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WHAT IS SU JOK One of the characteristics of the human body is existence of a certain correspondence system between the whole of the body and some of its parts. Through this system the whole of the body is represented in many places all over the body. Correspondence works in such way that the whole of the body and its representations are interactive. Thus if a part of the body is affected with a disease it is also reflected in the place which represents the affected part. And on the other hand a stimulation of a place which represents a particular part of the body rises a reaction in the represented part. A general idea of existence of this type of body correspondence has already been proved by anatomy and physiology. The word SU in Korean means the hand, and JOK means the feet. Su Jok Therapy is a new method of curing diseases by stimulation of the hands and the feet with a combined use of acupuncture, medical treatment aids like moxibustion, finger pressure therapy and others. It has been discovered by South Korean professor, Park Jae Woo. Since the time the Su Jok therapy principles were made public, many people in Korea and other lands, have learnt the theory of the method and applied it in practice with remarkable success. Two levels of knowledge are best to be marked out in the Su Jok System: one for people without a medical education, and the other for medical practitioners who are apt to employ the therapeutic potentialities of this method more profoundly. The basic level utilizes for treatment a simple stimulation of the counterparts corresponding areas- on the hands and the feet, since that stimulation results in therapy easy for anyone and successfully reliever of almost all the complaints. There is no particular need of special medical instruments to work in this level. The target can be achieved with the help of natural stimulators such as grains, thorns, small pebbles, etc. If the population gets trained in basics of the treatment to a level that would enable everyone to help oneself when necessary and provide first aid, many people would not need to apply to medical institutions in cases of minor indispositions and would live a happier life. Nevertheless hands and feet are more than just miniature copies of the physical body. They carry also the likeness of the energy system of the body and its components: meridians and chakras. Any disease is basically caused by disturbances of the energy balance in the organism or in a part of it. It has been proved by experience that comparatively simple methods of stimulating different links of the energy system can produce remarkable curative effects. The principles of magnetic stimulation of miniature projections of the meridians (byol meridians) and chakras (byol-chakras) on hands and feet are relatively simple and can be learned and mastered in little time. Thus, the second step in Su Jok (Six Ki) treatment is non-invasive treatment by byol-meridians and chakras. SU JOK TREATMENT Su Jok Therapy has not contra-indications and secondary effects. It can be used parallel with every other way of treatment. Thus the disease will be cured faster and the quantities of the taken drugs (if you take any) and the damages caused by them will be smaller. Many illnesses do not necessarily require medical assistance. You can practice Su Jok without medical control with banal, acute or chronic diseases. The method is extremely effective in wide range of diseases, but there are a number of diseases that are too dangerous and must be treated only under the control of a doctor or specialist in Su Jok Therapy. You must know for sure which the diseased organ is, where the focus of the disease is, to define correctly the correspondence zone and stimulate the healing Su Jok points. The nature of disease is not important. The healing impulses directed to the diseased organ cure it no matter what the disease is. You can not use Su Jok to influence symptoms

directly – vertigo, nausea, high temperature, high blood pressure, etc -. It is important to know the disease of which organ causes those symptoms and then the organ should be treated through its correspondence zones. You can find the pain Su Jok points in the correspondence zones with a simple instrument called diagnostic probe, or with a proper object at hand. The diagnostic probe serves for location and massage of the pain points on the hand and foot. It is a stick made of metal, plastic or wood, about ten centimetres in length. Its both ends are spherical, with roundness 2-4 mm. One of the spheres is with larger diameter and is used on the soft parts of the hand. The small sphere is used on the areas where the bones are close to the skin. To create a healing impulse and achieve a healing effect it is necessary the Su Jok points to be stimulated. It can be done in different ways. •

Moxa stimulation - Moxa is a simple and accessible method of thermo therapy. In Su Jok therapy the warmwood cigars, mini and micromoxas are widely used, because moxa stimulation is the most pleasant and effective method for activation of the Su Jok acupoints. It is more efficient than all other methods of stimulation, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases, healing of weak patients, old people and children. It is presumed that the healing power of the moxa stimulation is due to the high-grade warmth emitted by its slightly burning. • Cold stimulation - It is necessary in particular cases where the moxa use is not recommended. It can be used when the disease includes high temperature of the whole body or of the diseased organ, or when the weather is too hot. You can use a test tube or other appropriate glass vessel filled with ice. The duration of the process is the same as for the moxa stimulation. • Needle stimulation - The needles used in the Su Jok Therapy are much smaller and thinner than the used in the traditional acupuncture, so that the trauma caused by them may be insignificant. The needles should be individual –they must be used only by you. You may insert needles in two ways: using a device (called injector), or using your hand. Most powerful and fast healing effect is achieved through combination of needles and moxa (called method of the hot needle). • Massage stimulation - The massage of the pain Su Jok points leads to quick therapeutic results and is very suitable for self-treatment. • Diagnostic probe - The massage can be done with the diagnostic probe. Depending on the points may be located –close to a bone or in the soft tissues of the hand and foot- use the smaller or the bigger sphere of the probe. The pain points should be massaged strongly enough to provide the affected area with necessary amount of curative waves. As massage is proceeding the pain in the point will be decreasing and getting replaced with sensation of warmth. • Seeds of plants - Seeds are the most frequently used natural stimulators of the pain points. Intact seeds of suitable size and density and capable of sprouting are selected for treatment. These are usually seeds of buckwheat, apples, millet, radish, beet, peas, beans, pepper, grapes, etc. Fresh seeds covered by natural shell are the best. Seeds are fixed in points of correspondence with an adhesive plaster. Seeds are used not only as agents of mechanical stimulation. They carry information about the whole plant and have particular energy properties that are partially manifest in their colour and shape. During stimulation exchange of energy between the seed and the point of correspondence occurs. Seeds can be similarly applied for action on the energy points. The seeds must be changed after 24 hours. • Metal stars - The metal star is a prolonged action applied to the correspondence point. Metal star enhance the colour of the star produce a marked selective of enhancing stimulating activity. The silver stars are used for acidity, fever, headache all muscular and joint pain, back disorder, migraine, epilepsy, paralysis, indigestion, cold hands and feet, etc. It can be used for 24 hrs. • Magnetic stars - Magnetic stars have a diameter about 6 mm and are made of ferromagnetic alloy. They are placed on the pain points and fixed with an adhesive tape, like the seeds. There are two kinds of magnetic stars: the first are

manufactured with a north pole from the relief side; the other ones are with a south pole from the relief side. The magnetic star may be placed for 24 hrs; the next day they have to be moved to another correspondence zone of the diseased organ. You must be careful when using magnetic stars if you are sensitive to magnetic field; in that case, you would better use seeds. Magnet stimulation - The magnets create an energy flow in the correspondence zone of the diseased organ, which rectifies and normalizes its energy state. The vector of the magnetic field is directed from the north to the south pole. Through selection of its direction against the pain Su Jok point or area, the diseased organs and tissues can be relaxed or stimulated, cooled or warmed up. Three kinds of magnets are used: point magnets, ring-shaped magnets and magnetic pointers. Thumb pad - A plastic multi pointed headed implement mounted on the thumb as a crown, are used for superficial stimulation of correspondence areas located on flat and rough surfaces like areas corresponding to our abdomen organs on the palm inner and rear side. Massage with pressing action is provided till a sensation of warmth and reddening in the corresponding area appears. Vibro stimulator - It is the most effective and painless method of treatment. It can be easily used for anybody in hand and feet, when the patients need not worry about locating the pain corresponding points accurately to give stimulation, large areas are simultaneously stimulated thus acting on a large area of organs or body part. Vibro stimulator is good for patients with chronic problems like paralysis, obesity, hormonal problems, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, general weakness, bladder and kidney disorders, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, spinal problems, etc. It is an electrically operated stimulator that should be used three times a day. Hand massager - Hand held spring massager is used 4-5 times in a day, by pressing and pumping action with fingers for 2-3 minutes at a time. Usually the massage is made with a thumb or forefinger, with a violent pressure and slow rotary movements. It has a prophylactic, strengthening and healing effect. General massage with massagers - The Su Jok massagers are made to massage intensively the skin and the tissues in number of various small point areas. The regular use of those massagers may stimulate all pain points in all correspondence zones, and attack the diseases right from their start. The massage has a tonic and stabilizing effect on the entire organism. • Massage ring - Massage Ring is designed for a thorough stimulation of the fingers and toes, and is effective method of treatment when whole arm, leg and considerable parts of the trunk are involved in the process. The Ring is put on each finger by turn and is intensively rolled up and down along the finger till the massaged finger gets slightly pinkish and becomes warm (please be careful if your skin is delicate do not over do it). The application of massage ring is a simple method of stimulation, accessible to everybody, as it does not require accurate location of points and patient can massage them at any convenient time or when need up to 3 times a day. • Massage spiral - The massage spiral and massage ring are made in the same way. The spiral is used for general massage of hands, through intensive and fast rolling over of the spiral between the palms or between a palm and the upper side of the other hand. • Massage cylinder - It is made of metal or plastics. It is rolled over fast and intensively between the palms, between a palm and the upper side of the hand, between a palm and the upper part of the foot, also it is rolled only with the foot. The massage cylinder is advisable for people with coarse skin, who need more effective massage than this made with the massage rings and spirals. • Plastic massage balls - It is to be rolled on the both sides of the palms and fingers to get the desired effect. One has got the choice of colour, to meet with energy requirement of the point to be massaged, like RED for weakness in the body, lethargy, cold and numbness of hand and feet, paralysis, Parkinson, etc; BLUE for stress, fatigue, headache, joints pain, etc; YELLOW and GREEN together for obesity, indigestion, acidity, constipation, muscular pain, diabetes, etc.

SELECTION OF THE STIMULATION METHOD With diseases that are not so serious, a soft way of stimulation of the pain points can be used. Sufficient is the massage with a diagnostic probe, seed-therapy or magnets. The more serious, acute and chronic diseases require powerful and lasting healing impulses, which can be created with moxa, needles or combination of different methods of stimulation. The procedures number depends on the nature and seriousness of the disease. They may be done every day, no matter what time of the day, but not more than 14 in one course of treatment. Normally, 3 to 5 procedures daily are enough. With chronic diseases, it may be necessary to make 2 to 6 courses of 10-14 procedures with a break of 1-2 weeks between them. The breaks between the treatment courses are made so that the used pain points can rest, because their long every day stimulation decreases their effectiveness. The duration of the procedure depends on the stimulation method and the number of the stimulated pain points or areas. If you have several diseases, you must select the one affects you the most, because the distribution of healing impulses among many organs decreases their effectiveness. Nevertheless it is possible to treat two diseased organs simultaneously by alternating the healing procedures. If symmetric organs or parts of the body are diseased (for example the two kidneys or the two knees), you can heal them by alternating procedures for the left and for the right side. In some cases it is possible to feel no improvement at the time of the healing course and the disease can fade away suddenly, several days or weeks after its finish. In other cases, you might get a disease aggravation in the course of the healing procedures; that is the so called “healing crisis” and should not worry you.

HAND – BODY CORRESPONDENCE CHART (Front side) The human body has the trunk and five protruding parts: the head and four extremities. The hand, too, has a palm and five protruding parts -the fingers-. When one looks at a person in a natural upright position that persons head is uppermost; legs are the lowest as they are on the ground; arms are located in an intermediate position. When one' s arms hang down freely the thumb is uppermost. It corresponds to the head. The location level of the second and fifth fingers corresponds to that of the arms, while the location level of the third and fourth fingers corresponds to the legs. By using the pit of the human stomach as the center point and rotating the head 140 degrees, the parts of the hand will correspond to particular parts of the body. The thumb identifies the head and the neck; the chubby part of the palm under the thumb is the chest and the palm as a whole refers to the abdominal region.

FOOT – BODY CORRESPONDENCE CHART (Front side) Compared to the hand the foot' s structural resemblance to the body is not as evident. However, the foot gets stimulated more frequently and much more strongly than any other part of the human body. It follows that the correspondence system developed in the foot may be more effective. The principles of body correspondence structure which apply to the feet are the same as those of the hands: the big toe to the head and neck, the round shaped pad under the big toe to the chest and the palm of the foot to the abdominal area. Respectively, the third and the forth toe correspond to the legs, while the second and the fifth toe to the arms. Anatomically, the principal difference between the foot and the hand is that the big toe is not separated noticeably from the other toes. It may be due to the fact that the feet generally belong to Yin and perform much simpler functions compared with the hands.

BODY CORRESPONDENCE CHART OF THE HAND AND FOOT (Dorsal sides) The parts of body related to the Yang (places which naturally are exposed to the sunlight), i.e. the outside parts of legs and hands, the buttocks, the back of head and others are represented in the Yang sides: back of the hands and the top of the feet. The treatment of areas like the shoulders, spine and waist yield excellent results when undertaken on the Yang sides of the hand and foot.

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