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December 8, 2017 | Author: Poonam Bısht | Category: Prisoner, Prison, Behavioural Sciences, Psychology & Cognitive Science, Psychological Concepts
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New Jail Foolapur, Etawah

INTRODUCTION “In a perverse exercise of creativity, architects create penal structures designed to destroy the personality” - Derek S. Jeffreys Prisons are not simply about detaining those who break the law; they also function to inculcate social rules into those who have not been successfully disciplined in other institutions. One of the statistics was found the most shocking is that about four percent of prisoners are in solitary confinement. That’s not that much, but that four percent of prisoners make up half of prison suicides. Humans are social animals. Human psychology requires interaction with other people to develop a basic sense of self. If you are denied social contact, your mind falls apart and suicide is one of the consequences. People cut themselves. They smear their feces on the walls. They develop psychotic symptoms. It’s a dangerous and destructive thing to do.

Architecture is striving to redefine the role of incarceration in our society. An increasing awareness in the need for communion and basic human dignity in developing mentally sound persons has evolved penal philosophies of the new generation model.

Purpose behind choosing the project: Prison and prisoners form a very important part of society which are being neglected or put aside in considering the development and upliftment. With the help of architecture attempt is to create an environment for those people in prison on both sides of the bar which could create a better living lifestyle and also after effects of this would lead to a better society as these prisoners have to come back to the social life.

Site/LocationSite Area- 59.2 acres or 239601 sq.m The Site is located in district Etawah , at a distance of 1500 metres from state highway 83 and at a distance of about 5500m from the centre of the district Etawah. Site has accessibility from 2 sides one from road leading to Chakupur and other from road leading to foolpur connecting Etawah.

Client- Uttar Pradesh Nirman Nigam , Etawah Unit Case Study – Central Jail, Kanpur Jail at Agartala Gorakhpur Jail Tihar Jail ( in process of confirmation)

Proposed site

Requirements         

Male Barrack Quarantine Female Barrack Underage Barrack High Security Barrack Single Seated Male Single Seated Female Main Kitchen Jail Main visiting Area Armoury Block

                         

generator Room Hospital Central Watch Tower, Canteen and CO Office Corner WatchTower Godown Barrier Check Post Pump Room Main Wall, Circle Wall & Partition Wall Teaching Area Multipurpose Hall Bakery and Store Supritendent Visitor room Garage Police Post Video Conferencing Room OHT Tubewell STP RWH


Residential Type-4 Type-3 Type-2 Type-1 Community Centre

Specification:        

Structure Circulation Spatial Seggrigation External Development Plumbing Electrical HVAC Fire Fighting

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