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November 22, 2017 | Author: Erica Dela Cruz | Category: Shipping, Industries, Transport, Legal Concepts, Common Law
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Atty. Reinier Yebra, San Beda College of Law - Mendiola...


San Beda College of Law TRANSPORTATION LAW I.

GENERAL CONCEPTS a. Contract of Transportation in general b. Perfection c. Common Carriers 1. Statutory Definition (Art. 1732, Rep. Act 386)1 2. Distinction from Private Carriers 3. Distinction from towage, arrastre and stevedoring services 4. Tests in determining whether one is a common carrier 5. Parties to a Contract of Carriage d. Registered Owner Rule and the Kabit System

Assigned Cases: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. q. r. s. t.

II. 1

Baliwag Transit Corporation v. Court of Appeals British Airways Inc. v. Court of Appeals Dangwa Transportation Co., Inc. v. Court of Appeals Light Rail Transit Authority v. Navidad De Guzman v. Court of Appeals Spouses Cruz v. Sun Holidays Inc. Asia Lighterage and Shipping Inc. v. Court of Appeals First Philippine Industrial Corp. v. Court of Appeals Planters Products Inc. v. Court of Appeals Fabre. v. Court of Appeals Bascos v. Court of Appeals FGU Insurance Corp. v. Sarmiento Trucking Corp. Crisostomo v. Court of Appeals Cargolift Shipping, Inc. v. L. Acuario Marketing Corp. Erezo v. Jepte Santos v. Sibug Lita Enterprises, Inc. v. Court of Appeals PCI Leasing and Finance Inc. v. Court of Appeals Lim v. Court of Appeals Teja Marketing v. IAC







169 SCRA 849 218 SCRA 699 202 SCRA 574 397 SCRA 75 168 SCRA 612 G.R. No. 186312 409 SCRA 340 300 SCRA 661 226 SCRA 476 259 SCRA 426 221 SCRA 318 386 SCRA 312 G.R. No. 138334 493 SCRA 157 G.R. No. L-9605 104 SCRA 520 G.R. No. L-64693 557 SCRA 141 G.R. No. 125817 148 SCRA 347




Unless otherwise indicated, all laws cited herein shall refer to the Civil Code of the Philippines (Rep. Act No. 386). 1

a. Degree of care over the goods 1. Duty to exercise extraordinary diligence (Arts. 1733, cf 363, 364 & 365) 2. Presumption of Negligence (Art. 1735) 3. Duration of liability (Art. 1736) 4. Defenses available to common carriers (Arts. 1734, 1739, 1740, 1742 & 1743) i. Fortuitous event (Art. 1739) ii. Public enemy (Art. 1739) iii. Improper packing (Art.1742) iv. Order by public authority (Art. 1743) 5. Contributory negligence of the shipper (Art.1741) 6. Stipulations limiting the liability of a carrier (Arts.1744, 1748, 1749 & 1750) i. Requisites for validity (Arts.1744 & 1751) ii. Invalid stipulations (Art.1745) iii. Effect of Delay (Art.1747) iv. Rule on the presumption of negligence despite stipulation (Art.1752) b. Other obligations 1. Duty to accept the goods i. Grounds for a valid refusal to accept goods 2. Duty to deliver the goods i. Time of Delivery ii. Consequences of delay (Arts.1740 & 1747) iii. Place of Delivery iv. To whom delivery shall be made (Arts. 1240, et seq.) Assigned Cases: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o.

Ganzon v. Court of Appeals Fisher v. Yango Steamship Co. Benedicto v. Intermediate Appellate Court Eastern Shipping Lines, Inc. v. Court of Appeals Sarkies Tours Philippines, Inc. v. Court of Appeals Valenzuela Hardwood & Industrial Supply, Inc. v. CA Yobido v. Court of Appeals Ganzon v. Court of Appeals Saludo, Jr. v. Court of Appeals Macam v. Court of Appeals SeaLand Services, Inc. v. Intermediate Appellate Court Citadel Lines, Inc. v. Court of Appeals Everette Steamship Corp. v. Court of Appeals British Airways v. Court of Appeals Sweet Lines v. Teves

161 SCRA 646 G.R. No. 8095 187 SCRA 547 196 SCRA 570 280 SCRA 58 274 SCRA 642 281 SCRA 1 161 SCRA 646 207 SCRA 498 313 SCRA 77 153 SCRA 552 184 SCRA 544 297 SCRA 496 285 SCRA 450 83 SCRA 361 2











a. Safety of Passengers 1. Duty to observe utmost diligence (Art. 1755) 2. Duration of Liability 3. Presumption of negligence (Art. 1756) 4. Liability for acts of its employees (Art. 1759) 5. Liability for acts of strangers and/or third parties (Art. 1763) 6. Effect of stipulations regarding liability (Arts. 1757, 1758 & 1760) b. Baggage (Arts. 1754, 7998, 2000 to 2003) c. Relevant provisions of the Warsaw Convention 1. Binding effect of the Warsaw Convention 2. Categories of International Air Transportation 3. Liability under the Warsaw Convention Assigned Cases: a.

b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. q. r. s. t. u. v.


Nocum v. Laguna Tayabas Bus Co. Negros Navigation Co., Inc. v. Court of Appeals Korean Airlines Co. Ltd. V. Court of Appeals Dangwa Transportation Co., Inc. v. Court of Appeals Fortune Express, Inc. v. Court of Appeals Phil. Rabbit Bus Lines v. Intermediate Appellate Court Lara v. Valencia Necessito v. Paras Japan Airlines v. Court of Appeals Yobido v. Court of Appeals La Mallorca De Jesus v. Court of Appeals Aboitiz Shipping Corp. v. Court of Appeals Calalas v. Court of Appeals Gillaco v. Manila Railroad Company Maranan v. Perez Philippine National Railways v. Court of Appeals Del Prado v. Manila Electric Co. Isaac v. A.L. Ammen Transport Co., Inc. PNR v. Brunty Pilapil v. Court of Appeals Gacal v. PAL Kapalaran Bus Line v. Coronado





30 SCRA 69 281 SCRA 534 234 SCRA 717 202 SCRA 574 305 SCRA 15 189 SCRA 158 104 Phil 65 104 Phil 75 294 SCRA 19 281 SCRA 1 17 SCRA 739 179 SCRA 95 332 SCRA 870 97 Phil 884 20 SCRA 412 139 SCRA 87 G.R. No. L-l29462

101 506 180 183 176

Phil 1046 SCRA 685 SCRA 546 SCRA 189 SCRA 792


a. Effect of negligence on the part of the shipper or passenger (Arts. 1741 & 1761-1762) b. Payment of freight c. Liability for demurrage


EXTRAORDINARY DILIGENCE a. Underlying Reason b. Effect of Stipulation (Arts. 1744, 1757-1758 & 1760) c. Extraordinary diligence in carriage by sea 1. Seaworthiness of the vessel (Secs. 3[1] & [2], Carriage of Goods by Sea Act [COGSA]; Secs.116 & 119, Insurance Code) 2. Overloading 3. Proper Storage 4. Obligation of captain and crew 5. Rule on deviation and transhipment d. Extraordinary diligence in carriage by land 1. Vehicle’s condition 2. Traffic Rules (Relevant provisions of Rep. Act 4136) 3. Obligation to inspect 4. Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Law (Rep. Act 10586) e. Extraordinary diligence in carriage by air







a. Definition of Bill of Lading b. Classes of Bill of Lading c. Nature of a Bill of Lading (Secs.3[4] and [5], COGSA) 1. As a contract i. Basic stipulations in a bill of lading (Sec. 4[5], COGSA) ii. Prohibited stipulations (Art. 1745) 2. As a document of title (Arts. 1508-1510, 1513 & 1515) 3. As a receipt d. Relevant provisions of the Warsaw Convention (Arts. 17-19 & 22, Warsaw Convention) Assigned Case: Sweet Lines, Inc. v. Teves, supra.











a. Causes of action and nature/extent of liability (culpa contractual, culpa aquiliana and culpa delictual) (Arts. 1759, 2180; Art. 100, Revised Penal Code) b. Prescriptive period and conditions precedent 1. Overland transportation of goods and coastwise shipping 2. International carriage of goods by sea (Sec. 3[6], COGSA) c. Recoverable damages


MARITIME LAW (Art. 573-869, Code of Commerce) a. Concept of Maritime Law b. Limited liability rule (Arts. 587, 590, 643 & 837, Ibid.) 1. Concept 2. Exceptions 3. Abandonment

Assigned Cases: a. Luzon Stevedoring Corp. v. Escaño

b. Aboitiz v. General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corp. c. Lopez v. Duruelo

156 SCRA 169 217 SCRA 359 G.R. No. 29166

c. Vessels 1. Acquisition i. By prescription (Arts. 573 & 575) ii. By sale (Arts. 576-578) iii. Registration (Sec. 810,Tariff and Customs Code) iv. Ship’s manifest (Sec. 906, Tariff and Customs Code) 2. Mortgage of vessels (Pres. Dec. No. 1521) d. Persons who take part in Maritime Commerce 1. Shipowners and shipagents (Arts. 586-588) i. Rules in case of part-owners (Arts. 589-594) ii. Rules in case of shipagents (Arts.595-602) 2. Captains and masters of vessels i. Qualifications (Art. 609) ii. Powers and functions (Arts. 610-612) iii. Discretionary Powers 3. Pilot i. Concept ii. Relationship to master and shipowner 4. Officers and crew of the vessel 5

Assigned Cases: a. Yu Con v. Ipil, et. al. b. Far Eastern Shipping Co v. CA

G.R. No. 10195 297 SCRA 30

e. Charter Parties 1. Concept 2. Kinds: bareboat and contract of affreightment 3. Persons qualified to charter 4. Requisites for a valid charter (Art. 652) 5. Concept of and liability for demurrage 6. Rights and obligations of charter parties f. Loans on Bottomry and Respondentia 1. Definition (Art. 719) 2. Distinctions against ordinary loans 3. Parties 4. Formalities required (Art. 720) 5. Effect of loss (Art. 731) 6. Cases where loan is regarded as simple loan (Arts. 726-729) g. Averages 1. Concept (Art. 806) 2. Classes of average and the persons liable i. simple average (Arts. 809-810) ii. General average (Arts. 811-813, 816-818, 732 & 859-861) h. Collisions 1. Definition 2. Zones in collisions (doctrine of error in extremis) 3. Rules on liability (Arts. 826 to 832; doctrine of inscrutable fault) 4. Limited liability rule (Art. 837) i. Arrival under stress 1. Concept (Art. 819 ) 2. When improper (Art. 820 ) 3. Expenses (Arts. 821 to 822 ) 4. Custody of cargo (Arts. 823 to 824 ) 5. Captain’s liability (Art. 825) 6. Shipwreck (Arts. 840 to 845 ) j. Salvage 1. Definition 2. Rights and obligations of salvors and owners (Salvage Law) 6

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