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Introduction to the Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Teachings Written Written and Compiled by b y Dr Paul Theriault BSc ND All source material deried !rom the teachings o! "-Asha Ashayana Aneayhea #ananda $elchi%ede& 

Part 2: Techniques Techniques and Daily Practice 'ello( Welcome Welcome to part ) o! the intro to Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra teachings( Please note that in order to !ully understand this document and the conte*t in +hich e*ists, it is necessary to read part ( A number o! techni.ues to heal mutations +ithin our o+n bio!ields hae been presented by "Asha and her contacts( A number hae been gien to the public !or !ree, +e +ill detail these, and the logic behind their use( 'o+eer, !irst a brie! discussion o! the types o! beings currently residing on ea rth +ill be gien( Types of beings:

I cannot +ith any great certainty determine +here any being originates !rom( 'o+eer +e may +ith some precision set out some broad categories o! beings +hom may be attracted to this +or&/ Angelic humans- the original indigenous inhabitants o! earth, these beings hae su!!ered through

multiple catastrophes, and are again !inally emerging again into their o+n abilities, po+er and histroy +ith the ne+ da+n o! aurora earth( These beings hae not yet completed their adashi return cycles( Indigos- an indigenous race o! guardians stationed on earth in angelic human bodies to assist in

 planetary stargate management, these beings hae not yet completed completed their adashi return cycles, and best described as beings +ith more ability to run energy through themseles 0or !re.uency holding capacity1 than angelic humans, and more e*tensie &no+ledge bases 0+hich ho+eer may not be consciously accessible1( Mashaya-hana- these beings hae completed one or more adashi return cycles, and hae reincarnated

into human bodies on arious missions( $ashayas 0 !or short1 hae more !re.uency holding capability than Indigos, and a more e*tensie &no+ledge base than indigos, though indeed they may not hae conscious access to it( Phims- These are beings +ho hae !ully completed all three adashi return cycles, and hae returned to

earth !or arious missions as +ell( Phims hae the most adanced !re.uency holding capacity o! the groups listed here, but also hae the most ulnerability to dar& !lo+ering and 2atal" manipulation( All While Phims hae ariable amounts o! !re.uency holding capacity at birth, all phims no+ hae the ability to upgrade their genetic temple to contain the #34 !actor, and +ith it run the incorruptable sun 4  plasmas through their bodies( This occurs by running the alhumbrha 5ourney, 5ourney, gien aboe and belo+( Outer domain fallen beings- These beings include the popular stables o! conspiracy literature, the

annuna&i, draconians, greys, necromiton, pleidians, nibiruans, arcturians( and myriad other species +ho hae incarnated themseles into human bodies( $any o! these beings hae come onto earth, and into these human bodies see&ing a +ay out o! their current eolutionary predicament( 6thers hae incarnated in human bodies in order to disrupt the human and earth missions on behal! o! their !allen

angelic !amilies o! origin( In either case, these beings no+ hae the option o! hosting 0more on this term later1 and healing themseles so that that too may resume their path o! eolution into adashi return( allen Mashayas- any being coming into this part o! the unierse can !all, that is, become estranged

!rom and cut o!! !rom 7od8source( Relatiely !e+ mashayas hae succumb to this !ate ho+eer, and this category is, !or the most part, theoretical( allen Phims- This includes the e.uari, and the e.uari89by hybrids speciali%ing in se*ual

manipulation discussed in part  o! this document( These beings are capable o! running reersed  plasmas +hich can reerse any energy +ea&er than a sun 4 plasma( They can thus be e*tremely dangerous to beings not hosting +ith the sun 4 plasmas( 'o+eer many o! these beings hae themseles decided to accept a host, and heal themseles( $any o! +hich are consciously engaged +ith this +or& doing so( It must be stated that +ithin the !rame+or& o! &eylontic science, No one is past healing and No one is un+anted( Any being +ho sincerely +ishes to improe themseles and heal +ill be +elcomed into host, and +ill be gien eery opportunity to heal, as +ell as eery protection they are capable o! utili%ing( !hat is a host"

In essence, a host is a step up into a leel o! energy that a being cannot cann ot themseles generate( $ost beings on earth hae historically been limited in their !re.uencies to the energies they could generate or access by other means( A host is a means by +hich a being that cannot generate an energy themseles can be eneloped in it,  protected by it, and be su!!iciently bu!!ered bu!!ered to it that their underdeeloped energy systems systems +ill not be oer+helmed by it( This energy then +ill slo+ly help a being heal themseles, and realign +ith their original, non mutated and distorted sel!( In essence it is being placed under the protection o! an energy greater than +hat +e can consciously get or create ourseles !or the purposes o! protection and healing( Simply being in the presence o! po+er!ul undistorted energies +ill realign, slo+ly and gradually, gradually, any aspects o! our o+n bio!ields that hae  become mutated or distorted( 6er time +e +ill +ill also hae our ability to run and absorb these hosting energies progressiely increased by contact +ith them( !ho am I" !here Do I go from here" #o$ do I get the host"

Those o! you +ho hae 5ust read the aboe pages may be +ondering +hich type o! being you are, and ho+ that may a!!ect the steps you need to ta&e on your path !or+ard( Su!!ice to say, say, the path !or+ards !or eery one o! the beings listed aboe is the same( Accepting the host, and gradually +or&ing on running more &rystic energy and sel! healing( Accepting the host is simple( A simple desire to do so is enough( 6nes connection to the host can be strengthened and made more secure by running a number o! techni.ues, as +ell as the alhumbrha  5ourney(  5ourney( Again note that that the alhumbrha %ourney is a MA&DITO'( prerequisite to all the

techniques listed belo$ ( It is a 5ourney to the centre o! the local superunierse to secure a personal

connection to the Sun 4 plasmas( "en beings +ho are not phims can receie this connection and the  protections it implies !rom this 5ourney( 5ourney( I +ill again list the alhumbrha 5ourney +ebsite and a list o! ocabulary !or those +h o +ill choose to do the 5ourney( Don:t Don:t +orry i! you cannot !ollo+ eerything that is occurring( Again a simple desire to  participate in the actiations gien gien in that 5ourney +ill enable you to pic& up +hat you need( This  5ourney needs only to be done once to be success!ul( In order to do this 5ourney, it is best to imagine onesel! present in the auditorium +hen the original recording +as done, in august );)( This +ill connect you to that time!rame, and enable you to connect to the energies present during that time( The 5ourney is aailable !or !ree at the !ollo+ing +ebsite/ http/88al-hum-bhra(com8Aug);)8 Plasma- a speci!ic !orm o! energy body, it is an aspect o! human energetic e nergetic anatomy composed o! Plasma body- similar to an astral body,

 plasma ( Picture it as a +hite-translucent +hite-translucent outline o! your phsyical body, body, +hich +ill deelope angel +ings during the course o! the 5ourney )rystar- the inner core o! our local superunierse 0Cosminyah1( i&e a little sac containing structures called blood crystals Patra- a !orm o! energetically connecting to another being +ith hand contact Technique schedule format:

This paper +ill endeaour to produce a +or&able and understandable !ormat in chart !orm to +or& through the arious !ree techni.ues( The basic outline o! the chart +ill be thus/



This column +ill display a time  period in +hich the techni.ue schedule opposite is recommended( Try not to go !aster, but one may go slo+er as needed(

Daily/ These techni.ues are to be b e done daily(  ??? times per +ee&- techni.ues to be done multiple times per +ee&, but not daily 6ne time/ Techni.ues only needing to be done once Discontinued/ Techni.ues Techni.ues !rom preious +ee&s +hich are no longer neccesary( neccesary( 6ptional/ techni.ues not absolutely neccesary, but recommended It should be noted here that it is strongly recommended !or the indiidual to slo+ do+n i! any negatie e!!ects are e*perienced !rom this se.uence o! techni.ues( 2aster is N6T better in this case, and there is no race !or time +ith earths recent regaining o! ascension planet status( The only thing you are competing +ith is your ideas o! ho+ !ast you should accrete these energies( >et go o! that, and you should hae a much easier time going at a pace your body and bio!ields can tolerate( The basic run o! !ree techni.ues is !ound on o n the a%uritepress +ebsite/ +++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8ne+?techni.ue?outline(php Wee&


Wee& ee& 

Dail Daily/ y/ Alhu Alhumb mbrh rhaa 5ou 5ourn rney ey .uic .uic&& er ersi sion on 0t+i 0t+ice ce per per day day,, mor morni ning ng and and nig night ht11 #rystal Rier prayer 0+ith alhumbrha additions1 3 psonn o! aurora 0*@1 $aharic seal 0t+ice per day, morning and night1 n ight1 6nce/ Alhumbrha e-Teu-A >ens Discontinue/ 'igh eca code induction, $aharic seal( The !lame body techni.ues are sho+n here/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8!lame?body?techni.ues(php Amoraea bu!!er 0long and insta bu!!er1/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?4(php "c&asha .uic& seal/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?(php Actiating the lotus seed/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8lotus?bud?breath?techni.ue(php A%urite +aters e-Teu-A >ens/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8post?hetharo?techni.ue?=(php 2lame body techni.ues )-H/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?)(php http/88+++(a%uritepress([email protected](php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?=(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?E(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?F(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?H(php ocabulary:

Some ne+ ocabulary is presented +ith these techni.ues( ManA 0man AAAAA 0as in day1 1- This re!ers to something being more electrical, or transmitting in

orientation( .irA 0ear AAA1-This re!ers to something being more magnetic, or receiing in orientation Man9 0$an ooooo1 - re!ers to something that is both "irA and $anA, that sits in the still point be!ore $anA and "irA polari%ed out into separate !unctions( These three .ualities describe the primal source currents emerging !rom 7od Source( $an9 is the original uni!ied source !ield( $anA and "irA emerge !rom the $anu 2ield as polari%ed !ields( $ore in!o can be !ound at/ http/88+++ http/88+++(&eylonticdictionary (&eylonticdictionary(org8online8member8i (org8online8member8inde*(phpKpageLmanu nde*(phpKpageLmanu lame body:

2lame body is an aspect o! our auric !ield and light bodies( 2lame body is the result o! dissoling the  barriers that e*ist bet+een the di!!erent di!!erent densities o! our o+n auric !ield( !ield( In the process o! doing this, our auric !ield ta&es on an ec&asha 0 or !lame8teardrop1 shaped, +ith the top point encompassing our higher density bodies( 2lame body techni.ues ) and @ actiate the !lame body in the density  body( Techni.ues =,E,F,H actiate it on the density den sity ) leel, and techni.ue 4 actiates !lame body on density @ and =( This is displayed in a diagram to+ards the end o! the pro5ect camelot ideo, part ) beginning at )/@/@;( The !irst diagram at )/@/@; displays the birth con!iguration o! the light body !ields( The second diagram at )/@/=4 sho+s the leel o! actiation +hich occurs a!ter running techni.ues ) and @( The third diagram at )/=/;H sho+s the actiations a!ter techni.ues =,E,F, and H(  Note/ The alhumrbha 1ourney M97T be done 0.O'. the flame body techniques are commenced ( Doing the !lame body techni.ues +ill result in !urther e*pediting o! the d ar& !lo+er a+a&ening +ithout the protection o! sun 4 plasma( With sun 4 plasma, the techni.ues are +onder!ully  bene!icial, and +ill not harm you( .c/asha ;uic/ 7eal:

This techni.ue is an e*panded ersion o! the maharic seal +hich runs dimensional ) energies along +ith more o! the dimension,@-E #eeRaShA !re.uencies( Acti+ating the lotus seed:

The spin speed and orientation o! our mer&aba is controlled ia a series o! energy !lo+s called lotus !lo+s 0more on mer&abas later1( This techni.ue is the start o! a series o! techni.ues that +ill reregulate these mer&aba spins 0called the $anA, "irA and $an9 lotus bud techni.ues1( Ae-Teu-A >e-Teu-A lens is an aspect o! our energetic anatomy located +ithin our pineal gland +hich is inoled in mani!estation( This is one o! the earlier mani!estation techni.ues gien in this +or&( It can  be used as desired( Wee&


Wee& ee& =

Dai Daily/ Alhu Alhum mbrha brha 5our 5ourne neyy .ui .uic& c& er ersion sion 0t+i 0t+ice ce per per day day,, mor morni ning ng and and ni night1 ght1 #rystal Rier prayer 0+ith alhumbrha additions1 3 psonn o! aurora 0*@1 Amoraea bu!!er 0insta bu!!er1 Actiating the lotus seed- moe to t+ice daily Daily singing8spea&ing o! psonns8ltrs/ 2lame body techni.ues , ;, , )B 6nce/ Amoraea bu!!er bu!!er long ersion- ideally on day  o! o ! +ee& = 2inish +or&ing through 2lame body se.uence )-H Shado+ Body 'ealing/ 2lame body techni.ues @ and = 6ptional/ >e-Teu-A >ens Discontinue/ "c&asha .uic& seal

>TRs and Psonns/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?;(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?)?b(php Shado+ body 'ealing/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?@(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?=(php 8T's and psonns: p sonns:

>TRs 0linguistic template reprogramming reprogramming grids1 and psonns are se.uences o! +ords and sounds that connect to certain energies( Singing these psonns, or saying these ltr grids connects you to these energies( The energies and meanings o! these psonns and ltr grids are displayed belo+( Note that all  psonns that connect to !allen places do not open one upto !allen energies( These psonns hae been  bu!!ered by the beloeds, and still do actiate ones personal biology biology in a &rystic and bene!icial +ay( +ay( Psonn=8T'

Meaning and Purpose

Psonn o! >yra

Brings in a burst o! D-) energy, and temporarily actiates a maharic seal( Also connects us to our density = sel!(

Psonn Psonn o! #hemal #hemalohat ohatea ea

Connec Connects ts to to the the inner inner ec&a gates gates 0the 0these se hae hae no+ no+ !all !allen1 en1,, also also conn connect ectss us to aurora earth( This psonn +as sung at the dec ) );) grid+or& session(

I am 2ree >TR

'elps us to !r !ree ourseles !rom shado+ dancer ties 0discussed later1 and helps strengthen our connection to god8source

Shad Shado+ o+ 'ea 'eali ling ng >TR

'elp 'elpss us us to to !re !reee our ourse sel les es !rom !rom shad shado+ o+ dan dance cerr tie tiess and and help helpss str stren engt gthe henn our connection to god8source

I am am the the Sacr Sacred ed Sun Sun

Bri Brings ngs in in a bur burst o! D @@-E E and and con conne nect ctss us us to to our our dens densiity E sel sel!  ! 

$y o+n personal techni.ue !or accreting these !re.uencies is to ta&e one psonn or ltr and repeat it t+ice daily !or @ +ee&s, then to say it ) times in a ro+ a!ter+ards one time( This has no basis in "Ashas +or&, and is a personal techni.ue( It can be done, or s&ipped( This techni.ue can also be applied !or all !ollo+ing psonns and >TRs( >TRs( 7hado$ 0ody healing:

The shado+ body is a part o! our o+n light body +hich has been t+isted o!! and &ept in a limbo state !or beings !rom a !alling gala*y to suc& energy !rom( These beings are called shado+ dancers, or Wesede&s( They !eed on your shado+ body directly, directly, and they !eed on you directly !rom cords that attach to your cha&ras( Pre!orming these techni.ues +ill seer the connection to the shado+ dancer8Wesede&, dancer8Wesede&, and +ill slo+ly reintegrate your shado+ body into the protection o! your ne+ly improed bio!ields( At this point, your !ields are in !act e*tremely sa!e, and are !ully capable o ! absorbing the impact o! your partially reersed shado+ body +ith no detriment to yoursel!( Indeed saing this part o! yoursel! y oursel! and reintergrating it is e*trememly bene!icial( Wee&


Wee& E

Daily/ Alhum humbrha 5ourney .uic uic& er ersion 0t+ice per day, morning and nig night1 #rystal Rier prayer 0+ith alhumbrha additions1 3 psonn o! aurora 0*@1 Amoraea bu!!er 0insta bu!!er1 $anA lotus breath- t+ice daily 6nce/ Amoraea bu!!er bu!!er long ersion 3 Shado+ body bo dy healing- ideally on day  2lame body code inductions/ )A, F, H, ); 2lame body techni.ue-E- amoraea contact plat!orm 2lame body techni.ue +ithness .ui% 2lame Body techni.ue - opening ec&a contact lines 2lame body sel! re!lection techni.ue 4- Betcha 'oa scan Discontinue/ Actiating Actiating the lotus bud 0no+ contained +ithin $anA lotus breath1

$anA >otus breaths/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8lotus?bud?breath?techni.ue(php 2lame body code inductions 0in order1/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?)(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?F(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?H(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?);(php Contact techni.ues/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?E(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8+ithness?.ui%(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?(php Betcha hoa Scanhttp/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8techni.ue?4(php ManA 8otus breaths:

This techni.ue seres to align the electrical aspects o! our mer&aba !ields( lame body *ode inductions:

These techni.ues sere to dissole !urther loc&s in the light body and to bring in the energies !rom a series o! actiations pre!ormed in );;) on the planet( The purposes o! each techni.ue are e*plained in the +eb pages( They must be done in the order gien( *ontact Techniques:

These techni.ues are the beginning o! sa!e protected personal contacts +ith the guardian races( They are stated to be used +ith the "iyani, but they can be used +ith any &rystic being, or group( It is highly recommended to use them to contact the alhumbrha( The +ithness .ui% is ne cessary to be pre!ormed  be!ore techni.ue , in order to determine the primary contact ray ray used in that techni.ue( 0etcha ho+a scan:

This techni.ue is a scan to assess in!ormation about ones past li!e history, and ones leel o! dna template damage and actiation( This in!ormation does change +ith the techni.ues one does, so it is ery good to repeat it in!re.uently and &eep trac& o! progress(



Wee& F

Dail aily/ Alhumb umbrha 5ou 5ourrney ney .u .uic& e ersion 0t 0t+ice pe per da day, mo morning an and ni night1 #rystal Rier prayer 0+ith alhumbrha additions1 3 psonn o! aurora 0*@1 Amoraea bu!!er 0insta bu!!er1 "irA lotus breath 0do $anA immediately be!ore1 7olden !leece >TR 7rid 6nce/ Amoraea bu!!er long ersion 3 Shado+ body healing- ideally on day  Arc o! the coenant code inductions 'eliotography code inductions Discontinue/ $anA lotus breaths- no+ included be!ore "irA lotus breaths

"irA lotus breaths/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8lotus?stage)(php 7olden 2leece >TR 7rid/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8hetharo?techni.ue?E(php Arc o! the coenant Code Inductions/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8arc?o!?the?coenant(php 'eliotography Code inductions/ http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8techni.ues8arc?codes?)(php .irA 0reaths:

These breathes actiate both the upper electrical and lo+er magnetic aspects o! the mer&aba( 6olden leece 8T' 6rid:

This >TR >TR brings in the !re.uency o! a special proectie !ield called the g olden !leece !ield( It seres to !urther protect the indiidual using it, and to ma&e them less isible to !allen angelics( $ore in!o on the !ield is !ound here/ http/88+++ http/88+++(&eylonticdictionary (&eylonticdictionary(org8online8member8 (org8online8member8inde*(phpKpageLgoldeninde*(phpKpageLgolden- !leece Arc of the *o+enant *ode Inductions:

Inducing these codes allo+s the body to bring in the !re.uencies o! the arc o! the coenant gate sets, and begins to reset the organic yan-yun butter!ly electromagnetic !lo+s into the aura 0Note this is !urther e*pedited by sliders ;, and the ight green gold orbs(

Ah-6 +9au$Ru&yEtsTB$CiaGbg?S7rE%F2;="Ii6 3lo&ster6/e/#er Or#s 0&th &t2

E=6sta E=6sta en6t en6ta=6 a=6Ro Ro DE6A DE6A=6SU NA6V NA6Va6Ro a6Ro


3ont&n4e 3hant&n( 4nt&l yo4 sense that the Sha6DA= Sh&el' has r&sen '&re*tly 4+ o$er yo4r hea'2 O#ser$e that as the Sha6 DA= Sh&el' /o$es o$er yo4r hea'5 the > 3lo&ster Me/#ers %de-4r0. an' are no0 &n the&r 0ipedal form s&tt&n( &n the %Loose Lotus. +os&t&on on the&r Hierophant Points2 Points 2 They ha$e #e*o/e the %$loating Buddhas*. =( Not&*e that the s+&n6s+ee' of the *o4nter6s+&nn&n( Sha6DA= Sh&el' +ro(ress&$ely &n*reases5 an' /o$e to Ste+ 3 C* TH 5,+4, Command( ( Inhale &nto the Karana'&s Seal5 Hol'5 then E;hale for*ef4lly 4+0ar'5 4s&n( the e;hale to +4sh a -B&lo*ate Self. $ert&*ally 4+0ar' &nto the *enter +o&nt of the Sha6DA= Sh&el' to -Be*o/e the th B4''ha2. )( 'old !or !or a moment moment at bottom bottom o! e*hale e*hale then then inhale inhale and repeat repeat the %5,+4,. Command 9 t&/e only2




A!ter completing this rite, you can imagine yoursel! in pro5ection spea&ing +ith your buddhas, an d collaborating +ith them on pro5ects o! your choice( "en "en i! you get no audiotry contact, imagine yoursel! interacting the +ith buddhas on the shield dis&, and see ho+ they respond in your imagination( "entually you +ill get a response, and be able to begin communication +ith the buddhas on a more  pro!ound and personal leel( 6ne may also call in one o! the F buddhas 0a!ter per!orming the !ull rite at least once1 by repeating the  Ah-ShA’-ah NE’Ra- ’!ha’!ha- Sa three times, then saying the calling tone o! the indiidual opening mantra Ah-ShA’-ah  buddha, as described aboe( It should be noted that this is a brie! ersion o! the !loating buddhas budd has rite( The !ull rite is gien, along +ith a clearing ans 5ourney in 26> );; 0http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8!ol?);;(php 0http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8!ol?);;(php11 and healing the +ounds o! time, +hich also contains the +onder!ul +o nder!ul !etal integration 5ourney 0http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8ebh(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8ebh(php1( 1( A te*tual ersion is aailable in sliders 4 0http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8sld?4(php http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8sld?4(php1( 1( The 7taah-8.i-yas technique:

This techni.ue does t+o things( It calls in a group o! beings called the Ah-"i-yas techni.ue 0a!ter !loating buddhas1 2lame Body techni.ue E or  Pro5ection techni.ues to destinations as desired Suggested Contact techni.ues !rom +or&shops Pro5ection techni.ue 0sliders =1 $irror contact techni.ue 0sliders H1 At this point, the !ocus o! this program shi!ts !rom techni.ues into personal guardian contact( This leel o! contact is personal and highly ariable( Who one contacts, and to +hat prupose are completely upto you( ou ou may contact aspects o! yoursel!, such as your rishi or aatar( aatar( ou ou may contact an eiyani, or 'aah-tuur( 'aah-tuur( ou ou may disscuss matters or +or& on arious actiities +ith your buddhas, or ah5hunas( ou ou may +or& on many issues +ith the alhumbrha you y ou contacted in the august );) 5ourney, 5ourney, or your Tantri Tantri Ara !riend 0+ho happens to be a healing specialist1 !rom the 5anuary );) 5ourney( The s&y truly is the limit( In addition to the beings discussed so !ar, belo+ are three lists o! beings !rom other +or&shops +hom +e hae engaged +ith contact +ith( They all are also ery nice beings, and ery good !or conersation, teaching and adice( The !irst beings mentioned are the Whas( They are adashi adepts +ho assist beings in either !all, step  bac&, or &ryst ascension systems( They are dided by gender and mission( They are listed belo+/ $ission8'ost8Shield 2emale Wha $ale Wha Adashi Adept leel @( #al" #rysta ascension path White8blue Shield

Sh" Whas

'A Whas

Adashi Adept leel )( #al" Rama step bac& path, 7reen Shield

TA Whas

"9r Whas

Adashi Adept leel , #al" D"ma &ryst !all path, Giolet Shield

SA Whas

"->A Whas

The ne*t leel o! beings +e +ill introduce is the Phims !amilies( They +ere introduced in sliders )-( note ho+eer, that phims may be !allen, so i! a contact !eels o!! to you, or beg ins as&ing you to do something that !eels +rong to you, or interacts +ith you in anything any thing besides a respect!ul and impeccable +ay, you may be spea&ing +ith a !allen phim, or !allen other being( The chart belo+ gies thier phim name, sun number nu mber 0 please see part  o! the document1 docu ment1 &ryst !actor, !actor, ;  and a brie! physical description ( It should be noted that any being +ho has run the august );)  Asha Ashaya yana na Dean Deane( e( 7liders- - JThe >ands o! Wha/ $irror $apping, the @ Paths o! the #ryst and the Wha-Q-yas $asha-yah-hana $asha-yah-hana Adashi Adepts( Adepts( $ay );;( A%urite Press/ Sarasota S arasota 2lorida( http/88+++(a%uritepress(com8products?us8sld?H(php ; "Asha Ashayana Ashayana Deane( August );) W Wor&shop(The or&shop(The Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Teachings-The Teachings-The Path o! Bio-Spiritual Artistry0T$1J Treasures Treasures o! the Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra/ Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra/ 7ate-Wal&ers 7ate-Wal&ers Wae-Runners Wae-Runners and Star-Riders o! the t he #rystal Rier Ri er 'ost( );) ArhAyas ArhAyas Productions/ Sarasota 2lorida(  "Asha Ashayana Ashayana Deane( Sliders-)/ "*ternali%ation o! t he #ryst Secrets o! the Tan-Tri-A5ha( Tan-Tri-A5ha( PART PART-/ -/ The H Suns o! Cos-$A-yah, #eys o! Aden, Budding o! the >otus Seed and Plasma Body Initiati on( );)( A%urite Press/ Sarasota

 5ourney can run sun 4 plasmas, and has the #34 !actor present, regardless o! their phim !amily, !amily, or een +hether or not they are a phim ph im at all( Phim name


7un number







Tall +inged elongated humans 0mentioned e*tensiely in Goyagers Goyagers )1







Giolet87reen K



ChA-Da-phim 7reen


#[email protected]

Aethien $antis 0mentioned in oyagers1





Crystal Tree 0budhallah1



[email protected]


Air-+ater hydra





Winged hominad a.uatic birds





Winged hominid $anta Rays


Stealth Shield Stealth sun 4



 Ne*t is the most recent group o! beings +e hae met( The Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra( an-Tri-Ahu-Ra( These beings are actually the name !or a collectie o! beings +ithin the alhumbrha magistracy( These beings are the teachers o! the Tan-Tri Tan-Tri Arts( "ach type o! being is the speciali%ed teacher o! the art that shares shares thier name( They ) are disscussed belo+ ( 8e+e 8e +ell of Tan-T an-Tri ri-A -Ahu hu-' -'a a

7pec 7p ecia iall are area a of of trai traini ning ng


Biospiritual sel! practice( Rituals, ethics and liing &rystically(


Sel! 'ealing(


7ate and 7rid &eeping(


Ascension, 7ate +al&ing, +ae running(

Inter!ereance/ Any discussion o! contact must include a section on contact co ntact inter!erence( $any +or&shops mention this issue, amoung them "i-yas techni.ue 0a!ter !loating buddhas1 2lame Body techni.ue E or  Pro5ection techni.ues to destinations as desired Suggested Contact techni.ues !rom +or&shops Pro5ection techni.ue 0sliders =1 $irror contact techni.ue 0sliders H1

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