Superman’s Family Tree

July 5, 2018 | Author: MarkG.Kaye | Category: Superman, Characters Created, Warner Bros. Franchises, Comics
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Just something i worked on, with a lot of research. References are on the last slide...


Superman’s Family Tree

MGK = Mark G Kaye

 The Focus Focus

• Feln to Hyr El – Slide 3 •  Tio El, a! El, Shu El, Sul El, "o# El, $ar El, Kem Kem El – Slides % • • • •

to & "o# El Family 'ine – Slide ( Kem El Family 'ine – Slide ) Shu El Family 'ine to Kal El – Slides ) to *+ Kalya ar El Family 'ine – Slide **

 The Family Family Tr Tree

Feln to Hyr El

From The -. /ikia – The House o! El0 “The earliest known members of the El family line existed during Krypton's pre-industrial age when Kryptonians were known by only a single name. The rst recorded member of the family line was eln eln!! who was the father of "u #od! #od! who was the father of Tam $u. $u. Tam $u's son! Erok  became  became the rst Kryptonian to create clan names and called himself Erok-El! or! Erok of the %tar. &is wife was ilia! the daughter of an opposing (ethgar named )*ed. Erok-El and ilia ga*e birth to Kal-El Kal-El the  the irst! who became the second (ethgar of the continent of )rrika )rrika.. Kal-El's son! +ab-El +ab-El did  did not share his ancestor's noble ,ualities and became a *icious warlord. +ab-El had two sons! ad-El and &yr-El &yr-El.. ad-El became a tyrant like his father! and &yr-El disowned the

 Tio  Tio El, a! El : Sul El Family Family 'ine "The Race to Overtake the Past” Superman and Super1irl Superman and Super1irl learn  learn the histories o! Kil2Gor Kil2Gor and  and $ur2El, inentors4 a!2El, a prophet o! 5ao 5ao,, and Tio2El, his 6rother, 7ho 7ere spared 7ith seeral others !rom a 8ood 7hich deastated ancient Krypton9 MGK: “No Mention of any other siblings, or parentage. But the passage indicates a flood that the two brothers survived along with several others, could it be possible that the rest of the faily survived the flood too!"

Sul El Biography from DC Comic Wikia  The !ouse of El “s it turned out! %ul-El's greatest fears pro*ed true.  warlike alien race known as the rangs in*aded Krypton and took control of the continent of /ur*an. They ensla*ed the Kryptonian populace and put them to work in the mines of the 0rystal ountains. E*en %ul-El's  young son! &atu-El! worked alongside his father! father! bound in chains! mining minerals for their rang masters. /ittle did %ul-El reali1e that &atu-El would one day lead a sla*e re*olt that would liberate Krypton from rang control.2

"o# El Family 'ine -. .omic /ikia 2 The House o! El0 ;#o$%El 7as a natie o! the planet, Krypton9 Krypton9 "ot only 7as he a respected mem6er o! the no6le House o! El, El, he 7as also a 7orld class entertainer ne o! the leadin1 li1hts o! the Kryptonian theater9 He 7as the !ather o! Fil2El Fil2El,, a direct ancestor o! the hero kno7n as Superman9?


'&o(& Relatives Fil2El Fil2El @!ather,  @!ather, deceasedA4 Bm2El Bm2El @son,  @son, deceasedA4 Cir2El @1randson, Cir2El @1randson, deceasedA4 D deceasedA4 Du2El u2El @1randson,  @1randson, deceasedA4 T deceasedA4 Tala2El ala2El @1reat  @1reat

1randson, deceasedA4?

; )u%El  )u%El 7as a natie o! the planet, Krypton Krypton and  and lied in the ori1inal capital city o! Kandor durin1 Kandor durin1 the latter hal! o! the rst Kryptonian millennium9 He 7as the son o! Bm2El Bm2El and  and the 6rother o! Cir2El Cir2El99 Du2Els nephe7 2  Tala2El  T ala2El99?

;Tala El '&o(& Relatives %

Gam2El @son, Gam2El  @son,

MGK: No% $l has no ention of a father, and and clearly  clearly his faily faily line ends with deceasedA4 Cym2El Cym2El @son,  @son, deceasedA4? Ga $l and &y $l

$ar El : Kem El Family 'ine

*rom +ll Star Superma& ,Bar%El 7as the rst space astronaut !rom Krypton 7ho 1ot lost in space and dri!ted 7ith his 7i!e, 'ilo2El, 'ilo2El, !or decades9 He is the liin1 ancestor o! Superman Superman9? 9?

MGK: No Mention of a father or any faily, as Bar ' (ilo are alive )

DC Comic Wikia % Ra& El *amily an2' an2' @sonA,  @sonA, Eyra @7i!eA, Eyra @7i!eA,  an2' @1randsonA,  an2' @1randsonA, Kem2' Kem2' @!ather,  @!ather, deceasedA

MGK: Ke $l has no ention of a father  f ather 

Shu El Family 'ine DC Comic Wikia % The !ouse of El Shu El 7as an ancient natie to the planet, Krypton Krypton and  and a respected respected scientist9 He 7as reco1nied !or his contri6utions to the elds o! mathematics and computer theory9 Shu2El and his 7i!e 1ae 6irth to t7o children, Thar children,  Thar2El 2El and  and Fedra Shu2El Shu2 El99 His direct !amily line 7ould one day lead to the 6irth o! Kryptons last male heir, Kal2El9 Kal2El9 Ple&%El, Thar El’s son, continued the !amily 6loodline ultimately leadin1 to the 6irth o! Kryptons last male heir, Kal2El9 Kal2El9 -al%El  is a direct paternal ancestor o! the super2 hero kno7n as Superman Superman99

MGK: #hu $l has no ention of any parentage, and there is no record connecting &len $l to Bur $l, But according acc ording to &len $l*s history, he continued the bloodline of which +edna arried into with Bur $l, having two ids al $l ' /ro $l.

;The Gap? DC Comic Wikia %The !ouse Of El3 El3 “&yr-El's direct family lineage is what e*entually e*ol*ed into the modern &ouse of El2 

MGK0 Hyr El has no mention on his entry on any 7ikia data6ase on 7ho is sons are Tio, a!, Shu, Sul, "o#, $ar, : Kem hae no mention on any data6ase o! si6lin1s or parents9 parents9

So is it possi.le to safely assume that !yr El is their father/

/ir El to Sey1 El DC Comic Wikia  The !ouse of El Wir%El 7as an ancestor o! the Shu2El !amily Shu2El !amily line, and a direct paternal ancestor o! Superman Superman99 -ar%El discoered a means !or crossin1 lon1 interstellar distances and Iourneyed to a planet in the Sol system called system called Earth9 His discoery later inspired his 1reat nephe7, or2 nephe7, or2El El to  to send his child to Earth shortly 6e!ore Krypton Superma& Wikia Ter%El is thee#ploded9 !ather o! Sey12El Sey12El99 MGK: /here is no inforation confiring the r elationship between between ar $l and /er $l, but it would have to ae sense. ar $l*s wor wor inspired 0or $l to t o send a baby Kal $l to earth. /he 12 2oic +iia - 3ouse of $l, credits ar as 0or $l*s grandfather, but the #uperan +iia credits /er $l as the t he father of #eyg $l 4who in turn is 0or $l*s father.5 6or the purpose of this, 7 thin t hin it aes sense if ar ar and /er /er are brothers.

DC Comics % Earth O&e Wikia 'ru%El  is the second cousin o! Superman,, as 7ell as or Superman as  or2El 2El,, Jor2El, Jor2El, "im2El, "im2El, and many other cousins9 Kru2El is the son o! Jim2El Jim2El and  and $yma 5uth2r9 5uth2r9

MGK: 8n the +iipedia page about #uperan*s 1ynasty, 1ynasty, it states that 9y $l is the brother of #eyg $l Tale of Time and Tide7. fro %uperman $o. 456! ' Tale

Sey1 El Family 'ine

DC Comics Wikia  The !ouse of E0 0 1or%El, alon1 7ith his identical t7in 6rother "im2El , 7ere 6orn in Kryptonopolis, Kryptonopolis, Krypton Krypton to  to his !ather Sey12El and his 7i!e "imda n2-or9 n2-or9 'ater on his mother 1ae 6irth to his youn1er 6rother Jor2El Jor2El99 Superma& Dy&asty 2Wikipe3ia4 Kalya ar2El is the sister o! or2El, "im2El, : Jor2El and aunt o! Kal2El and Kara Jor2ElA

Superman’s Family #183 8 Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane Vol 1 # 21 3 an Jee, Gem Jee, : -ik Jee make appearances9 The three o! them are the sons o! or2Els sister Kalya ar2El : "im Jee DC Comics Wikia  The !ouse of El Do&%El  7as a natie o! the planet Krypton, residin1 in the city o! Kandor Kandor99 n esteemed mem6er o! the no6le House o! El, El, he 7as the only son o! scientist "im2El and "im2El and his 7i!e, -ond -ondra ra Klu Klu22Ta9

Super Man : Super Girl

MGK0 B! B need to e#plain Kal El and Kara Jor El in this slide, you clearly need to 1et your head e#amined9 Kal El’s Human name is .lark Kent, a9k9a Superman9 Kara Jor El, adapted the name o! Kara Kent in some 'iterature, and 'inda -aners in other 'iterature9 She is 6etter kno7n as Super Girl9 nother lias she is kno7n as is i s Co7er Girl9

Kalya ar2El Family 'ine Superma& Dy&asty 2Wikipe3ia4 Tes k2ar @rst appearance ction 0omics nnual :94;ugust! 4
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