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July 18, 2017 | Author: floreda | Category: Self-Improvement, Emotions, Reality, Understanding, Anger
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The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation







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OliverKing Junior Member Join Date: 10/04/2011 | Posts: 14

Originally was taken from Cliff's List Attraction is not a static thing. That’s the truth. A woman is either feeling more and more of it for you, or she is feeling less and less. It NEVER stays the same. So you have to ask yourself a question: Which do you prefer, a woman feeling she is ”settling” for you for “practical” reasons and her att raction thus eroding for you day by day, or a woman feeling that she MUST HAVE you? In the real world, att raction doesn’t care about the politically correct b.s. definition of it. Ultimately, REAL att raction feels like a NEED, it’s not some kind of thing that is “nice” to have. It feels as if you NEED it. THAT’S what att raction is. When you feel MASSIVE att ractION for a woman, it’s not some kind of, “oh that is nice” feeling. It’s A HECK OF A LOT more than that. And THAT’S what you want women to feel for you. So, if you are going to actually make a woman FEEL this level of att raction, you have to first understand just where the BAR is in terms of what IS a confident secure fun intriguing guy. Because of the ocean of guys who still kiss up to women, her mind’s default setting is set to politely and quickly vaporize all guys who approach her. The only way you are going to overpower that setting is if your behaviour and style clearly and immediately indicate that there is something very different about you, in a cool way. I want to put an END to any notion that you can get the kind of results you want with only a half-assed attitude about this stuff. It’s really important to realize the full REALITY of an att ractive woman. The REALITY of having infinite guys WORSHIP her and willing to SERVE her and TAKE abuse from her. And the EFFECT that has on a woman in terms of what is att ractive to her. You have to be in the same reality to understand it, which is what actually ultimately happens when you get good at this stuff. Guys keep giving WOMEN what GUYS would want, in the typical guys’ frame of scarcity and desperation. But this is like giving SALTY PRETZELS instead of water to a man dying of THIRST, and then wondering why he doesn’t seem to


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


appreciate it. Women are EMOTIONALLY DYING OF THIRST for some masculine confidence, wit, humor, and leadership, as well as for some sexual tension, unpredictability, intrigue, fun, and excitement. Instead, guys are giving women the opposite, because as guys they want assurance, permanence, and reliability, since they have been dunked in the matrix illusion of “scarcity of women” and the matrix illusion that as men they don’t have the same intrinsic worth in society as women. And even when guys DO hear solid advice, such as “be like women” in the sense of being hard to get, guys do it wrong, because they are doing it with the wrong INTENT. They are doing it almost with a sense of ANGER. As if they are “getting back” at women, as if it’s tit for tat. IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT AT ALL. When you do it like that, you are totally INCONGRUENT with what attraction IS. Attraction is about SUPERIORITY. How the heck can someone who is SUPERIOR get UPSET at someone INFERIOR? Does the GENERAL worry about the remarks of some guy ranked as just a private? That’s why although att raction ultimately IS about perceived superiority, the irony is that to ACHIEVE this EFFECTIVELY, you have to not even FEEL there is a power gap between you and a woman to begin with. Otherwise, your emotions will give you away in infinite micro expressions and forms of body language, and your emotions will betray you by the way you live your life. She will see that you are actually bitter, etc. Remember, the REAL power of attraction rests in its SUBTLETIES, from the way you dress, to the comfort you have with being sexual, to the sense of humor you have, to the way your voice projects, to the very way you MOVE. Think about it: When you are totally under control and relaxed and confident, you speak and move with less hurried rush and you never run out of “things to say” . In fact, it seems bizarre to even worry of ”having things to say”. You start to realize that your secure, inspired, or fun mood is what is fueling your ability to have a great conversation, enabling you to access all the parts of your mind that give you infinite ”material”. You also start to realize that this vibe you are giving off results in “energy-return” from the woman, as you and her ping-pong the energy/vibes/conversation back and forth, each of you enjoying this interaction. So if you saw a woman you were interested in, you wouldn’t feel it’s some kind of RACE or some kind of CONTEST. You would roll up casual and laid back, and your conversation wouldn’t be about trying to MAKE anything happen, but rather about reflecting your inner vibes, mood, state, etc. One of the most important elements of high level ”game” is simply a byproduct of who you ARE. Once you are ARE in the right state, quality “game” is the uninterrupted flow of your own mood and energy outwards. Quality “game” however is ALSO about understanding some important things about women and female culture so that you understand the real critical issues they need to know that you are aware of, and quality ”game” is ALSO about understanding HUMAN EMOTION in general, including YOUR OWN emotions. The result of quality “game” is that you wouldn’t be afraid to say something NICE to a woman when you FELT it, but you would also not be NEEDY for a woman who was hot, so complimenting her on her LOOKS would instinctively not be the first thing that you did. This idea of not kissing up to a woman based on her looks would be instinctive to you, you would not even feel the emotional desire or impulse to focus too much on her looks. It’s the neediness and scarcity and lack of perspective that creates these wrong behaviours in the first place. And if you saw she was really into you, which she most likely would be as a result of all this, you wouldn’t feel the need to ROB HER of the pleasure of WONDERING about you, (which is what needy guys do out of their fear of losing her) of the pleasure of not knowing everything about you, and of the pleasure of wondering if she “had” you or not. You would UNDERSTAND that once you are secure in your own value, it’s actually FUN to not know right away that you “have” someone, and yet you would also know how far to push this and not to push this into the realm of the absurd, cruel, or just plain dorkyish. In fact, ALL of att raction FLOWS from the way you THINK, which is based on the way you see yourself and the world. Let me give you a real life example, of how REAL CONFIDENCE in your value is reflected POWERFULLY and instinctively. This example actually took YEARS for me to fully realize the full effect of.


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


I remember a girl from many years ago, before I got into this stuff. A girl who I felt I was “lucky” to be with at the time. Even though I was getting mistreated, I thought I was “lucky” because I had fallen under the brainwashing spell of society to believe that a woman who was attractive was scarce, (which isn’t even true at all) and that men had to “work” to “prove themselves” to women, because women were “innocent” while men were just sex-hungry animals. Anyway, not to get into a whole life-story here, I remember once waking up a BIT to the reality of what was going on, but still not GETTING it enough to rise from the ashes of that life. But I had managed to come to the conclusion that her behaviour wasn’t very good, even though I thought I was still “lucky” to have her because most guys I knew couldn’t get an equally hot woman EVER. Anyway, I basically confronted her with the fact her behaviour was pretty atrocious, and politely told her that after I stripped away the attraction I felt for her, I honestly couldn’t think of one reason I was with her. I WANTED to have a reason, and I even said something like “what are the good things about you?” (And of course, by this time, she had already taken the power for granted, so this was interpreted by her not as challenging her, but as me HOPING for goodness.) Well, her response was a calm: ”Not much.” This had a profound effect on me, causing reverberations of learning that lasted with me for years. I remember at the time, feeling all this ANGER, and yet, there was NOTHING I could do, for, after all, she was not trying to resist my argument that she was no good. In fact, by DOING THIS, she was actually INDIRECTLY saying “I don’t NEED to prove myself, and I don’t CARE to either. And, in fact, I AM good for nothing EXCEPT the ONE THING THAT COUNTS-i.e. att ractION.” And it was very spontaneous. When was the last time a woman asked YOU something about yourself and your reply was that you weren’t good for much? You see, on the SURFACE it sounds like self-deprecation. And I don’t recommend it for beginners, because beginners are usually SO congruent with INFERIOR beliefs, that when they say a self-deprecating comment, it will be taken SERIOUSLY to mean inferiority. But once you GET IT, internally, and your body language, tonality, lifestyle, and BEHAVIOURS show that you know that indeed you are VERY desirable, well if you THEN were to say you were worth ”nothing much” in RESPONSE to a woman TRYING to get you to prove your worth to her, the results would be powerful as hell. Because you are saying all the right things about yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean to be abusive, i.e. if a woman is REALLY feeling HURT by you, and she asks you what is the good side of you, etc. Don’t be a bastard at a time like that. But you have to understand the UNDERLYING message here, which is your BELIEFS about yourself create your BEHAVIOURS. The answer of “nothing much” was an EMOTIONAL communication. The kind that is EFFECTIVE. Not the useless kind that is LOGICAL. At the time, I honestly felt that she really couldn’t help it, i.e. that this was her REAL personality, but that she still had value. And I couldn’t figure this out at the time. I figured this was just her personality. Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally came to the conclusion that NO WOMAN on earth was worth being with if I couldn’t get some basic level respect. Even if it “wasn’t her fault”. So I didn’t get angry, I actually REALLY thought that this girl was useless to me, because her attractiveness was no longer worth it, and even though she ”couldn’t help it” I figured that it wasn’t my job to be her therapist, and that I had already tried for years to “rehabilitate” her cold ways. Well, the interesting thing is that, because I TOTALLY BELIEVED that this woman was of NO USE to me, and because I TOTALLY BELIEVED it was not her fault, I was TOTALLY CONGRUENT when I told her “This is over, and I don’t hate you either.” The thing is, this is actually att ractIVE. Because it implies that she has no worth to you, and it robs her of her sense of superior value. How can she have value if she is worthless to you? Your relative value to hers becomes superior. Boom. attraction is born. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had GROWN internally, my beliefs about my own value and hers had changed. My beliefs had become more attractive. It wasn’t a “technique” I learned, it was how I really felt.


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


Within DAYS, suddenly YEARS of supposedly INGRAINED behaviours in her TOTALLY REVERSED themselves. To say the least, she started behaving the way a person who respects another person behaves. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say, apparently she COULD “help it” a lot all those years. She proved she could be the warmest, most giving woman on the planet, most dedicated, most COMMITTED woman to making it WORK. In fact, I couldn’t find a place to HIDE from her, she found me wherever I was. This actually didn’t make me happy. What it did do was prove to me that I had wasted YEARS of my life ACCEPTING substandard behaviour and heartache and indignity because I thought that was ”just the way it is”, when in reality a woman could be TOTALLY capable of being every bit as perfect as a SAINT. The only thing that made it NOT a waste was the super powerful learning experience that it was for me. For the next several YEARS, I totally started doing WHATEVER I wanted to with women. My new my beliefs were cemented, and consequently, my new behaviours were repeated with tons of different women, with the same powerful results, ad infinitum. Most women were great RIGHT OFF THE BAT, since my frame was solid before they could possibly have a chance to doubt it. But even the few who started off as trying to be “challenging” in return to me, eventually melted pretty fast, if I had repeated chances to interact with them. My frame took over, because I REALLY believed in it, it was not some type of act. This is NOT ego here. This is just a FACT. Go and try it in the real world and you can confirm this. I picked up women however *I* wanted to, never giving them ANY privileges, never for a SECOND thinking any of them were ”special”. I made ALL the decisions, teased them, didn’t take them overly seriously. I didn’t smile like an approval-seeking geek around women, because I honestly didn’t think they had superior opinions, I thought of them as primarily being very smart and feisty when it came to feigning superiority, mystique, innocence and value, and in getting men to chase them because of this. But I slowly let go of the bitterness as I realized that this was just the way women learned to work their way through the world since time immemorial, and that it was men who had given the extra power to women without adjusting to this change themselves. Instead of thinking of what gift to buy a woman, I focused on my own goals, my own things, FIRST, and I also dumped women at the slightest thing, which ALWAYS resulted in them only chasing me HARDER. I ENTERED the same level of reality that I thought was exclusively reserved for women, But the power of that reality had become MY REALITY. I learned some pretty crazy stuff too, such as if you REALLY want to stop a woman from being with you, the best way is to kiss UP to her. I also started to see how most guys really act around women, and I could SENSE the vibe that they were creating, because I could finally see how RIDICULOUS and REPULSIVE their behaviour was to a woman who NEEDED a challenge, who needed something COMPELLING, something more emotionally powerful, something more FUN, as opposed to all these guys who were so serious.

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The only thing that all that serious stuff ends up doing for a guy, if done in the early stages at least, is making a woman think the guy is inferior. The reality is that, if you think about it, women have in a way given men a GIFT in terms of the erotic joy that comes about from actually GETTING a woman who behaves sexy, hard to get, who is playful, fun, confident, etc. It’s just gotten a little out of hand these days, but the reality is that how sexy would it be if it were the opposite, i.e. if women just ripped off their clothes for you within minutes of meeting them, if they acted like typical desperate GUYS???? The fact of the matter is that women are damn smart, and throughout history they trumped the men who thought they could control women. Men figured they were in power, but women learned to use sexuality as the ULTIMATE power. They were slow to give it away, they knew how to cloud the secrets to female sexuality in mystery, making it more appealing and desirable and adding all kinds of illusions about it to make it seem more special. And men FELL for it ALL, they fell for it GOOD, they fell for it BIG TIME. And women are not so stupid as to give all that power away in a world of ”equality”. It’s more like “yeah, thanks for making us equals now but we’ll keep the sexual power superiority thank you very much”. And it’s not even CONSCIOUS totally. It’s been INTERNALIZED. So they are totally CONGRUENT. The idea of being called a “slut” in public (it’s different in private sometimes!) is such a negative thing because it strips away their entire power, i.e. that they have a “special” sexuality that is only given to a “rare” guy who “earns” it.


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


And AGAIN, I repeat, these ideas are INTERNALIZED to most women, so they BELIEVE it, so they are CONGRUENT with it. It’s not like women feel they are using a “technique”. And THIS is what you must pick up from women, the fact that the beliefs are INTERNAL. AND you must learn from women how to present your entire reality in the most attractive light, otherwise the reality is that you are portraying yourself as INFERIOR, and perception is reality when it comes to these things. Now, for YOU to get to that point where it ALL feels totally instinctive, I’m not going to bull*&^% you, you are going to have to WORK at it for a while. It takes some effort to debrainwash yourself, to reset the internal wiring back to the way it is meant to be. You’re going to have to go out and APPLY the things I teach you, and at first it might not be easy. You might have a fragile ego and it might get hit emotionally by women, and yet you are only going to get TOUGHER and emotionally stronger if you follow through in the way I suggest, ultimately leading you to the point where your WORDS match your FEELINGS. Your “GAME” will become so tight that in fact it will not be much of a GAME at all, it will be INTERNALIZED. It’s WORTH it. It’s the ONLY way. If you don’t put in your dues, and you don’t work on INTERNALIZING your game, and if you don’t work on your ability to create COOL EMOTIONS in women, well then YOUR uncool emotions will ruin your game no matter how cool your ”lines” are or your memorized “tactics”. Incongruity is always evident to people, even if they are not consciously aware of it. So the incongruity in a guy who is SAYING cool things but hasn’t paid his dues developing the internal stuff, will never fool most women. You have to get to the point that your EMOTIONS really ARE feeling the same stuff ABOUT YOURSELF that a hot woman feels regarding HER intrinsic value. In my life, I keep only the best people around me, (although it’s hard at times to find the time to just “hang out”) we all make each other’s FOUNDATIONS stronger by pushing each other, encouraging each other, and reminding each other to stay on track when we veer off the right MENTAL FRAME for a situation. Now, believe it or not, all this stuff should be considered part of FOUNDATION LEVEL understanding. You NEED to have this understanding to create SOLID and CONSISTENT att raction with the kind of women that make your heart pound. Beyond this level, rests an even DEEPER level of understanding and skill. This level is part of what I like to call the INFINITE BEYOND. It includes an understanding of the deepest recesses of a woman’s desire and in fact ALL her emotions. This is the level where you are able to understand the nuances and subtleties of a woman’s behaviour in a way that will give you such power that you genuinely feel EMPATHY for the woman in front of you, no matter who she is. And you will be congruent with it, because it will come from your knowledge that you can give her the GREATEST gift she has ever experienced- which is EMOTIONAL fulfillment. When you KNOW you have something AWESOME to GIVE, you are bathed in an infinite sense of calm and security. This is MORE than just losing any neediness, it’s about also being able to GIVE a woman what she EMOTIONALLY NEEDS, for REAL. This will enable you to not only create attraction, but also a DEEP sense of connection that most QUALITY women are looking for. Most guys don’t realize how important it is for a woman to have both, because they don’t understand that SEX is easy for a woman to get. Therefore ultimate sexual desire in a woman can only be unleashed when you ALSO know how to satisfy her other emotions, because they are ALL connected. One unlocks the door to the other. Emotions are the ONLY truth that matters in this arena. And you are going to be the biggest GIVER she ever had, because you are going to be GIVING her EXACTLY what she NEEDS to feel INSANELY GREAT. And believe me, when you can do THAT to a woman, she won’t just be attracted to you. She will be OBSESSED with you. So this is a responsibility that you must take with great sincerity. For More Information Visit: Login or register to post. Posted January 9th, 2014 at 1:14 PM


yrpal34 Senior Member Join Date: 07/21/2013 | Posts: 111

Just attractive.


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation



Login or register to post. Posted January 9th, 2014 at 2:13 PM


Hyperion_Dark Trusted Member Join Date: 02/28/2011 | Posts: 1215

This is exactly the kind of perfect inner game I am talking about that makes everything else completely irrelevant. Awesome post. Obviously, the hard part is that this cannot be faked and takes a ton of work like you said. How can one do it? Have you found that meditation or no fap helped you or people you know achieve this? Login or register to post. Posted January 9th, 2014 at 4:02 PM


Freerider Trusted Member Join Date: 06/19/2013 | Posts: 1655

Hyperion_Dark Wrote: This is exactly the kind of perfect inner game I am talking about that makes everything else completely irrelevant. Awesome post. Obviously, the hard part is that this cannot be faked and takes a ton of work like you said. How can one do it?

just read this article twice a day for 30 days...afterwards record it on tape and listen to it once a day during the next 3 months...everything will happen automatically and of itself...youll brainwash yourself into this stuff...youll find yourself applying this stuff in everyday interactions with women , people and your internal self-dialogue... __________________ "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly." Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 12:03 AM


Hyperion_Dark Trusted Member Join Date: 02/28/2011 | Posts: 1215

Bumping this for value. Cant believe this topic hasnt gotten more attention than the shit this board is plagued with. Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 2:13 PM


Dignam. Senior Member Join Date: 10/08/2012 | Posts: 159


Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 6:02 PM


ultrasense Member Join Date: 01/06/2014 | Posts: 78

Great post Login or register to post.


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


Posted January 11th, 2014 at 6:18 PM


ultrasense Member Join Date: 01/06/2014 | Posts: 78

Freerider Wrote: Hyperion_Dark Wrote: This is exactly the kind of perfect inner game I am talking about that makes everything else completely irrelevant. Awesome post. Obviously, the hard part is that this cannot be faked and takes a ton of work like you said. How can one do it?

just read this article twice a day for 30 days...afterwards record it on tape and listen to it once a day during the next 3 months...everything will happen automatically and of itself...youll brainwash yourself into this stuff...youll find yourself applying this stuff in everyday interactions with women , people and your internal self-dialogue...

What other action can we take to rebrainwash ourselves if any? Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 8:04 PM


bigapple27 Senior Member Join Date: 02/17/2013 | Posts: 130

THIS. Great find and share, this is really good stuff. A very BASIC summary of this great read is that women love sex, but its not ALL they look for. You must hit their EMOTIONS again and again and again. During sex, through a regular conversation, through a hug, through EVERYTHING. These emotions can be BAD or GOOD, the important things is that you are congruent at the time and when you give her the good emotions, they BLOW her mind. They will literally feel PAIN when they are not with you. Ultrasense, 'rebrainwash' yourself by basically being on RSD. As in reading QUALITY articles, and watching videos. But of course you must CARRY out the beliefs and implement it. Then it'll all come together, just be patient. __________________ Life's hard, but my dick's harder. Always willing to meet new people. I will wingman the SHIT OUT OF YOU so you can fuck the SHIT OUT OF HER. PM me if you're in the St. Louis area. Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 10:23 PM


Poonquistador Senior Member Join Date: 01/07/2014 | Posts: 222

This forum is fucking amazing. Login or register to post. Posted January 11th, 2014 at 10:58 PM


financialExorcist Senior Member Join Date: 11/06/2013 | Posts: 194

ultrasense Wrote: What other action can we take to rebrainwash ourselves if any?


The #1 Truth About Attracting HOT Women | RSD Nation


Affirmations . Its the equivalent of an angel investment(the first one) in bussiness.

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