Tammy the Little Ballerina

July 24, 2019 | Author: MèoĐạiCa | Category: Crochê, Fio, Penteado, Artes Têxteis, Artesanato
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Crochet little ballerina doll...


TAMMY, the little ballerina ballerina Amalou.Designs

Copyright: Please note! AMALOU.Designs 2018. Marielle Marielle Maag. All rights reserved. Only for private use! The manual or parts thereof may not be copied, reproduced, published (either online or in print), exchanged, translated or resold! A sale of the doll made with this manual is allowed, provided they are handmade by the buyer personally and in limited quantities and are provided with the reference to the designer!



Schachenmayr Catania: soft apricot 00263, pink 00246, white 00106 (50g each)

MR = magic ring sc = single crochet

Hair: Lang Yarns Virginia Flame pink

ch = chain

Black yarn (eyebrow)

slst = slip stich

Crochet hook 2,5mm

inc = increase

Filling material

dec = decrease

Needles, scissors

(...) = repeat until the end

Safety Eyes 7mm

hdc = half double crochet

Textile marker in pink

dc = double crochet

Flower hair band for children

BLO = back loop only

Tulle 2 strips approx. 8cm x 110cm

FLO = front loop only

Pink hair tie

Rd = round

Legs / Feet: Begin with Pink: Gradually fill with cotton wool while crocheting.

Another note on the color change: You crochet the last stitch before the color change is pending as follows: pierce, thread, pull through (2 loops on the needle), now pick up thread already with the new color and pull through. 1. 6sc in MR (6) 2. (inc) (12) 3. (sc, inc) (18) 4. (2sc, inc) (24) 5. (3sc, inc) (30) 6. -10. (Sc) (30) 5 Rd 11. Change to white; in the BLO: (sc) (30) 12. (3sc, dec) (24) 13. (sc) (24) 14. (2sc, dec) (18) 15-25. (Sc) (18) 11 Rd 26. dec, 16sc (17) 27-31. (sc) (17) 5 Rd 32. dec, 15sc (16) 33-37. (sc) (16) 5 Rd 38. dec, 14sc (15) 39-42. (sc) (15) 4 Rd 43. dec, 13sc (14) 44. 7sc, fold the leg and crochet both sides together with 6sc. 2ch, turn, 2hdc, sc, 3slst.

Second leg, Rd 44: 7sc, fold leg and crochet both sides together with 6sc. ch, 3slst, sc, 2hdc.

Leave a long thread to sew on.

Crochet now with pink a chain of 100 ch. Prick with a thick needle in front of the middle of the foot above the color change, with 1sc in between (picture 1). Pull the chain of stitches through and tie the band twice, each crossed over the leg, before tying a ribbon on the side. Attention: make the loop on the outside of the leg, orientation (see arrow) are the hdc from R44. Body: pink

1. 6sc in MR (6) 2. (inc) (12) 3. (sc, inc) (18) 4. (2sc, inc) (24) 5. (3sc, inc) (30) 6. (4sc, inc) (36) 7. (5sc, inc) (42) 8. (6sc, inc) (48) 9. (7sc, inc) (54) 10-15. (sc) (54) 6 Rd 16. In the BLO, sc (54) 17-19. (Sc) (54) 3 Rd 20. dec, 25sc, dec, 25sc (52) 21. (sc) (52) 22. dec, 24sc, dec, 24sc (50) 23. (sc) (50) 24. dec, 23sc, dec, 23sc (48) 25. (dec, 6sc) (42) 26. (sc) (42) 27. dec, 19sc, dec, 19sc (40) 28. (sc) (40) 29. dec, 18sc, dec, 18sc (38) 30. dec, 17sc, dec, 17sc (36) 31. dec, 16sc, dec, 16sc (34) 32. dec, 15sc, dec, 15sc (32) 33. Change to soft apricot: dec, 14sc, dec, 14sc (30) 34. dec, 13sc, dec, 13sc (28) 35. dec, 12sc, dec, 12sc (26)

36. dec 11sc, dec 11sc (24) 37. (sc) (24) Long thread to sew on. Fill the whole body with stuffing cotton. Tütü: pink

1. Go back to R16 of the body, which was crocheted exclusively in the BLO. Join pink with a slst in the FLO and crochet 2ch and 2 dc in the same stich. From now on, you crochet 3 dc in each individual FLO. Finish the round with a slst to the 3ch at the beginning. (54x3 = 162) 2-4. 2ch, 1dc in each stitch, slst (162) Cut the thread and weave it. Cut out 2 strips of white tulle (about 8cm x 110cm). Fold the strip together (to a width of 4cm). Cut off a long white thread and sew on the closed side close to the edge with long basting stitches over the entire length. Attention: a long piece of thread must be caught! Now carefully pull on the thread and curl your tulle piece together. Place it 2 rows below the crocheted bag. Repeat this process with the second tulle strip, sew it tightly to the body at a distance of 2 rows below the first tulle skirt.

Head: soft apricot !! Rd 20 -27: These blue marked rounds are the cheeks !! So put the security eyes on this side

between round 18 and 19 with 9sc distance between them. 1. 6sc in MR (6) 2. (inc) (12) 3. (sc, inc) (18) 4. (2sc, inc) (24) 5. (3sc, inc) (30) 6. (4sc, inc) (36) 7. (5sc, inc) (42) 8. (6sc, inc) (48)

9. (7sc, inc) (54) 10. (8sc, inc) (60) 11-19. (sc) (60) 9 Rd 20. (3sc, inc) x 7, 32sc (67) 21-26. (sc) (67) 6 Rd 27. (3sc, dec) x 7, 32sc (60) 28. (sc) (60) 29. (8sc, dec) (54) 30. (7sc, dec) (48) 31. (6sc, dec) (42) 32. (5sc, dec) (36) 33. (4sc, dec) (30) 34. (3sc, dec) (24) Cut the thread and sew it. Take a longer piece of yarn soft apricot and stick the nose in the middle between the eyes. Go over 2 stitches between rounds 19 and 20. To reinforce the whole thing, stitch vertically over it a few more times. Hair:

To make the hair you need different lengths. For the forehead I cut about 30cm long pieces, for the neck lot about 40cm. Put the ends of the yarn together so that the length is halved and a loop is formed. To make knotting easier, you choose the thin point of the yarn, use a crochet hook to pass through a loop and pull the loop out a little bit, now you pull the two strands through this loop and tighten a little tighter.

Since the wool is very thick, I just wore a wreath around the outside of the hairline. Now you can make her the hairstyle that you like, whether a high, open braid, or a bun. I used a hair tie in pink for this. At the front of the forehead, you can leave a few strands out, which you can screw in and sew on with a few stitches on the side. After shaping the bun, I secured the hairstyle with a long needle and a thin thread by stitching individual strands criss-cross through the bun. Now put the hair band around the head and mark the head circumference. Cut off the hair band at the marked length and sew it together again so that it gets the appropriate head circumference. Close the hair band with a few stitches on the head. * Close your head to the body. Arms: soft apricot

1. 6sc in MR (6) 2. (inc) (12) 3. (sc, inc) (18) 4. inc, 8sc, inc, 8sc (20) 5-10. (sc) (20) 6 Rd 11. (dec, 2sc: 5 times) (15) 12-21. (sc) (15) 10 Rd 22. dec, 13sc (14) 23-37. (sc) (14) 15 Rd 38. dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, 3sc (10) 39. dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, 2sc (7) Fold the arm and crochet both sides together with 3sc. Cut the thread long. Bring the arms to the side of the body. Ears: soft apricot

1. In MR: sc, 5hdc, sc in MR (7) Pull on, let long thread sew on. Straps: pink

Insert the hook at the back of the color change and crochet 9 sl st in the body, then crochet 9 chains, this will be the first strap. Now insert the hook at the front of the body between the color change and crochet. Then crochet 9 chains, this is the second strap on the back, Cut the yarn and weave into ends.

Connecting the individual parts:

* Close the legs on the body, next to the mesh ring. Because the body has a curve at the bottom, the hdc of the last round of the legs must face outward. Thus, the rounding can be compensated, the legs hang straight down and do not stand off to the side. Distance between the legs is the mesh ring plus R1. * Close the ears on the head, slightly lower than the eyes. * Stitch the eyebrows with black yarn (I'll divide the thread to make it thinner). Wear a cheek blush. Finished! Have fun with your Tammy! About pictures of her on Instagram, I would be very happy. Please use #tammytheballerina and the link @ amalou.designs so I can find you. Thank you!!

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