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1 Matchthesejobs to theirjob descriptions. p a development engineer b a geologist c a field serviceengineer


e a productionplanner J'a quality controller *ffi. mechanic architect "h'an

1 works for an IT company.writescode,updatesand debugsprogra-r.

.{..... 2 Repairsand servicesmachines and equipment. works for a steel producer ,fr 3 v/orks for an oil company.Analysesrocks and minerals from the seauea. ..6... 4 works for a car producer.checks and inspects the flnished cars and writes report,. .{.... 5 Designsnew parts and with cAD/cAM technology. works for an aerospace company. .6.... 6 works for a construction company.Is responsiblefor planning and designingnew factories and buildingr. ..h... 7 works for an engineeringcompany.organizes and checksproduction scheduler. ...9.. 8 works for a telecommunications company.spends a lot of time travelling to companiesto repair and replaceor install telephonesystemr. ...9...

unitl f|


2 Lookat thesejobs and underlinethe activitiesthat peoplenormallydo. 1 An architect a works shifts. b negotiatesprices and scheduleswith builders. c inspects the quality of the construction work. 2 A quality controller a visits customers. t -inspectssamples. -5._analysesdata and write reports.

4 A warehousemanager a inspectsnew shipments. _p-checks and controls inventories. c writes and tests new codes. 5 An electrical engineer .a_designscircuits. b keeps recordsof inventories. c inspects and checkswiring and power supplies. 6 A maintenanceengineer *a repairs and maintains customers' machines. b -replacesdamagedparts. c producesplans and drawings.

3 A help desk technician a collectsand analysessamples. A provides technical support. c spends a lot of time on the phone.

3 Someverbs(actions)and nouns(things)havesimilarforms.Writethe verb forms of thesenouns.

r negouauon ..".'......f?.9.?111'l:. 6 test 2 inspection

. . ; : . . . . . . . . . . . . : . , . . . , . . ; . f . . ' .7. production

. . . . 1 . . . . . . : . . : . ' , . . r . . . . ; . . . . .8. . .construction . security 9 4 specification ....'........,..:.........:,.i.i...1' 10 analysis 5 maintenance .i.,::...1ttq':..:.:;:!.t?i..i.t.... 3 equipment

4 Completethe sentenceswith the words in the list. kl (t/*ra{,;,

i L 5 ,c { r r

l r ), ./ / , ' o .


negotiating inspection ma'intertance shifts updating troubl,eshsot shiprnents inventory ea€Jy€'e samptes blood samples. 1 I work for a pharmaceuticalcompany.I work in the lab and I .........M1I::........ 2 I'mresponsiblefor buying new machinesand equipment.I spend a lot of time ,.J.:.,..............1..-., prices and delivery times

/ / , secondfrom .The first one is from 6.00to 1"4.00,the 3 My companyoperatesthree ...5.i:.1.1......."......... 14.00to 22.00.1workthe last one.It's from 22.00to 6.00. beforethe units are 4 This is the quality department.Thisis where we do the final ..1.......................:. shippedto our customers. work on the lift. 5 We'll have to use the stairs.Our serviceteam are doing some{.41.;,'':i'..::.'.(. . My job is to find and correctfaults in the electronic 6 What do I do here?Well, I .:L:.'.',i..i...::..'.;1... systems. to find out what the restis like. 7 We don't test and examineeverypart.Wetake ...1.i:.:................... j..............:j..... are deliveredon time. 8 The logisticssectionis responsiblefor checkingthe ...... g I'm not sure if we have 200screens,but I'll checkthe ....i.i1.i.f.::-....f:::.l..list and call you back. our softwareand securityfeatures. 10 This is Bob.He'sresponsiblefor .rr................:........



5 Tick(/) the sentencesthat are correct.Correct the sentencesthat arewrong. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

does Where de your wife works? Do you work night shifts? r.,Doesyour company produc$tlectronics? My brother designssafetyequipment. That's Sheila.Shetests the flnished products to make sure they're OK.v/ What doe3'thesemachines do? I spend a lot of time on the phone.l work in technicalsupport.\/ How long do you keepy'therecords? Klaus and Pedroprovide,ssupport to our Europeancustomers. Do Patand Maria work for an IT company?."."

6 Matcha questionor sentenceon the teft with a replyon the right. 1 Hello,Francesca.How are you? 2 Canluseyourphone? h 3 I'm afraid I can't come to your farewell

party on Friday. 'J 4 Thanks for all your help. ". 5 Excuseme. Do you have the time? .6 Welcome to Aero-Technologies. I'm Sally Spears.l 7 Do you want me to put it here or over there?I: 8 Well, Mr Braun,have a good trip back.f," 9 Sorry I'm late.ii 1 0 Can I have anothe.rcup of tea?/l 1 1 What do you do? K 1 2 Carlos?Canyou give me a hand? f

a You're welcome. ,.b"Yes,it's almost half past one.

Yes,of course.Andhelp yourselfto the biscuits*. Hello,Ali. I'm fine, thanks. And you? e'Thanks. It was nice meeting you. -( | don't mind. g' That's OK.Don't worry about it. .}r Yes,of course.Go ahead-'+€# i Sorry Sven.I'm afraid I'm busy. ,j Oh, that's a pity. )< l'm in telecommunications. J/ Thanks. David Hawton. pleasedto meet you. G,

biscuits BrE- cookies AmE Compfete the questionswith Canl,Couldyou,or Wouldyou like. 1 .....C.?.i.!. borrow your pocket calculator? 2 ,.,:....:......:..,.. hold the other end of the tapemeasure for me? : .,:.:......:..,...... sciriremore coffee? 4 .{:::..:!.......'.:.. switch the lights off if you are the last personto leave? 5 *,:.,t:.',..rto order the standard or the luxury model? 6 ...-*i!.,...,-!...... useyour phone? /^


7 !.s!1.i.t....r..'.:. tell me when the problem started? 8 .:.:lI.:.'....,..... giveyou a hand?

Unitt E

Saythese lettersaloud and crossout the letter with a different sound' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

a,j,k,v b,c,h,g q,w,u,z d,e,t,y i , 1 ,n , s g,P,r,t f'j's'x l,m,n,o

Completethe telephoneconversationwith the phrasesin the list' please? oK, go ahead. No, at E-T-Cdot E-s. can I speakto sarah North, I give her a message/ can else? anything Is there youire welcome. ce*{&€tpyeu? sorry, hottr do you spellVazquez? Can you speak up? ....,.' !.\:ly.y.y.y.l. paul Weston, H arley Etectroni.r. .......9.9L


Yes,this is PedroVazquezfrom ETC' I'm afraid she'sin a meeting. yes, please.could you ask her to email me the specificationsof the JR-15processors? Sorry I didn't catch that. yes, I need the specificationsof the rR-16processors. The IR-16processors.OK.Doesshe have your email address,MrVazquez? I think so,but I'Il give it to you just in caseshe hasn't. 5


It's P underscoreVazquezatE-T-Cdot E-S'




atE-T-Zdot E-S' OK,so that's P underscoreVazquez,V-A-Z-Q-U-E-Z


E-T-Cdot E-S.


Yes,that's right. 8 Mrvazquez?


No, that's all, thanks. e I'11give Ms North Your message.









Write theseemail and Internetaddresses. 1 PauloSantiago,one word, at H-R-Cunderscoreltd dot com p 2 G hyphen Smith nineteen eighty-five at M-U-C hyphen web dot de 3 Davedot Hammerson,that's Hammer asin hammer and nail, atworld hyphen online dot net 4 http colon, double slash, www dot scienceunderscore world dot co dot uk 5 Jackdot Browne,that's B-R-O-W-N-Eat Essexdot net

4 Matchthe sentenceson the leftwith the replieson the right. 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10

Can I speak to Margaret,please? Could you speakup? The line's bad. Can you give me his email address? Are you ready? My name's Miruto Masazumi. So that's K Boborika, B-O-B-O-R-I-K-A one word at... Anything else? Thanks a lot. How do you spell that? Is that one word?

a b c d e f g h i j

That's S-C-H-M-I-D-T. Can you spell that, please? No, not R-I-K-A,but R-Y-K-A. Yes,of course.Is that better? No, that's it, thanks. Yes,it's Tim Wilson, one word, at RT cables, dot, com. I'm afraid she'sout on a job. No, that's Paulo underscoie Silva. You're welcome. Just a moment. OK,go ahead.

5 Matchthe imperial measurementon the leftwith the equivalentmetric measurementon the right. t l inch 2 Lpound= 3 Lounce= 4lyard= 5 l gallon = 5 Lfoot= 7 lmile= 8 Lpint=



a 1.5km 25.4mm c 289 d 3.79L e 4549 f 30.48cm g 0.s7L h 0.91rn

Readthesestatements.CircleT(true)or F (false). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

A metric pound (500g) is heavier than a US pound. 1-50km/h is slower than 100mph. An inch is shorter than a centimetre. Waterboils at212 'F and freezesat 32'F. A pint of beer is more than half a litre of beer. A US gallon is approximately 10litres. It will take you longer to run 100metres than 100yards. 15 ounces of gold is more expensive than 100 grams of gold.

@lr T/E T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F

unit2 E


7 Labelthe pictureswith the words in the list.

Iock o-ack arm diaitingbuttons wing keyboard flame *igi*stdiset€f windour leg monitor key


Match thesedefectsto the correctpictures. 1 It's too short....9......... 2 They're upside down. 3 lt's missing. .............. 4 lt's the wrong shape.

& .............

5 lt's too big and it doesn'tfit. .............. 6 They're in the wrong place and back to front. 7 It's in the wrong place. 8 They're missing. Look at 8 again.What do if andtheyreferto?


arm 1 therecordplayer









1 Matchthe questionsabout projectson the left with the answerson the right. 1 How much cement do you think we'll need? 2 How longwill it take to install and connect the new PCsto the network? 3 Roughly how much paint do you think we'll need? Approximately how much will it cost? How many pumps do you think we'll need? 6 How many kilometres of cable will we need? 7 How many man-hours do you think it

will take? How long do you think it'll take to develop and test?

a That's difficult to say,but approximately five years. b Well, that's hard to say.Thelast program took 8,000man-hours, so let's say 5,000. c It depends,but about three days. d We think we'll need at least two and a half thousand. e Well, we'll need two men for a day plus a lorry so let's say about f600. f About five tonnes. g Well, the ground water is quite high here, so we'll need at least two. h I don't think we'll need more than 50litres.

2 Readthe conversations and underlinetheprojecttheyaretalkingabout. 1 e How far is it? B About five hundred kilometres. A So,we can ship the parts in a day. a delivering goods to a customer

b installingphone cables

c building a road

2 A How many tonnes do we have to transport? B That's difficult to say,but, roughly speaking,between four and five. A OK,so we'll need both the tipper trucks next week. a constructing a new building 3e B A B

b designing a new factory

c planning a new bridge

Roughly how much will it cost? You're looking at somethinglike €100. That's OK.And can you do it today? Oh,yes.No problem. It'll be ready by 5.00. a designing a new engine

b equipping a laboratory

c repairing a birycle

4 e, How long do you think it'll take? B Approximately six months, but if the weather's bad, it'll take longer. A so, we won't be able to move in until september or october. a servicing a machine

b installing a computer network

c building a house

unit3 f

3 Readan emailabout a projectand completethe sentenceswith will or won't.

:r ',r 1rf H qolsrr.'i,'r.,ei $.,1.'Mt,8i', 1,,




il,# il-,-**,..h+f


gt-,.l-:--" . ', ,-,-; : '" -i


amson ,"',.,*,',.,.,,,ilT-"!qt Tim Baxter;PaulRobins "".*__*,J,|

:ryq'flt,,1,@i""4 HelloPeter be at the meetingto discussthe 9f:.! l'm afraid| .........14U . ' b e i n B e r l i na l ln e x t m o v et o t h e n e wo f f i c e s|.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . you wanted. week,so I am sendingyou the information work o Allthe construction anotherweekto takeapproximately and it ......... installthecablesfor the computernetwork. be ableto packand stripthe furniture o We t a k et w o . a n de q u i p m e ni n t o n ed a y .1 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : . ' moveeverythingfromthe old o The shippers officesto the new ones at the weekend(April28-29). needa day to installand connectthe r We p h o n e sP , C s ,e t c .W e . . . . . . . . . . . . .....n b e a b l et o d o a n yw o r k the next day becauseit's Labour Day,so you and the rest of the staff 0 be ableto move in untilWednesday,May2. be any problems,but if thereare,I I hopethere.........

and team oftroubreshooters


;;;d; ;;ffil""il:'""rr

Regards Louis

4 Completethe phraseswith How muchor How many. 1














the sentencesthat arewrong. 5 Tick(/) the sentencesthat are correct.Correct 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


I'll fax you the informations you wanted this afternoon. How much weeks do you think you'll need to repair it? The machinery is very old. I think we'll need to replacemost of it. The news aren't very good.It'll take about a week to get the parts we need. I think it'll cost approximately five hundred euro to replace. Approximately how many litres of paint do you think we'll need? Roughlyspeaking,how much data do we need to store? You're looking at something like $f00,000to buy all these equipments. How much work will you have to do before it's ready? We don't have many time to finish this project.


6 Readthe informationabout theseelectricvehiclesand completethe table of specifications.


P r i c e €: 1 , 7 5 9

Range:Approx. 27km Weight: 16.7kg

W ei ght:28 kg


Batterycharging time:2.5hrs


W idt h: 28c m Height:Approx.100cm

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The cheapestof these three vehicleshas a range of up to 40 km; the most expensivehas a range of about 115km. It can travel the furthest, but it is also the heaviest vehicle. It weighs 8 0 kg. The slowestvehicle has the slowest charging time, 5 hours. The lightest and cheapestvehicle is slower than the other vehicles.It has a top speedof 20.g km/h, that's 79.2km/h slower than the fastest vehicle. The Hypermini is 162.5cm longer than the scooterand 7'1..5cmlonger than the electric birycle. The fastestvehicle is 55 cm higher than the scooterand 119.5cm wider. The smallest vehicle has 11-inch wheels. The birycle has the largestwheels; they are26inches in diameter.

7 Lookat thesestatementsand the specifications in 6.CircleT(true)or F (false). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The electricbicycle is much cheaperthan the electric car. The heaviestvehicle is also the fastest. The longest vehicle is lighter than the bicycle. It takes longer to chargethe bike's battery than it doesto chargethe scooter's. You can travel further with the bike's battery than you can with the scooter,s. The scooteris slower than the bike. The bike is approximately ten times more expensive than the scooter. The most expensivevehicle costsroughly 100times more than the cheapest.

@lr T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F

unit3 Iil

8 Usethe adjectivesin bracketsto talk about thesewaysof getting from one placeto another. Usea comparative(bigger,safer,more expensive)when comparing two things and a superlative (the biggest,thesafest,themostexpensive)when comparing threethings. t (safe)way to travel - by train, by boat, by plane I think the safestway to travelis by train. 2 (convenient)for me to get to work - by bus, by car It's moreconvenientfor meto gettoworkby carthanby bus. 3 (easy)way to go down a mountain - on skis,on foot, by bike 4 (good)to travel around a big city - by bus, on foot 5 (exciting)way to crossthe sahara Desert- by camel,by balloon,by bike 6 (cheap)to transport a lot of large,heavy goods- by truck, by train 7 (interesting)to go from Moscow to Beijing- by train, by car 8 (expensive)to travel around my country - by train, by bus 9 (bad)way of getting to the nearest airport from here - by train, by bus, by car 1 0 (fun) to go - cycling,skiing

9 Completethe crossword. Across 1 A'smade of air and plastic.(6,4) 5 Another word for /ory.(S) 6 Another word for approximate/yor about.(7) 7 The things you needto do a specialjob.(9) 9 A number - it'smore than one and lessthan ten.(3) 12 We usehowmanywith people,metres,etc.(9)

nouns,suchas days,

13 Howmuch y o u t h i n k i t ' l l c o s t ?( 2 ) 14 We normally_ the partsby roador rail.(4) 16 The oftheEiffelTowerisapproximately320 metres.(6) 18A 19 The

is about 3.8 litres.(6) o f t h i st a b l ea r e 1. 6 0m x 1. 0 m x 0 . 7m . ( 1 0 )

Down 1 Good,_,the

best.(6) 2 Bad,_,theworst.(5) 3 One or both sidesof a pieceof paper in a book, magazine,etc.(4) will it costso much?(3)

8 Sand,cement,and bricksare all building_. 10 The noun of wrde.(S) 11 Cars,buses,and lorriesare all _.

(8) 14 The top _ of this caris 24Qkm/h. (5) 15 The amount of money you haveto pay to buy something.(5) 17 1,000kg is a _.





1 Matchthe gadgetswith the words in the list. nightvisionbinoculars digitalwristcamera remotecontrol printing calculator laser pointer gam€ped metal detector electronic organizer !



Readthe statementsand matchthem to the gadgetsin 1. 1 It enablesyou to play gameson your computer....?..... 2 You can seein the dark with them. 3 lt's for storing information such as addresses, your schedule,tasks,and notes.......... 4 It enablesyou to operateyour television,cD, video, and amplifier. 5 You can find gold or silver with it. ......... 6 It's for pointing at things you are talking about. 7 You can use it to tell the time or take pictures. 8 lt's for doing sums.

unit4 s|

3 Matchthe beginningsof the sentences on the left with the endingson the right. I This button is for... 2 You can use this Palmprogram.) 3 This cameraenablesus ... 4 5 6 7 8

This gauge*is for... You can use this pen... This key enablesyou ... This spanneris for ... You can use this lever...

a measuringthe oil pressure. b tightening or looseningthe nuts. c to storethe names and addressesof your customers. d to raise or lower the drill. e to watch what is happeningin this area. f switching the machine on and off. g to open and lock the car doors remotelv. h to write notes underwater.

gaugeBrE - gageAmE Read the information about this photo printer.Then read the sentencesand circleT (true) F (false). or

HP Photosmqrt




,* ,i -i ' * , \-:;r::^,

*- -

The HP PhotosmartTg6A photo printer features eight-ink coior or up to 4800 dpi for great color* and black-andwhite prints.The 2.5-inch color LCD screen makes editing, previewing, and printing photos realiy easy.

* ';"':' _i'e ry#+,........-, '&"::i;it:,' ., ,


You can even correct color with features like red-eye reduction!You don't even need a PCdirect photo printing is simple using digital camera memory card slots' and the color LCD or the HP Photo Proof sheet and front-panel buttons' Accepts compactFlashrm,smartMediarM,Memory Stick@,SecureDigitalrM,MultiMediaCard, and xDPicture cards. It enablesyou to print everything from professionalquality photos to great laser-quality black text. print five pagesper minute in normal mode (best quality color mode: 0.9pagesper minute).


Paper:plain, inkjet, photo, glossy,transparencies, labels, cards, iron-on transiers, banner p"p"r. compatibre operating systems: Microsoft@ windows@ 9g, Me,2000 professional, Xp Home and professional; Macintosh os 9.1 or later, os X v 10.1through v 10.2on G3 processor or greater. price: $ Manufacturer',s one-year warranty' colourBrE - colorAmE

1 You can take colour and black and white photos with it. 2 The LCDscreenenablesyou to seethe photo beforeyou print it. 3 The red-eyereductionfeatureis for correctingcolour. 4 You can't print photos with it if you don't have a computer. 5 The digital camera memory card slots enableyou to print directly. 6 You can use any digital memory card with it. 7 It enablesyou to print a colour pagein lessthan ten seconds. 8 You can print on a lot of different types of paper. 9 It's only for computerswith Macintoshoperatingsystems. 10 You can buy one for lessthan $230.

T /O T/ F T /F T/ F T /F T /F T/ F T/ F T /F T/ F

frH unit4


5 Writethe opposites. close

1 open-

5 raise

2 push

6 on the left

3 clockwise

7 backwards

4 down

8 decrease

6 Usethe verbs in the box to completethese sentences.Useeachverb once. tum 1


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