The America Betrayal

May 30, 2016 | Author: Allen Carlton Jr. | Category: Types, Government & Politics, Public Notices
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Govt officials (Congressional, Federal, State and local) betray citizens of America. The American Holocaust. Economics o...


The America Betrayal – Setting the Stage for World War III America continues to betray its citizens at an alarming rate. As government (Congressional, Federal, State and local) judges and lawyers continue espionage narrowing the scope of valid complaints down so that the govt isn't liable resulting in TERRORISM (abuse of power and obstruction of justice). Jurors must realize the need for the Righteous Kill Defense. When those entrusted with protecting us become our abusers we must protect ourselves. African-American citizens continued to be treated unfairly in every system in America entrusted with enforcing the Laws of the United States Constitution. Instead of treating African-Americans fairly America has begun treating White Americans like African-Americans or shall I say NIGGERS. This is the result of placing economics over justice. Denying all American citizens justice or access to justice to improve the economy has only created terrorism. Denying justice has created mental, physical, and financial stress (economic oppression). The result has and continue to be the total destruction of entire American families. Both black and white families being destroyed equally to improve the economy. The US Constitution being suspended to aide in the National Goal (Executive Order 12871) reduce govt and govt spending. The National Goal being reached by Agencies entrusted with enforcing the Laws of the US Constitution now using Collusion to delay and deny justice. Racketeering to avoid liabilities (RICO Act). Everyone in cahoots. Al Gore's National Partnership Council (NPC). Nothing real only pacification. The Righteous Kill Defense gives jurors the PARDON power of the United States President. The jurors get to hear the entire story, and every nexus how those entrusted with enforcing the Laws of the US Constitution conspired against society. The Cause and Effect. The Righteous Kill Defense would limit the amount of innocent people being hurt in a proven hostile environment. Its action would limit the need for class actions. No need for a citizens arrest to be made on a govt official. To ensure justice the Righteous Kill Defense is necessary. Jurors must consider the Righteous Kill Defense in any case where there is alleged govt misconduct. Let US prey. referrer=reddit

CooN by YA(YHVH) Allen Carlton - (class of 81 - National Whistleblower Revelation Receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD) Peoples Army

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