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Answer key Unit 7 Test

Standard Level

Listening 1


Read the questions. Listen and tick (✓) the correct pictures.



CD 1 Track 20 1 Woman: Are you ready for your camping trip, Patrick? Boy: Yes, Mum. I think I’ve got everything. I’ve got a tent, because Fred says I can use his tent for the weekend. This is his torch, too. Woman: That’s good. Have you got a sleeping bag? Boy: No, I haven’t. But Dad and I are going to go and buy one this afternoon. 2

Girl: Boy: Girl:


Girl: Boy: 3

Girl 1: Girl 2: Girl 1: Girl 2:

Girl 1: 4

Girl: Man: Girl: Man: Girl: Man:

Hello! Hi! Where were you this morning? I went to see Mrs Jenkins at the retirement home. She talked to me a lot today. That’s nice. I’m going to go and watch a football match this afternoon. Do you want to come with me? Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to go to the Botanical Garden with Lucy. OK. Have fun! What are you doing? I’m doing a puzzle. Look, it’s a picture of a volcano. Oh yes! And it’s nearly finished. What are you going to do later? I’m going to meet John after his drum lesson. We’re going to go to the chess club. Why don’t you come with us? OK! Thanks. Dad, I watered the plants this morning. What do we need to do now? Mum put your clothes on the chair in your bedroom yesterday. Yes, I put them away last night. Good. Let’s do the washing up now, then. OK. You wash the plates, and I can dry them. OK!

Answers: 1 b 2 b 3 a 4 c © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014


Listen and circle the correct answers. 21

CD 1 Track 21 Woman: Hello, Ken. You’re going to talk about one of the best campsites in Britain. Is that right? Man: Yes, that’s right. The campsite is called ‘Arthur’s Field’, and it’s in the south of England. It’s very near the sea and the countryside is beautiful. Woman: So, why is it the best campsite? Man: Well, it’s very popular with families because it’s like a farm. Arthur, who started the campsite, was a farmer. Woman: Are there chickens and horses on the farm? Man: There are chickens, pigs and rabbits, but there aren’t any horses. Children love the animals, and of course, their parents like it, too because the children learn to look after the animals. Woman: And what other things can you do at Arthur’s Field? Man: There are art classes, and you can go on walks or learn about wild food. On Wednesday nights, people read poetry or sing songs together. Woman: When is the campsite open? Is it only in summer? Man: No, it’s open all year. I’m going to go there next autumn with my family. We’re going to take a big tent and warm sleeping bags. My children are very excited! It’s going to be the first time they go camping. Woman: How much does it cost? Man: It’s £20 for one night. That’s for two adults with a tent and a car. And children are extra. It’s £3.50 a night for a child over four. Woman: Thanks, Ken. Answers: 1 b 2 a 3 b 4 c 5 c 6 c



What are they talking about? Listen and match the pictures to the names. There’s one picture you don’t need to use. 22

CD 1 Track 22 Corina I use this every day when I wake up, and before I go to bed. I always forget to take it when I go camping.

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Answer key Unit 7 Test

Standard Level

My mum says I need to have a new one every three months. I want an electric one for my birthday. Matthew I use this every morning after I have a shower. I also use it in the evening after football practice. The normal ones at home don’t fit in my rucksack, so I take a special thin one when I go camping. Jessica I sleep in this when I go camping. It’s a bit like a blanket, but it’s warmer and much more comfortable. You can roll it in a special bag to carry it easily. You can buy special ones for warm weather, or for very cold weather.

Answers: 1 Is; going to play football; Yes, he is. 2 Is; going to go to the theme park; Yes, he is. 3 Is; going to study maths; No, he isn’t. 4 Is; going to use the computer; No, he isn’t.

8 Look at the pictures and write affirmative and negative sentences using the words in brackets and the correct form of going to. Answers: 1 They’re going to explore the countryside. 2 They aren’t going to go to the beach. 3 He isn’t going to clean the windows. 4 He’s going to do the washing up. 5 I’m going to visit the museum. 6 I’m not going to go shopping.

Chris I really need to buy one of these so I can cut food, open tins and repair things when I go camping. My friend has got a very expensive one with scissors and a torch on it! But I think I just need a simple one that fits in my pocket. Answers: 1 d 2 a 3 e 4 b

9 Read Sara’s plans for the summer. What are your plans for the summer? Write affirmative and negative sentences. Answers: Pupils’ own answers.


Reading 4 Read Julie’s post and complete it by matching sentences a–f to gaps 1–6. Answers: 1 c 2 e 3 b 4 a 5 d 6 f

10 Name the objects that people take when they go camping. Can you think of three more? 11 Talk about Sandy’s plans for this weekend. Talk about what you are and aren’t going to do this weekend.

5 Read the article and write T (true), or F (false). Answers: 1 F 2 T 3 F 4 F 5 T 6 F

6 Read and circle the correct answers. Answers: 1 the aquarium 2 river 3 learn about animals 4 twice a week

Answers: Part 1 1 blanket 2 waterproof jacket 3 sleeping bag 4 tent 5 penknife (three additional items: towel, torch, map) Part 2 Pupils’ own answers.

Writing 7 Complete the questions with going to and the verbs in the boxes below. Then look and write short answers. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014

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