The Elixir of Life Part 2 - Dr. Vladimir Volkov

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The Elixir of Life Part 2 - Dr. Vladimir Volkov, h+ water, hydrogen rich water, THE FORMULA...


VOLKOV PART TWO 28. Elixir of life For the first time an inorganic donor of hydrogen was produced by the outstanding physicist - expert Michael Pharaday by the way of water electrolysis. It is a hydronium ion (H3O-H2O), which becomes an initial material for the carbonic acid production in an organism (or at its introduction in an organism). A rising of the consumption of carbonic acid hydrogen reduces its consumption by the way of fatty acids, and so the sector 7 (old age) in Biological clock becomes unclaimed. A decrease of an orange bilirubin consumption results in the following: the sector 6 (climacterium) of Bioclock becomes unclaimed and thus an organism goes to the rejuvenation. With the help of hydrogen ions it is possible to determine a "zero" time in the System of Biofilters and to stop the process of an organism aging completely. It is possible to turn back the time - from an old age to youth. The fight against time has the real chance to win in an organism of a man and all living things on the Earth. The main task of a universal medicinal complex is a creation of conditions for photosynthesis of the respiratory pigments and enzymes. The treatment is a complex of measures directed to reproduction of time of the sector 4 in the System of Biofilters and to destruction of the biofilters block. The prophylaxis is a complex of measures directed to keeping the time of the sector 4 of the System of Biofilters. The main thing is to fill up the deficiency of hydrogen with the help of an organism consumption of water, enriched with the protons of hydrogen, because the hydrogen deficiency in the System of Biofilters, caused by the twelvefold superiority of a biological speed of time in the year above a biological speed of time in a day and also by the spiral course of time, which is the cause of illnesses, aging and death of a man.

29. Production of Elixir of Life at home Michael Pharaday did not know about Bioclock, and hence, he did not know that Elixir of Life is accumulated on the one of electrodes during water electrolysis. If he knew it, than today we would have the honour to shake hands with this ingenious physicist - expert. In figure 17 you can see the elementary plant for water electrolysis. What is it? First of all, it is two electrodes (1 and 2), made of food stainless steel. Such steel, which saucepans, spoons, forks and knives are made of. You will not need steel bars, but flat electrodes, because they have larger water touch area. A semi-conductor device, high-power diode (such as D214A in the Russian classification) is firmly attached to the one of the electrodes (1). One conductor of a twin-core cable is soldered to this diode.

Plant for production of water enriched with hydrogen

1 - electrode made of stainless steel, placed in series with high-power diode. 2 electrode made of stainless steel. 3 -dense bag made of cotton fabric, in which the negative electrode (1), where the positively charged hydrogen ions accumulate, is placed into the water. 1 litre bag is for the diversion of hydrogen water of tank (4). 4 - tank filled with water for the electrolysis (saucepan), bag (3) - also the plant productivity: 1 litre of hydrogen water in 25-30 minutes. fig. 17 For convenience it is useful to mount these electrodes on a platform-frame made of a good dielectric, having fixed the constant distance between the electrodes. Then we select a 5 litres tank (4) made of food plastic designed for hot foodstuff. It can be a usual bucket. Another one tank of 1 litre (3) for Elixir of Life is necessary. It is made of a firm dense cotton tissue, for example, of a fire hose. You can use canvas also. It is more important to use a dense fabric, which will help you

to take the prepared Elixir of Life out of the large tank, not spilling it and saving the hydronium ion. This smaller tank (3) is inserted into the large tank (4) and both of them are filled in with water-electrolyte. Do not take the distilled water, because such water is a dielectric and there will be no electrolysis. You should not boil water for the electrolysis, because boiled water has a poor conductivity. You may use spring water, because it has a definite mineral structure already, so, it is often a prepared electrolyte. The size of a submerged in the electrolyte part of electrodes should be 18 cm lengthwise and 5 cm in width. The thickness of the electrodes is not important. During electrolysis the electrode (1) with the diode wears out, losing the iron. It will need to be replaced from time to time. But this process is very long. As a whole, the electrodes should be longer, than 18 cm, because you will need a place for the diode and cable fasteners and also for the platform-frame, fixing the distance of 7 cm between the electrodes. The electrolyte can be prepared as follows. Dissolve 0,5 grammes of potassium chloride or 0,5 grammes of sodium chloride or 0,5 grammes of calcium chloride in five litres of water. The electrolyte is ready. Pour it in both tanks. Potassium chloride, sodium chloride and calcium chloride should be added in order to accelerate the electrolysis. You do not need to add them, if you have good enough electrolysis already. Mount the platform with the electrodes on the large tank edges so that the electrode (1) with the diode to be inserted into the smaller 1 litre tank (3) and the electrode (2) without the diode - into the large 5 litres tank. Put a plug into a socket of the household electrical supply network. An electrolytic separation of water will start. Thus, the inorganic hydronium ion (Н3ОН2О) and ions of iron (Fe) will accumulate in the smaller tank. (Let's remind you that iron ions are necessary for us for heme synthesis). In 15-20 minutes Elixir of Life will be ready. Time of Elixir preparation depends on the quality of the electrolyte, electrodes, line current strength, line voltage and water of the area you live in. But as a whole, you will be able always to produce Elixir. Pull the plug out from the socket. Take out the 1 litre tank (3) with Elixir of Life and pour it out in glassware (a bottle). Pour the content of the large tank (4) in a sink: we don't need it any more. Plants for water electrolysis are produced by an industrial way and you are able to buy one (learn more). Those, who can not or does not want to burden themselves with the physical experiments, I want to assure that soon you will be able to buy water enriched with a proton in stock. Electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water is commonly used in medicine for disinfection. The results of the clinical researches show that hydronium ion has nonspecific virucidal and microbicidal effects. The acidity of EO water is quite different from the same of dangerous drugs such as HCl, H2SO2, and HNO3, having no Cl-, SO4- and NO3- ions. It exhibits an acidic property due to H+ only and its reaction in a living body seems to be different from those of designated dangerous strong acidic substances. Human cells and tissues receive no damage from this EO water, while bacteria and viruses are killed effectively. Additional information available in the Internet through search engines. Today there are many modifications of such machine, but the principle of operation is the same. For example, in the US a machine is sold by Hoshizaki America (ROX 20TA-U), in Japan - by Nippon Intek Inc. (JAW -035). In Russia the machines STEL - 40 (80, 120, 250, 1000) are available at research-and-production company "Espero". Etc.

30. Plant for production of water enriched with hydrogen

1 - electrode made of stainless steel, placed in series with high-power diode. 2 electrode made of stainless steel. 3 -dense bag made of cotton fabric, in which the negative electrode (1), where the positively charged hydrogen ions accumulate, is placed into the water. 1 litre bag is for the diversion of hydrogen water of tank (4). 4 - tank filled with water for the electrolysis (saucepan), bag (3) - also the plant productivity: 1 litre of hydrogen water in 25-30 minutes. fig. 17 You will get the solution of hydronium ion using our method. It can have a color from colorless up to yellow-greenish. It depends on the presence of metals admixture, which, in turn, depends on the structure of the metal of the electrodes and the mineral structure of water of the area, where you live. In such cases water is colored, mainly, by iron, nickel and chrome. All of them are important for an organism. The thing is that their amount should not be toxic. But using recommended doses the toxicity is out of the question. And the metals, including above named, play the important role in biochemistry of an organism. For example, we breathe owing to iron, nickel is necessary for ribonucleic acid etc., chrome participates in the metabolism of nucleic acids etc. However, if you want to get a pure enough solution of hydronium ion, you should take the coal electrode for the proton, and another electrode should remain steel... And then water in the "bag" will be colorless. Prepared water enriched with proton has an acidic taste. Pour water out of the bag (3) into a glass jar. Water containing OH ions should be poured out from the tank (4). Fill the tank with new portion of fresh water and you can make the litre of water enriched with proton again. The current source is the household alternating current electrical supply network. Attention! The electrolysis plant shown in the figure is elementary, but

high-power and this plant does not have unintentional safety measures against electric trauma. All safety measures come to the realized comprehension that during the plant work it is not allowed to touch electrodes, diode and bare parts of wires in order to prevent a defeat by an electrical current. The hydronium ion is acidic. I.e. pH is below 7.0. Our recommendations on the application of Elixir of Life are designed for its pH=3,0. In the compliance with the described above conditions of its preparation, it will have pH=3,0 approximately. For the precise determination of pH use the pH-meter "Checker by HANNA" or any other, standardized according to the recommendations of the company-manufacturer. Thus, Water enriched with protons has the colour from orange up to yellowishgreenish. The hydronium ion solution has an expressed acidic taste. In the compliance with the described above elementary technology the acidity of prepared water is about 2,5 … 3,0. So-called live water covered by white foam and flakes is collected in the bucket. This water should be poured out and should not be used. The fact is that it contains a lot of hydroxyl ions (OH-). And this ion is one of the most aggressive destroyers of our organism, a hydroxyl free radical. And the solution of the hydronium ion is ready to use. Store water enriched with the protons in a dark, cool place. For example, store it in the refrigerator, closer to the analogues of hydrogen in the sector 1 - darkness and cold. As the practice shows, received water can be stored within one year without the loss of its properties.

31. Proton saturation of an organism It is really important to understand the certain strategy and tactics of the struggle for healthy longevity. First of all, we remember, the older is a man, the faster is the time goes for him, the narrower and steeper his personal spiral of time. Therefore the doses of the proton depend on the age and the condition of an organism first of all. Better to say, for each man a selection of the dose is an individual task and can be solved as independently - according to the health state, and with the help of the doctor competent in the hydrogen therapy. I know three ways of the influence to the System of Biofilters by water enriched with the protons: universal, radical and gentle.

32. Universal method A universal recommendation is simple: it is necessary to start from the small doses. The hydronium ion should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach just after an awakening. Up to 20 years the proton should be taken at the disease states of an organism only! Children up to 14 years - 5 gr of the proton per day. From 14 up to 20 years 10 gr of the proton per day. From 20 up to 25 years - 10-15 gr daily. From 25 up to 35 years - 15 gr of the proton per day. After 35 and up to 45-55 years - 10 gr of the proton per day. After 55 years - 5 gr of the proton per day. Certainly, the doses can change depending on the individual features of an organism and the acquired pathology. The dose can be increased from day to day, adding 5 gr each time (but no more than up to 30 g), until appearance of the first unusual signs: headache, back pain, frequent stool. With the advent of such signs you should stop taking the hydronium ion for 2 weeks, during which the signs should, as a rule, disappear. Then

you should start taking the proton again. In case of symptomatology intensifying you should stop taking the hydronium ion, because the unblocking of biological filters starts. Such things take place at once only at youth and at elderly people. Middleaged people can feel nothing during the period of time necessary for the producing of the required amount of the carbonic acid in the central nervous system. As soon as the necessary amount is created, the unblocking of biofilters will start, which on the periphery will remind the diseases you have had. The carbonic acid penetrates easily into the brain, where it gives back the hydrogen ion, than gradually takes out the neuroreflex block from all organs. The acidation of blood has the wholesome influence on the connective tissue, which amount will gradually decrease, that will result in the liquidation of the sclerotic block. Having the adequate amount of proton, an organism will less and lessa use the natural waste as the substitute donors of hydrogen. In other words, it will not need them any more and will start to get free from slags. The slag blocks in liver, kidneys, lungs and so on will go away. Organs' function will be improving. The deslaging of an organism - unblock of biofilters proceeds in a direct compliance with the biological rhythm of biofilters given by Biological clock of the Earth. The signs of the mild acidation of an organism can be the insignificant weakness, mild sleepiness, moderate giddiness, possible nausea, liquid stool, a little bit increased urination, incidental sleep disorders, some irritability, subfebrile body temperature (37 - 37,3°C) or its dropping and other. These signs are changeable, they depend on the dose of proton, daily and annual biorhythm and then on degree of an organism acidation. The signs of the internals' unblocking are basically the moderate syndromes in the bones, muscles and under the skin. The radicular signs and migraines are possible. The manifestations of vegetodystonia of both hypertonic and hypotonic type are also there. I.e., there is a process, which is opposite to the one described in the previous chapters about the biofilters' blocking. Unblocking of the organs is in the strict conformity with the biorhythm of Biological clock. A fundamental beginning of the unblocking is an intensive release of intestine and a whole organism from the faeces. The best sign is the frequent stool, because the colon, taking out the block, switches a lot of parts of its deblocked surface in use. Remember, that a newborn, who has the whole life before him, defecates 5 - 6 times. And getting older, we have stool rarer and rarer untill so-called "norm" - once a day. Further some people remain one defecation per day that reduces a "normal" adaptation to the neuroreflex block. Others, due to the large deficiency of hydrogen, have a "habitual constipation". The proton excretes the green screen of Death - green biliverdin - black bile into an intestine. The faeces are black or black-green. The symptomatology of the black, frequent, liquid stool can last for from one week up to several months. Thus, many patients testify that an organism has a state of relief and invigoration, their health state improves and activity and ability to work increase. The clinical database shows that after the biliverdin discharge a man stops to catch cold. An organism ceases to react on the draughts and influenza epidemics. More often (90%) the green screen of Death is removed on the first year of work. As a rule, in November - December and May - June. "Work out "of the diseases begins on the first year of work. The degree and depth of such "work out" depends on the dose of the hydronium ion and the auxiliary medicines (vitamins, minerals). But the strongest influence has the executed biorhythm of Bioclock all together with the proton.

In time apect a dependence of the diseases` unblockings and diseases` work out on the prescription of the diseases is clearly seen. The expressiveness degree of the signs of the taking place unblockings decreases from year to year, gradually fading, decreasing to zero and bringing an organism to the absolute health. The duration of the process depends on the disease severity. A normal process of deblocking is carried out bottom-up - from legs to head. First of all, feet, shins, knees, hip joints and so on up to the head. The unblocking in the area of the head begins from the ears and nose. At the liquidation of the physiosclerosis you will feel the crash of the connective tissue under the skin. Pain at the unblockings is constricting-twisting. Crunch in the joints, after which their mobility enlarges. Straightening of the backbone and elimination of the slouch takes place. There were the cases, when the patients began to grow for 1…1,5 cm per one year. After unblocking of an epiphysis the unusual phenomena take place. Some people can gain the ability to see everything inside of their organism. I know one young woman, who was seeing everything, that happens inside the other people, during half-a-year. Some people saw the rays going from the space to their head: light-blue, green, rarely - red (About these and other phenomena you can read in the book "Clearance by hydrogen", which will appear soon on the site There can be the pruritic enanthesises, showing the biochemical processes, which take place in a liver. Very seldom, and also at those, who independently experiment with the doses, there can be insignificant capillary hemorrhages in the skin. The constricting-pulling pains are directed from the nose and head downwards, to the stomach, to the place of the colon. At kidney unblocking - the radicular syndrome takes place. The expressiveness degree and the level of unblockings depend on the saturation dose. The older the man, the less the saturation dose. It is higher at middle-aged persons. The unblockings are more strong in the night and the morning, when a liver and a colon work maximally and minimally. During the preventive work the hydronium ion can be used during the own time in Bioclock, that is a winter, and during the unite opposite time, that is a summer. During the medicinal work and the rejuvenation of an organism, the hydronium ion can be used at any time of the year. Thus, it is important to remember the energy conservation law, which, as applied to the situation, can sound as: the rejuvenation should last as much, as the aging lasted. It is necessary to understand the circumstance, that the oxygen in Bioclock of the Earth always surpasses the hydrogen, so the processes of oxidation surpass the processes of reduction in an organism. In our hydrogen therapy we should be guided by the inverse mutual relation. In other words, we should perform the therapy in such way, that the processes of reduction surpass the processes of oxidation. Practically, it means that we should slightly acidate our organism constantly. The morning dose is more preferably than the evening one because in the morning and day we consume more oxygen, than in the evening and night. Having taken the morning dose, we have the right to expect that by the evening the cells of an organism will synthesize the carbonic acid, which is the best antioxidant of an organism, from the received proton. We should not forget that the degree of an organism acidation sets your personal Bioclock to much more juvenile age, when the state of your organs still corresponds to their chronological age. For this reason the proton therapy should be performed for a long time with

the small doses to not allow the fatal degree of disharmony between the chronological and biological ages. It is not necessary to hurry up. We should give the time to an organism to fulfil the transition to the appropriate biological age. The question arises whether the hydronium ion is toxic for an organism? The answer: the hydronium ion, as a source of the protons of hydrogen, is a chemical compound, which is absolutely harmless to a man (J. Emsley "The elements"). But we shall remember that, for example, if you drink too much water you can die - there will come so-called "water poisoning". WARNING! A man usually wants to get everything at once. Therefore, he aspires to increase of the doses, forgetting that he has been growing old during the decades and the rejuvenation should go slowly and gradually. Otherwise the peripheric biofilters are not ready to the demands of the central nervous system yet and the corticovisceral reflexes can cause severe pains and other troubles … The example. The patient N - cancer of a kidney. The treatment was carried out using the radical method. On a background of the appreciable improvement - the twice decrease of a tumour size - he independently, contrary to my references to lower the proton dose, increased the dose from the 15 gr up to 100 gr per day. And by that increase he provoked the intensifying of the unblocking, taking place in an organism. An acute cardiac arrest because of the hypokalemia. Death. (Hypokalemia is a decrease of a blood potassium concentration. If the blood concentration of the potassium goes below the critical value, there will be an acute cardiac arrest, especially, when this decrease is imposed upon the biorhythmic potassium decrease in November - December.) The contraindications to the hydrogen therapy in the out-patient conditions or independently are the hemopathies and cholelithiasis. One should not take water enriched with the proton constantly!, because the proton tends to an accumulation, as its half-life is 14 days. In other words, if a man has taken 10 gr of the proton, than in 14 days only 5 from that 10 gr will remain. The second half of the proton can work in an organism for 10 years. If one uses the proton constantly, he can oversaturate an organism that will lead to such unblockings, which could cause an acute cardiac arrest. Further, it should be remembered that it is necessary to give time to the oxygen to work in an organism. And the hydrogen might not give it … Practical experience shows, that filling in the hydrogen pool of an organism is accompanied with long recovery of the organism functions. In accordance with our observations it takes about 8 - 10 years. One more important moment of the proton therapy. The hydrogen at the pregnancy can be taken only in cases, when a pregnant woman has never received the proton before. And in very small doses. If she got such therapy before the pregnancy, than during the pregnancy she should not take it, because the proton transfers the uterus in the "open" position and leads to the abortion. It happens because there is the maximum amount of the proton in an organism of a newborn and it always reminds the human central nervous system of that time (a moment of birth - the maximal opening of the uterus). The process of aging is directed from outside to inside and the rejuvenation from inside to outside. Therefore, the skin and hair are the latest in rejuvenation. The nails have a faster rejuvenation.

33. Radical method Most potent, most dangerous, most effective. Brave or very curious people or the born investigators can afford it. You should struggle with death on its territory. Hence, an initial point of our force application should be the sector 8 of Bioclock of the Earth. So, the green biliverdin of the sector 8, formed owing to the hydrogen deficiency, is the cause of Death. It is also the reason of an organism aging and the reason of all its pathology. The biliverdin block does not allow the green rays to enter the System of Biofilters and to conduct into it the firm analogue, the iron, for the heme synthesis. That is why there is a constant loss of a pink (red) pigment that results in our death. We need the hydrogen for the biliverdin liquidation. The system fights independently for the liquidation of this pigment. It tries to produce the hydrogen in the sector 7 by the way of the fatty acids with the help of glucocorticoid hormones of a fascicular zone of the paranephroses cortex (the fascicular zone of the paranephroses cortex sets on the maximum of filtration in the sector 7 from the sector 3, see Bioclock). However, by virtue of the spiral course of time it constantly short of the hydrogen to close a spiral into a circle. But it is clear, that we should enter water enriched with the proton into an organism in September - October, closing the spiral and, thus, stopping the course of time, staying on the level of the previous coil! In the twentieth of October it is necessary to strike the biliverdin, i.e. to stimulate the System to eject this pigment. Why should the stimulation of the System take place at the end of October? The fact is that not only the uniform opposites compete among themselves in biofilters. In each block the analogues of the same time compete among themselves. It is like the Olympic Games among the schoolboys of one class: they are the friends, but someone should be first inter pares! At the end of October the green rays reach the maximum in the influence on the System of Biofilters and will fight with a green pigment (all is checked up in a practice). This maximum will last for 18 days, during which the biliverdin will be throwing out from the System of Biofilters. First of all, we should free the CREATOR OF HOMEOSTASIS, the liver biofilter. For this purpose it is necessary to open the drainages of the biofilter. It means - to set the blood filtration to the minimum. At the minimum of the blood filtration the drainages of any biofilter will be open (see biofilter "Sexual gland" in the figure), and the connective tissue will maximally filter (a nonspecific filtering element of any biofilter). I.e., having opened the liver drainages, we shall clear not only the bile ductuses, but also the connective tissue (capsula and stroma) of this Biofilter. The acidity of the hydronium ion solution (pH) is from 2,5 up to 3,0. General dose. It is individual for every man. The criterion of the saturation is the hydrogen functional block of a kidney. The attribute of the block is a liquid watery stool, in other words, the time of the sector 1, when a kidney excretes the hydrogen and its donors from the system, but enters water, on the contrary ,is artificially generated in the system. Single dose. 50 - 100 gr (as a rule from 1 litre up to 3 litres) Time of year: autumn - September and October. Time of day: one single dose in the morning. Stimulation of the biliverdin excretion. In the year the stimulation should be carried out in the twentieth of October, and in the day - before going to bed. The agent for the stimulation - two handfuls of the ashberry or to drink from 100 up to 200 gr of a strong (40°) alcohol in the evening. Harbingers of the biliverdin excretion. A sense of "nips" on all anterior

perimeter of the costal margins (probably, liver capsula) with an urge to defecate. Colour and consistence of the faeces - black water (high concentrated green biliverdin). First of all the biliverdin is excreted from a digestive tract, then from a liver and only after that from all the organs. To open the liver drainages it is necessary to eat food, concerning the sector 6. Most potent irritant and unblocker is an alcohol. It is followed by the red ashberries. The ashberries should not be affected by the frost, they should have the maximum of bitter taste and orange pigment. The carrots, oranges and their rind, apricots, seabuckthorn and red pepper. Also the sector 6 block is physiologically formed by a coitus. The biliverdin will begin to be excreted with the faeces. As a result of taking in water enriched with the hydrogen proton, a time is somehow "compacted" - because each gramme of the biliverdin is the certain spent time - the diversified symptomatology in the System of Biofilters, dependent on the dose of the hydronium ion and the rate of the biliverdin emission, is observed. The biliverdin can be excreted from the system during the whole winter. Everything depends on the dose of water enriched with the proton of hydrogen. Irrespective of the chosen method, the symptomatology of the various organs unblockings will develop within all next year. It is clear: to excite all Biofilters of the System, the Sun should pass the large ecliptic. The unblockings most often go through the gallbladder`s meridian. All other meridians are involved to some extent (the meridians of the organs according to the east acupuncture). The unblocking begins with the sensation of pressure in some point of the meridian. The pressure transfers into the sensation of a spiral boring irritation, at the end of which there is a sensation of "avultion" of a part of the "internals" and fall of this part downwards in the cavity of the small pelvis in the direction of the anteromedian meridian (median line of a thorax and abdomen). Any such avultion is accompanied with the tachycardia, deep consensual inhalation exhalation and feeling of relief. Reduction of the connective tissue accompanies with a sensation of the tightening for so long as it does not take its "place". The fasciae of the head (epicranial aponeurosis) and abdominal, thoracic fasciae and fascia dorsi are especially indicative in this respect. Lower extremities in a night time can be the subject of the short tonic convulsions. Especially in a winter. It is caused by the better hydrogen inclusion in all kinds of tissues at this time of a year and by the excretion of the various mineral slags. All organs and even joints and bones are deblocked. During the proton action there can be a moderate weakness, inertia, mild apathy, chilliness, sleepiness, (see the sector 1 of Bioclock) and absence of appetite. The unblockings proceed in all biofilters within one year and all years untill there will be nothing to be deblocked, that will correspond to the age of, approximately, 20-22 years.

Method hazards 1. The most serious time is December, because a hypokaliemia is highly expressed, and a pulse at the rest is about 120 heart beats per one minute. Real antenatal period! The acute cardiac arrest because of a hypokaliemia is possible. DEATH. 2. Being cleared by this way, you "compact" the time of several five years periods and may be of decades of your life in one year. Therefore, when the spiral of time begins untwist back, all the problems, which you were "made" during the long years of life (see fig. Universal pathogenesis diagram - disease development diagram), even not knowing about them at all, can be work off just during one year. It is very serious test… I wouldn't advise anybody to proceed along the path of the radical method. You will achieve the same results using the universal method.

34. Gentle method The solution of the hydronium ion is not present in the gentle method. It is good for very old men and very cautious, reasonable people can begin from this method also. In this variant the carriers of hydrogen are the food acids. Mainly, the lemon and dogrose. The disadvantage of this method is the opportunity of the lithogenesis. Though, this opportunity is poorly expressed. However, it is necessary to remember, that using the high doses of even such harmless donor of hydrogen, as Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), the lithogenesis in various emunctories is possible. In particular, in a pancreas. AT THE USAGE OF WATER ENRICHED WITH THE PROTON, THE ANY KIND OF LITHOGENESIS IS OUT OF THE ENQUIRY. Because the hydrogen ion is "naked". It has no molecule, it does not form salts, it can be not the source of the lithogenesis. On the contrary, water enriched with the proton destruct any salts, even the "cerebral" sand of the epiphysis! But there is an exception - a cholelithiasis. And in the case of cholelithiasis the treatment should be started with a healthy life-style (see below), then you should pass to the gentle method and only after it to take the hydronium ion. The use of the proton closes the spiral of time into the circle of time. And it is your choice, my dear reader, to go in the circle, or to fade in the spiral. Albert Einstain, the founder of the theory of relativity, was compelled to say one day: "It is easier to disintegrate an atomic nucleus than to overcome a human prejudice".

35. Clinical dynamics of the saturation of an organism with proton (by the example of the occurrence of the acute bronchitis) We know, that the neuroreflex block of the biofilters is a consequence of the water-hydrogen deficiency and is directed to the liquidation of this deficiency. And the block of any biofilter has the certain clinical presentation, which we call the illness. Our treatment-and-prophylactic measures described in the book, are designed to take out such block, better to say, to liquidate the disease. At the taking out of the block we shall see the certain clinical presentation reminding your disease very much, because both the process of disease and the process of convalescence are two uniform opposites, which unity is determined by a clinical presentation. For more complete comprehension of the biofilters block-unblock picture we shall examine an example of the biorhythmic occurrence of the disease, very much familiar to everybody, - the acute bronchitis (or acute respiratory disease, or acute respiratory viral infection, or cold, or catarrh of the upper air passages - these are the different names of the same thing). So, the gradual superiority of the processes

of oxidation over the processes of reduction in the biorhythm of Bioclock takes place just after the day of the vernal equinox. It is connected to that fact, that the amount of Light in the human habitat steadily increases, the day becomes longer, and the night - shorter. The amount of the red and infra-red rays, which are the carriers of the Oxygen into an organism, grows together with the increase of the duration of day. And to compensate the growing oxidation by the adequate reduction, the organism should take care of the appropriate supplies of hydrogen into the homeostasis. Better to say, to balance the oxidation and the reduction. How it can be done? For this purpose the small intestine using the neuroreflex way blocks the ways of entering of the Oxygen into an organism: nose, throat, trachea and bronchi. Blocking these ways, the small intestine blocks itself also, that allows it not to excrete the part of the fatty acids from the blood into the cavity of the digestive canal and fatty acids begin to act as the organic donors of hydrogen, acidating an organism. It is clear, that the oxygen first of all meets the human blood at the level of mucosa of the respiratory ways. There comes their edema, swelling, they produce the protective mucus. Edematous and swollen mucosa reduces the diameter of the respiratory ways and reduces and complicates the passage of oxygen into the lungs. And the mucus can also result in the occlusion of the fine bronchi, excluding whole sites of the pulmonary tissue from the contact with oxygen. Irritated mucosa provokes a tickle in the throat and the cough reflex. Such condition of the mucosa is called the inflammation, and according to the place of the most expressed inflammation the following manifestations of such trouble can be named as rhinitis (nose), pharyngitis (pharynx), laryngitis (larynx), tracheitis (trachea), bronchitis (bronchi), and if it comes to the pulmonary tissue, than - pneumonia and pneumonitis. The respiratory ways are blocked not only by the small intestine, but also by all other biofilters capable to leave the organic and inorganic donors of hydrogen in the blood. They are - stomach, liver, kidney, colon, pancreas, salivary glands. And the more expressed is the hydrogen deficiency, the more expressed should be the block and the more biofilters should take part in it. Therefore the clinical presentation of the block of the respiratory ways is not just the result of the traditional cough and rhinitis. It also can be the temperature rise owing to the block of the liver bile excreting system, which leaves the bilirubin as the donor of hydrogen, and latter forms the time of July and August in an organism, the hottest months of year, and the body temperature naturally becomes above the norm, and we can feel colics and discomfort in the right hypochondrium. The blocked intestine can give both diarrhea and constipation too. From the stomach we shall get the absence of appetite, nausea and even vomiting. And if the acidation takes place owing to the kidney, the blocked kidney corresponds to the coldest months of year, January and February, and will be realized not only by possible cystitises, radicular syndrome, but also by the lowered body temperature. At the same time we shall see the instability of the blood pressure as neuroculatory dystonia of the mixed type. And so on. In a word, the clinical presentation of the block of the respiratory ways is exclusively many-sided, but usually it is not described. However we recognize it as the classical presentation of the neuroreflex block of the respiratory ways. So, the block was the supplier of the protons of hydrogen in an organism and has balanced the process of reduction with the process of oxidation. What will happen with an organism then? There is the situation in an organism, when we cannot be afraid of oxygen any more. Hence, the further increase of the neuroreflex block stops, we don't need the protection against oxygen any more, and edema-swelling of mucosae, tickle, cough and mucosa excretions also consistently disappear. And the man certainly think, that

he has recovered... But is it so? Of course, not, you see the organism has liquidated only clinical manifestations of struggle between the oxidation and reduction, but it has not removed the neuroreflex block itself... Such convalescence is only an imaginary one, though practically it is impossible to prove this to the patient. The neuroreflex block remains and continues to saturate an organism with the organic acids - the donors of the proton of hydrogen. And the time goes forward. And at last there comes the day of the autumnal equinox. Now the situation is reverse. Now less and less oxygen enters an organism, because the day becomes shorter than the night and the amount of the red and infra-red rays in the habitat steadily reduces. There comes the inequality between the processes of oxidation and reduction again. Now the amount of the reducing agent, i.e. of the protons of hydrogen is higher than the amount of the oxidizer - oxygen. How can we find a way out? It is obvious, that we should increase access for oxygen of the air into an organism, having opened for this purpose the respiratory ways as much as possible. Hence, the organism takes the neuroreflex block out and the signs of acute respiratory viral infection will be the same as at the time of this block. When the access for oxygen in an organism will be adequate to the amount of the hydrogen in it, the man will recover. And it will be the true convalescence, because the neuroreflex block is removed. Such things are observed in October, November, December in the biorhythm of Bioclock. So we would live forever: would be blocked in spring and deblocked in autumn, but the spiral course of time does not allow us to take off the neuroreflex block in the same way, that it has achieved in the spring. Therefore we need the additional acidation. And now, in view of the knowledge, obtained by this example, we will address to our prophylaxis and treatment, which we offer in our book. So, the man has bronchitis. It has filled the proton deficiency with the help of Elixir of Life. And if it was in spring, than having balanced oxidation with reduction, he has recovered, better to say, has stopped filling himself uncomfortable because of cough, rhinitis, temperature rise. And … has stopped the proton consumption. But he has not taken off the neuroreflex block. And in autumn, when the illness comes back, he will think, that his treatment in spring was made for nothing. He makes a mistake. In autumn he will get the true convalescence. And if this man five years ago had the constant bronchites, and then "recovered" with the help of the neuroreflex block or the saturation with the proton of hydrogen with the help of Elixir of Life. And after the saturation he has received again what has left from… What is it? It is the same that we have described. It is the removing of the blocks, received five years ago. In other words, an organism at the level of the central nervous system has returned there, back, in the past, which would seem irrevocable... And has returned to work off all old blocks and at the end to become younger for five years! I have described the process of the proton work in an organism by the example of only one disease. But we shall not forget, that during life we collect, accrue various diseases. Described dynamics of the process is characteristic for all other diseases also. Only the accents of the interaction between the biofilters and different calendar phases of an electromagnetic flow are various. As soon as the necessary amount of the carbonic acid will be created in an organism at the expense of the saturation of an organism by the proton of hydrogen, the unblocking of the biofilters (taking out of the blocks) will begin, and this unblocking will subjectively (at the periphery) will remind the diseases, we have had.

These are not from pleasant sensations, but you should not be afraid of them! Nothing is given without any cost. It is necessary to put up with it.

36. Improvement of health and rejuvenation Healthy life-style is a complex of measures directed to the synchronization of the human vital activity rhythm with the rhythm of Biological clock of the Earth for performance of the program of photosynthesis, incorporated in Bioclock. Healthy life-style allows an organism to realize the Claude Bernard`s law of life in conditions of the concrete habitat without falling out from the biorhythm, i.e. without desynchronizing. Healthy life-style is a formation of the Bioclock time in your own organism. In other words, if it is a winter, than an organism should generate it in itself. And so on. During the synchronization with Bioclock the resonance and rejuvenation develop in an organism. Healthy life-style is an ability to cooperate with the habitat in such way, that own System of Biofilters could become a continuous oscillating system. We have got all preconditions for that. First. The System of Biofilters is an open oscillating system. Hence, we can always enter something missing into it and to remove something superfluous. Second. The nature has given to the System of Biofilters the ability of regeneration. Hence, the system is able to restore its filtering elements. Third. We know Biological clock of the Earth, according to which the system exists in air habitat. Fourth. We know the cause of death. It is the hydrogen deficiency in the System of Biofilters. Hence, we can eliminate this cause. Our task: to make the System of Biofilters a continuous oscillating system. This task is solved simultaneously in several directions by simple means: 1. To deblock the liver and other biofilters, including the skin. That is simultaneously achieved with the help of water enriched with the proton. 2. To close the spiral in the circle with the help of the hydronium ion - the donor of proton. 3. To construct the life in such way, that the main uniform opposites during the action of their electromagnetic maximum would also achieve their physiological maximum in the System of Biofilters. Our actions should be directed to the "swinging" of the balance of life, i.e. the blocks of the sector 2 and the sector 6. We should swing the balance in such way, that the amplitude of the oscillations of the sector 2 spread from the sector 8 up to the sector 4, and, hence, the amplitude of oscillations of the sector 6 from the sector 4 up to the sector 8. It is clear, that these oscillations should be made on the annual and daily convolution of the spiral. Such swinging of the balance of Life is directed to not allow the balance of Death, the sector 4 and the sector 8, to oscillate, reducing their oscillations to the minimal values. Theoretically, the balance of Death should turn into the straight line, i.e. to disappear, as the uniform opposites, which do not exist one without the other. Thus we should remember that the sector 6 is the maximum manifestation, the exaltation of the sector 5. I think, there is no need to remind, that August (sector 6) is the most hot month of the summer (sector 5), and February (sector 2) - the most cold month of the winter (sector 1). Therefore in the actions we should base on the sector 1 and the sector 5, assuming and inducing an output at the sector 2 and the sector 6. So, the "heavier" one scale, the lighter another scale.

37. Sex and Biological clock of the Earth To stay in the air habitat as long as it is possible, a man should either reduce the losses of water or to bother about the excretion of hemoglobin from the system. A man reduces the water losses by the neuroreflex block of biofilters of the communication with the habitat, and then by the organic one, and excretes the hemoglobin with the menses (woman) or through the venous plexuses of the rectum (both man and woman). It is clear, that at the accumulation of the critical mass of hemoglobin and biliverdin in an organism, a woman begins to menstruate and becomes puberal. It is more difficult with men. They do not have such way and they should increase the amount of the hydrogen donors, besides water (basically, a man increase water also, it is shown by a higher contents of water in a man than in a woman). A lactic acid from the muscles is also the donor of hydrogen; that is why a man is physically more active. A man is compelled to search for a woman, because at one coitus an organism of man receives 8 - 10 times more sexual hormones, than in the state of a functional rest of his sexual gland. The green biliverdin in the sector 4 induces a penis to the erections, and a man is ready for the sexual life. The sexual hormones block a liver, not allowing the unconjugated bilirubin to leave the System of Biofilters, and an organism uses it as the donor of hydrogen. So the purport of the puberty is not only a kin continuation, but rather the prolongation of life of the individual. When the opportunities of the sexual system are exhausted and the hydrogen deficiency has grown so, that it is necessary to protect the hemoglobin itself, the menses stops at the women, and the excess of biliverdin at the men is the marker of the beginning of erection weakening. There comes the time of the sector 6 of Bioclock. From time to time excess hemoglobin is excreted from the System throw the veins of rectum at the men and at the women. At the moment of pubescence, the sector 4 of Bioclock, the main role of the hydrogen donors in our organism is carried out by two uniform opposites: an orange unconjugated bilirubin from the sector 6 and the carbonic acid from the sector 2. In relation to the antioxydation function in the sector 4 there is the biological equilibrium between them. These donors of hydrogen are caused by the uniform opposites too: the carbonic acid - by the light-blue pigment, water from the sector 1, and the unconjugated bilirubin - by the red pigment, the hemoglobin from the sector 5. An organism draws the unconjugated bilirubin with the help of the sexual hormones, blocking a bile-excreting system of a liver by them. All period of maturity, the sector 5, passes in an atmosphere of the increasing superiority of the unconjugated bilirubin over the carbonic acid. At the end, taking the first place in the supply of the System of Biofilters with the hydrogen and having reduced the carbonic acid to the minimum, the orange pigment will cause the climacterium. A sexual life has the paramount importance for a man life. And, as we have already told, there is not only the kin continuation, but the prolongation of the own life. However, according to Bioclock, the role of a sexual life extends further. If we take a look at the sector 6, we shall see that a brain cortex and a sexual gland work in the same biorhythm with the maximum of the blood filtration in the day at 9 o'clock in the morning, and in the year - on August 6. It means that our blood at this time contains the physiological maximum of sexual hormones, even without any coitus. And, as a consequence, at this time the biofilters of system are as much as possible supplied with the unconjugated bilirubin - the donor of hydrogen. And the most important thing is that being a carbohydrate-fat filter, a brain cortex removes the orange pigment from the blood at the most. But what does it mean - to excrete the orange pigment by a brain cortex? It means to draw the

information! And not just from somewhere, but from the Space. I think that it proceeds from the relic radiation, which has a radiowave character, that is the sector 6. Hence, it is absorbed by hydrogen of the orange pigment and the latter is actively filtered out by a cerebral cortex from the blood. Better to say, any creativity requires a good supply of the system by the sexual hormones. However, the intensive sex makes the climacterium closer. Every coitus a man enters in the blood 8 - 10 times higher amount of the sexual hormones, than even at the physiological peak in the sector 6. It means, that they 8 - 10 times more block the glucuronic system of a liver, which is responsible for the translation of the unconjugated bilirubin into the conjugated one and for the excretion of the latter from an organism. It means, that during the each coitus the unconjugated bilirubin in 8 - 10 times surpass the carbonic acid of water, competitively winning over it in the tubular filter and excreting it from the system. To be precise on Bioclock, the unconjugated bilirubin is in 12 times higher than the carbonic acid, and thus, water and the titrated acidity in the tubular filter of a kidney - the sector 6 of Bioclock. Just after the coitus there is a vesical tenesmus. That is how we say goodbye to the light-blue pigment. That is how the climacterium, aging, cancer and death come. It is necessary to pay for the pleasure. The price of the pleasure is the life. Therefore we don't want to pay. In this book you can find the recommendations of how to not pay, but to receive the desirable things. Taking into account the above-stated, according to Bioclock it is necessary to recommend to the people, born in July, August and September (Cancer, Leo, Virgo) not to have a sex in the morning. As, according to Bioclock, they inherited the predilection to the primary supply of an organism by the orange bilirubin, because they were born in its natural peak in Bioclock of the Earth. Their time of sex is diametrally opposite, that is at 21:00. The people, born as Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, should do the same. The fact is that these people at least were born at the minimum of the unconjugated bilirubin, they were also born at the maximum of the excretion of the hydrogen ions of the carbonic acid from the System of Biofilters (sector 2). And it means that they have the same rate of the admission of the sexual hormones and the unconjugated bilirubin, as the above named signs have. It is nothing surprising in it. Because all mentioned signs represent the pairs of the uniform opposites, i.e. they extremely resemble each other. They are Capricorn - Cancer, Aquarius - Leo, Pisces - Virgo. The best time for the sex for three other pairs of the uniform opposites (Aries - Libra, Taurus - Scorpio, Gemini- Sagittarius) is 15:00. And if we take a look at the sector 6 of Bioclock once again, we note that a stomach maximally filtrates the blood at the same time. Naturally, we have the voracious appetite after the work in a bed. It should be so, because the unconjugated bilirubin, being filtrated in a stomach, gives the hydrogen ion to it to produce the hydrochloric acid. So it is necessary to be well fed to have a good sex.

38. Loading the sex block The purpose: the most complete influence of the orange rays and the radiowaves onto a man. In the morning, after a sleep, just after the emptying of an urinary bladder and an intestine you should prepare the PACEMAKER OF THE SYSTEM of biofilters for the most complete reception of the orange rays and radiowaves. For that purpose you should properly massage the skin. It doesn't matter which kind of a special massage technique you will use. The main thing is to press the skin properly and deeply, to rub it, to clap it. It is necessary to involve the greater number of the structurally functional units of the skin in the process of blood filtration, and the

greater number of its capillaries should take part in the circulation. A deep massage of the skin allows to "knead" a subcutaneous fat, which partially reflects the orange rays and the radiowaves, that reduces the efficiency of the action of these rays on the system. Further it is necessary to perform the physical exercises for stretching of the fasciae of muscles. The fascia stretching is the equivalent of their blood filtration maximum, which according to the biorhythm, is observed in the morning (see muscles fasciae in the sector 6 of Bioclock of the Earth). It coincides with the maximum of the brain cortex, sexual gland, tubular filter of the kidney and the stomach. Thus, stimulating the muscles fasciae, we stimulate all above named biofilters also. We do the same things as the orange rays do in the system, which set the above named biofilters to the maximum of the blood filtration. As the exercises for the fasciae stretching you can use any exercises, but the yoga asans are the best ones and the best of them for the biofilters of the maximum in the sector 6 are: a fish posture, nauli, bow, plough, pishimottanasana. After the fascial stimulation of the biofilters you should pass to the destruction of the yellow pigment, i.e. subcutaneous fat. Certainly, the massage and the exercises for stretching of the muscles fasciae result in the liquidation of the yellow pigment also, but we need to burn the fat intensively, otherwise it will block the way for the orange rays. Because the skin capillaries have the yellow pigment as a part of the blood (fatty acids, cholesterol, neutral fat), which will reflect the orange rays and the radiowaves, and don't forget the subcutaneous fat. All these things prevent the orange rays and the radiowaves to render the maximal influence on the System of Biofilters. A muscular work burns fat. Hence, we need to do physical exercises, not for stretching of the muscles fasciae, but for the burning of the fatty acids. The exercises of a usual complex of the morning exercises are fine: 20 - 30 minutes are quite enough. It is necessary to remember that you should not completely liquidate the pigment. The fact is that, if to reduce the subcutaneous fat to a thin layer and to increase the protein protection against the x-ray and the dark blue constituent of the spectrum, than the constant exposition by the orange rays will quickly exhaust the sexual gland capacity. In this case the orange pigment will be delivered to the homeostasis not by the way of the liver block by the sexual hormones, but by the way of its neuroreflex block and by the way of its organic block by slags (bile ductuses occlusion by the cholesterol putty), by the way of the organic block by the connective tissue. And this is a climacterium, old age, cancer. Therefore, usual 20-30 minute complex without any apparatuses is quite enough to achieve our purpose. Further - a shower and a breakfast.

39. Nutrition and biological rhythm of Bioclock We will begin from the most important things. From thing that enables us to live. It is water. Therefore, let`s begin from the use of water in the biological rhythm. We have already known, that the spiral course of time in relation to the relic radiation of the Universe does not allow us to fill up the water losses spent for the production of the protons, necessary for the destruction of the green screen of Death. If we knew the biorhythm of water absorption in a human organism, we could lower this pernicious influence of the spiral of time essentially. According to Bioclock of the Earth the maximal amount of water is absorbed into an organism at night. It is its time. And the longer the night, the more water is absorbed by the better way. It has very simlple explaination. At night, when it is dark and there is no light in the habitat (violet, yellow and especially red rays together with their invisible analogues) the domination in the electromagnetic flow passes to the gamma-rays of the natural radioactive background of the Earth (visible analogue of the gamma-rays

are the light-blue rays). Water is absorbed in our organism under the influence of the natural radioactive background. We have got such physiology from the antenatal period, when a fetus was in a maternal womb, where there was the continuous night, and water protected him from the unique rays, which were able to get to him - from the radioactivity. Hydrogen, which absorbs the gamma-rays, accumulated in an organism as a part of the light-blue pigment of blood and water, for the fetus inside protection. That is why 86,8% procent of a newborn boy's body weight is water (in girls this value is a little bit lower). Water protected a fetus from the outside by the way of the amniotic waters. Thus, "used" hydrogen was removed from an organism to a urinary bladder. We have kept such biorhythm of water absorption after birth also, repeating it every night of our life in the air habitat. The longest night is in December, 22-23. It is clear, that the long nights take place most of all during the winter. And this period in Bioclock is from November 15 till February 15. And though in February the frosts are severe, but the nights are shorter than in December, and accordingly water absorption is lesser. However, according to the inertia of the time in the biological systems, the absorption of water in February proceeds at the high level also. It is natural, when the nights are short (in the summer), the water absorption in an organism is less. The direct experiments made in the biorhythmological laboratories, studying the biorhythms of the healthy people kidneys also testify the difference between the summer and winter periods of absorption of water and hydrogen in a human organism. Hence, taking into account that water is absorbed at night mostly, than during the day, we should supply our organism with it, better to say we should drink a glass of water before going to bed. Taking into account that water is absorbed at the winter mostly, in this period of year we should take less food and prefer drink. At this time of year the unblocking of the whole colon and the liver bile-excreting system also, and so of all other organs, takes place. Winter is the time of the minimal carbohydrates consumption. Therefore noodles, macaroni, porridges, sugar, confitures, jams, creams, honey, syrups, white bread, rice, bananas and so on should be used in the limited amounts. Because a natural biorhythmological cleaning of an organism from the slag carbohydrates, such as a glycogen, takes place in the winter. Besides, some carbohydrates turn into the fat in an organism with the course of time in Bioclock. And you should not have the fat in the winter at all. Because in Bioclock of the Earth the fats are the representatives of the period of old age in a human life. But we don't need to be old. Therefore you can cook the food using fats, any fats - animal and vegetative. But do not make the fat a food! Everything, as to fats, concerns the use of a cooking salt. It is necessary to limit the amount of salty products. Better to say, do not eat a herring entirelly, one slice is enough. In a word, we should know when to stop. So what is better to eat during the winter? To answer this question it is necessary to remember, that a liver and a colon work as much as it possible during the winter and an organism excretes the hydrogen ions and all its donors with urine and faeces. Hence, we should direct our attention to the function of a colon and a bile-excreting system of a liver on the one hand, and on the other hand we should not forget that a stomach, kidney and urinary bladder are blocked during the winter. And a duodenum is also blocked. To maintain the maximal efficiency of a colon, it is necessary to use more and more water, and to fill up the hydrogen losses, it is necessary to use acidic water. Therefore, better to use a water tincture of a dogrose. It is acidic by the way of the plenty of ascorbic acid (vitamin С). However, the colon itself actually absorbes proteins also, and a liver bile-excreting system runs on the proteins at all, thus excreting the fat from an organism. Hence, the ideal product for the winter period is the curdled milk that contains both water and lactic acid as the

donor of hydrogen, and also the curdled protein. We should also refer kefir and ryazhenka to this category. Kefir and curdled milk is better than ryazhenka, because they are more acidic and contein less fat. And what are about a stomach, kidney, urinary bladder, and duodenum? At this time of year the given organs are functionally blocked and we should not let these biofilters to be blocked in the neuroreflex way also. But to keep up their function we should have bitter and sweet products. What should we do? We should think as follows. As the function of the above named organs is minimal, but nevertheless, it is their normal function in the given season, so we should maintain it; minimally, but should. On the other hand we should remember the restrictions in relation to the carbohydrates. But the function of these organs is minimal and it helps us. Hence, we shall use the carbohydrates minimally. For these purposes we shall use the dried bread (it stimulates a stomach perfectly) and such bitter tastes, as horse-radish, radish, mustard, bitter pepper. Certainly, we can eat all vegetables and fruits, and closer to the spring the basis of a vegetable ration should be a beet. The starters should be hot. The protein should be of animal origin. It, except for the mentioned kefir and curdled milk, is meat of animals and birds and fish also. On the average, in the winter period, the animal protein products should not exceed 35 gr per day. From 100 grammes of meat acquired by an organism, the proteins make about 20 grammes. Each meal should be anticipated by a glass of water (dogrose tincture, kefir, sourish compote etc.). From 6th of February till 6th of May it is time of proteins in Bioclock, according to which they are maximally absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract, and the fats, on the contrary, are as much as possible excreted from an organism. The peak of the proteins absorption is at March 21 and during some time, approximately for one month, the absorption of proteins will be maximal according to the inertia of time in the biological systems. However, we should not think that we should eat more proteins. We should not do it because according to the law of unity and struggle of opposites, the maximum of spring proteins consumption require the maximum of autumn fat consumption. And the fats in Bioclock - are the representatives of the time of our old age. Besides, the proteins generate the fat in an organism. The proteins originate the glucose, and the latter turns with time into fat too. Hence, we should not use it more than its physiological norm, 72 grammes per day, and no longer than one month. Further we should decrease the amount to the autumn, with an autumn minimum of the consumption - 16 grammes per day, which will come on September 23 and will last for about one month. We should remember that the proteins consumption in abundance is justified and good during the period of human growth and after that the share of protein in the diet should be reduced. But in no circumstances we should exclude the protein, furthermore, of the animal origin, from the food. A man should eat meat! Remember, that all fat filters run only on proteins! And if you do not eat meat, there will be the fatty degeneration of a liver, colon, ileum, jejunum, sexual gland etc. And it is the destruction of the whole organism. Both soy and any appeals of the hungry vegetarians should not confuse you. You should have a good head on your shoulders and know and remember that a man is the omnivorous animal and a vegetative protein will never replace an animal protein. You should just use the small amount of this protein. And everything will be all right. The spring is the time of cleaning of an organism from the fats. Therefore you should not have fat food, whether it is animal or vegetative. Certainly, you can cook on the fat and there is no trouble to put a spoon of sour cream in the shchi. Just do not use the fat as the food. It means that you should not spread the bread with butter and to drink the glass of sour cream. In the spring it is necessary to have

more and more than undigestible fiber and pectins. It is a beet, apples and other vegetative nutrition. A fiber and pectins act as the collectors and stores of excreted fat, they raise the motoric function of the intestine well, participate in the faeces formation, promote the regular and complete vacation of an intestine from possible wastes of an organism. Those, who want to lose weight and everyone, who want to live longer, is necessary to pay the attention to the spring rhythm of food consumption. In spring the preference among the vegetative products should be given to a beet. From May 6 till August 6 in Bioclock there is a time of the intensive oxidation of an organism, so, the water consumption to the protons production. In this period of an annual convolution the carbohydrates intensively enter an organism. Their time has come. But they require the maximum of water. Hence, we should limit their entering in an organism. We should make it, because the carbohydrates in our organism turn into the fats in the course of time in Bioclock. And the fat is the old age. Therefore, we should try again to reduce the consumption of the bakery products and products containing much sugar. These are the every possible confectionery. It is a honey also, which for some reason is considered as less harmful one, than a sugar. It is necessary to remember, that everything is good within the reasonable limits. To save water, I mean, the life, we shold not limit the carbohydrates consumption only, but to think about the presence of protons in it also. And these are all the same acidic products. Kvass, red and black currant, tomatoes, cherry and any red and orange vegetables and fruits will be useful. Though, you can have any vegetables and fruits. The protein should be represented by the sour milk products, lean meat and fish. The summer daily norm of the protein should correspond to the winter one. From August 6 till November 6 there comes the time of fat. It is the very crucial period. On the one hand the fats are intensively absorbed into an organism, and on the other hand - there is the excretion of the various protein slags from an organism. This is the time of the best sodium absorption. Therefore we should not eat the fats, and of course the salty ones, such as the butter and lard. But we should and must cook the food using fat and the usage of fats as seasonings to the food will not harm you also. We should use the minimal amount of an animal protein, no more than 20 gr per day. We should also limit the salty products (do not confuse with fermented ones!). The ration should be made of the vegetables and fruits of all kinds, but the basic should be those, which have orange and yellow colour. For example, melon, pumpkin, apples, apricots and so on. I would recommend to completely exclude fresh milk and cottage cheese from food, except for the cases, when you have the specific purposes, and as little as possible of salty and fat food. Certainly, the stated above recommendations are rather ascetic and to purpose the object to achieve the rejuvenation of an organism and conservation of its health only with the help of foodstuff. But those, who want to live, for sure will listen to them. It is necessary to say, that for those, who is satisfied with the age, the ration is different, but still completely corresponds to the biorhythm of Bioclock. This ration I shall show another time. It is necessary to remember, and to remember always, that a man is a system of the interconnected, interdependent biological filters. And the protein, fat, carbohydrate and water biofilters work in this system at the same time. And if we remove something from the ration, the oligotrophy of the biofilters, which remain without the appropriate load, is possible, they will cease to clean the blood from their form of the biological substances, so to speak, will lose the specialization. There is a fundamental law in biology: "The function creates an organ". Hence, if there is no function, than there is no need in such organ. There comes its oligotrophy and

atrophy. All organs are interdependent in the system. And it is clear, that after these organs the other ones will be the subjecst to the loss of their functions. If we completely exclude some product from the food, there is a question in this connection: what is about the fat filters in our case? You see, we have imposed the strong restrictions on the fat use, almost a complete fast? The answer is simple. The universal nutrition is the animal proteins. They give both carbohydrates and fats. Thus, the vegetables and fruits should always be in the ration. But the selection of food depends on you race also. In other words, the selection of food depends on the colour of your skin.

40. Race and nutrition God has created the people different. He has divided them on the colour of the skin into four races appropriate to four basic colours of the rainbow. In Bioclock the white race belongs to the intrauterine period. It is water and carbonic acid of the civilization. It corresponds to the gamma-rays of the penetrating radiation and their visible analogues, light-blue rays and also X-ray radiation and dark blue rays. All other races belong to the extrauterine period. The black race - the violet and ultra-violet rays, the childhood and the period of growth in Bioclock. The red race - the infra-red and red rays, the maturity in Bioclock. The yellow race - the yellow and low-frequency rays, the old age in Bioclock. The principle of food selection we can explain using the black race example. The black race is black, because the violet protein pigment melanin is accumulated in their skin. The melanin is the antioxidant. It, as the pigment, reflects and absorbs well the ultra-violet and the violet rays of the electromagnetic spectrum, and do not let them to penetrate inside an organism. However, these rays are the carriers of the protein, iron and calcium in the human organism. Without the influence of these rays the absorption of the proteins is low. In this connection, the representatives of the black race should not have the protein food, and especially the animal protein. All the fat filters run on the proteins, thus the black people should not have the fatty food also, because the fats are badly excrered from their organism. Therefore God has given the carbohydrate nutrition to these people and has settled them in the hot climate, because the carbohydrates in Bioclock correspond to the red and infra-red rays. The consumption of the protein and fatty food by the representatives of the black race results in the obesity, senilism, numerous illnesses, especially, to the hypertension, and death. The uniform contrast of the black race is the yellow race. The yellow race is yellow, brcause their dermal pigment has the yellow colour and reflects the yellow and low-frequency rays conducting fats into an organism. The representatives of the yellow race should not have fatty and, than, protein food. Therefore God has also given them the carbohydrates as the rice. The salty food is pernicious for the yellow race, however, the same as for the black one. It results in the hypertension, cancer. At the Japanese the cancer with the localization of the primary focus in a stomach is at the first place. The red race. It accumulates the red pigment in the skin, reflecting the red and infra-red rays, which conduct the carbohydrates in an organism. Therefore, people of the red race should not eat the carbohydrate food. God has given them the meat and the fats, and also settled them in the moderate climate. An alcohol concerns to the red-orange products in Bioclock, and should not be taken by the representatives of the red race. The black and yellow races are more stable towards an alcohol. The white race. There is no pigment in the skin. The native pigment at the people of the white race circulates in the capillaries of the skin as water and a carbonic acid. It reflects the gamma-rays and light-blue rays conducting water into an organism. Drinking of large amounts of water is dangerous for the white race,

though it is their native element, the same as the cold. The carbohydrates are also dangerous for the white people, as the uniform-opposite products, because they have too good absorbtion in an organism. Therefore, God has given the meat and the fats to the representatives of the white race, as well as to the red one, and has settled them in the moderate climate. However, belonging to the intrauterine period, the people of the white race can eat everything. They have the best resistance to the penetrating radiation and cold. Because of it, the representatives of the white race are resistant to the carbohydrates also, though they should not forget that the carbohydrates are most dangerous for them.

41. Six rules of nutrition The proton excretes the green screen of death into the intestine. And we need to remove it as completely from the intestine, as it is possible. For this purpose we shall use the vegetative products, that are rich with not digestible carbohydrates in the form of the fibre, cellular membranes, pectins. These substances collect the slags of the intestine and promote its more complete emptying. The vegetative products are "lamp-chimney brushes" for cleaning the digestive tract and especially colon. The followings are rich in the listed above substances: the beans, peas, kidney beans, the cabbage of any kinds, beet, green peas, boiled buckwheat and millet porridge, all apples and pears, all berries, plums (especially prunes), dried apricots, dried fruits. The food promotes not only the slags excretion, but also the more intensive absorption of the rays, thus strengthening the process of the photosynthesis. And in this case there is a simple first rule of Bioclock: it is necessary to consume the food of your season colour. For example, summer, the sector 5 of Bioclock, we see, that the red rays of Light dominate. Therefore, helping them in the photosynthesis of the heme, we should make the basic emphasis on the vegetative nutrition of the red colour: red pepper sweet and bitter, red apples, raspberry, tomatoes, currant, strawberry, grapefruit, garden radish and so on. Helping green rays in the heme photosynthesis, we should eat a lot of greens: sorrel, fennel, parsley, lettuce, celery, green apples, gooseberries, green plums and pears, green pepper sweet and bitter, onion, garlic, horse-radish, radish, mustard. All bitter tastes promote the excreation of the green screen of death! Orange nutrition: apricots, oranges, tangerines, carrots, pumpkin, sweet pepper, sweet cherry, currant (orange) and others. Yellow nutrition: yellow sweet pepper, yellow apples and pears, yellow plums, yellow bitter pepper, pumpkin, millet porridge and others. Dark blue nutrition: eggplants, prunes. Violet nutrition: boiled buckwheat, beet, plums, beans, some kinds of kidney bean, some kinds of large onions and others. The time of light-blue and gamma-rays, the sector 1 of winter in Bioclock, this is the special time. Period of rest, repose, recreation. The light-blue nutrition is … the water! In particular in winter the cells of an organism are filled with water. And by February the organic acids will be replaced for the best donor of the protons - inorganic carbonic acid! It will be the perfect prophylaxis of the chole- and urolithiasis, gout and metabolic osteoarthrosises. But the main thing is that we shall receive the protons and water by the natural way, preventing the aging and the illnesses of an organism! Winter is the time of water. Therefore we should drink and sleep more in winter. The dogrose tincture-decoction which is iron and ascorbic acid champion, so necessary for synthesis of the heme - the perfect drink in winter and at any time. The second rule. Food should contain the animal proteins, which are "lampchimney brushes" for cleaning the cells of the liver, main human pigmental organ

from the fat. Such proteins are the fish, liver, heart, kidneys, beef. The norm of consumption of the animal protein - 150-200 gr of the raw product. You should not have the animal fat and animal proteins in spring, the sector 3, and in autumn, the sector 7 of Bioclock for not less than the month. These proteins can be consumed in summer and winter. The third rule. Any fat should be used only for cooking, but never as an independent course, such as sandwiches with butter or glass of sour cream with a pie etc. The fourth rule. The acidic milk should be taken daily, 200 gr before going to bed to liquidate the age dysbacteriosis. The fifth rule. The nutrition containing digestible carbohydrates, should be categorically excluded. The fact is that the glucose competes with heme for the oxygen. And we should exclude this competitor to intensify the synthesis of the heme. Therefore potatoes, bananas, corn, rice, bakery products, creams, jam, honey, sugar, macaroni, pizza, pies, cakes and so on - should be excluded from the food. We should eat rye bread, coarse grinding, not more than 200 gr per day. The sixth rule. The daily amount of food should be divided into five meals. Thus there will be not much substances in the blood, which are postponed in various tissues as the slags. We fill up the minerals using the vegetative nutrition, but to secure ourselves we can take special mineral tablets in spring. The minerals are better absorbed during spring, and are excreted during autumn. Therefore it is necessary to saturate an organism with the minerals taking these tablets during the year. In spring it is also necessary to carry out the saturation of an organism with the polyvitamins. Both minerals and polyvitamins should be taken during March. 1 standard tablet of vitamins and minerals 1 time during dinner. In autumn there is a lot of fresh vegetative nutrition, which is the sufficient source of minerals and vitamins.

42. Winter of an organism The electromagnetic winter lasts from November 6 till February 6, and the biological winter from November 15 till February 15. The divergence in the limits of winter is connected to the inertia of time in biological objects. The inertia of time in a man is that amount of time, which is spent from the moment of the influence on the man by one or another constituent of the spectrum, up to the moment of manifestation of this action. For example, being exposed to the ultra-violet rays, the man will receive the deposition of the melanin in the skin (sunburn) not at once, but only after time. This time will be the criterion of the inertia of time in the man. The inertia depends on intensity of the influence of the radiation on the object, sex, age, diseases and so on. Therefore it is different for each man. Winter has the small analogue - the night and the large analogue - the antenatal period of the cycle of the human development. Winter is the main season in our life, it allows to live three more seasons: spring, summer, autumn. The quality of life, forthcoming to us in spring, summer and autumn to big extent depends on winter. It is also true for the following: the better the man has lived in his antenatal period, the better health he will have during his further life after birth. It is the sector 1 of Bioclock, therefore I shall not repeat its characteristics. There are three tasks in this season: First: to fill in the cells with water. Second: to accumulate the carbonic acid. Third: to replace the organic slag acids with the inorganic carbonic acid. The photosynthesis is conducted by the spectral pair of Light: the invisible

gamma-rays of the penetrating radiation of the natural radioactive background of the Earth and its visible analogue - the light-blue rays, and cells are filled with water, just as it was in the antenatal period of the cycle of human development. At this time the uniform contrast of this pair of rays, red and infra-red, is minimally shown and they can not compete with gamma- and light-blue rays. So, the photosynthesis of a heme is insignificant. An organism consumes the minimal amount of oxygen. Winter is the time of the photosynthesis of the carbonic acid, light-blue and dark blue copper-bearing pigments. This is the time of the water maximum and the carbohydrates minimum. The period of rest, repose, sleep. The colon is absorbing the water as much as it possible, hence, maximally use its own filtering surface, so, deblocks other organs, taking out the neuroreflex block. It is possible to say the same about bile-excreting system of the liver. Among the alimentary organic acids the lactic and ascorbic acids, which are included into the fermentation structure, are not harmful for the man. Therefore fermented and soaked vegetables and fruits, together with the fresh ones is the basis of the ration. The copper for winter photosynthesis should be taken from the animal products: liver, meat, marrow, heart, kidney, blood-pudding. The zincum for the carbonic anhydrase, so, for the synthesis of the carbonic acid, should be taken from the sea products and vegetatable products, where Zincum is 1-10 mg/100 gr of the raw substance. Attention! Zincum prevents copper, calcium and phosphorus to be absorbed. We specially do not need the calcium and phosphorus in winter, but the copper and zincum are necessary for the photosynthesis. We can "reconcile" them only by the animal products, where these both metals are submitted in the best proportions for the absorption by the man, as the omnivorous animal. Taking into account the above stated, the animal products for winter are the liver, blood-pudding, meat, fish. The blood-pudding is on the first place. The norm of the animal protein consumption by the adult man is not less than 20 gr in winter, that after the recalculation to the finished product, is approximately 100 gr of the fish or bird, or cattle meat. To take the slags from the intestine: fresh and soaked apples, prunes, dried apricots, dried fruit, boiled buckwheat and millet porridge, peas, kidney beans, mushrooms, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, beet, carrots (not much!), all kinds of pepper, and in the beginning of winter (I remind, that there is the biological winter, instead of the calendar one … see Bioclock of the Earth) should have much garlic, onion, fennel, parsley, green peas and bitter-spicy greens (onion-leaf with the fennel), horse-raddish, raddish, pepper bitter, mustard. All kinds of berries, but better bog bilberry, whortleberry, prunes are good in winter. And all light-blue and dark blue in general. Only black bread and the less, the better. The bread is the strongest liver blocker-oxidizer. The block of the liver by the bread gives the acidation of the blood and the sensation of the saturation by the food. Try to eat something without the bread, even the meat, and all of you will feel yourselves hungry, because the blood remains unacidated without the bread. In winter it is better to prefer the first and third courses. It is necessary to avoid the consumption of: rice, bananas, pizza and all flour products (most strong blockers of the liver), semolina, corn. The potatoes should be used only as a part of the first courses, instead of the independent use. Drink. The main drink is always the dogrose tincture-decoction. The dogrose is the champion in the iron and ascorbic acid, which is necessary for a normal iron metabolism. The second drink - the drink-food - is certainly, the kefir. Third - the compote from the dried fruits without any sugar.

How much and what drink we should take? In the morning - 200 gr of the dogrose tincture-decoction. Before doing to bed - 200 gr off the kefir for the systematic destruction and prophylaxis of the age dysbacteriosis. During the day the compote made of dried fruits to fill up an organism with minerals before their biological maximum - spring. Winter is the time to drink. So drink the compotes, for your health. Once again we shall remind that the better water absorbtion in an organism is in winter and at night. We should go to bed and to get up according to the sun, instead of the clock. I.e. to go to bed when it becomes dark, and to get up, when the day is breaking. However in view of the realities of the civilization we should try to stay in bed at least 10-12 hours, because the colon maximally filtrates the blood and deblocks biofilters in the laying position. The same with the bile-excreting system of the liver, which excretes bilirubin, biliverdin, cholesterol, fatty acids, bile acids. The liver needs the sulfur for the sulfuric acid for the help to the glucuronic acid. The animal proteins are rich in the sulfur. In general everything, that we need, is present in chicken eggs: one per day will be good for you. The physical activity should be minimal and no more than 2 hours per day. In the morning and in the evening we should well massage the skin for the best reception of the spectral constituents of Light by it. Exercise for the stretching of the muscles fasciae: inclinations forward - back, sideways without the flexion in the articulations of the lower extremities; hang, "like the sausage" on the horizontal bar. We need magnesium for the rest and repose. All green parts of the plants are rich in magnesium. During winter the self-cleaning of the connective tissue of the nonspecific filtering elements and also kidney, stomach, urinary bladder takes place. The kidney excretes into the urina a plenty of organic acids. They are replaced by the carbonic acid, which is the best donor of the hydrogen. Winter, the sector 1 of Bioclock of the Earth is the time of the limited food consumption. Therefore it is better to have frequent and small meals to not form the slags in the blood, and to drink a glass of compote before the meal. (In Bioclock, in the sector 1, there is pointed the starvation, but it concerns the fetus during the intrauterine period from the point of view of the independent food consumption, but indirectly the fetus received the nutrition from the mother.) At the end of winter, the sector 2 in Bioclock, it is necessary to carry out the preventive cleaning of the colon and hepatic ductuses - drainages. For the colon it will be the siphon enema or the apparatus cleaning (hydrocolonotherapy). For a liver - tubages (oil-acidic or oil-alcoholic or egg yolks). The fat, as the independent nutrition, should not be taken. It is possible to cook using fat, but you should not spread the butter on bread. Two table spoons of sour cream for all the dishes per day will be enough for you. Remember, that fat is not absorbed by an organism through the liver, which is the filter for the fat and does not let them in. It is absorbed from the intestine using lymphatic system, which by thoracic lymphatic duct goes into the heart, where it is a part of the energy source. But if there is a lot of fat, the atherosclerosis first of all threatens the heart. The cooking salt intensifies the absorption of fat. Therefore the pickle (to not confuse with the fermented products), the corned beef and plentiful consumption of the cooking salt should not take place. It is necessary to exclude also the smoked products. You should limit, but not exclude the cooking salt! You should not take also the digestible carbohydrates (mono- and disaccharides), sugar, kissels, honey, confitures, jams, creams and so on, because they are presented in winter minimally, and the insular part of the pancreas minimally gives the insulin for the blood and the excess of the carbohydrates always turns into fat of the sector of old age 7 of Bioclock.

And now we shall discuss as an example of "winter" in an organism the mistakes of the "the Nature explorers", professing cold and starvation, as the basic agents of the fight for the healthy longevity. Empirically they have correctly noticed the importance of cold for an organism, the importance of winter for the whole flora and fauna, the importance of the water consumption. The moderate, even scanty food consumption during this period is also correct. But … The complete starvation is not correct for an organism. The complete starvation is incorrect, because the fatty acids produced in blood during the starvation form in an organism the time of autumn, instead of winter. They transfer the organism to the supply of the fatty acids as the donor of hydrogen, that provokes cancer, cholelithiasis, osteoporosis and other illnesses, supersede the rests of the just generated carbonic acid and block the cellular membranes, aggravating the age fatty degeneration of the organs. It is a wide-spread mistake. P. Bregg, professor Y. Nikolaev and all those who professed and profess the starvation have made it. The dousing with cold water, moreover in cold, maximally opens a kidney to excrete the various acids. But nothing is given instead. Therefore the organism activates all its hormonal system to produce the donors of hydrogen again. It gives the sensation of vivacity, freshness and so on. But this is the deceptive sensation. The fatty acids require physical activity for their burning, and the cold (winter) requires not the physical activity, but the rest and repose. Therefore these procedures take the man out from the biorhythm, increase the rate of his burning, make an organism old. And, at the end, there comes the cold dystrophia of the organs. In winter the kidney is self-cleaning. It excretes the various slags: old epithelium, slag proteins and amino acids, salt deposits, sand, small stones, autoimmune complexes and other. We should especially note the excretion of the organic acids from an organism by the kidney: urinary, oxalic, acetic, succinic and so on. All organic acids are stone-forming. Therefore it is extremely important to allow the kidney to clean our organism of these acids in winter period.

43. Spring of an organism The sector 3 of Bioclock. The photosynthesis is made by the ultra-violet and violet rays. Tasks of spring: cleaning from the fat and the sclerotic proteins, filling in an organism with the minerals, main of which is iron, with the vitamin "C", riboflavinum, nicotinic acid, ubiquinone, before the forthcoming summer. The fast during March is for the animal proteins, and fat should be used only for cooking. Light requires the presence of protein in the blood. During the fast it is necessary to search for the protein in the connective tissue. Spring is time to excrete the fat from the organism, while it is the fast for their taking in. The collecting of the fat in the intestine is carried out by the boiled buckwheat, millet porridge, apples, beet, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, peas, kidney bean. The cooking salt should be limited. The fat shpuld be used only for cooking. The rye bread, as usual, a little. Kidney bean and peas contain plenty enough of proteins, which will allow the minerals to be absorbed by the blood. The supplier of the minerals will be the vegetative food and polyvitamins with minerals during one month, 1 tablet at dinner. The minerals and proteins are absorbed in the afternoon (see the sector 3 of Bioclock), therefore we should take the tablet during the dinner. The fat leaves the depot under the influence of bitter tastes. Hence, to excrete the fat from the depot it is necessary to use the onion, garlic, bitter pepper, horse-radish, radish, garden radish, mustard. The lymphonoduses have no drainage for the slags, and are the fat filters, that

is why spring is a good time for the cleaning. And lymphonoduses are our protection from bioslags of the habitat. Their blocks are the lymphogranulomatosis and lymphosarcoma … The suppliers of iron for an organism are the tincture-decoction of the dogrose, boiled buckwheat, millet porridge, apples, and dried fruits. They are also the good adsorbents of the intestinal toxins. They are also the prunes and dried apricots. We should drink less, than in winter, because spring is the time of the proteins, not water. A glass of kefir before doing to bed for the dysbacteriosis prophylaxis. The physical activity should be high enough. In the morning and evening we should massage the skin for better blood supply and the response for the spectral constituents of Light and we should also make simple exercises for the stretching of the fasciae of muscles for the stimulation of the connective tissue. It takes about 10 minutes. To intensify the effect of spring of an organism, it is possible and necessary to use the moderate ultra-violet irradiation of the quartz lamps at the solaria. It can be made in the period from the 15th of February till 15th of May. In all other seasons the ultra-violet irradiation is counterindicative, because it breaks the biological rhythm. Certainly, women want to be tanned all the year round, and they do not really care about the health at the age from 16 up to 40, it is always after the beauty... So, the ultra-violet radiation is invisible pair of the violet rays. We can see the violet rays only when the violet protein pigment melanin is deposited in our skin, this pigment reflects the violet and ultra-violet rays, not letting them to penetrate into an organism. The melanin is the pigment of the protection from the ultra-violet and violet irradiations. This pigment constantly presents in the skin of the black people. The ultra-violet and violet irradiations are the conductors of the minerals and proteins in our organism, and at the sunburn, the absorption of the proteins and minerals in an intestine is noticeably reduced. The ultra-violet and violet irradiations dominate in the nature of the Northern hemisphere from the 6th of February till 6th of May and their biological domination - from the 15th of February till 15th of May. In these periods it is necessary to receive ultra-violet and violet irradiations. At this particular time of the year we should visit the solaria or acquire a tan. The most biologically active ultra-violet and violet irradiations take place in May. And after that only first week of June should be used to tan outdoors. And it doesn't matter, whether it was fine or cloudy… Whether you have tan or not. That is all. Summer is the time of the infra-red and red irradiations. And, to be healthy, I am sorry, it is necessary to respect the mother - nature. However in our life we see the following. The women to attract attention to themselves, visit the solaria and have the tan not only in spring, but also in summer, autumn, winter. Attention! The ultra-violet and violet irradiations made at any time of the year, except for spring, completely throw the man out from the biological rhythm. The fact is that an organism of the man after any ultra-violet and violet irradiations (these pair of rays is inseparable), carried out not in time, is compelled to build spring inside itself: spring in winter, spring in summer, spring in autumn … Also what shall we get in the process and as a result?! Something like that. In calendar spring, approximately up to the end of March, kidney, stomach, urinary bladder, sexual glands, brain! finish their biorhythmic self-cleaning and the next organs are waiting for this, and then the next, for the cleaning of which the other qualities of the radial energy (other seasons!) are required … And we have spring and spring again… There comes the slag block of one organs (liver, colon and other organs), that results in the cancer development, first of all, with the localization of

the tumor in these organs and according to the connections of these organs with others (and here are the breast, uterus, prostate and other). Besides, any season requires the same food … In a word, there will be problems. Serious problems, not at once, but later… But for sure to spend much time in the hospitals. However, you make the choice. Always you! Spring and the future summer - the best time for the true weight loss of an organism, in from the point of view of its liberation from fat. We shall speak about it in the special chapter, taking into account, that it is important for the health, and the women, in my opinion, give this process almost the basic attention.

44. Summer of an organism The photosynthesis is made by the red and infra-red rays of Light. The major season, because of the heme synthesis. The heme is the part of the cellular respiratory enzymes - cytochromes and the pigment hemoglobin. The task for summer: to produce a lot of cytochromes and to burn out the fat of the sector 7 of Bioclock. The dogrose tincture-decoction and kefir stay as a part of nutrition. But we should remember, that summer not the time of water, but the time of the carbohydrates and water deficiency. It is necessary to limit the consumption of the liquid. There is the fast for the digestible carbohydrates. The severe fast. It is made to take the oxidable substrate out from the competition with a heme and to put an organism in the conditions, when the heme should be the basic protection from oxygen, that will induce an organism to the increase of its synthesis. The material substrates for the hemoglobin synthesis are proteins, iron, and ascorbic acid. We know, that the boiled buckwheat, millet porridge, apples, liver, bloodpudding besides the dogrose will give us the iron. To intensify the effect of red rays it is necessary to eat vegetables, fruit, pink and red berries. For example, red apples, raspberry, strawberry, red currant, garden radishes, all kinds of sweet pepper and so on. The synthesized hemoglobin, being the red pigment, reflects the red rays of the spectrum, but the green and light-blue go into an organism. The green rays also carry out the synthesis of the heme. To intensify their effect, we should use green vegetative products. For example: onion-leaf, garlic-leaf, sorrel, rhubarb, lettuce, green peas, fennel, parsley, green apples, gooseberries, green plums, cucumbers and so on. The intensifying of the effect of the red rays can be achieved by their physical analogues: sauna, bath. During outdoor work we should avoid the head overheating: have the short hair and to wear a head-dress (panama, hat). In summer at the carbohydrate and water deficiency the fat will burn down, that will result in reliable loss of weight and liquidation of the fat depositions (camel effect). The scavengers of the intestine are, as always, peas, kidney bean, green peas, cabbage, beet, boiled buckwheat, millet porridge, apples, plums, apricots, pears, all berries. The scavengers of liver from the fat are, as always, the animal proteins. The norm of the animal protein consumption is 40 gr per day that after the recalculation into the finished product is approximately 200 gr of meat or bird or fish per day. Other 60 gr of the protein should be taken in by the way of the vegetative nutrition: peas, kidney beans, beans, lentil … But don't be zealous in relation to the vegetative proteins, the main is to eat the animal proteins - "lamp-chimney brushes" for the liver and the source of the eight irreplaceable amino acids. We should use animal fat (sources of vitamins A, D, E), and vegetative fat only for cooking.

To form the fewer amounts of the slags, we should divide the daily norm of food consumption into 4, and better, into 5 meals. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midmorning snack, supper). And to not bother youself by the calculations, it is better to make it a rule to eat more often, but little by little. The small intestine, pancreas, stomach, urinary bladder, kidney are deblocked in summer. The colon and bile-excreting system of the liver are self-cleaned in summer. We should strengthen this self-cleaning at the end of summer, having done the cleansing enemas and tubages, as it was at the end of winter. The physical activity should be high: sport games, walking-tours and so on. The massage of the skin in the morning and in the evening for the best response to the spectral constituent of Light should be done.

45. Autumn of an organism The photosynthesis is made by the yellow and low-frequency rays. We shall have the fast for the fat, we shall limit the cooking salt (but will not exclude it completely!!) also we shall have the fast for the animal proteins, at least for one month. The sense is the following: the yellow rays require the presence of Fat in the blood, but we have excluded the fat from the ration and an organism should search for the fat in the fat depositions. Therefore at first the organism gets the fat from the fat depositions. Then, because of the increased activity of the paranephros, an organism begins to make fat from the proteins and first of all, from the slag proteins of the connective tissue. Thus, we again, as well as in spring shall receive the excellent chance to be cleared, both from sclerotic protein and from ballast fat, having strengthened our immune system, having cleaned lymphonoduses biorhythmically, which, we remind, have no drainages and can not be cleaned in another way. We need high physical activity, both for the burning of the slag fat and for the burning of the slag protein - the prophylaxis of the atherosclerosis. Autumn is the time of the consumption of the orange-yellow vegetative products. Autumn does not require the special vitamins intake, because it is rich in everything. This richest time from all points of view. The cells of the liver and lungs can be well cleaned in autumn (spring - too). It is desirable to have the bitter taste food or the food with a little of the bitter taste, and the late autumn is the time of the strong bitter green tastes (the photosynthesis is made by the green rays). Hence, in autumn we shall have the apples of all colours, pumpkin, bitter and sweet peppers, peas and green peas, onion, garlic, horse-radish, radish, pepper, mustard, fennel, parsley, and in November - vodka, cognac (once per week), lemons, cabbage, onion-leaf, garlic-leaf, beet, boiled buckwheat, millet porridge. And obligatory drink is the same: a glass of the dogrose tincture-decoction in the morning and glass of kefir before doing to bed. The massage of the skin for the best response to spectral constituents of Light in the morning and evening, and also the exercise for the stretching of fasciae of muscles and hang on the horizontal bar should take place.

The common remarks As we see, in all process of the photosynthesis we can reduce our behaviour to the several simple rules, and carrying them out, we can live long life without hospital.

1. The photosynthesis requires the consumption of food, which has the colour of the season or off-season. In other words, the photosynthesis requires the execution of the biorhythm of Bioclock. The bases of the nutrition are the vegetative products and animal proteins. The vegetative products are "the lamp-chimney brushes" for the cleaning of the intestine and the collectors of the toxins, the suppliers of vitamins and minerals in an organism. The animal proteins are "the lamp-chimney brushes" for the cleaning of the liver cells - the main pigmental biofilter of the System of Biofilters, the suppliers of the 8 irreplaceable amino acids, which the organism is not capable to synthesize independently, and there is no such amino acids in the vegetative proteins or it is not enough of them. The vegetative and animal fat we use only for cooking, and always limited amounts. The fat can be synthesized from the proteins and carbohydrates. The animal fat is the source of the vitamins A, D, Е. The vegetative fat is the source of the polyunsaturated fatty acids. The excess of the vegetative fat results in the decrease of the immune system. The vegetative bitter products as the analogues of the green rays and stimulators of the deblocking in the Scales of Death in Bioclock are the frequent part of the food. The food need to be taken more often, but little by little. That reduces an opportunity of the occurrence of the slags in the blood and their deposition in the biofilters of the system. The best number of meals is 5 in spring, autumn, summer, and eat a little in winter, because the natural day is short. Winter is the time to drink. We have the dogrose tincture-decoction as the drink as the maximum supplier of the iron and ascorbic acid in an organism, and the kefir, as an agent of the fight with the age dysbacteriosis. 2. We always massage the skin in the morning and evening for the best response to the spectral constituents of Light. We always do the static exercises for the stimulation of the connective tissue to the selfcleaning. 3. In Bioclock we always help at first to the strong one, instead of weak, because the strong one becomes even stronger and helps to the weak. For example, the abundance of the heme in summer, during the domination of the strong red rays of Light, helps to weak green rays to made the heme photosynthesis, because the strong (a lot of) hemoglobin reflects the red rays, and lets the green rays on the contrary come into an organism.

46. Loss of weight Usually in medical practice the excess of weight is divided into the degrees. And is classified according to the reasons. My approach to this problem differs. I classify the obesity as follows. There is the extracellular, intracellular and mixed obesity. The extracellular obesity takes place in the people up to 25th years, mixed (intracellular and extracellular) - in everyone who is older. It is clear, that the intracellular obesity is much more dangerous, than

extracellular one. Why? Because the drops of fat prevent the work of the cells of the organs, thus the work of the organism as a whole. The extracellular obesity is bad too: prematurely disables the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (at the high obesity). However, everyone reading this and can clarify his own weight, you need to calculate the body build index (BBI). It is equal to the boby weight in kg, divided on the height in meters raised to to the second power. BBI= weight (kg) / height 2 (м2). If yours BBI is less than 20, than you are underweight. The underweight in the women is especially bad, because they can not become pregnant, and if it happens, than they can not bear the child (abortions). The BBI 20 - 24.9 it is considered the ideal weight. If BBI is 25 - 29,9, than you have the excess weight and it is time to think of its liquidation. If BBI is higher than 30, the man begins to spend time at the hospitals, sorcerers, healers. Using the biological rhythm anyone who wishes, can successfully liquidate the obesity. The best season for this is spring, and also winter and summer. And if we have executed the complex of winter measures of the healthy Life-style, we have already lowered the amount of fat in an organism. But externally it will be hardly noticeable. It is explained by the fact, that the cells will accumulate water and the body weight will change unsignificantly. We remember that winter is the time of water. The complex of measures in spring will also result in the decrease of fat in an organism. And if we managed to execute the Healthy life-style of spring, we have achieved the excretion of the fat again. And during summer we can a little bit toughen the execution of this season by our organism. So, we remember, that summer is the time of an organism burning. Everything burns in the oxygen furnace: proteins, fat, carbohydrates, water. But … if at this time we eat the digestible carbohydrates, which first of all burn during the summer together with the water, we shall get an increase of weight by the way of fat, instead of getting rid of them. The glucose does not burn down completely at its constant inflow into an organism, but is deposited as the fat. We shall go the other way. Let's remember "the king of the desert"- an ordinary camel. Having drunk planty of water, it has the long passage across the desert in the sun. The camel does not drink during the way. It simply walks. The source of water for him is the fat, which was deposited in the hump or humps of the camel. The fat gives more water than everything. And the muscles work using fatty acids and thus processing the fat. This is very reliable weight loss. The camel finishes the passage being thin, but not ill animal. We are, certainly, not the camels, but can draw on their experience. So, the water burns out together with the glucose: we need six molecules of water for the one molecule of the glucose. And in such case we do not need the fat. Hence, we impose a ban on the digestible carbohydrates (however, we have imposed this ban long ago, we shall remind, that it is ice-cream, chocolate, cakes, pies, jams-creams, confitures, sugar, honey, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, rice, bananas, pies and other bakery, sweet drinks, potatoes and so forth) and the water. Certainly, we want to drink, and we shall be slake our thirst with kwass, kefir, dogrose tincture-decoction. And the less we shall drink during the day, the better. High physical activity is necessary to burn out the fatty acids in the muscles up to water and carbon dioxide. We should walk, be physically active. But do not go in for sports. Play football, volleyball, basketball. It is not important, if you are not the sportsmen. It is for your private satisfaction.

The fat is also excreted by the intestine. Therefore the trap, made from natural sorbents should be ready for them. That is, as we remember, the vegetative cellular membranes. Our products: apples, pears, plums, cherry, raspberry, gooseberries and other berries, fennel, parsley, garden radish, beet, all kinds of cabbage, peas, green peas, soy and products from it, beans, kidney bean, cottage cheese, meat, fish, cheese, but not spicy, all kinds of pepper (sweet and bitter), horse-radish, radish, mustard, onion, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled buckwheat, millet porridge.

47. Open letter At my request one of my patients has stated his sensations and impressions from the hydrogen therapy in the open letter. The patient A. R. male, 37 years, born in 1963, Scorpio (November). Lives in St.-Petersburg, Russia, profession - art critic. In 1977 has an acute glomerulonephritis, turned into in the chronic one. Liver diseases: chronic cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia. In 1992 - severe pneumonia, after which the chronic bronchitis began. The proton course started in January, 1999 using the radical method. " … About the proton treatment and possible prolongation of life I have heard in 1998 from my old friend P. We met by chance and he, being breathless with delight, has told me about the discovery of Doctor Volkov. Hounestly,I did not believ him at all, I thought it is the next puff sensation designed for the money collectings. The storyteller was surrering as well as I did, from the chronic glomerulonephritis (disease of the kidneys) and from the list of accompanying diseases, he was of greygreen colour. His unhealthy, puffed up face has made a painful impression on me. As far as I knew him, P. was constantly the subject to catarrhal diseases, anginas and influenzas. In winter P., the man with the free profession, preferred to stay at home with the shut window leaves and with the neck winded around with the scarf. I was really surprised, when the next year, in December, in the cold I met P. again in the street without the scarf and with opened neck. The pink face and brilliant eyes of P. has convinced me better than any advertising that hydrogen works. At my request P. introduced me to Doctor Volkov and in January 21, 1999, in the morning, I drank the first in my life 50 grammes of Elixir of Life. Almost a month, at daily dose of proton, I felt nothing. Later, communicating with the people who were taking the hydrogen therapy, I have heard from them the various individual information on the terms of the initial saturation with the proton before the first clinical signs. It was a week for someone, two - three and more months for the other. I should tell some words about how I felt myself prior to the beginning of the hydrogen therapy. The chronic glomerulonephritis that I got in 1977 as the complication of the angina was not bothering me. But in January, 1999 it was two moments connected to my health that bothered me. First. During last years I felt constant pain in the right hypochondrium in the area of the liver because of the biliary dyskinesia. When once I, for example, have had the piece of the smoked sausage, the pain increased. In the place of pharmacological companies I would write out the gratifying letter or transfer a part of the stocks to me for that amount of the analgetics and the medicines restoring the function of the liver that I have used during these years. Second. In December, 1992, before Christmas, my wife has "dragged" us off Brussels, where we lived, to go for a walk at the coast of Ostende. Contrary to my wish and state of health - my temperature was already rising. Heavy cold winds of

the coast with sleet have done their part. I had the pneumonia, from which they treated me the whole winter. Since then I have had the cough. In winter, once I inhale the cold air, the dry uncontrollable cough would shake my body. I did not sleep at night because of cough. And it went on from year to year. All doctors activity, halo chambers, inhalations, intravenous therapy did not bring the result, except for the temporary relief. In such condition I began the hydrogen therapy of Doctor Volkov. At the moment when I am writing these words the period of work of the proton in my organism is two years and ten months. That is what happened. In one month after the beginning of the hydrogen therapy the cough has completely stopped. It has returned only once, in August, 2000, in 17 months. It has returned sharply and unexpectedly. Without any preconditions - at this time I lived for already two month at the tropical islands, where the year round temperature is +28°C. I have coughed the whole week, at night - effusively. The cough has stopped sharply. The call to Doctor Volkov has explained what happened; it was the unblocking of the lungs, made by the gallbladder and colon according to the biorhythm of Biological clock. Since then I have forgotten about the cough. But we shall return to the beginning. From about the middle of February and during two months I had the black liquid stool 4 - 6 times per day. However, it is necessary to say, that despite it, I felt the relief and internal improvement. The pains in the liver have gone. It is alreary three years as I am absolutely (!) free of chill. All epidemics of the influenza pass me by. I have even carried out the experiments on myself, which before would have resulted for me in a disease. After the physical activity, sweated, I placed myself in the draughty place. No results. For three years I even never have sneezed. It is necessary to say, that in spring of 1999 during the period of 3 - 4 months I had my gustatory sensations and predilections changed. For example, during this period I have completely refused such products, which I like, as eggs, sausage and butter. After approximately three months of the daily saturation by the proton, I was attacked by the weakness, apathy. Suddenly the indifference have got the control of me, the relish for life was gone. According to the recommendation of Doctor Volkov I have stopped the hydrogen therapy, and in couple of weeks this unpleasant condition has disappeared. I want to tell about the other interesting phenomenon. Being the one who liked to drain the vine-glass with the right crowd, I perfectly knew about the mutual relation of my organism to the alcohol. So, after the biliverdin excretion - black bilemy alcohol resistency has multiplied up many times! I think, it is connected with the purification and improvement of the liver. Among the unblockings, which obviously occured to me, I can note the suddenly appeared severe pain in the right ear. I was afraid, that had exposed my ear to cold and the otitis began. It was couple month ago. Doctor Volkov told me to wait and not to take medicines. And indeed, in one day, when the peak of the pain has come at the time from 6 AM till 8 AM, gradually getting down, the pain has disappeared. It was the "work out" of an otitis, which I had in childhood, when I was six. Then I was blown through by the November wind on a runway, when I, sweated, have come out from the stuffy plane. Now I still remember this excruciating pain. I want to tell about the act contrary to the recommendations of Doctor Volkov. My birthday is in the beginning of November. So this period in Biological clock for me is the determining, very important, crucial and most dangerous one at the same time.

In autumn of 1999 the degree of the saturation of my organism by hydrogen was high enough and Doctor Volkov strongly recommended me to stop drinking the proton till May of the next year. Besides in no event not to use the alcohol during October - November, because it provokes unblockings. I have made the opposite things. Feeling the salutary work of hydrogen inside of me, I continued to drink Elixir of Life. And, as, my birthday, and also the birthdays of my wife and my children are in the end of October and in the beginning of November, I have had a lot of alcohol. The ambulance had put an end to my "experiments" on November 6, it was send for because of the severe, frightening pain in the heart. The heart pains were bothering me for almost two months. Whether it is necessary to tell that since then I piously have followed the recommendations of the author of discovery of Biological clock of the Earth and the founder of the hydrogen therapy. In August, 2001, I unexpectedly, have stumbled on the stairs, felt as something "has come off" in my thorax. I was pulled back, my shoulders were thrown back. Being rather slouching from the childhood, I have felt myself the reefer, who at sea school was put daily for 20 minutes next to the wall to form the bearing. It is three months already that I "sit" on my own backbone. Something constantly pulls me back, straightening the shoulders. The slouch has disappeared. I shall not be surprised, if I start to grow. The subjective sensations for these three years tells me that there is something very good and useful in an organism. As to my kidneys disease (glomerulonephritis), it is the third year, before my each birthday, I have something like a small furuncle on the left wing of the nose. And, if during the first two years this inflammation "hung" on my nose during one month, strongly bothering me, this year all has passed in several days. Doctor Volkov has commented it, as the peripheric sign of the unblocking of the kidney, because the meridians of a colon responsible for the kidneys unblocking are placed in the man on the wings of the nose. My old friend and coeval P., whom I told about, has the experience of the proton work in an organism for 1 year more. So he asserts that during this time he has grown for 3 centimeters. I want to show one more example. The dog of P. - eight-year old mastiff, female. When it was seven, P. has carried out the proton therapy: each day during two months he has sprayed 10 ml of Elixir of Life into the dog`s mouth using the syringe. As the rate of the metabolism in dogs exceeds the rate of the metabolism in a man in several times, the effect was tremendous. In one year its gray-haired "beard" has disappeared, and when it was brought for the copulation, the unaware veterinarian has determined its age … one year! Even my wife, who is all the time skeptic and does not believe in anything, seeing those changes, that have taken place in me, has asked for hydrogen. Today all my family, all close people and friends drink the proton. And everything, which happens to them and to me, completely confirms the truth of the unusual theory of Doctor Volkov."

48. Dialogue with the reader This chapter is written on the basis of the questions asked by my patients. The answers to these questions naturally come from the book, and, thoughtful reader, certainly, could formulate some conclusions, which were not included in the book with the purpose not to complicate it. Reader. I saw the term "biological clock" or "internal clock" before in the special literature. What is the difference? Author. Yes, really, the numerous attempts to create the models of "biological

clock" demonstrating the process of the origination and development of the illnesses and the mechanisms of aging are known. For example, the ecological model, on which the modern medicine is based, supposing, that the increase of the incidence of the main human illnesses is the direct consequence of the increasing of the duration of an exposition of the man to the action of the adverse factors of the environment and thus results in the accumulation of damages in an organism with time. The model of the "Big internal clock", including the calendar made as the set of the representational symbols, reflecting the cooperative changes, occurrs with highly organized living organism from the beginning of his life up to the end is known. This calender includes the hypothalamus, represented on the plane, its connection with the central nervous system and feedback to the limbic system with the pituitary body and endocrine glands. In some not numerous similar attributes the given technical decision can be considered as the prototype of my model of Biological Clock of the Earth. The disadvantages of the prototype which do not allow to achieve the put object is that it demonstrates the mechanism of the aging and the origin of the main illnesses proceeding from the internal mechanisms and human organs without the connection of these phenomena to the environment, i.e. it examines and demonstrates the living organism theoretically isolated from the influence of the environment. The essential disadvantages of the prototype, as well as of all other known analogues, are the followings:  Their biological rhythm is not taken into account, i.e. clock is not adhered in the function neither to annual, nor to daily time.  The concrete cause of aging, illnesses and death of a man are not shown in the clock prototype.  The clock is placed in a concrete human organism or in an organism of the highly organized mammal, and the calendar, placed in the hypothalamus, is only conditional one.  The prototype of clock can not dictate the way of construction of the healthy life-style, the prophylaxis and the treatment of the man from the various illnesses connected with aging, because this "clock" do not trace the phase of the human life, it does not have the registration of the factors of the habitat, taken in nutrition and other factors, and the man is represented only by several organs.  The prototype of the clock is not a calendar in the essence, and is the graphically executed diagram of the self-regulation of the human organism. My task was the creation of the evident and practically usable model of biological clock taking into account the unity of any living organism, the Earth, the Sun, the nature and the space, i.e. the creation of the concrete calendar, according to which we live, reflecting all phase of the life of any organism which is taking into account a complex of the external factors and dictating the way of the treatment of an organism. The model of Biological Clock of the Earth represents an evident calendar formed by the Earth and the Sun, i.e. taking place outside of the man and describing all fauna of the Earth in view of the biological rhythms, tracing all phases of the human life or the life of any organism on the Earth. Biological Clock of the Earth take into account all complex of the factors of the environment and internal medium of an organism, because they give an idea of the change of the strictly regulated spectral constituents of the electromagnetic flow given by the axial rotation of the Earth and its simultaneous orbital movement

around the Sun. The analysis of the distribution of the constituents of the electromagnetic flow, presence of basic elements amounting blood, work of the biofilters according to the phases of life of an organism using the model of Biological Clock of the Earth allows to dictate a universal way of the prophylaxis and the treatment of the illnesses connected to the aging, - liquidation of hydrogen deficiency in an organism. As the every pair of the constituents of the spectrum of the electromagnetic fluctuations corresponds besides the other to the concrete donor of the hydrogen protons in the human blood for each concrete period of human life, shown in Bioclock, than the analysis of the spectral mutual relation during human life allows to find the cause of aging, diseases and death of the man in the air habitat, in which we exist. Biological Clock of the Earth allows making the following conclusions: 1. The aging and the death of the man come by virtue of the increasing hydrogen deficiency in an organism. The main carriers of hydrogen protons in the best periods of our life are the water, carbonic acid, amino acids and lactic acid. 2. The best donor of hydrogen is a carbonic acid, at the minimal content of which the climacterium comes in an organism, i.e. the end of a procreation function in the women and decrease of sexual force in the men. 3. The universal medical agent against cancer, old age, climacteriums is the proton of hydrogen, which is harmless for an organism and which can be easily and cheaply received by the way of the water electolysing. 4. The human life can be considerably prolonged by the way of the obligatory prophylaxis of an organism aging by taking in water enriched with the protons of hydrogen. Reader. How do you know, that a man is the System of Biofilters? Author. The anatomy (structure) of each organ tells us, that all human organs, without any exception, are the biofilters. In fact, each organ has a connective tissue case - a capsula, in which we can find the specific cells and these cells have the arterial blood supply and venous outflow. The bloodflow goes in one direction always. As a result of a blood passage through the organ, one or another excretions of an organism, which I have named the own slags of the biofilter, are generated in the organ. Reader. The anatomy tells us that all human organs are the biofilters. But how to prove that this is really true? Author. Everything is already proved. And the most important thing that it is proven not by me. First, there is such rule: the anatomy confirms the physiology, and the structure confirms the function. And, secondly, the most important Nobel Prize is given to Landsteiner and Levin. They proved in 1925 - 1926 already, that all excretions (I mean: the own slags of the biofilters) of a human organism, such, as tears, sperm, saliva, bile, gastric juice, sweat and so on, have the same group, as the blood group of the given individual. It directly proves, that the own slags of the biofilters are the blood derivatives. The arterial pressure is higher and the venous one is lower - this fact of the blood pressure change in the biofilter tells us about filtration in the organs. In a word, the blood filtration and the biofilter are easily proved. The law of energy conservation, which in the projection to the biosystems is called the law of the homeostasis, is considered fundamental in the medicine. As well as in any other sphere of the natural science, the law of energy conservation is the fundamental law. The electromagnetic flow spectrum is well-known. The movement of the Sun, as the reflection of the axial rotation of the Earth and its orbital movement around the Sun is also accessible to everyone. The unity of the Nature is

shown quite convincingly. So, to fight against the theory of medicine stated in the book will be very hard, if possible at all. Reader. How to prove, that the biofilter is blocked by the connective tissue? Author. We don't need to prove anything, because even Mechnikov have written about the connective tissue growth and the destruction of the specific cells of the organs by it. And all doctors agree with him to this day. They disagree in trivialities, but they are solidary in the main thing of my theory. Reader. Wasn't it obvious previously that the organs are the biofilters? Author. There are the records in the special literature about such obvious biofilters, as a lien, kidney, lymphatic node and even a liver. But all other human organs were refused in it. However, many therapeutical methods, for example, hemosorption, plasmapheresis, haemodialysis, intestinal dialysis, enterosorption and so on, are based on the idea of the blood filtration. All this is the excretion of the slags of the blood using the artificial way at the block of one or another biofilter of the system. But the researchers did not rise up to the common denominator - the System of Biofilters - because the field of activity of each of them was limited either by the frames of the microscope object stage or by the opinion of the higher supervisor. I have not submitted to anybody and did not listen to other opinions to not lose mine. Reader. And what biofilter is the most important in a man? Author. All of them are main, but first among the equal are those, that have caused an origination of a brain cortex, its six layers. These are lung, heart, liver, skin, pancreas, and kidney. Reader. But you see we die because of the block of a digestive tract? Author. This is right. But a worm also has a digestive tract, and the six biofilters listed above made a man from the point of view of the biology. So all mental diseases are diseases of the internals. And vice versa. Reader. And what does the algorithm of the System of Biofilters graphically look like? Author. It is a triad sinusoid. The bearing one is the sinusoid reflecting the eleven years cycle of the solar activity, the sinusoid of the ecliptic of Death - the sinusoid of the ecliptic of Life is placed on it. Death has always held the life in its hands… And carried it on its own shoulders. Reader. In your book you have mentioned such scientists as Flanagans, K.Howard, A.Kostenko. Does someone else work in the same direction? Author. Certainly. A lot of scientists work in such field of a science as search of the way of the human life prolongation. But they are either under the pressure of their knowledge store and their time leaves to carry this store, or they can not explain those surprising things, with which they collide and make far-reaching conclusions. The disadvantage of the modern scientists investigating the problem using the microscope - is the disadvantage of encyclopaedic knowledge. Recently in Britain the data on which 10 scientific achievements of the last year are possible to be considered the most important ones for the further development of a mankind and knowledge by it of the laws of the universe were published. The first one is the discovery, on the one hand, confirming the fact that the galaxies fly away in the contrary directions with constantly growing speeds, and on the other hand, establishing the fact that the gravitational forces thus exhibit a strange behaviour: they show a complete independence, i.e. do not depend in any way on those forces, that push the galaxies from each other. For us the second and third discoveries are most important. The second one in importance is the discovery of the daily rhythms: all flash on the Earth, including, of course, a man, has the so-called a "daily clock" inside,

which is responsible for all internal processes in an organism and controls them depending on the time of a day. The third discovery. The discovery of "potassium channel structures" has allowed to see the thinnest membranes inside the cells of living organisms. These membranes either pass the certain atoms through themselves or detain them. It is like an example with a human genome decoding. They decode it and do not know what to do with this result. Scientists tell, that today a genome is 95% of something that we do not understand. A huge "disproportion" between the knowledge and the comprehension have appeared. I should tell you about the outstanding Russian astrophysician N.A.Kozyrev. Now the newest theories of the universe structure, space and time are based on his works. Kozyrev thought, that time is not just duration from one event untill another, measured in the hours. The time is the physical factor having the properties, which allow it to participate actively in all natural processes, providing the relationship of cause and effect of the phenomena. But we shall talk about Kozyrev`s discovery and opportunities in a knowledge of a man and universe connected to this discovery next time. Reader. I would like to know, what does Biological Clock of the Earth tell us about the genotype? Author. The genotype is only "exemplary executor" of the higher chief, the phenotype, more precisely, the habitat. It fulfils the will of the electromagnetic flow. Reader. Recently I have heard that the American scientists have discovered Bioclock in the experimental mice. It has appeared the gene from the fourth chromosome. I would like to know who are right, you or they? Author. The pacemaker of the rhythm of the cell is a cellular membrane and the locus of the chromosome in the genetic apparatus of the nucleus, which represents it - by analogy with a human skin and a nervous system (a nervous system is the fourth layer of the cortex cells representing a skin). Apparently, American scientists discovered this gene. It carries out the management of the cellular biosynthesis according to the biorhythm. It is necessary to say, that it is not a bioclock. Bioclock are shown by the author in this book. Moreover, we can say at once, that the American gene of "bioclock" is guided by the effect of pigments and hormones on the cellular membrane, which transfers the information on the course of the Sun on the ecliptics to it. The universal dictator for the cellular genotype is the hydrogen ion. Reader. It was said in your book that the brain cortex is the specific representation of the biofilters. Moreover, the biofilters, which have taken part in the formation of the brain cortex, are particularly named. In turn, the cortex is a material substratum of the maximal human nervous activity, the main irritants for which are word, idea, image, that is all that is used in the hypnosis. They can really change a man state. Author. This is a "chewing" of the same thing. And they do not solve the problem of the hydrogen deficiency. And no "settings" will not forbid the cell to lose the hydrogen, the connective tissue to block the biofilters, and the System of Biofilters to go on the ecliptic of Death. Reader. I heard that the scientists have found the gene of aging… Author. Any gene of aging is out of the enquiry. The condition of an organism depends on the percentage ratio between the inorganic (water and carbonic acid) and the organic (organic acids) donors of hydrogen. While the equality H

(H2O+H2CO3) = H (organic acids) is kept in an organism, than we are in the sector 4 of Biological Clock of the Earth - the best sector of our life. As soon as the organic acids become the prevailing donors of hydrogen, we pass to the sector 5, 6, 7 and, at last, 8, death. Reader. And nevertheless I ask you to name the cause of cancer degeneration of a cell once again. Author. The hydrogen ions deficiency in the cellular homeostasis owing to the block of the hydrogen ion canals of a cellular membrane for 80% of its filtering area. Reader. In your book you have never mentioned the AIDS problem. What can you say about the treatment of the patients with AIDS using the method of the hydrogen therapy? Author. I haven't started this talk, because I didn't work with AIDS patients with one exception, and I had no opportunity to observe the clinical presentation of the work of the proton of hydrogen in an organism of AIDS patient. But I think, as hydrogen takes out the neuroreflex block from the biological filters (that essentially improves the filters' excretion of various slags from an organism, including biological slags, which is the AIDS virus) we have the right to expect the beneficial effect in the prolongation of life of such patients. First. The AIDS patients die of secondary infections. And the most often infection resulting in death is a pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis carinii. To liquidate the pneumonias an organism should be acidated with the help of the neuroreflex blocks, and the blocks prevent the elimination of the originators from an organism. Therefore acidating an organism with the help of hydrogen, on the one hand we form the conditions for the immediate destruction of the originators, and on the other hand, removing the neuroreflex block, we improve the elimination of the originators from an organism. In this connection we shall remind, that the protons of hydrogen have the immediate bactericidal action also. Secondly. If you have read our book attentively, you should remember, that the lymph nodes are the biofilters of an organism, which have no their own drainages for cleaning. And the AIDS virus is the lymphotropic retrovirus, which affects the lymphatic tissue itself, reducing the pool of T-lymphocytes and provoking the development of the various infections, which are the immediate cause of human death. Thus, we shall solve the problem of the biorhythmic cleaning of the lymphatic system, which can not be cleaned by any other way because of the absence of drainages! And such cleaning can not be performed anywhere in the world, as it is possible only on the basis of the knowledge of the biorhythm of Biological Clock of the Earth, and we publish Bioclock itself for the first time in the world... Thirdly. There is only one AIDS patient under our care. At the moment of the beginning of the hydrogen therapy the patient N. had the developed clinical presentation of AIDS: frequent acute respiratory diseases with fever, diarrhea and lymphadenopathy. Two years ago he started the complex therapy, which includes both last generation antiviral medicines and protons of hydrogen. In four months the state of the patient has stabilized. Now the state of the patient is satisfactory, he works, and during the last eighteen months he has been feeling himself normally. The clinical manifestations of the disease are not present. In - fourth. The solution of the practical problems in medicine always requires a wide experiment and not so much on rats, guinea-pigs and in vitro, as on people, who volunteered to participate in it. Therefore the final conclusions can be made during such experiments. The experience of the treatment of various diseases using the proton of hydrogen that we have at the present moment, allows to affirm, that in the solution of the problem with "the plague of the 20th century" hydrogen will have the loaded word also.

Reader. Author has mentioned, that some researchers specified the epiphysis as the material substratum of Bioclock. What does the Biological Clock of the Earth tell us about the epiphysis? Author. According to Biological Clock of the Earth, the epiphysis has one function - it promotes the excretion of acidic valencies from the System of Biofilters by its hormones. Points of the application of the hormone (melatonin) or the hormones of the epiphysis are a liver bile-excreting system, a tubular apparatus of a kidney, stomach, colon, sexual gland and brain cortex. The epiphysis can act as the hydrogen pacemaker of the nervous system biofilters. But there is no and was no "human bioclock", as there is no bioclock of a lizard or bird and so on. Reader. And how does an operative treatment influence on the health? Author. Variously. All depend on the concrete operative treatment. For example, the stomach resection in case of the peptic ulcer. The resection is the reduction of the filtering area - both specific and nonspecific filtering elements. Better to say, the resection is the equivalent of the block of the stomach. It assumes the prime failure of all biofilters of the groups of the sector 2 and the sector 6, i.e. the patient risks to get psoriasis and urolithiasis, cholelithiasis and hepatitis, climacterium and diabetes mellitus and cancer sooner. In a word, the course of Biological clock will be accelerated. Reader. What auras, taking into account the Kirlian experiment, has the man in Bioclock of the Earth? Author. The fetus at the antenatal period has a red aura. An aura of the period of growth is yellow, the moment of the pubescence beginning - green, the maturity - light-blue, the climacterium - dark blue, the old age - violet, the death pink. The aura of the cancer cell is red, because the cell in this case has entered the antenatal period, according to Bioclock of the Earth. Now, concerning the extrasensory individuals. They can help in the search of alive and dead souls, but not in the treatment. Their brain is the generator of the electromagnetic flow, and as well as the brain of any other man, is not capable to fight against the natural generator of the electromagnetic flow, against the Sun. Therefore, the filling of the hydrogen deficiency in the System of Biofilters with the help of the passes and so on is out of the enquiry. Reader. Then, what is the supersensitivity of these people caused by? Author. By the high contents of the bilirubin in their organism. With its help we take the information from the Space. And if we take the blood analysis for the bilirubin at these people, it will be normal. We can explain it as the following: the cells of their organism have changed into the primary supply by this antioxidant and absorb it. Reader. How can you explain that fact that, having spent several tens of years in the lethargic sleep, a young man, having woken up, begins catastrophically to grow old? Author. Everithing is very simple. When he is asleep (sector 1), he have been constantly losing hydrogen, thus producing the pigments and blocking all biofilters of the System by the connective tissue. When he is asleep, his filtration is minimal, therefore externally he does not change. As soon as he will wake up, and the level of the blood filtration will sharply increase, the biofilters will be compelled to fulfil the specific filtering elements adequately to the received block. Visually we shall see the process of the ostensibly accelerated aging of the given individual. Actually, he also grew old when he was asleep. Reader. I look again at Biological Clock of the Earth, the sector 1, and I have a question. As it is known, the homosexuals are called light-blue. In Bioclock "the sexual organ" of the homosexuals is projected in the sector 1. It is a rectum (Rec). But there, in sector 1, we can also see the domination of the light-blue rays. What is

it: just a concurrence or the accuracy of Biological Clock of the Earth is so high? Author. Nothing is casual in the time. For example, how we can explain, that the red light of the traffic light is the colour of death? We die from the poisoning with the red hemoglobin also! How can we explain, that the red light of the house of prostitution is precisely reflected in Bioclock of the Earth, the sector 5, the functional maximum of "heart" of a man and woman, prostate and uterus accordingly? How it can be explained, that a lion is orange-red in the Nature, it has precisely the same color that the spectral constituent of his native zodiac sign (the sector 6)? How can we explain, that the chemical element, gold, corresponds to the same Lion, because the Fraunhoffer`s line of absorption lays in the sector 6? And so on. Reader. The tetrahedron of Biological Clock of the Earth describes only human being or it is right for others mammals too? Author. The tetrahedron of Biological Clock of the Earth is right for all mammals and birds. And though the birds do not have a urinary bladder (UB), it changes nothing in the tetrahedron, because the UB sector 6 symbolizes a renal filter N 2, i.e. a tubular filter of a kidney (glomerular - in the sector 5), which sector is UB. However, all animal, insects, trees, grass, the Earth itself are the systems of biofilters, and the cell with its organelles also. Reader. But what is the difference of the other mammals from a human? Author. All organisms differ from each other only by the pacemaker. And as to the difference between the mammals and the human being, they differ from us by the fourth and sixth layers of the brain, better to say, by skin and kidney. Reader. And in general, what this tetrahedron of Biological Clock of the Earth can do? Author. Many things. First, it can prolongate the life up to the high limits. Secondly, it is a victory over all illnesses. Thirdly, it is an organization of properly healthy life-style that is so many discussed about, but nobody understands what it means. Fourth, it is the real computerization of a medical process. Fifth, it is a search of new hormones. Sixth, this is a creation of the biological robots. And at the end it is a new age in medicine. Reader. Hence, the hydrogen is "the philosophers' stone" of the life? Author. Quite right. It is the proton of hydrogen.

49. Revealing of diseases, which are incorporated in an organism, with the help of the Bioclock of the Earth I will stipulate at once, that the astrology is not implicated here. The zodiac is the coordinate of the Sun and the biorhythm of the System of Biofilters, which is accented by it. Taking into account, that every time interval of a human life in the model of Biological Clock of the Earth is strictly connected with the appropriate radiations (part of the electromagnetic flow), nutrition and the biological filters, it is easy to predict, which factors can cause one or another trouble of our organism. The zodiac of birth is on the ecliptic of death, because it is the determining one. However, some people are under the control of the zodiac of the life ecliptic in their biorhythm, i.e. of the hour of birth. The ecliptic of death and the ecliptic of life are under the control of the year of birth, i.e. of the certain solar activity in it eleven year cycle. Therefore, the biorhythm of any man is described by the triad sinusoid. In the given chapter, to make it simpler, we have shown the zodiac of death (birthday) only. A man inherits from his earth parents the capacity of biofilters only, but their function is inherited from the electromagnetic flow of the Sun and the gamma-rays of the Earth with the accent of the Solar system.

The accent of the biorhythm is a Day of your birth. It is important as a lifelong track print of the stress of the moment of birth on the central nervous system. It requires the performance of recommendations of the Healthy life-style especially strictly for your season, i.e. for the season, when you were born. The model of Biological clock allows to determine any organism`s tendency to one or other diseases, for example, to cancer with focus primary localization in the certain organs. It completely depends on the biological rhythm received by a man in the day of his birth, therefore using Bioclock, it is possible to find out to what organs you should pay attention first of all. So, for example, those who were born in January it is possible to say, that the cancer of a glomerular filter of a kidney, duodenum, uterus, prostate, medullary substance of the paranephros, insular pancreas is highly probable at these people. A stomach, urinary bladder, a tubular filter of a kidney, connective tissue, and sexual gland has the lowed probability of the cancer. Most dangerous cancerogens are the gamma-rays of penetrating radiation, light-blue rays, high water consumption, physical inactivity, influence of the cold. Biological clock provides an opportunity of cancer problem disposal, both by its treatment and by its early diagnostics and prophylaxis. Let's consider the tendency to one or other diseases of people, born, for example, under the sign of Aquarius on the 6th of February. In Bioclock of the Earth the time of his birth belongs to the sector 2. The accent of this day of birth is carried out by the BF system during life together with the performance of the general biorhythm of Bioclock of the Earth. So, if at the given Aquarius the blood filtrates the gallbladder (GB) as much as it possible, it will do it better, than the same GB at the people, born under other signs of the zodiac, even at the moment of their common maximum in Biological clock of the Earth, which is at the sector 2. The same also concerns to all other degrees of blood filtration by the biofilters of the given Aquarius. If, for example, larynx - trachea - bronchi (LTB) at the moment of the Aquarius birth have the average blood filtration, the precisely same average degree they will show in the Leo. This tendency to the "middle" at the Leo and the Aquarius will be higher, than, for example, at the Taurus, which is born with the minimum of this biofilter filtration, but his biofilter in an annual biorhythm, passing the signs of the Leo and the Aquarius, will make the average blood filtration, but his middle will be less steady, than in the Aquarius or Leo born with this middle on larynx - trachea - bronchi. So, the maximum of the blood filtration at the Aquarius was shown by the following biofilters: GB, Col, Peric, B, E (the full names of biofilters are shown in the chapter "What is a man?"). Hence, according to these biofilters the Aquarius is declined to have the following diseases: GB - biliary dyskinesia, acute cholecystites, cholelithiasis. Col - colon dyskinesia, acute colitises. Peric - acute pericardites, fatty pericardium. B - acute arthrites, acute block of bone marrow and acute diseases of blood. E - acute disorders of the humoral regulation of the acidic valencies excretion (dyskinesiae of colon, gallbladder, stomach, tubular filter of a kidney, because the only function of the epiphysis in the System of Biofilters is the humoral regulation of the excretion of hydrogen and its donors, and Bioclock, as some researchers consider, is not present and was not present). Biofilters of the own slags minimum: FM, BC, SG, UB. FM - deficiency of synovia, synovial liquid ("crunch in bones"). BC - deficiency of mediators, carriers of the nervous impulses. SG - oligospermia (not enough sperm), aspermia, sterility, sexual hormones deficiency, amenorrhea, sterility.

Sto - high acidity of gastric juice at small digesting force (deficiency of gastric ferments). UB - urine acid diathesis. Biofilters with the average degree of filtration, average amount of slags: from under the Taurus and Scorpio - OC, LTB, Pl, M, Hrt, PB, Ht, Thy, EPP, Perit, Jej. OC - chronic diseases of larynx, trachea and pharynx. LTB - chronic diseases of larynx, trachea and bronchi. Pl - chronic pleurites. M - myopathy. PB - disorder of the hormonal function of pituitary body. Ht - subthalamic disorder (subthalamic syndrome). Hrt - chronic heart diseases. Thy - chronic immunodeficiency (from the biofilters positions the immunity is an ability of the biofilters to excrete the slags from the system directly or by means of the specific components - as the antibody, complement and so on). EPP - chronic pancreatitis. Perit - chronic inflammatory diseases of the peritoneum are possible. Jej - chronic enteritises. Taking into account, that the Aquarius is a mirror reflection of the Scorpio, we should remember, that the biofilters of the chronic pathology, which are the biofilters of the acute pathology at the Scorpio and Taurus, will tend to exacerbations and even to the acute clinical course at the Aquarius. The biofilters of an acute pathology will tend to the chronic course, as they represent the chronic pathology in the Scoprio. Taking into account, that the annual ecliptic of the Aquarius carries in itself the daily ecliptic of the Leo, the Aquarius is the Leo at heart, if it is possible to say so. And 1/12 of all people, born under the sign of the Aquarius, will live in the Leo biorhythm and will be the February Leos. Taking into account, that the Aquarius is the generation of the Pisces and the Capricorn, the Capricorn and the Pisces will partially remind in the pathology their generation, that is the Aquarius. Taking into account, that the annual ecliptic is the ecliptic of Death, and the daily one is the ecliptic of Life, the marriages among the Aquariuses are not recommended. The best variant on the ecliptic of Life for the Aquarius is the Leo. The given biorhythm of the biofilter of the Aquarius has accented its brain cortex. The second layer of the cortex cells is accented in the area of a pericardium (accent - intensifying of the attribute), third - in the field of a gallbladder, fifth - in the field of bones, sixth - in the field of a kidney, its tubular filter, first, fourth, sixth layers are accented in the field of a colon and a stomach. The accents of the nervous representations of the appropriate biofilters in the brain cortex have generated the psychological type "Aquarius". Taking into account, that the acute block of a bile-excreting system results in the delay of a bile-excretion, Aquariuses will periodically have the attacks of headaches and the outbursts of savagery. Traditionally, the planet Uranium is connected to the Aquarius. Uranium (see ch. "What is a man?") supervises over all the biofilters of paranephros (FZPC, GZPC, RZPC, MPP), which plays the large role in the balance of the pigments, thus, in the adaptation of the System to the conditions of the atmospheric habitat. It assumes the extreme survivability of the Aquariuses. The minimum of blood filtration of the Aquariuses tells us about the minimum of its block by the slags of the homeostasis, thus, about the purity of thoughts and immunity to the mental disorders. Taking into account the Accent of the Aquariuses on a gallbladder and a possible bad bile excretion from a liver, it is necessary to remember, that Aquariuses

can be quick-tempered and cruel. Given calculation of the human tendency to one or other diseases using the example of the Aquarius, is made only for three degrees of the blocks of the biofilters. But there are one hundred and eighty of them. According to the quantity of degrees, from the minimum of the filtration (0°) up to its maximum (180°). Moreover there are two marks of the block to each degree: "plus" - the tendency to the block growth, "minus" - the tendency to taking out the block. We should project 32 biofilters on each birthday, and each biofilter will have its own filtration degree, which will reflect the degree of filtration. Therefore, to calculate the complete picture of the tendencies of one or other man to the diseases, incorporated in Biological clock of the Earth by his zodiac of the ecliptic of death, we should use the computer. My gratitude and recognition to my partner, friend and colleague – Andrey Tereshenkov – the man, with whom I go hand by hand against the current and who has written several chapters of this book at my request.

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