Technology Scouting Overview

June 10, 2016 | Author: Harrison Hayes | Category: Types, Business/Law
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The Technology Scouting Process consists of five Technology Intelligence steps plus the step of Technology Sourcing....


Technology Scouting Overview

Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Technology Sourcing includes the identification of technology developments and the facilitation of the sourcing of technology. Provisioning of Technology Intelligence to facilitate the Technology Management Identification, assessment and usage of information on technological developments

Acquisition, development, storage, usage and selling of technological knowledge

Technology Intelligence

Scouts identify and assess new technologies

Technology Management

Technology Scouting

Scouts facilitate the sourcing of technology

Building and using a network of experts for competitive advantage


Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Technology Scouting Process consists of five Technology Intelligence steps plus the step of Technology Sourcing.

Definition of search areas

Selection of information sources and methods to employ

Collection of Data

Filtering, analyzing, interpreting of data

Evaluation and decision making

Usage of information and sourcing of technologies Collection of data


Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Technology Sourcing supports the external sourcing of technology and the product specification and development. Innovation Management Fuzzy-front-end of Innovation

Product specification and development

Prototype validation and testing

Market Launch

Technology Management External Technology Sourcing

Storage, Internal generation and usage of technological knowledge

Technology selling or licensing


Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Framework for Empirical Research: PLS –path analysis will be used to analyze the success factors of technology scouting and how to organize it best.

Factors   

  

  

Defined Process Functional interweavement Formalized connection to R&D Formulized connection to Marketing Methodological interweavement

Boundary spanner capabilities Network Size Technological competence Internal Network

Incentive System IT-Support Tools Balanced scout portfolio Role Differentiation

Management Areas

Scouting Success

Organizational Characteristics


 

Stimulation of Innovation

Input for R&D projects Triggering of new R&D projects Triggering of new business field

Characteristics of the Scouts Facilitation of Technology Scouting

 

Management of Scouting Network

Help in assessment of technology Contact to relevant sources Sourcing needs identified Support in acquisition of technology Successful acquisition of technology


Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Project Planning: PLS-path analysis and in-depth case studies will be used to study organization and success factors of technology scouting.

Qualitative Interviews

In depth interviews with 10 multinational companies

Model Building

Modeling a framework for research on success factors of technology scouting

Quantitative Interviews/Case Studies

Build on the Hypothesis of the framework – 50 qualitative Interviews are conducted.

In depth case studies will be conducted for six companies.

Model Valuation

Based on the qualitative data, partial least-square path analysis is used to validate the hypothesis

Writing of Dissertation

The dissertation will discuss technology scouting as of a method of technology intelligence and technology management

The case studies are analyzed to gain knowledge of best practices


Innovation Methodology: Technology Scouting Motivation and Research Question: Further research on Technology Scouting is needed to identify success factors and to give recommendation on how to organize it.


Research Gap

Research Questions

Increase in technology complexity Globalization of R&D Shorter product life cycles Increasing volatility of markets No sufficient research on …. …success factors and …organization of technology scouting and ...interaction with other function of the organization

What are the aims of Technology Scouting? What are important success factors of Technology Scouting? How should Technology Scouting be interweaved within the company? What organizational forms of Technology Scouting have proven to be effective?


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