The Exercise for Developing Clairvoyance

December 19, 2017 | Author: nipunmehra77 | Category: Feeling, Intuition, Hearing, Empathy, Thought
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The exercise is this: visualize yourself holding seven balloons, of the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet...


The Exercise for Developing Clairvoyance The exercise is this: visualize yourself holding seven balloons, of the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo. Let the balloons go one by one, beginning with the red balloon. Watch them float up to the blue sky until they disappear before you release the next one. If you’re not used to visualizing, then this exercise could be quite difficult for you at first. You may find it hard to concentrate or it may be difficult for you to visualize vividly or in colour. It all depends on how developed your imagination muscles are. Any activity which uses your visual imagination is good for strengthening clairvoyant abilities, because your imagination is the tool that Spirit uses to send you information, in the form of images. The more well-oiled your imagination cogs are, the easier it is for spirit to send you clear images. How can you tell the difference between what’s from your imagination and what’s from Spirit? When you receive an image from Spirit, you are not in control. You are not creating the image. It just appears in your mind’s eye without any active participation from you. Another way to open up your clairvoyance: Imagine a third eye, between your eyebrows. Visualize the eyelid on your third eye opening up. All visualization does is set an intention to do something. If you visualize this regularly, you’re putting energy behind your intention to open up your third eye, the centre of your clairvoyant abilities.

Blocks to Clairvoyance A few people who are natural clairvoyants never see any evidence of their gift. When this happens, it usually means there is a blockage or an energy leak at the third eye chakra. At the bottom of this there tends to be some trauma caused by having ‘seen’ something unexpected or unpleasant. There are two reasons why I personally do not put much effort into developing my clairvoyant abilities further: one is that I don’t need it too much for my work and the second is that I don’t really want to see, because I had a scary experience in the past. When I was about seven, I was playing in my bed late at night, looked up and saw a woman standing in the corner of my room, by the door, staring at me. Just writing about it gives me the creeps. I have never been more frightened in my life than at that moment. All I can remember is pulling the covers over my head and hoping she’d go away. I remember my heart beating so fast that I thought it would burst! I think I decided at that point that seeing spirits sucked. Which is probably why I don’t like

seeing spirits now. I have done some clearing work around that experience, but I remain reluctant to explore my clairvoyance further. Lots of people have a blockage like this, due to some sort of frightening psychic experience. If this applies to you and you can locate or remember what is blocking your third eye, use my angelic healing exercise (method # 3) in the article Four ways to heal yourself – it really works. Any general blocks to truth can also affect your ‘clear-seeing’ (and the overall state of your intuitive faculties). For example, if you live your life in a state of denial or falsehood, your clairvoyance will be weakened. If you want to have strong intuition, get into the habit of facing up to the truth in your life, if you’re not already. If you kid yourself about something on a regular basis, it weakens your trust in your own perceptions and intuition and this will affect your clairvoyant abilities.

Further Tips: Place a lapis lazuli or clear quartz crystal over your third eye chakra. Or go into a crystal shop with the intention of finding the right crystal to help you to open up your third eye. You may feel really drawn to one crystal in particular which can help you. When you’re working with your clairvoyance at first, it helps to close your eyes and use your mind’s eye rather than expecting to see things straight away with your physical eyes. Use the affirmation ‘I am profoundly clairvoyant. It is safe for me to see’ Release and heal whatever fears/trauma you have around seeing spirits.

Who is Clairaudient? Clairaudients tend to hear more than most people. People who are bothered by loud noises are naturally predisposed towards clairaudience because of their heightened sensitivity. Clairaudients often hear ringing in their ears. Some clairaudients interpret this as a sign to pay attention and consciously tune in to their intuition. Musicians are often clairaudient. There are many accounts of composers who have heard or dreamt of a melody playing internally before they put it down on paper.

The first step to developing your clairaudience is to really fine-tune your sense of hearing. Here’s an exercise to help you do this:

Unpicking the Orchestra Listen carefully to all the sounds you hear around you while you’re lying in bed at night – the sounds of cars passing, the sounds of birds or animals, of a plane, of people talking, the sound of music. We normally tune out these noises so that we can concentrate or sleep. But when you tune out noise, you dull your perception and you become less sensitive to your inner voice. When you begin to listen consciously to the noise that you normally tune out, you will hear an ‘orchestra’ of sounds. Your objective with this exercise is to notice each and every one of these sounds that make up this ‘orchestra’. Take it apart. Count how many sounds you can hear and make a note of what they are. Some may be really subtle and barely noticeable. The goal here is really to heighten your auditory perception. Do this every night for a week before you go to sleep and you will be amazed at how much you were not hearing before. This will begin to activate your clairaudience.

Clairaudient Listening You can also actively listen for clairaudient guidance. Visualize turning on a radio and tuning into the ‘channel’ of your intuition or your spirit guides. Imagine them sitting around a table, ready to communicate with you. Then, start asking questions. See if you can ‘hear’ or perceive any words – it could be a clear voice that is easy to discern or you may have to really focus and go inside yourself to hear it clearly. If you don’t hear anything at all, don’t give up on your first attempt. For most people it takes practice and persistence to get into the habit of listening to your intuition.

Further Tips 

Set the intention to utilize your clairaudience. Write it down somewhere as this reinforces it.

Don’t block your clairaudience through fear of hearing something negative/frightening. If you’re afraid of hearing spirit for fear of being spooked, intend only to hear your spirit guides and Higher Self, who have your best intentions at heart and who would never knowingly scare you. Ask your ‘Asher’ guide (the spirit guide who is your energetic ‘bouncer’) to keep out negative energies. Remember that if you keep your vibration high and deal mostly in positive energies, you won’t attract negative energies anyway.

Meditate. Intuitive guidance often comes through the gaps between our thoughts. Meditation quietens the mind and creates more gaps in our thoughts so our intuitive guidance can more easily be heard during meditation. (If you want to read more about why quietening the mind is so essential to psychic development, you might like to read this article:The Alpha State – Why is it Essential to Psychic Development?

Use affirmations to develop clairaudience, such as ‘It is safe to hear my inner voice’ or ‘I am powerfully clairaudient’.

Gut Feelings Gut feelings are strong emotional responses that feel almost physical – for example, a feeling of dread or a feeling of excitement. A sinking feeling in my gut means that something is not going to end well or is to be avoided. An uplifted, excited feeling in my gut means that I am on the right track. Hindsight will show you that gut feelings appear for a reason, often to warn you against something or someone. Gut feelings allow you to sense very quickly whether or not you like and trust someone.

Empathy Empathy is a psychic gift. It is the ability to pick up on the feelings of other people and know what it is like to be another person. Empathy can be a double-edged sword. It allows you to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes more easily. However, if you’re an unskilled empath, you can be like a sponge, absorbing and feeling emotions which aren’t your own. Do you ever experience overwhelming negative feelings which seem to have no cause? Then you could be feeling someone else’s feelings. I have written articles on Empathy – including this one: Is Overactive Empathy Ruining your Life?

Physical Sensations Clairsentience also speaks to you through sensations in your body - like tickling or pressure. As clairsentience is one of my strongest gifts, I get impulsed all the time by my guides through physical sensations. Whenever I am tuning into spirit (talking to my spirit guides or higher self) and doing a reading, I get a strong tingling sensation on both sides of my head. I also get a prickling sensation on the top of my head.

How to Develop Your Clairsentience Using your Clairsentience to Read Another Person Here is a quick exercise you can do to develop your clairsentience further:

1. Ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well (but make sure you don’t know the person in the picture) 2. Look into the person’s eyes and tune into their energy – how do they feel at the moment of the photo being taken? If this is the first time you have consciously used your clairsentience, you may just pick up on a basic negative or positive vibe. 3. Ask yourself what this individual is like as a person. Ask yourself whether you trust the person. 4.Is there anything else the person’s eyes are revealing? 5. Now check with your friend – how accurate were you?

Psychometry Exercise

This exercise involves getting hold of an object that someone has worn regularly, like a watch. All objects absorb energy from their owners and if you are clairsentient, you can tune into this energy residue. Hold the object in your hand for a minute or two. If the watch is holding a lot of strong positive or negative energy, you will probably pick up on that. You may also be able to feel what type of energy.

Listening to Your Chakras This is an exercise for tuning into and reading your own energy. (it is best to do this exercise when you have some knowledge of the chakra system, as it makes it easier to do. Check out this article on the chakra system if you’re unfamiliar with it.) This exercise also helps to develop clairsentience because it makes you more sensitive to your emotions and feelings. Here are the steps: 1. Lie down or sit comfortably.

2. Open each chakra, beginning with the root chakra. Visualize each chakra as a coloured wheel spinning horizontally and bring the energy outwards, about one metre outside of your body. 3. Then ask yourself: how do I feel in this chakra? Ask each chakra one by one. See if you get any sensations in your body or emotions that are connected to the chakras. The first time I did this, at the heart chakra (the centre of love and self-love) I felt a sense of hollowness which told me that I was taking care of everyone except myself. At my throat chakra (the centre of communication), it felt tight and constricted and I remembered I had something to say to someone that I had suppressed.

What is Claircognizance? Claircognizance means ‘clear-knowing’. Claircognizants ‘know’ certain things without being told. For claircognizants, their higher self or spirit guides put information (in the form of thought) into their mind. This can be a whole load of information that is ‘downloaded’ into the mind. It can be smaller insights about people and situations here and there. It can be an inspired idea. All claircognizance is characterized by this strong sense of knowing that goes beyond logic and by the fact that the intuitive information comes into the thinking mind, not into the heart or the mind’s eye.

Who is Claircognizant? Claircognizants tend to be very mentally-oriented people. They are often analytical and are good at understanding abstract concepts and solving problems. As children, they seem to know too much and have an answer for everything. They were probably labeled know-it-alls growing up. I find that around 35% of the people I read for are primarily claircognizant. Claircognizance is very common but not as well known as clairvoyance orclairaudience. Few people have heard of claircognizance. Most people think of visions and clairvoyance when they hear the word ‘psychic’. Many expect their intuition to be a voice from heaven or an amazing premonition. Some Psychics can see dead people and hear voices, but many gifted psychics receive

information through less ‘dramatic’ channels like claircognizance. However, if you’re expecting visions and fireworks and voices, you may miss your claircognizance. Claircognizance is no less powerful for being subtle. Anyone who had channelled information in written form (this is called ‘automatic writing’) is utilizing their claircognizance.

Some Examples of Claircognizance: 

You have a sense of inner knowing that it would not be a good idea to accept the job you’ve just been offered, despite the fact that it seems perfect.

You have a certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary.

You receive information about future outcomes.

You get a truly inspired idea

A Common Question that People Ask about Claircognizance: If Claircognizance comes in the form of thought, how can you tell the difference between claircognizance and your own thoughts? Here is a key difference between thoughts and claircognizant input: When you’re thinking, your conscious mind is in control. When you receive claircognizant information, your conscious mind is only observing the information that is coming in and sometimes trying to interpret it - it is not generating the information. The claircognizant information just comes from nowhere – it often has nothing to do with what you were thinking about. Another difference – Thoughts are usually ego-based and want to protect you from failure, embarrassment or disappointment. Claircognizance transcends those fears and comes from a place of wisdom. Claircognizance may only make sense in hindsight. Your thoughts won’t usually require you to take a leap of faith, whereas claircognizance might.

How to Develop your Claircognizance 

Automatic writing is suitable for receiving claircognizant information, as it often comes through in big chunks. Open a word document or get a piece of paper and a pen and ask your Higher Self a question. Write down whatever comes into your mind in response - it doesn’t matter if it sounds like a load of nonsense at first, no-one will read it but you. Make sure the conscious mind is

only a spectator in this exercise – don’t allow your mind to think about the information you’re getting. The first time I did this, I got three pages of nonsense from my subconscious mind. When I persisted with it, I began to channel some insights which surprised me in their clarity and wisdom. Now whenever I want to tune in to my guides or Higher Self, I open a word document and start typing and my claircognizance begins to take over. 

Just setting the intention for your claircognizance to develop will start the process! Write your intention down as this will make it more powerful.

Make time for intuitive guidance. If you don’t already meditate, start a meditation practice, as just five minutes a day will help you to tune in more to your intuition. Meditation helps to quieten your mind and Divine guidance can come through a quiet mind more easily than a distracted one. Claircognizant information often comes through to me when I’m meditating. When I’m meditating, I imagine my crown chakra (the chakra on the top of my head) opening up and I often receive spontaneous intuitive insights upon doing that. Some people like to visualize a funnel being placed upon the crown chakra, to funnel the intuitive guidance from the Divine Intelligence. When you’re in a relaxed state and ready to receive intuitive guidance, if none is forthcoming, start the process by asking a question of your Higher Self and see what comes into your mind.

Often your claircognizance is already operating and waiting to be recognized as guidance. Become more aware of your thoughts. In particular be very aware of what thoughts you are having when you meet someone new or when you’re being told about a situation that you know little about. See what you glean about that person/situation between the lines and if you can, get it validated.

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