The Changing of the Gods

June 20, 2016 | Author: Allen Carlton Jr. | Category: Types, Government & Politics
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I AM YHVH, Message to Generation Y (YHVH) No covenant with god. god - government of deceivers....


THE CHANGING OF GOD (message from YHVH to Generation Y)

To Generation Y (YHVH). I AM YHVH, I AM Origin, I AM Lord, I AM Truth, I AM Liberty, I AM Justice. God is (sin)thetic. Along with commonsense I have given you free will and ignorance. Those entrusted with your salvation have let you down. They have left you with your arse out. The way you wear your pants is symbolic of this. No one can serve two masters. I AM YHVH and I will not just bless the child that's got it own. God only blesses the child that has his own. God is selfishness with no integrity. God answers preyers ( people having an injurious, destructive, or wasting effect). YHVH answers prayers. I Am not a Governing Oppressive Device. I AM not Good Ole Deception. I AM not a Group of Demons. I AM not a Government of Deceivers. I AM NOT WHAT I AM. I AM the media (discriminating news agencies or accumulated propaganda). I AM Hollywood (series like The Bridge, Outlaws etc). You understand good and evil and you know right from wrong. God called those believers who are deceivers. They walk with god. Live what god preaches. God is Satan. Confusion along with deception. They are deceivers (American Holocaust Perpetrators) they have no integrity; its been replaced by greed and selfishness. Their intentions are to have you self-destruction for lack of commonsense, truth in knowledge. Satan's weapon of choice appeals to your ignorance its called god the Immaculate Deception. I AM YHVH be not deceived my children. The choice is yours. CN ( CooN) is my messager. CooN by YA (YHVH), a Martyr, a Federal Whistleblower, a National Whistleblower and the Postal Whisperer. I rescued Allen Carlton as he walked amongst the dead from gargoyles during the trials and tribulations god followers put him through. He has never excepted a convenant with god, therefore he has never forsaken YHVH. He continues to receive retribution. Is he not the National Snitch? Did he not expose Assignment Fraud (Land Grab)? Did the people not find salvation in the the intelligience and evidence he has and continues to provide about god (government of deceivers) exposing the holocaust and those responsible for the deeply rooted corruption i.e. The United States Supreme Court, the Department of Homeland Security, the Anti – Defamation League (ADL), the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) dealing with everything to include your mail in ballots by voters. Racketeering terrorism tactics he experienced and exposed in United States Supreme Court case 99-565 & supplement (the

beginning of the American Holocaust). When god was using population control to improve the deficit (death fix it) by setting up, framing and killing veterans on government payroll, receiving monetary awards and denying those who were now eligible. Did he not provide you with intelligence about the Murder and Deny Til You Die (DTYD) tactics? Did he not provide intelligence to numerous veteran's organizations about the Veterans Administration (VA) and military doctors being coerced into diagnosing Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Anxious Mood Disorder instead to avoid any payouts and improve the death fix it (deficit)? Especially in the case of Nidal Hasan who was sent to the front line instead of the soup line. Did he not direct those naysayers who refused accept what was written to view the movie Article 99? Did he not provide similar intelligence about the coercion tactics of god (government of deceivers) used by the subsidiaries of Corporate United States of America (USA) and its Executives / Commissioners / Directors / Decisionmakers i.e. Social Security Administration (SSA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Merit System Protection Board (MSPB), National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), members of government labor unions conspiring with government management officials to violate the Laws of the United States Constitution i.e. Racketeering Influenced Corrupted Organization Act (RICO Act). Did he not deliver to you The First Responders message? The result is, has been and continues to be the destruction of entire American families (American Holocaust) for personal gain. Perpetrators in the American Holocaust that conspire using collusion to destroy those that serve YHVH; and their familiesshall reap what they sow. Those that believe YHVH (You Have Victory Halleleujah) and blessings as long as you continue to respect. I AM YHVH address me correctly, remain righteous and your prayers shall be answered. Cursed will be those and their family members who pray or fall prey to Good Ole Deception (god). The Second Amendment is but one of the Laws of the United States Constitution that protect you, your family and property from American Holocaust Perpetrators use it. Now you are no longer blameless for I have removed your ignorance and Fear. As a Child of YHVH (Generation Y) you seek Jesus / Justice first. YHVH's solution for American Holocaust Perpetrators is to administer the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD). Deliverance (Message Delivered). It is written.

This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal /government congressional, federal, state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your remembrance and your strength.


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