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The existing system is completely manual. In order to write the complaint, the student either

• visits the related department and registers his complaint in the respective

complaint register, which is monitored by the

respective Department heads

• Or by contacting the responsible Personnel in the Estate Office. The student may submit a letter regarding the subject of the complaint and get a photocopy of the complain copy for future reference.

NEED FOR NEW SYSTEM Since the student has to visit a different departments in order to complaint about a particular subject, getting a complaint system under a single roof eases out the work of the student to register his various complaints accordingly.

OBJECTIVES To allow student to register their complaints related to the resources and infrastructure like hostel, mess and parking used by them within the campus through a simple single interface, which is an integration of several campus complaint registry systems.


The system registers the complaints of the student through an integrated interface. Whenever a student has got any complaint related to the Campus, regarding Library, Labs or college Infrastructure then they can make online complaints. Their complaints are being taken care by the respective authorities. The student can track the progress of their complaint being solved through a given Complaint ID.


Complaints automatically forwarded to upper level management.

Deaprtment Head can search the Student from different criteria like :

Name of the Student

College of the Student

Phone number of student

This Software allows the Campus Head to easily monitor the complaints regarding the Campus at a single place.

Every complaint is given a specific Complaint ID, from which the student would be able to track his complaint’s progress.

This system can search the Student on the behalf of previous complaint by the complaint id.

Complains are tracked and escalated followed up in the hierarchy of the Staff.

There will be four users of the system •


Department Heads

Campus Head


The administrator will deal with the overall maintenance of the system.

The Department heads would be responsible for dealing with the complaints registered by the students of their respective departments

Campus head can access the system to monitor the overall campus complaints

The Center Head also monitor the satisfaction percentage by the following considerations •

How many complaints escalate within a day?

How many complaints are pending for escalation?

What is the process time of Complaints?

Daily Report of Logging Department head time.


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