The Animism Tarot Guide by Joanna Cheung

March 30, 2018 | Author: marjibar | Category: Tarot, Playing Cards, Courage
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PDF Guide of the Animism Tarot Deck by Joanna Cheung Available at Rainbowofcrazy on Etsy "The Animism Tarot is ...


The Ccara Llama

Welcome to the Animism Tarot.

0. The Fool:

It was the beautiful artwork that first drew me to the world of tarot. Though I admired tarot symbolism, as a beginner, learning to read tarot was a personal struggle. I really wanted a deck that I could connect with easily, with imagery that not only I felt comfortable with, but one that I could read intuitively. Then one day I tried my hand at my very first tarot painting, the Animism Tarot came to life, and a challenge began to make this deck a reality.

Listen carefully to the sound of a young fool barreling along without a care in the world. He may be a little naïve and impulsive, but he is confident, positive, and full of potential. No matter what may lie ahead, he is ready to face the day. This is the start of something special.

The term “animism” has many definitions. In the essence of this tarot, it is the belief that everything in this physical world – animals, plants, everything that surrounds us – has a spiritual center, and that these forces have their own influences on the universe itself. Always at the heart of my artwork, animals have always held great symbolic meanings and it was natural that they quickly became the focus of this tarot deck. This project involved a journey of combining the right animal and tarot card together. The goal was to connect the ones that shared the strongest symbolisms. Creating a strong, spiritual bond between each animal and each tarot card was the key to this deck. The Animism Tarot was definitely a challenge, but in the end everything fell into place. This guide is not a tutorial on how to read tarot; however, the Animism Tarot is based on traditional Rider Waite meanings which are readily accessible through tarot books and tarot websites. Instead, these pages hold short stories describing the brief encounters in each tarot painting along with helpful key words associated with each animal that I hope will help develop further insight between animal and tarot. Ultimately this tarot deck is all about how you see the images laid before you. Feel the animal world’s influence in your readings. Trust your instincts and let the animals and their interactions speak to you. Though this tarot was not painted with reversals in mind, those that would like to read with reversals are always welcome to create their own interpretations. Reading tarot is a lifelong learning process, and I hope the Animism Tarot will be able to assist new and seasoned readers alike. As I hope to grow and learn with this deck myself, I hope that others will find a connection with it too. I want to thank everyone that has provided the most amazing feedback and support every step of the way. I’ve really enjoyed this journey and I hope the cards find a place in your journey like they have, and will, in mine. Joanna Cheung

The Llama: tenacity, curiosity, steadfastness, joy, fortitude, impulsiveness I. The Magician:

The Coyote

The world moves with him as if he were manipulating the elements themselves. The solid earth comes alive, rising and falling under his every step. Searing fire flickers around him, shining light onto the once dark path that lies before him. Cooling water surrounds him, running faithfully by his side. The powerful wind flows and fills him with renewed energy. He is fully aware of all that surrounds him, knowing where he needs to be and how to get there. He is the trickster: the Magician. The Coyote: skill, cunning, power, instinct, transformation, action II. The High Priestess:

The Striped Owl

She draws power from the moon; she is the link between the conscious and the unconscious, seeing what few ever see. She is the insight and wisdom found deep within. She is the light that rises from the shadows, the light that shines into the dark, revealing all that is possible. The Owl: rebirth, knowledge, secrecy, foresight, intuition, inspiration III. The Empress:

The Golden Tiger

She is life: the ground that supports us, the fire that warms us, the trees that shade us, the food that nourishes us and the very air we breathe. She is the waterfall roaring down, delighting all of our senses. She is gentle yet fierce, beauty, energy and Mother Earth herself. The Tiger: passion, delight, beauty, patience, loyalty, protection

IV. The Emperor:

The Komodo Dragon

He reigns above the lands, where raw power roars all around him. He has never known failure and never will. He is strength and might and as the ruler of his domain, a fire burns inside him: a passion to lead his world and to protect his kingdom. The Dragon: strength, bravery, protection, wisdom, permanence, power, V. The Hierophant:

The Stoat: purity, focus, truth, loyalty, understanding, knowledge

Ferocity and gentleness, freedom and control, passion and compassion: there is a balance here, one that requires a delicate touch, one without fear, but with understanding. With balance, comes peace. The Lion: power, protection, courage, patience, wisdom, passion The Bee-Eater: unity, family, tranquility, support, comfort, balance IX. The Hermit:

The Seahorse: joy, security, support, patience, equality, trust The Horse

Listen to the gallops, to the pure energy racing through the trees, moving through the chaos. He is the wind, shifting through space and time. He is the battle to win the war; he is the journey: the road travelled and the obstacles ahead. He is the will, willing himself to triumph. The Horse: strength, control, resilience, intuition, determination, victory

The Red Panda

He is in search of introspection, finding solace in solitude, away from society, away from culture, order, and custom as he travels on a journey of personal discovery. Perhaps in this quiet seclusion, he will finally find the answers that he seeks. The Red Panda: peace, knowledge, contemplation, solitude, discovery, adaption

The Long-Snouted Seahorse

In the darkness, there is light. Through the cold, there is warmth. Past the hardship, there is joy. Amidst the chaos, there is peace. From loss, comes discovery. Through love, we can defeat hate. Face the battle; stand united. Make your choice. Find your place.

VII. The Chariot:

The Lion and Carmine Bee-Eater

The Stoat

He is the link between realms, able to bring worlds together in harmony. He is the vessel of knowledge and the keeper of order and peace. Open your mind; it is time to listen to his words, learn from his messages, and connect with the world.

VI. The Lovers:

VIII: Strength:

X. Wheel of Fortune:

The Orb Weaver Spider

This is the weaver of time and fate. Every thread has a destination. Every connection has a purpose. Every movement causes a ripple throughout. The weaver understands balance: threads that fall can rise up again, and though some may come undone, they can be rebuilt once more, better and stronger than ever before. The Spider: fate, wisdom, rebirth, balance, creativity, design XI: Justice:

The Chimpanzee

Hands meet and fingers intertwine. Understanding is shared in a simple touch, and the realization that what we choose to do from here on out will be more important than we realize. This is the time to right wrongs, a time for change and balance. Things have become clear now. The Chimpanzee: adaption, objectiveness, awareness, compassion, honour, understanding

XII. The Hanged Man:

The Opossum

Why he is suspended, why he watches in reverse, only he understands. His reality might not make sense, but sometimes life needs to not make sense, and sometimes views must be shifted in order to achieve clarity. And so he holds on and on until he finds his release. The Opossum: patience, introspection, focus, courage, opportunity, creativity XIII. Death:

The Raven

Darkness slowly fades away, but a new dawn approaches, and as one world rests, a new world is awakened. The night is no longer, but this chapter must close in order for a new chapter to begin. Be ready for the light. The Raven: self-awareness, adaption, wisdom, truth, loss, passage XIV. Temperance:

The Liger

Elements bend at her will, shifting under her control, flowing apart to rush back together, mixing and blending to perfection. Temperance is change. She works with intention, with control. She is transformation and moderation, weighing and morphing with precision, with focus, creating harmony and balance. The Liger: fluidity, power, synthesis, vitality, balance, control XV. The Devil:

The Brown Hyena

Welcome to chaos, temptation and hedonism. The darkness moves, the wildness intrigues, but the stripes confine. But what is the devil, really, but a collection of fears luring everything into the shadows. He may have power, but he is not all powerful. He is not invincible. So be strong, and conquer him. The Hyena: power, morality, cunning, dominance, secrecy, tenacity

XVI. The Tower:

The Scorpion

Beware. Watch each step and be forewarned: one must tread cautiously here. So pause, and calculate each step carefully, because one wrong move and everything will collapse, bringing with it a world of chaos. The Scorpion: truth, conflict, destruction, caution, deceit, aggression XVII. The Star:

The Ibis

From the darkness, she rises up into the coming night, the brightest star in the evening sky. She glows with inner light, radiating serenity and love. With her beauty, she offers inspiration, shining with hope, tenderness and quiet strength to the world below. The Ibis: imagination, brilliance, transformation, success, enlightenment, passion XVIII. The Moon:

The Rabbit

She nears the water’s edge with hesitation. Peering into the dark blue waters, she glimpses into another world: a world of confusion, mystery and madness, where things may not what they seem. Does she stay above or dive into the unknown? Which is her reality? The Rabbit: creativity, conception, intuition, deception, mischief, apprehension XIX. The Sun:

The Rooster

Darkness has passed, and now he can step into the light and feel the warmth of the sun. He observes the radiant sunflowers that reach up to the sky, flourishing in the nurturing light. Negativity melts away as he feels that blissful glow fill his being with energy and strength. And he will share its joy, for it will follow him wherever he goes. The Rooster: renewal, awareness, dignity, triumph, fertility, confidence

XX. Judgement:

The Siamese Cat

His deep, knowing eyes meet those that seek him, seeing right through all the masks to reveal the truth. He sees those inner thoughts, virtues, and transgressions; yet he knows that there is still time for change, for release, and for healing, if only it is searched for from within. The Cat: protection, fortune, freedom, observance, wisdom, healing XXI. The World:

The Asagi Koi Fish

She dances in a place on this earth where all elements unite in harmony. Welcome to her paradise. She is completion and perfection, bursting with experience and wisdom only gained with time. She radiates joy and fortune, blessing all that journey to be graced by her presence. The Koi: progress, prosperity, success, balance, peace, opportunity XXII. The Happy Squirrel:

The Little Pyromaniac

Ace of Wands:

The Ram

This is a new day, a day filled with new choices and new opportunities. Feel the glow of the sun fill this land with renewed energy. Now is the time to take that chance, climb that mountain, and be inspired by all lies ahead. The Ram: passion, power, opportunity, determination, confidence, courage Two of Wands:

The Giraffe

He opens his eyes and takes it all in, every detail of the world around him. He can see it all: what lies next to him, what lies before him, and what lies beyond. He will take charge and prepare, because no is the time to choose his path; now the world is his oyster. Now he is ready to leave his legacy. The Giraffe: creativity, insight, intelligence, vigilance, patience, balance Three of Wands:

The Cougar

Looks are deceiving; so don’t look away for one second. And don’t underestimate that cute, fuzzy face. Though he may be vague and mysterious, there is madness in those eyes: a madness of someone that should never handle a flame. And finally, watch your nuts.

He has come a long way, and while he grows stronger with each passing day, there is still more to do and so much more to learn. But as he takes pause to watch the sun rise, he knows that his time to shine is coming. All of his choices have led to this moment, and now he’s ready to welcome the new dawn.

The Happy Squirrel: ???

The Cougar: power, confidence, patience, independence, drive, perseverance Four of Wands:

The Hummingbird

Confetti fills the glorious sky as they dance with delight. They have journeyed through it all together, surviving a season of obstacles and turmoil and now the sun can rise up to warm their hearts once again. They have made it and it’s their time to celebrate. The Hummingbird: love, progression, pleasure, renewal, healing, stability

Five of Wands:

The Wild Boar

Nine of Wands:

The Asian Elephant

There is no time to hesitate, and little time to prepare. Tensions are on the rise and outside forces are moving in. He needs to take action. He needs to take hold of his fears. Grab them and take control. Defeat them. Destroy them. He can do this. He can win. He is ready.

He has endured more than anyone ever should, but he knows that he is meant for so much more. He yearns for something greater, and he knows it’s within his grasp. Though he is exhausted and weak, he will remain strong at heart, and he will continue to fight until his last breath.

The Boar: chaos, war, courage, cunning, determination, endurance

The Elephant: endurance, strength, dedication, remembrance, protection

Six of Wands:

The Caracal

Ten of Wands:

The Bactrian Camel

He is on top of the world and this is his moment. He basks in all of his power and triumph: he has been victorious. Pausing as the sun slowly sinks into the earth, he soaks in the last glorious moments of light and warmth and smiles. He has made it.

He has travelled for what has felt like an eternity in this vast, barren land, but the journey seems impossible; this victory may be lost. With more on his shoulders than one should ever have to bear, he is alone and exhausted. But he carries on with quiet determination, willing himself to the finish line.

The Caracal: power, strength, independence, bravery, proficiency, drive

The Camel: perseverance, patience, toil, arrogance, vitality, focus

Seven of Wands:

The Hedgehog

Be wary, dear travelers: the road ahead is dark with peril. There will be doubts and there will be fears, but there is no need to run. It’s time to face those doubts; it’s time to overcome those fears. Rise up. Find that inner strength, take a stand and fight for those beliefs. Believe. Be ready. Triumph will come. The Hedgehog: confidence, courage, intelligence, resolve, passion, protection Eight of Wands:

The Black Mamba Snake

Page of Wands:

The Chinchilla

He may be small, but his enthusiasm is anything but! Full of energy and a passion for life, he knows opportunity when he sees it. He is now prepared to welcome the world and have all the experiences he can get his young hands on. Bring on adventure! He is ready for it! The Chinchilla: discovery, curiosity, communication, awareness, innocence, enthusiasm Knight of Wands:

The Cheetah

The wheels are in motion; everything has come together for this very moment. This is not the time to stop and think. There is no time for contemplation. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to strike.

Blink and you might miss him as he races through the land without fear or reserve. He is a force to be reckoned with: determined, experienced, brazen and a little reckless, he is pure energy put into motion.

The Snake: energy, change, action, decisiveness, haste, foresight

The Cheetah: focus, power, conviction, awareness, passion, courage

Queen of Wands:

The Red Fox

Ace of Cups:

The Otter

Pure fiery energy burns within her. She will take on any challenge without hesitation, and she will always win with ease. She is as bright and as intense as the sun, bringing light and warmth to all that surrounds her with every graceful step.

This is the first spark of wonder and delight. Don’t overlook it. Welcome it. Cherish it. This is when the stars align perfectly. This is where creative energies unite. This is the potential of creating something magical. Greatness is born here.

The Fox: wisdom, adaption, passion, grace, bravery, determination

The Otter: vigor, balance, joy, creativity, courage, inquisitiveness

King of Wands:

The Highland Bull

Two of Cups:

The Seal

He knows how to carry himself like the king that he is: full of fiery passion and drive. He knows how to make an entrance and get all eyes on him. He’s a natural born leader, instinctively taking charge and knows an opportunity when he sees it, staying focused and journeying through until the end.

Maybe they are strangers, or perhaps they are old friends. But an encounter like this cannot just be coincidence. They were meant to be in this spot, to meet at this time, in this place. There is something here, and this is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

The Bull: passion, authority, strength, energy, drive, confidence

The Seal: creativity, affection, curiosity, joy, communication, discovery Three of Cups:

The Dusky Dolphin

Look around and be thankful: through thick and thin, this was a road journeyed and conquered together. There were never any others better suited for this perfect camaraderie. Rejoice. Now is the time of joy and celebration; savour every moment of it. The Dolphin: unity, communication, trust, freedom, pleasure, kindness Four of Cups:

The Sloth

Up here, only he exists. This is his headspace, his domain. Though he yearns for something better, he does not like change. He is not ready to let go. But if he would only open his eyes and look around, he may find that a better way may just be around the corner. The Sloth: solitude, withdrawal, steadiness, introspection, observation, fatigue

Five of Cups:

The Marbled Salamander

Rain falls softly as he finds solace in the shadows. He mourns for his losses, and there have been many. But as the rain starts to fade, the sun slowly rises. And he will soon realize that sometimes we have to walk in darkness and sorrow before we can move on to the sunlight. The Salamander: awareness, growth, adaption, faith, endurance, change Six of Cups:

The Deer

Remember those days, when times were simple? Remember that time when there was no hate or prejudice, that safe place of love and of pure innocence. Keep that time close. Remember fondly, and revisit those feelings of joy once again. The Deer: innocence, compassion, insight, security, love, wonder Seven of Cups:

The Polar Bear

Nine of Cups:

The Asiatic Black Bear

Every obstacle, every struggle, every moment has led up to this. Victory has finally arrived, and she will relish in every drop of it. She knows that happiness is fleeting, and that every tomorrow will bring new difficulties to overcome. But today, today is a good day, and she will count every single blessing. The Black Bear: courage, patience, strength, commitment, satisfaction, resourcefulness Ten of Cups:

The Mute Swan

The sun fills the sky with warmth above and the cooling waters flow below, creating a perfect balance in this world. Everything has fallen into place, and everything feels right. This is where a family can prosper; this is where love and joy can be found. The Swan: balance, healing, love, serenity, happiness, unity The Platypus

Though the deep darkness surrounds him, he looks up to the sky filled with shimmering colours and the swirling light opens his eyes to endless possibilities. What path he follows will be up to him. Not every light is as bright as the next, but each streak is a journey, creating its own path along the expansive sky.

Page of Cups:

The Polar Bear: fearlessness, independence, intuition, courage, patience, balance

The Platypus: curiosity, peace, intuition, opportunity, individuality, fluidity

Eight of Cups:

The Magpie

He is young at heart, brimming with energy and promise. He closes his eyes and dives in to the unknown. There is no hesitation; he is filled with delight and anticipation and is ready to flow with the universe and feel its magic.

Knight of Cups:

The Hippopotamus

The sky grows dark, and he has grown tired. He has been there for far too long; times have changed and so has he. He seeks more in life, and though he is weary of change, he can no longer call this place his own. Taking one more look at this once familiar world, he rises up to leave it for the last time.

Strong and fierce, yet gentle and calm, this knight is a powerful force. Emotionally and creatively driven, he flows with the ups and downs of life, like the journey through the waves of the ocean. He understands that he must adapt to the movements of the waters and be sensitive to its changes. Flow with the tide, not against it.

The Magpie: insight, revelation, discovery, courage, bravery, opportunity

The Hippopotamus: insight, creativity, grace, adaption, healing, freedom

Queen of Cups:

The Leatherback Sea Turtle

Ace of Swords:

She rises and falls with the tides and knows how to take maneuver all that lies ahead. She flows as one with the universe: together they are intuitive, divine, and pure. She is healing and magic itself - a link to the unconscious realm and a mystery that graces this world. She is a gift filled with wonder, artistry, and love. The Turtle: wisdom, tranquility, maturity, love, permanence, empathy King of Cups:

The great waters part for him. He is the embodiment of harmony itself: loving, gentle and above all, benevolent. He is balanced in his judgements, yet most understanding, patient, and kind, welcoming all that are in need of him. The Whale: healing, communication




Sometimes we must reach the highest mountain to see the world clearly. Find that inner strength, breathe, focus, and take it all in. Let the world speak. What we find may not be what we wanted, but it may be what we needed after all. The Eagle: clarity, courage, intelligence, drive, growth, control Two of Swords:

The Humpback Whale


The Bald Eagle

The Panther

She may not see what lies ahead, but she can sense it. Though she may be blind, it will not be her downfall. She knows there are other ways to see; so she must trust her instincts before making the next move. The Panther: courage, caution, protection, renewal, independence, instinct Three of Swords:

The Bleeding Heart Dove

Darkness creeps in as warmth fades away into cold. This is not where anyone should ever be. This is not how anyone should ever feel. Eyes close as breathing slows. Soon the pain will be over, but the spirit will remain strong. The Dove: communication, sacrifice, truth, hope, release, renewal Four of Swords:

The Koala Bear

The seasons have not been easy, but the storm has passed and for the moment, the sky is calm. It’s time to take pause, to close those eyes and relish this moment of peace. Let down your guard and breathe. This is the time to focus, rethink, and plan. There will be more storms ahead, and you must be ready when they arrive. The Koala: reflection, peace, hope, focus, comfort, solitude

Five of Swords:

The Mako Shark

Nine of Swords:

The Flying Fox

As the cloudy waters return to its eerie stillness, for the moment, there is calm. But this was survival at all costs, and there was a high cost for triumph. Has danger passed, or is there still peril in the darkness ahead? Is this what victory feels like?

Life has not been kind. Even under the blanket of the night, he must slip further away into darkness. He must escape. He has suffered so much, and he is so tired, neglected, and weary. Perhaps one day he can open his eyes to a better dawn.

The Shark: dominance, power, fearlessness, drive, cunning, endurance

The Bat: repression, darkness, fear, death, rebirth, insight

Six of Swords:

The Adélie Penguin

Be still, little one, and conserve your energy. You have suffered more than anyone should, but you have endured, and you will become stronger for it. So rest your head, and let time heal your wounds. The journey is almost over, and your destination is close. The Penguin: perseverance, drive, fortitude, tranquility, adaption, resilience Seven of Swords:

The Raccoon

Ten of Swords:

The Bearded Vulture

This is it. This is what the end feels like: to be trapped, to be tired, to be powerless. Be brave; lay down your arms. It’s time to accept this defeat, learn from it, and welcome its mercy. The Vulture: sacrifice, death, release, resurrection, patience, foresight Page of Swords:

The Cayuga Duck

He moves swiftly, hidden in the dark. He blends into the night like a shadow. Moving quickly, he takes hold of as many treasures as he can. He gathers them together, only to run back into the blackness.

This young page itches for action. He seeks answers and truths. He knows of the obstacles ahead and eagerly awaits them. Skies will darken and the waters may get rough, but he is prepared and he is ready to face it all. He’s ready for his journey.

Raccoon: curiosity, courage, confidence, secrecy, discretion, transformation

The Duck: honesty, grace, persistence, dexterity, change, adventure

Eight of Swords:

The Octopus

Knight of Swords:

The Greyhound

He is alone. Alone and helpless, with one is around, his resolve is fading. He knows that he is trapped, restrained by forces that he does not understand. And understanding is key, because he will not find his freedom until he understands that there is always a way out. He just needs to find it.

Blink and you might miss him. Slow down and you may never catch up. He is the knight on a mission, cutting through the air like a sword. He is action itself, quick physically as he is mentally. So focused that nothing can distract him, he moves with the wind, blazing a trail few can follow.

The Octopus: drive, adaption, potential, intelligence, resolution, communication

The Greyhound: action, dignity, loyalty, intuition, determination, intelligent

Queen of Swords:

The Osprey

Quick and fierce, she perches high above the world, glowing in all of her divinity. She is as cold as her blade and equally sharp. No obstacle will block her path. No crisis can slow her down. She cuts through all deceptions and lies; she is too smart for such trivialities. There is no one better to lead her people, and none that can match her skill. The Osprey: truth, authority, foresight, wisdom, diligence, action King of Swords:

The Gray Wolf

Look into the eyes of power as his very presence commands the highest level of respect. This is a king with intelligence beyond his years, one that lives by the strongest moral codes. His moves are calculated, each action made with purpose, made without fear or hesitation as he seeks out truth and justice above all else. The Wolf: power, truth, knowledge, understanding, honour, discipline

Ace of Pentacles:

The Scarab Beetle

Breathe in the sweet scents of life. This is a new day, filled with opportunity and delight. Be inspired by the beauty of this world. All that flourishes began as a tiny seedling in this earth; so plant your seed and take that first step towards richness that is so rightly deserved. The Scarab: creation, transformation, rebirth, growth, fortune, vitality Two of Pentacles:

The Kangaroo

What goes up must come down, and sometimes life deals us many ups and downs. So keep your eyes open for what matters most. Catch it as it falls, hold it dearly, and ride with it as it rises back up again. Life is full of change. You’re ready for it. The Kangaroo: protection, adaption, balance, vigor, action, foresight Three of Pentacles:

The Hazel Dormouse

It’s time to get to work! A mother guides her little ones as they build their new home. Her children are young but eager and have much to learn. Actions are followed and materials are passed through tiny hands, along with knowledge, experience, and joy. The Dormouse: discovery, devotion, commitment, resourcefulness, vigilance Four of Pentacles:

The Skunk

Don’t touch that. It’s mine. Every jewel surrounding him is a symbol of his efforts that have paid off. These are his achievements. All of his hard work, his investments, his security, his future, all of it lies before him. It’s his and his alone. He does not plan on sharing any bit of it; so don’t get too close! The Skunk: confidence, courage, self-esteem, contentment, discretion, defense

Five of Pentacles:

The Kiwi

The Moose

Nine of Pentacles:

The world is crashing down all around them. Their dreams, their security, their very livelihood, everything is up in flames before their eyes, clouding the sky with its destruction. But despite it all, they still have each other. What has fallen will make way for new life; and so they push through to be there when it happens.

Welcome to his castle. Closing his eyes, he feels the warmth of the sun. He can feel its glow filling him with pure energy. He takes in the air and feels the wind surround him. He feels the water and earth at his feet, breathing with life and sustenance. As he takes it all in, he knows that these are his victories. This is his kingdom. And he deserves every bit of it.

The Kiwi: truth, change, adaption, protection, endurance, communication

The Moose: independence

Six of Pentacles:


The Alligator and Plover

Life is a journey of give and take, and when they work as one, they both come out richer. So they will live this life together in understanding and kindness. And they will both reap all the benefits, for they know that the scale will never be balanced with just one piece.

Ten of Pentacles:





The Zebra

The Alligator: adaption, patience, awareness, power, opportunity, drive

She has journeyed far, overcoming many obstacles and comes to rest, and here, life is thriving. She has found her place in this land. She breathes in the air, knowing that the world before her eyes is all hers. And above it all, she knows that she will be able to share her experiences and successes with those that she holds closest to her heart.

The Plover: unity, insight, tranquility, reflection, creativity, resourcefulness

The Zebra: family, balance, encouragement, solidarity, freedom, peace

Seven of Pentacles:

The Peacock

Page of Pentacles:

The Chipmunk

The ground is still white, but the seasons are changing. He has endured the harsh climates and it has not been easy. Every day has been a challenge but he forges ahead. And now he has survived; he can finally take pause and reflect upon his next move as he can finally welcome the warmth of a new day.

He is young, bright eyed and energetic. Full of potential, he is a page with a plan, and he is ready to take on the world and embrace its richness. He has prepared for this moment and he now knows what he must do to achieve his dreams. This is his time to shine.

The Peacock: rebirth, confidence, victory, patience, resilience, devotion

The Chipmunk: preparation, control, courage, independence, trusting, adaption

Eight of Pentacles:

The Beaver

Knight of Pentacles:

The Black Rhinoceros

Water ripples outward as he pushes through the wave; he has found his calling. He now understands the value of hard work and perseverance. He toils away, not for notoriety or bragging rights, but for his own personal pride and achievement. He is focused. He can do it.

Steady and resilient, he has come a long way in life. He is a rock: unmovable physically, unyielding mentally, steadfast and strong. A practical, grounded Knight, he knows what to expect, how to prepare, and how to get things done.

The Beaver: dedication, drive, guidance, success, integrity, community

The Rhinoceros: determination, wisdom, strength, stability, awareness, endurance

Queen of Pentacles:

The Alpine Cow

She is the queen of the earth, tending to the ground that she graces with every step. She is balanced in life, understanding the value of hard work as well as the importance of simple pleasures. She is comforting and gracious, supportive and understanding, and she welcomes everyone with a warm heart, ready to nurture and listen at a moment’s notice. The Cow: love, compassion, fertility, prosperity, serenity, generosity King of Pentacles:

The Silverback Gorilla

This king is a powerful force. Wise beyond his years, he is the ruler of everything that lies before him. Though he enjoys his material wealth - he knows that he has rightly deserved every drop of glory that has ever touched his skin - more important is his spiritual wealth as he remains compassionate and giving, dedicating himself to all those in need. The Gorilla: wisdom, leadership, authority, generosity, protection, loyalty

The Animism Tarot is ©2013 Joanna Cheung at All rights reserved.

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