The Count of Monte Cristo Level 3 Dominoes Respuestas

July 15, 2017 | Author: María Alí Abdelnabe | Category: Prison, Violence
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The count of monte cristo level 3 dominoes respuestas.pdf...


DOMINOES Three Four Dominoes three



a execution e royalists b Emperor f escaped c army g banished d battle Encourage students to guess but do not tell them the answers now. They will find out as they read that the answers are: a Both (Villefort changes his support depending on who is in power.) b the King (Her family support the King.) c Napoleon

Activity pages 30–31 READING CHECK b5 c1 d4 e4 f2 g2 h6 i6

WORD WORK b c d e


b c d e

d e f g h

wicked funeral hatred confident delight

a, d, f

b c d e f

WORD WORK g h i j k

row cells mad God reward

d e

Fernand Danglars

GUESS WHAT Napoleon Edmond Villefort

b1 c3 d5 e4 f8 g7 h2

WORD WORK b c d e

b c d e f

g h i j

guards sack graveyard revenge

Valentine Villefort Edouard Villefort Madame Villefort the Count of Monte Cristo Fernand de Morcerf

g h i j

Baron Danglars Madame Danglars Andrea Cavalcanti Valentine Villefort

b c d e f

stepmother poison slave box bonds

g h i j

Major committed mother-in-law, signing protect

f g h i

Fernand Andrea Cavalcanti Andrea Cavalcanti Villefort’s

g h i j

bankrupt court sleeping potion coffin


Activity pages 24–25 READING CHECK

a2 b3 c1 d5 e4

. . . He sees a fishing boat hit the rocks . . . and give him food, water and dry clothes. . . the Château d’If to say that a prisoner has escaped. . . in prison for fourteen years. After three months of working . . . on the island of Monte Cristo. . . too badly hurt to sail with the others. . . with Father Faria’s papers to help him . . .

Activity pages 64–65 READING CHECK b c d e


customs officers goat smugglers

d e

Fernand lending him money

the newspaper Haydée the Count Mercedes

WORD WORK b c d e f

GUESS WHAT Edmond Danglars Fernand

steward mistress orphanage kissed


a3 b1 c2

a b c

f g h i

a No b No c Yes d Yes


cave tobacco jewels

elegant impressed bowed disguise



b c d

carriage masks bandit kidnaps

Activity pages 46–47 READING CHECK

b1 c9 d2 e3 f5 g8 h6 i4 governor innocent priest tunnel treasure

g h i j

Activity pages 54–55 READING CHECK

Activity pages 18–19 READING CHECK b c d e f

servants execution pardon city shudders

a Yes b Yes c No d No

a9 b3 c1 d5 e2 f4 g6 h8 i7

a b c

Albert Franz Luigi Vampa the count’s


Activity pages 12–13 READING CHECK banished envelope horror release power

Franz Luigi Vampa the count Albert



b c d e f

f g h i

a, c, f

b1 c1 d2 e3 f1 g2 port deck fiancée cousin crown prosecutor cargo

debt owe gentleman


WORD WORK b c b c d e

f g h

Activity pages 38–39 READING CHECK

Activity pages 6–7 READING CHECK 1

baron wrecked ruined purse

royalist article traitor Upper House public

GUESS WHAT c, d, e, g

Dominoes three DOMINOES Four

1/2 1/2 

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Answers to Activities Activity Key

TheCount Countof of Monte Monte Cristo The Cristo

Answers to Activities Activity Key

The Count Cristo The CountofofMonte Monte Cristo DOMINOES Three Dominoes three

Activity pages 70–71 READING CHECK a b c d e f g h i j k

F (Albert leaves as a soldier on an army ship.) F (Mercedes is living in Edmond’s father’s house.) T T F (The count tells Danglars.) T F (He tells Vampa to release Danglars.) T F (He takes Maximilien to the island.) F (Valentine wakes up.) T

WORD WORK b c d e

caretaker reminds dockside bitter

f g h i

pray raises depressed grave


Open answers Open answers

Project A pages 72–73 1




a a historical adventure b France c Napoleon d Edmond Dantès a author e b period f c setting g d plot h a genre e b author f c setting g d period Open answers

e f g

Maximilien and Valentine Edmond Dantès Open answer

subplot character novel genre character plot subplot

Project B pages 74–76 1


3 4

Names of prisoners: Frank Morris, John and Clarence Anglin, Allen West Why were they in prison? for robbing banks and stealing cars Name of prison: Alcatraz Where was the prison? on an island, 2 kms from San Francisco, in California Date of escape: 11 June 1962 How did the prisoners leave their cells? They made tunnels up to the roof of the prison. How did the prisoners leave the prison? They climbed down the building from the roof, jumped into the sea and swam away. How did they stop the guards noticing their escape? They left painted heads in their beds. Did all the prisoners escape? Allen West didn’t go with them, but no one knows if the others escaped or drowned. Gunter Plüschow and Oberleutnant Trefftz were German prisoners of war. They were sent to Donington Hall, near Derby. They escaped on 4 July 1915. That afternoon they went into the park and hid among some garden chairs. Later that evening they climbed over a thick wire fence and walked to Derby. There they caught different trains to London. That night friends lay in their beds to make the guards think they were ill in bed. On the way to London Trefftz was caught but Plüschow escaped. He called himself George Mine and made his elegant clothes dirty and darkened his fair hair with black shoe polish to disguise himself as a British dock worker. In this way he got onto a Dutch boat in London and sailed to Amsterdam, where he was safe. Open answers Open answers

Dominoes DOMINOES Three three

2/2 2/2 

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