Technique 35 on Pending Karma

August 1, 2017 | Author: astrosense | Category: Planets In Astrology, Astrology, Esoteric Cosmology, Divination, New Age Practices
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Technique 35: A Pending Karma Technique - Rahu Saturn aspect I have kept this hidden for a long time and was going to reveal it in a workshop but today is Eid so something must be given away Logic - Rahu as per some owns Aq, which is also owned by Saturn the moola trikona sign of Saturn. Aq is the natural badhak sign in the natural zodiac. So Rahu Saturn both become significant esp since Rahu contains the higher octave energy of Saturn. Some take 9H as previous birth, this Aq is 3H from it (3rd is death). i never give logic since the logic is always of an individual and not of a Rishi, Rishis never give logic but only sutras and the logics that they gave to their sishyas (students) orally have not survived 1) Note the common house that Rahu AND Saturn together aspect or influence (repeat or) 2) This house will show one of the highest pending karmas of the natives life (it can be good or bad ) 3) This can be used in divisional charts too 4) See for indirect association for a) Planet Method - eg Saturn and Rahu aspect 6H and 6H also contains Venus then since 6H is divorce or fights or disputes so u can predict a woman with whom u would have lots of fights or divorce b) Dispositor Method - Suppose Saturn and Rahu do not aspect a common house but say Saturn aspects Aries and Mars its dispositor aspects Rahu or is aspected by Rahu it then forms a Sambandh (association) and this technique can work c) Retrogression Method - some take a planet retro in its previous house and then takes its aspect, this brings in more number of houses but still in such cases i have seen it work d) Nakshatra Method - Rahus nak lord say be Mer and Saturn Mer aspect each other then the house where Mer is placed can give results etc etc etc But by bringing Nak and retrogression the technique gets diluted and more variations are born but to think of it if we analyse our lives there are so many areas we have pending karmas. Pls post charts with either birth details or jpegs and post event in the same post in as systematic manner as possible. People asking me to look into the charts will have to excuse me. And pls do not post charts of 4 or 40 year old and say technique is not working, only when chart has completed purnayu (full life) and you know full story post. This is for indians - Pls do not post charts where for eg 7H is effected and you feel ohh marriage is still on , one never knows how much unhappy the wife is whereas you might be only in talks with husband, indian women never complain to their husbands on their sour sex life or do not come to know if their spouses are cheating (this happens to westerners also). Most important this is a testing forum, you have to post charts to survive here, there is no peanut gallery. On 15th Aug the admins Mauricio Avila and others will start a cleaning operation where those who have been only by standers. If astrology has to grow then aggressive testing of a technique must happen. Professional astrologers must post their clients charts without naming them, professional astrologers have a huge database of charts whereas we non professionals do not have. Those who are not professional astrologers can get more than 30,000 charts from but it will require hard.

Final word - if u like a technique use it, if u dont like it throw it but do not waste my or others time arguing about it. Even if 100 charts are posted for a technique showing how it is working still u would find 100 charts where it is not working, this most most senior astrologers know. — with Vandana Gupta and 17 others.

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Vamsi Emani 3rd is not only death but also the house of initiation or anything that one starts. If 9th house is previous birth, 11th house can denote the initiations (works) started in previous life. Since the work is already started in a previous life, the results of that work already done may be experienced very easily in the current life. Perhaps that may also be one of the reasons why 11th is house of gains. In case of Bill gates chart, Rahu and Saturn have their common aspect 9th and 10th resp. on the second house of wealth. Also the fact that the nadis emphasize on Jupiter as the Jeeva and the 12th from the Jupiter (which is again the 2nd house), may also indicate something related to previous life w.r.t that house. The life of Bill gates would reveal that he made money with ease, i.e without a lot of sweat, unlike some his peers like Steve Jobs, whose lives seem less steady and more topsy turvy. Not denying the hardwork behind microsoft but definitely the kind of wealth (2nd house) he amassed would seem as though it is disproportionate to the human effort put in or perhaps would seem as though it is earned with ease.

5 hrs · Edited · Like · 3  Nimmi Ragavan I have a chart with rahu and saturn in the 9th house. Father left the mother when she was a few months old. No support whatsoever from the father. No help from teachers - mother pulled her out of school after one of the (female) teachers beat her against the wall for wearing trousers (in winter, at her mother's command).

3 hrs · Like · 1  Balroop Mukunda In this native's chart the badaka lord Jupiter is retro and placed in the 8 H, here the natural benefic in dustana is aspected by Sani 10 th aspect and Rasi drishti by rahu from scorpio. Native is inflicted with Lupus diseaase since 2001. Surely a pending karma.

2 hrs · Edited · Like · 1  Nimmi Ragavan rahu by rasi drishti? 2 hrs · Like · 1  Prabodh Purohit Rahu Shani yuti in Leo 8th she attacked by a Jinna / a malefic spirit 2 hrs · Like · 1  Sapta Rishis Prabodh Purohit ji pls post chart 55 mins · Like  Sapta Rishis Those who are free and on computer pls post charts by Nimmi Ragavan and Vamsi Emani in north indian style also 54 mins · Like  Sapta Rishis Mukunda Balroop which chart are you talking about pls post chart or am I the only one who. Is unable to see the image

53 mins · Like  Balroop Mukunda It posted ,sir 52 mins · Like  Balroop Mukunda Here is the chart again.

44 mins · Like · 1  Juliana Swanson William Butler Yeats, (born June 13, 1865, 22:40, Sandymount, Dublin, Ire.—died Jan. 28, 1939, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Fr.), Irish mystic, occultist, hobby astrologist, visionary, romantic, poet, dramatist, and prose writer, one of the greatest English-language poets of the 20th century. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. The natal chart has Saturn the chart lord powerfully conjoined Rahu in Libra in 10th house of rashi and chandra lagna charts and 5th from surya lagna (he was born in the Rahu-Saturn in Libra conjunction in 1865). Yeats often wrote about the social miseries that plagued Europe after WWI. The Second Coming is the most well known of his poems, which is all about Yeats’ fear that the world was spinning out of control (RahuSaturn in Libra focusing on what needs to be adjusted in society): "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned. The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity."

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 Sapta Rishis Ok got it I would see it as Rahu has sambandh with 11 h which also has sambandh of Saturn the 6 th lord of disease whose dispositor moon is aspscted by badhakesh. Jup Mukunda Balroop ji 28 mins · Like  Sapta Rishis Thanks for a very systematic post Juliana Swanson . if some one has mahatma Gandhi's chart handy post jpeg 24 mins · Like  Juliana Swanson here you go (Mohandas/Mahatma Gandhi)

22 mins · Edited · Like · 1  Sapta Rishis Mahatma gandhi from memory Saturn in 2 ND house aspecting 4 h and rahu in 12 th house aspecting 4 house of homeland . his biggest pending karma was to free his home land 22 mins · Like · 2  Sapta Rishis Chart from face book

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 Sapta Rishis Above chart Saturn in 5 h and rahu in 8 th house both aspect 2 ND house of family . in his family his ancestors killed a woman many generations back. An astrologer told the native about some dosh and this story he confirmed from some old documents 15 mins · Like  Sapta Rishis Gandhi it is rahu in 10 th house aspecting 4 h and not from 12 th house thanks Juliana Swanson 6 mins · Like  Sapta Rishis This girl committed suicide 6 h of untimely death has Saturn and rahu aspects this 6 h and Saturn. This was her biggest karma

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