The Alien Agenda and the Ethics of Contact

June 1, 2016 | Author: Wesley Kuo | Category: Types, Creative Writing
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Author Marshall Summers talks about spirituality....


THE ALIEN AGENDA AND THE ETHICS OF CONTACT Marshall Summers at the 2006 MUFON Symposium I’m very pleased to be here tonight. I hope you all can hear me in the back. I want to thank John for inviting me to present a different kind of presentation tonight, a presentation dealing with some of the deeper, inner aspects of this reality of contact, and things that we need to know and already do know. I would like to begin in a reverent manner, with a prayer, and to include you in that prayer, and to invite you to take a moment of silence within yourself— after such a big day of important information—to share this prayer experience with me: It is very important that we are here together. It is very important that we have a connection to something greater within the world, to life within the world, to life beyond the world. May we have the courage and open-mindedness to venture more deeply into this mystery that stays with us always. And may we venture into this mystery without foolish hope or fearful denial, trusting in a power within us that the Creator of all life has given to us—to see the truth, to know the truth, and to act upon the truth. May that Presence be with us tonight in our time together. Thank you. I know the data is fascinating. And it continues to be fascinating, and troubling. But there is a deeper connection that I think is important to remember—a connection that keeps us looking at this mystery, this pervasive mystery of our lives, that often seems to have very little relevancy to our normal daily activities, a kind of mystery that our friends and family perhaps don’t want to hear about. And you can think of the many attempts perhaps you’ve made to share this with them, and they don’t want to hear about it. They don’t want to go there. But going there is so important, and so we return once again, that we live our life, our normal life, our daily life, and yet we have this other life, this other connection, that we keep coming back to. And it makes living a normal life rather difficult. Is that true? Sometimes it makes living a normal life rather difficult and strange, that we have a normal life but we have this other life connected to this phenomenon, this reality, this idea of life in the universe, and the understanding that life in the universe in some form or another is already present within our world.

This is about spirituality now. And spirituality is the important component that I would like to share with you tonight to some degree, because this isn’t just an interest, this isn’t just a fascination. This has something to do with who we are and why we’re here, and that is what makes it so inexplicable—because it’s not just about what’s out there and what’s going on, it’s about what’s going on inside that connects us to this mysterious, frustrating, irritating, fascinating thing that doesn’t go away. And it doesn’t go away because it’s real. You know it’s real. Other people don’t seem to know it’s real, but somehow you know it’s real, because you have a connection to it. Now for me, that means that you have a spiritual connection to it. This isn’t just about information for the mind. It’s not just about solving a mystery. There’s something deeper here for many of you, for most of you, perhaps even all of you. And I speak of this because this deeper aspect of us ultimately is going to hold the key not only to what this means for us individually, but what this is going to mean for all of us collectively. In my writings about Greater Community Spirituality—and by Greater Community I mean the reality and the spirituality of life everywhere, what is fundamental to intelligent life everywhere—two things happen for me. One is facing the reality of life in the universe, and the other is facing what it means for me—outside, inside. And as I proceed in my presentation with you tonight, I’m going to talk about this reality inside and why it is so essential for us now to understand, to know what it is and how to use it effectively. James Carrion last evening said a very important thing. He said that we must penetrate the mystery of this UFO phenomenon within our lifetime. And within myself I said, “Yes! That’s right,” because this isn’t a mystery that will always be a mystery. In fact, for me, I don’t consider this to be a mystery. I consider it to be a natural and highly consequential event. I consider it to be a puzzle that’s missing some large pieces—such large pieces that we’re not sure what we’re looking at. It’s a puzzle without any referring picture, so all you have is pieces and no picture to know how to put the pieces together. But I believe that the picture is becoming clearer, even if we don’t have all the pieces. And tonight I’d like to talk with you about some of those missing pieces with you. My work as a teacher of meditation and inner guidance, as a theologian, as someone who is exploring the religious implications of this phenomenon, has

brought me to some very difficult thresholds. Paul Davies, who won the Templeton Prize for religion in 1997, who wrote about the implications upon religion of this phenomenon, said that the reality of thinking beings in the universe will have all the religions rethinking their position. What is he really saying? He’s really saying that one of the biggest impediments to bringing this out to people is religion. Because our religions are based upon the anthropocentric notion that there is God, humanity and the world. But if this is our God and the God of others in the universe, then it’s like we have to start all over again—our theological beliefs, our great assumptions all thrown into doubt, in question. This is how important this subject is, I believe, to us. I feel that our emergence into this Greater Community of intelligent life—which includes contact with other forms of intelligent life—is the most consequential event in human history, and will likely determine the outcome for humanity for decades and centuries to come. It is the most dangerous event in human history. It is the greatest opportunity in human history. And that is why we feel and we know it is so important, even if it interferes with our individual lives, plans and goals. In 1983, I had, for want of a better word, an epiphany—contact with a spiritual Presence so powerful that it completely blew up my life. This wasn’t a still small voice experience. This wasn’t a little voice in the ethers. This was a consuming Presence. And I had been teaching inner guidance for seven years prior to having this experience, so I thought I understood what this was going to be or what this was. And one of the consequences of this encounter, which continued for me, was the idea, the message that we are emerging into a Greater Community of life and we must prepare, that our understanding of contact is not an adventure in consciousness, it is not a science project—it is the big thing, the big rumbling, the big change that many people—I’m sure many of you—have been feeling for a long time, this sense that the world we live in is going to go through some kind of fundamental shift or change. And we feel that inside of ourselves—so much so that I’m sure many of you have had to re-do your life internally, maybe several times over, because you’re moving towards something that is important. You’re trying to get to a place of understanding. While everyone else is looking for comfort and consolation, you keep pushing the envelope, trying to put it together.

As a result of this contact, I received Steps to Knowledge, a 500-page book, in 14 days. I received Greater Community Spirituality, the Theology of Contact, 27 chapters, in four days. This was material I had never read anywhere, heard anywhere or seen anywhere. And it was this Presence that prepared me for contact with the Allies of Humanity and enabled me to receive the two series of briefings between 1997 and the year 2000. It was not an experience that I wanted to have. I had seen some other “channeled material” with extraterrestrials, and I was not very impressed. But this happened, and I allowed it to happen. And because of this, the Allies of Humanity briefings are here today. I’m going to share some of these briefings with you tonight. After saying a few words, I’m going to show a little audiovisual presentation. And I’d like to ask you for this evening, for the time being, to just consider the result of this message, which is far bigger than anything I could present to you in the time that I have with you tonight. It’s easy to question the phenomenon of receiving something like this, and I certainly have questioned that myself. But by their fruits ye shall know them. And therefore I ask you to consider the results of this. For me, the Allies briefings gave some of the big missing pieces. I can’t say it gave all the missing pieces, but you don’t need all the pieces. You just need enough of the pieces to see the picture of the puzzle. In this case, that’s the goal, to see the picture. What is this? I realized that there were four fundamental questions about the extraterrestrial presence in the world: 1. What is happening? 2. Why is it happening? 3. What does it mean? 4. And how can we prepare? The incredible work that MUFON and other organizations have done over the past decades has given us a very solid understanding, I think, of the first question. We know that we are being visited. We know that intelligent beings from beyond the world are here operating here in the world without human consent, engaged in a number of very specific activities, and they represent many different cultures and races. And certainly the reporting of this evidence

has been very fundamental to our being able to go on to the next three questions. The next three questions are more difficult because we cannot rely upon science alone to answer them. They require other avenues of knowledge, other ways of knowing. They also require that we deal with ourselves. Rather than just being witnesses of this great phenomenon, we’re somehow implicated in this phenomenon. We’re part of it. We’re the first respondents to it. We’re witnessing it. It has something to do with who we are and why we’re here. The second three questions, particularly the last question, are really difficult because where the hard facts end it’s all wide open—you just make it be whatever you want it to be. And people have made it be whatever they wanted it to be. But the first question is to lead us to the next three. And some of the pieces to the puzzle are not about the first question. They’re about the questions that follow: Why is it happening? What does it mean? How can we prepare? The fourth question—no one seems to have a clue how to prepare. Or is there even a need to prepare? No one seems to know how to prepare. What does it mean? That can be known, but I think you would have to look at it without fear or preference, something that’s very hard for human beings to do with anything. Why is it happening? The evidence does give us some important clues, and I will talk about them as we proceed. I’m not going to talk tonight about whether UFOs are real—except to say they’re real. I want to take us beyond “UFOs are real.” Who needs to hear that UFOs are real is everybody out there, in the culture. But I think everyone knows here that that question has been very, very aptly answered. I also am not going to talk about the government tonight, because I think Linda Moulton Howe spoke very intelligently about that, it’s been presented many times, there’s been a lot of very good work done on this—except to say that the government seems to be schizophrenic on the subject. On the one hand, it maintains avid denial or ignorance. On the other hand, it leaks out things to try to educate us that visitation is occurring. Every time you see a film or a movie that has military equipment in it—like bases and tanks and all

these sorts of things—that’s because the military film review board has given their stamp of roval. You can’t go out and rent that stuff without their approval. So clearly there’s a schizophrenia here that on the one hand this isn’t real and isn’t happening, or isn’t important; on the other hand, we kind of want people to be acclimated to this. So there’s an odd dichotomy there. I think there are individuals within the government who know this is real and who support the extraterrestrial presence, and there are those within the government who know it’s real and do not support the extraterrestrial presence. And they both have reasons for denying any kind of disclosure, but for different reasons. And the last thing I’ll say about this is getting the government to disclose anything, I think, is pretty hopeless. But that doesn’t mean we should be hopeless, because there are ways of knowing that the government isn’t telling us anyway, and there may be ways of knowing that the government doesn’t even know—so it can simply be bypassed, rather than us waiting around for years and decades for what they tell us what we think it knows, which it won’t do. Okay, good. Tonight’s talk is about the alien agenda and the ethics of contact. I want to talk about the agenda first, and I’d like to begin with saying that in order for us to understand this agenda most fundamentally, we need to not approach it as philosophers, scientists, humanists, sociologists—to not look at this from the position of our interest or expertise, and study it from that position. That’s fine to do, but first we have to look at it at a very fundamental level. And that very fundamental level is we have to look at it from the standpoint of being the native peoples of this world. We are the native peoples of this world. You may feel like you’re from somewhere else, but we’re still the native peoples of this world. And we are facing an Intervention from beyond our world. If we do not look at it at this level, we may miss the most important clues—and we will miss the most important questions that have to be answered. And we will also miss what both nature and history have taught us about intervention. These are important points that will be missed if we’re simply approaching this from a scientific or philosophical or theological perspective. The native peoples: and what life has taught us about the native peoples and their encounters with foreigners—or in this case, other races of beings—but to go back and read the record of intervention is very important. Because it gives

us clues about the agenda that the extraterrestrials are exercising now. And these clues are being borne out by the evidence that is being generated through the research from MUFON and other organizations. And that we as the native peoples of this world have certain rights and responsibilities, certain ethical rights and responsibilities. That if these are not recognized, if they are not honored and exercised, then we are putting ourselves in the position of being the unwitting recipients of whatever an intervening force wants to do to our world or to us—which is pretty much exactly how it is right now. We have no authority—we are given no authority either by our government or by the extraterrestrial presence itself. We can only witness and try to understand. That is not a good position for the native peoples of the world. We also have other predispositions that make us very weak as the native peoples of the world. We’re very fascinated with technology. We think that advanced technology somehow equates to advanced consciousness, that those who can do things we can’t do must be spiritually and psychologically advanced far beyond us. And we love trinkets of technology, don’t we? And we hope for technology to be brought to our world to solve our ecological, environmental and political problems. But the lessons of history and nature would warn us against that. After all, fundamentally—regardless of who you think you are and what your name is and your own personal history—you are a biological creature in this world, subject to the laws of nature. And nature tells us that there is competition always for the environment, and that superiority or predominance anywhere is motivated by very fundamental forces, be they productive or destructive; and that we as the natives of the world have to make some fundamental ethical decisions. For example, we need to determine who can come to this world and what they’re able to do here. This is our responsibility. I talked about this at another conference some time ago, and a young lady came up to me afterwards. She said, “Well, this isn’t really our world. I mean, you know, the aliens planted us here. It’s kind of their world. We just sort of get to be here until they come back and claim it.” That’s kind of like—it’s a good form of manifest destiny. It’s “you don’t really get to own what you own; we actually own it, but we’ll let you think you own it until we need it.”

This is our world of origin. It is our God-given world of origin. If we give it away or let it be taken away, we are responsible for that. The lessons of history, the lessons of intervention, cannot be overlooked. And they are being overlooked. The Allies of Humanity briefings talk about the four fundamental activities of the extraterrestrial agenda. And I should say about the Allies—and you’re going to see this in the slide show—that this group of individuals, not visiting our Earth but are witnessing the extraterrestrial activities here on Earth from a point beyond the Earth, and have sent us a report, because we can’t be on the outside looking at it. We’re only on the inside looking out. And therefore we cannot fill in those missing puzzle pieces, because we’re on the inside looking out. We don’t know what’s going on beyond our planet, and we’re not in a position to see that. So the four fundamental activities—and I’d like to list them, and you can read about these in greater detail in reading the Allies briefings. In fact, the first set of briefings of the Allies of Humanity are—the entire book is online. You can read it at your leisure. And it goes into great detail about each of these four activities, which I’m not going to do tonight. The first is establishing liaisons with leaders in government, commerce, and religion. Not all leaders, certain leaders. Certain receptive leaders, particularly leaders who are ambitious, who would very much like to have a connection beyond this world—and the technology it could provide, and the expertise it could provide—in order to fulfill that individual’s or that group’s agenda. It’s often been proposed that who’s opposing the extraterrestrial presence are all the business elites, the networks of greater financial power in the world. But this really doesn’t hold up, because those are the very elements that the Intervention will seek to reach and to persuade. And who amongst them could refuse advanced technology, advanced methods of mind control, advanced propulsion? Who amongst them can refuse temptation like that? What entrepreneur would turn down something like that, to be given an assured supremacy? The second area of activity is building a physical presence in the world, and this is out of logistical necessity, particularly as we get a little more sophisticated about seeing what comes in and out of the planet’s atmosphere, but also to further a process of assimilation. And we should not underestimate

the process of assimilation because you just walk into any toy store and see ET toys. Your four-year-old is playing with ET toys and watching ET cartoons and so forth. The next is manipulation of spiritual values and tendencies. This is a very big subject, which I cannot talk about in depth tonight. But it is no accident that in the last four years that we’ve seen in new religious thought the religion of acquiescence and passivity: trusting in the process; whatever happens is what needs to happen; everyone is right where they need to be; if the extraterrestrials are here it’s because they’re supposed to be; you don’t resist; you acquiesce; to resist is to be negative, is to be fearful, is to be unconscious. A great prescription for convincing the natives to give over the keys to the kingdom, a very good, clever form of manipulation. And the fourth activity is interbreeding, a very long, drawn out process to create a hybrid individual capable of establishing a new leadership here—not in alliance to humanity, of course, but in alliance to foreign powers, with allegiance to that foreign power. The protest now comes, saying “Well, if they want it they can just come and take the planet.” But, no. That’s not what an intelligent race would do. That’s what a brutish race would do. Because what they want are the resources of the world. And the Intervention represents a very small non-military organization. Probably the best analogy would be a multinational corporation. And multinational corporations now do conquest sending out men in business suits with laptops and cellphones. Those are the conquistadors of today. Some of you are aware of this whole abduction phenomenon. When you really begin to look at it—not romantically—it’s pretty onerous. It’s pretty diabolical, actually. And for those abductees who will not be turned, their life is a torment and a hell—socially alienated, psychologically damaged. Their life is a hell. A very well-known researcher, whose name I cannot give at his request, who is also an abductee, said to me once as we were walking to the University of Colorado where he was going to be giving a presentation, he said, “You know, to them we’re nothing more than cockroaches.” I think that was pretty extreme. But we are the native peoples of the world. And how the Conquistadors looked at the native peoples of the world, in several ways: they

were impediments, they were useful tools, and they had to be managed and in some cases eliminated or completely governed; they were sinful, they were chaotic, they were destructive. When you look at the evidence of the Interventional experience of today you begin to see the same kind of elements —the denigration of human leadership and institutions (which is easy to do); the denigration of human potential; the assertion that without an extraterrestrial Intervention we will destroy ourselves, we are hopelessly destined to self destruct; and that our own pathetic behavior demonstrates that we cannot manage the planet and that we need others to help us and to show us how. Now, some people say that this is a very negative way of looking at it. I don’t feel that way. I think it’s a very objective way of looking at it. From the standpoint of being a native person of this world who’s been completely disempowered by this phenomenon, and seeing everyone around him completely disempowered, and trying to accept that in some way and making excuses for it, I see that we’re moving into a position of tremendous vulnerability and powerlessness. How did Cortez with his 550 men overtake a nation of two million people, the most powerful military nation in the Americas, in the Western hemisphere? It wasn’t through advanced technology. It wasn’t through power. It was through guile, taking advantage of the natives’ superstitions, their own divisions, their own conflicts. Pizarro was 168 men overcoming a nation that extended for over 3,000 miles—which tells us, in the lessons of intervention, that this world can be overtaken by a very small expeditionary group, exploiting the native superstitions, conflicts, and self-doubt. These are the lessons of intervention. They are appropriate here, because we are experiencing an Intervention. We can’t call it a visitation. A visitation is where the host grants permission for the guest to enter, understands the purpose of the guest being there, understands their intention, accepts these things, and his permission is granted. Nothing like that has ever happened. And to say that someone somewhere gave them permission doesn’t mean anything. Nor is there any human permission for all the various extraterrestrial activities occurring in the world today. We hope it’s okay. Now I’d like to take this one step further. And I’m not saying this to scare you, because my purpose tonight is to engender wisdom and responsibility. We as

a human family at this time are experiencing—or beginning to experience— what I call the great waves of change. The great waves of change being largely the product of human behavior, but not entirely so—immense changes that are going to affect our environment, our civilization, our way of life, our survivability—irrespective of any kind of extraterrestrial presence here. I’m talking about a global energy crisis. We are overgrazing the fields. I’m talking about global warming, violent weather, the disruption of food production, the exposure of people living in coastal areas—which accounts for 40 percent of the world’s people. I’m talking about the rise of pandemic illness. I’ve taken the time to really look into these things, because it’s easy to say it’s all just corporate manipulation, or it’s—we’ve heard all that before. But when you look at this, really look at it—just like the extraterrestrial phenomenon, it becomes very real. And it gets under your skin, and you begin to have a response. Now, just dealing with the great waves of change is going to take a monumental human effort—which has not arisen yet, and which may not arise until the very bitter end. I bring it up here tonight because it does fit into the alien agenda. And it fits in with the alien agenda remarkably well. For if humanity, due to its own misuse of the environment, its own negligence and irresponsibility, denigrates the environment enough—leading to the decline in civilization, leading to immense conflicts—very possible and often very likely —then here this Intervention, which has been building its network of representatives and apologists—and you must admit, the extraterrestrials have many admirers and very few critics. When you recognize that the Intervention has established its physical presence, has been developing its own leadership who then can assume positions of power or advisory positions of power, and humanity puts itself in such a position of decline, such a position of instability, we will accept help from anyone or anything—especially if we’ve been conditioned to believe that the extraterrestrials are here to save us and will give us all this amazing technology, and free energy, and all kinds of other things. We will not turn that down. They have only to wait until we drive ourselves into the ground. And who amongst us, and who amongst our leaders would decline the offer of their help—those who would help to lead us into this situation. Those who have supported the decline of human civilization will now appear as the saviors of humanity. And whether this is done publicly, visually, or whether this is done behind the scenes in a seamless transfer of power—if you begin to connect the dots, if you begin to see the connections, it becomes very clear. If you know the lessons of intervention, and you see how

very small forces have been able to overcome very large forces, then you can begin to see how possible this is and how likely it truly is. This creates for us an ethical crisis, as well as a practical one. For we are not in a position to establish what is right for us, what the rules of engagement should be and must be. We don’t even see a need for it. We’re still just sitting in the audience watching the show. We don’t realize we are the show. This is it. Until this extraterrestrial presence demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is here for a beneficial purpose, and that it reveals its purpose and intentions—until this is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we must suspect it for the purposes that intervention has always served, which has been self-interest, power and control. Because that is the lessons of nature and that is the lessons of history. As above, so below. Amazingly, this Intervention is the one thing that can unite humanity and save us from our own decline. Is there a silver lining to this? Yes, because every person in the world will face the same consequences if this Intervention succeeds. There will be no winners. There will be no beneficiaries. Even those who are promised positions of power and supremacy, they will never be given the keys to the kingdom again. This is a cause for human unity. What do we hope to gain in our conflicts with one another, what do we hope to achieve in some kind of national supremacy for the United States or any nation, if we’re all facing a global Intervention that’s been carried out in a surreptitious manner, without human awareness or consent? We’re all in the same boat. We’re one humanity, with one spirituality, facing a dilemma that will affect us all equally. If this could be seen by even a small number of people, this would begin to reverberate through the whole culture—because our greatest threat, our greatest challenge now is with the Greater Community itself. The Allies say that for emerging races such as our own the first encounter with intelligent life in the universe will be with resource explorers and economic collectives, almost without exception. As above, so below. The Intervention, I believe, gives us the one great opportunity to overcome our longstanding conflicts and issues with each other, person to person and nation to nation, for the defense of the world. And it’s difficult for me, as a spiritual teacher, to talk like this. But what could be more spiritual than

showing people a great need and showing them something that’s undermining their safety and their future? It’s not what we want to hear. I would love to think that they’re here to help us, and we sure need ‘em, and look what’s happening to the world, and we won’t make it without ‘em. But, you know, I know it’s not true. Damn. And the great Presence that came to me and has been with me and has enabled me to bring a Greater Community understanding into the world is telling me and telling all of us we are emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. We must prepare. It is time to prepare. And my work, basically, is to alert people to our destiny, our future in the Greater Community, and to our responsibilities as an emerging native race in the Greater Community— and to provide at least part of the preparation, part of the answer to the question of how can we prepare. Because we have to prepare on the inside as well as on the outside. If we can’t see, if we can’t know, nothing will happen. So, I would like now to show you a video presentation. This is a presentation of some quotes from the Allies of Humanity briefings. The words you’re going to be reading are the actual words of the Allies themselves. I did not change them. It’s a very, very small part of what the briefings present, but I think will give you a feeling and a flavor for not only the importance of the message but also the compassion for humanity that’s behind it. The Allies of Humanity are not here to interfere in human affairs, but to warn us of a great danger as a native race, and to prepare us for the realities of life in the universe around us.

The Allies of Humanity: Human Unity, Freedom and the Hidden Reality of Contact …Over twelve years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds gathered at a discreet location in our solar system near the Earth for the purpose of observing the alien visitation that is occurring in our world. From their hidden vantage point, they were able to determine the identity, organization and intentions of those visiting our world and monitor the visitors’ activities. This group of observers call themselves the “Allies of Humanity.” This is their report…

We have been sent to represent the allies of humanity. We are their representatives. We are not in your world, but have been observing your world from a hidden location nearby. We have not come to establish ourselves here, to build relations with the human family or to establish an economic or political liaison with your governments. We have come instead with a very simple mission. Our mission is to observe the extraterrestrial intervention that is occurring in your world today and, given the opportunity to do so, provide the perspective that you will need to understand and to offset this intervention and to prepare for the realities of life in the universe. Your ability to recognize the truth of what we are about to impart is absolutely fundamental for your survival, for your advancement, and indeed, for the preservation of the very freedoms that you hold most dear. For the Greater Community into which you are emerging is perhaps far different from what you may have thought before… The Greater Community is vast. Its furthest reaches have never been explored. It is greater than any race can comprehend. Within this magnificent creation, intelligent life exists at all levels of evolution and in countless expressions. …It has always seemed that you lived in isolation, alone within the vast emptiness of space. But you really live in an inhabited part of the universe where trade and commerce have been established and where traditions, interactions and associations are all long-standing. And to your benefit, you live in a beautiful world—a world of great biological diversity, a splendid place in contrast to the starkness of so many other worlds. You are but one of many races emerging into the Greater Community at this time. Each one holds promise and yet each is vulnerable to the difficulties, challenges and influences that exist in this greater environment.

The challenge for humanity is to understand who its allies really are and to be able to distinguish them from its potential adversaries. There are no neutral parties in this matter. You have a great problem. Every human being in this world faces this great problem. It can unite you and enable you to overcome your longstanding differences and conflicts. It is that great and powerful. Today and tomorrow and the day after, great activity is underway and will be underway to establish a network of influence over the human race by those who are visiting the world for their own purposes. …this is an intervention into human affairs. This is the greatest event in human history—the greatest threat to human freedom and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation. Many races have lost their freedom before it was ever attained only to become part of collectives or commercial guilds or client states to larger powers. We come, then, with a sense of commitment and strong encouragement for you to maintain your freedom, to become strong and discerning and not to give into persuasions or promises of peace, power and inclusion from those you do not know. You are sitting on a prize that you must protect if you are to be its stewards and its beneficiaries. Consider the peoples in your world who have lost their freedom because they lived in a place considered valuable by others. It is now the whole human family that is so imperiled.

The Visitors will say they are here to save humanity from itself, that only they can offer the great hope that humanity cannot provide for itself, that only they can establish true order and harmony in the world. But this order and this harmony will be theirs, not yours. And the freedom that they promise will not be yours to enjoy. If humanity should fail in opposing the Intervention, we can paint a picture of what this would mean. Being part of a collective, the planet Earth would be mined for its resources, its people would be corralled to work and its rebels and heretics will either be alienated or destroyed. The management of humanity would be given to those who are bred to lead the human race within a new order. Human freedom as you know it would no longer exist, and you would suffer under the weight of foreign rule, a rule that would be harsh and exacting. Freedom is a precious thing in the Greater Community. Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom. Your visitors do not have this freedom. It is unknown to them. They look at the chaos of your world, and they believe that the order that they will impose here will be redeeming for you and will save you from your own self-destruction. This is all they can give, for this is all that they have. And they will use you, but they do not consider this inappropriate, for they themselves are being used and know no alternative to this. We understand that already there are people who seek world dominion because they believe they have the visitors’ blessings and support. They have the visitors’ assurance that they will be assisted in their quest for power. And yet, what are they giving away but the keys to their own freedom and the freedom of their world? They are unknowing and unwise. They cannot see their error.

There are many who want interference. They want to be rescued or saved by someone else. They do not trust the possibilities for humanity. They do not believe in humanity’s inherent strengths and capabilities. They will give over their freedom willingly. They will believe what they are told by the visitors. And they will serve their new masters, thinking that what they are being given is their own liberation. Your independence is being lost with each passing day. You may not see the loss of your freedom, though perhaps you may feel it in some way. How could you see it? You cannot go outside your world and witness the events that surround it. We feel that there are no other problems in the world that are as important as this. From our perspective, whatever you can resolve on your own will have little meaning in the future if your freedom is lost. Our worlds were overcome and we had to regain our freedom. We know, from error and experience, the nature of the conflict and the challenge that you face today. That is why we are well suited for this mission in our service to you. However, you will not meet us, and we will not come to meet the leaders of your nations. That is not our purpose. We make our message available to everyone, and we trust that our words can be received and considered seriously. Yet we have no control over your response. The superstitions and the fears of the world may make our message beyond reach for many. But the promise is still there.

What will enable you to hear our words and to know their authenticity will be your ability to respond with the deeper knowing within yourself, the Spiritual Intelligence we call Knowledge. This is the very source and bond of all spirituality in the universe. You are far behind the visitors in your technological development, so you must rely upon Knowledge. It is the greatest force in the Universe, and your visitors do not use it. It is your only hope… Any free race in the universe must learn The Way of Knowledge, however it may be defined within their own cultures. This is the source of individual freedom. Discovering this Knowledge is not merely an option and not merely the goal of exceptional individuals. It represents the essence of your struggle for freedom. The first step is awareness. Many people must become aware that the Earth is being visited and that foreign powers are here operating in a clandestine manner, seeking to hide their agenda and endeavors from human understanding. It must be very clear that their presence here is a great challenge to human freedom and self-determination. Here you cannot be like children. You must become mature and responsible. It is your freedom that is at stake. It is your world that is at stake. It is your cooperation with each other that is needed. Raise your voice against the Intervention and the Intervention is put at risk. Resist the Intervention and the Intervention must stop. You must not allow any alien force to set foot on the soil of this world without the expressed permission from the people of your world.

You have these rights. There are only two choices: you can acquiesce or you can stand for your freedom. In the end, it is all about freedom.

The words you have just read are the direct words of the Allies of Humanity, as taken from The Allies of Humanity Briefings Books 1 and 2, received by Marshall Vian Summers. Explore the Allies message at Learn about the Greater Community at Support the movement for ethical Contact. Read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty at Experience The New Message for Humanity at

Acknowledging those individuals around the world who are supporting the dissemination of the Allies Message and the world’s growing awareness of the Greater Community in which we live. Their commitment and support has made this video message from the Allies of Humanity possible.

I’d like to thank my son, Reed Summers, who created that slide presentation for us. He also created the cover images for the two Allies briefings, so I’d like to thank him for that. I wanted to take time this evening to respond to some questions you might have, for surely this must generate some questions. And there are some very good questions that can be asked here, for there is much that I did not share with you tonight. This is an understanding that takes some time, particularly if

it’s new to you. And sometimes it takes a real re-thinking of this whole phenomenon, and that takes time, too. I just want to make it very clear, however, that regarding the extraterrestrial phenomenon in the world, we cannot afford to make a critical mistake. It is too important. It is too consequential. Good. Okay, we have a question here. I’ll repeat your question, I can hear it. Questioner: Okay, if we’re being visited by alien groups that are not acting in our self-interest, and we should not allow them on our planet without our permission, but they are technologically superior to us—far technologically superior—then how are we going to deny them permission to come onto our planet? MVS: Okay. That’s a good question. If they are technologically superior, and they are not here with our best interest at heart, how can we get them to leave? There is something that the Allies briefings presents that I had never seen anywhere else, and I think it’s an article of faith because we can’t prove it or disprove it. It’s one of those truths that has to be sort of self-evident. And this teaches us about the reality of life beyond our world. We live in a very highly inhabited part of the galaxy. We think we live in isolation because we’ve evolved in a state of relative isolation. The world has certainly been visited many times over the millennia, but never has there been an Intervention such as this in the world before. In our part of the galaxy, outright conquest of a nation or world—even if it’s undeveloped, even if it just has native peoples in it —is not allowed. It’s not allowed because it creates discord, conflict and war. Competition and war. Therefore, the Intervention—which represents small commercial forces—must make it appear to outside observers and to their competitors that their presence here is either welcomed or at the very least tolerated. And if that is the case, they will not break any of the rules of engagement that are established between planets and worlds in our part of the galaxy. Now, if we lived in a very remote part of the galaxy where there were no such rules of engagement established, then we would be wide open for conquest. However, conquest by force is completely counter to the intentions and the goals of the Intervention, which seeks to preserve the biological resources of this world—we being part of the biological resources of this world. And so it requires that they take a much more long range, a much more subtle

approach, a much more intelligent approach—and such an approach that it would enable them to take control of this world without firing a shot. And we are assisting them in every possible way—in our own behavior towards one another, in our use of the planet and its resources, and in our unawareness that we are the native peoples of this world and that we have a right and a responsibility to determine who can visit here and under what circumstances. If it therefore appears—as it said in the slide show, if you speak out against the Intervention it’s put at risk, because the Intervention is completely reliant upon human agreement and human acceptance and acquiescence—amongst a few of us who even know about it, of course. It just needs to not be opposed. You know, the conferences I have spoken at and have attended, it’s amazing that the extraterrestrial is never questioned. There is immense emotion, feeling about governments and the government cover-up—which is a very serious problem—but there’s almost nothing about the extraterrestrial coverup. It’s almost taken by assumption that the extraterrestrials are okay, and may be wonderful, and it’s just human ignorance and arrogance and human authority that’s creating the whole problem. And I think we have to re-think all those things. So to answer your question—and this may not be satisfying, because we don’t think as human beings yet with the kind of subtlety you need to think in the Greater Community to be effective—if it’s known that their presence here is not wanted—we cannot rely on our government to do that for us—then their current agenda is put at risk. But I will say also in light of that that even if this Intervention is thwarted there will be relentless attempts at intervention here, by whatever means can be utilized. We as the native peoples of the world must realize that we are sitting on a world of immense biological value. If we do not protect it, then we will fall subject to foreign domination sooner or later. Questioner: Another question. MVS: Yes sir. Questioner: We’ve heard several in the past—in past years we’ve heard Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs and others talk about the hybridization project. And a number of people have described cases—as a matter of fact, a lot of abduction researchers, including myself, have cases where apparently

hybrids are now living among us as—in the human community. And so assuming that what you’re saying is correct, in that we need to unite against an Intervention, what would you propose now that such a toe-hold has already been established? MVS: Okay, so given that a toe-hold has already been established, that there are likely hybrids already living amongst us, how would I comment upon that? I think that we have to remember that we’re six and a half billion unruly, irrational creatures that are violent—can become violent very easily, even you very peaceful types. Maybe it’s all internalized, but you become very violent. We’re a very tough race, if we seize that power. We’re a very tough race against a couple of thousand extraterrestrials—who have no chance here, whether they’re hybrids or not… Questioner: Well, the downside of that is having a witch hunt. We have a very large number—presumably—probably this Intervention is very pervasive. And a particular hypothesis of mine is that they’re breeding—they’re inbreeding— they’re breeding into the greater human genome a large population, if you will, of engineered genes, if you will. MVS: Okay. Questioner: And so, given that this ET, if you will, influence is heavily pervading humanity, that would imply that to rid ourselves of this influence would require a rather massive witch hunt, which could get very ugly. MVS: Okay. That’s a good question. So, if we have all these hybrids, what do we do with them in the light of all this? Well, first of all, I think the hybrids are not being generated just to populate the culture. I think they’re being generated to take behind-the-scenes leadership positions. I mean leadership positions of people who are not accountable to the public. You know, there’s a lot of railing against presidents, but presidents don’t really run the show. People who run things are people behind the scenes that you and I don’t even know exist, that you and I would never recognize if we saw them, their names wouldn’t mean anything to us, probably. The hybridization program needs to generate leadership, not population. So the number of individuals is very small. Some of these individuals will simply serve as protagonists on a much more local scale. I’m certainly not advocating destroying them. I mean, I think if they could ever be exposed—that’s a big if—then they have a choice,

whether they’re going to join the human race or the foreign race. Where does their greatest allegiance lie, because you cannot serve two masters. So, I don’t foresee a witch hunt here. I think that education is really important. I mean, even a hybrid can be liberated from their conditioning, but it would take a very great input and a very powerful input to do it. That’s some very heavy programming, right there. And certainly abduction research is showing the kind of programming that’s being put particularly in individuals who are receptive, who are acquiescent—and also what happens to individuals who are not. Yes, ma’am. Questioner: You stated that you felt that we were about to experience something we never experienced before in history, and when I was watching the slide show it was bringing memories back to me of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. And what was experienced amongst anyone who was not part of the white Aryan race was either you submitted and participated, and those Jewish members of the community who were willing to assist in the Nazi plan —can you hear me? MVS: Speak up. Speak into the microphone a little bit closer. Questioner: I’ll turn the mike a little closer. Is that better? I was just stating that this brought memories back to me about what I have learned about our history sixty years ago with the onset of Nazi Germany and what went on with the Holocaust. And those who were not part of the white Aryan race were considered to be those who had to be done away with, and those who cooperated with them—whether they were Jews or Gypsies or whatever— who were involved in shaving heads and herding people and getting people to cooperate—sometimes their lives were spared in the process because they were participating. I’d like to ask you, do you think that at that period and time in history something like what you’re talking about that could happen in the future was attempting to happen then and was somehow thwarted or—I think you get the gist of my question. MVS: Okay, so was the attempt to establish the Third Reich an early attempt at this kind of world domination? Well, it’s certainly an appealing connection. I have no real certainty about it. I mean, certainly we’re capable of doing it to one another without any extraterrestrial assistance, and that attempt has been

made repeatedly over history. But I think what is being presented here in the Allies briefings—the aspect that’s a warning—is that the kind of domination that could happen in this world is beyond anything we have ever experienced, ever. We can think of the terrible things we could do to each other and our planet—and, you know, the mind is very imaginative about disasters and things like that—but the reason that I think the Allies are saying this is the biggest problem that faces humanity is that if this occurred there may be no way out for us ever, that the experiment in human civilization and the initial experiment in human freedom and democracy—which has only been extremely recent in human history—I mean we’re just taking baby steps here towards the potential for individual and collective freedom—could be ended permanently. We could get ourselves through the great waves of change. It may be extremely difficult, extremely costly, and I think it will be, but we could come out the other side of that perhaps a better race, perhaps more united, perhaps committed to living a simpler and more sustainable life. But this situation is a real end point, and I think that it casts a much greater shadow than anything we’ve seen in the world before. Certainly there have been nations and groups of people who have been subjugated to terrible ongoing conditions, but we’re talking about the entire human race. From a Greater Community perspective, we’re all the same. We’re all the citizens, the natives of this world. The differences that we amplify—amplify amongst each other—mean nothing. So our commonality becomes a real emphasis here, as well as our need for human unity. For our greatest challenges exist out there, not here. As above, so below. The Allies also emphasize that the free races—and freedom is not that common in the Greater Community—do not go around trying to plant their flags in other worlds, do not go around manipulating other planets, governments and populations in order to gain access to resources. We know what kind of forces do that. Life here has shown us that. The behavior of the Intervention is certainly demonstrating classic Intervention strategies. And therefore we have to consider this. Any other questions? Yes ma’am. Questioner: I’m trying to understand your background before these Allies contacted you. You said you were a spiritual guide of inner peace or—what

exactly was your background prior to this message? Because I want to understand whether you were well read in the UFO topic and the abduction topic prior to this epiphany, or whether this was all new information slamming into your mind and then afterwards you did the reading to keep up with the conventional UFO literature. MVS: So the question is, did I read the UFO literature before or after I had this major epiphany? And the answer is I read it after. After I began to learn about the Greater Community through this revelation that was happening through me and has been happening through me for the last 25 years, then I went and read the UFO literature, abduction literature. And the shocking thing is what I found was an amazing correlation—that certainly there are different perspectives and viewpoints, but very few people are looking at this from the standpoint of being a free and native race. And so I learned about—I did my reading afterwards. And more often than not I saw immense correlation—both in our strengths and weaknesses in dealing with this. One of our strengths in dealing with this is we are people that have not lost our spiritual foundation. And the Allies briefings emphasize that most technologically advanced races long ago lost their spiritual traditions, if they ever had them. They become entirely secular, very regimented. Because when you have an empire that exists beyond your own world, that requires a lot of management and control. And that the free races tend to be much more discreet and hidden and selfsufficient, staying out of commerce as much as possible. Wisdom. It’s wisdom in the world, it’s wisdom in the universe. Yes sir. We have just five more minutes, I think. Questioner: Hi Marshall. Thank you for your time tonight. A quick question. Assuming this council of worlds, for lack of a better term, or allied nations— assuming that they in the past have learned that it’s not good for service to self as opposed to service to others—well, actually flip-flop, service to others and service to self, two different types of races out there—assuming that there’s rules of engagement in place and that the rules are that you’re not supposed to engage in a world that decides to stand on free will, will that collective free will itself be enough to prevent it from happening? And once they break this rule, can we expect help—or are we on our own? It’s a David and Goliath kind of situation.

MVS: Okay, so I hear two questions. One is, is our collective will for freedom going to be enough to maintain it? And—what was the second question? Questioner: Once collective free will is established, is that the only thing we have to combat any kind of hostile takeover—them having technology or— once the rule is broke, we’ll get help from these allied nations? MVS: First of all, let me clarify a couple of things. There’s no league of nations out there. These are organizations that rule trade and commerce, in order to maintain law and order. It’s not any more altruistic than that. Just to maintain law and order, you can’t go out and conquer your neighbors. And if you go visit them, they better show that they’re willing to have you there, or you break the rules. And if you break the rules, the consequences are very severe. I think we realize that we’re going to have to defend the planet, because the Greater Community in which we live is a competitive environment on a scale beyond anything we could possibly imagine. It’s not a magic kingdom with a bunch of enlightened races going around casting pixie dust on little third world planets such as ourselves. We’re going to have to maintain planetary security, and that’s going to have to be national security, national predominance in this world. Every nation in this world is going to have to be protected against intrusions from beyond. The Allies make it very clear that we are not ready to establish meaningful positive relationships with other races in the universe. We are much too divided, much too contentious. In an evolutionary sense, we haven’t gotten there yet. And that this contact we’re having now is premature and it’s destructive. We have to get through the great waves of change first. We have to come out much more united and much more engaged with one another than we are today. We are not a candidate yet for interplanetary contact—not with a positive race, not with a beneficial race. And no real ally of humanity would want to have contact with us. For what purpose? They can’t give us technology because we’d just turn it into weapons and further prolong our own conflict Questioner: Excuse me. MVS: We have to walk this road on our own. We have to value human ability, human ingenuity and the human spirit. If we lose sight of that, we’ve lost already. And the erosion of human confidence, the human spirit, is so far advanced it’s frightening to me.

We have just a few minutes left. Can I go over a little bit? Yes. Questioner: Can I ask one more question? MVS: Yes sir. Questioner: Okay, if—and I believe that an Intervention is taking place, that it’s not in our interest, and if our prospects are so dire, and if the Allies of Humanity wish us so much well, then why don’t they do more to intervene in the situation? MVS: Why don’t the Allies do more to intervene in the situation? Well, they’re not a war-like society, so they can’t make war on the intervening forces. And if they do that, they jeopardize their own immunity in the Greater Community, because if you start making war on other people then other people make war on you. And if they defend us now, they’ll have to defend us in the future. And to defend us in the future they’ll have to basically take control, or some degree of control. They don’t want to do that. Who’d want to control six and a half billion unruly irrational beings? We can barely manage our own kids, right? Can you imagine that as a management project? It is better that they impart to us their wisdom, to give us their warning and their encouragement, because at our stage of development that’s what you give us. No one from the outside is going to come in and save us—no one who really has our best interest at heart. No one will take that responsibility. Maybe no one has that power. What’s going to pull humanity through is humanity—or nothing at all. Yes sir. Questioner: Marshall, the Allies of Humanity say that the only solution to the problem is Knowledge with a capital K. What is Knowledge, and why is it the ultimate—really the only solution to this problem? MVS: Why is Knowledge the only solution? This is a really big question, because whenever I ask this it always seems like knowledge is such a puny, pathetic little thing, and how can that make any difference? It’s all about might versus might, because that’s the way we think. We’re still kind of a primitive people. Really. We don’t look primitive, but take away our jobs, take away our

petroleum, and we get pretty primitive pretty fast. If you don’t think so, you should learn to meditate. When you learn to meditate, you get to see how primitive you really are. At the outset at least. Knowledge is our ability to see and to know. If we can’t see and can’t know, then our actions are not well informed. Without Knowledge we tend to be swayed by preference and fear. In this case, the preference is, “The ET is good, and the government’s standing in the way. The ET’s okay—they’re okay. They must be here for good, and our government and some other forces are standing in the way.” Fear is: “I don’t want to deal with this at all. I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t want to know about it, close that door right now.” We don’t think of ourselves as living in a Greater Community of intelligent life. We still have these absurd notions that nobody can get here—as if technology in the universe is limited by human understanding. In a religious sense, we feel that we’re the centerpiece of creation and if there are ETs here they must be here to help us because, you know, we’re God’s favorite part of creation or something. I know this sounds very silly, but this is the undercurrent of our thinking and our assumptions: No one will attempt to undermine us, and they couldn’t get here anyway because nobody could get here from there. So we have a lot of silly notions underlying our basic assumptions about this whole thing, and those have to be questioned. Knowledge is the most powerful thing because it can’t be manipulated. Knowledge is the deeper intelligence in you. It’s the intelligence that the Creator has given you to help you navigate the world. If you can discover this Knowledge and follow it, it will teach you to navigate the world remarkably. Without it, you just have your ideas and other people’s ideas, and other people’s persuasion and domination over you, to control you or to determine what you do. Knowledge is considerably more powerful in the Greater Community amongst many races because technology can be easily acquired, through trade or other kinds of means. But if you know what others know, and you know what they’re going to do, they can’t fool you—because there’s a part of us that cannot be manipulated and cannot be deceived. And that is the center and source of our power and ability. Without that we are swayed by whatever the prevailing notions are. We will choose the easy path. We will choose the comfortable path. And we will postpone the real important things that must be done for this planet until some future date.

Yes ma’am. Can we do one more? I’m asking for the powers that be, here. Okay, yes. Questioner: Marshall, the example you gave earlier in your talk about the woman who came up to speak with you and said that, “Well, the aliens created the human race, seeded the human race, that this was really their planet, and they were just coming back to claim it.” I think that it is extremely important to take a look at that kind of statement. And the galloping conclusions that I hear all around me from people, to the effect that in fact the aliens made the human race, and made figures like—the aliens made Christ, the aliens made the Buddhist and the Hindu religion, and the aliens made Mohammed, etc. I believe—I’ll turn this into a question in a minute. I believe that these notions are alien propaganda, that they have been seeded here— seeding, you know, seeding ideas here which are encouraging us to surrender. You know, they really made us, and this is really their planet. And I think we have to look and see where these ideas are coming from. They are coming from—through the abductees, from the aliens. What do you think of that? MVS: Okay. I think that’s very possible. And I do have to conclude. I can’t say any more about this, but for any of you who would like to speak with me further I’ll spend a little time at my table. I do encourage you to visit the Allies of Humanity website. I do encourage you to visit the Greater Community website, all that information at our table. And I did write a piece for the proceedings that I invite you to read, where I go into a lot more detail about certain aspects of a few points I made tonight. I would like to stop now with a benediction. I started with an invocation, I’d like to stop with a benediction: May the power and presence of Knowledge which has been given us, which is available to us—may we receive it, may we learn of it, may we patiently learn of it. May we see that we are the native peoples of the world, that we all have a common destiny in the Greater Community in which we live. Amen. Thank you. Good night.

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