Surgery Evals (Critical Care)

January 22, 2018 | Author: Alnessa Mhea | Category: Pulse, Catheter, Sepsis, Artery, Pressure
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Surgery Evaluation Exam Surgical Critical Care 1.) Monitoring renal output A.Adult urine output of 0.5ml/kg/hr B. Normal infant urine output of 5cc/kg/hr C. No renal failure if normal urine output D. Repetitive catheterization is better than indwelling catheter 7.) Normal parameters .Hemodynamic except? 60 B. CVP 6mmhg C. MAP 70 mMHG D.CI 4L/min 8.) The standard respiratory parameter is A. Spirometry B. Capnometry C. Pulse oximetry D. Arterial blood gas 9.) During weaning from mechanical ventilation, the most useful respiratory parameter is? a. Spirometry b. Capnometrry c. Pulse Oximetry d. Arterial Blood Gas 12.) Regarding pulse oximetry 15.) In ARDS, when tidal volume and ________ are limited, the mortality rates are improved. A. Peak airway pressure B. plateau airway pressure C. Partial pressure of oxygen D. Partial pressure of carbon dioxide

B. Depressed skull C. Cerebral edema on ct 26.) Most common complication of ICP monitoring A. hemorrhage B. obstruction C. infection D. seizure 28.) How to measure BP accurately: Width of 40% 29.) After 3 days of monitoring arterial catheterization, the LEAST is expected: A. Hemorrhage B. Thrombosis C. Infection D. Sepsis 30.) The most common complication of pulmonary artery catheter is A. Dysrhythmias B. pneumothorax C. Catheter knotting D. Hematoma formation 31.) to confirm endotracheal intubation, _______ is used. a. capnometry b. pulse oximeter c. arterial blood gases d. peak airway pressure 33.) The least useful medication for bleeding in gastric ulcer due to stress: A. Antacids B. Sucralfate C. H2-blocker D. Proton Pump Inhibitor

16.) Oxygen dissociation curve to the right? Except A. Fever B. acidosis C. 2,3 DPG D. Methemoglobin 17.) True, except: A. In radial artery, systemic pressures are higher B. Bacteremia in arterial lines is uncommon C. In the wrist, distal ischemia is common D. Allen's test determines adequate collateral flow of the hand 18.) The MAP of pts if arterial pressure is 90/60? A.80 B.75 C.70 D.65 19.) Inappropriate site for arterial invasive studies: a. Dorsalis Pedis b. Axillary c. Brachial d. Femoral 23.) Icp monitoring A. GCS < 8

43.) A 52 year old male is in the icu after abdominal surgery of a perforated peptic ulcer. He was hooked to dopamine to to maintain a systolic bp of 90 mmhg. At which stage is he? A. Sirs B. sepsis C. Septic shock D. Severe sepsis

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