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May 5, 2018 | Author: Benjie Monasque | Category: Airport, Traffic, Aviation, Industries, Transport
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Terminal Space Requirements: Space is needed for each of the following functions ... - service functions - ticket sales - rest rooms - waiting/resting - baggage check/claim - security - flight info. - boarding/deplaning - mail/light cargo - corridors elevators escalators etc. - passenger convenience - newsstand/gift shops - rest rooms - restaurant - car rental - air carrier operations - communications center - ground and air crew ready rooms - operations rooms - airport operations/maintenance !may be in separate buildings" - air traffic control - ground traffic control - airport administration - maintenance - fire protection - utilities - cafeterias

What is happening?  Auckland Airport is making changes to the domestic terminal to ensure it’s working as best as it can to meet the needs of our gro wing number of domestic travellers. The upgrade started in January 2!" and kicked off a long#term programme$ scheduled to finish in June 2!%$ which is all about making &ourneys better. 'tage (ne of the domestic terminal upgrade was completed in )arch 2!" and saw a host of improvements made to the forecourt area of the teminal. *or more details of these improvements$ please scroll down.

'TA+, TW(- J/, 2!" 0 J/, 2!% 1n stage two the improvements will largely be focussed on the interior of the domestic terminal. The changes will ease growth pressures on the domestic terminal building and mean faster and more efficient travel &ourneys for passengers. The upgrade will provide passengers with improved gate access$ larger gate lounges$ baggage collection and toilets as well as faster security screening$ a new regional lounge and two new air#bridges. The upgrade will improve the domestic terminal’s ability to cater for the increasing number of larger aircraft and will reduce the congestion currently e3perienced in several parts of the terminal. 1t will also ensure that we can efficiently and effectively process passengers while a long term solution is worked on for the domestic terminal. We will be working hard to ensure that while the upgrade is being undertaken there is minimal disruption to the travelling public. Stage two improvements will include: 4egional area

,3tended and e3panded regional gate lounge area

4elocated 5oru valet area

4ealigned baggage reclaim belt and improved and 6uicker bag delivery

Toilets o All toilets throughout the terminal will be improved from small additions to complete refurbishment and e3pansion in some areas as re6uired

 Air /ew 7ealand baggage reclaim o 8aggage belt e3tended o Area significantly e3panded to provide additional passenger waiting space

 Aviation 'ecurity o Area e3panded to provide more space o 4ealignment of security screening machines o 4evised passenger 6ueuing and increased pedestrian access between security screening and retail area

Jetstar baggage reclaim o /ew baggage belt with better access and faster drop off 

/ew gate 9ounge o A new gate lounge will &oin e3isting lounges 2: and " to Jetstar lounges 2 and 2! and will be accessed with a new escalator from ground floor  o /ew arrivals door at Jetstar end for first floor gates$ providing an additional arrivals ; e3it option for passengers o ,3panded walkway to lounge outside 5oru
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