarium, Ph, Water, Nitrate, Plants
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All about Aquariums...



Fascination of Aquariums

Take a dive with us ... Into the fascinating underwater world of aquariums. Every aquarium, be it small or large, has its own special charm. A fantastic wealth of colors and shapes, an exciting variety of forms of life and different behaviors. This modern form of the art of aquariums was made possible by Ulrich Baensch, doctor of natural sciences, the founder of TetraWerke and pioneer of the first industrially manufactured food for ornamental fish. He succeeded in developing a natural, nourishing and wholesome dry food appreciated by fish. TetraMin marked the decisive breakthrough of aquariums as a favorite hobby. For more than 50 years now Tetra is the hallmark of absolute competence and experience in every aspect relating to aquariums. Today we would like to tap our experience to stand by your side actively with useful tips and tricks. You can find further suggestions at our website So have fun with this brochure.


An original TetraMin package from the 1950s - the first industrially manufactured fish food. A revolution in aquariums.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

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Water Chemistry

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Keeping Aquarium Fish

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Fish Species

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Water and Aquarium Care

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Water Plants

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How Fish Live

taken into account when setting up the aquarium. Often the aim is that of reproducing the fish. Biotope Aquarium The term is a bit misleading because every aquarium is a biotope. It means here that fish and plants come from the same natural environment.

Cold or warm, freshwater or Tetra AquaArt Complete Aquarium Sets – perfect design, high-grade equipment and easy maintenance.

saltwater. Even fish have their own specific needs. There are saltwater, cold water and freshwater aquariums. And there are even differences between these aquariums: al Aquarium The classic. The most widespread type of tropical freshwater aquarium is especially recommended for beginners. Various types of plants and different fish species are kept together in the same aquarium. This means that they must not only adapt their social behavior to one another, but also the requirements in terms of the water quality, water temperature and aquarium set-up must be the same. Single-Species Aquarium Just one species is kept. They are often fish with special requirements, which need to be


Breeding Aquarium Mostly for specialists only. These aquariums are often not very appealing and have specific, partially extreme water values, as their only purpose is that of breeding fish. Tetra AquaArt Aquariums Tetra AquaArt Complete Aquarium Sets for the fascination of the underwater world. Not only do all AquaArt aquariums have a modern design in the trendy colour of silver – they are also equipped with innovative EasyCrystal® filter technology for crystal clear water and simple maintenance. Large, user-friendly openings make it even easier to feed the fish and gain access to the equipment. AquaArt aquariums are available in three sizes: Tetra AquaArt 20L Discover Line, Tetra AquaArt 30L Discover Line and Tetra AquaArt 60L Discover Line. Once you have chosen an aquarium species, you must consider the tank size, the position and the equipment. und die Einrichtung machen.

A good position is a room corner without direct sunlight.

Important: sockets near the aquarium!

Dark places are more suitable for aquariums - and they even have a more impressive effect.

Make sure that the carrying capacity of the bottom and the floor cabinet is adequate enough.

Once an aquarium is set up and filled, it can no longer be moved - therefore, planning is absolutely necessary when choosing the position. If possible, an aquarium should not be placed near a door, because any bustling may frighten the animals.

Choosing the Position To make fish feel themselves at home in your aquarium, a number of factors need to be borne in mind when choosing the position: you need a flat, shockproof, sturdy and level position with sockets nearby. Never expose an aquarium to direct sunlight. Sunlight can trigger an undesired proliferation of algae and lead to the heating of the water. Consider also the weight: besides the empty weight of the tank there is the equipment plus one kilogram of weight for each liter of water. Even a relatively small 80-liter tank can weigh quite a lot and

Anyone who looks closely at an aquarium is fascinated by the variety of colors and shapes.

can no longer be moved once it is filled. Therefore the floor cabinet must be able to bear the relevant weight. Your local dealer has tanks of all sizes and all types of equipment. A good tip is to place a panel of Styrofoam between the floor cabinet and the aquarium to prevent point loads and to level any unevenness.


1 Tetratec EasyCrystal FilterBox 2 Tetratec HT Heater 3 Tetratec APS Air pump 4 Tetratec AS Airstone 5 Tetratec TH Thermometer 6 Tetratec AL Lighting

6 2 1

5 3 For optical and practical reasons the substrate should be laid so that it rises slightly towards the back.


Setting up an aquarium There is always a plan behind any construction! How to become an aquarium designer - in this chapter you will find all of the necessary information on the substrate, equipment, plants, water and, of course, on how to set up your own aquarium. Important: The main focus of your thoughts should never be on the appearance of the aquarium but on the well-being of your fish.

TetraAqua AquaSafe, TetraAqua NitrateMinus Pearls and TetraPlant CompleteSubstrate by Tetra are the basic equipment for any aquarium owner.


Substrate Once you have washed the tank with water and then placed it in the position chosen, it must be filled first of all with the substrate. On the one hand, it offers support for the plant roots and, on the other, it serves as the habitat

for the microorganisms that are essential for an optimal biological balance. Gravel with a grain size of 1 - 3 mm or 3 - 6 mm will do well for social aquariums. Before filling the aquarium with the gravel, it must be washed thoroughly. But it is almost barren and it offers no nutrients to the plant roots. For this purpose Tetra offers a special substrate activator: TetraPlant CompleteSubstrate. This readyto-use concentrated substrate contains precious minerals, oligo-elements like iron, important micro-nutrients and natural black peat with a high content of humic material. It favors the growth of plants and provides for an adequate long-term nourishment. To avoid the proliferation of algae afterwards, there is TetraAqua NitrateMinus Pearls: all you

View from above Stones, roots and plants can be used by fish as spawning places and they provide hiding places and form also natural territorial limits. Front view Plants can be divided into background, medium range and foreground plants.

Airstones, also known as bubble stones, move the water and enrich it with vital oxygen. If possible, hide the air hose so that it does not ruin the optical effect.

have to do is scatter it on the substrate layer. This way nitrate - an important nutrient for algae - is absorbed for up to 12 months thus improving the water quality and reducing substantially the need for care. Finally scatter the remaining third of gravel in the tank. The substrate should rise slightly towards the back for optical and practical reasons.

of your fish. Roots and stones must always be cleaned and, if necessary, boiled. Use only types of stones that do not release any substances into water. Minerals and stones containing metals are not suitable. Make sure that any technical devices have the space they need, as these need to be installed before designing your underwater world.

Decoration Create a real underwater world for your fish! For instance, you can use stones or roots from you local pet shop. Use decorations sparingly so that the fish can have enough space for swimming. When arranging your aquarium, in theory there are no limits to your fantasy as long as you always keep in mind the needs 7

Technology It doesn’t work without technology. The time has now come to create for your fish the best environmental and habitus conditions according to their natural origin and to the needs typical of their species.

Tetratec heaters assure the optimal temperature in aquariums.

The highly performing and easy-to-use Tetratec IN Inner Filter plus is a lasting guarantee for crystalclear aquarium water appropriate for fish life.

Powerful Tetratec EX External Filters in three different sizes for 60 to 500 litre aquariums.


Heating Tropical aquarium fish require tropical water temperatures mainly between 24 – 27 °C. Every tropical freshwater aquarium has its own type of heating. We recommend Tetratec HT heaters. They are what we call rod heaters. They are small and discreet, but also extremely performing and safe. Filter To have an aquarium that works in the long run, you need a permanent filter. The filter collects clouding floating particles and keeps the water clear. But its other function is more important: thanks to the filter bacteria residing in the filter substrate, the noxious excretions released by fish are decomposed biologically into harmless compounds. An especially reliable solution is Tetratec IN Inner Filter plus. It is highly performing and easy to use and it is fit for aquariums of up to 200 liters. Besides the stepless regulation of the flow-through speed, the output nozzle can be turned by 180° and the incorporated Venturi system provides for an extra supply of oxygen. Alternatively, you can even use the air-operated

Brillant Styrofoam filter by Tetra. It is operated by an air pump (e.g. Tetratec APS). It drives the water with the aid of air through the filter sponge in which it undergoes an intense biological scouring. It has an excellent filtering effect in particular in spawning tanks and aquariums with scarce water currents. Tetratec EasyCrystal Filters are a real alternative to conventional aquarium filters. With their intensive physical, biological and chemical filtration, the filters ensure crystal clear, healthy water. Cleaning EasyCrystal Filters is a very easy process: simply change the filter cartridge every four weeks. No need to rinse the filter medium, no more wet hands! Tetratec EasyCrystal Filters are available in two different sizes: Tetratec EasyCrystal Filter 250 for smaller aquariums of up to 40 litres and Tetratec EasyCrystal FilterBox 300 with a heater compartment for aquariums of between 40 and 60 litres. If you prefer to use an external filter, or if you have a very large aquarium, we recommend Tetratec EX External Filters, which are available in three different sizes for aquariums of between 60 and 500 litres. Not only are they powerful and quiet to run, they are also easy to clean. Their integrated automatic starting function is particularly advantageous. This renders the intake of water during initial installation or after each clean unnecessary. There are five different filter media, which filter the aquarium both mechanically and biologically.

Lighting The artificial lighting of the aquarium is essential. The light determines, for instance, how plants grow. If the wrong light source is used or if it is too weak, the plants do not grow enough. Even algae problems can be caused by incorrect lighting. Plants require 10 to 12 hours of light every day. For instance, pure-white daylight tubes are recommended in particular.

Plants Aquatic plants have an extremely decorative effect on observers. But aquatic plants are important for the aquarium habitat for completely different reasons. They produce oxygen during the day and favor the elimination of contaminants that may be found, for instance, in fish excrements. Aquatic plants serve also as the spawning ground for some fish, create hiding places and act as natural territorial limits. Background plants All highly vegetative species such as many stemmed plants are suitable for the background. They often grow quickly yet scarcely in width. Medium range plants Lush solitary plants make a nice view for the observer and do well as catchy mounting points. Foreground plants Decorative foreground plants should remain quite small to avoid obstructing the view in the aquarium.

Floating plants Plants floating on the water surface offer fish hiding places and spawning places. They should be thinned out regularly, as they may otherwise deprive the underwater plants of too much light. Fast-growing plants should be used already during the first set-up so that the aquarium environment can be stabilized faster and better. To make the plants grow with a lush green color, we recommend the regular addition of TetraPlant PlantaMin. This liquid iron-intensive fertilizer assures lively, lush green colors.

The Tetratec Brillant Filter is especially quiet and performing and it is ideal for aquariums of up to 100 liters.

Water Water is the vital element of fish. Therefore, optimal water conditions are important both for livability and for a nutrition appropriate for the species. There are many additives in drinking water, e.g. chlorine, which make it hygienically clean. But chlorine is dangerous for fish even in low concentrations. Even heavy metals which are poisonous for fish that breathe through gills often finish in tap water. Tap water must be treated to make it appropriate for fish. This can be done safely and reliably with TetraAqua AquaSafe. This water treatment agent lastingly binds heavy metals and eliminates chlorine. The organic colloids it contains protects the delicate mucous membrane of fish.

Tetratec EasyCrystal Filter – easy maintenance and crystal clear, healthy aquarium water.

To help you choose the right technical equipment you need, Tetra has developed a special color code system. Thanks to this color code you can know immediately which device is the right one for your aquarium.


Let’s get started! After all the theory, finally the

materials, aquatic plants,

practice! Step by step you will

TetraPlant PlantaMin, heater,

now be explained what to do

thermometer, filter, lighting, bucket

to set up your aquarium. Have

and TetraAqua AquaSafe ready?

you forgotten anything? Are the

Perfect! Now let’s get started!

aquarium, sturdy base, Styrofoam

Have fun setting up your own

panel, gravel, TetraPlant

underwater world!

CompleteSubstrate, TetraAqua NitrateMinus Pearls, decorative



Wash the gravel thoroughly under running water. Now fill the tank with our ready-to-use TetraPlant CompleteSubstrate. Scatter TetraAqua NitrateMinus Pearls on it and then cover it completely with fine gravel.


Equipment and Decorations

Then place the heater, filter and pump before starting with the decorations. Make sure that the devices are arranged in an inconspicuous manner. Now you can place the stones or roots once you have washed them well.



The tank is to be filled halfway with temperate tap water with buckets. By placing a plate on the gravel, you can avoid that the substrate is scattered. Add TetraAqua AquaSafe to the water to prepare it for the fish and plants.




Before placing the plants, make sure to shorten the roots and remove any damaged leaves. Then press the roots with caution into the substrate up to the root collar. Now you can finish filling the aquarium and start up the equipment. Fertilize your aquatic plants with TetraPlant Crypto Fertilizer and TetraPlant PlantaMin for lively and lush green plants.

5 Biological maturation process Before adding the fish to your aquarium, you must leave it to “Rest” for two weeks. During this period the aquarium becomes “biologically active”. The filter bacteria start to settle in and proliferate. Without an adequate number of these microorganisms it is impossible to achieve a biological balance appropriate for fish and plant life. Use TetraAqua SafeStart to add your fish in aquarium immediately. SafeStart provides for immediate biological activity of your aquarium


TetraAqua® SafeStart – – this means: no set up phase of some weeks necessary in order to develop a suitable environment for the fish in your newly set up aquarium.

SafeStart makes it possible to set fish into the aquarium immediately. Ammonia and nitrite are effectively reduced. Thanks to this new Tetra innovation the start in the fascinating world of aquaristics is as easy as a child’s play.


No Life Without Water! TetraAqua AquaSafe: A must for any aquarium owner. It changes tap water into aquarium water fit for fish life.

TetraAqua SafeStart makes it possible to set fish into the aquarium immediately as TetraAqua SafeStart provides for immediate biological activity of your aquarium.

TetraAqua ToruMin makes aquarium water fit for all blackwater fish. Contains natural humus substances.

TetraAqua TetraVital: Already 5 ml in 10 l of water is enough to provide all of the vital substances that fish need.


Plants, fish, water and light form, together with the decorative elements, a harmonious and exciting view. The aquarium system can work perfectly only if the technical equipment, water, fish and plants are adapted one to the other. Water plays an especially important role. The quality of the water as the vital element of fish is decisive for their health and well-being. But even the thriving of plants and microorganisms depends directly on the water quality. The monitoring of important water values and the regular partial changing of the water are extremely important for a truly professional aquarium. By changing the water regular about 20 to 30 % of it is replaced every two weeks with fresh water. Thanks to TetraAqua AquaSafe you can make tap water immediately suitable for fish and natural, neutralize any hazardous substances and add colloids with a protective function on the fish mucous membrane. The BioExtract formula also favors the development of useful filtering bacteria and provides healthy, clear water. Instead of frequent water changing, thanks to TetraAqua EasyBalance, you can maintain a fish and plant-friendly balance of all of the essential water values and hence reduce the number of times you need to

change the water. EasyBalance gives your fish the important vital substances they need, stabilizes effectively the pH and CH value of the water and reduces the concentration of phosphate and nitrate. Its regular use keeps the aquarium water biologically healthy for up to 6 months. Important: AquaSafe should be added every time you add tap water to assure the long-term maintenance of your aquarium. Any aquarium owner wants to and should provide the best living conditions for his fish. Besides using AquaSafe, it is necessary to know the quality characteristics of the original waters where tropical ornamental fish live. Tropical freshwater fish from the “blackwater” regions can be taken care of appropriately as each species requires by adding TetraAqua Blackwater. It transforms aquarium water into brownish-crystal clear tropical water also known as blackwater. In addition, you can prepare your aquarium water regularly with TetraAqua TetraVital. Tap water often lacks important oligo-elements like iodine and vitamins that fish absolutely need during particular moments of their life like the spawning season. TetraVital favors their overall well-being and improves their resistance. The vitamin B complex also favors the growth of plants and microorganisms.

The thriving of fish and plants requires appropriate environmental conditions in the aquarium.

Is the chemistry right? Only if the water quality is right will your fish feel good. You should know the following water values: Total hardness (TH) The TH value is determined basically by the content of calcium and magnesium. If their content is high the water is hard, while if it is low it is soft. The total hardness influences significantly the organic functions of all forms of aquatic life and it is measured in °dH = degrees German hardness.

Carbonate hardness (CH) Almost every type of water contains hydrogen carbonate whose content in water is indicated by the CH value. Hydrogen carbonates play an important role in the aquarium because they act as a pH buffer and hence prevent an excessively sharp and sudden alteration of the pH value owing for instance to a drop in acidity. The CH value has a direct influence on the well-being of fish. In freshwater aquariums the CH value should not amount to less than 3°dH.

Only if the water values are correct will the fish feel good.


All Tetratest products are available in pet shops either singularly or in sets.

Acidity (pH value) The pH value of the water is the result of all of the acid and basic substances dissolved in the water. These substances can make the water either acid or alkaline. If the pH value is 7.0, the water is neutral. The more acids are present in the water, the lower the pH value drops; the more alkalines are present, the more it rises. It is recommended to measure the pH value of your aquarium once a week. The pH value depends directly on the carbonate hardness and on the carbon dioxide content (CO2). If the carbonate hardness or CO2 content changes, the pH value changes automatically as well. This is the principle at the base of TetraAqua pH/KH Minus and pH/KH Plus, which can help you to adjust easily the pH value and the carbonate hardness of the aquarium water. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate The excrements of fish as well as the remains of plants and food release nitrogen compounds into the water of any aquarium and these compounds need to be broken down in various steps. First comes toxic ammonia or

With TetraAqua pH/KH Plus and pH/KH Minus you can adjust and modify the pH value and the carbonate hardness.


non-toxic ammonium. It depends on the pH value. At pH values of more than 7.0 there is a prevalence of ammonia, while at lower pH values non-toxic ammonium is formed. In the case of sensitive fish even a low content of ammonia in the water can have damaging effects in the long run. The filter bacteria of the Nitrosomonas genus break down ammonia or ammonium into nitrite. But nitrite is extremely poisonous and it can be extremely harmful in the long run or even deadly. It is broken down by the filter bacteria of the Nitrobacter genus into nitrate. Nitrate is a plant nutrient which favors however the growth of algae. Just one application of TetraAqua NitrateMinus can reduce lastingly the nitrate content. Ammonia and nitrite are harmful already in low Tetra Information Here are some tips to avoid straining water: - Avoid too many fish and plants. - Add food several times a day and just as much as necessary for the fish to eat in a few minutes. - Make sure that the aquarium is adequately filtered and aerated. - Regular partial changes of the water or use of TetraAqua EasyBalance are important maintenance measures. - Clean the bottom regularly. - Healthy plant growth is extremely important for an aquarium that works properly.



NO3 Nitrate

TetraAqua NitrateMinus reduces the nitrate content.

Organic wastes

Organic wastes are, among other things, a part of what is called the nitrogen cycle. Compounds containing nitrogen found in fish excrements and in plant remains are transformed by filter bacteria (e.g. TetraAqua SafeStart) into nitrate during various stages. Plants absorb the nitrate as a nutrient. TetraAqua NitrateMinus, in liquid form, helps keep the nitrate content at a constantly low level when applied weekly. Even by using TetraMin Crisps less nitrate ends up in the aquarium water.

NO2 Nitrite

NH3/NH4+ Ammonia Ammonium

concentrations (at least in the long term). If you detect ammonia and nitrite with Tetratests, it means that the biological filter is not working properly and that the situation is already or could be dangerous for your fish. Possible countermeasures for aquariums already with fish include: frequent partial water changes, less food and fish, checking of the oxygen supply.

the optimal biological balance and that the aquarium system is not working properly. Water tests give sure results and help you to identify early on any disturbance and prevent damage. By comparing with a color scale or with the number of drops that it takes to change the color, you can determine precisely the current water conditions. Tetra Water Tests come singularly, as refill packs or in sets.

With the Tetratest AnalySet you can measure 8 different important water values in your aquarium.

Tetratest Laborett: Fast, easy and precise.

Water Tests Every aquarium owner should test the state of the aquarium water regularly. Poor water values always indicate a disturbance to 15

Fish are not all the same! They can be kingly, loners,

their territory. Another important

roughnecks, adorable buddies

factor is the number of each type

or odd birds. Before adding

of fish. There are species that get

fish to your aquarium you must

along well only as a couple, while

absolutely make sure that you

others live in schools.

understand your fish. Some have, for instance, a marked territorial Tetratec FN FangFix - The professional dip net with practical hanging gear and excellent catching features.

behavior that can lead to stress and unease among all of the other fish in the aquarium. Fish that tend to mark off their own territory are always irritable and bother the other fish while they are defending

Studying the behavior of fish, succeeding in making them breed or simply enjoying the variety of colors - all this is just a part of the unique fascination of aquariums.


The Flag Dwarf is a fish that has its own territory and it can become aggressive during brood care.

Choosing fish

Adding your fish

In a social aquarium the needs of the fish in terms of water quality, temperature and light must be more or less the same. But this does not mean that your aquarium will be boring: when buying your fish, choose them from different swimming areas. For instance, the Marbled Hatchetfish swims mostly near the water surface,

When you buy fish, they are put into a special bag. Make sure that the fish is not left too long in this container. The longer the way home is, the more air or oxygen should be available in the bag. Adding your fish is a delicate operation which must be handled with great caution. To avoid stressing or, in the worst of cases, harming your fish owing to sudden and drastic changes, you should put the closed bag for about twenty minutes in the aquarium. In the meantime the difference in temperature is stabilized. Then open the bag and add water little by little water from the aquarium so that the other water values are gradually stabilized. Important: Never add fish without this acclimatization phase! This is the only way to avoid the shock resulting from the change of environment. This way your fish should be able to feel themselves at home right from the beginning.

Neon in the mid-water regions, while almost all catfish stay near the bottom. By “populating” all of these areas, you will not only enliven your whole aquarium, but you will also avoid that too many fish swimming “fin by fin” in the same water region. Less is often more. Even if it is difficult, try to avoid too many different fish species. A few, well-chosen species are more interesting than a big variety. Beginners, in particular, should start with just a few fish species. A general rule of thumb for the right relation between the aquarium size and fish density is the following: to make sure that your fish can live peacefully, they should have at least 1 - 2 liters of water per centimeter of length.






This is what to do: 1. Temperature stabilization in the closed bag - the greater the difference, the longer you should wait. 2. - 4. Slow adaptation and acclimatization to the water in the aquarium by adding water gradually. Avoid absolutely sudden and drastic changes. 5. Free the fish from the bag into aquarium.






Favorite fish species Fish are what make an aquarium a truly vital place. There are numerous species that you can keep at home - here is an overview of the most common and favorite species: 1 Sunset Gourami They belong to the labyrinth fish. This colorful species prefers the company of smaller and calmer fish and it adapts best to well illuminated, densely vegetated tanks with a dark bottom. For reproduction make a tall, fixed foam nest. The male takes care of the brood.


2 Bolivian Ram The Bolivian Ram belongs to the cichlids family. Not only their beautiful colors but also their interesting social and reproduction behavior make cichlids a long-established favorite aquarium fosterling. It is a peaceful species that can get rowdy at times. It is recommended for single-species aquariums; otherwise it should kept only with calmer species like tetras and doradids.



3 Guppy Guppies are live-bearing poeciliids. They give birth to fully developed fish fry. Thanks to its ease to reproduce it is one of the most favorite fish for beginners. Guppies are social fish and they feel themselves at ease in a small school with several fish.

Doradids They come from South America and are social fish that live in groups. Like many catfish they have mustache-like whiskers around the mouth that act as taste and smell organs. 4

5 Cardinal tetra This extremely sociable and peaceful fish feels at ease in schools. In order to satisfy this behavior, at least 6 or 7 fellow fish need to be kept. It is one of the most beautiful aquarium fish.

6 Tiger barb The Tiger barb is a favorite thanks to its colors and liveliness. Barbs are peaceful fish that live in schools and which prefer plenty of plants and ample swimming space. Attention: Tiger barbs like to nibble at the long fins of other fish.


Fish are what they eat! In nature fish find a wide variety of food from various sources: e.g. algae, plants, gnat larvae, insects, other fish and sometimes even their fellow fish. Their diet in an intact ecosystem is normally varied and contains everything that fish need to be healthy and vital: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats.

products contain an optimal balance of digestible nutrients. This way fish excrete less and the water is not polluted by organic wastes. But food must do one thing above all: it must keep fish healthy and active, it must help fish to develop fully their natural behavior and variety of colors. A rich and varied diet with Tetra

An aquarium cannot offer an adequate source of nutrition and there is no possibility of evasion for fish. So they are reliant on food. In principle, the food in the aquarium should be much better than that found in nature. Ornamental fish food should not contain any pathogens. In a closed environment like an aquarium any disease that ends up in it spreads rapidly and all of the aquarium’s inhabitants can fall ill. Another important factor is that the food must be completely digestible. All of Tetra’s nutrition

food is hence the best guarantee for healthy, lively and colorful fish.

Feed your fish several times a day with just as much as they need to finish completely in a few minutes.

Especially for fish fry you will find TetraMin Baby (up to 1 cm in length) and TetraMin Mini Junior (from 1 cm in length).


Food is not just food In order to satisfy the specific needs of every fish species, Tetra foods come in a wide variety of forms.

1. Flakes E.g. TetraMin Flakes are perfect for fish in all water zones, because they can be assimilated both at the water surface and when sinking to the bottom. This unique and fine blend of raw materials by Tetra guarantees an optimal utilization of its nutrients. Tetra flakes are durable and they do not cloud the aquarium water.

2. Crisps E.g. TetraMin Crisps Crisps are produced with a special Tetra process. They preserve much more energy than traditional flakes. If used regularly, they reduce substantially the nitrate content of the water. Suitable for all ornamental fish.

3. Granules E.g. TetraMin Granules Granules float slowly to the bottom and can be easily assimilated by the fish.

4. Tablets and wafers

Both forms of food can reach well even hidden spots - so that even shy fish can eat without being disturbed.

5. Jelly Food E.g. Tetra FreshDelica A new Tetra invention and an excellent delicacy for fish. This jelly food contains not only natural food like red gnat larvae, daphnia and brine shrimps, but also important oligo-elements, vitamins, proteins and fats. The jelly food does not contain any preservatives and it can last up to 2 years without any need for refrigeration. Tetra jelly food has a nutritional value double that of traditional flakes.

6. Natural Food E.g. TetraDelica Tetra offers sun or freeze-dried aquatic microorganisms that complete perfectly the diet of your fish. Red gnat larvae, daphnia, brine shrimps and krill are an extraordinary diet supplement. Your fish will be grateful to you for enriching their diet.

7. Sticks e.g. TetraCichlid Sticks These high-quality sticks suit are especially recommended for feeding larger fish like cichlids.

E.g. Tetra TabiMin For all ornamental fish living near the bottom such as catfish, loach or barbs skimming the bottom. Since tablets and wafers sink immediately to the bottom, the feeding place can be targeted directly. 21

Meal Time! The food whose ingredients satisfy the specific requirements of fish makes an essential contribution to their health.

All the staple foods of the TetraMin family are now even better and more wholesome thanks to the patented BioActive* formula. This new

TetraMin Crisps With TetraMin Crisps Tetra research has succeeded in developing a new generation of foods. It is the result of an absolutely new production process, which, thanks to the unique low-temperature production process, preserves those ingredients that are essential for life. These crisps offer an optimal protein/ fat ratio that makes the food easily digestible and reduces tank waste. The regular use of TetraMin Crisps reduces the content of nitrate in the tank and prevents the growth of algae. TetraMin Granules TetraMin granules offer a fast soaking time and the typical consistency of Tetra granules.

formula carefully combines balanced immune stimulators and premium energy sources with vitamins precious for life. It is proven that it actively improves their resistance and vital body functions. All TetraMin foods are a

TetraMin MiniGranules Staple food in granules designed especially for small ornamental fish like tetra and barbs - for a wholesome and balanced diet and natural growth.

guarantee of long and healthy fish life. TetraMin is the first industrially manufactured food in flakes in the world and it is still today the food most given to ornamental fish in the world. And now this original product is even more valuable – thanks to the patented BioActive* formula. It contains more than 40 premium raw materials and it boosts the vitality of your fish, actively improves their body functions and it is proven to strengthen their resistance. 22

TetraMin Baby This staple food for ornamental fish fry up to 1 cm in length is especially rich in precious proteins and favors a healthy growth during the important phase of upbringing. TetraMin Mini Junior A special food for growing fry longer than 1 cm. It suits perfectly the nutritional requirements of fry and favors their healthy growth. *Europ. Patent No. EP 0848592 B1

TetraMin Weekend These sticks provide the necessary supply of vital nutrients during the weekend or on holidays. TetraMin Weekend Food Sticks are easy to dose and features a rich content of vital minerals and proteins.

supply of all of the essential nutrients that your fish need plus high-value fats, special carotenoids or concentrated spirulina algae. Thanks to the concentrated inner core your fish can get a nutrient staple food plus an important extra with every bite.

TetraMin Holiday Gel-based Holiday food for all tropical ornamental fish. Patented formula contains tasty Daphnia, essential vitamines, trace elements and minerals. The aquarium water does not become cloudy. TetraMin Holiday proviedes healthy nutrition for 14 days.

All of our crisps are produced with the unique patented Tetra low-temperature preservation process. This preservation process optimizes the protein/fat ratio of our Multi-Crisps, makes it possible to utilize optimally their energy content and assures an optimal digestibility. If used regularly, it reduces tank waste and the nitrate content and hence improves the water quality as a whole.

The Innovative Tetra Premium Food with a High Nutritional Value These Multi-Crisps are a staple food plus a special supplement for your ornamental fish. This unique combination provides a targeted These TetraPro foods assure an extra boost to the vitality, colors and resistance of your fish.

TetraPro The premium food for healthy and lively fish. The Crisps mix contains an energetic crisp with a concentrated content of nutrients. Precious Omega-3 fatty acids provide extra energy, while the natural proteins build vigorous muscles. The staple food for an extra portion of energy and growth. TetraPro Colour The premium food for enhanced colors. These new Multi-Crisps have a rich content of carotenoids and enliven the natural colors of your fish. Its color-enlivening effects can already be seen after two weeks. TetraPro Vegetable The premium food for extra resistance. These new Multi-Crisps contain concentrated spirulina algae. The healthy vital substances of spirulina algae are very easy to digest and improve the resistance and vitality of your fish.


Let your fish have a taste he various fish species in a social aquarium have special demands when it comes nutrition. Tetra research has developed a variety

TetraDiskus The color, form and recipe of this food was adapted to the specific nutritional requirements of Discus fish.

of foods that suit perfectly the most varied eating habits and nutritional demands of fish. TetraRubin TetraRubin enlivens naturally the colors of your fish. It is a complete food containing natural substances that enliven colors. TetraPhyll TetraPhyll was developed specifically for fish that eat plants. This premium complete food contains a wide variety of vegetable raw materials that favor the digestion of plant-eating fish.


TetraCichlid The staple food for large cichlids in the form of floating sticks - rich in proteins. Tetra TabiMin Optimum, targeted and varied food for ornamental fish that live near the bottom of the aquarium, e.g. Catfish, Loaches and bottomfeeding Barbs. Thanks to the tablet form, you can determine the exact feeding location, allowing even timid fish to be well fed.

Tetra PlecoMin Greenstuff tablets containing spirulina algae. Ideally suited to the requirements of herbivorous Catfish and sucking Loaches. TetraPleco Wafers Stable, wafer-shaped staple food for herbivorous catfish (such as Ancistrus, Plecostomus and L-Catfish), corresponding to the natural eating habits of catfish. TetraWafer Mix This staple food mix, consisting of green (with valuable spirulina algae) and brown wafers, is especially suitable for all carnivorous and herbivorous bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans.

Tetra-Tip Fish quickly become friendly if they are fed regularly. Already after a short period of time the fish swim directly to their feeding spot and wait for the food.

Feed sparingly Seeing fish as they eat every day is always a marvelous show. Feed sparingly - even if it is difficult - and give just as much as the fish can eat in a few minutes. These portions are easier to digest for your fish and avoid overfeeding. The food in excess decomposes in the water and damages its quality. If you feed your fish every day at the same time and in the same place, they will soon be eating straight from your hand. The daily feeding time is a good opportunity to watch fish. Feeding is very fun if you use TetraTips adhesive food tablets that you can apply to the wall of your aquarium. The fish will immediately flock to the aquarium wall to eat the food. These adhesive food tablets are made of a balanced mix of premium special flakes and top-quality freeze-dried raw materials like freshwater shrimp, brine shrimp, water fleas and gnat larvae.

Nutzen Sie das vielfältige Angebot an Zusatz- und Ergänzungsfutter, denn so füttern Sie ganz gezielt zusätzliche gesunde Leckerbissen und können artspezifische Ansprüche optimal erfüllen.

True Delicacies Fish love Tetra FreshDelica. Soon your fish will literally start eating straight from your hands. Our jelly food rich in nutrients available in three different varieties with brine shrimps, red gnat larvae and daphnia is enriched with precious vitamins, oligo-elements, proteins and fats. Tetra FreshDelica has much higher nutritional value compared to flakes and it does not contain any preservatives. The jelly is not soluble in water

Irresistible for fish: Tetra FreshDelica and its three varieties.

Treats and it can be eaten completely by fish. It does not cloud or pollute the aquarium water. While flakes may contain bacteria and pathogens, Tetra FreshDelica is absolutely sterile. Thanks to the practical single portions, it is very easy to handle and it is an ideal snack every and now. Your fish will enjoy this special treat!


TetraDelica - For the gourmets among your fish.

Gourmethappen Tetra offers a whole series of treats and special foods for your fish. They are a nice change to your fish’s menu and provide the extra nutrients that your fish need in a targeted way. TetraDelica is a healthy supplement and a true treat for your fish that offers whole aquatic microorganisms: daphnia, brine shrimps, krill and red gnat larvae. TetraDelica food is delicately sun or freeze-dried so that every treat preserves all of the nutritional value of natural food. TetraDelica is an ideal supplement for Tetra’s well-tried foods and offers a diversified food suitable for all species. Your fish will be grateful to you by showing a new vitality and health.

Goldfish food Of course, TetraAniMin goldfish food with BioActive® formula suits not only goldfish, but also for other coldwater fish. TetraAniMin comes in several different varieties: flakes that suit perfectly the needs of your fish, floating food sticks for greater vitality and resistance, granules with natural substances capable of enlivening colors to bring out the colors of your fish in all their beauty as well as crisps for improved nutrient exploitation, guaranteeing improved utilization of the food. TetraAniMin Weekend takes care of your goldfish at weekends and when you go on vacation. TetraAniMin makes feeding even more fun.

The careful blend of Tetra foods improves the well-being, vitality and defenses of your fish.

Food for sea fish Sea fish do not require too much experience and care, but they have different needs compared to freshwater fish when it comes to their diet. For this reason Tetra offers the TetraMarin food series, a range of products that suits specifically the needs of sea fish. TetraMarin contains many raw materials of sea origin like algae and small crabs that your sea fish will definitely enjoy. The stabilized vitamin C found in the food strengthens the fish’s defenses, favors a healthy

growth and prevents nutritional deficiencies. Thanks to its capacity to sink slowly TetraMarin Granules or TetraMarin Mini Granules is suitable for all medium and large-sized sea fish like Damselfish, Clownfish, Wrass or Cardinalfish. All other small to large sea fish can enjoy TetraMarin Flakes or XL Flakes. 27

Water Care Innovation Keeping a professional aquarium means imitating nature’s processes as closely as possible. The filter cleans the water in the aquarium but provides also for the balance of all of the main water values. Regular maintenance of the water is a must for any aquarium owner! Since the development of TetraAqua EasyBalance you can now choose from two options:

TetraAqua EasyBalance reduces the number of times you need to change the water of your aquarium and keeps it biologically healthy.

Regular changing of the water Change 20 - 30 % of the water with fresh water every 2 weeks. Add TetraAqua AquaSafe to the tap water to make it fit for your fish.

Thanks to TetraAqua EasyBalance you can prevent the proliferation of algae and increase your water’s buffering capacity.

Long-term water care with TetraAqua EasyBalance Instead of changing the water partially every two weeks, you can reduce the number of times you change the water with TetraAqua EasyBalance. Thanks to EasyBalance all of the important water values are maintained in a perfect balance appropriate for the fish and plants of your aquarium. It effectively stabilizes the water’s pH and CH values - it prevents a dangerous drop in the acidity - eliminates phosphates and nitrates and blocks the growth of algae. Thanks to its regular use you can keep the water of your aquarium biologically healthy for up to 6 months. Attention: The use of AquaSafe is important also for preparing tap water!

Nitrate mg/l

with TetraAqua EasyBallance Untreated Aquarium

It neutralizes all of the hazardous substances in the water like chlorine and heavy metals.

CH (°dH)

Tetra Information

Phosphate mg/l

When using TetraAqua EasyBalance, it is important that your aquarium is in a good starting condition. This is the only way to achieve optimal water care with EasyBalance. Make sure that the filter works and the aquarium is well aerated.


Weeks without changing water

With the Tetratec GS Glass Scraper you can clean the walls of your aquarium in no time at all.

If the aquarium water is muddy Dead plant parts, food remains and fish excrements are visible signs of water soiling. The decomposition of these organic wastes produces noxious substances in the water that you cannot see. The filter makes sure that these particles are filtered mechanically and eliminated from the aquarium. A good filter substrate offers plenty of space for useful filter bacteria that are dissolved also in the water and which break down biologically contaminants containing nitrogen. The Tetratec Komfort IN Inner Filter plus is a double guarantee for water quality: its mechanical filtering action eliminates the visible particles while the biological filtering breaks down the invisible decomposition products. The filter cartridges capture the contaminant particles in the course of time. Clean the cartridges regularly when you change the water by washing them in the aquarium water removed. This way they can maintain their filtering capacity without harming the vital microorganisms in the filter cartridges. Never use detergents

or hot tap water in any case whatsoever. It would kill the bacteria cultures. However, despite the filtering and regular partial change of the water the larger soiling particles - mulm - deposits on the bottom and in the corners of the aquarium. It’s absolutely normal and there is no reason to worry. But this mulm makes the aquarium cloudy and blurry in the long run. You should clean the bottom every now and then. Tetra offers a complete range of bottom cleaners specifically developed for the purpose and to be used while performing the partial change of the water.

TetraAqua Bactozym favors the build-up of useful filter bacteria after every change of the water.

TetraAqua CrystalWater binds floating clouding particles that are removed from the water by filtration.

The all-in-one talent: Partial water change and bottom cleaning in a single step with the Tetratec GC Komfort Gravel Cleaner.


Plants, too, are living organisms that require specific conditions to thrive and prosper. Only care can create a splendid underwater garden.

TetraPlant PlantaMin: Leaf fertilizer for lush green aquatic plants - with active iron.

Water Plants TetraPlant Crypto: For intensive root formation and a healthy substrate environment.

Water plants are not only beautiful, but they are also important for the aquarium’s biological balance.

TetraPlant InitialSticks: For substrate activation - with important plant nutrients.

TetraPlant CompleteSubstrate: The ready-to-use substrate concentrate plus effective long-term fertilizer.


Decomposition of contaminants Water plants absorb a part of the substances like nitrates that contaminate the water for their own growth. However, plants can manage to consume only a certain quantity of nitrate as a nutrient. If the nitrate content exceeds certain tolerance values, it can even harm the plants. Oxygen Production Aquatic plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis. If they do not have the adequate amount of

light, nutrients and carbon dioxide, plants do not grow properly and the water’s oxygen content drops. The consequences are an increased contamination of the water, poorer living conditions for fish and plants and a dangerous lack of oxygen for the fish. Taking proper care of plants is essential. Tetra has developed TetraPlant for this specific purpose: it is a plant care system that suits the specific needs of aquatic plants. Water plants absorb nutrients through their leaves and roots. For this purpose Tetra offers special root and leaf fertilizers that complement each other perfectly.

When planting and replanting, TetraPlant PlantaStart helps improve the plants’ ability to grow roots and strengthens growth with the aid of a valuable plant hormone.

No need to worry about algae An excessive growth of algae is always a sign that the biological balance in the aquarium has been altered. This is due to various factors. Three areas responsible for this phenomenon can be identified: poor water quality, incorrect lighting conditions and scarce or incorrect fertilization. The best way to fight algae is prevention. Check the number of fish in your aquarium critically. Many or large fish rapidly soil the water. Feed the fish in your aquarium to three times a day at the most one with small portions. The food should be eaten completely by the fish in a few minutes, as food remains are a source of nutrients for algae. A factor which is often underestimated is the quality of

the food you use. Low-quality and cheap foods are often poorly digested and hence lead to an intense contamination of the water. Use only brand products such as, for instance, TetraMin Crisps, because it favors a substantial reduction in the water’s contamination with nitrates and phosphates. If algae gain the upper hand, you must take fast and targeted action. TetraAqua offers a series of effective anti-algae agents.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

TetraAqua AlgiMin* is a liquid anti-algae agent with a delicate biological effect. TetraAqua Algetten* are perfect for a long-term preventive treatment. Thanks to the slow rise in the concentration of the active agents, it has an extremely mild long-term action. TetraAqua Algizit* is an effective anti-algae agent with an intense and targeted action. If used as an “emergency brake”, Algizit puts an immediate stop to algae proliferation. TetraAqua AlgoStop depot* is a highly active anti-algae agent to combat brush and thread algae.


A well-cared aquarium can be recognized from clear water, lively plants and healthy fish.

The Tetratec UV Sterilizer reduces the number of pathogenic germs in the aquarium water.


Fish diseases In a well-cared aquarium fish diseases fortunately occur very rarely. Should your fish fall ill anyway, it is no catastrophe, because Tetra offers a range of extremely effective medicines for your fish. Well-advised and fast action plus the aid of these medicines can almost always avoid the worst. It is especially important for newcomers to the world of aquariums to know that most fish diseases are the result of poor maintenance conditions. The best way to prevent illnesses is prevention through professional aquarium care. There is no need to be an expert - just follow these easy care instructions for perfect prevention.

Tetra-Tip Fish, too, suffer from stress, which makes them vulnerable to illnesses. Avoid the following stress factors: -poor water quality -over-occupied tanks -poor nutritional variety -temperature variations -combination of incompatible species -stress after being caught and transported

Preventive Measures Food Fish need top-quality foods. Only if the food contains all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the right quantity and blend can fish be healthy. Low quality foods weaken the overall conditions of the fish in the long run and contaminate the water. Water Water is the vital element of fish. Water filtering, the partial change of water and the proper preparation of the water are measures that are absolutely essential for your aquarium. Without regular care for the water of your aquarium it cannot “work”. Plants Lush aquatic plants play important functions in the aquarium. Whoever takes care of his plants takes care also of the environment and prevents illnesses. Water Tests Almost every disturbance to the biological balance reflects itself in the water values. Thanks to Tetratest Water Tests you can check precisely the quality and stress on your aquarium water at any time. Diagnosis Daily health check-ups are very important. Watch your fish and check that they are behaving normally. Check also for the typical signs of an illness like rubbing, breathing problems, frayed fins or wounds.

Even the secretions from single specimens and signs of lethargy indicate illnesses.

TetraMedica GeneralTonic - effective against bacterial and parasitic illnesses.

TetraMedica ContraIck - against ich and ectoparasitic illnesses.

Medicines Should your fish fall ill despite your preventive measures, Tetra offers a complete range of effective medicines against the most frequent fish diseases. All TetraMedica medicines are to be added to the aquarium water. Tetratec UV Sterilizer You can obtain a preventive effect against illnesses by using the Tetratec UV 400 Sterilizer. Thanks to the UV C radiations inside the device pathogenic germs are substantially reduced in the water. When administering medicines the UV 400 should be switched off.

TetraMedica FungiStop - helps against external infections caused by fungi and bacteria.

TetraMedica GyroTox combats gill flukes and skin flukes.

TetraMedica MarinOopharm - wide-spectrum medicament for ornamental seawater fish.

TetraMedica GoldOomed - Wide-spectrum action in treating ill goldfish and coldwater fish.

TetraMedica HexaEx – combats Hexamita, Spironucleus (holein-the-head disease) and other flagellata in the intestines, particularly in cichlids.




Well matched!

AquaSafe and TetraMin: A strong team for healthy water and fish.

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