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July 9, 2019 | Author: muhammad farhan | Category: Accounts Payable, Receipt, Accounting, Business, Computing
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STUDENT EXAM SAP01 disusun dalam rangka memenuhi salah satu tugas individu pada mata SAP Fundamental yang diampu oleh Saepudin Nirwan, S.Kom., M.Kom.

Disusun oleh Mochamad Farhan Jundi P.



1. Invoice verification is the final step in the procurement cycle o True o


2. A CO document consists of the following information o





Cost Element


Controlling object


All of the above

3. User can enter transaction code in o Menu field o Command field o Standard tool bar Application tool bar o o Statius bar 4. During good receipt process, user can use the following document as a r eference Purchase Requisition o Purchase Order o o Inquiry o Invoice verification All of the above o 5. A particular Job can only be assigned to one authorized user only o True o False 6. If you change GL Account in Customer master data at a company code, it will be automatically update in another company code within the sam client o True False o 7. If we activate organizational unit business area, we can generate financia l statement by segment or branch within company code o True o False 8. The infotype Planeed Working Time covers the following information, except o Break time o Absences Days offs o o Public holidays o Work schedule

9. We can perform picking during the creation of delivery document True o o False 10. During Delivery document creation the following activities can also be perf ormed, except Picking o o Packing o Billing Transportation o o Good issue 11. The maximum number of characters you can enter in the Client field is One o Two o o Three o Four o  None of the above 12. The followings are ways to record time data, expet Self Service Application o Time Recording Termunal Cross Appliaction Time Sheet o o Payroll Administrator 13. Below are information provided in Sales Area data provides below information, except Skipping o Billing o o Dunning o Sales Partner Function o 14. When executing a hiring action, user requires to at least maintain the following infotypes, except o Organizational Assignment (IT0001) Personal Data (IT0002) o o Addresses (IT0006) o Travel Privilleges (IT0007) 15. A process the distibutes transaction load according to First in First Out (FIFO) principal is known as: o Dispatcher o Buffer Work process o o DB process 16. Controlling Statement is required for external reporting purpose o True False o o

17. Quality Assurance is a client that is user for real live transactions True o False 18. The following is NOT a true statement in regards with System Wide Concepts: Organizational elements, master data, transactions are … o Several plants can be assigned to the same company code o o Sales Area contains Sales Organization, Division and Distribution Channel Master data is created centrally and available to all appliaction and users o  None of above o 19. To allow intergration and data exchange between different SAP and non SAP systems, the following service is required ALE o BAPI o o Method o Business Object Business Framework o o

20. When a job requirement is compared with employee’s existing qualification, the results is stored in: o Profile Appraisal o o Employee performance o Development plans 21. What is the smallest organizational units in the organizational structure ? Positions o o User o Finance Department o Manager Finance Manager o 22. SAP Library is used to find online documentation for the current application only o True False o 23. It is possible to classify fixed assets by using o Asset group o Asset Class Asset Master Record o Asset Areas o o  None of the above 24. ABAP Dictionary is one of several development tools that provided within the SAP system o True o False

25. Users have severak options in accessing a transaction in SAP System: Enter o Enter Transaction code in the command field o Choose items for menu in the menu bar Choose items from the Favorites lists or from the role-based menus o All of the above o 26. The following are the advantages of posting good receipt by referencing to Purchase Orders, except: Data from Purchase Order is copied automatically to the Good Receipt o transaction o Purchase Order history is updated upon the delivery Accounting document relating to Goods movement is automatically posted o Material Document is automatically created containing material information o and quantity o  None of the above 27. You can use internal order for controlling purposes organization True o o False 28. The Favorite folder is SAP Easy Access Menu can consist of the followings, except: Transaction code o o Web addre3ss o Email address o Link to files 29. Outbond delivery can be created by referencing the following document Salses order document o o Inquiry document o Quotation document A Another delivery document o o All of the above 30. Sales Organization is assigned to a Client o o

True False

31. The followings are TRUE statement in regards with Personnel o The results of time calculatiuon can be used as a data source for Perconnel Cost Planing Payroll results and planned payment for position in Organization Management o … o You may create a training budget once a plan has been released o You may transfer data to mySAP ERP Controlling once a plan …

32. One of the following fields in customer master is maintained at the sales area level Customer name o o Customer address o Shipping Condition Customer phone number o Reconciliation Account o 33. The result of Payroll calculation shall be posted in o Financial Accounting Controlling o o Payments to various receiver o Remuneration statement 34. The following document is created upon completion of billing process Material Document o o Delivery Document o Accounting Document o Work Order Document 35. The followings are organizational element in controlling, except o Controlling area o Cost Center Company Code o o Profile Center 36. Internal Reporting is typically established by Generak Accounting Standards, for instance GAAP True o False o 37. Asset acquisition can only be proceeded by a Purchase Order in SAP R/3 Purchasing o True False o 38. Upon invoice verification, the system automatically car y out the payment process o True False o 39. The field definition can be run for the maximum of 9999 clients in a SAP System o True o False 40. A CO document consists of the following information Date o o Ammount o Cost Element Controlling object o o All of the above

41. The highest level of Organization Elements in SAP System is o o o o o

Organizational Unit Company Code Plant Client Sales Group

42. Account payable is posted to accounting upon creation of the following document o Purchase Requisition Purchase Order o o Good Receipt o Invoice Verification All of the above o 43. Depreciation area data in Asset master are derived value which are set previously in asset class o True o False 44. The following statements show the integration between Appraisal and Personnel Development module: o Transfer position requirement or qualification profile … Automatic adopt default compensation adjustmen o o Analysis of appraisal results o Display department goals that is derived … o  None of the above 45. Client in SAO represents the following in the actual organization structure: o Department o Legal Entity o Enterprise Group Branch o o Division 46. It is not possible to and delete transactions and folder from the SAP Menu True o o False 47. Two main data for processing Payroll are: o Master data and Training data Master data and Remuneration statement o Master data and Time data o o Time data and Organization Assignment data 48. Default values for SAP transactions are set on the following level: Client level o o Application data o Customizing o Repostiory o  None of the above

49. Instruction ofr a display an overview of session represent with /o o o /n o Oxxxx /i o o  None of 50. Every general ledger account master data with acc ount type PL … o True False o 51. During the prosses of your first ever logging on, you should enter a new password after initia; password entered True o False o 52. Mr. Stewards is located in a Headd office as a Sales Manager while Mr. Owen is a HR Manager. What objects do they have in common o PositionJob Job o o Division o Organizational Units o  None of the above 53. Any changes in public holiday calendar parameter setting in client … o True o False 54. A standard program for accessing almost all of SAP solution is known as: SAP Help o SAP Easy Access SAP GUI o SAP ERP o 55. Persons occupies the following objevt in Organization Plan: o Positions Job o o Tasks o Organizational Units 56. To access help information for a specific field in a specific field in a stransaction … F1 o F2 o o F3 F4 o F5 o 57. Material document is created in the background up completed the following transaction o Purchase Requisition Purchase order o o Good Receipt o Invoice verification Outgoing Payment o o

58. Personnel files are master data record in SAO Human Capital Management … o Jobs are the assignment of individual employess int the enterprise o Person ocupy position that inherit the job characteristics

An organizational unit is assigned to a company code A position is assigned to an organizational unit o o  None of the above 59. Ms. Cathlene will be assigned to another location … Single screen maintenance o Personnel actions o o Fast entry o Applicant data 60. A process which involves taking material from storage localtion and preparing them for o

delivery is called o Good issue Good receipt o Picking o o Packing  None of the above o 61. The Account Payable component of the Financial Accounting module … True o o False 62. Not all applicant will be accepted as employee … True o o False 63. A chat of accounts can be used only for one company code o True False o 64. Client that is used for real live transaction is known as: Development o o Quality Assurance Production o 65. The status bar can displays information on the current system status such as warning and erris o True o False 66. Business event group and business event types are created … Preparation of business event o o Business event catalog o Day-to-day activities Recurring task o  None of the above o 67. We must create purchase requisition based on purchase order o True False o

68. The followings are tools of Purchase cost controlling Product Cost Planning o Cost object controlling o Actual posting Information system o o All of the above 69. The followings are principal character of the ACID concept, except: Atomic o Constant o o Isolated Durable o 70. A forma request requesting a vendor to supply certain goods or service is called Purchase Requisition o o Purchase Order o Vendor Evaluation  None of the above o o

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