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Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

EP 2002-1500

Pressure Control Manual for Drilling and Workover Operations

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Well Engineering Forum A.H. Haldane, EPT-AWV S.H. Brouwer, WEF Chairman January 2002 0 July - November 2001 A-007457-100 EAR 99

The copyright of this document is vested in Shell International Exploration and Production B.V., The Hague, The Netherlands. All rights reserved. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, reprographic, recording or otherwise) without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.

This version supersedes the previous version (EP 89-1500) This document is classified as Restricted to Shell Personnel Only. 'Shell Personnel' includes all staff with a personal contract with the Shell Group of Companies, designated Associate Companies and Contractors working on Shell projects who have signed a confidentiality agreement with a Shell Group Company. Issuance of this document is restricted to staff employed by the Shell Group of Companies. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to Non-Shell Personnel without the prior written consent of the copyright owners. Copyright 2002 SIEP B.V.


EP 2002-1500

- II -

Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

SUMMARY This edition of the Pressure Control Manual represents significant departure from previous versions, not so much in content, but more in the philosophy of application. Previously, the manual would have been taken as a set of procedural directives such as; "When overpressured formations are anticipated, the minimum barytes stock shall be 100 tons." While these types of directives remain valid for some operations, it has been recognized that the nature of many operations has changed from a common approach/methodology towards those requiring a more specific/focused engineering approach where the concept of standard directives may no longer apply. It is also recognized that with Shell being a global operator, a set of directives applicable in one country/region may not be representative in another. In addressing these concerns and to develop a Pressure Control Manual that truly represents Shell philosophy and has global application this manual has two key components: A.



Procedures & Practices.

Policies The Policies are concise, unambiguous statements that reflect the basic tenets of how Shell conducts its well control business. A Policy statement now captures the directive quoted above as follows; "Adequate material, supplies and reserves to effectively deal with well control situations in a timely manner shall be available. The quantity and quality of materials and supplies shall conform to Operating Company procedures and normally be documented in the well programme." Policies help define how we operate, and under normal circumstances are to be complied with to the letter. It is recognized that in some circumstances it may be impossible, impractical, irresponsible or imprudent to adhere strictly to policy. In these instances dispensation (Variance) must be sought through procedures in a timely manner. All dispensations are to be captured for feed back via EPT-AWV on behalf of the Well Engineering Forum, for input into future updates of this manual. Procedures & Practices The Procedures & Practices are now to be considered not as directives, but as a collection of Recommended Procedures that may be applicable and applied to a particular operation. The responsibility however lies directly with the Well/Rig Team and Operating Unit Management to put into effect or to generate procedures that will meet Policy objectives. For example, they must now determine how much is "adequate" in the Policy stated above. Because well teams now have the responsibility of specifying well control procedures as an integral part of the planning and execution of drilling and workover programmes, they also have the responsibility to justify the adoption of procedures and will be held accountable. Where there is the possibility to take more than one course of action it is recommended that a risk assessment be conducted to determine the preferred course of action. This risk assessment can be either qualitative or, preferably, quantitative. The risk assessment could

EP 2002-1500

- III -

Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

entail a comprehensive study, but it also could simply involve just the engineer making and documenting: 1

A subjective evaluation of the likelihood that events will happen.


The likelihood that particular consequences will occur.


The acceptability of this combination of likely events and consequences.

Well Control Procedures therefore must be designed with the documented management of risks, not with the avoidance of risks. These assessments are recommended to be processed and recorded using the best Quality Management procedures. General This manual, although intranet based, is set out so that it can be printed and is also available on CD ROM. However, only the online version is controlled and all other formats must be checked against the online version for validity. Navigation through the manual is through the Table of Contents and appropriate hyperlinks. A search engine is also accessible to empower users to search by topic.

EP 2002-1500

- IV -

Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This Manual is an update, based on EP 89-1500 Pressure Control Manual For Drilling And Workover Operations. This release would not have been possible were it not for the good work performed by the authors of earlier editions. Well Control can be a contentious subject and while the basic principles may be relatively simple, the practice can be made difficult by well conditions and exacerbated by hardware limitations. As this manual covers all Shell well control operations worldwide, it attempts to capture available experience, tempered by current philosophy and best practice. This release introduces new formalizations of Well Control Policy, recommended Procedures & Practices, and presents the well control issues in new technologies where applicable. This manual supersedes the previous version (EP89-1500), having been updated and revised as necessary. In order to ensure agreement in content, each section was distributed to a team of Shell well engineering personnel across the Group for comment and QA/QC. In addition, workshops were held with Operating Company representatives to capture the needs and best practices of experienced drilling and production engineers across the group. The Shell team is listed on the next page.

EP 2002-1500


Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

PROJECT PERSONNEL Pressure Control Manual / (EGIS Project WP355) Name

Core Team Company, Location, Designation


Andrew Kelland

SIEP, Noordwijkerhout, EPT-HL

Andrew Parkinson

SIEP, Noordwijkerhout, EPT-HL

Andy Haldane


SIEP, Rijswijk, EPT-AWV

Arie Bakx


NAM, Simwell Well Control Centre

Bert Beltman


NAM, Assen, TWE-S

Co Vleugel Colin Leach


David Lawler

SEPCO, Houston, EPT-DW SEPCO, New Orleans

Ernie Cowell


SUKEP, Aberdeen, UESE

Fokko Schroeder


SPDC, Lagos, DSV-709

Gerard De Blok


Shell Sakhalin

Gert Jan Rook


PDO, Muscat, TWX1

Grant Lintern

Woodside, Perth, WDS

Jeff Campbell


SEPCO, Robert Training Centre

Jottit Schreuder


BSP, Seria, TSW/1

Landale Cranfield Maarten Kornaat

SIEP, Houston, EPT-DW Y

SPDC, Lagos, DSV-709

Mei Choate

SIEP, Rijswijk, EPT-AWO

Paul Cernocky

SIEP, Houston, EPT-AWP

Tor Taklo


Norske Shell, EPTW16

Richard Conway


EGIS, Aberdeen, Well Technology Manager

Mark Murtagh


Mars Energy, Australia, Well Control Specialist


Ian Knott

EGIS, Aberdeen, UK Regional Manager

Keith Whitehead

EGIS, Aberdeen, Well Engineer

Jim Dalton

EGIS, AFSU, Well Engineer

Lewis Laird

EGIS, Aberdeen, Production Technologist

Mark Cullen

EGIS, Aberdeen, Production Technologist

Phil Taylor

EGIS, Aberdeen, Production Technologist

Ian Fraser

EGIS, Aberdeen, Software Engineer

EP 2002-1500

- VI -

Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

USING THIS MANUAL Security Classification This document is classified as Restricted to Shell Personnel Only. 'Shell Personnel' includes: •

All staff with a personal contract with the Shell Group of Companies

Designated Associate Companies

Contractors working on Shell projects who have signed a confidentiality agreement with a Shell Group Company

Issuance of this document is restricted to staff employed by the Shell Group of Companies. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to NonShell Personnel without the prior written consent of the copyright owners. System Requirements The following software is required for viewing the Guide: •

browser - Netscape 3.0 and upwards, or Internet Explorer 4.0 and upwards

pdf viewer - the Guide is in pdf format and is best viewed with a search-enabled version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or later.

DED Website & Guide URLs This Guide is part of the SIEP Drilling/Well Engineering Documents (DED) website, which contains over 60 EP reports and guidelines. URL : CD-Rom Version The DED website including the Pressure Control Manual (EP2002-1500) will also be available on CD-Rom, obtainable from the SIEP Library. Note however that a CD-Rom version may not reflect the latest changes. Searching the Well Control Manual If you are browsing off the CD-Rom copy of the Guide, you need a search-enabled version of Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later, to be able to search the Guide. Note also that you should include the search pdf files option when downloading the free copy of Acrobat Reader. Updates and Change Management The online version of the DED website including the Pressure Control Manual is updated on a regular basis. An update log including version information is kept as part of the site and is the recommended entry point for next and subsequent access to the site.

EP 2002-1500

- VII -

Restricted to Shell Personnel Only

OU Intranet Version Note that it is also possible to copy the online website to an OU Intranet webserver, in cases where access to the SIEP webserver is restricted. For more information consult the DED Online Help.

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