study of retailer of everest ind. ltd . by yogesh mishra

August 5, 2017 | Author: Yogesh Mishra | Category: Asbestos, Risk, Audit, Survey Methodology, Risk Management
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study of retailer of everest ind. ltd . by yogesh mishra...











EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD” (Allahabad,Jaunpur,Sultanpur,Bhadohi,Ambedkarnagar,Faizabad,Kaushambi, Pratapgarh,mirzapur.) AT EVEREST INDUSTRIES LIMITED Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management 2009-11

Submitted to: Mr.RAJESH KHANNA G.M(Everest Industries Ltd.)

Submitted By: YOGESH KUMAR MISHRA I.T.S-Institute of Management 46, Knowledge Park-III Grt.Noida








New Delhi

Managing Director

Mr. M.L Gupta

A. V. Somani



Building solution

Turn Over




Retail Points



1285 highly qualified employees

Market share

13% (Approx)



1) Acknowledgement……………………………………………….. 2) Preface…………………………………………………………… 3) Executive summary……………………………………………… 4)



Company profile…………………………………………………


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This is to certify that work entitled project title “STUDY ON THE RETAILER OF CEMENT SHEET OF EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD

” is a piece of work done by Yogesh kumar mishra under my guidance and supervision for the partial fulfillment of degree of PGDM in I.T.S-Institute of Management, Greater Noida. To the best of my knowledge and belief the project: (a) Embodies the work of the candidate himself. (b) Has duly been completed. (c) Fulfills the requirements of the rules and regulations relating to the summer internship of the institute. (d) Is up-to the standard both in respect of contents and language for being referred to the examiner?

Signature of the Faculty

Name of Faculty Mentor

Acknowledgement 5


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who made completion of my dissertation possible. I would like to thank my college authorities for providing me the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious organization. I express my sincere gratitude to my Industry Mentor and other executives who provided me full support and encouragement to complete this work. I am deeply indebted to my Faculty Guide Dr.Sanjiv jain whose help, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me in at all times in research and for writing of this thesis. So many others who have been associated with this work directly or indirectly, all have my sincere thanks. Especially, I would like to give my special thanks to my parents, their love and blessings enabled me to complete this work.




Service is required in every thing, in research, in execution and in settlement. It is going to be the key to survival. If you give good service and value to your Customer will translate into good business. Knowledge is not complete in itself unless it is supported by practical experience. Always all professional courses aim to groom the student professional so that he may be exposed to the real working environment of the corporate world, its challenges and its constants. So professional courses like PGDM has been designed in such a way what student can be utilize during the interaction with the practical world. So the course design includes field training as part of the course. Hence I had the opportunity to utilize the theoretical knowledge during their project perid I had done my summer training in Everest .The Company has assigned me a project title “STUDY ON THE RETAILER OF CEMENT SHEET OF EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD “The project includes sincere efforts and I affirm that the findings of this report are original to the best of my knowledge and belief. I sincerely hope that their will proved to be useful to the company.



Executive Summary In this project I have analyzed though questioner the current status of company product in the market of cement sheet industry and try to find how many retailer are satisfied with company product and which other building material sold by retailers. During my study I found 60% retailer are satisfied with company product and 40% are not satisfied with our company product because low availability of product in many area, and many retailer thought that the price of our company product high then other company product so in ruler market the customer most prefer the low prices cement sheet they don’t know the advantage of our product so company should aware to customer with our product through advertisement and company should care about price .



OBJECTIVES As part of post graduation course, I underwent internship at EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD. The title of the project is “STUDY ON THE RETAILER OF CEMENT SHEET OF EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD” The main objectives of this project were:  To know the satisfaction level of the retailers




cement sheet.  To know the market share covered by our company and its competitors.  To know about the future requirement of our product by the

companies ,and domestic use.  To find out the other building materials sell by the trailer.

Some of the secondary objectives of the project were:  To comparatively analyses the product of other companies.  To know and overcome on the limitations (if any).  To find out the best brand in market.



EVEREST INDUSTRIES Ltd. formerly known as Eternity Everest. Everest industries ltd., a pioneer building solutions company has been a trusted name for 70years. Its strategic investments in technology have allowed it to continually introduce innovative products in the market. Products manufactured by Everest are distinguished for their high performance, durability and architectural versatility. All Units are IS/ISO certified.

Everest Industries Limited is one of India’s fastest growing building solution companies. A pioneer in the field of fibre cement building products, its strategic investments in technology over the last seven decades have allowed it to continually introduce innovative and modern building products with a promise of Strength, Speed and Safety in construction.

The company was founded in 1934, Everest is one of the most respected and renowned business entities in India, and has dominated the market ever since. The company has a pan India presence with a large distribution network and state-of-art manufacturing facilities at kymore, Nasik, Coimbatore, Kolkata and Roorkee.

Everest follows a solutions approach where various products and services are integrated to meet customer’s needs. Everest offers a complete range of building solutions. These building solutions are:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Everest Roofing Solution Everest Ceiling Solution Everest Wall Solution Everest Floor Solution Everest Cladding Solution Everest Door 5



Corrugated Fibre Cement Roofing System – Everest Corrugated Sheets and made from the finest quality of cement and fibre through a specially developed fibre orientation process. They undergo rigorous quality control-standards which are higher than ISI-giving you a product of lasting value.

Modern Roofing System with HIPP Technology-

Everest Hi-Tech is a modern non-asbestos roofing system using the specially developed HIPP technology (High Impact Poly Propylene). It is manufactured in a world class production facility, conforming to all relevant international standards. Everest Hi-Tech is an ideal roofing and cladding solution, for factories and warehouses and can be used in industries such as petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, engineering, metallurgy etc. Everest modern roofing system is an excellent roofing and cladding solution for hotels, resorts and villas.



Smooth surfaces and clean lines are typical characteristics of a contemporary, beautiful minimalist building. It is possible to create designs with Everest Ceiling Solutions, which blend functionally, so that the finish of the room becomes just as imagined. Everest Ceiling Solutions provide aesthetically pleasing finishes that interiors and are available in the form of:

 Everest Acoustic Ceiling  Everest Designer Ceiling  Everest Standard Ceiling 5



WALL SOLUTIONS – Everest Wall Solutions are synonymous with hassle-free, speedy construction. Based on the concept of strength, Speed and Safety in construction, the solution leverage space utilization to the maximum. While offering design flexibility, these solution maintain their resistance to moisture, termite and fire and are available in form of:

 Everest wall Boards  Everest Designer Wall Boards  Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards  Everest Solid Wall Panels


CLADDING SOLUTION – Its that simple clarity of design that forces you to pause the first time it catches your eye. An object with a combination of functional perfection and timeless style continues to attract inspite of passing years and changing fashions. Everest Cladding Solutions help you create a building that possesses this enigmatic concept and are available in the form of:

 Everest Siding  Everest Colour Cladding



Everest Steel Solution provides infinite possibilities in steel Construction. These can be used for industries, airport, stations, residential complexes, stadiums, warehouses, villas, sports facilities, site offices, canteen and utility buildings. buildings are 100% pre engineered and pre fabricated in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Everest steel building solutions ensure Strength, Speed, and Safety, and are available in form of:

 Everest pre-engineered Steel Buildings 5


 Everest Smart Steel Buildings

Everest has 74 years of roofing experience, covering over 1 billion sq.m. Everest Hi-Tech is a unique product manufactured in India using technology from Saint Gobain. It is a corrugated cement roofing sheet reinforced with a blend of strong factory-produced fibres including HIPP(high impact polypropylene).These imported fibres replace asbestos and give you roof high- impact resistance. Everest Hi-Tech provides high sound insulation from rain and thermal insulation from heat, saving you huge costs of additional insulation. Everest Hi-Tech mets all international norms of safety , environment and pollution control for building products .They can be used in all manufacturing and exports oriented units, warehouse and modern factory sheds.

Everest Hi-Tech is available in a range of colours. These pre-painted sheets require low maintenance and resist the impact of weather, sunshine, UV rays, algae and chemical corrosion.

The advantages of Everest Hi-Tech everlasting roofing system are:• Asbestos free • Low maintenance costs • Durability • Economical • Weather resistance • Aesthetics • Protection and comfort



Welcome to the world of FIBRE CEMENT BOARD Multipurpose Cement Boards. These are fiber cement building boards manufactured from a homogenous mixture of Portland cement treated cellulose fibers, quartz and other select mineral fillers. The cement acts as a hydraulic binder while the cellulose fibers get interlocked with the cement and quartz matrices, thereby making the boards stronger and more durable. FIBRE CEMENT BOARD is a multipurpose cement board that can be used in a wide variety of segments like residential, commercial and industrial installations. The Applications range from False Ceilings to Partitions and paneling, door shutters to Flooring, back liners to prefabricated structures, and so on. The limit is, what is set byyourImagination.



Texture Coating


Termite/timber borer proof Moisture resistant Fire retardant Asbestos free Environment friendly Easy to decorate and paint Impact Resistance






EVEREST PRESENT IN INDIA And now, it is in Pre-Engineering Steel Buildings and Smart Steel Building for Industrial, Commercial and Residential sector. Everest offers a versatile range of fibre cement products covering both roofing as well as boards. Its product range has gained wide acceptance in Asia, Africa, South Pacific and Europe. Its “Everest” brand enjoys huge brand equity. Besides roofing, the company has introduced a range of new generation products called FIBRE CEMENT BOARD Classic for varied applications in interiors.


Everest Hi Tech: modern, asbestos-free, fibre cements roofing system that uses HIPP (High impact polypropylene) Technology. Everest is having the biggest and fastest growing sector of the Indian economy

• •

Housing and industrial sector Rural sector

Everest today understands the bottom of Indian pyramid thorough a vast all India sales and distribution network .Millions of Indian families are sheltered by Everest roofing.

Everest has transformed from a roofing products company into an organization which offers range of solutions for all building construction needs.




Everest will be the deepest penetrated housing and building solutions provider to deliver strength speed and safety to its customers in all its target markets.


Their mission is to achieve a sales turnover of Rs 1,000/- crores with a net profit of Rs 100 crores by 2010-11.

Everest has launched its new way as EVEREST STEELBUILDING SOLUTIONS. It is almost one year old. It provides the following building accessories:

Everest today has  Sales

of 680 cr.

 5 state-of-the-art ISO: 14000 certified manufacturing facilities  1285 highly qualified employees  Over 6000 retail points  Fast growing export market in Europe, Africa, Australia & Asia

• • • •

• • • • •

Roof Curbs Adjustable/ Fixed Louvers Translucent Panels Gravity Ventilators Day lighting Panels Turbo ventilators It has two parts: PRE-ENGINEERING BUILDING SOLUTIONS SMART STEEL BUILDING SOLUTIONS




It is the fastest system of industrial construction. There are several applications of PreEngineering Building (PEB). The main applications of PEB are:

• • • • • • •

Factory buildings Institutional buildings Recreational facilities Agricultural storage Commercial spaces Warehouses Military building & Aviation hangers

SMART STEEL BUILDING: It is 100% customized steel buildings. The applications of Smart Steel Building are: • • • • •

Commercial & Office buildings Industrial utility buildings Site offices & residences Farm houses Restaurants Automobile showrooms

Design & Engineering: • • •

Everest’s Design & Engineering department has over 50 highly qualified engineers, checkers, detailers, designers & architects. Everest uses ultra- modern & highly sophisticated design software, Everest –MBS to design your building with the highest precision & optimum use of steel. Software like Stadd Pro, X steel & Stru cad are used for detailing & structure analysis.

Manufacturing: 5


The Everest plant at Roorkee ( Uttarakhand ) is equipped with the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment- Automatic cutting, wielding, painting, & roll forming machines. Automatic welding lines using PTW (pull through welder) Technology with LINCOLN™ welders from USA. OXYGEN shield air plasma for error- free & ready to weld edges. Nesting software for most accurate & optimized sections out of steel plate. Electrodes & other consumables from ESAB™, Arctec™, ADOR™ welding.

Logistics & project management:

Everest’s dedicated logistics & project management team works relentlessly to ensure that your building reaches the site on time.

To ensure speed, each consignment dispatched is tracked using computerized vehicle tracking management systems. Our project management team already posted at your site comprises a team of dedicated Everest Erectors and our full time Everest project engineer. This ensures best co-ordination with your team & delivers highest levels of strength, speed & safety.





Designation Category

Qualifications Functional areas

M. L. Gupta

Managing Director

B. (Hons)

Manish Sanghi

Coo Director


and Executive Director

Tech Technical / General Management

B.E. (Mech.), General PGDM (IIM) Management

A. V. Somani Chairman

Promoter Director

M.Com, MBA

Sandeep Junnarkar


Professional Independent

Banking, Corporate, LLB, Solicitor Exchange Control & Securities Laws

Mohanlal Bhandari


Professional Independent

B.Com, FCA

Finance, Accounts & Taxation


Executive Director

Executive Director

B.Sc(Engg) Mechanical

Manufacturing Operation General Management


General management

M. N. Nirula


Professional Independent


Business Management



There are three main network types, these are: Factory Offices Sales Depot


There are five factories of Everest Industries Limited. They are situated at:

• • • •

Bhagwanpur (U.K.) Kymore (M.P.) Kolkata Podanur (Tamil Nadu) Nasik (Maharashtra)



Company’s Plants and their products


Establishment Products










June 06

Asbestos Cement Corrugated (CBS) roofing sheets And Other Moulded Goods (Accessories) Asbestos Cement Corrugated (CBS) roofing sheets And Other Moulded Goods (Accessories) Asbestos Cement Roofing sheets – CBS and CTS profiles, Non-Asbestos Roofing (Hitech) sheets - Terracoata Red, Tropical Green & Ivory White Shades And Other Moulded Goods (Accessories) Asbestos Cement Corrugated Roofing sheets, Other Moulded Goods (Accessories), NonAsbestos Flat Boards, Compressed Boards (Endura), Colour Compressed Boards And Solid Wall Panels Flat Boards, Chrysotile Asbestos Cement Corrugated (CBS) roofing sheets, Other Moulded Goods (Accessories), Solid Wall Panels and Light Grade structural Frames (LGSF)




Offices of Everest Industries Limited are situated at:

• • • •

• • • • • •

Delhi Ahmadabad Jabalpur Kolkata Nasik Mumbai Bangalore Coimbatore Cochin Chennai

Sales Depot: There are twenty-seven Sales Depot around the country of Everest Industries Limited. They are situated at:



Company Sales Depot (Zone Wise) Central Zone

South Zone

Kymore Depot

Podanur Depot

Allahabad Depot

Banglore Depot

Allahabad Darwaza Depot

Nellore Depot

Kymore Depot

Chennai Depot

Indore Depot

Palghat Depot

Kanpur Depot

Hubli Depot

Kota Depot

Coinbatore Depot

Varanasi Depot

Madurai Depot

Bilaspur Depot

Manglore Depot Cochin Depot

East Zone

West Zone

Guahati Depot

Hariala Depot

Patna Depot

Valsad Depot

Ranchi Depot

Kolhapur Depot

Burdwan Depot

Bhiwandi Depot

Balasore Depot

Lakhmapur depot

Rourkela Depot Kharagpur Depot Jamshedpur Depot Barrackpore Depot



North Zone

Roorkee Depot Merrut Depot Chandigarh Depot Rajpura Depot Jaipur Depot Faridabad Depot Karnal Depot Delhi Depot



Production Facilitiy



Production Facilities – Bhagwanpur

Everest Industries has established a green field, ultra-modern manufacturing unit, spread over an area of 21 acres at Bhagwanpur, (Haridwar district), Roorkee (Uttrakhand) . The plant manufactures the following products - Roofing Sheets, Everest Fibre cement Boards, Pre Engineered Steel Buildings and Smart Steel Buildings. This plant has an installed capacity of 50,000 tonnes of Fibre Cement Boards, 40, 000 metric tones of steel fabrication products and 1-lakh tonnes of roofing products per annum. The company believes in conserving the environment and hence, there are several trees planted in the factory premises. The factory has made arrangements for water harvesting. All water from the rooftop and open spaces is channelised through the storm water drains and directed to the six recharge wells which are strategically located. Apart from these wells there are 2 ponds created to trap sudden heavy downpour. The factory does not discharge any of its waste into the environment. Moreover, any industrial waste produced in the Bhagwanpur unit is recyclable. The plant also organizes safety training at the plant for their workers' welfare by creating awareness among the workers about ways of handling industrial materials, operating cranes and working with electrical circuits. Products Wall Solutions Ceiling Solutions Floor Solutions Chrysotile Asbestos Cement Corrugated (CBS) Roofing Sheets Solid Wall Panels Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Smart Steel Buildings Other Moulded Goods (Accessories) Initiatives Development of Green Belt Rain Water Harvesting Effluent Treatment Plant for 100% recycling of process effluents Energy Conservation Welfare and social activities Occupational Health centre Canteen for employees/workmen Everest Ladies Club, Roorkee Community Development Trained for self employment for under privileged women- Tailoring and embroidering

5 Production Facilities - Kymore





Everest Industries Limited pioneered fibre Cement Roofing Industry in India by establishing its first plant in the country in 1934 at Kymore, MP. During 2005-06, the industry reached a market size of 2.35 million MT with a CAGR of growth of 17.1% in the last 3 years. The industry recorded a significant growth of 17.8% during 2005-06 in comparison with 16% growth it witnessed in the same period in the previous year. The market share of the Company stood at 15%. This high industry growth has resulted in many new players entering into the market. The industry is witnessing an unprecedented capacity build up with very large capacities being set up in North and West India.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK & OPPORTUNITIES Roofing The Fibre cement industry is an important constituent of economic development of the country and has unique place in construction and building material sector due to two reasons: The fibre cement roof is commonly used in villages and small towns for houses and cattle sheds, godowns, shops, workshops etc. Industrial houses for their industrial sheds & godowns also extensively use it. Fibre cement industry uses substantial amount of fly ash as raw material in its products keeping the environment clean. India is growing at a GDP of 8%. This high growth is reflected in all the sectors of the economy namely the manufacturing sector, service sector as well as the agriculture sector. The government is putting special focus on the rural economy and this is expected to give a boost to the use of Fibre cement roofs. The industrial sector is witnessing high growth with capacities getting increased through expansions/diversifications and up new Greenfield units. The growth of fibre cement roofing industry depends on prosperity of rural/industrial sector. Both these sectors have seen healthy growth in last 2 years. This is reflected in fibre cement roofing industry, as it saw a significant growth of around 17.8 % in year 2005-06 in comparison with previous year. The growth was particularly high in states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu. Good monsoon continues to remain crucial factor for agriculture as well as for Industry, as it brings higher agriculture productivity and thus the rural masses having higher disposable income can graduate to fiber cement roofs from thatch roofs. Steel will continue to remain its major competitor and any upward revision in steel prices will bring increased demand to this Industry. 5


Boards Fibre cement boards are typically used for false ceilings, partitions, panelling and prefabricated structures. There is a major growth in each of these applications with the growth of the economy. The users are increasingly finding that the fibre cement boards are far better substitutes in terms of resistance to moisture, fire and termites. There is also an increasing need for faster and cleaner construction, which can be done using the fiber cement boards.

D. INDUSTRY – THREATS, RISKS AND CONCERNS The growth in the industry has resulted in many new players entering in this already competitive market. Any new additions in the capacity either by existing players or through new entrants will always remain prime concern. Increase in input costs like the cost of cement, asbestos fibre, fuel etc is a major concern for the industry. The malafide campaign against asbestos from certain sectors has given totally erroneous information to the general public and decision makers. This has so far not affected the sales of the industry. The industry association Asbestos Cement Products Manufacturers Association (ACPMA) continues with its initiative to counter the malafide anti asbestos campaign and successfully managed to make the general public and key decision makers aware that there was no risks associated with the use of asbestos to manufacture of fibre cement products, when all necessary precautions are taken.

RISK MANAGEMENT In accordance with the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreements with Stock Exchanges, the Company has already appointed Risk consultant to assist the Company to lay down procedures/system for speedier assessment of risk, information to Board of Directors and steps to mitigate/ minimize the risk.

E. COSTS AND PROFITABILITY The Company is always committed to reduce its costs through better negotiation with its raw material suppliers, transporters and increase its profitability by de-bottlenecking, efficient use 5


of plant and machinery resulting in better yield, scrapping unwanted depots, concentration on markets with low freight, increased productivity and reduction on overheads.

F. INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM & ADEQUACY The Company's internal control system has always been adequate to ensure that all its assets are safeguarded and protected against loss from unauthorized use and disposition. It has evolved financial reporting on monthly basis for all its 4 factories as independent profit centres. These systems and measures are constantly checked by the Internal Auditors of the Company, on the basis of an approved Audit plan of the Audit Committee. The Audit Reports are placed before the Audit Committee, on quarterly basis, who after reviewing the same ensures that Audit findings are complied with by the management. The management at the subsequent meetings by way of an Action Taken Reports tables the compliances. All observations made by the Audit Committee are duly considered and acted upon by the management of the Company.

G. HUMAN RESOURCES Industrial Relations at all manufacturing units of the Company have been normal and peaceful. The Company as on 31st March 2009 had 1020 permanent employees.

H. CAUTIONARY STATEMENT Statements in the Management Discussion and Analysis Report describing the current industry structure, outlook & opportunities reflect the Company's assessment and perception of the situation. It may differ materially depending on the environmental regulations stipulated globally and also the changes in government regulations, policies and other related factors.Comparitive literatur

Industrial Relations Industrial relations continue to be cordial and harmonious at all Units. Employees at all levels are extending their fullest co-operation for the various cost reduction measures of the Company.

Research and Development Efforts During the year under review, the Company continued its Research & Development efforts in respect of conventional and non-conventional Fibres and production technology for manufacture of Fibre Cement Sheets/ Calcium Silicates Boards. 5


During 2009-10, an amount of Rs.3.66 Lakhs had been incurred on R&D efforts by way of revenue expenditure.

Specific Areas in Which R & D is Carried Out by the Company 1. Different combinations of Fibres were developed to yield more economic fibre furnishes. 2. Use of Pozolonic Material – Fly Ash in the manufacture of Fibre Cement Sheets. 3. Usage of Cellulose for part substitution of Asbestos Fibre. 4. Recycling of broken waste in the production process. 5. Development of Non Asbestos Calcium Silicate Boards.

Benefits Derived as a Result of the Above R & D:

Future Plan of Action: 2.

1. Use of alternative Fibres in the production of Sheets. Development of Poly Propylene strip reinforced Sheets. 3. Development of different formulations of asbestos-free Flat Boards for different applications.

Expenditure on R & D: Recurring expenditure: Rs.3.66 lakhs Capital Expenditure: NilTotal : Rs.3.66 lakhs R&D expenditure as a percentage of total turnover : 0.01% of FC Sheets

Opportunities and Threats: Asbestos Cement Sheets are mainly used as roofing materials in rural and semi-urban housing and by industries and poultry sector. Asbestos Cement Sheets are gaining popularity as they are inexpensive, need no maintenance and last long when compared to competing products such as thatched roofs, tiled roofs and galvanized iron sheets. According to the information gathered by us almost 80-85% of rural people use thatched roof/tiles for the shelter. Thatched roof need regular replacing and tiled roof needs continued maintenance. Therefore whenever the economic conditions improve the first choice of the rural poor to replace the roof over their head is the affordable and relatively durable product 5


Asbestos Cement Sheets. Thus we see lot of untapped potential for usage of Asbestos Cement Sheets in rural areas. The Central and State Governments have been giving lot of thrust for housing for rural poor and Asbestos Cement Sheets are widely used for this purpose. Both the existing and new manufacturers are venturing into setting up of new asbestos cement sheet producing plants. This could increase the competition and will have an effect on the margins. The increase in fiber cost and imposition of Excise Duty are also matters of concern. The abnormal increase in cement cost not only pushes up the raw material cost but also in slowing down construction activity in rural areas. However the fact that industry as a whole grew by about 16.5% during the last year indicates a growing demand for our products and this growth in demand should balance increase on the supply side over the medium term. The continuous efforts being made to capture rural markets should also increase the demand.

Lack of entry barriers: Lack of entry barriers is attracting lot of new entrants into this line of business. Since the industry is continuing to grow at the rate of about 15-16% per annum this should not be a major threat. Moreover we have the following advantages: 1 (1) Our manufacturing units are nearer to the consuming centers and thus we have the freight advantage. 2 (2) We have an established brand name. 3 (3) Being the second largest player in the industry we have economies of scale. 4 (4) We have a widespread dealer net work.

HLLThe Company's business consists of the following product lines: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Fiber Cement Sheets (Asbestos as well as Non Asbestos) Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks (Light Bricks) Aerocon Panels Industrial Products (Thermal Insulation Products, Jointing and Engineering Divn.)

Fiber Cement Sheets contributed about 87% of the total revenue during the year under review. The Company with 10 manufacturing lines continues to be the largest producer of Fiber Cement Sheets in the country. With these plants and an extensive dealer network the company has the market reach in all parts of the country. With the boom in the construction sector and also general growth predictions quite a few new units have come up in sheeting industry. The overall demand growth is very healthy at about 5 15% but the industry is currently facing a situation of over supply. However, because of the


excellent CHARMINAR brand image company's products find preferential acceptance. The Company believes, demand in this sector will continue to grow as there is no rationally acceptable alternative to Fiber Cement Sheets. The prices of the substitute products, mainly GI sheets, the strength, life and insulation properties continue to provide economic rationale for use of Fiber Cement Sheets. With this optimistic out look the Company has set up a green field sheet manufacturing plant at Sathariya Industrial Development Area, Jaunpur, and U.P which commenced commercial production from 3rd July 2006. With this addition company's production capability has risen to about 7 lac tones per annum. Efforts to enhance production and productivity at the existing plants are continuing. The Company is also exploring possibilities of establishing new plants at different locations in the country. The new generation building products AAC Blocks and Aerocon Panels now find greater acceptance amongst the Architects and Builders. Additional capacities will be planned to capitalize on the expected growth of demand in these product lines.

Risks The Company has established a formal Risk Management Plan. A Corporate Risk Management Committee has been constituted which goes in to the process of risk assessment, its mitigation and monitoring and reporting. Implementation and review of the risk management initiatives are periodically reported to the Board. Spurt in prices of raw materials like Chrysotile Asbestos Fiber and Cement has posed a major challenge. Another major cause of concern is that of transport cost which is sensitive to diesel prices. Over a period of time Company has established good relations with reputed Chrysotile Asbestos Fiber suppliers which help to avoid uncertainty in supply and also reasonable stability of prices. The Company avoids spot purchases of fibers. Ban or restrictions on use of Asbestos, including Chrysotile, though a distinct possibility continues to remain a perceived risk. Company is fully satisfied that the available scientific evidence clearly establishes that Chrysotile variety of Asbestos does not pose unacceptable environmental or health hazards. Anti Asbestos groups are actively pursuing to secure ban on use of white asbestos as well. Scientific evidence however, is against their propaganda.

The Asbestos Information Centre and Asbestos Cement Products Manufacturing Association, bodies promoted by Indian Manufacturers have been promoting awareness programmes and campaigns to highlight the differences between white (Chrysotile Asbestos) and other (blue and brown) types of asbestos. The education campaigns by these bodies have resulted in better appreciation of scientific facts amongst the decision makers. The possibility of restriction of use of Chrysotile Asbestos is therefore rather remote. The Company has installed best possible equipment to handle asbestos fibre at the work place. The automated handling practices ensure no exposure for employees in the plants. 5


BUSINESS SEGMENT ANALYSIS: The Company's business can broadly be classified into two segments i.e. Building Products and Other Business. The Heavy Engineering business located at Kolkata has already been disposed off.

BUILDING PRODUCT SEGMENT: This segment consists of Fiber Cement Sheets, Autoclaved Aerated Cement Blocks, Aerocon Panels, and Fiber Cement Boards etc. Fiber Cement Sheet is the main product line accounting for about 87% of Company's sales. Production and sale of Fiber Cement Sheets during the year under review have been 594465 MT and 544721 MT respectively. Growth in quantitative sales could not be achieved during the year due to over supply in the industry by other manufacturers and our own necessity to balance price and volumes.

During the year the operations of erstwhile Malabar Building Products Ltd. got integrated with the Company which resulted in rationalization of distribution and administrative costs. The new Fiber Sheet Plant set up at Sathariya Dist. Jaunpur U.P. Commenced commercial production from 3rd July, 2006. The product available from this facility has helped to reduce freight cost and also service the northern and eastern markets more effectively. The Company has decided to set up a new Plant with an initial capacity of 125,000 MT per annum in Orissa. Major part of Plant and Machinery required for this plant has already been manufactured in-house by Engineering Division. Orders for other bought outs, construction and erection have already been placed or finalized. It is expected that this plant will get commissioned in 2nd half of 2007-08. Given the current availability of production capacity in the country in relation to the demand, the pressure on prices will continue. The Company believes that due to inherent advantages offered by the product over the substitutes the demand growth will be healthy in double digit. With the marketing infrastructure in place and excellent brand image of Charminar, the Company is confident of gaining a respectful share in this future growth. The Autoclaved Aerated Cement Blocks and Aerocon Panels have gained popular acceptances. It is proposed to enhance capacities by expansion at existing sites and bringing up new plants. A New Plant for AAC Blocks is proposed to be established in Western India. Commercial production from this facility is likely to be in 2008-09.



OTHER BUSINESS: Thermal Insulation Products and Jointing are other products which service the industrial segments. Thermal Insulation Products however offer opportunities for growth and the same will be pursued. Due to consistency and superior properties, company's products are preferred over those of competitors. Efforts will continue for new applications to expand the market size.

Internal Control Systems and their adequacy: The Company has a full-fledged Internal Audit Department headed by General ManagerManagement Audit to review the operational systems as well as Management Procedures periodically. The department also reviews the compliance of various laws from time to time and carries out critical evaluation of the systems and procedures for better management control. Systems and procedures of the Company are designed in such a way to check every transaction at the next level and give the necessary information to the management. Periodically the systems will be reviewed by the Department along with regular checks in key areas. Periodical Internal Audit Reports are placed before the Audit Committee of the Board along with the Action Taken/ Proposed to be taken by Management.

SYSTEMS: The Company has embarked on a paradigm shift by implementing ERP on SAP tool wherein the Business procedures, principles and rules are integrated on a single platform across all the Units, Regional Offices and depots in India. The ERP will extend to all the functional areas and will cover Production, Materials, Supply & Distribution, Human Resource, Projects and Finance. The development has reached an advanced stage of implementation.



After discussing with Mr. Rajesh khanna GM of marketing, we decided to divide our time and resources on the basis of various locations which were to be covered in UP. 1.This data is collected by a survey done on various retailers of cement sheet in UP. The data is collected according to the questionnaire prepared by me. I have visited various retail shops mentioned in my report. 2.I filled up the questionnaire accordingly and make the analysis based on the information with the help of diagrams. After making the analysis I came to conclusion that the demand of our product in the market is quite very good, and it will be demanded by many retailers as well as customers in near future. The information in questionnaire is reliable because it is reflecting actual market position and it is verified by project guide of company.


Primary Data collection approachI followed three way approaches to collect the Primary data. Primary data collection includes the following ways 1.

Observation- I went on the retail & wholesale outlet.

2. Verbal interaction




Survey- I contacted the owners at the outlets for relevant information. I allowed them to come up with own their views about the organization with an open end questioner.

Here we include the primary method of survey

Research Instruments: •

Structured Questionnaire- I used a printed questionnaire as my instrument for conducting the survey.

Area of Survey: (Allahabad,Jaunpur,Sultanpur,Bhadohi,Ambedkarnagar,Faizabad,Kausambi, Pratapgarh,mirzapur.)

Sampling plan: •

Sampling unit - Owners of the retail & wholesale building material outlets.

Sampling size- 145outlets

Sampling procedure (Technique)- Random sampling

SECONDARY DATAFor the secondary data collection, data was not available so secondary data was collected by through Internet by visiting sites of the company



SWOT ANALYISIS StrengthCompany have tremendous characteristics like – • • • • •

Quality Product Brand Image Proper Management System Revolutionary Technology used. Resistant Products (i.e. resistant to Termite, Firer ) Nation-wide network for distribution of housing products

Weakness •

Not availability product according to demand

High price compared to other brand.

Not good replacement of broken sheet

Low advertisement support

The product takes big place in shop and needs more care so as to avoid breaking.

Opportunities • • •

Customer attitude towards branded product New untapped market in rural areas New dealers and distribution channels

Threat •

Threat from new emerging companies.

Changing business landscape and high competitors.

Unawareness about cement sheet

Broken of cement sheet then G.I sheet





Data Analysis-

1.. How old the shop is? 10 Years or Less 10-20 Years 20-50 Years More then 50 Total

80 44 18 3 145


10-20 Years

20-50 Years

More then 50

2% 12%






Total Sellers Cement Sellers Other Building Material Products sellers

145 60 85



59% 41%

CEMENT SHEET sellers out of total seller: Total Sellers CEMENT SHEET Sellers Other Building Material Products sellers

145 40 105 5


G.I SHEET: Total Sellers G.I Sheet Sellers Other Building Material Products sellers

145 44 101



CEMENT SHEET sellers out of total G.I Sheet Sellers: Total G.I Sheet Sellers CEMENT SHEET Sellers G.I Sheet Sellers

145 48 44



2-I served in allahabad, Bhadohi, mirzapur, sultanpur, pratapgarh, jaunpur, faizabad, ambedkarnagar and I find the satisfaction % of the retailer with everest


Not satisfied


40% 60% 50% 40% SATISFIED



20% 10% 0%

3-D Column 1



3-In my summer internship I survey in 9 districts and I fill questioner with help of retailer after study of it I find that market share of many company who are in cement sheet business and find this result.









Bhadohi 5



Mirzapur 5





Interested to sell cement sheet in future Yes 80 No 20





The above diagram shows that the retailer which deal in the business of cement sheet in future.80% persons said yes and 20 persons said no


Positive Points:


 When I visited in market and discuss with retailer I found good brand image of


everest  Customer are satisfied with Everest product

Negative Points:  When I visited in market I find that the retailer want to sell their product but they does not found. In every market only one retailer sell Everest product. Some retailer want to talk with distributer and like to sell Everest product’s company should provide product to that retailer.  Breakage replacement policy of the company is not the highest effective   The employees and officers of “Everest” do not talk with the greatest respectful manner with each and every customer, so they are interested in other Competitors.  EVEREST is not providing any help in meeting of roofers and advertising facilities, such as, - wall-painting, Boards etc. to attract the customers.  Breakage replacement policy of the company is not the highest effective.

Common Points:

 Still now, Mostly people are unaware about Cement Sheet Product.

 During my Internship I found that Charminar and Upal is the


admirable brand.

 There is high breaking in Cement Sheets, while margin is very short.

 This is a seasonally item and maximum cement sheet companies creates problems of full supply, especially in season.


Limitation of the 5project:


The time factor was a great limitation, i.e. just 2 months time for summer project. If I have more time then I can survey of costumer and can find feed back of customer.

Data available on internet is limited.

Not good responses from retailer

Long distance among retail shops.



RECOMMENDATIONS These 8 weeks in EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD. have taught me a great experience. Interacting with retailer, knowing their ideas and way of thinking had been quiet interesting. Now, I have a slightly better understanding about people and how they behave. I met a number of people and each of them was different from each other. I have learnt a lot about the art of communication after interacting with different sets of people. I also have better knowledge about the EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD. and its products and thinking about the EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD . 1. Now, I am giving some recommendations on the basis of the work I have done in

the project and findings. First of all, for making a bigger identity in consumers’ mind about “EVEREST CEMENT SHEET” not “EVEREST SPICES!!” the company should concentrate on aggressive advertisement for long period of time.

2. Second, the whole employees of the company should think that customer is God.

They are only servers of the customers. They should concentrate on the way of talking in the greatest respectful manner with each and every customer, because if you lose even one customer due to your behave then you will lose the whole network of the customer.

3. The company should think that, maximum in real life,

a customer does not purchase the best product of the market, a customer always purchase easily and broad existed product of the market. For example – AIRTAL & MICROSOFT WINDOWS. So, build its wholesale stockiest each and everywhere, because JO DIKHTA HE VO BIKTA HE.

4. The Company should concentrate on quality of FIBER CEMENT SHEET

because users said that sheets got cracked when hammered.

5. The company should provide the good replacement facility of sheet, to customers. 5

broken cement



Good quality of fiber tape should be provided for avoiding above problems.

7. Employee motivation system can be innovated in the organization

Summary 1) Increase the production. 2) Company should concentrate on production cost to increase its market share. 3) Make the availability of product near the retailer 4) Distributor should provide the good replacement facility of 5) Company should concentrate on its promotional activity. 5

brackens cement sheet.


CONCLUSION The primary goal of this project report is to identify the current status of company tough competition in the market by the competitors and also know about what are the other building material sell by the retailer and what are there status of there selling and know about which brand is most popular in current market. I came across this fact that many companies doesn’t even heard about FIBRE CEMENT, for overcoming this problem company should concentrate on promotion programs and advertisements, which is very necessary for increasing the sale of the company. 5


I got an opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge which I gained during my PGDM course into practical way of doing things. I had got a good exposure of corporate enviournment while working with EVEREST INDUSTRIES LTD. and I will be highly oblized if I got the chance of working with the company in future. After making the analysis I came to conclusion that the demand of our product in the market is quite very good, so company should full fill the demand by this Everest will make a big giant in building material industry .





Inputs from mentor Mr. RAJESH KHANNA

QUESTIONNAIRE Personal Details: Owner’s Name……………………. Address……………………………………. Birthday…………………………… Anniversary………………………………. Shop Details: Name………………………………... Address…………………………………. Tel.No…………………………… Mob.No……………………………………. E-mail: ………………………………………….

Q.1. How old the shop is?



10 years or less

10–20 years

20-50 years

More than 50 years

Q.2. Business details: Product


Volume in Quantity

Volume in Value

Authorized stockiest

a. Cement b. Steel c. Paints d. Sanitary Ware e.Tiles f. Cement Sheet g. G.I Sheet h. Color of Metal roofing i.Hardware j. Any Other

Q.3. Are you interested in dealing with cement sheet? YES



Q.4. Since, when you are dealing in Cement Sheet? Less than 1 year

Less than 5 years

Less than 10 years

Less than 25 years 5

More than 25 years


Q.5. Which Cement Sheets are you dealing? Brand Name


Volume in Quantity

Volume in Value

(a) Charminar (b) UPAL (c) Everest (d) jai Kirti (e) Ramco (f) Visaka (g) Super (h) Shakti (i) Konark (j) Jaypee (k) Saurabh (l) Ankur

Q.6. Sources of supply? 1. Depot Details: ……………………………………….. 2. Factory Details: ……………………………………...

Q.7 You deal with Company or Stockiest? (If stockiest then detail required) Brand

Stockiest name


Q.8.What is the present retail price of selling Cement Sheet? 5

Phone No.


10 ft (3 Meters) 12 ft (3.6 Meters)

Q.9. When did you purchase the material last time? Ans: …………………………………………..

Q.10.What Price? Rs.

10 ft (3 Meters)

12 ft (3.6 Meters)

Q.11.What is current purchase price? Rs.

10 ft (3 Meters)

12 ft (3.6 Meters)

Q.12. What is your average margin per sheet? Sheet

More than Rs. 31

Between Rs. 3021

Between Rs. 2011

Less than Rs.10

10ft(3 meters) 12ft(3.6meters)

Q.13.Which is the best brand of Cement Sheets available in the market? Ans: ……………………………………………..

Q.14. Why do you consider it the best brand? Quality



Price 5




of breakage City/ Village


support District




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