STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS- The October of 2014 Through the September of 2015

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TALKS The October of 2014 through

The September of 2015 __________


STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS: The October of 2014 through the September of 2015 Copyright © 2015 by Steve R. Pieczenik All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author. ISBN 978-0-692-54963-6 Published by Twelve Generations Productions Originally published at Cover photography and design by Drew Paul at The Steve R. Pieczenik name and Pieczenik logo are trademarks of Steve R. Pieczenik Printed in the United States of America October 2015



Table of Contents Dedication ............................................................................................ 5 October 2014 ..................................................................................... 11 November 2014 ................................................................................. 31 December 2014 .................................................................................. 57 January 2015 ...................................................................................... 81 February 2015 .................................................................................. 109 March 2015 ...................................................................................... 131 April 2015 ........................................................................................ 153 May 2015 ......................................................................................... 175 June 2015 ......................................................................................... 193 July 2015 ......................................................................................... 213 August 2015 ..................................................................................... 251 September 2015 ............................................................................... 295


Dedication Another year, another Steve Pieczenik Talks, volume II. Last year I sold out of the books in about 90 days so I decided to do it again. I want to thank all my readers around the world for their continuous attention to the blogs. Sometimes I may write with a particular country in mind, like Cambodia, Korea, Israel because they may represent, at certain times, an inordinate number of readers. What ever the country or the subject, you know my heart and my head are always in it. This time around, the book is one half the size of the previous book because this one covers only one year. The first volume, which is no longer available, included blogs from September 2012 to September 2014. Now I am writing only about the tumultuous year from September 2014 to September 2015. Much has happened on both the domestic and international scene. Once again, I have to thank my most loyal of all supporters: both Stasia/Stephanie Marie Perkins. She meticulously spends time and trouble to edit and burnish the ideas I have to put on paper. There is also the ubiquitous Drew a.k.a Blabor who takes my words and relays them all over the world with the mastery of a sorcerer. In addition, I thank my faithful commentors, listed on the next page. However, this particular book is dedicated to one group of young people whom I have only started to meet. They are the intrepid silent warriors of our country and the world. In terms of a defined profession, I would consider them part of what is often referred to as the ‘military/intelligence’ community. I have met a few of them here in America. They are bright, eager and honorable. They want to serve our country wherever they may be placed-Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia. One and all bring forth a certain pride in me that the legacy of our past veterans of foreign wars has not been forgotten. More importantly, they are well versed in the intricacies of both domestic and foreign propaganda. With the ever present internet, these young men and women have decided, on their 5

own, to triangulate the truth in their own inimitable manner. I know these young Americans have their counterparts in all parts of the globe. At one and the same time, this next generation of warriors for the truth appear both quizzical and somewhat cynical. However, they are more than eager to adventure onto the world without any hesitation when they are called forth to serve their country in whatever capacity. Many of those I have met, in this country, have been homeschooled. The rest have gone to colleges and universities that are not the presumed standard bearers of excellence. Unlike my generation, they are older and more mature when they enter their government’s service. Therefore, they bring with them some temperance and guarded enthusiasm toward any so-called ‘gung-ho’ wars or jingoistic outcries. These unique 21st century individuals go to school in order to learn a specific trade, be it law or educational leadership. Their past narratives are preludes to their future actions which are mainly presaged by personal convictions and not blind obedience to rules and regulations. Written large in bold letters is the warning to our civilian and military leaders that whatever they say or demand of this new type of warrior/patriot is reason based on careful forethought and not political expediency as we had in the 9/11 Stand Down. Our country’s elites will have to articulate more carefully the problems that we, citizens confront. Those same leaders will be expected to convene some group of experts to enunciate strategies and tactics based on practical considerations and not wishful thinking. There can be no more inexcusable, no-win wars like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. We, as dedicated citizens of the Republic, will no longer provide cannon fodder to the cowardly POTUS who has never served our country and is more than eager to send our brave children to be mauled through the grated teeth of Harm’s Way. Last but not least, I would like to leave you, dear readers, with my deep felt conviction that we do live in extraordinary times. We are part of a blessed sanctuary of self-designated citizens who will, for the 6

most part, retain the inherent exceptionalism, which our Founding Fathers and their progeny had the foresight to create and maintain. Long live the American Republic.We shall endure and prosper above all else. May you all be entertained and enlightened by the few words I have dared to put together. Keep on Truckin’!


Thank you to all my faithful contributors. I read most all your comments, re-post those that I feel are urgent. You definitely contribute to the site. Please keep it up.

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Included herein are the transcripts of the chronicles of Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, published via, through the dates listed as follows.



Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Thank You to Federal Judge Thomas C. Wheeler! Uncovers Bush Jr/Obama Secret Bailout of Our Corrupt/ Incompetent Financial Institutions: Goldman Sachs is Right Up there on the Top of the List! Next in line we have Societe Generale [French Puffery] and Deutsche Bank[German Dishonesty]; and the ever-crippled Merrill Lynch. Our government’s ability to deny transparency and truth to the American public still amazes me even now. I am grateful for the lawsuit brought by Maurice R. Greenberg, former Chief of A.I.G.[major insurer] which had received $182B in bailout money. His lawsuit contends that the bailout was “so punitive that it amounted to an improper taking of private property by the USG under the fifth amendment.” Whatever… its confusing because its supposed to be but the bottom line: that was taxpayers money that they were throwing around during the mega bailouts! The numbers are ridiculous and AIG is not an innocent babe in this bail-out, it basically ‘insured’ the toxic assets, subprime mortgages of AIG’s trading partners-Goldman Sachs; Societe General; Deutsche Bank; Merrill Lynch. However, what will come out of these court proceedings are the hidden truths about the malfeasance committed by our public servants: Ben Bernanke former Chairman of the Federal Reserve; Timothy Geitner [“who did not know Obama before” although Obama worked as a CIA officer for Geitner’s father, Peter Geithner, Asia Society], then President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and then, the non-banker’s banker from Goldman Sachs, Henry M. Paulson Jr, the Treasury Secretary at the time. Finally the American people will learn what had happened in the bailout and how our money was squandered. For the purpose of full disclosure, I was once offered an Investment Banking job by Hank Greenberg, but I turned it down. I hope I can explain to all of you why the bailout was so problematic and whimsical. 11

If anyone thinks that logic, reason or concern for the American public was involved, forget it! So far, what the Judge has found out from the trial is that AIG was charged ‘loan shark’ rates of 14% changed to 8%. Contrast this to how the feds favored and supported ‘illegally’ Sandy Weill’s bank, Citigroup and the other aforementioned banks by charging them somewhere around 2.25 %. However one cuts this allocation of burden, AIG got screwed (as did their shareholders). Thank God for guys like Maurice Greenberg, former U.S. Army Captain who became a lawyer and a mega-business man. He didn’t get his billions by being a sweetie pie but he’s exactly what we need to expose the enormity of financial skullduggery these guys commit in the name of the USG. Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson who have never had any experience like your present blogger in salvaging Savings and Loans Companies or banks; simply decided to place the financial, psychological burden onto AIG. They ‘accuse it’ as the ‘insurer’ of ‘creating the banking crises’ when in fact it was the banks which deliberately gave out cheap money, starting with Bill Clinton, passing this absurd financial scam onto Bush jr and then Obama. The basic premise of this lawsuit is not the money but the fact that the TRES HOMBRES (Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson) were complicit in ‘illegally shifting the blame’ of the banking crisis from the banks to it’s insurer—AIG. In their cowardly deed of shifting the responsibility of the banking crisis from their banking-buddies to the insurer in question which had nothing to do with the ‘banking part of the crises’—these public servants committed a crime in lying to the U.S. Treasury and the American Taxpayers. No wonder, Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson were quick to come out with a nonsensical autobiography too big to fail as they failed us, as did our PRESIDENTS. Why don’t we elect someone who has had business experience? Or someone who has the strength to put the country first and not kowtow to these fanatical bamboozlers who just want to cut deals favorable to their banker friends and who screw the public regularly. Instead, we have had nothing but two incompetent Economists who were political cronies and 12

one failed Investment Banker, Paulson, who knew nothing about M1-M2 or fiscal policies or even simple banking. I once explained to one ignorant Liberal congressman, that Paulson was not a ‘banker’ in the classical sense of owning a bank or knowing how to evaluate risk, credit, cash flows; the answer I got was predictable: “what’s the difference?” This is the problem with today’s public servants, they are either crooked and greedy or they are just dumb. I will anticipate more juicy details from this trial and hope that the media doesn’t squash it. One thing for sure, I wouldn’t want to mess with Hank Greenberg (despite his age), he is into revenge, just ask Eliot Spitzer.

Thursday, October 2, 2014 The Grand Myth: That the American Government Can Protect it’s Citizens at all, from War; Financial Corruption/Disaster; Terrorism; White House Intrusions; and most of all, Ebola! In the last few weeks, we have seen an elaborate charade of the U.S.G’s stated raison’etre of protecting American citizens here at home, or abroad. The recent incursion of a mental patient who entered into the bowels of the White House residence, in an attempt to threaten POTUS is a metaphor for all the contrived lies across a spectrum of American life. Remember that we the taxpayers have paid for nothing more than massive federal dysfunctional entity including: ▪ the inebriated, promiscuous Secret Service ▪ the dysfunctional military/intelligence complex throwing bombs and drones all over Syria, Iraq and wherever else they feel like causing murder and mayhem ▪ our banking system which had been totally mismanaged by unqualified ‘bankers’ [who had never been functioning bankers]Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson; 13

▪ raging epidemic of Ebola, staring in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia and now supposedly here in America The federal government seems to be descending into a complete FUBAR with every institution being run by incompetent jerks or greedy, cheating thugs. I know that for many of you, I am stating the obvious. I am just completely taken aback by the sheer incompetence of all these federal agencies which profess to have some modicum of professionalism. I can’t remember anything good thats come from a federal agency, institution or office in decades. I worked with the secret service way back when they were considered competent and professional. I ran the psychiatric back-up wards at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D. C. for those ‘so-called White House intruders’. There was no question as to when, how or why these individuals were automatically incarcerated in a maximum security ward. That was then. But now, one ostensibly can wander all around the White House without even presenting a ‘clear and imminent’ threat. Times have changed. Now our President throws our intelligence community under the bus every time that he might have made a mistake about going or not going to war anywhere and everywhere. When I heard that the present problem with ISIS, ISIL; or even the wars in Iraq/Syria; did not lie within our Commander-in-Chief’s hands but rather was the fault of Generals Michael Flynn [DIA] and James Clapper [DNI], I was incredulous. This type of externalization of blame is equivalent to the marathon runner blaming the quality of his shoes, rather than himself. I do criticize our intelligence community ad hominum but as a citizen and taxpayer that is my right and duty . However, when POTUS goes out of his way in public and directly implicates Gen James Clapper as the source of POTUS’s lack of strategy, foresight or capacity to engage in an unnecessary wars, I find this type of executive behavior to be completely abhorrent and disgraceful to the Office of the Presidency. Sounds like humpty dumpty is cracking. I can tell you that this type of behavior in any other country would have 14

automatically led to a military coup. I could have told you that any former POTUS who dared to compromise our intelligence services, be they, civilian or military, were automatically eliminated. So now it seems that our federal government failed us once again. It was all over the news that ebola was raging through Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea, all failed states on steroids. Did our big daddy government that spies on all of us, keeps record of our travels and what we buy, did It do anything to protect our shores from a viral invasion? Nope! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that anyone coming from the infected part of the world should have been quarantined. Does anyone get held accountable for this mega mistake? Didn’t Obama tell American citizens that we have nothing to fear? Oh yeah, he was the same guy that told us ISIS was not a threat. First its not a problem, don’t worry and then its whoops now its a problem (big problem) but its not my fault. We pay these people a lot of money to do their jobs (president, congress, judges, CDC) and we even look the other way when they skim some off the top or from the sides. However, we do expect them to take care of the basics and they are not, on any front.

Monday, October 6, 2014 Far Right Nationalist, Xenophobic, European Movements Meld into a Rancid Hungarian Goulash! Just as we have witnessed the rise of extremist Islamic Groups in the Middle East, we are now going to be entertained by a motley crew of the long-forgotten Aryan Supremacy dolts who once proclaimed their dubious ancestral heritage to the ‘white race’; as well as to all matters that are the inherently ‘white’ in nature. What we have here is the tedious ersatz philosophies of ‘being white’ and therefore entitled to: anti-immigration hatred; anti-Muslim diatribes; the obsessive reincantations of Anti-Semitism; anti-European integration; and, believe it 15

or not, Anti-Americanism. That last point is a new one in the list of antieverything party which claims that we Americans have co-opted their national culture. So now we have the inevitable rise of the Anti-Party which means if they can’t articulate a constructive program then they must resort to denying everything and anybody who has accomplished something of value; be it good, bad or irrelevant. When one is bereft of a real philosophy or ideology then the best thing to do is to resort to basic ignorance and proclaim that you are the ‘anti-party’. After having read a very detailed analysis of this amalgam of dullards in Budapest, Hungary between Oct. 3-5, 2014 [Stratfor, Oct.4, 2014] it served as a reminder to myself of the turmoil that occurred between WWI and WWII in Berlin, Germany. That time of the Weimar Republic provides the original template of this Hungarian Goulash that we find ourselves stirring today. One of the leaders of this xenophobic, Anti-American movement is none other than Richard Spencer, an AMERICAN WHITE NATIONALIST [whatever that means], President of the National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. Apparently this ungrateful American has formed a strong bond with none other than the Russian exCzarist throwback by the name of Alexander Dugin, a personal adviser to the Kremlin Kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin. As if this were not the most bizarre odd couple, then we throw in a fat blob of a frenchman who looks like he has eaten his way to the top of his absurd game. His name is Phillipe Vardon, the so-called head of Nissa Rebela, the NICE [city] affiliate of Le Bloc Indetitairie, a French far-right group founded in 2003. However, we cannot have a Hungarian Goulash without the spice of paprika. So we add the long-standing, inveterate Anti-Semitism of the HUNGARIAN PEOPLE as evidence in the Jobbik Party, now kowtowing to the commands of their master, Russia. Contrary to the beatific image of Hungary as a country of rolling hills and the Danube River, they have been a vicious race of xenophobes ever since the 16

liberal-minded Emperor Franz Joseph let them fraction into segments of ignorance and resentment. What’s their agenda? For one, these out-of-shape misanthropes are learning “basic fighting skills”….. to “learn how to resist cops.” “An example of such a workshop is how to endure an assault to the knee by a baton and withstanding tear gas”. [Stratfor, Oct 4, 2014]. Of course, let me not forget that ignorance, hatred and stupidity is not limited to the aforementioned countries; also present at the private Budapest conference are representatives from the “Greek Dawn Party”; “Italian Northern Party” and Italy’s Fascist Party ‘CasaPound’; French National Party; Swedish Democrats; as well as citizens of Austria [don’t forget the House Painter, Hitler]; Croatia [always reliable Estashi]; Belgium; and Germany. This emerging trend of the rising of the far right resembles the rise of fascism after WWI; and up to and through WWII. Most of the members of this Hungarian Goulash should remember what had happened in history. Russia formed an alliance with the Nazis. Next Russia destroyed the Fascists ruthlessly. Then we Americans came in after we made certain that all American Nazi sympathizers were completely ‘neutralized’ by Hoover’s FBI. What makes Richard Spencer, the American ‘stool pigeon,’ think that his fate might be any different from that of Father Coughlin? America is quite forgiving of its sons and daughters who served her in time of need, but she can be very vengeful and ruthless if one tries her patience with that type of fascist nonsense. Richard Spencer should remember that veterans, who fought for American values do not take kindly to cowards, traitors and demagogues like yourself. Remember WWII was fought in order to rid our Republic of your garbage and those who purvey it.


Thursday, October 9, 2014 Imminent Fall of Baghdad Reminds Me of the Fall of Saigon fifty years ago! I have sadly concluded that with the furious advance of ISIS supported by ‘the Great Pretenders’ our erstwhile DESPICABLE Sunni allies: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, U.A.E, Dubai, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria this entity will eventually through conventional and unconventional tactics enter Baghdad within a week or so. Once again America finds itself at the tail-end of the jackass of all wars, the initial Iraq Invasion and then the subsequent consequences of incredibly incompetent civilian, military and intelligence leadership. No one can be spared from this denouement of trillion of dollars spent on unnecessary wars, drone attacks, and indiscriminate civilian massacres. I failed as a teacher, lecturer and national security operative to make certain that our brave men, women and their families would be spared the agonizing call of defeat beckoning our country into a combat scenario reminiscent of the Vietnam War. Many pundits have claimed that Vietnam and Iraq were two different species of warfare. Their arguments of dissimilarity were enticing illusory, allowing our civilian/military/intelligence planners to ignore the basic lesson of Vietnam: Don’t fight a war in a distant land that you do not intend to win. It should be simple history. Yet ignorant narcissism of our civilian leaders [Clinton, Bush jr. Obama] combined with the egregious cowardliness of our political generals [Tommy Franks] allowed us to to repeat the hell of Viet Nam, this time in Iraq. There are too many to blame for this incredible foolishness; including the CIA; military Intelligence, legislators; and a military officer corps that had no idea of how to fight counter-insurgency [Gen David Petraeus] combined with an ossified CIA [Tenet; Panetta; Brennan]. These dolts repeated the mantra of ignorance “arm the moderate rebels” and “we have no HUMIT”. The citizens are also to 18

blame for not going to the streets and protesting this absurd shameful war which will mark this country as both a ‘paper tiger’ and ‘a decaying Empire’. According to OSINT, Stratfor, October 7, 2014 (posted earlier) three thousand ISIS fighters have succeeded in capturing the key strategic areas a few miles from Baghdad---RAMADI and FALLUJAH!! The town of Fallujah has a special resonance just like the ‘Tet Offensive’ has to me—our marines were successful in capturing that town, they won that battle; but our leaders LOST THE WAR!! Coalition airpower bombing day and night will not make the slightest indent in the actual membership of ISIS or it’s force structure. Like the carpet bombing of Vietnam all that we had accomplished was the spread of napalm over the bodies of innocent Vietnamese civilians as well as poisoning our own troops with Agent Orange (thank you, Admiral Zumwalt). As ISIS comes ever closer to Sunni Baghdad; the Sunni ISIS soldiers will change their combat uniforms into one of a ‘local resident’ of Baghdad; wherein they will continue to implement their successful terrorist tactics (suicide bombers, IEDs) attacking both soft and hard targets using counter-insurgency techniques. Our fighter jets can no longer distinguish ISIS from innocent civilian targets. ISIS will advance into the center of the capital just as they did in Damascus, Syria; and drive both the Shi’ite Iraqi Prime Minister; as well as, the American Embassy Officials out of Baghdad, if they don’t slaughter them all. Most likely, Obama will send in more Marines in order to ‘protect’ our useless, bloated American embassy until it becomes apparent to all that we must evacuate all American personnel from there to our naval fleet. This naval fleet that is standing by for one more evacuation of American personnel. How do I know this? I was involved tangentially in the evacuation of the American Embassy in Saigon and I remembered debriefing Ambassador Graham Martin whose only words were: 19

“What happened? How could we have lost this Vietnam War?” Unfortunately, I had many obvious answers but out of respect for him and Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, I remained silent. The answer lay in our ignorance of Vietnamese history and what Prime Minister Le Duc Tho, reminded me years later “that you Americans are lazy and arrogant”. He was right! Americans have been incredibly stupid and boisterous, screaming out about how we could change the course of thousands of years Middle East History in the vast deserts that really had no boundaries, despite the Sykes-Picot Treaty. Our intelligence was akin to a ‘fact-idiot’; we knew the coordinates of the geography without understanding the complexity of the ethnic tribes woven in the incestuous cobweb of Shi’ite and Sunni Factionalism. Allow me to quote Former Special Forces General Jerry Boykin who once said very poignantly, ”the American military has not won a legitimate battle since 1944.” In Iraq, despite all the military assistance we provided the non-existing Iraqi Army, ISIS just defeated the 7th, 8th, 9th Divisions [located in Hit; Ramadi; and Fallujah, respectively]. Eventually, you will hear on the mainstream media how ISIS infiltrated Baghdad and then raised the ISIS flag on top of the American Embassy. Remember that history does repeat itself and these deadly games are played over and over. Let me remind you that the Viet Cong, like ISIS, was the creation of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. If you ever travel to Hanoi, you could see the pictures of Julia Child [yes, the famous chef] and other OSS Operatives, teaching the VIET MIN how to throw hand grenades. In WWII, we had trained HO CHI MINH himself, an ardent admirer of American culture, to fight against the Japanese. Today we have trained ISIS, the CIA’s creation, to fight against ourselves. How ironic and pitiful! America has become more self destructive over the past fifty years as we ignore the history lessons that our fathers paid for in blood.


Friday, October 10, 2014 Common Core, start researching. Its the big brother to "no child left behind"

Thursday, October 16, 2014 sorry about the absence, will get back to a regular schedule of posts next week. I am fighting the legal bullies on a number of fronts, takes time.

Sunday, October 19, 2014 C.I.A. Finally Tells the Truth about its Past Failures “CIA Study Says Arming Rebel Seldom Works” [NYTimes, Oct. 15, 2014 , Mark Mazzetti]. Finally, the CIA, the intelligence organization which can never resist a selfie; or dramatize its non-dramatic history [Argo; Homeland; Assets] in a panoply of different media, has finally come-out-of-thecloset and told one BIG TRUTH!! Somebody decided to reveal the truth that the CIA has had minimal success with arming any rebel groups, except for the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan. I have a sneaky suspicion that I know why they finally decided to reveal the fact that they, the CIA, is not very good at most things, including arming and training rebel groups, despite the hysteria of neocons and their legislative puppets.


I think that the CIA and Obama know all too well that arming a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ is the equivalent of placing super glue on the hull of the Titanic while it was sinking. The ‘moderate Syrian’ opposition is neither Syrian nor moderate nor an opposition. Obama was correct months ago, when he described this motley group of ‘dreamers, farmers, pharmacists and medical doctors as a fantasy’ which could never defeat their own shadow let alone ISIS. Remember, I was there and from my experience the only ‘credible fighting group’ in Syria is attached to the hip of Bashar Assad and his more ruthless brother. Any other pretense of opposition is wishful thinking. Even the formidable Hizbollah Shi’ite fighting force is waning in power against ISIS. Hizbollah is finding itself using ever younger and inexperienced soldiers. If Hizbollah cannot match up to ISIS with all the help they receive from Russia and Iran, believe me, ‘vetting moderate Syrians to fight’ is the moral equivalent of necrophilia. The truth is what I have said a long time ago. The CIA is great at creating 9/11 and the ‘false flags’ along with our own military but solving problems of blowback or other strategic challenges not so good. Contrary to their collective interest in projecting an image of James Bond or even that poor CIA analyst Jack Ryan, the agency has never been effective in quasi-military activities or even professional assassinations. They have had to recruit Special Forces through an office formerly entitled Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict [SOLIC] located in the bowels of the Pentagon. In fact, the CIA has been quite miserable in the field of assassinations. They out-source them and usually mess up: Lebanon; Libya, Iraq; etc. Have you ever wondered why we muster our military forces to ‘take out’ a former ally now newly presented enemy? Think: Noriega in Panama or Sadam Hussein in Iraq.


So we can’t even execute targeted assassinations which compels us to create wars that we can never win and sometimes barely fight. Yet pundits like Bush, Obama, Clinton or second tier Susan Rice, Samantha Powers think nothing about sending our young men and now women in as canon fodder. We have 16 intelligence organizations that can barely find out what each one is doing; but they brey like sheep for more and more money for newer toys while they become more and more stupid. Now it seems like a breath of fresh air was wafted through the NY Times. Yet we all know that whatever the CIA tells you is usually done to protect themselves or as you guys know it---CYA. So the new CIA should be entitled the CYA!! Far more appropriate… and far more honest.

Friday, October 24, 2014 False Assumptions about the Ebola Epidemic Permeates CDC, USG, and the US Ability to Contain an Epidemic! Thanks to Dr Craig Spencer of Doctors without Borders Recent Subway Trip to a NYC Bowling Alley. I hate to say this again but the CDC has performed according to past experiences—TERRIBLY! Not to mention that this new Czarbola Lawyer/Lobbyist without any medical competency has been less useful than his boss’s pronouncements that “America is safe and well prepared for Ebola”. Both men have been proven to be beyond dismal failures during a crisis. We still have not answered the basic questions of how this disease defies every precept and mantra about limited infection capacity and an inherent high safety factor in being exposing to the Ebola virus. I personally and professionally have never accepted two basic precepts of the mantra that you have to be in direct contact with the fluids of the 23

Ebola patient in order to become infected. I have always believed that Ebola is an airborne RNA virus which has a very high capacity to infect anyone in near proximity at a very rapid level of growth. In an infected person, there are approximately 10 billion Ebola viruses per unit of blood cell versus 10 million HIV viruses. This exceedingly large number of Ebola viruses per blood cell allows the virus to expand exponentially into the body at an extremely fast rate that cannot be contained or stopped. Its a mistake to think that a RNA virus which mutates at a very rapid rate every time any antibody attacks it, is a virus that remains static on a surface. Simply put, the Ebola virus is airborne. It has to be because its RNA genetic code is immune to any kind of interception other than the fact that like the bubonic plague it will have no more hosts in which it can survive and continue to change in form and strength. This newest case in NYC involving Dr Spencer would not have happened with proper mandatory quarantine and denial of entrance into the USA by competent, knowledgeable US officials. Here is what we should do now: [1] Assume the virus is airborne. There is a reason why the Emory, CDC, workers on the Ebola Ward wear RESPIRATORS!! [2] Mandatory quarantine of all fliers coming in from West Africa. [3] Assume that everyone will or has lied on the Customs Forms about travel, fever and exposure to Ebola. [4] Cancel all flights coming directly or indirectly from West Africa. Thirty other countries have done so. [5] Provide military charter flights for health workers who are going overseas to treat Ebola patients. [6] Forget the Czarbola whom Obama appointed—totally useless and misleading. Neither Obama or the Czar have any knowledge or real experience working in containing epidemics. [7] Re-activate the Public Health Service and take it out of the Coast Guard Operations and make it have the authority to quarantine any persons, areas or countries that are infected with Ebola.


[8] Re-activate the Surgeon General’s Office, with a competent physician, trained in epidemiology and not just bureaucratic hack from Health and Human Services. [9] Present daily briefings/updates/best practices from some competent medical doctor, other than CDC director or Czar –both of whom have lost credibility with the US public. [10] The state, county and federal govt can pay for these procedures. We pay taxes, the government is supposed to protect us from health disasters like this. Forget the mantra that you are not infected until you show symptoms of fever of 100.4. Everyone in contact with Ebola patients, directly or indirectly, must be quarantined immediately. Take precautions and keep your immune system healthy. Act accordingly without panic or fright. Be judicious and be careful. Always assume that what you are hearing from public officials is less than reliable so take care of yourselves.. …..until this epidemic subsides. Ebola will subside as did Polio, HIV, and other highly contagious diseases. It will just take some time and the common sense of the American citizen in the complete absence of USG leadership, WHO stupidity, UN paralysis and a pervasive epidemic of incompetency. This crisis will make you stronger and more acutely aware of the increasing systems dysfunctions that will continue to grow exponentially until we Americans decide to choose those people who have a Command and Control system in place, when it is necessary.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Fat Cat REIT Plum Creek has a history of disasters, they promise the poor folk "Chanel" pay off corrupt locals and then leave everyone with a big mess. They did it outside of Yellowstone and in Moosehead Lake 25

Maine and now they are trying to do it in North Florida. Their share price sucks and so does their CEO, be posting tomorrow on this Plum Creep.

Thursday, October 30, 2014 Plum Creek: A Liberal Washington State Public Land Holding Company Ravishing Small Rural Town Citizens in Gainesville, Florida! It’s a David Versus Goliath Biblical Story! Just when “liberalism” connoted a fair and caring concern for the underprivileged especially minority groups, like African-Americans bereft of jobs; or the possibility of employment, Plum Creek a public REIT [Real Estate Investment Trust—which does not pay taxes] invades Florida like poisonous weeds in the Garden of Eden. Nothing is more hypocritical or cynical than a $1.3billion public company that banks land and uses its considerable cash in order to rezone that land to profit from the presumed greater value of the newly rezoned land. On the surface this seems like an innocuous business. In reality this company has spread across the USA from its pristine liberal base of Seattle, Washington to prey on the helpless, weak, indifferent and ignorant. What do I mean? Its rapacious, longstanding financial greedy President, and CEO, Rick R. Holley, had entered into an illegal land deal in Maine in order to develop Moosehead Lake. What the innocent citizens discovered was that Holley as he was wont by habit and natural proclivity, deceived, double-dealt the citizens to such an extent that even he had to admit that ‘Moosehead was a loss leader’. Plum Creek’s M.O. is to acquire land through complex land swap deals and federal timber contracts, then with the assistance of financial bamboozlers like Tim Blixseth try to flip the 26

pristine property to unsavory developers. These developers are usually operating on flaky financials and typically end up suing each other and declaring bankruptcy. The real losers, local citizens and property owners are left with damage goods and lots of lost revenue. Just ask the state of Montana, the Yellowstone Club fiasco is famous. In financial terms, that type of duplicitous behavior in a public company listed on the prestigious NY Stock Exchange would have: [1] had Holley dismissed as CEO [2] thrown Plum Creek off the stock exchange for interstate financial chicanery, a massive federal offense. [3] Dissolve the REIT because of fraud; using a financial vehicle for purposes other than the one stated. However, I write this blog because once again my thesis that the corrupt and sociopathic never stop their dangerous behavior until they are ‘bitched slapped’ by the feds: SEC, FBI and various state attorney generals from Washington State, to Maine, to Montana and, lastly Florida. Why Montana and Florida? When I lived in Bozeman, MT, I had seen the heartless corrupt practices of Plum Creek when they developed precious hunting/timber land that was given to them by Governor Racicot, now on the Plum Creek board, and called the expensive development of empty multimillion dollar lodges—Moonlight Basin. Needless to say that this particular project in the beautiful mountains of Montana was a complete disaster, just as it was in Maine. For most of you readers all this stuff that I am discussing should mean very little, except if it happens in your state. Yet this greedy corrupt company happens to intrude into my privacy and land holding rights by once again appearing mysteriously in Gainesville, Florida, where, by chance, I happen to be living. As he has done many times before, this charlatan of finances, King Midus Holley, never one to let morals or good business sense get in the way of greed and corruption, 27

promised all kinds of “goodies” in return for increased zoning rights in order to flip this newly zoned property [66,000 acres of Florida swamp land] onto another sucker, just like they did in Maine and Montana. Now I had the good fortune to attend one of the meetings where the county commissioners were listening to the palaver of the ineffective Plum Creek representative as he lilted his way to the podium and replied in a high pitched voice “We will research that matter for you!” Of course, I and every one in that meeting knew the following facts based on the past ignominious experiences of Plum Creek and its Board of Directors led by the Rick R. Holley. ▪ We all knew that most of the Black Baptist Ministers of local Churches, in what is euphemistically called ‘East Gainesville’[ read ‘Black Harlem’] were paid off to support the rezoning with the promise that their constituents would receive jobs from Plum Creek. It was a lie. Not one job was offered or provided; other than that of a paid lobbyist or ‘consultant’. ▪ The Director of the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, who happened to be black was clearly paid off by the Plum Creek board of Directors, in order to bless the non-existing project of so-called ‘newly created jobs’. Once again I reiterate the simple point that no new jobs could, or would be offered because Plum Creek does not do anything other than rezone worthless land in order to sell it off. Job creation is not part of their IPO portfolio or stated objectives. ▪ The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Community leaders of Alachua county were incredibly verbose and at the same time completely inane in their claims that jobs valued at $40-50 per hour plus benefits could and should come into Gainesville, thanks to the ‘offer proferred by Plum Creek’. Also Plum Creek would be able to build a 15million square foot factory to make…. What? I am not sure. Thank God no one in the room, including the shrewd AfricanAmerican representative believed this nonsense; and said so, in the following sagacious insight: “My folks want to know how do they get a job when they have a felony on their record?” 28

Great question! Plum Creek could not and would not be able to answer that question. So why am I writing this blog? I am writing to inform the Federal/State/County officials to watch for corrupt, predatory interstate practices committed by the likes this “Liberal” Plum Creek company which dares not invade its own pristine woods of Washington State; lest their citizens there throw this company out of Seattle, Washington. This company, Plum Creek, and many like them, are predatory creatures who are staffed by ex-governors like Racicot and other state and national officials and have no qualms entering into a poor area like East Gainesville, stir racial hatred and division for the sole purpose of earning a little bit more money for having done nothing more than trading on public lands that were given to them by the USG. It’s times for us, ordinary citizens to retaliate. We do this by writing our congressmen and complain about Plum Creek. We write to the SEC . And believe it or not, write the office of the attorney general of your state and then the federal government. A strong grass roots campaign will allow us to defeat hate mongers who stir up confrontations between whites, black, environmentalist and working class people. The little people, fight the GIANT GOLIATH who wants to destroy everything that we hold precious: clean land; clean water; reasonable jobs for just pay; and the right to fight for developing our small community without interference from the Wall Street pirates. What should really happen, is the Plum Creek should be indicted by the both the SEC and the FBI for interstate offenses and RICOH charges—attempt to commit crimes against the poor and helpless— across several state borders. The list of past crimes involving this company are numerous, I will post a few but do the research yourself. Despair not! Once Plum Creek suffers financial loses and trading rights on the big board; then David wins over Goliath! That’s the way the Holy Book wrote it. 29

I am just the messenger!!!


Saturday, November 1, 2014 MainStream Media Incestuous Relations IF YOU HAD A HUNCH THE NEWS SYSTEM WAS RIGGED AND YOU COULDN'T PUT YOUR FINGER ON IT, THIS MIGHT SOLVE THE PUZZLE. ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser. CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides. And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama's pocket. Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ??? It also explains the cover up of Benghazi.........just before the election! Remember its your responsibility to make you know what is going on before you vote. If you want the find out what the hell is going on, try Fox new.


Sunday, November 2, 2014 Ben Bradlee, Washington Post: A Formidable, Charming Adversary in the Maryland Savings and Loan Crisis of the Late 1980s! Some of my readers have asked me about my relationship with Ben Bradlee, the iconic journalist of the Washington Post who recently died at the age of 93. I certainly miss him and his bantering, blustering ways. However, I admit that I really did not know him well. The only time I had any meaningful interchanges with him personally was during the 1980’s Savings & Loan crisis in Maryland. You might remember that in the late 1980’s most of the Savings and Loan institutions which had acted as erzatz banks had been entering bankruptcy, one after another. This tumble was started by Marvin and Neil Bush in their scam entitled the ‘Silverado S&L Crisis’ in Colorado. Once that S&L went under the sheer momentum of convoluted accounting and a paucity of assets to back up the net worth of the S& L created a panic across the USA which resulted in the eventual dissolution of almost all S&Ls. It is amazing to note how detrimental the entire Bush family [except the mother] has been to the vibrant growth of this great nation. Remember this particular crime when you think about the cherubic, disingenuous Jeb Bush, the newly resurrected ‘intellect’. Back to Ben Bradlee…. I was given the job, upon which I insisted [as per my usual Modus Operandi] to take over the crisis management of one particular S&L in Maryland in which I had deposited a significant amount of money. In any case, without having to go into the complexities of bailing out a bank [which by the way, Bernake, Paulson and Geitner had no clue whatsoever], I had called up Ben Bradlee at the Washington Post. Our conversation went something like an Abbot and Costello routine circling around the definitions of ‘net worth’ and ‘cash flow’. Ben, a man with self-admitted deficiencies in banking, told me that ‘net worth’ and ‘cash flow’ were ‘not his problem’ and ‘could not have caused a cash flow run on the Savings & Loan that I was trying to keep alive.’ I in turn went to great lengths to explain to him that our S&L had 32

a ‘net worth’ problem and not a ‘cash flow’ problem. And as a result of an article in his Washington Post, he had specifically created a ‘cash run’ on the S&L I was trying to save. I ended up quite frustrated and hired a friend and major Federal Prosecutor Earl Silbert, who helped me place an Injunction/ Temporary Restraining Order against the Washington Post from publishing any more information about the S&Ls in Maryland. The upshot was devastating. I had to meet with Bob Woodward, the self-anointed “high priest of Journalism”. I had very little, if any respect for him. I had learned through my thorough background checks on this Yalie that he was a former naval intelligence officer who had never had journalism training. Woodward who’s claim to fame was that he had briefed General Alexander Haig, another nit-wit on Henry Kissinger’s staff. It has always been my belief that Woodward and his low class partner Carl Bernstein had facilitated the downward spiral of Nixon with the help of John Dean in what I had considered a “Yalie/CIA inspired take-down of President Nixon.” Bob Woodward was the man whom Ben had asked me to see in order to resolve this incredibly important problem on banking. However, Woodward, as I had anticipated , turned out to be as stupid and irresponsible if he were not given any ‘inside information’ from his “Skull and Bones” colleagues in the USG. Unbeknownst to Woodward, I had worked on the Montgomery County Sentinel ( he once worked there) where he was described by the editor as ‘completely incompetent’. The rest of this story was predictable. A S&L crisis started by the Texas family of Bush –Marvin and Neil—spread across the USA like a ‘wildfire’ and ended up in bankrupting the S&Ls, thanks to a Maryland Governor who conveniently disappeared; as well as, a Federal Institution, FSLIC, the counterpart of the FDIC which went belly-up. That was my one and only experience with the legendary Ben Bradlee. Please remember that legends are simply stories and distorted memories that serve to warp the moments of history that no one wants to remember correctly or accurately. I was a small player in a bigger tragedy which repeated itself under the idiot-savant, President George W. 33

Bush Jr, in an otherwise preventable tragedy entitled The Wall Street Crash of 2008 where the banks were ‘too big to fail’! Nonsense! Who says that history and miscreant characters don’t reappear again and again? Woodward, like any semi-competent intelligence officer keeps on appearing everywhere to spout the verbiage of self-aggrandizement, lies, distortions and deceptions until the mainstream media reify him as the sine qua non of ‘objective journalism’. As for the Bush family, they never cease to amaze me in their relentless efforts to destroy the Republic, once and for all. If Barbara Bush[the mother] were to run for the Presidency, then I might support her. As for the rest of them, they belong in the dust bin of American history. How such a pathetic family of male losers have been able to come to power is both a stigmata on our electoral system and an indictment of those who have facilitated their subsequent ascendency to the Presidency. No one will ever forget the Bush Family’s greatest legacy to America: The 9/11 Stand Down/False Flag and the subsequent murder of 3000 Innocent Americans. Clearly not satisfied to destroy our banking system, they went on to invade Iraq for weapons that were never there. As far as I can remember, the Washington Post never condemned the 9/11 attack or even tried to investigate the fact that Bush Jr/Cheney had been the creators of this fiasco. So what can I say about Ben Bradlee’s absent cry of defiance in that particular moment in time? I was not surprised. He too was a “Yalie”.. “Skull And Bones” and all that other nonsense. He never really reaffirmed his so-called moral courage which Georgetown so admired about him. Similarly, the august NY Times, under the direction of the ersatz managers /editors Harold Raines and Bill Keller, performed as dastardly as one might have expected by a newspaper co-opted Washington DC and ‘group think’.


The final chapter will not be written in my lifetime. When the truth about 9/11 and all the other USG chicaneries that occurred under Clinton, Bush jr, and Obama, no newspaper or journalist will have been touted as ‘admirable or courageous’. That glory of uncovering the real truths of America’s collective deceptions do not belong in any one repository of news, but to you, the American citizens, who in your own ways will uncover the lies, deceptions and conceits that have been propagated from the center of this New Roman Empire—Pax Americana—Washington DC which will inevitably languish into intellectual and financial bankruptcy; as befits moral cowards. So now the so-called ‘Conspiracy Media,’ we the people, will arise until there will be no one hero or media format, but a simple revolution of truth and honesty, at whatever cost of lives that may take. Let me end this post by quoting the words of the great German writer, Goethe, who had pinpointed the nature of our collective problems, centuries ago: “We, the people are NEVER DECEIVED. WE DECEIVE OURSELVES!” Let’s terminate our self deceptions once and for all and rid ourselves of these noisome politicians who try to destroy our way of life.

Monday, November 3, 2014 Putin’s New Cold Borscht War. “In Air and Cyberspace, on Land and Sea, Russia Shows Muscle”, NYTimes, 11,1, 2014 by Andrew Roth. It was only a matter of time before my favorite A.D.D. Russian judo expert, Vladimir Putin, initiated a trial of anti-American incursions. The NYTimes article quoted above, describes Putin’s ADD activities as follows: 35

“How else to explain the sudden increase of bombers over Europe, kidnapped spies, troop buildups in Eastern Europe and roaming submarines in the Baltic Sea?” I wonder if Putin is trying out for a Director’s/Producer’s role in one of my partners Tom Clancy’s franchise movies? Maybe Putin might want to make a sequel to the “Hunt For Red October”? Or something akin to “Clear And Present Danger”? Somehow I think that Putin is really putting his heart, mind and soul into an attempt to disrupt American/European interests around the world. What makes me come to that conclusion? Putin is a creature of habit. He is not a long-range strategist; nor is he a chess player, a game in which the Russians have excelled for centuries. Therefore I must conclude as someone who has worked against the KGB for decades that he is trying all kinds of nuisance tactics to disrupt the natural flow of world events as they evolve without any unnecessary turbulence. Putin is clearly disturbed, emotionally and physically. He is, in the words of a New Yorker from Harlem, “itching for a fight”. But with whom? Probably with anyone whom he could pick on who would not be able to retaliate effectively against him or his country. The Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have just witnessed the Putin Borscht special with the following noisome overflights of the latest Russian aircraft models: Tu-95; Bear H Bombers; Su-27 fighter jets; IL-78 tanker aircraft. To make sure that these small, helpless Baltic countries received Putin’s loud message, he “did not file flight plans or maintain contact with civilian air traffic control”. “During a period of heightened tensions in 2007, Putin resumed the Soviet-era practice of long range patrols far beyond Russian borders.” However, Putin was still not content with playing with his air force, so he decided to kidnap an Estonian Spy. “The F.S.B. Russia’s security service said in a statement that Mr Kohver [Estonian Spy] had ‘detained on Russian territory’ and had been found to be carrying a pistol and 36

ammunition cartridges, 5000 Euros[$6000], surveillance equipment and ‘intelligence gathering instructions’.” Even in the world of spy novels, this old scenario would never pass by an editor’s red pencil. How prosaic and cliché can Putin be? In fact, my dear readers, especially you readers in Russia and the Ukraine, I must admit that I am a little ashamed of Putin. He has demonstrated a concerted and major deficit for creativity and imagination. Any school boy in St Petersburg could have come up with more original ideas to annoy the US and Europe. I must insist on showing you how RETRO Putin really is. He had sent mysterious submarines into the Baltic Straits where the war weary Swedish Navy described Putin’s pathetic intrusion as, “The Hunt For Reds In October”. Tom Clancy would have been very proud of that play on his best-selling title. Please remember the principle that if one lacks any capability to be new, then one must beat the tempos of past rhythms. In this particular case, Putin has repeatedly tried to Cyber-attack the states of Georgia and Estonia. Then, he attacked Western oil and gas companies. Ho-hum! How boring!! Putin is clearly at his wit’s end. He has tried all the old tricks and chicaneries and they don’t seem to be working. He has no master mentor as he had in the past to consult with like Andropov of the KGB or Marcus Wolfe of the Stasi. Now he has to turn to his childhood friends: “The Crooked Duo”— The Rotenberg Brothers [no brains between the two; only brawn]. There is an old axiom that Matzoh Balls do not belong in the Borscht soup. It will be a short matter of time before the Russian people, no devotee of leaven bread, will figure out this UNHOLY ALLIANCE between the pathetic X-KGB agent Putin and the corrupt Rotenberg Brothers. I predict that the people of Russia will erupt into a maelstrom of a “POGROM” against the remaining Jews in Russia and a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution against the new Tzar Putin. Now, folks, this is a scenario worth waiting to see. 37

Trust me, Putin is now in center stage and a modern day Chekhov, the physician-writer, is waiting to pen how Putin has destroyed the Great Russia, after so much effort was made to take down the Soviet Union. Stalin would have been angry by Putin’s pettiness and incompetency.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Russia’s Economy Hemorrhaging: Déjà Vu All Over Again! Putin Learns Nothing from the Evisceration of the Soviet Communist System—Declining Economy, Increase Spending on Worthless Armaments! Congratulations Putin! You are true to your roots of being an ExKGB Operative. Keep on repeating the mistakes of the past and watch as Russia teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. This time, it was not the Communists who destroyed Russia, but the arrogance and financial ignorance of you, Putin. It is unfortunate for the Russian people that in the 21st century they had elected the ‘village idiot’—someone who goes around town spouting nonsense as the town, or in this case Russia, is falling apart. The lessons of the Soviet Union’s dissolution were not complicated. At the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, I learned about two important fissures in the Soviet Union. One was it’s faulty economy producing useless goods of absolutely no value. The second important variable, was the fact that the Soviet Military, as brilliant as it had performed in WWII under Stalin, could no longer sustain a force structure that was credible as a deterrent. It took the USG 30 years of “regime change” to transform the dysfunctional Soviet System into a viable Russian Federation. Now, unfortunately for Putin, he alone has been able to achieve the destruction of that viable Federation. Like all intelligence operatives who are 38

obsessed with self-grandeur yet are paranoid about their immediate environs, Putin will go into a twirling self-destructive mode. For some time now, I have been warning Putin that his own dynamics would inevitably draw him into a vortex of self-implosion. Hopefully, the Russian Federation can bail itself out before he takes everyone down with him. Here are the hard numbers on what Russia must endure as the price of world oil [brent oil down to $70-80] tumbles precipitously because of America’s incredible entrepreneurial ability to bring more capacity on line and break the spell of OPEC [bye-bye Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Libya]. The Kremlin Apparatchiks and potential ex-Kleptocrats who have stolen trillions of dollars from Russia are now faced with the harsh reality as outlined by OSINT, Stratfor, 11/4/2014: ▪ Presently the Russian cabinet is holding meetings to revise the Revenues [80% comes from oil] based on $100 a barrel. Intelligence reports indicate that the more knowledgeable technocrats are basing the Russian 2015 Economy on $80-$90 per barrel. ▪ There are some indications that an immediate future scenario of revenues may even be based on the more realistic price of $60 per barrel. ▪ At any oil price below $80-90 a barrel, Russia must dip into its Rainy Day Funds allocated for such a major deficit in the budget. ▪ Example: Russia has about $582 billion USD in reserves to spend on the budget deficit. $409 billion in currency reserves [immediate cash flows]. $83 billion in National Wealth Fund; and $90 billion in the National Reserve Fund [must be liquidated]. ▪ $70 billion has already been spent on plugging up the financial hole created by the US/EU economic warfare. ▪ It is suspected with a high amount of certainty that another $250 billion USD will also be used to patch up Putin’s Sochi and Ukrainian “Follies”- exorbitant expenditures that would have placed him in the Gulags under Stalin; or even the drunkard, Boris Yeltsin. That’s not the worst, right now there is about $100 billion in flight capital, and that’s a gross approximation. Putin has no idea of how to run the Russian Regional Governments, remember that Russia has 11 39

time zones and the USA has only 4 time zones. Those regional governors are no fools and they are correctly demanding that their collective debts be immediately discounted and restructured, placing immense economic pressure on a ‘bankrupt Kremlin’. Putin’s troubles have not even begun. The Russian banks which have been hit hard by our economic warfare have requested a major cash infusion in the 100s of billions of dollars in order to keep them solvent. Putin’s thugs have no knowledge of how to manage their Rosneft owned bank, the honey pot of corruption which may soon not exist, thanks to financial illiteracy. This is the real piece de resistance. Just as the Soviets had done before, (true to my past and current assessment of their behavior) Putin demanded increased weapons spending while his country is broke. From my humble point of view, Russia is ready to go down in a flaming blaze of insolvency, having been hit by the “Mohammed Ali double punch” of a blow to the economy, while straining to maintain a credible force structure. As a result, I believe that Putin’s so-called popularity, ranging somewhere between 80% and infinity will not mean a damn thing when oil gets closer to $50 a barrel. At that price, Russia will be knocking at the International Monetary Fund[IMF]; as well as the World Bank. I hope that I am wrong; because, I have always admired the fortitude of the Russians and its magnificent culture. However, when the Putin is allowed to mutter nonsensical words; while, at the same time, tries to burn down his straw-hewn village, then something, or someone has to go. Vsyovo Haroshovo! All the best Russia. Next time pick someone who is CULTURANI! Cultured and smart. Preferably a master chess player.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Its not my expertise, but based on the feedback I will pursue the issue. Here is the opinion of a molecular biochemist, just starting. by Dr George Pieczenik PhD Professor of Biochemistry at Rutgers University The epitope for mumps is YQQQGRL. I have had students and a dog who got optic neuritis, partial blindness (reversible) and complete blindness(not reversible), from vaccine. The student from the MMR vaccine all students are required to get (mumps, measles, rubella), Mimi from the rabies vaccine. The question is the odds of an antibody which binds 7 aa finding another sequence on a surface that is the same. There are 20 aa so it 1 in 3 million. And al 3 million can be stimulated at any time by any surface antigen from any organism. Now there is another problem with vaccines... the animal ones had aluminum put in for patent purposes. The other ones have thimerosa (mercury compound) which has a known correlation with autism. But, correlations are statistics, and statistics are like a drunk at a lamp post... should be used for illumination not support. My IVF colleagues have observed a systematic increase in autism... so that observation is real. Most vaccines in the last 20 years have had peanut oil used as adjuvent . That is why there are so many now hypersensitive to peanuts.


Thursday, November 13, 2014 Beyond Mission Creep: General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Recommends “Modest [U.S.] Force In Iraq!” The recent article by Helene Cooper, NY Times, 11/13/2014, “Top General Says He’s Open To Using Ground Troops To Take Mosul” reaffirms for me one basic concept of war. We never enter into a war with the complete conviction to win. Instead Americans become consumed in our own quagmire of wishful thinking and lack of strategy. How many times have we heard the re-affirmation from President Obama that ‘there will not be American boots in Iraq’. He, like most of our Presidents has lied repeatedly without consequence. After POTUS has just deployed close to 3000 American troops to Iraq to be ‘military advisors’—whatever that means—we now have a clear statement that there will be a very high probability that there will be American combat soldiers fighting alongside the irrepressible non-existent Iraq Army. Ostensibly, we are downsizing our fighting forces. In reality, it appears that Americans are fighting everywhere from Africa to the Middle East and on to the Ukraine. Many of these fighting personnel are categorized in the rubric of ‘advisors’. Yet, having spent only thirty years in the national security apparatus, I am still not clear as to what ‘combat advisor’ is other than an American soldier shooting alongside his designated ‘consultee’. The combatants that our ‘advisors’ have ‘helped’ like the South Vietnamese, Iraquis and other unwilling patrons have all exhibited one major deficit. They don’t really want to win a war or fight for themselves. Isn’t bizarre that our Presidents, JFK and LBJ, assured our nation that we had ‘no direct involvement’ in Vietnam, after having deployed over one million soldiers in different rotations of ‘advisor’? How is it that these ‘advisors’ then turned into massive casualties in Vietnam consisting of over 50,000 dead and more than 250,000 wounded? Iraq has developed its own vocabulary of absurdity. We invaded for WMDs that were never there. We fought against Shi’ites and other ethnic 42

groups who killed and maimed our ‘advisors’ at record numbers. Finally we left in order to make certain that we would never return. However, we have not really “returned” to Iraq because we are not there in ‘full combat’ roles but as ‘advisors’. Now Dempsey not having learned the lessons of Vietnam, nor the previous Iraq/Afghanistan wars, has now committed himself and our country without a declaration of war, to having ‘modest troop’ numbers in Mosul. Déjà vu… All over again? What will the final result of the non-combatants in the so-called ‘non-war of Iraq’ be? More dead Americans. Greater numbers of “wounded warriors”. Why do I think that this deployment to Mosul is very dangerous? We are not in a state of war with Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country. ISIS is strictly the result of our incompetent handling of a multi-culture society that we did not really understand. Nor were we, Americans able to effectively work with all the Shi’ites, Sunni, Kurds, Druze – and their shifting hourly alliances, purposefully created in order to confound our so-called ‘best efforts’. Dempsey’s inevitable deployment of a ‘modest force’ is the third time that Americans have invaded Iraq without a clear rationale; other than the duplicitous, CIA-contrived-concept of ‘fighting terrorism’ a la George Bush Jr/Cheney. “Terrorism” is not a strategy. It is a tactic that is best handled by HUMINT, psychological warfare methods, and “regime change”—rather than kinetic actions/forces. For some time now, I have respected both the professionalism and dedication of General Martin Dempsey. He has brooked the nonsensical, amateurish behavior of the novitiates, like Obama and his White House staff--- Susan Rice; Ben Rhodes; Samantha Powers; John Brennan; Dennis McDonough. Yet now in his statement that he is willing to “deploy a modest force to Mosul”, Dempsey enters the pantheon of Army Generals who have gone down in history as unadulterated failures like Gen. Westmoreland [Vietnam] and Gen.Tommy Franks [‘shock and awe’]. Americans have remained too silent at a time when the President, once again, relies on 43

rationales for war that depend on distortions, outright lies and constant deceptions. Obama did not serve in combat. Neither did any of the pundits who had sent us into the wars in which we were defeated –LBJ, Reagan, Clinton, Bush jr Wake up America! And let’s stop this absurd warring! That is the best honor that we can give our Veterans who have served our country. No more unnecessary wars! Remember, it is very easy to send American troops into combat but it is very hard, if almost impossible, to extract them from combat. Let us remember that we have not won a war since 1945. Yet we have been involved in hundreds of undeclared conflicts over the world in the ersatz jingoistic cry of “national security” over the past fifty years. Let me end this blog by quoting Herodotus, the famous Greek philosopher: “In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons!”

Saturday, November 22, 2014 Obama’s Ruling on Five Million Immigrants Proves One Salient Point of Politics: Power Abhors a Vacuum! President Obama’s recent decision to allow five million immigrants to remain in the USA without legislative approval proves one salient point: Power of any type when effectively wielded abhors a vacuum. The recent mid-term victory of the Republicans across the USA in the senate, congress and in the states proved one thing only—the appearance of diffuse political victories in a Republican Party without effective, strong or constructive leadership means absolutely nothing. In the world in which I had inhabited, both as a national security operative and as serial entrepreneur, I learned the one lesson that has buoyed me to 44

success—the man alone is far more dangerous and effective than a gaggle of inept individuals with fancy titles and no strategy or tactics. Henrik Ibsen, the famous Norwegian Playwright, wrote a play called the “Master Builder” about a single man who built churches. In that play, Ibsen writes in far more poetic language; ”That the man alone is the most dangerous man in the universe.” Whether you are for or against the immigration bill, Obama once again proved to me that particular adage. Obama knew before the midterm elections that he had lost his progressive Democratic base. He also realized that the media portrayed him as a loner acting without consent and advice from the non-existent legislators. Cleverly, he simply skirted the pyrrhic victory of the Republicans who had really accomplished nothing more than spending billions of dollars on a Potemkin election victory. Sensing the absurdity of the Republican victory where the old ineffectual diehard reblend themselves back into a mixture of predictable ineptitude and posturing, Team Obama immediately went into action. Right after the election, he went to Asia and worked effectively with AIPAC, bolstering the ASEA treaty, both militarily and economically. He discussed the limits of confrontation with the recalcitrant Chinese President Xi concerning cyber security and pollution. Next he reaffirmed our commitment to our front line South East Asian allies insuring that our CINCPAC would work more effectively with our former formidable enemy Vietnam. There are even hints that we may rebase our navy in the very country that had once defeated us in war. At the same time, he continued to increase the heat on the economic warfare against Putin and Russia to the extent that Putin has had to redeploy ancient military planes, battle ships that belong more appropriately in a mothball fleet. Finally, while Boehner was too busy pontificated about nothing and Mitch McConnell was gloating about his soporific resurgence in the Senate, Obama made complete fools of any Republican pretension that they were either unified or effective. He announced to the Republicans and America what he had promised to do all along if the Republicans remained as obdurate and pompous as they had always been---he made 45

Five Million Hispanics legal residents of the USA---with a stroke of the pen. In addition, he won on the Keystone Pollution Pipeline that old relic from the ancient energy era gone by. Obama’s past month successes demonstrate several important factors to me about the American Republic [remember its not a Democracy]: ▪ Executive power abhors a legislative vacuum. ▪ POTUS can declare wars, enhance conflicts and redeploy overseas forces wherever he wants. ▪ POTUS used the military to assess and curb the Ebola Epidemic when all his civilian sycophants failed en masse. Obama proved to me, that we should never underestimate the power of the single man who fears no retribution of retaliation. Obama showed us that we have no effective leadership in our legislative houses, neither Democrat or Republican. What we have created through a nonsensical Theater of the Absurd where obscene amounts of money can be spent on sycophants and panderers who can do nothing more than act the part of a senator or congressman but in reality accomplish little. Americans have come to the sad conclusion that legislative gamesmanship is not even worthy watching. So most of us have accordingly tuned out both the Republicans and Democrats…And we will continue to do so way into the future, especially in 2016. Obama the victor, gets the spoils. Obama has effectively aced out the legislative, judicial branches of the U.S.G; as well as the imploding mainstream media with their endless narcissistic cries of “Watch and Listen to me I am your Oracle of Truth!” Such Nonsense! CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS have faltered into irrelevancy as no one really cares to hear or watch any of their circus shows. Even Fox has become a caricature of itself. Hail Obama! I write this blog not to bury Obama, as the media and phony pundits have wrongfully done. I come to PRAISE HIM !! As General George Patton had once said: “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” 46

Sunday, November 23, 2014 Watch as the Pentagon Fails to End the Wars that They Should have Never Started in Iraq/Afghanistan. Over the past thirteen years, I have watched these war hungry generals perform in the Pentagon’s “Fools and Follies.” Now, under massive pressure from the Pentagon, President Obama announced that he would continue to “ensure American troops will have a direct role in fighting in War-Ravaged Afghanistan ….” [NY Times, Nov.21, 2014]. Just when I thought that we Americans had enough of two wasteful wars waged over an inexcusable 13 year period of time, Gen. John F. Campbell and his cohorts intimidated Obama into sending more troops, fighter jets [F-16, B-1B bombers] and drones [Predator and Reaper] to fight an assortment of ersatz enemies in Afghanistan. Who are the enemies? Apparently, the Pentagon has had a serious problem in trying to identify who these enemies really are. Suddenly, our enemies have been augmented in size from just Al Qaeda to the Haqqani Network to the Taliban and others. Our generals who feel that they have not had enough wars to justify their existence, if not their absurd braids of useless metals on their chest, have literally ‘scared’ our President into expanding the wars both into Iraq and now, Afghanistan. I have found that our Department of Defense is replete with a group of senior military officers who have no idea of how to start, manage, or more importantly, FINISH A WAR!! What we have now is a military RUN AMOK! Let me assure you that our National Security is in no way threatened by terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else. In fact, more deaths have occurred from obesity, smoking, diabetes than terrorism or any other make-shift threat. Why do we continue to fight overseas in unnecessary wars? Simply because we have a dysfunctional military corps of officers who want to go down in their own history books tucked away in their vest pockets, as having fought something, or someone, 47

before they die, or more importantly, write their hagiography [autobiography]. These generals and admirals could care little about the cost of human lives, including both military or civilian deaths that they would incur while trying to exercise their personal narcissistic enterprises. These generals will never shy from using such buzz words as democracy, freedom and training, in order to justify their fool-hardy incursions. For over thirty years, America has spawned a group of useless, ineffectual, primarily narcissistic generals who want nothing more than to claim that they had fought at least once in their lifetime. They basically serve themselves not our country. We have no one in authority to stop these Generals-Run-Amok from continuing wars that create needless ‘wounded warriors’ which have served as ‘cannon fodder’ for the Pentagon’s Folly. These Pentagon Fools who think they understand war, have never really won a war. Nor have they ever terminated a war. In effect, they are men in uniform who have become extremely dangerous to the national security of our great nation. In addition, they have become inexorable nexus of toxic fumes of war crimes, extensive collateral damage, and a blemish on America’s history of military victories. As a veteran of several conflicts, I cannot in anyway rationalize their need to stay one more minute in Afghanistan. These foolish generals know, all too well, that the enemies that they seek are products of CIA/MI creators and work in close concert with Pakistan’s ISI (also CIA created). Americans are allowing our generals an opportunity to fight the shadows of our own creation. Witness the shades and shadows of wars lost---Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, et. al. This is outright insanity. Our President is too weak to defy his generals. The White House is split on its attitude to the necessary tradeoffs between the need for peace and the artificial imperatives of an unnecessary war. For years, I have explained to you that we have had a ‘soft military coup’ in this country, now you see the evidence. 48

What do I mean? Most of congress is beholden to the Pentagon, for some ”jobs” contract or base funding. The military and its industrial minions hold the threat of “cutting jobs” “job loss” over elected officials like a sword of Damacles, making congressman hostage to our military. There is not one district in this country that does not have a piece of the militaryindustrial complex in it. If we have no real enemies to fight, no worries, we will just create some. President Eisenhower warned us in the late 1950’s of this obscene military-industrial complex which would eventually devour our civil society; bleeding it of much needed sustenance that should go to schools, health systems and infrastructure repairs. These ‘brave generals’ whose only concern is their own personal glory ---or the self-delusion of possessing that glory – care not a wit for the welfare of this great Republic. Americans: Wake up and see the truth about these endless wars. These are NOT for your protection nor that of this country, these continuous conflicts are serving the glory of these generals and this system that operates in the shadows. For many years, I have helped DOD create strategies that would allow them to PREVENT combat in foreign lands. It saddens me to see these generals that are misguided and unchecked. This is the 21st century, its time to re-think this outdated military model that fosters such egotistical, unpatriotic military leadership.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 “Whiplash” The Amazing Cinema Jewel of 2014! The story of a student jazz drummer and a relentless sadistic teacher scores major points on screenplay, direction and acting. This is a sure academy award winner. Allow me to tell you about a film that I think most of you will enjoy. 49

It’s an independently produced film that won awards at the Sundance Film Festival. The story is about a young drummer trying to reach perfection. Driving Andrew Neiman [Miles Teller] is a sadistic drill sergeant of a conductor, Terence Fletcher [J.K. Simmons] who manipulates the young man up to an obsessional point where Miles has no other choice than to become both crazy with fury and at the same time, the new Buddy Rich. On the surface this story may not sound compelling, yet when you see the J.K. Simmons, the avuncular insurance sales man on our TV commercials, turn into a nasty-ass drill sergeant a la ‘Full Metal Jacket’, then you have seen true acting. I was stunned by the performances of both Simmons and Teller. Moreover, I was completely taken aback by the taut script and professional directing. Even more amazing was the fact that the writer/director was a novitiate ex-Harvard Student, Damien Chazelle. His proficiency in writing conflict and dialogue belied the fact that this was film was really his break-out opus. Whiplash was only the second film which this 29 year old man had ever directed. Like the last year’s esoteric film, “Dallas Buyer’s Club” , which I had picked to win Academy Awards in the three categories of script-writing, directing and acting; I will go on a limb again, and chose “Whiplash” as the trifecta winner in all three categories. What pleases me the most was the fact that an unknown writer/director had a chance to make a small budget film [$3.3M] and succeed at a time when movie sequels and blockbusters are deep-sixing Hollywood. Please, if you get the chance to see this gem of a movie, be prepared to witness the socialized sadism/masochism of becoming the best of the best in the music profession. The film points out very clearly that if one aspires to reach the apex of a career, personal ambitions mean very little without self-discipline, intense focus and the unenviable ability to endure humiliation. This film shows how rejection is the mother of greatness. Never give up!! 50

Thank you, Damien Chazelle. May you continue to succeed in your chosen profession of writer/director. I can only imagine how many rejections you had to endure to make this treasure of a film. Thank you Sundance Institute for giving him the chance to burnish his nascent talents.

Friday, November 28, 2014 Three Secretaries of Defense Resigned/Fired on Obama’s Watch ! Now is the time to redefine what a 21st Century Secretary of Defense should be in this changing world. As you many of you know by now, I will often take a bad situation in our National Security and try to make something constructive out of it or at least, reformulate a new understanding of the problem at hand. America requires a military leader that is competent, powerful and understands that we are operating in a new age but who also can advantage the lessons of the past. Yet we have been witnessing an assortment of good men performing poorly or not at all in overseeing a military of close to 2.2 million personnel. Now I will redefine the role of a 21st Century Secretary of Defense who must address the protean issues confronting our forces all over the world including: terrorism in general; ISIS in Iraq/Syria; Russia/Putin incursions; Chinese naval/military expansion in the South China Sea/Indian Ocean; Middle East nation-state implosions; cybersecurity; space warfare; naval warfare etc. Just enumerating the problems confronting the new Sec Defense is exhausting, if not debilitating. The multitude of these problems implies the notion that no one person is capable of dealing with all of these issues. In reality that may be true. However, like a Medical Emergency Room, the Pentagon with its widespread military commitments is akin to the diversity of problems that we, doctors, have to treat on a seemingly ad hoc basis, 24/7. I am not suggesting that a physician become the new Sec Defense but the 51

characteristics of an effective ER doctor might apply to the redefinition of what the new Sec Def might require in order to perform his/her job properly, if not magnificently. This new Sec Def will have to possess the ability and experience to read the personalities and capabilities of the senior military leadership quickly. No Sec Def had a better assessment of his personnel than George Marshal who dismissed over six hundred senior military personnel and appointed George Patton, [Colonel] Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, and the greatest narcissist of all, Douglas MacArthur, to key positions for implementing a two war strategy. I am not advocating a complete house cleaning because that would serve no purpose, other than instilling massive fear into an already disfunctional system. What I am advocating for is a candidate who has been tutored and experienced in working with a myriad of military personnel in a smorgasbord of combat scenarios from counter-terrorism to cyber-warfare; naval containment of worldwide sea lanes; selective use of Special Forces [which would not open their collective mouths as the SEAL TEAMS have done]; space warfare; submarine warfare; and ‘Regime Change’. Clearly this is quite a daunting task. Few of our past six Sec. Def. have been good at any of these let alone a multiple of these skills. None of them have been really trained specifically to deal with large groups of different personalities; and equally important, none of them, be they of either party, have experienced combat, let alone understand the dynamics of terrorism, counter insurgence or regime change. Our current military has some unique qualities. It is now populated by the warrior/scholar which means that the intellectual demands of leadership are far more rigorous than in the past. There will be many challenges to decisions on strategy by underlings. The new Sec of Def must be ready to delineate plans in theoretical terms as well as providing references to past failures and successes. After the Chairman of the JCS achieves a military consensus, it requires him/her to impose it on the White House and all other ancillary bodies of intelligence, logistics and implementation. 52

The new Sec Def must be able to pivot back and forth to address the different military strategies and tactics required by the specific regional conflict. What may work in Syria may not work in North Africa. Similarly, cyber warfare may not be appropriate to the penetration of groups like ISIS which may involve an incredible effort on behalf of all types of HUMINT from a variety of countries and esoteric sources. Most likely, neither academia nor politics will provide this type of individual who is really a polymath of military/psychological/managerial talents rarely found in a political loyalist turned adversary [a la Panetta and Gates]. Our country has always discovered these unusual individuals at times of need. George Marshal was a quiet self-effacing southern military officer, trained at Virginia Military Institute [VMI] and not at West Point. America needs to identify the Black Swans of International Foreign Security and can no longer rely on the outdated, outmoded military academies [West Point, Annapolis], think tanks [Brookings, Heritage, RAND]; nor non-governmental institutions like the dormant Council On Foreign Relations. New times require new types of leaders who have been versed in all matter of war and its consequences. Our new Sec Def must first listen, learn and then decide. Then he/she must execute a strategy or different strategies; articulate the Rules of Engagement [ROE]; and most importantly, know how to terminate the conflict and leave without any residue of regret or resurgence of the initial problem. It’s a formidable task for someone that must have unusual skills. The least of which is the need to inject his/her narcissism into the front pages of our newspapers; nor the sadistic need to brow-beat our senior officers into submission of military plan that would never work. Times are a changing. Now it’s time for a new type of American leader –be it in war, or in peace. For the reality is that war and peace are truly inseparable. In times of turbulence, our Black Swans have often arisen in the past, into the maelstroms of our discontent, and have been able to allay our greatest fears, seamlessly. 53

Interestingly enough, General George Marshall, later Secretary of State, never wrote of his exploits as the most successful Sec Def. in the history of our country. Modesty and competency are extremely rare virtues in our modern times. The less the medical doctor explains the complicated procedure of healing the sick patient, the more successful will be the outcome. Titrate expectations! Under promise and over deliver. Can we do that in the 21st Century?

Saturday, November 29, 2014 Recent Accusations of Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assaults Augur a Serious Warning for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Run –Regarding Bill Clinton’s Relentless Past & Present Sexual Adventures! I must admit that I know very little about Bill Cosby, the comedian. I do know that he and I shared the same talent agency in Hollywood, William Morris Agency. They clearly and rightfully did much better by him than they could do with me. He was generating significant amounts of money for his TV show in syndication. I was impressed, then. Now, I listen and read about all the accusations made against him and wonder what type of man must he be, or have been, in order to have drugged and raped at least seventeen women. As a psychiatrist, I certainly can provide an array of diagnostic terms from misogynist, insecure, sociopathic and hostile, etc. However, what interested me about these accusations at this point in time in his 77 year old life is the fact that bad deeds do not escape the attention of the American public no matter how many years ago they had been committed. With this new age of electronic immediacy nothing evades the ubiquitous, voracious appetite of the internet and its ancillary partners –twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other apps. 54

As I read about Cosby’s travails, I immediately thought of Hillary Clinton and what troubles she may have in her impending race for the 2016 Presidential Election. Despite nascent strife within the recently defeated Democratic Party, I envisioned a far more serious issue for Hillary than the one concerning the leftward tilt of the Democratic Party. I recalled a conversation I had years ago with a prominent Democratic politician who had asked me a key question when Hillary was running against a young Obama: ”Will Bill Clinton’s continued sexual forays hurt Hillary?” My answer was a simple, “Yes”! Of course, Obama won and Hillary was dispensed to the not-soshabby State Department, where she really had not accomplished very much as Sec State. This blog is not intended to bash or laud Hillary. I am writing because the issue of past sexual indiscretions, no matter how far back, always seem to arise to the surface at a point of time when one least expects it. I am clearly not a fan of Hillary’s. But at the same time, if she were to run, then let her be judged on simply her talents and not those of her husband’s. I am really asking one question: Is Hillary running alone or is she running wittingly or unwittingly within the penumbra of her husband’s indiscretions? My assumption that Mrs Clinton has not come to terms with her husband’s past and present indiscretions is based on the fact that she has never really separated herself, physically, emotionally or psychologically from the iconic personae of Bill Clinton. As a politician, she tends to bask in the blinding glares of her husband’s alleged accomplishments. Yet she moves away from his desultory speeches and narcissistic pronouncements of self-adulation when it is convenient for her to do so. Hillary is, by choice, intertwined within the fibrils of a blaring sociopath, Bill Clinton, whether she likes it or not. For me, the Delphi Oracle has arrived in the most propitious way possible—a collective cry by seventeen abused women against “America’s Father Figure”—Bill Cosby. 55

I am certain that Bill Cosby will pay the price for his miscreant behavior. This time, his talent agents, William Morris Endeavor, can do nothing to help him out. However, the die is cast for Hillary. Will she disavow her husband’s debauched past? Is she able to articulate a coherent explanation for women’s rights reflecting on her own past experiences as an abused wife of an inveterate sex addict? Or, will she run like Sisyphus up the unending hill, never to arrive at her destination; while at the same time, tearing apart her Democratic Party? We will have to wait and see. Who would have thought that Bill Cosby’s past indiscretions might have a predictive aspect for determining our American future? I did. Soon it will be time for everyone to make up their own minds.


Monday, December 1, 2014 Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe has Courageously tried to Restart the “Lost Decades of Economic Stagnation” and has Failed Miserably! The staid Japanese Ministry of Finance and its demands for socalled “budgetary” discipline win a pyrrhic victory---leading Japan into a massive economic depression. Japan is entering in to what I call a “ZOMBIE ECONOMY”[TM]. Many of you have heard rumbles of world-wide recession, starting in China and the Far East, and spreading all the way to the European Common Market [where unemployment ranges around 25% for the youth]. Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that one country, Japan, may well be headed into depression, even after the valiant attempts of Abe to stimulate the twenty year old no growth economic malaise that is structural, often described as ‘recession’, ‘stagnation’, or ‘heading to depression’. Why do I call it a zombie economy? This particular term is based on the fact that the Japanese people possess some very unique national character features that are particular to that nation. This feature of the Japanese culture makes change of any sort almost impossible to effect on a mass level. The Japanese are group oriented in terms of requiring consensual agreement on any re-alignment of the status quo. Therefore, it is close to impossible for any leader, particularly a proactive, aggressive political leader with extensive experience to change the Japanese economy when he is pitted against the embedded interests of the most recalcitrant bureaucracy in Tokyo, the Ministry of Finance. Abe had pressured the Central Banks of Tokyo to flood the economy with easy money and credit in order to increase consumer spending and, therefore, improve the GDP. However, on April 1, 2014, April Fool’s Day, the Ministry of Finance thwarted Abe’s attempts to stimulate the GDP as the best way to increase annual revenues to pay down the bloated national debt. This Ministry of Finance decided to 57

impose an 8% tax on an already deflationary economy primed with quantitative easing of money. The impact: consumer spending stopped abruptly, dragging down a $5 Trillion economy with 220% of GDP in debt. Sound familiar? In some ways, Americans had been heading toward the same problem where we needed to infuse cash into a stagnant economy. The major difference is that Americans, by proclivity and habit, are used to creating new businesses in very quick time. That is what makes America an exceptional country. In contrast, Japan’s economy is largely based on huge vertically integrated conglomerates, called Zaibatsus—Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, et. al. which guarantee lifetime employment for their respective workers who cannot be fired, despite the shadow presence of so-called ‘fake unions’. Similarly, farmers refuse to follow the economic mandates of an energetic financially proactive leader like Abe, because they do not want to impair their century-long traditions of farming and agriculture. It was not an accident that we, Americans, had to send in our own nuclear scientists during the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant disaster. No one in the Japanese power plant management hierarchy wanted to take any responsibility for the nuclear disaster. At the same time, the shame that they experienced as a result of this self-induced accident, made it much harder for anyone tell the truth as to what was really happening. Like the fall-out from nuclear disaster, the effects of a Japanese Recession will impact the rest of the world. I am not writing to whip the Japanese people. I have a lot of respect for them and their culture. I am only warning them that if they don’t act ASAP to correct their anti-growth fiscal policies proposed by the Ministry of Finance as well as MITI [Japanese bureaucracy that rules over their corporations] Japan will sink into vortex of inescapable financial pain which might lead them to assume, once again, a nasty course of action that no one would like to see—War with China over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. 58

I hope that this type of conflagration does not happen. Japan has the third largest naval force in the world and the Spratly Islands (I wrote about this area 20 years ago) are still an attractive excuse for conflict with China. The Japanese, like Americans, may resort to the tenuous rationalization that in order to make money, the political elite will inflame nationalistic feelings to extract the promise of victory by attacking a falsely manufactured enemy. This type of inexcusable behavior is often called “Wars of Opportunity” or Unnecessary Wars just like our wars in Iraq (3 times) and our war in Afghanistan (12 years). As Henry Fielding, the writer said: “Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 Just watched a great documentary last night on Whitey Bulger, Boston has been the hub of FBI, police, DOJ corruption for a long time.

Friday, December 5, 2014 Palestine: The New Emerging State in the Middle East! Thank You England, Spain, Sweden and now France for recognizing the state of Palestine! Finally, the past insane eruptions of conflict have settled into a narrative that portends peace and legitimacy. France, a country often associated with providing refuge to political dissidents around the world has boldly and correctly recognized the state of Palestine. Although this action is non-binding, it has the symbolic import of a de jure recognition of a group of people who have been displaced 59

from their own homeland to pieces of land—both the West Bank and Gaza—that constitute for all reasonable purposes the new state of Palestine. France follows several other countries like Spain, England and Sweden which have understood that the pronouncement of ‘statehood’ to refugees who have been thrown out of their own lands, for whatever reason, has legitimized the dreams of millions Palestinians to correctly call themselves a nation. Most importantly, the Palestinians can begin to have a piece of paper called the ‘passport’ that is recognized all over the world as a document that designates a particular person as a citizen of a country. For the past sixty years, Palestinians have had to endure the concept of ‘statelessness’ which entailed their begging for ‘laissezpassez’, transit papers from either Israel or some other non-indigenous authority. Equally important, this symbolic recognition of Palestine is the direct consequence of the barbarous fifty day slaughter of innocent Palestinians in the camps of Gaza. I have always found Bibi, the nominal leader of Israel, to be basically arrogant, merciless and not very bright, despite the fact that he went to my alma mater, MIT. I can pronounce these words because since the time that my former boss, Sec State James Baker threw this ‘shithead’ out of the State Dept for his stupid, insolence pompous manners, I knew that Bibi would lead Israel into a path of self-destruction. Bibi is a spoiled American child reared by a self-aggrandizing Cornell University Professor. Bibi’s father worked alongside another Cornell University Professor, the Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz’s ruthless mathematician father. Funny, how much of the foundational building blocks of the neo-cons come out of Cornell. Unlike the true military geniuses, Moshe Dayan and Sharon, Bibi never once understood that to win a battle is not to win the war. This past battle of IDF tanks, jets, and gun boats, mercilessly bombarding innocent men, women and children reawakened the conscience of the world. People like myself, decried the IDF’s actions as Nazi-like and compared it to the devastation of both the Warsaw Ghetto and Guernica, Spain 60

during WWII. It was obvious to me that Bibi had finally reached the apex of his strategic limits and tactical malfeasance. Those brave Israelis intelligence operatives and combat soldiers who defied Bibi’s orders to destroy the innocent, be they Palestinians, Druze, Jews or Christians, took the first and most important steps to realigning Israel with the principles of fairness and just deeds. Justice and Fairness are at the root of Jewish philosophy evidenced by the 15th century writings of the great Maimonides—RAMBAM [medical doctor/ writer/ advisor to Arab leaders-- my direct descendant]. Thank you France. Thank you England. Thank you Spain. And, thank you Sweden. Now, let the other countries of the world step forward and finally declare the just truth that those who have lived in the shadows of legitimacy and self-recognition can finally have their own StatePALESTINE!! Mazel Tov! Salem Alechem! Merci! Thank you! Gracias! Tusen Tack!

Monday, December 8, 2014 The Blowback Phenomena of ISIS Gory Propaganda! Nothing succeeds like success but nothing fails like too much of success. ISIS has been creating an ersatz caliphate through an effective propaganda machinery that employs Twitter, Facebook and other social media. They have been incredibly successful, as they have claimed, in recruiting new members from all over the Western and Arab world. However, ISIS never really learned the lessons of psychological warfare –that too much of a good thing can become quite a downer. Now ISIS, 61

whomever this entity may really be, has entered the arena of propaganda warfare that is quite tricky and has to be managed very carefully. In an excellent article (posted earlier) by Thomas Friedman, NYT, Dec.6, 2014, “How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam”, he illustrates a number of very revealing cases of Muslims who are being turned off by the idea of a Nation-State enveloped in the artificial Islamic codes of “Sharia Law”. Let me give you an example of what Friedman has insightfully recognized. “.. on Twitter, a hashtag which translated as ‘why we reject implementing Shariah’ has been used 5000 times in 24 hours. The conversation is mainly taking place in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.” I find this particular anti-ISIS phenomena quite exciting. It illustrates that no matter how much one wants to use social media for recruitment and/or propaganda, there are internal limits to its utility. Every piece of propaganda showing the horrors that are committed by one or another side has inherent constraints which limit the utility of that particular message and media. I call that a ‘titration problem’. No matter how effective ISIS thought it was in the initial phase of its psychological warfare, it had to go in only one constant direction—more of the same. When the saturation point of absorption occurred among knowledgeable Muslim youths all over the world, ISIS started to become a parody of horror and grotesqueness. The message of instituting Sharia Law backfired in such a way that it literally mobilized an anti-Sharia campaign in the very areas of the Middle East where Sharia Law is most prominent: Saudi Arabia. If there were any one Muslim country which least represents the true value of Islam, it is Saudi Arabia, a desert Kingdom of dysfunctional, spoiled brats who call themselves Kings, Princes and Royalty. For me, Saudi Arabia has been like a mirage in the desert, a fading image of post British Colonialism earmarked by a completely distorted/warped interpretation of Islam in the form of the parochial and dangerous Wahhabi tribal traditions which are the guarantors of the Saud/Faisal family reign. Fortunately for the enlightened world, Saudi 62

Arabia and Wahhabism is faltering, if not moribund. The youth of Saudi Arabia are too smart for this arcane type of spiritual/political leadership. They have been trained in our schools from Montana State University to the Eastern Ivy League Universities. Saudi women will no longer wear the dark clothes of submission to assure the men that they are subjugated to a false God and makeshift misogynic laws. Saudi women are demanding their rights to drive, teach, learn as their western contemporaries have done for centuries. When I went to Saudi Arabia years ago, the inherent hypocrisy of Sharia Law was evident in the 747 airplane that was taking off from the runway. As soon as we reached a certain altitude, all the Saudi women immediately disrobed and assumed their acquired western oriented dress codes. Believe me, these women were exceedingly beautiful. ISIS is eventually going to implode on itself. Military excursions for and against ISIS, will have a very limited purpose. ISIS lives basically on a cash flow which propagates a myth of a caliphate that can never exist in the 21st century because the internet will deconstruct every statement, picture or utterance of fake political entity based on thousands of years of wishful thinking. Even the great Kurdish fighter, Saladin, knew that one day Judeo-Christian beliefs would have to consort in a world with Islam, Buddhism, and Atheism. He knew very well what the lesser, more pretentious, ineffective pretenders of ISIS did not realize—the Caliphates of thousands of years ago are essentially buried in the texts of the Koran, if one knows how to read the Holy Book properly. For those of you who are thinking of joining ISIS or any other outdated, childish fantasy, think again. It could turn out that ISIS may be dangerous to your health. I want to thank and encourage all those young Muslims around the world who understand that religion and statecraft are two separate entities. Western European Renaissance was an outgrowth of the once dynamic Arab Culture that gave western civilization coffee, calculus and world-wide commerce. Now, it is time for the youth of Saudi Arabia and other countries where so-called religious despots rule--- to overthrow their respective 63

illegitimate regimes and become the ‘terrorists’ that the American Founding Fathers had once been called. Good luck ! And thank you ISIS for completely failing in your mission of conversion and nation-state building. If I did not know better, I would have presumed that most of ISIS was composed of the most dysfunctional NEOCONS, Intelligence Operatives and Bush-ites who failed to establish a stable nation after they invaded Iraq. That is just a whimsical thought..or maybe not!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Here's my blog from a year and a half ago on the 6000 page "torture report" , fyi.

The Unintended Consequences of the Boston Massacre: THE SPECIFIC INDICTMENT of Bush Jr/Obama/CIA/US Military “Torture of 9/11 Prisoners” at GITMO—FINALLY CONFIRMED as a “WAR CRIME”-- Equivalent to Prosecuted Nazi War Crimes and the Torture/ Internship Of Japanese Americans During WWII. Nothing beats a sensational front page news story like a Boston Marathon Massacre! Most readers would miss the incidental but far more serious implication for the moral compass of America than the NY Times story by Scott Shane, entitled, “U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Non Partisan Review Concludes”. (posted earlier) In this article, both Asa Hutchinson [Republican/Bush Jr Administration] and James R. Jones [Democrat, Congress] indict the interrogation and tortures committed by Presidents Clinton [Rendition], Bush Jr [full menu of tortures], Obama [Bush Jr in Black Face]. 64

In essence, this bipartisan report, along with 6,000 pages of still classified docs IMPLICATES THREE ADMINISTRATIONS of INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES—RENDITION, TORTURE, ENHANCED INTERROGATION. What does this mean in the midst of our frenzy to find ‘supposed terrorists’ of the Boston Marathon Massacre? It means that, as I have previously repeated time and time again, we have had and still have Presidents who have willingly committed acts of International War Crimes Punishable by Death and / or Life Imprisonment. Furthermore, to make matters even worse, the extensive investigations showed that the abominable, criminal activities of interrogation, torture, water boarding committed by the CIA, US military, US mercenaries and sanctioned by three presidents were like the wars themselves- totally useless. In short, the USA is GUILTY of COMMITTING USELESS WAR CRIMES!!! Have I, an experienced counter –terrorist expert with thirty years experience who had never had to touch even one detainee, let alone torture or ‘interrogate’ anyone, suddenly had a fit of righteous indignation or just decided to vent his RELENTLESS FURY for UNREPENTANT SINS of our THREE PRESIDENTS and their MINIONS? The answer lies not in the headlines nor in the hysterical media distractions of a tragic occurrence which I might have been able to predict (I think Patriarch did predict this), had I known beforehand that this report would come out on the same day as the BOSTON MARATHON. That’s right! You’ve got it! Once again, Obama in concert with FEMA, CIA, FBI, and other National Security minions—the usual ‘choir boy suspects’—decided to OFFER A DISTRACTION. Bloody! Macabre! Inane!! Insensitive!


But please place this Boston Marathon along side the sacrifices that Bush jr was willing to make in terms of dead American bodies in 9/11—close to 3,000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Center alone. The Boston Marathon Massacre is small potatoes in the theater of distractions for war crimes. A decade ago, Bush Jr had no qualms, of course along with his close pal Cheney, of sacrificing a few thousand US military men in the useless Iraq War. Don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent Pakistanis, Yemenis, Afghanis, and Iraqis that Obama, Panetta, Tenet, Hayden, Brennan et al, are willing to sacrifice in the name of ‘terror’ or, excuse me, the ‘war on terror’. So what’s a few Americans who were killed and injured in the Marathon Race? Nothing, really, in comparison to the full scope of the extent of the horror that Clinton, Bush jr and Obama collectively had engaged in maiming the innocent; torturing the prisoners; injuring and killing the countless thousands of innocent civilians; destroying societies and countries; and creating world wide MAYHEM and CHAOS—all for the sake of NATIONAL SECURITY?? Let me be more precise and list some of the issues that are relevant to the ‘torture’, ‘interrogation’ and ‘the legal consequences’ of those actions over a thirty year period since the Clinton Administration. But first let’s go back, a bit further to WWII. --A Japanese General was summarily executed by the US allies for waterboarding pilots who had been caught in the Jimmy DoLittle Raid on Tokyo. -- US Army soldiers during the Vietnam War summarily placed in prison for waterboarding Viet Cong prisoners of war. --In 1948, Norwegians executed German SS officers practicing ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ called ‘Versharfte Vernehmung’ developed by Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller, using ‘sleep deprivation’, ‘extreme cold’, ‘suspension in stress positions’ and ‘deliberate exhaustion’. --Navy Captain Albert Shimkus Jr, who ran a hospital for the prisoners at Gitmo protested the unethical behavior. 66

-- Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger approved rendition. --Bush jr, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Condi, Steve Hadley, Elliot Abrams, Gen. David Petraeus, Jose Rodriguez [head of CIA Covert operations], John Brennan, David Addington [WH staff], all approved the use of severe interrogation methods including hypothermia, waterboarding, stress positions, abdominal beatings, genital torture, and other bodily and psychological harm according to Department of Justice Concurrence of Attorney General John Ashcroft as written in the paper by John Yoo. Also concurring to these aforementioned methods were NSA Director General Michael Hayden, SecState Collin Powell, and DCI George Tenet. --The only official to dissent officially and was subsequently reprimanded was Philip Zelikow, PhD who wrote a memo contesting the DOJ’s Torture Memo written by John Yoo and others in “Justice”. -- Karl Rove told BBC in 2010: ”I’m proud that we kept the world safer than it was, by the use of these techniques. They’re appropriate, they’re in conformity with our international requirements and with US law”. --Cheney: ” I was and remain a strong proponent of our enhanced interrogation program.” --Congresswoman, later Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi [D, Cal. San Francisco] in a meeting with the CIA/Bush Jr Administration— WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORTED ENHANCED INTERROGATION AND TORTURE! There goes our in-house LIBERAL—ALL THE WAY WITH TORTURE, PRINCESS NANCY! What happened to the infamous University of Berkley WAR PROTESTORS-IT’S ONE OF YOUR OWN !!! And what about your Pacific Heights Liberal Constituents? Do they know that you are true blue SADIST and WAR CRIMINAL? --But Congresswoman Jane Harmon also from California and a Democratic Liberal had the guts to dissent and object. But she was in the minority. --James Steele, in charge of the US Death Squads [Paramilitary] in El Salvador where 75,000 civilians were killed was placed by Cheney 67

and Rumsfeld as ‘OUR MAN IN IRAQ’ to train the counter insurgency. Also involved with Elliot Abrams and Ollie North in the Iran Contra Affair. War criminal!!! -- Jose A, Rodriguez Jr, the former Director of the National Clandestine Service for the CIA [served 31 years] and author of “Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives” This Puerto Rican “Torture Wonder” from the University of Florida could not stop lauding his incredible efforts at engaging in constant torture of 9/11 victims to such an extent that he rode the celebrity circuit promoting his book of absurd observations: ”About 30 out of the 100 or so detainees that the CIA held were subjected to some harsh treatment.” It’s this same ‘pobrecito’ who literally gave dictation to Kathryn Bigelow for her fictional film rendition of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and then after being reprimanded by me in an email to my contacts, Jose quickly recanted his story. What an dishonorable, cowardly pobrecito!!! General David Petraeus, who would become the DC I and tried to distance himself from Steele was deeply involved and knowledgeable about the torture and paramilitary death squads in Iraq. My bad!! Even yours truly could be fooled by the presumed integrity of a man who had been shot by his friend on a shooting range and claimed that he was the innovator of the thousand year old counter insurgency theory. What a liar, well, someone saw fit to put Petraeus in his proper place of ignominy. Too bad for the honorable men and women who served him and were fooled by him as I was. Petraeus is an example of how rampant sociopathy and self aggrandizement rages through our so called warrior leaders. BTW, in most cases of enhanced interrogation, one often needs the presence or advice of a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist. I would recommend consulting my former psychiatric colleague who presents himself as an expert in the mind of a terrorist- Dr. Jerry Post. He also trained at Harvard Medical College. However, unlike myself, he was the founder and director of the Center for the Analysis of Personality 68

and Political Behavior at the CIA for over 20 years. In fact, he was so good at questioning terrorists or suspected terrorists that he was awarded the Intelligence Medal of Merit in 1979 and received the studies in Intelligence Award in 1980! Atta boy! He then received the Nevitt Sanford Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Political Psychology in 2002. He was a consultant for the CIA for a long time and probably still is! He presently resides as many academic CIA assets do at the George Washington University Department of Political Psychology on E Street in DC. I am certain he knows a lot more about enhanced interrogation than any other psychiatrist or medical doctor….including me! By now, my dear readers, I am certain you get the idea. Falls flags galore. Deaths abound. Non-deaths are opine as in Sandy Hook. At least, in the Boston Massacre, one can see how much of a ‘false flag’, Sandy Hook was, without any pictures of blood, guts and death. Remember that scene in Chicago where you have to razzledazzle them??? Distraction from the REAL story. But the point is quite simple! Once again, Executive tyranny reigns supreme over our Republic. It started with Slick Willy and Rendition and his corrupt political and economic cronyism. Then it accelerated and deteriorated with Bush Jr and company. And now the President of “NON-TRANSPARENCY” and “NIXONIAN SECRECY” and “DRONE WARS” has continued the slide of our republic into a criminal civilization worthy of an international tribunal placing our leaders in jail or worse. As for me, as I once said to a former governor who accused me of tyranny acting against his brother, Bush Jr, I replied very calmly, “In times of tyranny, treason is PATRIOTISM”!!! Vox Populis! Vox Deus!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014 The Russian Ruble is Crashing Thanks to US/EU Economic Sanctions/Warfare! In the course of my thirty year career in national security, I have discovered that contrary to the consensus, bullets and artillery shells are not the most powerful tools of regime change. In fact, we are witnessing the strategy first implemented by Nixon, then carried out by Reagan and primarily Bush Sr/Baker of psychological warfare inducing fear through an economic system wherein the opposing regime cannot minimize the effect of an American Economic War. I am not gloating over the fact that the Ruble; as well as, the Russian economy is literally on the brink of complete financial collapse. I am merely pursuing a narrative which I had started years ago about how powerful the American economy can be when judiciously targeted against a weaker more fragile, artificial economy, be it the Soviet Union, or the present Putin government. In the world of experts spouting geopolitical imperatives for the destiny of nations, I refute their basic constructs by pointing out that in the long term, most nations, like individuals or groups of individuals respond to FEAR. No nation is immune to the fear of an Ebola Epidemic or economic instability. The very core of nation-state is based on the foundations of economic and political security. If one falters, then both will tumble. In both WWI and WWII what made America so powerful and lethal in combat was the fact that our economic capacity to turn out bombers, tanks, and war materials overwhelmed all the combatant nations. The fact that our crippled FDR understood that WWII was about allowing competing economic systems—both communism and national fascism – to destroy each other showed an incredible insight into the dynamics and faith he had about our unique capitalist economy. During the Cold War, it was not weapons or missiles that won the war, but our ability to harness our economic power to over-ride any false confidence that the Politburo had about their failing, self-destructive economy and the useless weapons and goods that they manufactured. 70

The one factor that had always impressed me about the Russians is their ability to delude themselves into believing that they were a formidable nation-state. During this time, I helped to construct the strategy for the psychological warfare of regime change in the Soviet Union, starting with the Nixon administration sending me to Moscow to negotiate for the release of Christian dissidents [Baptists] incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals [ Kaschenko Psy. Hosp—GRU/KGB] as ‘sluggish schizophrenics’ [a concocted term]. I immediately developed an economic matrix where I commoditized the value of the incarcerated Christian against the value of Wang Computers. How did that work? If I wanted a very important Christian dissident out of the psychiatric hospital, I had to determine with my adversary, Stalin’s personal doctor/psychiatrist, how many Wang computers was the individual worth to the Russians. I got the Christians and Stalin’s henchman got the computers. We never talked about Human Rights or anything other than the worth of a ‘dissident’ in terms of an American asset that they wanted. Similarly, in developing the strategy for regime change in the Soviet Union, the notion that Star Wars was not real but rather complete fiction was a way of creating fear in the Soviet Military Industrial Complex to spend whatever little remaining resources they had on a highly contrived psychological operation which finally depleted the Soviet Economy. The rest of the regime change involved cultural manipulations of imposing religion where atheism existed; as well as, creating a youthful foment [Agitprop] with Radio Free Europe/Jazz/ Rock’n Roll. This led to an underground swelling of the ‘intelligentsia’ demanding change along the lines of the west. Finally, all the factors combined—Financial, Cultural, and Agit Prop—defeated the existing Soviet System. This is contrary to Gorbachev’s statements that ‘Russia just collapsed in on itself’. Next Gorbachev was chosen by the USG but he failed to make the necessary changes in both the economy and political body to sustain a viable Russia. Now, Putin, as many of you know from my past blogs, has literally fallen into the same psychological trap that the Soviets had done 71

despite warnings from myself and others. He is NOT stupid yet his arrogance and ignorance of the world economy and the ability of America to literally vanquish any opponent economically [forget about the military] was not taken seriously. So the present Russian catastrophe of the Ruble crashing is the result of lessons not learned from the past. If the occupation of the Ukraine was the initial precipitant, it was, at best, a false start on both sides. The real give away for me that Russia and Putin had failed miserably was the Sochi Olympics which was a bust—literally and financially. It cost Russia over 50 Billion Dollars of wasted money given to the Kleptocracy in the Kremlin. Once again, we initiate a economic war in order to teach Putin that his narcissism was completely out of control and that his weapon of choice against the EU, gas distribution on a selective basis, would never work. The key turning point in this economic war was not the Ukraine or anything that we, Americans did or not do. It was Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany who had understood Putin so well, because both grew up in East Germany under the rule of Stasi [Putin was trained by Stasi], and had decided that Germany could no longer work with Putin suis generis. Her assessment that Putin was out of control because of his ego and inane behavior, marked the end of the Ruble and the Russian economy. Putin should leave office for the benefit of both Russia and world peace. Nothing good will be accomplished by Putin’s remaining in power. For those who genuinely believe that Russians can continue to suffer because of their legendary soul-searching angst, I would caution both the Americans and Russians to think again. Angst and hunger do not play too well with the 21st Century Russian youths who have never witnessed the ravages of WWII and poverty. As we say in the French Casinos: “Les Jeux Sont Faits!” The Game Is Over, Ladies and Gentlemen! No more Bets! Adieu Putin! Good bye!


Thursday, December 18, 2014 The Cuba Opening: Obama’s Secret Diplomacy Success! Most of you are aware that this blogger has not shied away from criticizing Obama or the CIA and other covert agencies for their past failures. However, if I am willing to criticize Caesar than I must also praise him for the fine handling of a very delicate issue like the loosening of relations with Cuba. I don’t have to go over the history of a fifty year embargo that has done nothing but made a few US mid-western farmers extremely wealthy shipping grain and other crucial goods to Cuba. Please remember that in every so called embargo of a country, someone tends to benefit. More often than not, its our wealthy corporations or agribusinesses that profit the most from goods and services which find their way ‘somehow’ into the embargoed country. That was true of the embargo on South Africa when the Maritius Airlines were laden with all types of goods that were prohibited from being sold to South Africa. Or when Israel tested their non-existent atomic bomb off the coast of the African Horn. However, this time around Obama initiated a one and a half year secret negotiations unbeknownst to me or others who were in the know. He made covert overtures to Raul Castro through an intermediary who was a ‘guarantor‘ for both the US and Cuba—The Pope. Congrats to the Pope Francis for his skillful backdoor negotiations with the Cuban leadership. Also Congrats to our Intelligence/Diplomatic Community for their persistent, quiet diplomacy which had effectively dismantled the antiquated, useless embargo. More and more, I am beginning to see that Obama is really growing in the Presidential office by initiating and completing several successful but completely unheralded accomplishments: A few worth mentioning….. 1. One month ago a Singaporean tanker left Texas with American oil, signifying that for the first time, Americans have become a major exporter of oil to the world. At the same time, Obama has allowed the oil companies to produce over 9 million barrels of oil per day placing us in 73

the position of being able to drive down the price of oil precipitously. Also Obama has, despite complaints from this left wing, increased the fracking that has been occurring all over the USA, even in places one would not have thought. 2. Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline correctly claiming that the gas transported from the sands of Canada would do nothing for the American economy, but only benefit major Canadian Companies. 3. And the piece de resistance is that soon Obama will effectively conclude a trade and diplomatic treaty with the most crucial country in the Middle East: Iran. By doing so, he realigns the power base away from the useless makeshift post English colonial countries like Saudi Arabia [major thorn in our side]; UAE; Qatar; Jordan; Syria; and Israel [a strategic liability]. Please don’t forget that our economy has been growing while the rest of the world has been in an economic recession, no mean feat. It was the Obama administration and its covert operatives in the military, civilian parts of the USG who effectively taught Putin the lesson in economic theory. Don’t mess with America when it comes to money, honey! We will always win! Crony Capitalism trumps Kremlin kleptocracy. So I must congratulate this administration for deeds well done and commend all the White House members for carrying out a very delicate act of diplomacy, a long time coming. Hail Caesar! Hail Obama! Republicans: you are in deep, deep trouble, carrying on like children in a sand lot throwing mud at one another and the President.

Sunday, December 21, 2014 How the Mid-term Republican Victory is Quickly Turning the Staid Party into a Carnival of Self-Delusion and Grandiosity. Self-Implosion is imminent. 74

Recently, President Obama pulled a Nixonian tour de force by recognizing Cuba in a well-orchestrated strategy/tactics utilizing the best of our Intelligence/ Diplomatic community. Whether you like what he did is not as relevant as trying to understand and appreciate both the bravado and deftness with which this complicated maneuver was executed by POTUS and the Pope. So what is the response from the Republican Party which should have been in the forefront of creative diplomatic achievements a la Nixon? A cherubic pubescent gnat identified as a Cuban-American, Senator Marco Rubio uttered the most inane phrases like the baby-faced sputtering Republican saprophyte he has become: “I know more about Cuba than the President.” What? This hyphenated Cuban-American is neither Cuban nor American. He has never served one day in our military nor intelligence service. Instead, after graduating from the least impressive schools that America can offer, this not very bright, ambitious panderer, immediately went into politics serving in the corrupt Tallahassee Legislature. Throughout his limited political career he has been known as nothing more than a globule of protoplasm that spouts out repeatedly that his family came from Cuba as ‘political prisoners’ of Fidel Castro. Of course, he was lying, like most indigenous Cubans, his family fled Cuba to make a better living in the USA. So what did these Cuban refugees do to improve our economy? Parts of his family became involved in the drug trade so prevalent in Miami. Rubio then distanced himself from his own distorted narrative, supported by his mentor, Jeb Bush, and rescinded his stories about his family and his own miscreant activities with American banks[foreclosures]. Who is Marco Rubio? Not an American and certainly not a Cuban. He was born in America and went both to Catholic and Mormon schools to achieve nothing more than a narrative of self-aggrandizement and self-delusions. By contrast, I was born in Havana, Cuba, went on to all the Ivy League 75

schools and universities not once mentioning the fact that I was truly Cuban. Then I went on to serve both in our military, intelligence services and State Department. Afterward, I left the comfort of USG to start a series of start-ups as an angel investor. I had successes and I had failures. Some other Cubans with whom I am very close to still serve our country as well as create many new and successful companies. None of us have created a life solely based on the place where we were born a la Rubio who became the ‘House Hispanic’ for the Republicans. As both an American and a passport carrying Cuban who fought Fidel’s and Raul’s soldiers in Panama, I am proud that Obama and Raul Castro made this incredible détente worthy of Nixon. As a life-long Republican, I am ashamed of my party for splattering a moment of history with nonsensical palaver and self-delusional statements. If the Republicans continue on this self-destructive course of attacking every constructive initiative with ad hominum statements, they will be seen as nothing more than a ‘do-nothing party’. Obstructionism is not a strategy nor will it work and frankly, its unpatriotic. In addition, the floater launched that Jeb is running for president makes me feel even worse about this Republican Organization. Its either stupidity, desperation or ego mania or a combination that propels Jeb from sullying what’s left of Bush Sr legacy. Forget the fact that 70% of those polled believe that 9/11 was a false flag orchestrated by Bush Jr/Cheney. Does Jeb really want to dig up the Neil/Marvin Silverado Scandals and the lies (9/11, WMD etc) of the Jr years? This is in addition to his own wife’s greedy indiscretions, his daughter’s drug addiction for which she served time and the whole election rigging for his brother’s presidential…..other than that?!! (oh yeah, Jeb’s questionable business associations in Miami before he became governor, etc) I digress, back to Rubio and his ignorance. … For those who know a little about the history of Cuba and America, the Founding Fathers could not receive the necessary money, guns and gunpowder that allowed us to win the Revolutionary War without Cuba. Cuba is more than Desi Arnaz 76

and BabaLu and Castro. Yet Rubio claims he knows more about Foreign Policy than former sec of state Hillary Clinton…..I doubt it. Please get rid of this hyphenated nobody before its too late for the Republican Party. Rubio does NOT represent real Americans who have served our country in the different times of need without elaborating on their Hispanic Roots, be they Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Latin Americans !!! A life-long politician is nothing more than a professional panderer who contributes nothing to our capitalist society based on risk, reward and hard work, asking nothing from anyone except the appreciation of the fruits of their respective labor. Rubio created nothing but a selfie on steroids that has become toxic element in our entrepreneurial economy. We can no longer afford the Rubios nor his mentor, Jeb Bush.

Monday, December 22, 2014 R.I.P. Joe Cocker

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 STEVE PIECZENIK LIVE on The Alex Jones Show [12-22-14] Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones discuss cyber warfare, North Korea, economic warfare, the Russian Ruble, kleptocracy, psyops, propaganda & more!


CNN is compromised, Fox news is compromised, Obama was born in Kenya, oil prices will continue to drop, Palestine will be recognized as a state... An explosive must watch interview broadcasted live worldwide on 12-22-14

Monday, December 29, 2014 “American Sniper” Movie Hits the Bulls-Eye! Congratulations to Director/Producer Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper, Actor/Producer for an outstanding depiction of the terrible Iraq War and it’s collateral damage. I was pleasantly surprised by this film that depicts an accurate portrayal of the horror of war. Based on the true story of a Texan, Chris Kyle, who volunteered for four tours of duty as a SEAL sniper in Iraq [the battle of Fallujah] and was credited with close to 160 kills. This film by the sagacious director, Clint Eastwood, neither glorifies nor deprecates the actions of this brave, but disturbed character. Like many of Clint’s films about war (“Letters from Iwo Jima” and the Japanese participation in WWII), Eastwood has a steady hand in directing the complicated action lines in many of the battles that occurred in Fallujah, Iraq. He does not moralize for or against war, he simply portrays the mayhem and terror that constantly surrounds our fighting men/women. In the same vein of impressive performances, I must admit that the once pretty boy image of Bradley Cooper has morphed into a brilliant portrayal of a Texan born to snipe, fight and contemplate. Cooper has assumed a maturity as an actor that has to be commended, playing a SEAL whom everyone addresses as ’The Legend’. In this film, Cooper has demonstrated a wide range of emotions that belie the bravado of a first time sniper who finally comes to terms with 78

his need for war and action at a very high cost to his own sanity and the well-being of his young family. Sienna Miller, his wife, was excellent as a bar-hopping young woman who matures into a loving, caring mother and wife. What makes this film so exceptional is the perspective that Eastwood takes from the view of both the Iraq sniper [‘the butcher’] and the American sniper. Neither one is more moral or even better at his lethal skill of precision kills. Both are beset by circumstances that compounds their own particular problems in sighting their respective targets. However, I do caution those of you who have endured an assortment of tours through either Iraq or Afghanistan that the scenes of mayhem and death may resound beyond the borders of sensibility. I found the movie to be both emotionally moving, disturbing and excellently executed. Clearly, as someone in my Fourth Trimester of Life [pun] I am encouraged by the fact that Clint Eastwood at the age of 84 has produced this American Masterpiece about war. I don’t know how the academy will vote on this picture because the academy is usually biased against films that portray war or even attempt to explain it; however, I would vote for Best Picture and Best Director- The American Sniper and Clint Eastwood. I would also vote Bradley Cooper as the Best Actor of 2014. However, more often than not, I have been wrong in my selections over the past ten years. Congratulations to all involved in this brilliant film, “American Sniper”, depicting the horrors of war, particularly, the Iraq incursion. I would also include those individuals who are often described as ‘below the line’ for recognition: • Best Adapted Screenplay. • Best Film Editing. • Best Cinematography • Best Production Design • Best Costume Design • Best Visual Effects • Best Sound Mixing • Best Sound Editing 79

• Best Makeup and Hairstyling. In other words, this film, American Sniper, is an all around winner! Congratulations to all involved!! P.S This film is a reminder that we really don’t need these types of wars anymore. But that is just my opinion.


Thursday, January 1, 2015 Unbroken: The Movie that transformed Actress Angelina Jolie into a Full Fledge Director. Once again I am entering the bantam weight ring of film criticism, awaiting your collective derision, mixed in with some hosannas. I found the 2 hour plus film quite long and somewhat tedious. The story involves an American Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini, who becomes a bombardier during WWII and is tortured in different Japanese prison camps until he and others are liberated by Allied forces. Usually a film like this would have been cut down by half of the amount with sharper editing and more tension points. However, having said all that, I am still impressed that Angelina Jolie was able to undertake such a huge enterprise wherein combat action, personal reflection are interspersed with scenes of horrific Japanese torture by one, historical well-known Japanese War Criminal: Watanabe-The Bird. A significant portion of the latter part of the film depicts in graphic detail the horrendous tortures that Louie had to endure under the sadistic, homosexual Watanabe. What is exceedingly important about these scenes is that fact that many Americans were not aware that our soldiers, along with their counterparts in their respective armies-British, Canadian, New Zealanders, Aussies, Dutch, Chinese, Russian— were all subjected to war crimes committed knowingly and intentionally by the Japanese Military under the direct command of Tojo who received orders from Emperor Hirohito. Emperor Hirohito, like many of our own leaders, should have been subject to the International War Crimes Tribunal. However, thanks to the intervention of General Douglas MacArthur and Alfred Sloan [General Motors], Hirohito and various senior Japanese war criminals were never prosecuted for the atrocities they had committed during WWII. Clearly, I know about our saturation bombing of 60% of Japan and the eventual dropping of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; however, those actions did not mitigate in any way the Japanese refusal to admit the atrocities that they had committed in the 81

Rape of Nanjing and the Bataan Death March; along with the relentless biological [bubonic, anthrax] attacks against innocent Chinese in Manchuria and Russians. The film has appropriated a Christian narrative towards the end of the scene where Louie holds up a wooden beam in homage to the image of Christ. However, the movie really does not address the personal and national consequences of such barbaric activities committed by the Japanese High Military and Senior Political officials. Why do I harp back again to this bete-noire? When I wrote Blood Heat, some thirty years ago as a fictional account of the torture of our prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation of South East Asia, my Japanese publishers who had included the editor of the infamous Mishima, the Japanese writer who committed Hara-Kari, refused to allow the book into Japan. The Japanese also banned me from coming to do a book tour. In turn, the Brits, Aussies and Dutch took my book around Asia and allowed everyone from the Vietnamese to the Chinese read about some of the atrocities that Emperor Hirohito had personally ordered against the ‘gaijin’—foreigners. Now, Angelina Jolie has addressed a new generation of Japanese youth with a truthful, restrained portrayal of those atrocities. I commend her and her team, including Clayton Townsend [producer] as well as the actors who had to re-enact the barbarism of Japan that has been edited out of the official history of Japan. Unlike Germany, Japan has refused to confront their own history and their collective inhumane brutality under Hirohito. Thank you Universal Pictures for keeping this picture in development for fifty years. Thank you Angelina Jolie for once again, taking on a brave subject about the horrors of wars. To Ms Jolie: Your first film, The Land of Blood and Honey, brilliantly depicting the Balkan Wars was the first hint of a prodigious directorial talent which feared nothing---not a contemptible subject matter rife with death, torture and sadism. Nor were you afraid to undertake a production that would have daunted even the best of our directors in terms of complexity of shots and subject matters. May you 82

find satisfaction in your remarkable achievement. Hollywood may be jealous of a woman of your beauty and eccentricity [real or not] and might deny you a deserved reward. So keep on directing….

Friday, January 2, 2015 Here's the latest twist in the Jeffery Epstein under age sex scandal, some big names added to the potential perp list.

Friday, January 2, 2015 More details on the pedophiles, the great defenders of Israel, included

Saturday, January 3, 2015 Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Implicated in Pedophilia Case by U.S. Prosecutors! Israel, as it begins to fall apart as a nation, has lost its main propaganda “Dummy”, Alan Dershowitz, to a child sex scandal. Its quite a challenge when my readers are ahead of me on such happenings. I congratulate you all on the different insights you have provided me and others regarding this nasty stuff. I can add very little to this despicable case of moral depravity implicating Alan Dershowitz and other prominent politicians. 83

May I suggest that by now, the Webster Dictionary should create the noun -- to become a ‘CLINTON’; which means suis generis-- ‘morally depraved, grandiose, sociopathic, self-destructive.’ This would apply to all members of the Clinton family and their extended sycophant coterie. Yet the most interesting character in this specific criminal case is the egregiously unctuous so-called Harvard Professor—the professional Jew and Zionist, Alan Dershowitz who has been clintonized long before Clinton came to prominence on the political scene. Never before have I found a more annoying strident voice promoting the cause of Judaism and the State of Israel than the ignorant, self-delusional Dershowitz. His incessant craving for public recognition mirrors a sado-masochist’s need for constant pain and punishment as a release of internal tensions. Israel has become a morally hypocritical nation, the existence of which was defined by a moral catastrophe whose founders including Theodore Hertzl [btw also accused of being a pederast] decided to front the Jewish Bund which wanted to create a haven for the persecuted jews. Now God or serendipity has played its most brilliant strategy. As punishment for Israel having killed thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and for its ‘stiff-necked’ insistence on war and occupation as the justifiable means of existence, the greater force of the universe have conspired to proclaim that Israel and its egregious spokespersons will have to pay the price of hubris: DESTRUCTION. Several years ago, I had warned that Israel’s self-destructive path towards Iran, Palestine and its constant double-dealing with Hamas and ISIS would eventually end up to eviscerate the very guts of the country. Its a shame that those brave Israeli Reservists who were dying for a few inches of land attached to a false narrative would eventually end up in an Armageddon of world condemnation. An advanced hi-tech country, Israel has acted as a morally impeded child regressing to the very extremist ancient roots of the false prophet and charlatan Rabbi Schneerson, the faux leader of the ersatz Jewish Orthodox Group, Chabad. The more Israel reverts to the precepts of these unholy charlatans whose panoply of sexual practices including homosexuality; leather 84

fetishes; sado-masochism; and pedophilia—portrayed in the brilliantly prescient 1980 psychological thriller “Cruising” , starring the Al Pacino, produced by the intrepid Jerry Weintraub. This vintage film delineates in clear pictorial exposition the perversions that Alan Dershowitz and those other so-called ‘religious Jews’ and Zionists have been involved in while at the same time professing to the world the moral imperatives of the nonsensical terms, “Never Forget [the holocaust] and Never Again!” That grandiosity and self-delusion of people with little talent or real accomplishment like the low class Jeff Epstein who associate with Clintons and Dershowitz fits into the psychological paradigm that ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Not more complicated than that. I want to thank the Southern Florida Federal Prosecutors as well as the Judges and FBI agents for identifying Dershowitz and his fellow travelers. Israel will continue on its course of self-destruction as long as Bibi leads this nation of atheists, pious hypocrites, and military jingoists into an ever expanding area of depravity. Such psychological political dynamics will spin Israel into a whirlwind of evisceration. Palestine will eventually become a state irrespective of any interference. It’s their time to be recognized! They were there before any Diaspora Jew ever wanted to live in a desert. We Ashkenazy Jews are neither born of the tribe nor part of any ancient history that was concocted by some story tellers and fakirs. We were nomads in the Pall region of the Ukraine, Poland and Russia. The rest is just that—myth making and weaving a nonsensical story of entitlement. In any case, dear readers, thank you for all of your input on this salacious case. Please continue to contribute your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 Watch out for your water, here is some interesting news. Reprinted from the Florida Specifier November 2014 85

High nitrate levels in Floridan Aquifer may have cancer implications By SUSAN TELFORD Robert Knight, PhD, director of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute in Gainesville, has been studying water most of his life and knows a bit about the state’s springs and natural resources. There’s one ugly piece of information that he is aware of about the Floridan Aquifer that he wants all of us to know. “Existing elevated nitrate concentrations throughout much of the Floridan Aquifer may be harmful to humans in addition to their deleterious effects on the ecology of springs,” Knight said. “The concerned public and their elected officials should demand that the federal, state and local public health organizations conduct a comprehensive epidemiological study of the effects of groundwater nitrate levels on human health in Florida.” Knight has good reason for his concern. A study released in 2001 indicated that drinking water contaminated with nitrates from fertilizers or human and animal wastes may cause bladder cancer in women— nitrates at levels far below current government ceilings. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that nitrate levels are safe below 10 parts per million. However, the study showed that levels as low as 2.46 parts per million may nearly triple the risk of bladder cancer. “There have been a few studies that looked at nitrate in drinking water and a variety of cancers,” said Peter Weyer, PhD, associate director of the University of Iowa’s Center of the Health Effects of Environmental Contamination and author of the study. “And while some have found an association with such diseases as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there has only been one study done in Spain, published in 1993, that showed an association between nitrate, a municipal water supply and an increased risk for bladder cancer.” Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the country. 86

Weyer and his colleagues used data from more than 41,000 women, aged 55 or older, in the Iowa Women’s Health Study. “We were looking at women who were using the same water supply for more than 10 years. That turned out to be about 22,000 women. 16,500 of them were using the municipal water supplies from 400 municipalities,” he said. The level of exposure to nitrate was based on data collected from municipal water suppliers. No nitrate data was available for women using private wells. The research team checked the cancer incidence data from the Iowa Cancer Registry from 1986 to 1998. “What we found was a positive association for an increased risk of bladder cancer in women who used municipal water supplies,” wrote Weyer in the study. “For women on municipal-supplied (water), if the nitrate level was greater than 2.5 parts per million, those women had an almost three-fold risk for bladder cancer compared to a group of women who we used as reference who were exposed to less than 0.4 parts per million.” The 2001 study was adjusted for risk factors such as smoking, nitrate in the diet and vitamins E and C that impact how nitrate is reduced in the body. According to Weyer, nitrates are reduced to carcinogenic Nnitroso compounds in the body. And nitrates are found everywhere. “It’s present naturally in the soil. It can seep into groundwater from nitrogenbased fertilizers, from both agricultural and farming, as well as from the single family home-owner,” wrote Weyer. “Nitrates are a by-product of livestock facilities, human waste, municipal wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks.” According to the American Cancer Society, the findings from the 2001 study are potentially important. Harmful concentrations of nitrate are substantially lower than what the government claims will prevent toxicity. In its 2008-09 Annual Report of the President’s Cancer Panel, “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - What We Can Do Now,” published in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, authors Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr. and Dr. Margaret L. Kripke implored President 87

Obama to take action by warning the public about everyday exposure to carcinogens. In 2009 alone, approximately 1.5 million American men, women and children were diagnosed with cancer and 562,000 died from the disease. With the growing body of evidence linking environmental exposure to cancer, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the unacceptable burden of cancer resulting from environmental exposures that could be prevented through appropriate national action. Of particular concern to the research panel was that the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated. With nearly 80,000 chemicals on the market in the U.S., many of which are used by millions of Americans on a daily basis, exposure to potential carcinogens is widespread. And children are far more vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation than adults. The panel expressed concern that significant harm from cancercausing products had not been addressed adequately by the National Cancer Program and that the American people, before they are even born, are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of these dangerous exposures. The panel implored the president to use the power of the office to remove carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our nation’s productivity and devastate American lives.

Saturday, January 10, 2015 Richard Dolan, worth pondering.


Sunday, January 11, 2015 While Paris is Burning with Terrorism Hysteria, Pakistan Has Forged a Dangerous Strategic Dagger to plunge into Heart of Kashmir and India! Pakistani Military succeeded in Soft Military Coup against the failed state. This change in force structures and geopolitics is far more significant than the Terrorism Farce taking place in the least valuable strategic/tactical ally of the USA: France. The irony of political psychology and intelligence is that the least important incidences, i.e. French magazine/Kosher Market events, takes precedence in the world media over the most dangerous and lethal soft coup, where Pakistan ISI takes over the judicial system. This is called Distraction. Once again, our costly, burdensome intelligence community could not and did not predict that the Pakistani military would take over the judiciary a few years into Prime Minister Sharif’s tenure. The corrupt civilian leadership which has had a history of incompetence and a running tension with the Pakistani ISI [created by CIA], has been overthrown so elegantly and quietly. The NYTimes article, January 11, 2015 by Declan Walsh (posted earlier) noted that not one person was killed nor were there any self-adulating CNN, FOX, MSNBC narcissists to glorify the non-event. So in the absence of media attention and in the lacuna that is pervasive in our Intelligence community, the Pakistani military simply abolished the rules of civil law in order to execute their subjects according to an ersatz military rule. Whether this is right or wrong is not the concern here. What is the major concern is that our political elite and their spies have repeatedly failed to predict, manage or prevent military coups around the world. Instead they, like most Americans, have been monitoring the hoipolloi nonsense a Bourne Identity drama played out in the most histrionic way, while India, South Asia and Kashmir have all entered a new period of potential nuclear conflict. 89

Congratulations to all the IC and our political elite. They never fail to fail assessing and predicting real, major strategic events. They, like Anderson Cooper, are too busy commenting on nothing and everything, making absolutely no sense but much noise. Once again farce trumps tragedy. This blogger will have to retreat in order to monitor Pakistan’s activities toward South Asia and India and China.

Monday, January 12, 2015 I am trying to go totally solar, challenging but it should not be.

Saturday, January 17, 2015 Neutral Switzerland Invaded the European Markets with Nefarious Economic Warfare on Thursday, 1/15/2015! The Euro Keeps on Faltering into Possible Oblivion…. In the world of intelligence, nothing is more effective in warfare than diversion and distortion. While the world was watching the ersatz, buffoonery of the French/Belgian acts of ‘Muslim Terrorism’, the Pakistani Army took over the Judiciary and created a De Facto state of a Military Coup. At the same time, while the world media was dribbling inanities about terrorism and other such irrelevant matter, Switzerland initiated a “SURPRISE ATTACK on the Euro currency.” The Swiss National Bank jolted the world by surreptitiously eliminating the cap on the Swiss franc’s value; thereby driving the Swiss franc up several percentage points. Concurrently, the intended consequence was to drive down the value of the Euro another 5 to 10%. For some time now, I have been talking about this new form of 90

Economic Warfare that we Americans had been practicing during the vibrant years of the Soviet Union; and now, more recently, in the ‘take down’ of Putin and the Russian economy. Yet no one had predicted that one day the Swiss Government would suddenly allow the increasingly valuable Swiss franc to break away from the imaginary currency snake which artificially constrained the nonvaluable Euro. Like any good businessmen, the Swiss decided to release the Swiss franc into the Financial Markets of the world and allow those real markets to determine the true value of the franc. Now everyone who has grown up with the Swiss franc, as I had during my short sojourn in Swiss Boarding School [Monivert] has always understood that the franc throughout wars, depressions and other turbulent political/economic periods was the most steady currency in the world. Why? In three hundred years of peace, the Swiss have produced the ‘cuckoo clock’ and ‘chocolates’ but more importantly, Geneva and Zurich have always been the major cities where flight capital of any sort went to, be it either illegal or legal. The only values the Swiss have embraced historically are the value of money, gold, diamonds and other precious commodities. Example: the huge confectionary/water conglomerate NESTLE, adorned its front door with the Nazi flag when the Germans were streaming across Europe and East Europe. Once it looked as if the Americans were going to win the war, Nestle took down the Nazi flag and replaced it with the American flag as our generals visited their headquarters just before the end of the WWII. It should be no surprise that Switzerland became tired and disgusted with the French, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, and Germans – and their collective inability to titrate the proper value of the Euro, somewhere around fifty cents to the American dollar. As a result of Draghi’s [Italian] incompetency as the Minister of Finance for the EU, the Swiss made the right decision to declare war on the Euro, forcing it down several more percentage points further until eventually the Euro (as I predicted) will eventually destroy the European Common market. 91

However, the Swiss have paid a heavy price for their financial assault. Tourism to Switzerland will be hurt far more than usual. Swatches will go up in price. Also all the American financial crooks who were defended by Attorney General Eric Holder, will have to pay a lot more for escaping American justice. Those who fled to Zug Switzerland will have to pay much more for their accommodations in the crony capitalism capital of the world. boo hoo. I hope you are beginning to learn an important lesson: what is dramatized in the news, especially the defunct stations like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, are the least important stories. Learn to read between the lines of those countries that few people mention. Who really ever gave a damn about Switzerland or Pakistan?? Now, you will! Avoid the strum and drang of the buffoons on TV/Cable and other media outlets. Let us see which other country will have either an economic or military coup while we are concerned with the Disneyland of contrived World Terrorism.

Sunday, January 18, 2015 A Completely Clean Slate for the 2016 Presidency: President George Clooney and Mrs. Amal Clooney! Have I gone astray? Or perhaps I have been staring at goats too long. The truth of the matter is that as I purview both the Republican and Democratic field of contenders, no one and nothing stands out but mediocrity, boredom and old re-treads, same old story. Neither Bush III, Romney, nor Clinton II will be elected for a number of reasons that I have previously enumerated in many of my former blogs. Furthermore, the ancillary players are just that -simple props to an old narrative that 92

everyone has heard or read before, be you Republican, Democratic, or Independent. Same old blah, blah and not getting any smarter or better looking. So I came to the conclusion that what America needs now is another actor a la Ronald Reagan with a much more au courant script. As I analyzed the primary criteria for Presidency, it came down to one simple factor: Attractiveness, both physical and emotional or maybe I mean CHARISMA! None of the contending candidates have the one element of CHARISMA that Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA Award Winning Actor, George Timothy Clooney, born Lexington Kentucky on May 6, 1961 has. I am not into male or female appearances, but in the world of show biz which the US Presidency really is; no one can beat someone like George Clooney. Why? He is the only one in the history of the Academy Awards according to Wikipedia [don’t forget to donate] to win the following awards: Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture-Drama. The BAFTA Award for the Best Picture and the Academy Award For the Best Picture Producing the CIA Fantasy—ARGO! He has been nominated for Best Pictures; Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor; Best Director; Best Original Screenplay; and Best Adapted Screenplay. Clooney was clearly briefed on all the nonsensical, phantasmagorial CIA adventures of Bob Baier [purveyor beyond fiction] and the non-CIA hostages in Argo. As for the CIA and its contrived fictions, Clooney has been well tutored by John Brennan and his group. And as for Clooney’s own political concerns, he has been active in trying to mediate the conflict in Darfur for which he received numerous real or imaginary awards. Clearly he is a Democrat. In my opinion, he may be the only Democrat who can be elected. Move over tired, haggard Hillary. However, he, like many other Democrats, change their original political stripes to assume the necessary appearance of whatever he has to be at 93

that particular point in time, having executed whatever manner of executive action. In the world of political fantasy and non-reality when we have such dullards as Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid… who better to increase the ‘attractiveness factor’ but George Clooney? His new bride, Ms. Amal Ramzi Alamuddin is a Druze/Lebanese/British subject who was trained at Oxford University and New York University [Masters in Law]. She is clearly beautiful and exceedingly cosmopolitan. She speaks fluent Arabic, French and English and belongs to the most interesting Middle East Religious sects. Druze have been around for centuries, quietly living their lives in their respective countries—be it Lebanon, Syria, Israel [in fact the Druze serve in the IDF with great distinction]. So Ms. Amal brings not only worldly jurisprudence but a Middle Eastern credibility that would easily co-opt any extremist group –ISIS, Al Qaeda, Salafists, et. al. The fact that Clooney has been an actor, director and producer as well as a successful businessman, building his own production companies speaks volumes for his personal sense of self worth. Certainly, he has accomplished more than Clinton [both Hillary and Bill]; or Bush jr or Jeb or Obama before any one of them ran for the Presidency. That he is a Democrat is totally irrelevant to me, considering that Obama has shown that a Democrat can be more ruthless in wars than even Bush Jr and his family members. We are entering a new era which is defined by looks, charisma and acting; be it in psyops or executive functions. Who better to fill that role than a person born and bred of acting and false pretense than the fully certified actor than George Clooney. He has an incredible work ethic and does not spend his time on the golf courses. He writes, produces, directs and acts. As mentioned, he has had a history of successes. He is articulate and looks good on screen. George Clooney out guns all others if you really ponder it. Imagine him giving the state of the union or negotiating with other world leaders. He will rule in social media and you tube, not to mention TV news. Break down the Clooney vote: women, gays, california, spanish, 20/30s, 94

Kentucky, urban, suburban all will vote Clooney. Match him up with a decent VEEP and Clooney 2016 is unstoppable. Compare him to the other horses in the race and you might start to see it the way I do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 How to Make an Academy Award Best Film/Script: Start with three hours about a completely insignificant subject like your own family problems- Make certain you record it over twelve years. Ta-dah! the movie “Boyhood.” Produced, Written, and Directed by Richard Linklater, it will be a front runner for Best Film/ Script. You must know that nothing exacerbates me more than a pretentious person, story, or movie. In my opinion, Boyhood, a 12 year pseudodocumentary of a family growing up in the hip-state of Texas is beyond BOREDOM! Clearly, I am in the minority of reviewers who feel the opposite according the blurbs on the movie jacket: “One of the most EXTRAORDINARY movies of the 21st Century” . [A. O. Scott, NY Times.] “A New American Classic. ACTING OF THE HIGHEST RANK. A four-star game-changer that earns its place in the cultural capsule. Boyhood makes us feel euphoric about movies again.” I found the opening fifteen minutes of the film intolerable in terms of subject matter; acting; and a major lacuna of storyline. However, never one to take myself completely seriously, I sat down again at the grueling insistence of my friends and neighbors who convinced me that I should watch the whole film. Well, I did. Let me say this. I would rather be tortured by counting the blades of grass in my front lawn than watch this exceedingly boring movie. Imagine your most narcissistic family member, insisting on your watching family movies with a Bell and Howell projector for three 95

hours; wherein, your relatives about whom you cared less than nothing, grow up in front of your eyes from bratty little kids to surly, mumbling, angst-ridden teen-agers… who, of course, are Obama enthusiasts! Next imagine that there is no drama whatsoever except for the fact that the rotund Patricia Arquette transforms from a single mother without work to a sophisticated Psychology Professor at one of the Texas Universities or extension courses. Imagine the usually talented actor, Ethan Hawke, aging in front of you over three hours, splattering inanities about life while his son the surly, angst-ridden boy/teenager who wants to be a photographer, read: Director Richard Linklater, goes through puberty at the same time as the rate of catabolism breaks down our bodies. If by now, you are still hooked on this film and consider it a classic then you have too much time on your hands. The dialogue in general is simplistic, if not prosaic. The story line of a liberal film turning toward Christianity and supporting the second Amendment has more to do with the Director/Writer/Producer’s [same guy] incredibly patronizing attitude toward the town/people with whom he grew up in Texas. Full disclosure: I also hated Million Dollar Baby —and it won, Best Picture Award. My point is that spin doctors have taken over reality and quality be it films, politicians, or events –so that the mundane and boring—bereft of drama or organic tension—is HIGHLY REWARDED and GLORIFIED. As for those other films in which there was drama, tension and real acting---GOOD LUCK. You don’t have a prayer than to receive anything but a few head nods and maybe a good review from this blogger. However, amidst 6000 plus Academy Members, I really don’t count. Too bad, “Whiplash” and “American Sniper” were great films.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Here is a MUCH better movie to watch, loved it. Dracula Untold

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 The Increasing Irrelevancy of the State of the Union and the U.S. Presidency! Last night, President Obama made his last State of the Union Speech [SOTUS]. The problem was that he made it. And I did not listen to it. Why? Like most Americans, I have become inured to the political absurdities that were once considered mandates of a free society. There is nothing that Obama or any other politician could tell me that could not have been predicted and disregarded beforehand. He talked about wage inequality. We have always had and will continue to have wage inequality. So what? Americans struggle to make a living. We have always struggled to make a living. You get the idea. So on so forth. The new biggest item on the agenda of ‘show and tell’ was ‘trannies’ or transgender. I don’t really think that the issue of ‘transgender’ or LGBT is commensurate with the supposed gravity of the SOTUS. Nevertheless, that statement made it into the Huffington Post as a ‘hot item’; alongside the “Deflategate”–the NFL report that the Patriots used ‘bum footballs’ in order to win their games. By now, you get the idea of how prosaic and insignificant Obama’s or any other politician’s comments were last night or, as a matter of fact, any nights. The citizens of the Republic have tuned out the words and non-deeds of it’s representatives. For the most part, we realize that in age where the 97

internet allows us to access information ASAP, world events transcend whatever inanities our so-called political elites utter. As Obama was talking about ‘trannies’, the Israeli army was mobilizing it’s reserve units, aircrafts, tanks onto the southern border of Lebanon; after having provoked Hezbollah by killing one of it’s senior leaders. Now, that is news! or just another Middle East War, subsumed by an ovation of standing buffoons clapping and cheering the last, least memorable words of Obama. Btw, Yemen had another coup by a shi’ite group called al-Houthis. Our American Embassy was ordered to evacuate ASAP! The Dutch were engaged in fighting in the Congo. And ISIS was once again performing it’s ritual kabuki of ‘killing for dollars’ [could be a game show; or comedy show. I don’t know which one would be more appropriate.] The CIA ‘hot paper’ on torture was pulled back by some Republicans. Tom Lehrer [MIT instructor] words go: “We will all go together when we go.” Mixed in with his lyrics in the “Masochism Tango” Pretty much summed up my feelings about the State of the Union in general and in the speeches delivered by all individuals and parties that had nothing really to say. As for me, I watched a movie about ‘transspecies transformation’ called, “Dracula Untold” (trailer posted earlier). Boy, did I learn about man’s inability to stop killing, maiming and torturing his fellow beings—by words, deeds and rapacious wars. In fact, nothing had really changed since Vlad, “The Impaler” of Transylvania [present day Romania]. Thank you Dracula for adding some relief to the evening’s costly, boring, irrelevant American side show entertainment called, “The State Of The Union”. In the words of Dracula: “Let the games begin!”


Monday, January 26, 2015 What is Faster than a Speeding Bullet…. More Dangerous than an Atomic Bomb? The Swiss France! Monopoly Money On A Grand Scale! Within hours of the moment that the Zurich Bankers in Switzerland decided, correctly, to break away from the Euro and appreciate significantly…. the following countries went into a financial tailspin: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia…..The list will rise every day. Why? Unbeknownst to many of us in the west, most of the Central and East European countries had mortgages denominated in Swiss Francs [SF]. That means as the SF rose, it became much harder to pay back the loans in the SF. Instead, Hungary decided to convert all SF loans into their own currency-FORINTS [completely worthless in the open currency markets]. Therefore, the aforementioned countries cannot pay back the Swiss denominated loans without restructuring these loans [Poland]; or declaring massive bankruptcy [Romania]. As I have pointed out over the past two years, the European Market will never really be able to settle it’s financial/political/economic differences amidst the poverty stricken- southern tiered countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece [ready to exit the EU]—and the more prosperous northern countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Scandinavian [Denmark, Finland, Sweden]. The reason is quite simple, it has to do with the different political cultures or the national characters of each country. One cannot expect the Spanish who have a corrupt centralized government in Madrid to be able to stimulate an economy with close to 25% unemployment rate. Spain, other than Barcelona [Catalonia], has never been a major center of manufacturing or industry like Frankfurt or Bremen. Germans, despite two world wars; complete fragmentation of their country have, once again, ascended to their apex of economic performance because they are by nature INDUSTRIOUS, FOCUSED, 99

HARD-WORKING; maintaining higher standards of production and manufacturing than most EU countries. That is both a historical and psychological reality. Therefore, when the French, who have never been recognized for their manufacturing skills or work ethic decided to corral Germany in the fictitious myth called the ‘EUROPEAN UNION’—then, the weaker of the two countries, France, suffers the most from this unholy alliance. The reason is that the economic destiny of that EU is not dependent on all the countries but on the strongest country and its currency. The French Franc could never compete against the German Deutsch Mark or, even the stronger, Swiss Franc. Angela Merkel, the brilliant Phd leader of a reunited Germany understands this better than anyone else. She grew up in the dysfunctional East German sector and she knows from past experience how poorly countries that are basically socialist or communist in nature compete in the present day worldwide markets. However, there is one serious caveat that Merkel has to bear, like the Iron Cross. Germany/Austria had extended massive amounts of credit to these ‘failing states’ in the Southern, Eastern and Central part of Europe. If they refuse to repay the loans in the denomination that they are loaned out, usually Swiss Francs; then each country will decide to default on the loans; creating a massive banking crisis throughout Europe, England and possibly worldwide. In time, that type of financial crises will lead to political instability throughout the European continent. The more marginalized minorities [Muslim, Gypsies, et al.] will begin to disrupt the political stability of their respective countries as we have seen in both France and Belgium. However, the real problem is the dissolution of the EU. One way or another, the EU has to dissolve and allow each of the respective countries to print their own moneys. That money will clearly reflect what the dollar mirrors in our present day society—peace, prosperity and political stability. All reality based psychological determinants that must be met in order for a currency to reflect real worth. 100

As you know by now, Switzerland has had three hundred years of peace and political stability—irrespective of what they had to do in order to achieve this long sought after goal. Therefore, this collective underlying pressure felt by the Swiss bankers compelled them to break away from the Euro-Pegged currency which did not really reflect how ‘good things were in Switzerland.’ However, currency wars are two-edged swords. No sooner did the Swiss Franc appreciate than the Swiss exports like Swatches, Chocolate, Weapons, became much more expensive; and not as competitive, in the open trade markets. So the currency wars can have unintended consequences far more reaching in my opinion than KINETIC ACTIONS [War]. Despite President Obama’s jubilance about our present economic situation, he has not really understood how our stock market does not reflect his exuberance. In fact, there is clear evidence to me that there may be signs of deflation creeping into, at best, an erratic stock market-with very low trading volumes. So, what are we to do? I think it would be prudent if we, Americans, could remain liquid. In effect the dollar is so strong that US Treasury yields are so low that just buying US Bonds denominated in US Dollars are considered a ‘safe bet’ for ‘flight capital’. Remember: a strong currency means fewer exports of US manufactured goods. And the one thing that we, Americans, are particularly good at is entrepreneurship; or creating businesses in real time. Clearly our conglomerates cannot carry the brunt of our economic growth. We have to be able to create new businesses at the rate at which employees are being fired in order to maintain the necessary growth rate that will prevent deflation. At the same time, we must have tax codes and financial incentives that will allow our country to grow without USG impediments. I think it would be prudent for us to wait and see what exactly will happen-- as the Swiss Franc Bullet Speeds across the World’s currencies- creating a major tidal wave of disproportionate heights. 101

I hope that I am wrong. The sooner, the EU dissolves, the better it will be for world financial markets which depend on the ability of each country to print money backed by nothing more than psychological determinants like hope, anxiety, and fear---specific to that particular country. What a way to run the world currencies: phony paper money absorbing the cultural/political/historical/psychological determinants of a body politic. Monopoly Money on a Grand Scale! That is the reality of the CURRENCY WARS!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 The future is here, spooky. Organ harvesting aborted babies

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 Many young, smart Jews do not like what is going on, they need your support.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Russia Obtains Junk Bond Status! Half of the Banks in Russia will Collapse in 2015! Russia is completely bankrupt and this is not acceptable. 102

Putin: Stop playing with your toy soldiers and fix the Economy or Leave. Just what I had predicted years ago when Putin was flexing his triceps, biceps and forceps, he forget that brains are really far more effective than brawn. How many times must I have to say that the Russian people deserve better than a miniature Rambo flaunting his six packs while Moscow and St Petersburg are descending rapidly into the cauldron of economic collapse? Contrary to many US intelligence assessments that we Americans are descending into a new Cold War…. we are not in any shape or form. How do I know? I was intimately involved in the one and only Cold War which was terminated “without prejudice”. The fact that we are pre-positioning US military equipment into the Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria—Hungary once again chose the wrong side—means little more than allowing our European allies in the surrounding area to have a sense of comfort that we Americans are present in someway. The real problem lies not with America or even the western countries. It lies squarely in the mind or lack of mindful thoughts of Vladimir Putin. He knows little or nothing about fiscal or market forces that are whipping his country into a humiliating bankruptcy. Russia’s economic collapse is nothing to gloat about for those of us who had helped to ‘terminate’ the Soviet Union once and for all. Real Russians will suffer the brutal winters of scarcity, the likes of which will hint at the misery that Russia once had tolerated during the dysfunctional Soviet Era. When my Russian friends and I had to stand in bread lines in the late 1970s and early 198O’s on Arbat Street in Moscow, I felt a kinship with all those people who were grateful to just receive a loaf of bread for one Kopek. I was not grateful but furious that all these brave, honest citizens of a once Great Russian Empire had to basically beg for what was rightfully theirs---food and clothing.


Yet like the selfish apparatchiks who ran the dysfunctional Soviet Union, these new Kremlin Kleptocrats, an extension of the old corrupt KGB, have elicited absolutely no concern for their fellow Russians who did not rob, steal and destroy the State. Putin is now the only leader in the history of Russia who purposefully took a great country that could not afford a $50B Sochi Olympics and destroyed it’s industries, infrastructures for nothing more than his own narcissistic insatiable needs. He is more pathetic than feared. He is weaker than he is stronger; and he is clearly more ignorant than he even realizes. However the Ukraine debacle started, the real issue now is who will save Russia from the Russians? As I had repeatedly warned, Russia cannot effectively exist on the forced reality of $40 per barrel of oil. Putin was alerted six months ago by me and his financial ministers. He did not believe that oil would drop intentionally or otherwise to $40 dollars a barrel and even lower. My Russian friends, it’s time for you to go into the bitter winter cold and demand that Putin relinquish the reins of control to your brilliant technocrats who have not been corrupted by the Kremlin Kleptocracy and turn the Russian economy around ASAP! No one man since Ivan The Terrible or even Stalin has destroyed such a great nation as Russia. What you need more than ever is Peter the Great; who reached out to Holland, France, and German to help him and his citizens become a modern nation. What you do not need is a MUJIK [peasant] who knows nothing except how to fight on a Judo Mat; demonstrating nothing more, than brute force and ignorance. Think of what the great writer Leo Tolstoy would have said of Putin---“ He is a BLOOD STAIN on the rich soil of Mother Russia!” “Idite Damou”, Putin! Go home, Putin! Leave Our Great Mother Russia alone to recover from your assault!


Thursday, January 29, 2015 Colicky Crying Baby Bibi, “The Republican Senator From Israel” is Leading Israel into Another Quagmire of Self-Destruction and Pariah Status! Bibi’s recent gratuitous assassinations of an Iranian General and a Hezbollah official near the Golan Heights in Lebanon demonstrate once again how Israel, founded on the blood and guts of Diaspora Jews, as well as IDF soldier, is being led into a quagmire of self-destruction. Even the prestigious Jewish/Yiddish paper/blog Forward has printed in bold letters the following words: “BIBI’S BAD CHOICE!” The Forward did not print that bold statement just to make a sensation. They articulated in a very elegant, calm, non-religious fashion the reasons why Bibi’s impetuous, completely narcissistic desire to deliver an unwanted speech in front of the US Congress defending his untenable position in trying to destroy the Iran Treaty--- insults both the United States President Obama; as well as the American people, especially the American Jews, who purportedly are the back bone of support for Israel. The Forward quotes the following statistics and important personnel in the USA: • Bibi’s appearance coalesces both the left wing Jews in America, represented by J Street [Soros] alongside right wing Chris Wallace [Fox News; Murdoch’s mother was Jewish]. • Both extremes of the American political spectra agree that Bibi’s actions can hurt Israel, qua Israel; as well encourage the ratification of the Iran Treaty, more quickly. • Even Bibi’s ex Former American born Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, says the [Bibi] speech was a ‘cynical political move’ that could ‘hurt our attempts to act against Iran’ TRIFECTA!


A childish narcissist like Bibi who was bred and raised in the cradle of luxury outside of Philadelphia, PA. [nowhere near Israel] mistook his entitled breeding for understanding the very people, Americans, who gave him the unique opportunity to become the Prime Minister of Israel. First, and most importantly, Bibi never really appreciated how much Israel’s independence and survival really depends on America’s goodwill. It’s not a mandate from heaven that orders us Americans to assist and abet Israel in her most dangerous times. Bibi was not there in the 1970’s when another American born Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, begged (yes, begged, pleaded) Nixon and Kissinger [German Jew] to immediately aid her and Israel to avoid defeat in the Yom Kippur War. Nixon, not known as a Hebraic scholar, went out of his way to order ASAP American Fighter Jets to fly into Israel; and quickly allow Israeli fighter pilots to take over control of the American Jets that were on the ground with their after jets still burning, marked with Israeli markings and allow them to save the day for Israel. At that moment, Nixon literally saved the Israeli nation. And according to the John Dean, the snitch of all snitches, Nixon was supposed to be an “Anti-Semite”! By coming to America and delivering a nonsensical speech about the dangers of Iran, when in fact Pakistan already had 250 plus atomic bombs, insults our President, our Congress [that may be too stupid to know when it is being insulted] and most importantly, alienates the preponderance of American Jews. The Forward: “Apathy on Israel is far more dangerous in the LONG TERM than a few angry college kids protesting the occupation [West Bank, Gaza]. …. Whoever is advising Bibi is showing their ineptness at reading and reaching the majority of American Jews…” On a more objective level, as if this would matter to the emotional immature Bibi, “the Pew Research Center 2013 Survey of American Jews showed that 53% APPROVED of Obama’s HANDLING OF IRAN compared with 41% of the public as a whole”. [Forward]. The problem of Bibi is quite simple. 106

He is immature, self-absorbed and bereft of strategic concerns or ability to map out a course for his country for more than a week or two of fighting and repression. It is time for the Israelis to change course ASAP. In the middle of March, 2015, Israel has the choice to vote for two Sabrahs whose family marked the true history and legacy of the Zionist State—Isaac Herzog and Livni Tsipi. Whatever their collective views for both these alternative candidates of the new Zion Party, they represent a history and future potential truly rooted in both Judaic history/ Diaspora and Zionist Terrorism, upon which the state of Israel was founded. Chaim Herzog, the father of Isaac Herzog was an Irish-born Israeli politician; General of the IDF; and lawyer who served as the Sixth President of Israel. Chaim had fought for Irish Independence; and his famous Talmudic father, Rabbi Yitshak Ha Levi Herzog, spoke fluent Irish Language and was knows as the “SEIN FEIN RABBI” [Irish Republican Army]. Go Irish! Chaim volunteered for the British Intelligence Corps in WWII and participated in the Liberation of several concentration camps. Chaim also was involved in the capture of the notorious Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Finally Chaim joined the new born Israeli Army as Chief of IDF Military Intelligence , 1948-1962. He then left the IDF as a Major –General. Try to match that one, Bibi! with your draft-dodger father. Herzog was appointed Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, serving until 1978. In 1981, Herzog entered politics for the first time and became a member of the predecessor party to the Labor Party. Similarly, Bibi’s other opponent, Tzipi Livni has an equally impressive background. Her father was the Operational Director of the Irgun Zve Leumi [ETZL]—Menachim Begin’s ‘Jewish Terrorist’ group. She grew up in Betar [which I had joined as a youngster] and then went on to many prominent senior legal and political positions in the new Israel. Therefore, what we have here is the case of the colicky baby Bibi who wants what he wants when he wants it. On the other side of the nursery we have true Sabras born and bred of the best and the brightest of Israel’s scholar/warriors….. which one will continue to rule? 107

Let me end with the words of a Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic: “A sitting President [Obama] cannot be written off by a small dependent ally, WITHOUT TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!” [my emphasis].


Monday, February 2, 2015 Robert Parry details how the neocons, NYTimes and others (Bush, Billary) make war, not diplomacy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 When ever you stare up at the blue sky and wonder why those plumes are forming.... think

Thursday, February 5, 2015 Brazil in Danger of Severe Drought! Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Minas Gerais –All have Major Water Shortage Problems w/ over 30 Million People Affected! Twenty years ago, I wrote a novel about the impending Second Civil War in the USA over a shortage of water in the Southwest. The book delineated the strife among California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona over the decreasing amount of water available in the Colorado River. What I thought would happen in the USA in time has actually become a reality in Sao Paolo, the business capital of Brazil. Now, Brazil is a country about the size of the USA and has the largest water basin in the world around the Amazon River. So how did this country of natural bounties and a massive supply of water end up in a state of near drought? Many reasons are given. Most of the shortage is blamed on a corrupt government which was too busy plundering the country of its natural resources and selling them overseas. I would not disagree with that assessment as only part of the answer. 109

You see the present President, an ex-terrorist and a clone of her inept socialist boss, has no executive abilities that would in any way suggest that she understood how to run a large resource-rich country. Then there is the usual explanation that petrochemical and other industries have used so much water that there was very little left for the citizenry. That is also partly true. What no one, including the Brazilian Government, has discussed at all is that animal husbandry in the AMAZON has deforested that water rich area. I am not a hydrologist, but I do know a little bit about water resources. The single most devastating cause of drought anywhere around the world is animal husbandry. Yes, think for a minute that every time you eat a Hamburger you in effect consume about 660 gallons of water. Am I delusional? I had the good fortune to see an independent movie entitled “COWSPIRACY” by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn It was not a simple propaganda film. Trust me, I don’t watch that stuff. The film showed how we Americans and others citizens around the world will be eventually depleted of water in the next decade because of the massive requirements for water when a farmer raises the necessary nutrients [grains, feed] as well the cows, pigs, chickens etc. to be consumed per day to maintain our current diet. ▪ Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of Greenhouse Emissions; more than all transportation combined. ▪ Methane has produced global warming 86 Times that of CO2. ▪ Fracking water use ranges from 70-140 billion gallon annually. In comparison Livestock is responsible for 65% of all emissions of Nitrous oxide- A Greenhouse gas 296X more destructive than CO2 and stays in the atmosphere for 150 years. ▪ Growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of water in the USA. ▪ 2,500 Gallons of water are needed to produce 1 POUND OF BEEF!! 110

▪ An average American consumes 209 pounds of meat per year. You get the idea, the fork should dominates the knife. Vegetarian diets minimize the aforementioned disasters. However, I am not going to proselytize you. I am here to answer one simple question: Why did Sao Paulo become water starved when the leaders of Brazil have known for many years that they would inevitably have major water shortages if they continue on their current path? For decades, the beef and farming industry in Brazil has been so powerful that they have literally killed anyone that might interfere with their continuous destruction of the rich Amazon Rain Forest for the purpose of animal husbandry. An American Nun who had tried warn the world about the impending doom of the Amazon Rain forest was killed by the Brazilian meat industry. If we continue to eat meat at our current rate; and we continue to destroy our oceans for fishing and our lands for animal husbandry---we too can become like BRAZIL! without water. Just to make the point a little bit more poignant. Several years ago, a group of people who had no water migrated to a city and overloaded the capacity of that city until each person was fighting the other for space and resources. What am I talking about? The Civil War in Syria was about water. The Sunnis from Homs and Hama verses the Alawites [Bashar Assad] who had controlled Damascus and the Syrian coastline where water and food resources were plentiful. The water war turned into a religious war! Climate Wars will constitute the next major outbreaks in our continuous, addictive, worldwide self-destructive behaviors towards one another. I hope that I am wrong but the recent water crisis in Brazil might be an indication that I am right.


Monday, February 9, 2015 President Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of Belarus, Once a Thug Acting Solely on Behalf of Russia, has Turned into an Effective Conciliatory Statesman! On February 11, the EU countries which are directly involved in the conflict with Russia over the Ukraine, along with the USA and NATO representatives, will meet in Minsk, the capital of Belarus under the diplomatic aegis of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Now, this Belarus President has a certain meaning in my personal life. About a decade ago, I was on a train from Moscow to Poland. When we arrived at the Brest-Litovsk station in order to change our rail gauges, I was confronted with an array of Belarussian security guards pointing an assortment of weapons at me, including the infamous AK-47 rifles. A melee of discussions, accusations and pushing ensued. Result: I was thrown off the train for presumably not having had a transit paper to go through Belarus. The reality, of course, was a little different. The fact that I spoke Russian to some of the guards, carried an American passport and was on my way to my ancestral homeland, Poland, coagulated into a clot-like impediment to proceed the remaining thousand yards into Poland. When I returned back to Moscow, I reamed my KGB operatives, disguised as travel agents for having ‘inadvertently forgotten’ to give me a transit paper through Belarus. I did not go to the US Embassy in either Minsk or Moscow. I found that the hotel services of the Marriott corporation were far more efficient and effective than the US Embassy Representatives [hint: get rid of our useless US Embassies]. In any case, I eventually returned to Poland soon after, using a direct flight from Chicago to Poland. Yet I simmered for years, cursing under my breath both Lukashenko and Belarus. However, something happened to me and Aleksandr. Over time, I noticed that Aleksandr had started to act in a more reasonable, less totalitarian way toward his own lovely people [extremely helpful 112

when I was thrown off the train]; as well as very statesman-like toward the Ukraine problem. There were times that Lukashenko, by geopolitical proximity to Russia, had to support Putin in some of his more rash moments of action. In particular, Aleksandr initially sided with Putin when Putin decided to invade the Crimea under false pretexts. Then over a period of time, Aleksandr correctly perceived that unadulterated affiliation with Russia was both harmful to his country, Europe and Russia, itself. In a very mature and statesmanship like initiative, he offered to broker the dispute between the US/NATO/EU interests vs Russia/Putin’s geopolitical spheres of influence. I don’t know what the outcome will be of this forthcoming meeting. I would hope that Merkel of Germany [East Germany] and Aleksandr [ Former Communist Official] can convince the ex-KGB agent, trained in East Germany that times have changed. Spheres of influence, created by the nonsensical neocon and faux geopolitical strategists wherever they may be ensconced [usually in some type of govt funded think-tank] are completely irrelevant in a world of economic/psychological warfare; climate wars; and interdependency of fiscal/political interests; and most importantly, Cyber wars and cyberattacks. The world has changed. Putin has not come to that realization yet. Russia is a great country with large amounts of natural and human resources that need a new type of bright Russian youth to take over the Kremlin and redirect Mother Russia toward a greater destiny than old regrets and antiquated geopolitical mandates. Maybe in the new Russia, there is a young man who can arise and become the new Peter The Great and take Russia back into the world full of economic growth and progressive development. Or better yet, a young Russian woman of Prussian descent can arise to become the new Catherine the Great. Anything is possible in this newly changing world where a wrestler can become a leader of a country and then eventually evolve into an effective world statesman, like Belarusian President, Aleksandr Lukashenko. Boshen Daragoy! 113

Let Us Thank God!

Thursday, February 12, 2015 England’s Parliament is Investigating the Corrupt HSBC Secret Swiss Accounts.. Surprise! For most of you, the notion that a bank with the significant initials like HSBC might be corrupt is not a new revelation. It is simply a reaffirmation of what all of us have suspected for a very long time. So what difference does this investigation make today vs. any day? Here may lie the answer in this excerpt from Bloomberg Business, Feb.9, 2015, by Robert Hutton: “The report that HSBC’s private-banking unit made significant profits handling secret accounts for drug cartels, arms dealers, tax evaders and fugitive diamond merchants outraged the British lawmakers, and forced Prime Minister David Cameron to defend his 2011 appointment of the bank’s former chairman, STEPHEN GREEN as a TRADE MINISTER”. Please remember that our own distinguished ex-Attorney General Eric “False Flag” Holder thought that HSBC was “TOO LARGE TOO FAIL”… He was wrong as usual. However, the British have in their own disingenuous way suddenly discovered that a whale of a bank named HSBC denoting the following territories of business: H-Hong Kong; SShanghai; B-Beijing; C-China is really….. CORRUPT! This revelation is more ludicrous than one might realize, given the fact that the former Tory [Republican] Chancellor of the Exchequer [Secretary of the Treasury], Nigel Lawson pronounced the following revelation that only an Englishman and Mad Dogs could ever state: “I can’t believe that Stephen Green, who amongst other things is an ordained church of England Priest, could possibly have known what was going on.” 114

I write this blog to illustrate once again how incredibly corrupt our large banks are, no matter where they are based—be it Citigroup; JP Morgan Chase; Bank Of America…. They all have serious defects in their structure which will lead eventually to self-destruction. These entities have rapacious appetite to fund their own purses with imaginary or illicit gains. That is the basic recipe for becoming antiquated in the 21st century when PayPay or other internet financial instruments [Bitcoins ] will eventually evolve into the new currency of worldwide transaction, absent buildings, useless tellers and managers, and charging the customer for placing his/her money in a particular bank. In my experience, no bank has had more problems on a retail level then the newly reconstructed Canadian entity entitled TD Bank, a testimony to human frailty and incompetence. Yet I point the accusatory finger at England, once again. England has hidden in the groves of antiquity and irrelevancy for almost half a century when America became the major Superpower after WWII. However, be it Tony Blair or David Cameron, these inept Prime Ministers have always had their hands stretched out for pecuniary reasons toward America or the Far East. In the case of Tony Blair, literally a war criminal, his collusion with our President Bush Jr/Cheney to doctor all types of intelligence in order to create an unnecessary war in both Iraq and Afghanistan [both British creations] cost our country billions with millions going straight into Blair’s pockets. As for David Cameron, here we see another aspect of a spectrum of corruption couched in the shibboleth that HSBC was “too big to control”. Nonsense! I know that between UBS, a Swiss Bank and HSBC, a certain individual female senior executive was shuttled from one bank to the other for the sole purpose of enticing American customers and other wealthy individuals with the false, but promising notion, that ‘one could avoid paying a country’s taxes’. No country in the world has been more cowardly toward morality and the sense of justice than the Confederation of Cantons, called per chance , “Switzerland”. No other country has 115

declared the ersatz title of ‘neutrality’ during all the major European Wars in order to extract maximum profits from the victors and vanquished, all at the same time. It was in Zug, Switzerland that the greatest US commodity swindler Philbro/Mark Rich [defended by Eric Holder and pardoned by Clinton] sought eventual refuge from US Federal Prosecution. Once again, we are witnessed to a charade of British justice as we see what Prime Minister David Cameron will eventually do about his transparent appointment of an de facto corrupt Minster of Trade, Stephen Green, the Anglican Vicar of Embezzlement and Extortion. I am not going to hold my breath. Everything the British have created in the Post WWI period in the Middle East has turned into a turgid conflagration of religion, extremism, ethnic diversity---all hidden within the initials of a C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. That’s right! They the Brits hid their past miscreant exploitative behavior in terms of a word that would evoke a sense of nationalism and patriotism –the notion of a country –when in fact there was no country that could exist from it’s very inception. Witness the creation by MI-6’s desert warrior, Ms Gertrude Bell, who by force, intimidation and sheer will power took Kurdish Tikrit; melded it with Sunni Baghdad; and then, folded the two together along with Shi’ite Basra into a central oil dispensary called: IRAQ! So whether the entity is called Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Syria or whether one has HSBC--- we, the public understand all too well that money, corruption and chicanery will always be involved. Those generations who are to follow us are doomed to unravel the mess that we have created intentionally with all the rationalizations that absolve us from accountability, morality or guilt. Long Live the Thorny Crown of Iniquity! May it last…. Until its eventual demise! And may “disingenuous behavior” keep serving us well into the future of oblivion and amnesia! 116

Thursday, February 12, 2015 goodbye Jon, from the Forward. We hardly knew ye!

Saturday, February 14, 2015 Congratulations to the New Attorney General Loretta Lynch, First African-American Woman to be Nominated to that Office! Don’t Become an Eric Holder—Newtown False Flag/Gun Control Fiasco/ Civil Rights Wannabe “Agitator”! Loretta is black, female, southern-born [Durham, North Carolina]; Harvard Undergraduate and JD. More importantly, she was the Sorority Sister of Eric Holder’s politically powerful OB-Gyn, beautiful wife – Dr. Sharon Malone, M.D.- and a dedicated U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. It looks as if political cronyism and racial affinity has played a crucial role in the nomination of our new U.S Attorney General. Even more cynical than her historical proximity to Eric Holder’s wife, is that Ms Lynch is tainted by the fact of her seeming superficial similarities to the Michelle/Jarret/ Malone Mafia -- all of an elite group African-American Women who tolerate nothing except a limited agenda of power to implement gun control and racial/economic equality. However, I have this slight inkling that there is something very different about this petite impish force, Loretta Lynch. I believe she will be different in her future performance as strict legal interpreter of the Federal Laws and that she will not pull an absurd, disgraceful, national scam like the “Newtown Stand Down,” Gun Control Fiasco. Here’s why… Lynch was born in Greensboro, North Carolina on May 21, 1959, she is truly American. Her mother was a school librarian; and her father was a Baptist Minister who helped persecuted blacks to flee the Jim 117

Crow laws of the south [Wikipedia]. Now to many of you that may not be very significant. Yet to me, who grew up in Harlem, I was well acquainted with the Baptist Ministers, like Adam Clayton Powell; who despite his political chicanery, was a charismatic, serious spokesman for the poor blacks in NYC. Those African Americans who grew up with privilege and education, like the medical doctor, Dr. Arthur Logan [Director of the Health Insurance Group-HIP, my father was a partner] and his lovely sister, were in the forefront of civil rights, way before the Selma Marches; or Martin Luther King’s historic speeches. These elite professionals began the quiet rumblings of an American Revolution called, “Civil Rights”; which LBJ had implemented into official legislation. For me, Loretta Lynch’s background of growing up in the 1960s in the South allowed her to understand the intricate complexities that were involved in segregation. This history of real confrontation with segregation will have an impact on her future actions as a pragmatic American jurisprudence professional. She is the true American daughter of the real civil rights war; not just a participant/observer like the token Republican black, Condi Rice who never smelled the stringent odor of tear gas. In contrast, neither Obama’s and Holder’s light brush of discrimination; giving them both a slightly tainted feelings of injustice; allowing them to complain about ‘injustices’ when they both voraciously consumed the benefits of “Affirmative Action”; which eventually propelled them into their lofty respective positions. It is important to understand that unlike their respective wives, neither man was really “An American’-- in the sense of growth or acculturation. Both men were wrapped in the white man’s guilty blanket of entitlements: [1] Obama went to pre-paid private schools, fostered and nurtured by the CIA. [2] Holder was of Bahamian Mulatto roots; ascending to academic excellence through elite high schools and colleges. He was a protégé of the Clinton machinery. 118

The simple fact is that Sharon Malone, the sister of a well-known civil rights leader, Vivian Malone-Jones [one of two students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama] should have been a political force in her own right. Instead she had decided assume the role of a female Talleyrand who stood back in the shadows of power, manipulating Obama, Holder, and Lynch from Washington DC to the black-dominated summer homes in Oak Bluffs, Cape Cod, Mass. For whatever reasons, she had decided to become one of the last medical heroines: an Ob-Gyn doctor with twenty-five years of liability attached to every delivery. Such black women of power and brains could not step forward until now. Loretta has the chance to demonstrate what justice really means to all American because, unlike Holder, she really worked in the cesspool of black/white crimes; political chicanery; and banking malfeasance [indicted Citibank and UBS for corrupt practices]. Let me tell you that when you have to oversee prosecution of felons in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island, you have seen the gamut of crimes from petty theft to construction fraud of the highest order. I would like to wish the new Attorney General Loretta Lynch the best of luck. I don’t care how she got to that position. I only ask that she would act like her mother and father—honestly, courageously and fair. This country can’t afford any more Eric Holders. Let ‘the Duck’ [Holder] go back into the swamp waters and waddle away from our American shores of decency, transparency, effectiveness and an a complete absence of ‘False Flags’. BTW, if you want to hear the most compelling, rational discussion on race and police relations, then tune into the new FBI Director James Comey’s recent speech on that topic. What a breath of Fresh Air!


Monday, February 16, 2015 Putin and Merkel Pivot Away from the Minsk Agreement toward War? Peace? EU Disintegration? Never have the psychological dynamics of each key player been more important to world peace in the 21st century. On February 15, the world saw what two strong personalities from seemingly two disparate cultures will do with respect to the crucial world issues of peace, war, EU disintegration and other ancillary untoward consequences. What do I mean? It is very rare for me with my history to witness such a confluent of worldwide issues being concentrated in one truncated place and time. The recent Minsk Accords facilitated by Lukashenko [Belarus] was a last minute attempt to bring a moment of respite to an escalating situation of confrontation between the USA and Russia. Not since the Cold War have we seen such a mounting sense of tension. Some pundits in the USA want to compare the Russia-USA confrontation in the Ukraine to the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Kennedy era. I don’t think its similar at all because that past incident occurred between two different types of personalities. JFK was correctly assessed by the ruthless, murderous Khruschev as weak and indecisive. One must remember as I have written before in other blogs that JFK was a mental/physical cripple who was completely addicted to 19 different medications which were intended to maintain his level of acumen. Despite such pharma regimens, he had psychotic breaks when he was hospitalized at New York Hospital for Addison’s Disease [absence of Adrenal Glands]. On the other side of the negotiations table was a ruthless mujik who had obtained his imprimatur as a ruthless Soviet Stalinist who had already killed over three million Kulaks [private Ukrainian farmers who had refused to be nationalized] in over nine months in 1933. So, we had the medical/psychological “wimp” and the killer, despite the nonsense propaganda pablum produced by 120

Harvard’s Ted Sorenson about Camelot and it’s charismatic, determined leader, JFK. Today, we have Putin, a tough ex-KGB operative who had been trained in East Germany under the auspices of Markus Wolf [Spy Who Came in From the Cold]. Similarly, Merkel as we have described before, was raised as the daughter of a West German Lutheran Minister who went to East Germany to counteract the effects of Communism which eventually led to the Berlin Wall being taken down. Merkel grew up to become a strong politician and intellectual, she received her PhD in Physics. So for the moment, I am positing the fact that we have two different personalities from the two aforementioned politicians of the 1960’s. Now in the shadows of conflict lies an American President who most people think is quite weak and indecisive based on past actions; particularly the refusal to enforce the red lines in Syria and the botched Libya experiment. I agree that both manifestations are of ineptness and naivete. However, I am convinced that POTUS, a product of American Intelligence, has learned his lessons with the use of force and the willingness to be tough, irrespective of the consequences [witness the massive Drone Wars in the Middle East]. Therefore, what we have is an indeterminate respite of peace for as long as it will last. Putin will continue to test the limits of his self-designated geographical prerogatives. That’s his personality. He can brook no limits imposed from the outside or even within his own coterie of Kremlin advisors. As evidence, we see his transporting over fifty tanks into Eastern Ukraine hours before the cease fire. Yet, Putin sat for 17 hours in what appeared to be a serious attempt to negotiate a treaty in Minsk. However, if one looks carefully at the photos of the roundtable interactions, one will see that Putin has always kept one eye on Merkel as she, in turn, has kept her eyes on Putin. If Putin breaks the Minsk accord, the newly appointed David Cohen, Deputy Director of the CIA [first Jew to be in such a senior position in a very anti-Semitic intelligence organization] will increase the economic strangle-hold on the Russian economy, dropping the Ruble to the point that it will not be worth the 121

paper it is printed on. In turn, Germany will increase their economic sanctions of Russia which may become more painful than what the US can do. Germany may start to rearm it’s forces and once again we will witness the rise of what was once a formidable fighting force. At the same time, Merkel will have to deal with Greece’s economic woes that in my humble opinion are beyond repairing. She will try to keep Greece in the EU in order to make certain that Greece cannot write off the billions of dollars in debt that it owes to German, Austrian and Italian banks. All types of EU committees, like one called ‘cohesian’ will desperately try to salvage Greece. Even the World Bank subsidiary the International Monetary Fund [IMF—a pathetic cover for American donations] will try to loan Greece money. This is the week that will be and then eventually become the week that was. What will happen is not everyone’s guess. It will reside with one major factor which we Americans really do not teach nor prepare for –the psychological/political dynamics of two very powerful personalities--- Merkel and Putin. If we learn nothing more from what will transpire, I will lobby for a unit of the White House that President Eisenhower had once instituted –Unit For Psychological/Political Behavior. America must anticipate behavior of world leaders rather than simply react to it. Its called strategy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Leslie Gore R.I.P.


Thursday, February 19, 2015 The Ukraine/Russia Self-Defeating Conflict: Both are Economically Intermeshed to the Degree that Hurting One Seriously Damages the Other. Time to Stop Fighting and Start Making Money in Both Countries! Let’s get the Interested EU, East European countries and the USA involved in a constructive economic program for both countries. This way everyone wins. And just for the record: No statement could be more false than the one that Russia has changed the borders of the Ukraine by annexing Crimea. As I have pointed out almost a year ago, Russia has had both a historical imperative to the warm waters of the Crimea for which it had fought a major war in the late 19th Century, losing millions of civilians and soldiers in that process. Furthermore, Russia had been promised when the Soviet Union was dismantled-- through side agreements and verbal assurances –that Crimea was and will continue to be part of the Russian sphere of influence. Despite those assurances, America and its NATO allies entered into costly economic/kinetic war that really resolved very little in terms of territorial hegemony. More importantly, this economic warfare which we successfully implemented has come to point where it is now becoming self-destructive both to Russia and to the Ukraine. The reason is really quite simple. Russia and the Ukraine are so economically intertwined that by trying to hurt one bank in Russia, we in the west, are really damaging a corresponding bank in the Ukraine. Witness the fact that Foreign Direct Investments [FDI] from Cyprus [Russian Banking Cut-Out Country] fell from 33% to 29% in Ukraine 2013 to 2014. [Stratfor, 2/18/2015]. Similarly, Russia and the Ukraine are one major oil/gas terminal made up of interlacing pipelines; wherein both Roseneft and Lukoil [both Russian firms] sold off 240 filling stations in the Ukraine to an Austrian Company AMIC Energy Management. 123

This worldwide accepted narrative that Russia has pre-empted western attempts by Kiev to enter the EU is not completely true nor enlightening. That narrative as usual serves the more bellicose desires of those strategic neophytes who pontificate about antiquated geopolitical spheres of influence which now have evaporated into a vapor cloud of computing. These are now amorphous Cyber-Nations, funded by binary numbers consisting of ones and zeros. So what is to be done? It imperative for the USA to initiate, along with its French/German/ Austrian and Chinese partners, a financial packet which will address both the monetary requirements for economic rehabilitation in both of the twin countries of Ukraine and Russia. This is a unique opportunity for the leading financial Eastern and Western Superpowers in partnership with their respective private financial conglomerates to create a new menu of finance products/partnerships. These should appeal to the youth of both nations so that they might start respective hi-tech and manufacturing incubators that can act as models of economic entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Why not reconfigure an impending disaster into a hopeful opportunity for peace and prosperity? The Ukraine and Russians must remember that they have far more in common than they have differences. Kinetic military actions will have to become subservient to the economic imperatives of MUTUAL DEPENDENCY! Otherwise, what will hurt one will also hurt the other. Cut off one limb in Russia and you may be unwittingly amputating two separate limbs in the Ukraine. This time let us think out-of-the-box! Where are the Silicon Valley Boys? Its time to grow up and influence developing economies in a positive way. Let me reiterate an interesting thought by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Whosoever would be man must be a conformist.” Or, in the words of the great economist, Adam Smith: “Man, an animal that makes bargains.” In the Information Age: Make Commerce not War. 124

Monday, February 23, 2015 What Happens When Narcissism Gloats Exponentially and Delivers Awards to Itself for Mediocrity? It’s Called The 87th Academy Awards… or Where did Oscar Go? It would be fair to say that a significant number of you probably watched last night’s Academy Awards Ceremony. Since I voted for the best script, I started to watch it. As many of you know from my previous blogs, I picked two movies that I thought stood out from the rest of the films: “Whiplash” and the once ignored “American Sniper”. I am glad they won some awards. However, I could not watch the Oscar ceremony once the host, Neil Patrick Harris came out in his underpants and thought that this puerile action was funny. For the most part, I have very little respect for the actors who celebrate their narcissism on a steady diet of false adoration and expansive platitudes. No two movies were more absurd both in their creation and their execution than the front runners: “Boyhood” and “Birdman”. As I wrote previously, “Boyhood” was a boring family saga akin to watching home movies of your most detestable family members who have nothing better to do than navel gazing. “Birdman” was another piece of cinematic farce. It was ostensibly a picture of a repulsive, faded actor played by Michael Keaton attempting a comeback. Ironically, I watched the beginning of the film when Keaton is floating in mid-air, then goes into rehearsals on a Broadway stage. The rest of the story is riddled with dialogue, drama and tension akin to free associations of one of my former lobotomized patients who had been hospitalized for a bad LSD trip. Yet, “Birdman” received numerous other awards from the Director’s, Producer’s and Screen Actor’s Guilds because it was considered a film of an unbearable length of time, shot in one take. Now, for those you who do not know that movies are usually shot in small segments, then those segments are tethered together by a talented [in this case] or non-talented editor, “Birdman” in principle was shot without a retake or cuts. I don’t believe that narrative. More importantly, I could care less whether the film was taken from a satellite perspective 125

or that of a cockroach [sorry Franz Kafka], both the story and the lead character, Michael Keaton were at best boring if not completely reprehensible. I have had the misfortune of meeting Michael Keaton in Bozeman, Montana. What little interaction I had with him was both unpleasant and dismissive. I found him by personality to be just what the lead in “Birdman” was: self-involved, irrelevant and paranoid. While watching last night’s Oscar Event, I had feelings of tediousness, disgust and boredom throughout. Wasn’t this supposed to be entertainment?? I sense as the Hollywood movie industry becomes increasingly irrelevant to the world audience, the academy members have become more desperate in testing the borders of absurdity and narcissism. A host standing in his jockey shorts and making nonsensical pronouncements, followed by the Lady Gaga’s inappropriate tribute to a fifty year old film, “Sound Of Music” demonstrates that Hollywood is caught in the nostalgia, bereft of any convincing or worthy scripts that will engage the present or future generations into watching anything other than Netflix,Twitter, Amazon, You Tube, et. al. I am writing what I suspect is the beginning of an obituary for the Hollywood Film Industry which was founded on the simple premise of entertaining the masses without resorting to ‘dick jokes’ or music that has been buried within the distorted cavities of nostalgia. I once again reaffirmed for myself that the nonsensical solipsistic palaver of the Hollywood presenters and ex-celebrities was very much akin to the nonsense that we, Americans hear on a daily basis from our present leaders in the White House; as well as, our self-adoring, dim-witted contenders for the Presidency. America, it’s time to shut off the TV. We need some new forms of entertainment and leadership. Let’s try to assess merit and achievement over self-glorification, fictional narratives and paeans to narcissism. I believe in the following pronouncement by the great poet, William Butler Yeats: “The best lack conviction [or taste]; while the worst are full of passionate intensity [ self-love].” 126

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Qatar: In the Line of American Fire. We have 10,000 US Troops Protecting this Oil-Rich Emirate! and we developed their Gas/Oil Fields. So why do we allow Qatar to fund/manage ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and many other Islamic Terrorist Groups? Are we playing games? Or are we wasting lives in a phony war on terror? Hats off to an intrepid young journalist, Jay Solomon, the point man for Foreign Policy news at the conservative Wall Street Journal, who wrote a brilliant article along with Nour Malas, on Feb. 23, 2015 entitled: “Qatar’s Ties To Militants Strain Alliance” (posted earlier). The authors point to one simple conundrum: Americans created the little Emirate of Qatar when our behemoth oil companies—Exxon Mobil Corp. and Conoco Phillips—took the unusual risk of drilling for natural gas in that destitute entity called a ‘country’. We now base our military personnel and fly our jets to fight ISIS from Qatar. Yet, Qatar (along with Saudi Arabia) is a main financier of ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and any other Sunni extremist groups. Americans are paying Qatar to kill our men and women in a so-called “existential battle to eliminate extremist terrorist groups.” Now, either I have attended one too many Mad Hatter Lunches or something is wrong with our Foreign Policy. Please read the following sentence from the WSJ article: “They said Qatar has the right to have diplomatic ties with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamist movements that they said have broad support in the Arab public”. Why not pull out of Qatar and let them do what they do best: Buy insurance from terrorist groups who promise not to kill the young Qatari Emir—just like Saudi Arabia did [and regretted it]. But here is where my B.S. meter goes crazy…. “We are not bloc-mentality –belonging country. We create platforms for dialogue, said Qatar’s foreign minister Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiyah,”If this approach allows us to bring long-lasting peace and security in our region, we will not be affected by criticism.” 127

If you want our troops to protect you guys, then do as we say… or we will do what we want! But then is our military at the beck and call of the oil interests? Whats the real story behind the mysterious beginning of the narrative called , “IsIs”, “Hamas”, “Al Qaeda”, and all the Libyan Islamic Forces that former Sec State Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power [UN], and Susan Rice [NSC] created because of their incompetence in dismissing Col. Qaddafi. And now, Egypt is trying to eliminate those Islamic Terrorist in Libya while the Emir of Qatar is funding them and others. So we create 9/11 with a little help from our friends; then we invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan…but we can’t take out the Emir of Qatar and his puny little government which we are protecting so that we can fly missions over Iraq/Syria in order to waste more useless bombs and extend a non-war for three more years. Yeah, that’s a great story. But why don’t we just take out the Emir and his coterie? Maybe the CIA or Military Intelligence can tell you the answer. But as far as I am concerned, we send our troops into a self-created harm’s way, then we blow them up with weapons that we left behind as in Iraq and we protect the bad guys who fund the most horrible killers whom we call ‘muslim extremists’. While we try to explain to the world the nuance of ISIS and how it represents a medieval caliphate. When in fact that caliphate was created by the USG, CIA, MI, and other willing participants. You know that I am not a fan of the neocon warloving chicken hawks. But I have to quote the despicable Dennis Ross whom I found to be lacking in intellect and integrity: “That Qataris need to know they can’t have it both ways”, said Dennis Ross, who was Mr. Obama’s top Mideast advisor in his first term. “But so far, they see that they can.” When a bad man like Dennis Ross is criticizing a craven, desert rat like the Emir of Qatar, we know that something smells in the state of America. Let’s get rid of this problem ASAP! 128

America: STOP funding terrorists and maybe we don’t have to spend billions on Homeland Security- use the money for roads, schools and space. DEFUND QATAR, DEFUND HOMELAND SECURITY, a simple, elegant formula for success.

Friday, February 27, 2015 R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy



Sunday, March 1, 2015 Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov Assassinated on February 27, 2015 before trying to Reveal Evidence of Russian Military Involvement in the Ukraine! Now Putin has Mistakenly Created a Russian Martyr. For some time now, Boris had been compiling a research pamphlet entitled, “Putin And War” [NYTimes, Feb28, 2015]. It was a direct indictment of Putin and his sycophants’ involvement in officially using the Russian military apparatus to propagate war in the Ukraine. Boris Nemstov, like most Putin opposition leaders, realized that his compulsive investigations into Putin’s ascendancy to the Kremlin accompanied by a string of corruptions, might lead to Boris’s eventual death. However, like many individuals who deem it necessary to uncover the deceits and machinations of pugnacious leaders such as Putin these people sometimes confuse their just cause with invincibility. Boris was no different. He was a former deputy prime minister and understood all too well that his work to uncover Putin’s miscreant deeds in ripping off the Sochi Olympics to the tune of $25 Billion Dollars was dangerous. Yet these “agitators” for justice and transparency imagine that they would live to see the day that their life’s efforts had been justified. Let me quote to you from the Andrew E. Kramer’s NY Times article: “He [Boris] was afraid of being killed,” Ms. Albats [Editor of The NYTimes Magazine] said. “And he was trying to convince himself and me, they [Putin, FSB, etc.]wouldn’t touch him because he was a member of the Russian government, a vice premier, and they wouldn’t want to create a precedent. Because, he said, one time the power will change hands in Russia again, and those who served Putin wouldn’t want to create this precedent.” Clearly, Boris Nemtsov was wrong! Putin and his cronies had no hesitation whatsoever. They did what most KGB operatives had been trained to do when they were perplexed and confused by surrounding events, shoot those ‘propaganda agitators’ dead. Therefore the surrounding political cacophony that the agitators created would be 131

terminated [without prejudice]. As usual Putin, a Russian born in Leningrad and trained in East Germany by the Stasi, forgot that more than anything else, the Russian people adore their poets, writers, and freedom fighters and to make matters even worse, the Russians absolutely adore their martyrs. One only has to recall the extensive list of Russian martyrs from the 19th through the 21st centuries to realize that in the long term, martyrs for political freedom always trump the extant corrupted leader. Remember that in the famous novel by Boris Pasternak, Dr Zhivago, the Soviet political commissar who happened to be Dr Zhivago’s stepbrother was astounded to see how many Russians had paid their respects to the late physician/poet Zhivago who had died under the ruthless reign of Stalin. The step brother says in the book [and movie]: “Oh, how we Russians, do love our poets; even though we were never officially allowed to read them [Zhivago—read Pasternak].” Once again, the political repression of the Soviet era ascends like a phoenix stoked by the burning embers of extensive political corruption in the Kremlin; accompanied by its twin, financial ruin of the Russian economy; resulting from completely incompetent governance. Whatever heuristic model we in the west may conjure up, the one that hovers over this familiar narrative is the psychological imperative of repetition compulsion. That is no matter how Putin may want to change his own personal behavior as a former low level KGB thug [which I first identified almost a decade ago in the American Intelligence Journal], he cannot and will not be capable of changing his behavior patterns. He was an intelligence operative destined by profession and personality to remain a petty intelligence operative, resorting to the most primitive forms of persuasion accorded to gangsters and fascists. Putin understands all too well the nature of assassinating an opponent. He will provide a nonsensical narrative along the lines that Boris had been killed by Chechens or a distraught lover who had needed an abortion; but all these ersatz narratives will fail in the cauldron of human compassion; political resistance and the most damaging phenomena of all—the ‘blowback’. 132

Now, Putin has unwittingly created the very persona that a competent assassin would have never created—a Russian Martyr. Why do I say ‘competent assassin’? In the profession of assassination [which is a profession as is kinetic warfare], the assassin will always allow for a scenario that can never; but never, be traced to him or her. In this case, the culprit was so blatant that it was almost comical to deny Putin’s involvement. Boris was shot in the head from a drive by car; as he was walking by the Kremlin with a lady friend in the middle of the night. Putin’s fingerprints could not have been more embedded into the tissue of the crime because of its propitious timing [just before the release of the pamphlet] and the obvious, if not blatant location where the assassination took place—right outside of the Kremlin walls. Once a bullet passes through the flesh of a political opponent, it is wise for the extant leadership to say as little as possible. The more that they say, as Putin is wont to do, the more they accuse themselves of the crime. My prediction of a decade ago still stands: Putin, “A KGB Agent Forever”, will end up as the product of his own psycho-political dynamics : self-destructing! Like all leaders who must use fear to control their constituents, then fear will be the very emotion that will turn one of his most loyal lieutenants against Putin. Recall how quickly Stalin’s entourage turned against him, once they were no longer afraid of him. I would like to end this paean to Putin’s incompetency with a German proverb: “He who would rule [effectively] must hear and be deaf; see and be blind.”


Monday, March 2, 2015 On Alex Jones now. last minute commentary on Middle East etc.

Saturday, March 7, 2015 Sometimes one has to be on the inside for along time in order to clean it up. Will post later.

Monday, March 9, 2015 DCI John Brennan has Stepped Forward and Courageously Initiated a Complete Long-Needed Reorganization of the Staid CIA! Congratulations to Brennan and David Cohen [Deputy Director] and Good Luck. For over six decades the once venerable CIA, the off shoot of the OSS during WWII, has been divided into two artificial divisions—DDI [analysts] and DDO [covert operatives]. How this came about is not as relevant as the fact that DCI John Brennan realized a simple fact: that the agency was too ossified to be able to anticipate the immediate or distant future. Many of us who had been trained by the then forward looking CIA [as well as DARPA] at the Phd program in Political Science at M.I.T. already knew this long ago. The problem lay not in the high quality of the personnel recruited out of the OSS; nor those recruited out of their respective military services-- Don Gregg; Jim Lilly; Paul Redmond; Fritz Ermarth; etc—it lay in the artificial structure of the agency itself. 134

I cannot discuss in detail the inner workings of either the DDO, nor the DDI; but I can say that for the thirty five years that I worked with [not for] the CIA, I had noticed an erratic pattern of performance both in the analytic and covert operative divisions. As a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in four different Presidential Administrations, I would receive all types of reports about an adversary’s psychological profile; some were good, many were not accurate. Similarly, I would sit down with their analysts and discuss the strategic trends in a particular area and I was, for the most part, completely unimpressed. There were many cases where their analyses were completely incorrect, and I would have to go directly in the combat areas to make my own assessment. I concluded after some time that I could not change the way the CIA worked so I went into the informal business of developing my own offline intelligence back-up system. Usually, I would pick up some random individuals from the DDO, DIA, NSA, MI and congeal them into an effective team. Other times, I would request a CIA operative who might have known my adversary because that particular individual had a personal, somewhat debauched background in concert with my potential target. However, the recent appointment of Dan Cohen to become the Deputy Director of the CIA, an expert in economic and psychological warfare was a very impressive moment for me because it denoted the simple fact that DCI John Brennan was in the process of initiating a major change in both the culture and efficacy of the future CIA. My cursory understanding of Brennan’s reorganizational changes are described very well in the following article [Associated Press, March 6, 2015.]: “He [Brennan] lamented that there is often no single person he can hold accountable for the spying mission in any given part of the world.” That one point is so crucial that I really cannot emphasize it enough. More often than not, I would have to dismiss a CIA Station Chief for one or another reason, knowing full well that I was not being told the entire truth; or they were trying to play mind/bureaucratic games with me. John Brennan goes on to elaborate his rightful concerns: 135

“There are a lot of areas that I would like to have better insight in to, better information about, better access to.” Brennan said, “Safe havens denied areas. Whether because we don’t even have a diplomatic presence in a county, or because there are parts of countries that have been overrun and taken over by terrorist groups and others.” As I had predicted after the 9/11 attack, most of USG’s intelligence focus was mis-directed and led to an erosion of both the analytic and operative sections of our entire intelligence community. Now, the hard work of reorganization begins. I have had the privilege in the past of re-organizing several of the State Department’s offices—Regional Medical Office [RMO]; Initiate a Family Liason Office [FLO]; Hostage Survival Course; Senior FSO Seminars; Reorganize USIA; creating the Office of Public Diplomacy , etc. This was done in concert with many talented FSOs and other agency personnel. Reorganization of such a large institution is replete with bureaucratic resistance to change; and the immutable force accompanied by turf wars. Yet with bulldog persistence and a surgeon’s skillful precision, many things can be accomplished once the desire for change has been publicly articulated. In the words of Sam Cooke, “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Thursday, March 12, 2015 Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails at the State Department: Unfathomable and Criminal. Her Actions Implicate Career Foreign Service Officers [FSOs] who should have stopped her from the very beginning. Including the following FSO Professionals: • Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. • Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy. 136

• Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell. • Ambassador Thomas Pickering. One of the more unfortunate parts of writing my blogs is to highlight the miscreant behaviors of many professionals with whom I had a very successful past experience. When Under Secretary Lawrence Eagleburger recruited me into the State Department in the late 1970’s, I had the good fortune of getting to know two exceptional Foreign Service Officers [FSO]s: Pat Kennedy and Eric Boswell. Both were men of the highest integrity and moral convictions. They were as far as I was concerned the best of the FSOs. Yet these FSOs worked under a very strange situation. Most if not all of their bosses were political appointments who tolerated the Foreign Service and more often than not, continuously complained about them. From the very beginning of my career, I was a strong advocate for the FSOs. I felt that they were not trained properly at their Foreign Service Institute. I had insisted that courses in negotiations; as well as more sophisticated instruction on terrorism and international crises management should have been provided. In general, most of the FSOs acted extremely professionally, especially overseas when they were left alone to do best what they were trained to do-foreign diplomatic overtures. I must now emphasize that there was always one major security element that was continuously enforced by the State Department Office of Management and the Office of Diplomatic Security. That security issue was none other than protecting at all times national security cables, letters, information; and anything that was literally written during working hours.These restrictions were so severe that I remember if I had left even a non-classified paper on my desk accidentally, I would be appropriately disciplined the next day by someone from Management [Pat Kennedy] or his equivalent in the office of Diplomatic Security [Eric Boswell or his surrogate]. That was the basic ethos of the professional Foreign Service—maintain security at all times and at any cost; no matter what was written during working hours. Personal communications were completely prohibited. At the end of each time I 137

had served in the State Department, I had to sign a piece of paper that stated that I had not taken or received any Classified Information upon my departure. Then along came Hillary Clinton! What can I say that I have already not said about Hillary numerous times? Her husband and she are the perfect duo for a “Folie A Deux”— each trying to outmatch the other for blatant sociopathic behaviors; as well as criminal activities. A couple years ago when the Benghazi Affair had occurred, I had already earmarked Pat Kennedy and Eric Boswell as the two primary FSOs who had to have known about this fiasco of prevarication. They were placed on leave with pay. Now, I point to these two gentleman once again. Pat was and probably still is the most thorough administrative manager I have ever met. He must have known about Hillary’s blatant flaunting of Diplomatic Security; as did her Assistant Secretary of State, the Honorable Eric Boswell [who had been a Deputy to the Director of National Intelligence]. Then there is the recently retired Ambassador William Burns who had attained the highest accomplishment of a FSO: Career Ambassador. Last but not least, is Thomas Pickering, one of the brightest FSO’s with whom I had the pleasure of working with in several different administrations. He was and still is a very clever, wily FSO who knew how to create or untangle a very complex embarrassing diplomatic faux pas.Tom had to know from the very beginning of his investigation into the Libyan fiasco that Hillary was not using the appropriate channels of communications in either the Arab Springs or in Benghazi. Now the time has come for these gentlemen to step forward and tell all that they know about their ersatz boss, the woman who played the role of a Secretary of State. In addition to the fact that Hillary had accomplished nothing but garnering bonus miles at a large expense to the American public, she had been in complete violation of the national security laws throughout her tenure. Her use of private emails places a stain on all the professionals in the State Department; bar none! 138

As for Hillary, she will hopefully receive her just punishments. However, my concern is for the blatant silence and absence of moral outrage from any of the aforementioned professional FSOs. Hillary has not only corrupted her personal future and reaffirmed the doubts that all decent Americans had about her from the very beginning of her official appearance in the folly of Bill’s House of Cards.The Foreign Service confronts a moment in history where they will stand up and explain itself as to whether they had been collusive or remain silent and by implication remain the co-conspirators. If ever the FSOs are to assert their tenets of professionalism-it is right now! Failing that, they will forever remain the effete, non-professional supernumeraries that will always be dominated by political cronyism. Allow me to end with a quote from the Arthur Koestler, an author who spoke out: “Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion [of FSO professionalism].”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Back to the Future: Chinese President Xi Jinping Invokes the Mao Ethos in Order to Control China and Fight Corruption in the Military/Industrial Complex! For some time now, my readers in Asia have been asking me to write something about the present changes in China. A few days ago, a low level military officer made an official statement that “the former vice chairman of the central military commission was responsible for the sins of the father.” [Stratfor, March 10, 2015.] On the surface this seems to be somewhat of an innocuous statement. Who really cares what a Chinese soldier might have said about the past corruption in the military? Unfortunately, for those who had worked for the previous two presidents of China—Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin—this soldier’s disingenuous 139

statement widely publicized all over the Chinese media was a clear warning shot from current President Xi. In order for Xi to maintain a steady net growth of about 7% per year, he must get rid of hundreds of thousands of military officers who had placed their rice bowls into the private sector which replenished them very well. Xi is using an old technique mastered by Mao who would allow a poem or an esoteric reference in some daily newspaper to hint at the massive changes he was about to make. President Xi has been forced to utilized the questionable legacy of Mao in order to maintain his Communist Party control over a very rapacious capitalist system replete with political cronyism and financial corruption. I am in no position to decide the merits of what Xi is doing. I am not a China scholar yet I consider myself a disciple of such illustrious China scholars as Dr. Richard Solomon [MIT, Kissinger Staff] and Prof. Lucian Pye [MIT]. Learning from them, I believe I possess some sensibilities regarding the fluctuating nature of the Chinese society. After reviewing Dr Richard Solomon’s brilliant study of Chinese behavior during and after the Chinese Cultural Revolution [“Mao and The Cultural Revolution”], one point comes back repeatedly. That is the Chinese ambivalence toward a Confucius society based on moral principles of behavior toward one another which is in complete contrast toward Mao’s constant need for revolutionary change. This crisis of ambivalence is being played out today as Xi uses the Maoist slogans and methods in an attempt to reform a society of 1.3 billion people. There is no question in my mind that Xi will purge the remnants of Hu’s $1.7B unsightly personal fortune [Forbes Magazine]. At the same time, I have this compelling feeling that Hu, his family and members of his extended family will have to go through the Kabuki [sorry for the mixed metaphor] of a corruption trial. In addition, I believe Jiang who was president before Hu will also try to retain his nefarious power base while Xi attacks him and his coterie of political sycophants [Chinese and Foreigners]. Through this past year of political purges, Xi has declared that he is like Mao in the process initiating another cultural revolution. This time, 140

however, he will make certain that student cannibalism and chaos will not result from these national and local political purges. The number of effected people ranges in the hundreds of thousands. In my humble estimate, I think that Xi’s purges will probably number in the millions by the time he decides the anti-corruption campaign is over. So what does this mean for Hong Kong and America? I think Xi will continue to ignore the precepts of democracy as the youth of Hong Kong understand it. Xi will use Hong Kong as a laboratory for showing the world what he intends to do with the semblance of a democratic society that impinges on the Maoist ethos of centralized control. There will be more student protests and more confrontations, until Xi eventually exhausts the students of their elan vital. America is not a clear and present danger for Xi right now. However, that caveat only applies as long as we as a nation state do not interfere with the internal dynamics of his Maoist Revolution. If he suspects that we are in any way creating dissension and taking advantage of his extension of power, he will reactivate the Spratly Island crises with a bravado that we have not yet seen [ read my vintage Pax Pacifica novel]. His present foreign policy concern should be the rise of Japanese Nationalism with its concomitant rise in military power in the China Sea. One must remember that in a blog I wrote about one year ago, I mentioned that Japan has the second largest navy in the world. That military fact could disturb Xi’s strategic expansions into the China Sea and Indian Ocean. Xi is one busy leader engaged in garnering both his internal and external control of the increasing larger Chinese Military and its ancillary divisions of corruption and political cronyism. At the end of his purges, I estimate that Xi will be in complete charge of his country; as well as, his Communist Party. No one would dare mimic Mao, unless he was about to understand that he would become a target of derision and hate. Xi is neither afraid nor concerned about his personal safety. A man not afraid to die is one very dangerous man. 141

Only one man ever defied Mao twice. He was able to come back and rule China effectively. That man’s name was Deng Xiao Ping! However, there is no new Deng! It will take a long time for someone like him to arise. We will have to go back to the future! One might even say in Chinese: President Xi is in a position of tu quiong bi xian [pronounced too chyoong bee hsien]: Meaning--- He has nowhere to hide! The dagger is exposed!

Monday, March 23, 2015 Bibi’s Re-election Marks the End of Ashkenazi Zionism after 65 Years! Now Israel will be dominated by Sephardic/Orthodox Jews! Amen! As many of you know by now, I am not a fan of Bibi. The reasons are multiple and well spelled out in my past blogs. But I came to a belated realization that with Bibi’s reelection, we Ashkenazi will no longer feel the need to tie ourselves to Israel. Ashkenazi [particularly Polish] founded Israel as an experiment in creating a state where we, Polish and other Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe and the former Austria-Hungary Empire would no longer be harnessed by fears of Cossack Horsemen trampling down our lives. This Ashkenazi experiment which was hatched in Poland, where many Jews including members of my own family arose like a serendipitous phoenix from the ashes of WWII. However, from the very creation of the State of Israel in 1948 we, Ashkenazi really were out of step with our new country’s surroundings where desert and Arabic permeated the surface and culture of the region. When Madagascar was offered to us as an alternative, we turned it down. Clearly, Saudi Arabia 142

was not offered to us. The land that greeted our original pioneers was filled with swamps and malaria. The one group of Jews who felt at home in the desert and spoke not only Hebrew but Arabic as well were the Sephardic Jews. They lived with their neighbors who were predominantly Muslims. These Sephardic Jews who had dispersed from Spain during and after the Spanish Inquisition populated the Magreb—North Africa – and became prominent physicians [Rambam] and merchants in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and even Afghanistan. These were the true Jews who understood that they did not need a Holocaust in order to settle what was considered the Holy Land because they all grew up with the clear impression that one day they would all naturally make an exodus to Israel and settle there. This Sephardic dream came true for them. Now they are becoming the majority in Israel in both population and in the national security service. They speak better Arabic than Bibi or any of his Ashkenazi predecessors. However, they have never been given the appropriate recognition for their native talents and incredible contributions to Israel in particular and in the world in general. Now, Bibi’s ravaging tantrums awoke the savage beast which had always been lying quietly in the doorsteps of Israel—the Sephardic Jews who are primarily Orthodox and have been willing to support Bibi at all cost. Now, I say that we, Ashkenazi, can leave Israel knowing fully well that the social liberal experiment of saving Jewish lives had worked. It is time for the real Jews of that desert region to take over with their new Messiah, Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi has done what no other American Jew could have done--- separated Polish Born Zionism from Sephardic Orthodoxy. He could never realize what he had done because he is not that smart. I and my fellow American Jews, most of whom are Ashkenazi can surrender Israel to the comforting hands of the native Christian and Muslim Israelis as well as the Sephardic Orthodox Jews. All I ask is for Israel to get rid of its agents of influence in America as well as its useless Mossad. If not, then as an American I find myself more than willing to 143

roll them up and send them back to where they belong—a dream state of non-reality which was in the past primarily supported by the America and the Christian Fundamentalists. That was then, now, everyone in America is disgusted with Bibi and his entourage of neocon chicken hawks. So Shalom! Don’t ever come back to the USA and ask us to help you out.. again… and again….. And as the Sephardim know all too well, we should say more appropriately---Salem Alechim! “Peace be with you”… in Arabic!

Thursday, March 26, 2015 Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Presidential Contender: A Study in Narcissistic Solipsism. I love me! You love me! They love me! We all love me! Even Princeton and Harvard Love Me! Even Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz [Israeli operative] thinks “I Am Uber Smart”! Sooo…who does not love me? Answer: The Veterans and Taxpaying Citizens of America. By now every American has heard the clarion call from the Senate Halls and Liberty University that Ted “The Cross” Cruz has decided that the American citizens are worthy of having this native-born Canadian [Calgary] become the President of the USA. How fortunate we are to have such a stellar candidate. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting with baited breath for this pronouncement. I can’t remember anyone who was so divine that he did not really have to be born in the U.S. proper to feel that he, and only he, should be the next leader of this amazing Superpower. Oops! I have made a slight mistake. 144

I was just informed that the miscreant Republican President Chester Arthur declared in a moment of a lapsed memory that he had been born in Vermont; but, he belatedly discovered that he really had been born in Canada---just like our divine Ted Cruz. Heck, even John McCain was born in Panama Canal Zone. Let’s not be petty. Mexico and Canada are really part of the North American Hemisphere. It’s just a minor technicality. However, the full impact of Ted’s announcement did not hit me until he started to sing the praises of American virtue at Bob Jones Liberty University. So I quickly went to check out the fact that he must have signed up for military service as did the Democratic contender Jim Webb who volunteered to go to the Vietnam War and serve. I looked in every place on the internet and even some of the Army archives, YET I could not find Ted Cruz’s name anywhere. Maybe his voluntary military service to America had been misplaced [ it does happen from time to time]. I went to check if he had joined the Peace Corps like the great American War Hero, Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Yet there were no records that Ted Cruz tried to avoid Vietnam Military service as did the four Bush Sons---Marvin; Neil; George Jr; and Jeb. So if he did not try to avoid U.S. military service like the Bush sons, there was one other alternative that I had clearly missed. I looked up to find out whether Ted Cruz had become a Southern Baptist Missionary going into the dangerous Ebola ridden areas of Sierra Leone or Liberia. Or maybe he had gone with some of my Christian Missionary Association Pastors to the Malaysia or Indonesia? Nothing! I found that he had not even volunteered for missionary work as a member of the 14 million devotees of the Southern Baptist Churches. I decided there was only one attribute to which I could assign his sense of divine destiny—his impeccable, radiating NARCISSISM! Now I felt that I may have come closer to understanding what Ted Cruz was really all about. He is a man who could not tell us enough about how much he loved himself and more importantly how much we Americans should love him. Then, I understood that Ted was just the logical 145

extension of a thirty year pattern of Democratic [Bill Clinton and Obama] and Republican [Bush Jr] Sociopaths who had really never served our country but spent most of their childish lives [which extended into adulthood] learning how to tell people how wonderful they really were. It is not easy to convince anyone especially oneself how wonderful one is if that one person had never really had a real job, created a functional business or served in our military. It becomes incumbent on one’s self to enter into a world of solipsism, repeating to oneself in a series of logical circles about self-love; based on nothing more than wishful thinking and self-delusions that one is completely wonderful and destined for greatness. The beauty of a Ted Cruz candidacy is that it highlights that we have had nothing but paper tigers with daddy issues who have resided in the White House for the past thirty years. If you think that I am belittling the lack of impressive credentials that all three past presidents have hadsimply look at their respective backgrounds. Two went to Yale—Clinton and Bush Jr. Two went to Harvard Graduate Schools—Bush Jr and Obama. This crème de la crème came out with diplomas signifying much of nothing. They were all Ivy Leaguers who had never had to descend into the brutal struggles of everyday living. They never had to meet a payroll or a mortgage which they had bought with their hard-earned money. All three were spoiled children of a generation of absent fathers and maternal indulgences. None had ever created a job or a company with employees … they never really had to harden their callouses with manual work. All three had one thing in common—they were bred and nurtured by our rarefied CIA organization that somehow attained the misbegotten notion that they were the keepers of the Republic. Wrong again! Two had no fathers [Clinton and Obama] and one never had a father at home [Bush Jr]. Absent fathers allowed for the psychologically sensitive CIA to move in and become the surrogate ‘daddy’ [cheap Freudian theory – but that’s how they work]. 146

Now we have Ted Cruz who had a father. This father is really one piece of Cuban fanciful dreams. He claims that he was beaten by Batista’s ruthless thugs. Then as a result he joined the Castro Regime. Poor daddy Cruz now emphasizing that he had made a mistake to join Castro. More poignantly, he tells you that he also was beaten up by the Castro regime. In Cuban Spanish we call his father—Pobrecito! “Little poor one”! Like Ted Cruz, the Daddy Cruz goes into desultory vocal rants about our American founding fathers and their genius. However, he forgets to tell us that unlike many of us grateful Cubans who came to this country and gladly served in the military, Daddy Cruz DID NOT! Ted Cruz is the penultimate sociopathic candidate. Do nothing, say anything loudly and over again. And above all else: distort the truth! Please lets discontinue our thirty year streak of worthless men. It must be incumbent on us as citizens of this great country to find a candidate who had served our country selflessly and has had the experience of running a company, state or something that has proven his/her mettle along the way. I am grateful for Ted Cruz and his willingness to demonstrate unabashedly grandiosity without having shown any really substance. From Ted we can learn exactly what we do not want or need for our great country. Let me end with the witticism of the former Journalist/CIA operative, William F. Buckley: “I would rather be governed by the first three hundred names in the Boston telephone book than by the Faculty of Harvard University.”

Thursday, March 26, 2015 Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings Flightworthy, Airline [Lufthansa] Says 147




NY Times, March 26, 2015, Alison Smale and Jack Ewing. This unbelievable tragedy of a single pilot purposefully crashing his plane into the rugged French Alps was clearly a premeditated act on the part of Andreas Lubitz, a 27 year old German national with 626 hours of experience. As I started to bring myself to the realization that this young man had contrived to kill himself along with his passengers and crew mates, I found myself using the word ‘terrorism’ instead of ‘suicide’. Why? For whatever underlying psychological issue that was festering in Andreas’ mind, be it ideological or personal, he understood all too well that this premeditated act of ‘mass murder/suicide’ would be reported in the world’s media as ‘frightening’ act which would instill exactly what most terrorists want: “fear”. He also understood that this horrible type of death, crashing in an inaccessible, hostile mountain terrain would make the salvage of the wreck increasingly difficult to attain and, therefore, prolong the search for all the missing bodies and airplane parts. I am certain that the culprit, Andreas, learned from the Malaysian Airline disappearance that this type of Kamikaze act would garner world attention for days, if not weeks and months. His name would be emblazoned, rightfully or wrongfully, in immortality. Andreas realized that he could clear the mental and physical exams however abridged or faulty they might be. He had learned that having had a ‘medical problem’ in Phoenix Arizona [whatever that might have been] was standard for the course, and his employers would never dismiss him for those medical reasons. In effect, Andreas, in my humble opinion, like all good terrorists, studied the bureaucratic system in place to control pilot’s mental and physical health so extensively that he was able to ‘game it’. He knew exactly where the system was faulty and more importantly, he understood how to take advantage of it. Whatever the reason for his ‘terrorist act’, I suspect it was far more personal, reflecting some serious psychological problem that had manifested itself way before the act of suicide. The reason I say that is that he was by nature ‘laconic’ as described by the traffic controllers and 148

his co-pilot. However, despite the fact that he was described as ‘happy’ and ‘pleased to fly’ , I think there is something else. For the most part, he had a lot of ambivalence about what he was actually doing and what it really meant to him and others. More importantly, he had personal psychological issues which should have been picked up in the previous ‘time out’ that he had in Phoenix, Arizona. In fact, I am certain that when the medical records are opened [which they must be because of the extensive nature of this preventable tragedy] we will discover some very pertinent medical/psychiatric information that would have given his employers a clear picture that they had employed a ‘walking timebomb.’ Normally, I would not have come out so soon in declaring my professional opinions, but I have seen, diagnosed and observed airline pilots who had the following series of problems that had been missed or purposefully overlooked: drunk; hungover; hidden brain tumors [common in Air Force/Navy Pilots]; suicidal notions; family/personal unresolved problems. et al. A system no matter how well it appears to be controlled for safety is still as strong as it’s weakest link. In the airplane business that means the people who work on the planes as mechanics, service people, pilots, stewardesses; stewards, attendants, etc. No matter how well-run this complex system is considered [and the German Lufthansa Group is one of the best] it’s still very fallible. One can say that something like this could have been averted. But I am not certain. What I do know is that Andreas was very young. He had still lived at home with his parents. He had a ‘medical problem’ for six months and then despite his quiet, sober appearance and the finding that he was 100% flightworthy, he was clearly not. In fact, I will predict that his personal psychological problems will have been revealed very early on in his flight training career; but somehow, it was purposefully overlooked or ignored. Lufthansa could be negligent if the corporation’s management/human resources ignored warning signals in Andrea’s record. 149

One way or another, Andreas, on that day, was so angry at himself and others that he had arranged in his mind to crash the plane in very rough terrain in France to payback the world or somebody [or people] for his personal failings and inadequacies. My deepest sympathies go to all the families who lost a loved one on that plane.This is another type of ‘terrorism’ that we have not yet come to identify or accept: The 21st Century Neo-Kamikaze Pilots working at commercial airlines worldwide. The brilliant French novelist, Albert Camus said the following: “An intense [personal] feeling carries with it its own universe, magnificent or wretched as the case may be.”

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Congratulations Nigeria on your New Democracy! The New Leader of the Opposition Party has Become the President of Nigeria! Since 1999, Nigeria has been ruled by one major party—People’s Democratic Party, led by Goodluck John. On March 31, 2015 , Goodluck met his bad luck when Buhari of the opposition All Progressive Congress defeated him by a wide margin. What this election victory portends for the Nigerians is a period of economic and political stability which they have not had for some time. Buhari was once the military ruler of Nigeria from 1983-1985 so he is quite familiar with the use of military force to extricate ISIS associated with the Boko Haram group that has been terrorizing the northern part of Nigeria where the unemployed youth have been heavily recruited. At the same time, he will attempt to maintain some economic stability in the Niger Delta in order to suppress the indigenous militancy groups that have arisen when citizens from that region believed they did not receive their proper share of oil. 150

The election of Buhari should presage a much needed period of economic and political stability in a country rife with Christian-Muslim divisions and poverty. A certain amount of gratitude should also be expressed to the South African Mercenaries who fought on behalf of the Nigerian Military and inflicted serious military defeats against Boko Haram. Although somewhat controversial in nature, South African “mercs” are still one of the most effective fighting forces in all of Africa. Clearly, it will take some time for Buhari to instill the necessary mechanisms he will need to attain his goals. But even if political patronage and oil subsidies will be required, that is a small price to pay for peace in Nigeria. I wish all my Nigerian readers the best for a prosperous and safe decade of peace.



Friday, April 3, 2015 Hillary may get the ET full disclosure vote

Saturday, April 4, 2015 Six Years After President Obama Reached Out to Iran, He Made a Historic Deal! Congratulations to Obama, John Kerry, State Dept. Team, Military/Intelligence Community. Historic Day for America/Hysterical Day for Bibi and Republican ChickenHawks! For over 37 years, I have waited for this rapprochement with Iran. I knew that Obama would eventually reach it with this country. Obama had taken the initial risk as did Nixon with his unexpected shift to recognize China. Silent leaders make bold movements. Loud leaders or histrionic leaders like Bibi and McCain do nothing but create unnecessary wars which slaughter countless innocent victims. Neither of these men will go down in history for anything more than ‘saber rattling’ ad infinitum. Obama understood that Iran has been helpful to the US ground troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan by extricating them from a very dangerous, complex situation. Our military leaders had informed me for years that this was the case. However, the Iran deal is important suis generis. For the most part, it really has nothing to do with nuclear capabilities. Iran really does not want a nuclear bomb. It is totally useless. Please ask the Pakistani leadership, both civilian and military, whether their having the Islamic Bomb in any way curtailed their corrupt political, incendiary practices in Afghanistan, Kashmir, and India? Funny how Bibi never brings up Nuclear Pakistan when he rants about the dangerous of a Nuclear Islamic 153

State. That’s because neither he nor the IDF care about nuclear capability. As for Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni states, they have failed to maintain a civil society based on secular laws and transparent economic incentives. Instead of coming to terms with Iran, a very powerful Persian state, Saudi Arabia has decided to act out like a spoiled brat in kindergarten who has not been able to get the continuous attention of their surrogate father, America. For too long, Americans have tolerated Saudi Arabia’s nonsensical religious interpretation of the Holy Koran with narratives that emphasized the religious extremism and barbarism of a tribal sect, the Wahabbis. Now times have changed. Obama along with his negotiating team understood that inevitable transformation where America no longer would pamper the spoiled oil drenched hooligans of the Middle East— Dubai, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and their poorer cohorts Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc. Obama and Iran have signaled to the world that trade will once again travel through the Silk Roads of China, Russia and Iran in a vast infrastructure yet to be built by the different private corporations that will be bidding for the necessary contracts. New enterprises will arise where once sands and ruins have stood. Once again, our corporations—Bechtel, Boeing, Northrup Grumann, and Halliburton will descend into Persia and start up much needed businesses. Persian students will continue to flood our universities in the USA as they have had in the past and become the new leaders of a different type of democracy in Iran. Germany, France, Russia and China will have the advantage of doing trade with the Iranians on a real competitive basis without fear of legal sanctions. Even the sneaky state of Israel who supplied the Ayatollah Khomeini with arms, guns, pilots, fighter jets and artillery shells [in Hebrew] during the 1989 Iran/Iraq Wars will make their necessary shekels without having to transfer goods to a third country as they have in the past four decades [especially gas/oil/ telecommunications equipment/ military assistance, etc]. 154

Finally, the Middle East hypocrisy of long-abiding allies: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai, etc. will be attenuated for real détente without pretext that that those countries really need us for more than military hardware and assistance. Iran will dominate the Middle East Crescent as I have predicted for years. They will effectively displace the Sunnis and try to maintain a hegemony akin to what they had during the times of Cyrus the Great and Darius. The only fly in this seemingly halcyon ointment is Turkey which for the present is completely besieged on all of its major geopolitical borders. But its Prime Minister, Erdogan, can no longer bluff his way forward. He will have to declare whether Turkey is a secular or religious state. Did Ataturk fail in the long run? Or did Sunni Islam rise again? Either way, Erdogan will have to deal with a Shi’ite Persia. He knows that and he has no choice. As for America, we are in very good shape. Obama has corrected our financial markets so that we are no longer in a recession or economic abyss a la Bush Family. Obama has made us as of the past year, a net exporter of gas/oil. Obama has recognized Communist Cuba. And finally Obama has made peace with a three scores and seven year enemy: Iran. Even Stupid Republicans who want to destroy/diminish Obama’s accomplishments by inviting American trained con man Bibi to speak in front of congress, can’t stop the momentum. As for me, as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Navy Captain, I resigned over President Carter’s orders in 1978 to accompany Ramsey Clark to visit Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris. At the time, I believed this opening movement would cause the USA major problems. So I left. Sec. State Cyrus Vance resigned six months later. How would I know then that it would take five different Presidencies to finally accomplish what we should have done back in 1978----make peace with Ayatollah Khomeni? Congratulations to all those members of this incredible American and Persian team that made this deal possible. The American people are no fools and we will not let anything stop this treaty from finally being ratified in June 2015. 155

As we say in Persian, “Merci”! As we say in Harlem, “Don’t Mess With The Man!” as a warning that should be heeded by all who think that they can spoil this deal. Just ask Petraeus, Hillary, Republicans and others what happens when you do. Criticism of this deal is pretty much like worthless Book Reviews: “Book Reviewers [critics] are little old ladies of both sexes.” John O’Hara [American Novelist].

Saturday, April 11, 2015 Yemen: Gunfight at the OK Corral -Young Saudi Prince vs. Old Iranian Gunslinger! For some time now, there has been a civil war wrapped within a regional conflict populated with internal ethnic strife—all occurring in one desolate place: Yemen! Now, if I tried to explain the different factions involved in the chaos called, “The War in Yemen”, both you and I would be so confused that we would agree that it would be best if I did not attempt to even describe the real situation. In turn, I decided to extract that essence of this chaotic situation bordering on Saudi Arabia as a conflict between two sects of Islam trying to deny the other an opportunity to encroach on the mental territory of other. More specifically, the wise old religious leaders of the Iranian Shi’ite Revolution want to embed their beliefs both geographically and intellectually into a failed nation state, Yemen, that borders Saudi Arabia, a Sunni faction of Islam with variations of a theme on Shi’ite philosophy. Now a young Saudi Prince [all names withheld in the interest of clarity] refuses to allow this old Shi’ite interloper to tread on his territory with his gunslingers, the Shi’ite proxy fighters. This young Saudi “whipper-snapper” has amassed his troops, guns and artillery with 156

the help of the US Cavalry in order to stop the old man and his gunslingers. As many of you already know, gun fights over different territories and beliefs was an integral part of establishing the Republic of America. When it was convenient, we sent out our Buffalo Soldiers to slaughter indigenous natives in order to annex more property to the west and south of the growing American territories. Our philosophy was simple. If it moved we killed it. If it did not move we buried it. This is how we became a nation of God Fearing people. How the gun and God came to be the symbol of our Republic is steeped in legends, fairy tales and mainly history books [which were the equivalent of fiction]. Now, we see the rise of guns and God once again. However, this time, we made certain that the confluence of these two disparate elements did not encroach in our own territories. Instead, we described the confluence of these two factors as part of the world wide war on terrorism [which by definition was and still is an oxymoron]. Nevertheless, Americans made certain to fight alongside the old Iranian gunman in Iraq [another failed state which we helped to demolish with God and gun]; and, at the same time, we allied with the young Saudi to fight the old man in another territory [also failed state]—Yemen. Americans have become the most pervasive gunslingers around the world trying to shoot our way into the hearts and minds of foreigners without having the vaguest idea of how to stop these inane series of Gunfights at the OK Corral. In reality, we are confused and completely disoriented by any sense of purpose, goal or ability to extricate ourselves from endless battles in very far-away places. Our leaders have fled south to Panama and Cuba to find some respite from the daily conundrum they had created but do not know how to extricate themselves from. Instead they offer us, the palaver of “God”, “National Security” and “Freedom’ as token efforts to ease our queasy questioning concerning death and mayhem in territories that we didn’t know even existed. Until that day when “God” and “gun’ are no longer associated with each other, I then offer you the simple lesson of the Gunfight at the O.K Corral. The fight lasted only 30 seconds and took place at 3:00 p.m. on 157

Wednesday, October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona Territory--everyone was shot or killed eventually. There were no winners; only losers. Yet the world of fiction blossomed with narratives that have distorted this episode beyond any semblance of reality. Let us pray that the conflict in Yemen be terminated as quickly as possible with the help of the USG, UN and the Gulf States. In time, they will all realize that the true value of the conflict will lie not in the reality of its horror and mayhem; but in the tales of fictitious heroism and virtue that will be elaborated accordingly by both the Sunni and Shi’ites who have need for more conflicts in order to maintain their conflicting narratives of “God” and his Prophet Mohammed. As for me, I will watch more movies in order to drown out the noisy pleas for peace made by all and listened by none, in order to better understand who is really the ‘good guys’ and who are the ‘bad guys’. Truthfully, I am still confused. Only the word, “Vendetta”, seems to scream in my ear. Maybe I have been watching reruns of “Gunfight at the OK Corral” too many times. It’s time to find God somewhere in this smoke-ridden world of gunpowder and rotting flesh.

Monday, April 20, 2015 Robert Bates, 73 year old Volunteer Deputy Sheriff Accidentally Kills Eric Harris, 44 year old African American. Once again, the Bates name denotes murder as in the Hitchcock Horror Film, “Psycho.” Recently, reality has presumed the arrogance of superseding the whimsical fantasies of fiction and a screenwriter, like myself. ISIS defies the imagination of any aspiring Tom Clancy to predict that confluence of American ineptness and Sadam Hussein’s remnants of Sunni officers. 158

Similarly, the fact that a 73 year old white male without any previous history of intense criminal justice training can mistake a gun for a taser in the pursuit of a man really defies any line of reason or logic. How a man 73 years old is even allowed to carry a gun in the name of any local sheriff’s department is beyond even my expansive comprehension. As someone who has worked with local law enforcers over thirty years, I would not even consider the possibility of asking to carry a gun and participate in a sting and arrest case. At best, I have approached my locale Miami Beach Police Department to try to help them understand ‘hostage negotiations’. I did that in my shorts on one sunny day in their lecture room. There would never have been any possibility for me to engage in any professional activity that in any way resembled the rigorous police work demanded of the Miami Beach Police Department. How Bates was able to be an active part of the Sheriff’s Department in Tulsa, Oklahoma is really egregious in every sense of the word. There were intimations that he had donated to the Sheriff’s election. Also there were anonymous suggestions that his records were falsified in terms of the necessary training that was required to fulfill this ersatz role which should have never existed in the first place. Clearly, Bates’s apology is neither sufficient or necessary. He has to serve time for what he did: manslaughter. In addition, the Sheriff and any other cohorts who were involved in granting the wannabe Wyatt Earp a badge to kill should be dismissed ASAP. I have no pity for Bates or the Tulsa Police Department. I believe in the Second Amendment and the right to carry guns. I am strongly opposed to allowing any civilians to accrue some sort of legitimacy, be it a policeman or even a judge, without having been a professional beforehand [whatever that would mean]. There are no part time victims who can be killed at will. Only in the Bates Motel does the perpetrator of his heinous crimes [Anthony Perkins] get away scot free. That is simply a horror movie. God forbid that Robert Bates is released from prison for his ‘accident’ then Alfred 159

Hitchcock has really returned from the graveyard of filming those acts of horror that defy the imagination.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Legacy in Libya—A Failed State and Thousands of Dead Refugees! Recent articles in the media portraying the horrendous deaths of African refugees transiting through Libya have once again placed a black stigmata upon Hillary’s non-existent legacy at the State Department. It is important in the world of national security to understand consequences of action or non-action. No country has better defined the limits of Hillary’s skills and intelligence than Libya. I am not talking about the well-versed narratives of Benghazi. Rather I am talking about the recent human tragedies multiplied into the thousands of ignominious episodes arising in different parts of Africa and resulting in illegal Libyan trading of refugees throughout the continent. Without a central government of any authority, Libya has transmuted from a well-organized, even somewhat prosperous country under Colonel Qaddafi to one that has deteriorated into tribal conflicts marked by ancient blood feuds and a currency of transaction that considers dead or living refugees fleeing oppression or poverty into a monetary gain. Hillary, along with the disingenuous, incompetent “Genocidespouting” Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Advisor Susan Rice were the main proponent of dislodging a tenured leader for reasons that were at best naïve, if not completely distorted. However, ignoble Gadaffi may have been, he did provide for a unified society where tribal blood feuds were transformed into a patronage system which effectively allowed him to maintain control over a vast desert and keep some modicum of viability in Libya. Now, we and the world can witness, 160

once again, what happens when an U.S invasion into a country has led to countless deaths of all types of Africans fleeing their respective dysfunctional countries from Somalia, Nigeria to Libya itself. This also happened in Iraq, Afghanistan when again we were without legitimate interests other than the palaver of ‘we must get rid of despots.’ It is very easy to exert force and displace authoritarian leaders. It is much harder to think beforehand and exam the short and long term consequences of such an action. Hillary is known to be a certified ‘war hawk’ in the clearest sense of the word. Rather commit herself to the grueling intellectual /emotional examination of short and long term consequences of invading a country like Iraq and Libya, she reflexively kowtows to the neocon hysteria of war and more wars as evidence of American resolve and power. At the same time, many of the senior military officers who command our forces have always cautioned and tempered these civilian outcries for ‘action and more action’. Over thirty years serving in national security, I have never met a competent senior military officer who urges war as a solution to economic/political conundrums. Usually, its those people who are ensconced in the national security apparatus that have urged military decapitation without really comprehending its direct and distant manifestations. However, inaction in the time of obvious mass slaughter is equally malfeasant. Let me explain what I mean. When the Hutus were about to slaughter the Tutsis with the help of the Chinese sending machetes and the French [Mitterand’s son] helping to gun down Tutsis, President Bill Clinton had sufficient warning to prevent this unconscionable slaughter of 800,000 innocent civilian victims. But he, under the direction of his wife, Hillary Clinton, refused to intercede in this eventual “African Genocide”. Either way, Hillary has shown herself to be inept in Foreign Policy by personal and professional disposition. She is bereft of intellectual gravitas. What she does well is to create the appearance of a dutiful Wesleyan College student who listens and absorbs the lessons of history. Yet she is completely incapable of 161

formulating any type of coherent strategy or tactics. It may be inborn disorder of intellectual perspicacity. Whatever the reason, she speaks articulately about all matters that appear to be serious. Then when the time comes to act effectively and decisively, she fails time and time again; as if she were some form of an ‘idiot savant’ who knows the facts but misunderstands the reality of what she did or did not do. That is her problem. Now it is our problem. America has to really probe in depth into Hillary’s palaver not to embarrass her personally but to exam carefully why she has consistently appeared like Zelig in the span of historical change; but when called to action, she fails for want of trying or understanding the political dynamics of her action and inactions. She has refused to really understand her historical failures. Instead she has surrounded herself with high priced sycophants who will reassure her like Voltaire’s Candide— ‘that what she has done is for the best’. Noise and process are Hillary’s strong suites. The rest is vacuous shell of misunderstandings and failed actions upon the mantle of history. She has proven herself without any effective reality testing to be a person without gift or talents except the one: to self-aggrandize and tolerate ad hominum abuses. I do not decry her for being a woman, a politician or any other persona she might want to assume. What I am simply saying is that Hillary has played out her part in history and has like many who have never been held accountable, she has failed by all accounts.... and will continue to do so, if elected to anything more than Jeb Bush’s having awarded her some nonsensical recognition as “A Great American”. BTW, Jeb can also fit comfortably within the skeleton of the politically spoiled idiot savant, [as do his other three brothers]. America, it’s time to demand new candidates and a new way of our maintaining our role as a Super Power in the 21st Century….other than brute force and military decapitations. Our Republic deserves better and should strive to achieve it at all costs! 162

Thursday, April 23, 2015 and now for something completely different, physics! Prove Einstein Wrong in 20 Minutes!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015 Obama’s Failed Drone Program Consistently Kills More Americans and Pakistani/Yemeni Innocent Victims! Time to Transfer the Entire Program from CIA to U.S. Military. Get rid of the Agency of International Development [A.I.D] workers overseas---completely useless and exceedingly expensive, accomplishes little. Time has come to shut down the consistently ineffectual CIA and allow the U.S. military to work unhindered by civilian incompetency. By now you have learned about the ‘accidental death’ of American A.I.D worker, Warren Weinstein of Rockville, MD, who was killed in the ‘fog of war’ by an American drone targeting supposed Al Qaeda members in Pakistan. The truth of the matter is a little bit more serious than this tale of an AID worker captured in 2011 working on a local water project for delivering fresh water to Pakistanis. First of all, as usual, the Obama admin has no idea of how to conduct a major rescue operation or an effective war against terrorist bred and nurtured by our duplicitous ally, Pakistan. This country, thanks to completely ignorant assessments of how to stop terrorism there, received over $25B in aid and military assistance over the past decades. As expected, the corrupt military and civilian leaders of Pakistan purloined the money and kept on creating so-called “terrorist groups” for which we had so-called “convenient targets” to destroy. 163

This scenario reminds me of a world carnival where our CIA provides the necessary funds to already discredited ersatz nations like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen , et. al in order for the CIA and some U.S. military units [especially SOF] to play kinetic wack-a-mole. Yet the truth is far more brutally destructive. For some time now, we have been playing with completely dysfunctional units of the USG, the CIA and it’s direct cousin –the Agency For International Development [AID]. There is a pattern that we see over six decades where the CIA and its satellites have created cancerous wars in Viet Nam, Latin America and the Middle East. The CIA has become a life-threatening disease in the Republic. In addition, the CIA’s direct cousin is another completely useless organization that doles out billions of dollars to intermediary companies usually located in Arlington Virginia, like J.E. Austin Associates [a ‘bullshit front’] which ‘hired’ the professional AID worker, Warren Weinstein. I don’ begrudge a man like Warren if he wants to run around the world and make believe that he is important by doing little insignificant projects in ghastly infested corners of poverty and decadence from East Asia to Pakistan. However, I will not grant him any status of nobility or integrity when in fact, I know that men and women like him do very little other than infuse their narcissism with the necessary adrenalin rush which allows them to become ‘natives’ of a multitude of corrupt, dysfunctional countries which provide this type of ‘action junkie’ with raison d’etre. When a presumed Jewish man like Weinstein wants to sacrifice his life in a most Islamic extremist country then that is his business. Americans have no duty nor need to send these action junkies, like the Peace Corps or so-called ‘innocuous NGO’s’ overseas at taxpayer expense when in fact these collective groups do nothing more than provide useless cannon fodder for terrorists to capture and use as ‘bargaining chips’. How do I know? For many years, these ‘action junkies’ have wandered overseas to seek new adventures and ‘esoteric experiences’ for personal reasons, refusing to use their presumed skills in our own country in places like 164

Detroit or Appalachia. Is it more worthwhile to help Tanzanian children when our American children suffer from lack of nutrition and education? Are children in Pakistan or Africa more deserving than our American kids who live in poverty, don’t get enough to eat and cannot read? It’s time to eliminate the CIA and transfer all of it’s supposed intelligence operations to the military or the Director of National Intelligence [DNI]. For the most part, the CIA only borrows military assets in the guise that they are covert and ‘secret’. Nonsense! In addition, its time to eliminate AID, the presumed front of the CIA, because it has wasted countless billions of dollars in ineffectual projects that have no impact other than allow the American action junkies [civilian and church sponsored] to assume an exotic patina. Last but not least, please STOP the most embarrassing, ineffectual program of all: drones flown from Nevada 16,000 miles overseas. They create more civilian casualties and inspire more hatred from the Pakistani/Yemen citizens than any other program we could have created. Falling in love with our technology is indicative of a civilian leadership that has had no operational strategic experience nor tactical successes. As I have said in the past, Obama is the contrived product of a historically dysfunctional CIA which continues to create more problems for the American Republic to the extent that it has become synonymous with the well known term—“Legacy of Ashes” ! If we fail to learn from these reverberating lessons of needless deaths and incompetent intellectual/kinetic actions, then we, Americans, will be doomed to repeat our mistakes again until the Republic will be eviscerated of all meaning. Now, is the time to stop this childish nonsense before we are no longer a nation which can address its own internal problems for want of sufficient resources and intelligent, capable manpower. We don’t need the CIA to send CIA operatives overseas under cover of A.I.D so that a CIA born POTUS , Obama, can order to kill these ‘humanitarian workers’ accidentally or intentionally… with no other than CIA drones. 165

Let me end this blog with a quote from the great French writer/philosopher, La Rochefoucauld: “Hypocrisy is the homage which vice pays to virtue” As for Mr. Weinstein’s need for action and immortality, let me quote Napoleon Bonaparte: “Glory is fleeting; but obscurity is forever.” And as for Obama, it seems the close he gets to the big prize, a Treaty with Iran, the “more he keeps slip sliding away”.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 The 7.8 Nepal Earthquake kills at least 5000. In 1994, this blogger was literally in the middle of the Infamous 6.6 Northridge Earthquake in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It was terrifying! At the time, I was out in Hollywood consulting on an Oliver Stone film, starring Al Pacino. That night I went to sleep at the Vagabond Inn and at 4:30:55 A.M pacific coast time, I felt a huge vibration that shook the wooden framed lodging. For a moment, I cursed the large trucks that were driving near by on the 405 Highway heading south into Los Angeles. However, I quickly realized that the thunderous noise and the collapsing Inn were the beginning of a major earthquake. I did not stand in the doorway for protection as it is often prescribed. Instead, I ran out of the motel and went to the rented car, a large Cadillac, for which I had ‘mysteriously’ packed the night before. I say mysteriously because that was the first time in my professional life, I had not packed what little clothing I had just before I was to fly out at 11AM. As I rushed out of the door, I encountered what I can best describe as a scene from Armageddon. The concrete beneath my feet cracked open in a wide yawn revealing flames and smoke spewing from the bowels of the pipes buried beneath the street. At the same time, live 166

electrical wires from the overhanging telephone poles were whipping around the smoke-filled air. I saw one police cruiser passing by with its searchlight beaming a bright light through the debilitating rancid smoke that quickly consumed what little oxygen was left. I rushed into my rented car, set on getting to the Los Angeles Airport at all cost, betting on one simple fact. I convinced myself that the different airlines which flew out of LA Airport would not leave their $40M planes on the tarmac. I had a first class ticket, I would board whichever plane that flew out of LA to whatever destination they would take; be it China or NYC. It was extremely dangerous driving to the airport. First I drove in the middle of the 405 Freeway as I noticed lesser sized cars than my behemoth Cadillac peeling off to the sides of the highway as the road started to buckle in front and behind me. I turned off the air conditioner because smoke from the burning buildings that I was passing had entered the air conditioning system. I was choking throughout the minutes or however long that trip took to get to Century Blvd which led to the Alamo Rental car then onto the LA Airport. As I approached Century Blvd, I noticed a police barricade placed in front of the exit ramp. I decided that I would swerve around the barricade and try to get to Century Blvd and then Aviation Blvd at whatever cost; even if it meant I would enter a police chase or an arrest. I managed to swerve around the police barricade without injuring myself or any LA police and proceeded by rote to Century Blvd. Next, I turned onto Aviation Blvd and then into the Alamo which had, ironically, the only lights on in the entire LA block that I was traversing. I asked the bus driver to get me to the airport ASAP. Of course, I gave him a significant tip; and finally I reached the United counter where the lovely lady informed me that I should head back to my hotel. I explained to her that I would not leave the airport and that I would pay extra for any United Flight that would take off any time soon. As serendipity would have it, I boarded the next flight out of LA on First Class of an almost completely empty plane back to Washington D. C.---my original destination. When the attractive stewardess came up to 167

me and asked me what I would have for breakfast as I watched the plane take off from a seemingly buckling tarmac, I replied “Champagne”. The rest of the five to six hours were a blur. But I know that I had never drunk as much Champagne in my life in one sitting. Now that I see the horror of an earthquake in Nepal where thousands of victims have been killed, I whisper a few consoling words to myself and them, wishing them a speedy recovery. We take too much for granted when it comes to the equilibrium of our planet. We assume that the ground beneath our feet will always remain firm. We breath air that will always be only slightly polluted and not filled with noxious contaminants. Most of all, we tend to live in places that beckon us to stay away; be it a fault line in a potential earthquake; or a combat zone in a war-weary mountainous region where no man has ever conquered man or nature. As so-called rational human beings we are completely irrational and selfdelusional about our vested interest in remaining safe and healthy. We presume without reason that nature is compliant to our wishes because we can conquer the air by flying and the seas by sailing. However, we cannot and will not subdue Mother Nature whenever her tectonic plates rub against each other at times we know not where or when. A bit more humility and respect is required when addressing the great forces of nature which we have mistakingly assumed we have tempered. The earthquakes in Nepal and Northridge make me realize that the internet is not the only phenomena that binds me to the world. It is also the savage rumble of a destructive force in the past that makes the Nepalese my neighbors of today. May their recovery be swift and without even more major damage; and may our need to destroy ourselves through war be submissive to our respect of Mother Nature. Let me end with the words of the great Roman warrior/philosopher, Marcus Aurelius: “Life is a stranger’s sojourn, a night at an inn.”


Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Baltimore Flares UP Once Again! The City refuses to Resurrect Itself! I am writing this blog with a sense of personal loss and disappointment. Most of you have already seen the rioting and looting scenes that have transpired in Baltimore in the past few days. There is no need to belabor the point as why, where and what had happened. I really don’t care why thugs are looting and arson is flaring up all over the city. The reason is quite simple: decades ago, I was one of those business owners who had purchased some major property in the city of Baltimore. I came in as an entrepreneur from Washington D.C. who had been encouraged by then Governor Shaeffer to do business in the then run down city as a matter of opportunity and morality. Clearly, morality and business opportunity are not similar. I did not go in to do any charity work in this city abandoned by big manufacturers/sports teams but by the time I left this municipality it was bereft of any business opportunities and clear civil society mandates. Watts, Ferguson, and now and then Baltimore, these cities have a selfdestructive tendency in which the police were at best inadequate in their capacity; while at the same time, the citizenry was ready to explode at any given moment of discontent. Like now, the mayor at the time was an African American, Schmoke, who had no idea of what he was doing; other than pronouncing platitudes about ‘working together’ and some nonsense about ‘opportunities’. Next came the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980’s where Baltimore and it’s white citizenry had been involved in all types of financial chicaneries that were eventually uncovered by the diligent work of the FBI. Needless to say, both blacks and white went to prison then. Baltimore’s history as a city has been part of vortex of white injustices and black despair. Do I sanction either one? Obviously not! 169

However, incompetency has been the hallmark throughout the history of Baltimore as far as I can see; no matter who the governor, mayor or police chiefs were. There is a tendency, like the Federal Government, to bloat out like a beached whale creating all types of state and city organizations with fancy initials, the meaning of which defies anyone’s concentration or interest. The bureaucracy grew while the city shrank in opportunities and people became dissatisfied with their status; whatever that might be. Those who could prosper moved out to Towson, Maryland in an aseptic community that bore no real relationship to Baltimore. Few decent people wanted to live in the heart of Baltimore. There are many Baltimores located all over the United States. Eventually they will erupt into uncontrolled passions and fury that will be rationalized by all sorts of theories and explanations. As for me, the only explanation for Baltimore’s flagrant disregard for the law and its compulsive looting is the fact that is what the people of Baltimore do and want to do---loot! Be it in Savings and Loans or banks with fancy names or in street corners containing new CVS pharmacies! The times have come so that mulatto correspondents on TV explain why black compatriots are looting ad hominum. The truth is that this whole scenario is becoming tiresome and too familiar. When martial law will one day be implemented, then we, Americans, will see the final chapters of the recent scenes we have seen in Baltimore. It’s only a matter of time before the U.S military declares martial law in Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland…. And? The rest of the sentence depends on those who need to loot and burn in the name of ‘grievances’ and ‘injustice’. Those words will soon disappear from the vernacular of impatient custodians of the peace. One more Baltimore in any other place will probably illuminate more clearly the concept of “Martial Law”. It’s just around the corner candy store that was looted yesterday in Baltimore, City. Taunt the police at your expense! But threaten the National Guard and all bets are off! Thomas Fuller [British Author] wrote the following apt description: “The mob has many heads but no brains!” 170

Thursday, April 30, 2015 A hostage czar, really?

Thursday, April 30, 2015 White House Creates “Hostage Czar”? When all else fails due to WH incompetency and ignorance, Create “American Version Of Russian Czar!” Russians and Putin should be laughing by now. They got rid of their Czar in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917! Yet we resurrected the Czar because no one knows how to negotiate a minor hostage situation here or abroad. Unbelievable! As someone who had dealt with hundreds of hostages all over the world including: the USA [Hanafi Muslims Washington D.C]; Uganda [Idi Amin]; Colombia [FARC]; and in the Middle East [PLO; Habash; Abu Nidal]—it was very easy for me to coordinate all my activities with the FBI, CIA, MI, SOF, Air Force, Navy, State Department, DOD, Metropolitan Police Dept [Wash DC- Police Chief Cullinane] and even the White House [Dr Peter Bourne and others]. I do not claim anything more than the ability to take calculated risks when presented with information from all sources of intelligence ranging from sophisticated NSA sweeping ELINT/SIGINT and HUMINT from the CIA, MI, local police forces, etc. Once I had information, I would talk to the families of the hostage when it was necessary. Very often, I assigned competent Foreign Service Officers, CIA operatives and even military or police officials to deal effectively with the respective families that were involved in the hostage negotiations. Now the WH is spewing nonsensical palaver concerning payments to so-called self-designated terrorist groups. Since I was one of the 171

originators of the presently completely misunderstood state policy of ‘no payment for hostages’, I can assure you that I had a successful rate of recovery because I did whatever it took to get those hostages out of harm’s way. Whether it was money or media attention, I was in the business of negotiating with terrorists along the lines of whatever currency they or I insisted upon. That point is crucial. The key to a successful hostage rescue is rarely to go in with kinetic action and play Jack Ryan on steroids [sorry Tom Clancy]. A terrorist situations as in Washington DC in the late 1970’s involved an intricate analysis by the Washington DC police and the successful use of three very brave Muslim Ambassadors –Gen Yaqub Kahn [Pakistan]; Adeshir Zahedi [Iran]; Amb Ghorbal [Egypt] and a very brave police chief named Cullinane. Eventually President Carter’s orders to ‘stand down’ were refused and the 150 plus hostages in three different buildings were safely released thanks to the brave efforts of everyone. There was no czar or czarina in any position. There was Earl Silbert, intrepid lawyer, who gave me legal guidance before, during and after the event. There were the brave bureaucrats of the Washington DC government and the senior administration officials who provided me and my team cover from the prying media which I eventually terminated [there was no First Amendment Right to incite a hostage siege—I argued correctly]. The media, especially one correspondent from the ABC, was upset that he and the other media personnel were not allowed to cover the hostage siege. I told him and the media subsequently that they would not be allowed to ‘intercede’ as long as I was running a crisis nor would they interview anyone related to the crisis. Not during; nor after. I was fortunate that the Washington DC judge at the time had ordered at my request a ‘gag ruling’ which meant that no one was allowed to talk about it after the episode. The past is the past but nothing has changed. Terrorism as I have noted before has become a major business on both sides of the financial aisle. Terrorists around the world have commoditized hostages in terms of dollars and cents. These so-called Security Experts have made a 172

fortune servicing the desperate families with all types of false promises; as well as providing Hollywood with spurious hostage situations and outcomes. Let’s not forget the new Czar position with a salary at the taxpayers expense.



Saturday, May 2, 2015 Chinese Chopsticks, Russian Borscht, and American Hot Dogs Trump the Failed SaudiArabian Military Assault in Yemen! In a remarkable confluence of economic and political interests, America, Russia, China have quietly tempered the young Saudi Prince’s attempt to assert his desert prerogatives as royalty and decimate his tribal rivals in Yemen. He failed! In contrast, in a moment of glorious media silence, American military/intelligence officers in concert with Chinese, Russia and Iranian national security advisors had conspired [that means ‘behind the scenes’] to blunt any misbegotten Saudi military initiatives in Yemen. This was accomplished through the old principles of Real Politik. In essence, Sunni states like Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan asked themselves what was more important: working in peace to establish a viable economic/political future in the East/Middle East or continue to harbor ancient hatreds that lead to nothing more than continued devastations? Thanks to the quiet, mature interventions of President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia and the US military, Saudi Arabia was told in no uncertain terms that it would fail in its war against Iranian proxies in Yemen. The Chinese/Russia narrative of a newly expanded “Silk Road” through the northern tier of Eurasia has most of the leading developed Sunni Muslim countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt deciding to place their fortunes with the promise of a Chinese-led future, guaranteed by Russian geopolitical imperatives. This means that China has promised all countries surrounding it that they all can participate in one large entrepreneurial endeavor to build large infrastructures through their countries leading in and out of China and Europe. I accept this proposition that China can and will build what it determines to be the best fit for it’s national economic/military/political future built on economic hegemony, and kinetic invasions. This has been a long time coming. Thanks to America which provided China with the 175

technological advances needed to grow its formidable economy of 1.4 billion citizens, China is now in a more stable position to expand effectively through the development of major infrastructure projects like building new ports, highways, and civil societies. Through its newly created Asian Infrastructure Initiative Bank[AIIB] China can compete with America’s economically flaccid World Bank and its’ subsidiary. More importantly, this complete change in the method of conflict resolution from kinetic destruction to a future laden with economic opportunities reaffirms the basic tenets that China has strongly embraced and America has lost: the benefits of capitalism over wars. Once it was inconceivable that former communist countries like Russia and China could desire to excel economically beyond the restrictive bonds of ideology and want to enter a world that Adam Swift had defined primarily for the Anglo-Saxons. Now, the East [China, Russia, Turkey] will once again enter the pantheons of historical grandeur to assume their heritage of successful hegemony at different times in the course of history. As for America, without a course-correction we will continue to lose our ability to successfully compete in the new economics of the global information age.We are now pre-occupied with a military that spans the globe as had the Roman Empire before its inevitable demise. We have no present or future promise of leadership which encourages me to anoint the next leader of our decaying Republic with the promise of true hope and proven past accomplishments. What we have now are stick figures like the young, immature princes of both Saudi Arabia and the undeservedly rich U.A.E who bluster and bluff into a vapor of inadequacy and incompetency. For the most part, the most successful leaders of China [as well as Russia] have been those who have literally fought their way to the top, stopping at nothing, except to eliminate one contender after another, sending them to prison or exile. Instead we have potential criminals who have committed more crimes than Putin and President Xi combined-both the Bush and Clinton families—who are the pathetic representation 176

of spoiled, entitled sycophants. Neither one of these future candidates could ever achieve a moment’s success or accomplishment without a family member vouchsafing for their non-deeds. Americans have a Patrician Class that has not served us well and will eventually ruin the Republic and make it into a province for their own corruptions. Who will rid me of these “noisome pests”? I ask in the spirit of Sir Thomas More in the brilliant play, “A Man For All Seasons” [By Robert Bolt].

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Obamacare Starting to Fall Apart: More Medicaid Patients Use Emergency Rooms than Private Physicians! 90% of Patients Are Sicker! I have said very little concerning Obamacare. I knew that it would eventually implode on itself because it was based on extremely faulty premises. First, Medicaid patients could not and would not find physicians. Secondly, physicians would be reimbursed at a much lower rate than before. Thirdly, there were not enough physicians [especially American-trained ones] to take charge of all the patients who were supposed to receive the insurance. Finally, over 100 Million people have some type of insurance for mental health care yet there are not enough psychiatrists and mental health professionals to take care of a fraction of these people. You get the idea. Obamacare is going to fall apart from its own structural/ functional distortions which were based on faulty premises created by legislators who never had to worry about their own health care. From the very beginning of the Obamacare, I had a serious concerns about those who created this dysfunctional healthcare system. Most of the Senators and 177

Congressmen who voted for the Nancy Pelosi ‘grab-bag’ –“lets find out what Obamacare really entails after we have passed the bill” were spoiled, entitled people who for the most part, should have visited pediatricians rather than internal medicine practitioners. Pelosi was, as were her congressional henchmen, completely inept in their understanding or implementation of health program that had no correlation to what these legislatives centurions were accustomed to in terms of their own health care. All legislators have the Navy Bethesda Hospital as well as Walter Reed Army Hospital at their convenience for FREE! They are cradled in a special insurance plan that could take care of dystrophic alien with total body ailments [whatever that would be] --again for FREE! In reality we have the weakest, most effete element of our society designing a system to work for the rest of us. It doesn’t work to entrust those least able to provide for themselves in the open capitalist markets without constantly pandering for special favors [which is what a politician is really about] in return for nothing. The WSJ article on May/4/2015 discusses what I have known and suspected for decades since I first started practicing medicine in 1968— the Emergency Rooms of most hospitals has always acted as the primary care facility for most patients in the USA. We, doctors, have not been able to turn away any patient once they stepped into the Emergency Room. Never in my career as a Medical Doctor and Board-Certified Psychiatrist have I turned away anyone in need of physical or mental health care. Now, these patients who come to the ER have been older and sicker as the population of the country has aged accordingly. Also, as fewer American citizens refuse to curb their voracious diet for sweets, fats and junk food, we, doctors, are seeing a preventable epidemic of diabetes, heart disease and other symptoms of a drastically bad diet and sedentary life. The notion of preventive medicine has not and probably will not invade our pervasive mindset, fostered by the greedy Big Pharma, that all medicines, irrespective of how expensive they were, could rescue our 178

bodies from the inevitable destruction of “well-being” sloth and ignorance. I know of several cases where men and women patients decided that it was easier to risk surgery for a stomach band [which is paid in full by the USG] than go on a reasonable diet or exert oneself for some type of moderate exercise. Instead, we find the easy way out. Yet it just does not work. One example: overweigh patient undertook a stomach-band surgery in order to lose weight. This patient developed severe bronchial asthma as a result of the obesity. This patient then went on inhaler and nebulizers which created heart arrhythmia. This patient was admitted to the hospital several times to arrest the arrhythmia and ended up with an unsuccessful ablation of the AV node. So the story goes on and on. The administration was so concerned about making certain that everyone had health insurance that was affordable yet the actual cost of healthcare rose dramatically. New policies that reimbursed physicians at a much lower rate so physicians now refuse to see the patients and pass them on to the ER where they were charged a significantly large amount of money for a very simple procedure which could have been treated by a primary doctor –who no longer exists because it is impossible for him/her to make a decent living. Fewer doctors are left to treat patients. I was recently offered a full time job as a psychiatrist for the state of Maryland at about 2/3 of the money that was offered to the actor, Matthew McConaughey, for speaking at the commencement ceremony of the University of Houston for just an hour ($155K). Also, let us not forget that Rami Emmanuel, then Chief of Staff for the Obama White House, agreed to pay over $80B to the Pharmaceutical Industries to allow the passage of the Obamacare bill. Now, that is a pretty penny. As a physician who has decided to leave my profession, I strongly suggest that if you have any type of mental ailment or dyspepsia, please call the aforementioned actor or an executive at Big Pharma that continues to insist that they can charge as much as they can and want, 179

even for generic drugs. Ask the Big Pharma rep if she/he knows how to prevent or treat suicidal ideation with a modicum of success? Better yet, please call up Dr James McDermott, Congressman from Washington State [paid by Boeing] and ask him why he does not identify himself as a Board Certified Child and Adult Psychiatrist rather than a Congressman? He worked for in the State Department as a Regional Medical Psychiatrist. Now, he hides behind the platitudes of palaver and process. That’s his choice! Its time for Americans to vote in those representatives who can dismantle this absurd beached behemoth, entitled “Obamacare” ; after a costly segue of internet incompetency which marked the beginning passage of a piece of legislation which belongs to no citizens; other than those who have already been treated for free. We are not a healthy nation. We have no will power or discipline to enact anything other than indulging in immediate mental and culinary gratification. We Botox our faces. We drink beer as if it were water from a faucet. We eat as if there is no other meal will be served. We glorify our chefs as they become the new elite of our society; adoring their every word and motion in the kitchen as if culinary arts was the new religion de jour. It is often said that an army walks in its stomach. But, I say that a nation that crawls on its stomach to the Emergency Room is destined to die a prolonged, ghastly death. Unfortunately, there is no real recourse. Once in the ER; next in the OR; then in the mortuary. In the words of the comedian, Woody Allen: “I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Lufthansa Senior Managers as well as Physicians who examined CoPilot, Andreas Lubitz, are guilty of collusion in covering up the details regarding the terrorist pilot! He killed 149 Innocent Passengers from Germany, Spain, France and other countries. From the very beginning of this tragedy on March 24, 2015, I specifically delineated this ‘suicide act’ committed by the 27 year old Andreas Lubitz’s of deliberately flying the German airline [ Lufthansa ] into the French Alps as a clear act of premeditated—TERRORISM! And not some ‘mental disorder’ which no one could pick up along the way. Contrary to the prevailing views that this was a disturbed individual who had a history of mental illness, I specifically refused to accept that notion that the death of 149 innocent passengers was merely an act of some ‘crazy person’ who wanted just to kill himself, willingly taking 149 innocent victims with him. I said without any hesitation that Andreas actions were well thought out, even planned to the smallest detail; and could have been prevented like any other act of terrorism. Perhaps, no single person is more culpable of this premeditated act of terrorism than Carsten Spohr, Chairman and CEO of Lufthansa since 2007. Spohr, an industrial engineer by training and a qualified pilot, immediately and intentionally lied to the public and the families of the victims. He was, as we say in the psychiatry/intelligence business, a clear give away when he emphatically declared “that Andreas Lubitz had passed both his physical and mental status exam without any problems”. Spohr knew differently. How do I know that? Over thirty years of working in the counter-terrorism business as well as reorganizing major companies, I have learned that the CEO, whomever he/she might be, is always responsible for the ultimate acts of all of the employees. And in Spohr’s case, he had been in charge of the Lufhthansa personnel as far back as 1996 [according to his bio]. Why am I so emphatic about making this incident a criminal and not civil case? 181

The reason is simple! Flying is a complicated business with multiple variables that have to be monitored. However, from my experience, I knew that the mental status of most pilots has rarely been addressed appropriately –or even at all.This tragedy highlights the fact that a plane can be an instrument of death as easy as a gun, artillery shell or bomb. In the wrong hands, a plane becomes an instrument of death and destruction as effective as a bomb. Whether someone wants to fly the plane into a building as an act of terror as in 9/11 then it is equally plausible that same plane can be flown into the ground as an act of terror in order to instill fear in the passengers on board; as well as, the potential passengers who might want to fly one day. Terror is not the act of destruction; but the act of terror in order to instill fear into an innocent populace all over the world. Such a terrorist was Andreas Lubitz. Despite the pathetic plaintive cries of clergymen from his town in Germany or individuals involved in his former gliding club, no amount of white washing can eliminate the very definite act of a man, like Andreas Lubitz, who spent countless hours, days and possibly years, mapping out the method, place and techniques by which he would eventually kill 149 innocent people, many of whom were school children. There is no mercy for him or the ‘co-conspirators’ like Carsten Spohr and Dr. Wolfgang Roller, Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa. These officious individual representing nothing more than their financial interests in a company that prides itself on “German Excellence in Engineering and Service.” It’s time for the world to understand that every pilot flying any plane can be a potential terrorist as long as he/she is never evaluated effectively for mental illness or suicidal ideations with the intent to kill massive amounts of innocent people. That day has not come yet. Only after a significant prosecution of the people involved in this tragedy will the world once again trust flying and the pilots. 182

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 Seal Team 6 / Bin Laden Lies Predicted 14 Years in Advance Once Dr. Steve's 14 year prediction after the false flag 9/11 stand own was right on what he predicted that a future president will claim that SEAL Team would kill Oasma. But Osama was already dead with Marfan Syndrome! There was no SEAL execution - all a lie by Obama admirals MacRaven --team leader- Adm Mullen -- also Panetta and John Brennan DCI.

Friday, May 15, 2015 Its time for the rich, mafioso types to go away or at least OUT of the political process, AMERICA does not need thugs bankrolling our political candidates, that includes Norman Braman (Rubio). There was a time long ago where any self respecting candidate would stay away from these mobsters...

Sunday, May 17, 2015 Miami Billionaire Norman Braman, Major Car Dealer Supports ‘Cuban Gnome’ Marc Rubio for the Presidency Good luck ! I Bought a BMW 750 Sedan from Braman Motors which was a “Lemon”! Sometimes I have an occasion to pierce the publicity shield created around our 2016 Presidential Candidates with a particular insight or past experience. No one has been more attractive to me as ersatz front 183

runners, the well-spoken Hispanics, Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio—who are being supported by Jewish businessmen with questionable ethical backgrounds. I have already discussed the repulsive Jewish thug from Nevada, the portly, ignorant casino owning Bugsy Segal wannabe— Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli born wife. His ignoble squandering of money to Republican candidates is based on one false assumption: the dire need for all Americans to support Israel. However, a far more sophisticated merchant of questionable goods is Norman Braman, a man I have never met yet I have gotten to know through the faulty merchandise and services he purports to provide in Miami. Some time ago, I went shopping for a car. Suffice it to say, I had bought a ‘used’ or ‘pre-owned’ BMW Sedan with significantly low mileage. His car dealership was no better nor worse than any other car dealership in Florida. They hustle, sell, and bargain. Nothing unusual there. However, from the beginning of my ownership of my BMW sedan, I had nothing but troubles. The tires that went with the car when I bought it—blew out within weeks. Then I bought new tires from Braman Motors. Needless to say—wasted money. Next a series of mishaps occurred with the electronic system and eventually the transmission shaft started to deteriorated before I could avoid an inevitable catastrophe. All that time, I had the best that Braman Motor Management and Services could provide—much palaver and increasing amount of dysfunction and incompetency. Do I need to tell you that I traded that ‘lemon’ for a SUV of Japanese origin. The point is quite simple. Braman is a flashy name with a lot of faux elegance and integrity. He and his wife purport to be art collectors and charity donors without having the necessary gravitas of any intellectual force or studied grace of savoir-faire. They are the pure, unadulterated product of a time when Jewish youngsters in America grew up from the streets of Pennsylvania, as Braman did, engaged in some type of financial chicanery which allowed him to buy a football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and then expanded into a massive car dealership extending all over Miami and 184

Colorado. Ask the sports fans and citizens of Philadelphia what they think about Norman Braman. Don’t get me wrong. I believe that whatever Braman did to get to his position of wealth, be it greed tempered with fantasy story tales, that is his business. However, when the likes of Adelson and Braman become national figures of crass money indulgences like supporting Republican candidates for the Presidency of the USA, then it becomes an issue for me. How a person climbs the greasy pole of politics to reach the Presidency, is their business and mine, if it turns out to be contrary to the interest of the USA. Marco Rubio is not a representative of anything more than some pathetic Spanish-speaking Cuban American who does nothing more than splatter a story line of arising from poverty to ascension in Florida political offices with no major accomplishment than his ability to retell his nauseous story of a Cuban family that ‘fled Castro’. The truth is that Rubio and his wife who is also hired by Braman for their ‘ersatz’ foundation related to Genomics [I doubt that Braman knows anything about the history of Watson –Crick, Sanger, or the contributions of Cambridge University to DNA-RNA research] have been ‘a welfare family’ for the rich Miami Jews who find Rubio quaint and articulate (for a Cuban). If we had painted a black face on Rubio, in the olden days, we could have anointed him as “Sambo”, the caricature of African – American. In reality, the best we can call Marco Rubio’s accomplishments insignificant , if non-existent. Rubio and his family are very much like my former BMW Sedan, sleek, fancy, denoting wealth and elegance…. BUT in truth a Braman lemon that he sold to a “sucker” like me. That’s my problem. Yet, I do not want the low class Jews, like Adelson and Braman, to eventually determine the future of America and make us all ‘suckers’! Get a new type of candidate. Someone, not beholden to any one particular person, Jew, Christian or whatever, and who has shown a history of accomplishment as a governor in the Midwest or became a professional, other than some type of dullard lawyer. It’s time for America to start shopping around for a candidate with no real miscreant 185

baggage, endowed with care for this country because they had served it more than they had served themselves. Caveat emptor! Buyer beware!

Thursday, May 21, 2015 More Jewish Billionaires to fund 2016 Presidential

Thursday, May 21, 2015 Tom Clancy’s Op Center OUT OF THE ASHES is officially a New York Times Bestseller! The latest release in the Tom Clancy's Op Center Series in now officially another New York Times Bestseller! CREATED BY: Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik WRITTEN BY: Dick Couch and George Galdorisi You can get your copy on Amazon

Friday, May 22, 2015 Don't need to say anymore, Ann Coulter did it for us. 186

Sunday, May 24, 2015 Thank You General Raymond Odierno for Reaffirming the Legitimate Concern: Our citizens DO NOT trust the government nor the Military. Implementing the Pathetic Idea of “Invading” Texas in Order to Enhance SOCOM’s “Human Domain” just adds fuel to the fire. A stupid idea deserves a proper answer: Stop the Wasteful $10B Exercise called Jade Helm 15. It will do nothing but alarm the American citizens and reaffirm the fact that we, Americans, can not trust our civilian and military leadership to do anything effective except to appear as if they are implementing “martial law”. Just when I was about to take sigh of relief while eating dinner at my local diner, three different veterans came up to me and asked me what did I think about “Jade Helm 15” ? Initially, I had no idea of what they were talking about. So I looked it up then I was completely shocked. I read that General Odierno was going to spend over $10B to deploy a complement of troops throughout the Southwest of the USA—Texas, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado from July 15 to September 15. Why is this exercise completely absurd and wasteful? There is no way that any of our elite soldiers will learn about ‘human terrain’ of foreign enemies by playing these useless war games. Desert areas in America; as well as Americans have no correspondence to the topography, cultures and psychology of Arabs, Muslims or Bedouins. Remember: Odierno had the dubious distinction of being chief military advisor to Condoleeza Rice during the Iraq War. I think he should be unloaded for poor performance and very poor decision making. For many of us, this exercise reaffirms the incompetency and lies which have prevailed for over thirty years with the Clinton, Bush Jr and now Obama administrations. Such leadership have proven countless times that they know nothing about the nature of wars or how to conduct 187

an effective kinetic overseas action. Instead they have all proven to be indifferent and inured to the concerns of the American public which does not trust our USG. Now General Odierno has literally transferred that mistrust and dislike for our present and past presidents to our failing military which cannot and has not won a war since WWII [and even then it was the Soviets who bore most of the burden]. Odierno, too bad you didn’t read my book entitled, State Of Emergency written twenty years ago in which I delineating the precipitant to the next civil war just like your actions of placing military troops into Southwest states—in my book it was Nevada, Utah, New Mexico. It would be less costly and less intrusive for you and your Special Forces to learn about psychology, national character and foreign languages at Fort Bragg without having to incur a wasteful 10 billion dollars and rightfully scaring our concerned citizens and Veterans. Here is what you have to learn about our country and it’s basic needs and failures because like most political generals, you are wasting billions which can be used far more effectively for the following domestic issues: ▪ 20% of our children under 18 years old are in poverty. ▪ 17.5 million households [14%] were ‘food insecure’. ▪ serious infrastructure problem and severe water shortage. ▪ major deterioration in northern/midwestern urban areas ▪ public schools standards and education of our youth on a downward spiral especially compared to other countries General Odierno, Eisenhower had warned us about toy soldiers like you and your comrades who are splayed all over the world, losing one battle after another for an indecent amount of years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan. Are we supposed to be impressed with your accoutrements of faux education—Honorary Doctorate from the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, along with multiple degrees from military/civilian institutions? How did your Iraq strategy work out??? What about all the great advice you gave super star Condi Rice? 188

I find it refreshing that Governor Greg Abbott had engaged in the proper action of ordering the Texas National Guard to monitor your incompetencies. Contrary to the hysterical NYTimes which thinks that the American people have no right to mistrust our civilian and military rulers when on Sept 1, 2001, we were lied to; insulted; and worst of all murdered in the ersatz name of ‘national security’ and the even more nonsensical term “War On Terror.” In addition, I want to know where are the responsible voices in congress that say stop this archaic military madness that is so wasteful and so counter productive? Did you get promised some campaign contributions to keep quiet? Or are you just so out of touch with the citizens that you are supposedly elected to represent? Over the past thirty years, our military has functioned below par yet has received more money to fight foreign wars for which they had never had the courage to refuse or implement effectively, leaving the inept civilians like Clinton [Bill And Hillary]; Bush Jr; and Obama as well as his novitiate WH coterie –to mandate kinetic actions overseas which lead to more mayhem and chaos a la Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen. Meanwhile, back at home, our own country is deteriorating in quality of life for many (education, jobs, health, clean environment). Message to Military and Government Leadership: Stop wasting money and being just stupid. Americans are fed up with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter Blames Iraqi Military for Faulty/Absent USG Military Strategy in Iraq! While Ramadi, Iraq and Palmyra, Syria fall to ISIS --Carter assumes no responsibility/neither does Obama Administration/White House. Palmyra was a beautiful city and I had fond memories of the “Venice of the Desert” so I was deeply disturbed when this treasure of 189

antiquity fell to hordes of ISIS (created by the CIA/Bush/Cheney/Jerry Bremer). Next I hear Sec Def Carter boldly declared that the “Iraqi soldiers have no will to fight” and another once beautiful city, Ramadi, is felled by a comparatively undersized and ill-equipped ISIS. I wondered whether this effete physicist whose only real accomplishment was to manage his lackluster ‘Brooks Brother’s career’[thanks Col. Ralph Peters] had even prepared to be nothing more than highly paid consultant to the Temple Money lenders at Goldman Sachs [which is what he had been among other things unsavory]. When I was asked about his appointment, I shrugged my shoulders in disappointment. I had seen seemingly polished Ivy Leaguers [Yale Summa Cum Laude in Medieval History an Physics; Phd from Oxford] all my life in national security; as well as in my unique training at Harvard and MIT. They were all made from the same mold of growing up in a protective bubble where their parents [father a navy neurologist/psychiatrist] allowed Ashton to receive the best education possible. Clearly, I don’t begrudge his educational accomplishments, other than the fact that even in his background there is evidence that he took the easy way out of academia. Going to Oxford to receive a Phd in Physics is close to the equivalent of buying a degree of little significance from one of our on-line commercial colleges. In fact, there is no evidence in his entire history of consultantships from Mitre [CIA fed] to an assortment of other prestigious anoxic organizations [CFR], that Carter had really been in the nitty gritty front of battle; fighting counterterrorism; nor studying war strategies/tactics. He is more on the profitmaking side of war/conflict, please check out many of his “partner positions” and BOD appointments. Carter is a man of the privileged classes in America where for the most part, he never got his hands dirty in the textured world of inhumane deaths and brutal executions of well-conceived strategies/tactics. Yet he makes a good side income from the military-industrial complex. Carter, like Rumsfeld, and Bob MacNamara [whiz-kid of the Vietnam war who had a mental break down] are part of the sanitized and profit-oriented 190

version of war—sterile and incompetent. I would call these incredibly credentialed ‘water walkers’ as ‘operatives whom I had to stay away from’ …or ‘neutralize’ in my past efforts to affect operational change in the field of combat/terrorism. Now, I discover that this well-manicured, completely inarticulate civilian representative of our formidable fighting forces, has just blamed in public the very people whom our brave warriors has supposedly trained, equipped and instructed. Carter publicly crucified his supposed ally, the Iraqi army, for fleeing and cowardice in the field of battle. That is a very strong indictment of not the Iraqi soldiers nor even the nonexistent Iraqi Government but rather of George Bush Jr and his coterie of neocon chicken hawks who created this mess a decade ago. Moreover, Carter’s accusation is akin to a verbal boomerang which indicts himself and those military men who sacrificed their lives in order to select, train and ‘force’ this proxy army of ethnic strife to fight an entity which his predecessors created when they attempted to disband the Saddam Hussein’s Army. [thanks to Jerry Bremer and Rummie]. Carter demonstrated that in the blame game of this particular administration as well as the three previous ones, none of them had the slightest idea of what they were doing in the ‘human terrain’ of combat and sustained kinetic encounters. Americans have had the privilege to fund in the trillions of dollars, a completely inept series of administrations, each of which had proffered the seemingly ‘best and brightest’ to the forefront of leadership. Again, many of those in leadership have profited significantly by this constant warring. The reality of the past decades concerning Iraq and Afghanistan is that we have wasted and discarded the most valuable assets America has to offer—the men and women who want to serve this country. How many of us who had been in Ramadi or Palmyra [ as I had been during the Second Iraq War] feel betrayed by the complete incompetency of our civilian and military leaders who are only to eager to write a book or work as a consultant for large sums of money. How pathetic it is that we, Americans, were offered to read the absurd memoirs of the dysfunctional braggadocios like Bush Jr; McCrystal; McRaven; Cheney; Panetta; 191

Gates; Hillary; Obama in order to realize that there was no gravitas nor strategic sense in these representatives of the ‘best and brightest.’ It would be best if Carter would resign for having been rude, inappropriate and incompetent in all aspects of his short tenure. Not to mention, did anyone in authority realized that he was “mobbed up” by the war industry? Talk about conflict of interest. Maybe President Obama had basically run out of possible sacrificial lambs. Our country has once again confronted the ineptitude of civility where the fighting grunts who have died and those who are willing to die—have to ask themselves as they had done in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—what am I doing? Was it worth being doomed to a hospital bed for life, trying to exist with half a body? Americans must turn back to the times and methods when we were forced by necessity and limited time to select out a George Marshall; an Eisenhower; a Patton; a Curtis LeMay; and a Nimitz. If we don’t address our real national security issue: the absence of effective civilian and military leadership then we, the Republic will certainly disappear into the footnotes of history as an example of a country that had lost its way and destroyed itself through the pretense of having selected the ‘best and brightest’ when in fact they were the ‘worst and most cowardly’.

Sunday, May 31, 2015 Just finished watching "American Crime", I thought is was a worthy watch, my review coming shortly.


Monday, June 1, 2015 “American Crime” An Outstanding TV Series [ABC Studios], Written, Produced, and Created by John Ridley Should Sweep TV Emmy Awards! In a time of domestic turmoil when dynamic human forces are swirling about in a series of confrontations and family tragedies, “American Crime”, an innovative TV series, created by the talented Academy Award Winner [12 Years A Slave] John Ridley has captured the time’s troubled temper. In a kaleidoscope of characters, ranging from L.A. Chicano gangs played by Richard Cabral [once a real gang member] to the ostensible black gangster, Elvis Nolasco; arching over the lead characters played by Caitlin Gerard, Timothy Hutton; and Felicity Huffman, we see an American Tragedy emerging as these characters try to make some sense of a senseless drug killing. From the very beginning of the TV series, one is completely thrown off by the fact that we never see the actual murder. The creator of this series, the articulate, bright screen writer/novelist, John Ridley concentrates his story line on the different familial reactions to a crime that the viewer never really sees. Next Ridley takes us through a series of dramatic twists and turns that keep drawing us further into the disparate story lines till we, the viewer, want a moment of respite and emotional catharsis. It is very rare to see a TV series of such emotional depth without relying on stereotypic characters or iconic scenes of violence. To say that the actors were uniformly outstanding is an exceedingly rare occurrence in this judge’s experience. For those who might remember the American writer Theodore Dreiser, one might imagine that “American Crime” could be the modern day equivalent of Dreiser’s masterpiece, An American Tragedy. The polymath John Ridley happens to be African American. However, his sensibilities are clearly universal and trenchant. He understands the complicated dynamics that occur amidst all the races and ethnic groups without straining credulity. It’s a pleasure to witness this kind of talent in action. All of the characters, 193

played by exceptional indigenous actors range from the panoply of diversity that we see in America. There are very few moments in the lengthy TV show that appear contrived, or incredulous. To ABC Studios, I send my kudos for taking an exceptional risk on a very delicate subject and making certain that the show never wavers into maudlin, self-indulgence; or bursts out into flairs of gratuitous violence. The Television Academy would do well to grant this show all the recognition that it deserves , as follows: ▪ Best Director; ▪ Best Producer; ▪ Best Original Screenplay; ▪ Best Production Designs. ▪ For the leading characters—awards galore. Once again , congratulations to John Ridley for a job exceedingly well done. May his career continue to prosper in the directions that he may chose. To ABC Studios, a tip of the hat for taking an incredible risk that could have easily backfired into the TV land of gratuitous sex, violence, drug addiction, and minority stereotyping. I will end this blog on note of caution to ABC Studios and John Ridley. It may have been sufficient to have developed this series for only one season. I am concerned that two or more seasons will strain the viewers’ compassion and interest. But what do I know? I just watch and vote.

Friday, June 5, 2015 Lets make our own rockets in U.S. instead of giving $$$ to Putin! We are now completely dependent on Putin for rockets, giving him Billions of Dollars from our inept Air Force/Pentagon. Why are we incapable of producing our own rockets? What about Lockheed Martin 194

and Boeing? Don’t we need jobs in the U.S.? Shame on us and on these functionaries and tax subsidized private companies.

Our military /industrial complex is overseen by highly paid generals/admirals/civilians who pay billions of taxpayer dollars to corrupt Russian oligarchs including Putin to send our Top Secret payloads into space. At the very same time, those same US military officials are trying to make a “regime change” in Russia because of their ‘supposed invasion’ of Ukraine [Crimea]. I was shocked to read in the NY Times article on June 3, 2015 by Steven Lee Myers about this incredible paradox in which our senior Pentagon officials and their eventual employers after retirement— Lockheed Martin and Boeing—have had to beg the White House/ Congress to continue the exorbitant payments to the Russians for their rocket boosters. It was more evidence that DOD has become nothing more than a nursing home of useless military officials who garner all types of ‘fruit salad’ for nothing more than preparing themselves for a highly subsidized tax payer retirement.

The Pentagon has become a bloated and festering tumor due to ignorance, laziness, and greed. The U.S Air Force [descending quietly into oblivion with the advent of drones] has not been able to develop the simple booster rockets required to send our intelligence/satellite payloads into space. As a result of the so-called “peace dividend”, Americans have the good fortune of paying the Russians for the privilege of using their efficient booster rockets; which we could not and have not been able to manufacture since the 1990’s. Unbelievable! We have our very own dysfunctional “private” corporations, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, demanding that despite our sanctions against Russia for their invasion of the Ukraine that Congress should release the necessary funds to buy more Russian booster rockets. 195

Here are some of the relevant quotes from the NYTimes article: “Certainly we cannot have Vladimir Putin and his cronies profit from the sale of rocket engines,” Senator McCain said at a news conference. “Ending the reliance on the RD-180 [rocket booster] is not as simple as it appears,” said David A. Deptula, a retired Air Force General who runs the Mitchell Institute For Aerospace Studies in Arlington, Virginia. He continued, “Underinvestment, lack of clear vision and stifling bureaucracy has slowed innovation of alternative for years.” Please tell me why no present or past Sec Defs or POTUS’s did not FIRE everyone involved or uninvolved in developing a 21st century American rocket for the new space era? The reason is simple. American citizens have tolerated dysfunctional military which has not and cannot win a battle or a war since 1944. They have been coddled by Generals and senior officers whose primary concerns have been their careers and their own wallets. We have allowed our legislators to pork barrel the pentagon budget so that every member of Congress has a totally useless military installation in their district yet serves no segment of national security. Our so called weapon systems are primarily constructed from elements of electronics developed/manufactured by our potential enemies; China, Russia, and questionable allies; Israel, India, Pakistan. Def Ashton Carter should kick these lazy celebrity generals in the butt. In addition, as Congress feeds the old dinosaurs Lockheed and Boeing tax payer handouts in exchange for fat campaign contributions, tell them to dust off the R&D departments and make some space age technology happen. Or give the money to Elon Musk and Space X, he’s got rockets and the drive to make something happen. Time for the generals and old time corporations that exist on the tax payer dole to take the dirt nap. Congratulations to Putin! He understood that no matter how tough we might posture in the world, the truth was more pathetic: We need Putin in order to fight Putin. 196

Sunday, June 7, 2015 “Olive Kitteridge”-- An HBO Special TV Mini-series- Starring Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins and Zoe Kazan –Should Be Recognized by the TV Academy! Outstanding Writing, Acting and Producing [Tom Hanks/Play Tone]. Usually, I have very low expectations for what I would call, “A Chick Flick”—those dealing with marriage; personal relationships; and family dynamics. Yet I was proven wrong by none other than the brilliant actress, Frances McDormand of “Fargo” fame and “Mississippi Burning”. She is one of our country’s greatest actresses; bar none. She made a very wry, sardonic Maine school teacher living with a boring pharmacist husband, Richard Jenkins an extremely compelling character to watch. Without any chase or shooting scenes, the HBO special mini-series, “Olive Kitteridge” based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name by Elizabeth Strout, is one of the more interesting psychologically driven shows of this past year. In part, Ms Jane Anderson has done an exceptionally brilliant job of translating the book of short stories into a full length mini-series with enough compelling plot twists that allow the viewer hours of entertainment. The direction by Lisa Cholodenko allowed Olive to proceed without any visual hiccups. This is a movie about ordinary women written by a woman and adapted by a woman produced by a woman [Frances McDormand] and directed by a woman. It has proven to me how insipid I had been regarding the ‘stereotype of a chick flick’. If nothing else, I had wanted Olive Kitteridge to continue for another season. However the finale of the film was sufficient. I recommend this HBO series for as many awards that an adapted Screen Play can receive and then some. For those of you who do not know anything about the matrons of the Northeast—New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts—I strongly recommend this film as an introduction to the world of the laconic, determined and forceful woman –whom we often refer to as the “Yankee 197

Standard”. My only word of advice: don’t mess with them. Maybe one day we will have a leader who can represent all the honest and brutal qualities of these “Yankee Standards”. Thank you Play Tone and HBO for an excellent miniseries. May all the deserved accolades come your way. P.S. Frances, you might want to show your husband and brother-inlaw, the Coen Brothers, how to write, direct and produce a movie that is truly interesting and dramatic without being heavy-handed; as well as, having to rely on Sophomoric Yiddish Humor. But that may be asking too much.

Monday, June 8, 2015 The Intolerable Essence of Being Greece and the EU! Stop renegotiating a fictitious debt that has already been discounted with an entity, the EU, that may no longer exist in a few years. For some time now, we have been witnessing a financial Kabuki where Greece and its ignoble, manipulative representatives are playing on the world stage while their country sinks into oblivion. For the past year, I have stated very clearly that the best thing for Greece is to refuse to pay a debt incurred while doing business with Germany. Simply put, Greece cannot afford to pay anything, let alone fictitious debts denominated in the over-inflated Euro. At the same time, Germany knows all too well that there is no collateral that will guarantee any repayment, let alone one that is denominated in the billions. Both parties are playing an exasperating game which amounts to really nothing other than process leading to Erehwon [nowhere spelled backwards]. What should Greece do?


Get rid of all its present leaders who have made a mockery out of a country that once had a very noble history albeit centuries ago. These politicians know all too well that they are just kicking the can of insolvency down the road so that they can come later onto the world stage and play their farce once again. The most important reason for Greece to leave the EU is the simple financial revelation that with their own printing press—in Drachmas—they can literally print their way out of trouble; instead of pleading to retain a currency—the Euro—which is nothing more than a paper barometer of the German economy. In turn, Germany has to come to turns with the realization that Greece will never be able to ascend from this fictitious morass created by France and Germany to basically control the militaristic future of a Prussian resurgence a la WWI, WWII etc. The Euro is not a real currency that reflects anything other than the presumed strength of the once formidable, Deutchmark. Contrary to the world bankers and hedge fund managers accruing paper wealth beyond the diktats of the game, Monopoly, they are really nothing more than “Teddy Boys”[sorry Britain] playing with themselves. For the most part, currencies are nothing more than paper expressions of wishful thinking about a particular nation, commodity or assets. In reality there is nothing to back up the myriads of currencies floating around the world. All that moves around are electrons which indicate some number that may or may not having meaning; according to the receiver. The Greek debt is as much a myth as the European Union is and will be. There is no real European Union! What we have is a group of former politicians in one country refusing to give up their past personas in order to play again in a country which can’t even garner a Prime Minister, let alone a efficient government. And that basket case of a country – Belgium—has become the epicenter of the fictitious European Union where more countries are performing under par [France]; or, completely out of step with German growth like Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal [PIIGS]. In reality, the EU has become somewhat of psychological burden on the financial systems of the world, having to work through national 199

companies which are highly subsidized like the French or even the Spanish. Only those countries that have grown strong have retained their own currencies, denominated in numbers that can attain whatever ratios are needed for trade. Witness the Swiss Franc that broke through the ersatz basket [or snake] of the Euro to ascend into one of the strongest currencies in the world. Why? For three hundred years, the Swiss have been successful in allowing their banks and FIFA executives to indulge in massive financial corruption without harnessing an ounce of moral indignation. And so, England, Norway, Sweden, and Holland have all quietly amassed an impressive growth picture while remaining relatively silent on the world stage. Only the Greeks and Germans, and sometimes the French, scream ‘bloody murder’ when the Kabuki goes awry. Greece will inevitably default on its debt. In fact, if anyone bothers to take the time to read their balance sheet, one will find that Greece is in technical insolvency! In other words, Greece’s DEBTS EXCEED ITS ASSETS! If that is not bankruptcy, then folks, I have no idea what that term really means. The Greece/Germany two step has shown me how inept our own bankers, Secretaries of State and Treasury really are –when they announce that the world financial markets will collapse if Greece fails to pay its debts. It has already failed de facto to pay its multiplicity of debts. Nothing has happened to the world markets; simply because Greece and the Euro are not that important to Chinese, South East Asian and American GDPs [which is what really matters]. Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe are all nice geopolitical entities in which highly paid pundits revel about in their nonsensical discussions about Geopolitical Imperatives or the New Cold War. The truth is more ugly than that. China keeps growing. India will grow. Vietnam; Indonesia; Cambodia; Myanmar— will all grow. Europe is the newest and oldest sense of the term is just not relevant! 200

America could become an asterisk in the history of the 21st Century if we don’t stop creating wasteful and complete inane wars thousands of miles from our shores—all in the name of “Peter Pan’s” Terrorism. We have a very weak growth capacity. We will enter a negative growth curve if we don’t stop producing the useless tools of a war that has no bearing on our future.. or national security. Yet who am I? Just a lonely voice in the world of “bankruptcy”; whether real; or imagined. A word of wisdom to all countries and currency producers---Get Your Own Printing Press! No more worldwide Kabukis, its a distraction and its tiresome.

Friday, June 19, 2015 “T.B.D. American Wars” Against Al Qaeda, ISIS! Without An Effective War Strategy Against ISIS, we have created a tbd war—To Be Determined! Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, recently made a very revealing comment as he met with Israeli senior military/intel officials. When he was asked the question: “Will we have a more robust strategy in Iraq/Syria?” He responded: “To Be Determined!” TBD?!. Or maybe, wait and see what our American Generals will concoct “on the fly”. Equally interesting and disturbing is the fact that there is no consensus between Dempsey and his General, Lloyd J. Austin III, Chief of Central Command. Austin sees the center of gravity as defeating ISIS by recapturing Mosul [Iraq]. However, Dempsey does not think that Mosul is at all relevant. To compound the American strategic quagmire, the State Department and the White House have chimed in with their perspectives of a non-existent unified military strategy. 201

For some time now, I have reiterated the fact that we have an army that cannot fight. We have civilian and military leaders going all the way back to Bush Jr who had no idea of kinetic wars and their consequences. For the most part, American citizens appear to be indifferent, if not disgusted with the unnecessary wars. Occasionally, we hear a draft dodger like Jeb Bush [who went into the Peace Corps in Mexico to avoid the draft] utter some regurgitated neocon statements about more force or ‘boots on the ground’. Yet still the same cycle of stupidity rears its ugly head. Seriously, how many times have we screwed up in Iraq?? Afghanistan? No wonder we don’t teach military history anymore. Most of us war/terrorism veterans are completely disgusted by what is happening. As I wrote in my previous blogs, we have created our enemies, Al Qaeda and ISIS, through civilian/military incompetency; and now, we find ourselves bereft of any cogent immediate strategies. I am not surprised that we have entered this period of TBD wars all over the world. As someone who had been peripherally involved in teaching/advising our senior DOD, I have found that the brightest of the military officials –all the way from Captain on upward--- left the military to earn a hefty salary. Example: General Keith Alexander who now makes over $600,000 per month on one contract. In contrast, I encounter soldiers who are in the National Guard who complain that they are not treated on par with the regular full time army; despite the fact that they are doing most of the fighting and performing the necessary services to maintain some semblance of an effective kinetic warfare. Our military/political leadership is completely incompetent in planning and executing an effective strategy yet we taxpayers are paying an exorbitant price to so-called ‘private contractors’ who basically out source the war. I guess that TBD means that we have no military strategy. It also means we do not have an effective tactical or implementation capacity. TBD also means that CYA –Cover Your Ass—is becoming the new sobriquet for our non-existent U.S. military. Consider the Secretary of Defense, a civilian who never met a Hedge Fund or bank [Goldman Sachs] that he didn’t like; is far more interested in promoting an openly 202

gay civilian official to head up one of our armed services. I am all for progress BUT when the military and the White House appear to be more concerned with celebrating LGBT day at the Pentagon than implementing a long term military/political strategy in global trouble spots than I start to get very concerned. Our American military and political system has been degraded and corrupted to such an extend that it no longer functions at all. YET we continue to fund this bloated corporation at the expense of public education, infrastructure and the environment. Now these bloated, inefficient institutions must be DOWN SIZED. Get rid of the over paid, pension hogs who can not even “talk a good strategy” let alone execute one.

Thursday, June 25, 2015 The South Carolina Flag is Retired to a Museum as a Symbol of the End of White on Black Crime in Charleston, S.C. Which Flags should be retired for Black on Black Crimes in Detroit? Miami? Chicago? The Governor of South Carolina decided that the state flag of South Carolina should be retired to a distant museum as a symbol of white racism. How a state flag could represent the horrible crime committed by one insane white boy who had killed nine innocent blacks during Sunday Prayers is still a mystery to me. I have dealt with multiple murderers of all types at St Elizabeth’s –all of which could equal the ignoble actions of that particular white boy who had committed that heinous crime this past Sunday. One crazy white boy’s hate does not signify the advent of any type of White Supremacy or national movement ignited by his venomous feelings toward black people. In fact, this is a one-off incident that immediately accrued significance through the hysteria of the American media which could not really define at that particular moment what had 203

motivated that boy other than hatred and a history of repeated mental illness. Instead of concentrating on the more relevant problem stigmatizing this country—mental illness; the press led by none others than the CNN agit-prop team of Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper go for the race card. Fact: America has 100 Hundred Million –yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION---people WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH ACCESS. This FACT was completely IGNORED. Our so-called ‘aloof’ President Obama repeated his noisome colloquy about gun control and racism; not even daring to consider that the real problem –again and again is MENTAL ILLNESS. The South Carolina Governor, a woman of questionable intelligence and integrity, rode the most convenient hobby-horse available to everyone who did not know anything about the history of the Civil War or its roots. Neither the Governor nor President were born or raised in America to the extent that they might have had some questions about the courage and validity of the state of South Carolina to defy the tyrant Abraham Lincoln; who had no intention of freeing the black slaves from the very start of the war. His intentions were clearly delineated in his papers and those of his warmongers henchmen—Stanton, Seward, Sherman and Grant. They all shared the common mercenary conviction that the north needed the waterways and land rights embedded in the rural south. Slavery was not even an issue until Lincoln, a manic-depressive, Marfan syndrome railroad lawyer, had to disguise his ignoble intentions of killing hundreds of thousands of his OWN PEOPLE in the name of the Republic. South Carolina reiterated the basic tenets upon which our original 13 colonies had coalesced—upon condition that anyone of them could and would secede. Nothing in that statement reaffirmed the need for black slavery. Yet the northern Armies under the misfits like General Grant [alcoholic] and Sherman [savage, ruthless] had no qualms when they indentured young Irish Immigrants who came off the ship from Ireland to involuntarily fight for the cause of ‘northern aggression’. The north indentured the poor whites of all nationalities; yet no flag waves 204

for them; other than an incidental asterisk in some irrelevant narrative of the civil war. As a youth, I had a problem understanding how AUTO GENOCIDE –Lincoln willing to kill his own people—could be justified on any grounds; let alone by the notion that black slaves would be freed. That was the biggest lie of all. Two southern states had to ratify the constitution after the civil war in order to legitimately free the black slaves. So we butchered our own people in order to convince them that they had to free some of our own people; completely ignorant of the fact that Lincoln and his northern cronies wanted railroad tracks from north to south; as well as usurping the transit waterways of the grand Mississippi River and the Missouri River. It was also convenient for the north to acquire the crucial seaport of New Orleans in order to ship goods from the north ---southwards. The flag of South Carolina has been retired in much the same way that the truth of our barbarous history toward Native Americans and toward our own Americans on 9/11—was concealed and disguised by nonsensical statements of national security and songs ‘God Bless America’. The longer we divest ourselves of truth the longer we will remain retarded in our growth of the country and its intellectual horizon. Instead we can one day visit our past in the empty museums of inanity; flags; and worthless symbols. Long live the Republic! It will one day default into a moment of lies from which it can never ascend. Artificial symbols have co-opted history; and America is headed into a spiral of self-destruction based on historical ignorance and present day arrogance. Hubris Ate Nemesis! Pride Brings Its Punishment!


Saturday, June 27, 2015 Greece: Vote “NO” on June 30th Referendum! Not One Euro will go to the Greek People but to the Indifferent, Greedy Creditors—French and German Banks! Once again, people around the world are confronted by the interest of the ordinary citizen versus the financial interests of opportunistic, voracious international banks which have zero interest in helping Greek citizens. Greece, if you vote to remain in the EU, you will be basically throwing your hard earned money away to some corporate French/German bankers who have not one iota of interest in your collective welfare. Therefore, voting “NO” will afford you citizens of the once great civilization a new chance to re-start your economy on a parity with your growth and income stream. “NO” means that the future belongs to every single Greek man, woman and child. If you allow yourselves to be controlled by fancy titles of ersatz institutions like the European Economic Commission or the International Monetary Fund [America’s Investment Banking arm]; then you remain in political/financial servitude; constantly replenishing the bottomless pit of money that was originally owed to the private bankers who had taken a risk on Greece---and lost! That is the essence of your vote on June 30th, 2015. “No” means freedom and a future opportunity to start all over again in a fashion that will be consistent with your particular live styles. A “Yes” vote will bind you in perpetuity to a highly contrived financial system that benefits not one Greek citizen. This vote will only line the pockets of the bankers who did what they do best--- loan out money with quantifiable risks. The Greek risk of default was always there. Since my last blog where I pointed out that as far as these fancy named meaningless financial institutions are concerned—Greece is already in ‘technical default’. I will repeat that term because the bankers knew that this had been the case for close to a decade yet they want to CYA [cover 206

their ass] on the balance sheet so they don’t appear as reckless and stupid as they really have been. In a way, Greece will be making history. It will be the first country to officially exit the nonsensical Euro which was set up to enforce the French Magical Thinking that post-WWII, France could contain the growth of a dynamic Germany. At best this was a fantasy. At worse, it was a complete state of self-delusion; a psychological dynamic characteristic of the French since Napoleon Buonaparte, a Corsican who tried to make France a Revolutionary Empire. It failed and so did France. Now France can barely lift its economic head from the internal discords harping throughout Lyons, Paris, and Toulouse. France, as a financial entity is, at best a basket case; at worse it is a museum to be visited on a tour of the other failing states. Greece could be the new leader of an onslaught of other countries which will probably exit the Euro right after they do; Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The reason is that these countries also want their own printing press to determine their liquidity and not be beholden to some faceless German banker in Frankfurt. Times change is here. It is a simple choice --- “NO”—means freedom and self-determination. That is the course for which many brave Greeks fought during WWII and the post-war Communist Regime. Don’t forget the bravery of those Greeks who literally gave their lives for the right for you all to determine your respective freedoms. “Ephristo”! Thank you !

Monday, June 29, 2015 Puerto Rico, An American “Commonwealth” [State] must be able to Declare “Bankruptcy” Because the Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Clearly Stated that the Puerto Rican Debt Not Payable! 207

Just as we are entering the death spiral of Greece and potentially other EU countries [Spain, Italy, Portugal]; Puerto Rico refuses to pay any of its hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. Governor Padilla has stated to all of his debtors that Puerto Rico will not pay any of its debt back. This statement may sound arrogant and dismissive; however, I found it to be a breath of fresh air. Unlike all the leaders of the EU who are basically in technical insolvency, this Governor makes no bones about the fact that he and his cohorts are incapable of restructuring any reasonable deals with his creditors. How Puerto Rico became such a financial basket case is a shady story with endless Investment Banking and Hedge Funds willing to extend credit to any Island on a basis of fictitious numbers of future cash flows which the creditors knew in advance were never really viable. Why would such sagacious bankers from the mainland go out of their way to prostitute themselves in front of Puerto Rican institutions like the Light and Power company? The answer is very simple. Most of these bankers wanted to EARN FEES on the financial instruments that they were creating specifically for Puerto Rico, irrespective of caring about its REAL FUTURE EARNINGS. What is happening in Puerto Rico is what had happened when our fearless, greedy leaders like Bill Clinton and Bush Jr allowed the banks to loan at will; assuring them through the mumbled thoughts and words of the three stooges: Greenspan, Bernanke; and Geitner—that all these banks would be backed up by Fannie Mae and other Federal Financial Institutions. Effectively, these financial geniuses created ‘zombie banks’ that could do no wrong every time they flushed a suzerainty like Puerto Rico [used as target for US Navy shelling] with Bonds for everything. The bonds were to be paid back in principle by revenues and tax dollars that were supposedly generated by the consumers of the utility or manufacturing facility. That did not happen. Instead most Puerto Ricans [whom I admire] came to Nuevo York [mainly around my neighborhood on 108th and Amsterdam] decades ago 208

to make better, safer living for themselves and their family. Many of you would say that the financial behavior of the Puerto Ricans was irresponsible. I could not completely agree. The willingness to take money that seemed endless and ‘free’ was too tempting to refuse. However, what had happened during the tenure of the governors prior to Alejandro was reprehensible. This endless flow of bonds for everything and anything was part of a collusive entity created by greed and irresponsibility between the Wall Street bankers seeking fees for their meager work and Puerto Rican officials harvesting cash crops for their respective political futures. Now, Puerto Rico beset by malignant neglect by the Obama administration has ventured down a road where they are stating out right that ‘no debt will be repaid’. That may mean very little to us, Americans for now. It does portend a trend where American localities like Detroit and Stockton, California have also gone into a fiduciary default mode. The difference is that both Detroit and Stockton were able to declare bankruptcy and wipe out their respective debts in order to start all over again. Puerto Rico which has debt in the billions of dollars cannot and will not pay back any of the bonds. If PR is granted the right to enter into Chapter 9 [bankruptcy] then it might be able to restructure the debt load and something on the bonds. However, this is a new phenomenon where a commonwealth [ read state] has no ability to wipe out it debts completely is problematic, uncertain. Now, we will wait and see what PR does in the next few weeks; as well as watch the Wall Street Bankers like Citibank accrue fees for helping them to bail out from their own debts . Banking is nothing more than a vicious cycle of numbers floating around the ether of “make-believe” or more clearly stated by the lead banker in the Wolf of Wall Street--“Its Fugazi!” Poof! Magic! Where the money never goes back to the client; but keeps floating around the banking cycle fueled by cocaine, alcohol, sex and mucho greed! 209

Folks, sit back and watch the new show: “West Side Story” meets “Wolf of Wall Street”!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Greece is the Opening Act of the Fiscal Tragedy Called “OverLeveraged/ Under-Funded Economies” Including Brazil; Turkey; Italy; and Most Importantly –China!!! For some time now, I have felt like the Greek seer—the infamous, Cassandra. Clearly, I did not create the fiscal tragedies that I could foretell. However, I had the unique experience of having been involved in the crisis management of the Maryland Savings & Loan disaster of the late 1980’s. One unidentified S&L requested my help to stem the flow of dollars leaving that particular institution in a suburb of Maryland. I soon learned that America can also suffer liquidity shortages. During that time, any check from any Maryland S&L was not accepted as a legitimate currency, even if the person had more than sufficient funds to cover that check. In particular, I remember how ordinary people were refused service at Giant Food Stores for the most basic consumer goods [bread, meat, vegetables]. Cash was king yet these S&Ls were forbidden to dole out more cash that a small stipend. Sound familiar? Thousands of Marylanders had to suffer because a S&L crisis was precipitated in a Colorado S&L called Silverado. Who were the culprits in the Silverado fiasco? None other than two spoiled, noisome, entitled brothers who never had any experience doing anything more than leveraging their identifiable names into dangerous deals that frequently ended up raping the public. By now those two brothers are well known—Neil Bush and Marvin Bush. 210

What made the S& L crises so hard to manage was the convenient editorial ignorance of the major newspaper in Washington D.C. In particular, the then highly esteemed team of Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward were completely incapable of helping to stem a rush on the S&Ls because they had no comprehension of the difference between net worth and liquidity. That was the beginning of my crisis experience in managing a dysfunctional banking system and the ancillary variables that contributed to that S&L meltdown. I will say that the Maryland prosecutors in Baltimore, along with the FBI, prosecuted those individuals who had started the rush on the S&Ls. Of course, Neil and Marvin were never indicted. Now, for the present situation. China has just entered a stock market crisis where the large amount of leverage in their markets have created a ‘bubble’ where the highly inflated values will lead inevitably to a crash. That is not wishful thinking on my part. China has had an artificial economy where in the political leaders have granted large sums of liquidity to friends, family members of the elite Communist Party. The political cronyism has led to a depressed economy where the GDP may be entering negative territory. All these highly leveraged assets, stocks and housing will fall in value because there is not enough liquidity to maintain the artificial values created by the inveterate Chinese speculators. Unlike the EU, China has its own currency. However that currency, once lauded as the next substitute to the dollar, is basically a worthless piece of paper based on the bad faith of the political system. What do I mean? China for too long has based its economy on political cronyism and not the principles of economic entrepreneurial growth. As a result, the present leader, Premier Xi has no other option than showing that he is in charge of a failing economy by arresting many of his former comrades who had helped this princeling to attain his position of leadership. In addition, Premier Xi has created an elaborate strategy of reviving the concept of the Silk Road Trade from Russia back to the Middle Kingdom [China]. 211

At best that narrative is a distraction from the more serious issue of unemployment for millions of highly trained university students; as well as, inculcating some hope in a desperate China which can barely provide water for over 500 Million of its inhabitants in the western part of the country. So like the Bush family that keeps on giving us miscreant crises, the Chinese, like the corrupt Turkish, Brazilian and Italians are now in the cross hairs of financial meltdown. Nothing taints a currency more than self-delusion and wishful thinking conflated with self-serving political corruption. For now, Americans will weather out the storm; despite the fact that our political elite have absolutely no idea as to what to do. The reason is simple. This country is so big geographically and blessed with all the natural resources that we could literally seal our borders and remain viable. Also, we must thank those geniuses at Bretton Woods [N.H.] who had the foresight to dominate all future assets, commodities and properties all over the world in United States Dollars. Now that is American ingenuity! Let’s see if we can’t bring it back one more time with someone who has economic experience and strategic foresight. Let’s work to get that individual amidst the herd of bovine contenders. Choose wisely!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015 The Once Honorable Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]; Senior Correspondent for the N Y Times; and a Ubiquitous Board Member: Appears on Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails, Kowtowing to Her! On this July 4th weekend when we celebrate the deeds of those who fought for the independence of this great nation, I want to honor a man whom I had admired and was a very special person in my life—Dr. Leslie Gelb. When I first met him decades ago, he was a senior official in the Carter Administration which was filled with all types of forthright men and women who were willing to stand up for their personal and professional beliefs—including President Jimmy Carter. From that period in my life, one person stood out in my mind-- Leslie Gelb. During this time, he had refused to acquiesce to Zbig Brezenski and resigned. I found that act very impressive. Soon Cyrus Vance and I were to resign afterwards over the issue of the Iran Hostages. I found that Les was an honorable man who stated his convictions; stood by them; and then acted accordingly. His subsequent career became an admirable trajectory, where Les became a senior correspondent for the NY Times [even a senior editor]; and eventually attained the then much-vaunted position of President of the Council On Foreign Relations. At the CFR, where I attended few meetings, I had the rare pleasure of talking to him and renewing old acquaintances. Subsequently, I resigned from the CFR, after having realized how toxic they had become from an inherent inertia of creativity; alongside the perseveration of old thoughts and self-aggrandizing mantras. Then, I happened to read a letter by Leslie H . Gelb where he apologized to whomever for having used his august position at the CFR and in Washington society to take a cowardly stance on the Iraq War. He urged our brave American Warriors to enter distant conflicts which Les knew from his past experiences[as a senior official at DOD having 213

overseen the production of the Pentagon Papers] that our warriors would die needlessly; as would, thousands of innocent civilians. This is the letter Les wrote for future posterity: “My initial support of the Iraq War was symptomatic of unfortunate tendencies within the foreign policy community, namely the disposition and incentives to support wars to retain professional and political credibility.” No truer words were spoken from a man who eventually succumbed to such unfortunate tendencies. Now we can’t really say that he owned up to his own miscreant behavior. Yet we can say that he became a man who pandered to the whims and ways of an amorphous community of neocons and idiots who had never fought in a war [neither did Les]. However, I would have given Les a pass and written off his cowardly behavior as an insecure Jew who needed the approval of the WASP and military community in order to be heard and accepted. A king of inferiority complex. No problem there! Yet flash forward to current headlines, what do I find in today’s Wall Street Journal article regarding the missing Hillary Clinton emails? Let me quote directly from the email: “A loyal supporter and Democratic activist, Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote Mrs. Clinton that she has spent the day on Nantucket with Leslie Gelb, a former State Department and Pentagon hand who wanted to write a Parade Magazine piece about the Secretary, detailing her daily life and the impact she is having on national affairs.. “He said he would give you a veto over content and looked me in the eye and said, “SHE WILL LIKE IT.” Ms De Rothschild wrote. The resulting [Gelb] piece was INDEED QUITE POSITIVE. Mr Gelb wrote that diners in the State Department cafeteria burst into applause upon seeing her and concluded that she is “absolutely determined to make her tenure as Secretary of State a success and to accomplish important things.” As usual, Les was wrong in this puff piece on Hillary. 214

As most of you know by now, Libya, Benghazi and the 100 plus nations she had visited amounted to a complete disaster as Sec State. However, my concern is not with HC. She is at least a well-known entity to Americans. The reason I wrote this blog is to show you how it is the ‘good, decent men’ of our nation who hide in the shadows of the Pentagon and State Department; as well as the countless Think Tanks camouflaging as ‘neutral analysts’ –who send us into the wars in Korea; Vietnam; Iraq; Afghanistan; et. al. Leslie Gelb is an Honorable Man who has shown himself to be a “panderer to the rich and famous”; and a sycophant of those he serves. I might remind you, all, that Les won the ‘Famous Father Of The Year’ in 1999. How ashamed I would have been of my father had he hid behind the skirts of women and men in order solicit favors from them in return for a flattering portrait in the shlock propaganda magazine— Parade. What we have here is simply frailty of mankind. Neither malicious nor nefarious; just too frightened to assert his true beliefs lest he lose his job and reputation as ‘one of the boys’. How often have I heard those rationalizations in the Nazi prisoners whom I had seen as a child in the French Displaced Persons Camp—‘I was just doing my duty!” It did not stop there! The Soviet Communist System also offered me a panoply of excuses and reasons for the retention of that corrupted system. However, the 9/11 Stand Down and the consequent outcry of silence by those in the know—the Foreign Affairs Community – was simply deafening. Now, Les is offered by me as the Personae of the Year 2015, as an American in his twilight years who becomes most cowardly and disgustingly ingratiating to the rich and famous. I give Leslie Gelb as the model of what has happened to our Honorable Men ----they have descended into perfidious insolence and dastardly deeds for which they still refuse to assume personal responsibility and attribute them to outside forces beyond their control. 215

Let me end with a quote from a famous French novelist, Honore de Balzac: “Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by PYGMIES!!”

Saturday, July 4, 2015 The Middle Kingdom, China, is Teetering on a Dangerous Precipice of Self-Destruction by Stock Manipulators! Most of you have heard about China’s problem with its stock exchange. A group of manipulators are shorting a highly leveraged stock market. What they are doing is basically allowing China to fall into an economic downturn which was never intended. How this happened has more to do with Chinese National Character than any other factor. The Chinese are very serious gamblers. So much so, that the political elite of China made the right decision to locate most of the gambling establishments in Macau [a former Portuguese colony] rather than on the mainland. If they had placed the casinos in easy access to every Chinese citizen, the political elite realized that their citizens would be gambling all day long. How they became such inveterate gamblers is not really known. However, they have historically engaged in highly leveraged activities including real estate speculations which ended in massive foreclosures mounting into the trillions of dollars. Rather than mark the mortgages down to the market, the Chinese officials kept the non-performing loans on the books as if they represented the true value of the real estate in question. So fiction substituted for reality. Then along came the real serious gamblers –the stock market manipulators who numbered in the hundreds of thousands, if not the millions, who placed a margin call [payment] on a stock and when the stock failed they had to pay the full amount of the stock price plus the 216

broker’s commission and other fees. It is not working too well. For unknown reasons, the leaders of China cannot stop the market speculators from shorting their calls and basically creating a chaotic market which has fallen almost 30% in the past few days. This type of run in a lightly controlled market like China can lead to the eventual collapse of the economy where everyone pulls their money out of the banks and remain in cash; spending or earning nothing.This type of economic self-implosion is quite rare; but it does it occur when a market is highly leveraged and there is no actual cash to back the speculations; other than wishful thinking. This means while China tries to expand along a new Silk Road it will have to contend with internal financial turbulence that can delay its growth for months, if not years. China cannot afford that kind of delay. The economic forecasts and central controls are based on a ‘controlled economy’ that must grow about 6-7% per year. That is not happening now. President Xi knows that. So he is arresting many of the senior Communist Officials whom he considers corrupt [an easy determination] and places them in prison as both a distraction from the main problem of slow/no growth and extreme high margin speculations. I wish that the great Middle Kingdom will resolve its problems as quickly as possible; otherwise the world at large will feel the ripple effects of China imploding financially. While Greece falls, let us make certain that China will be able to endure its own miscreant behavior long enough to be able to create the New Silk Road. Otherwise, the weight of the Middle Kingdom will be too heavy for the world financial systems to bear.


Thursday, July 9, 2015 Bill Cosby: “Lude Man” Date Raped Women! Treatment: His entire wealth should be distributed to organizations that help women, rape victims; and kids in education and health care. He can afford all of the above…. or go to jail! By now most of you know about the heinous behavior of the once highly lauded and extravagantly paid actor/comedian –Bill Cosby. Does it matter that he was a prominent African-American? What would be different if he were white? Nothing?? He is still a creep and a dangerous poseur. I don’t know him. Nor would I like to know him. I do understand his psychopathology. It is too late to do anything about it. Although, I suspect that members of his family; as well as close friends, and financial cohorts had a very clear sense of what he had been doing over decades. Cosby was not a modest man. He was for the most part a braggadocio whom I suspect bragged about his ersatz ‘conquests’ –such as they were/are—with an assortment of women. Whoever prescribed the Quaaludes—i.e. a physicians of sorts should be investigated for the endless prescriptions he/she wrote on behalf of Cosby. I am not here to praise nor condemn the man. That is for society to judge. Although, I do congratulate all the women who came forward and tried to press their respective cases against him –against all odds. What Cosby has done to all the women and to African-American society is beyond reproach. I do know quite well, for reasons that I cannot disclose here, that Cosby had made literally millions, if not billions of dollars from his TV shows. I never watched them. My time in Hollywood afforded me the opportunity to assess his wealth without even soliciting anyone in particular. Having said that, I do strongly recommend that most of his earnings be distributed to organizations that afford help to all kinds of women, men, children to protect them against rape. Also I would use his money, in the name of the victims whom he had molested, for courses all over 218

the country on bullying; women studies; and last but not least, African American women and their relationship to men. Cosby is finished as an entertainer. He is denigrated as a man and has left a bitter legacy as a human being. The only redeeming factor in this whole conundrum of his guilt is the fact that he is very wealthy and should be stripped of that wealth for the benefit of American women in our society. Quaaludes has been used abusively as a soporific agent. But perhaps the maker of Quaaludes and Cosby himself might want to pay the necessary penitence to rectify in part the damage that both entities have caused in our society. Neither psychiatric help nor jail will do Cosby any good. Yet his wealth, if properly distributed by the courts, can rectify many injustices. Napoleon Bonaparte said the following apropos comment: “All famous people lose dignity on a close view.”

Thursday, July 9, 2015 Dade County Florida, watch how county commissioners killed democracy and ignored the will of the citizens (all 500,000 of them). Pets Trust continues to fight on despite the corrupted county commissioners

Saturday, July 11, 2015 Russell Crowe’s Directorial Debut in “The Water Diviner” Should Put Him in Place for an Academy Award! 219

Congratulations to both actor and director, Russell Crowe, on his new film. I was perusing Amazon the other day and saw that “The Water Diviner” was an Aussie Film which starred Russell Crowe. On probability alone, I knew I could not go wrong watching the versatile actor of such epic films as “The Gladiator” and “L. A. Confidential.” What stunned me completely was the subject matter of this expansive film about the tragic aftermath of Battle of Gallipoli, Turkey. This movie was rich with depictions of realistic war scenes between Aussies and Turks; sparing nothing about the brutality of war. Crowe, the Director, took an incredible risk in shooting a film that carefully and respectfully delineated Muslim Turkish customs just before the advent of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the Secular Nationalist. I have rarely seen such a sensitive and compassionate portrayal of combatants in war who then become allies in peace; despite the incredible cultural gap between a Christian [non-practicing ] and a practicing Muslim Turkish Officer [Major Hasan—played brilliantly by Yilmaz Erdogan]. To my delight, I re-discovered a new talent whom I had first seen in the TV Series “Magic City” – Olga Kurylenko [a beautiful Ukranian actress] who plays a Turkish widow with finesse and passion. Most amazing was how Crowe wove the story line so effortlessly through different locations—Aussie Outback; Istanbul and Gallipoli, Turkey—without straining credulity or verisimilitude. One had the feeling that one was there in Turkey at the turn of the century. Crowe showed the absurdity of war and it’s crass aftermath without getting complicated or sentimental; simply that war is wasteful and meaningless.The film revealed how England had reached its pinnacle of military success around the beginning of the Twentieth Century only to repeat it’s expansionist instincts into oblivion at a cost of about 37 million people –wounded and killed. It reminded me of recent defeats and needless, expansionist wars that America created in the same areas as Britain had one hundred years ago. Both countries had the same results; vainglorious Generals and Authoritarian Leaders disregarding the will of the people, with millions killed, wounded or lost. 220

Old men/women send young people to fight for something they know nothing about; nor really care about-- and couch it in terms of honor, flag and country. Usually it’s in a far-away country or countries that have no national security interest. Moreover, we do not know either the language nor the culture of the countries that we are sent to fight in. Yet we fight because we are told to by those who have rarely fought themselves. The only winners are the rich men and faceless profit mongering corporations. Yet in “The Water Diviner”, Crowe showed a surprising and endearing ending that is worth watching through the fast-paced two hour film. Congratulations to the writers—Andrew Anastasios and Dr Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios ; and Andrew Knight. Congratulations to the Producers and to the entire cast of outstanding characters from Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Jai Courtney, Cem Yilmaz, and Yilmaz Erdogan. Also, I must congratulate the various studios who took a very high risk making this particular film: Universal Studios; Warner Bros. and Entertainment One [Australia]. This is my first nomination for the best picture, direction, writing, producing and acting for the 2015 Academy Awards as well as other international prizes. Crowe, in my humble opinion, has managed to do what only one other famous Hollywood actor has done—Clint Eastwood—transmute into a director who can shoot an epic film across different continents, about war and peace.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Greece is a Moribund Country, Barely on Life Support! Only Two Enfeebled Countries: France/Italy Want a Resuscitation Lest they Drop Dead as well! 221

By now, you and I have all witnessed this macabre dance of impending death as a tedious exercise in collective self-delusions. No German in their right mind could have the slightest doubt that Greece can never and will never abide or comply with anything that requires selfdiscipline or some measure of austerity. The Germans, masters of racial profiling and discipline, have never hesitated on their often accurate analyses of their dying Greek partner. Greece has no idea whether it wants to live in a community of nineteen nations or enter the real world of hard work and self-denial and go it alone in this big scary world. The truth is evident in the incredible delay of the negotiations process. The Germans should consult their past famous psychologists before their exegesis to America and learn that DELAY IS DENIAL. By delaying the process of decisions, both on the Greek and German sides, the very process denotes incredible denial on both sides of the negotiating table which has been the major characteristic of a superior power [Germany] that does not trust a subordinate, undeveloped power [Greece]. Whatever Greece will promise for any potential future actions will be nullified by the fact that the people of Greece made it very clear in their past referendum that they do not want to remain in a custodial relationship where their every movement and existence depends not on the veracity of the economic/political realities but on what our own esteemed playwright, Tennessee Williams, once describe as ‘the kindness of strangers’. There is no more kindness to distribute when the recipient is neither grateful nor capable of gratitude. At this end stage of Greece’s existence there is nothing more than the whimper of entitlement in slurry words that amounts to something akin to the fact that “Greece was the mother culture of western civilization”. Impending death and delay of termination are not bosom buddies in life or even in the end stages. How Greece exits this farce contrived as a narrative of negotiations when in fact the Germans know all too well that they are playing the final aria. Let death acquire its dignity not in the act of termination but in the dignity of allowing Greece to exit with some 222

sense of self-worth and hope. The Euro is nothing but the last strains of oxygen provided to a moribund patient. It’s time that Germany shut off the oxygen valve …and let the youth of Greece start again with a clean slate….if that were possible. Let me end with quoting Matthew 25:36— “I was sick [Greece], and ye visited me.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 From Pluto to Tehran: America is on a Roll from Space to Earth! Critics Abound with the Latest Agreement with Iran: Expected but Inappropriately Hysterical! Now that the deal between Iran and America has been culminated after years of negotiating, I must congratulate President Obama and his administration—including the civilians, military personnel, and intelligence community. For most of you who have never had the pleasure of negotiating an international treaty with any foreign countries, I can assure you that it is arduous and invariably thankless. Predictably, the hackneyed misanthrope of past administrations, be they famous or infamous, immediately rush to the media to make pronouncements which may sound erudite and profound but really reflect their envy and selfloathing for the inevitable process of aging and becoming less than irrelevant. I have been a healthy critic of the Obama administration from the very beginning. However, I must admit that years ago, when I first realized that Obama and his administration, including all elements of military/civilian capabilities, were involved in a discrete and serious detente with Iran, I maintained that the Iran deal would be inevitable. The times have changed since I refused President Carter’s order to negotiate with Ramsey Clark [inept left wing political crony] with Ayatollah Khomeini. 223

I remembered that upon my final resignation after having been insubordinate for the second time to President Carter [Hanafi Muslim Hostage Siege—I refused to ‘stand down’], I informed Sec State Cyrus Vance that the Iran Hostage Siege would last quite a long time. Then almost a decade ago, I went on my own to Iran and visited the house of Ayatollah Khomeini were his family was extremely gracious and welcoming, as most Persians are. After having espied countless nose jobs of young Persian women and absorbing the fact that most of the people I had seen were young, intelligent and pro-America, I knew then, that in short time Iran and America would once again enter in a mutually satisfactory economic/political relationship. It was Obama and his team including Sec State John Kerry who have accomplished the long overdue rapprochement. I would like to make it clear that from the very beginning of my support for this treaty years ago, I was certain that the geopolitical and psychological realities of the Middle East would have to change. My response to recent comments by some of my former colleagues, many of whom have never been involved in implementing a treaty or changing a regime without violence, is that they have concentrated on the wrong issue—nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors. Those issues are a complete distraction created by our erstwhile dependent, pubescent country which Americans have ‘breast fed’ for too long—Israel, the ‘nipple dependent infant of a country’. The bold calculations that were made by this administration with all of its component parts was that Iran and Turkey would become the new hegemony of the Middle East while we, Americans, shift to the Far East and concentrate our time, energy and concerns in Asia where the prospects for peace and economic growth exceed normal expectations. Understandably, most of ‘think tank’ experts including the ones who had considered themselves ‘realpolitik experts’ missed the crucial shift in the schwerpunkt [center of gravity] when our illustrious Gen. David Petraeus and Gen Martin Dempsey clearly stated that Israel is a ‘strategic 224

liability’ and that our concerns are not to be mired in ancient, tribal conflicts that had it’s precedent centuries ago. A close friend of mine whom I respect, asked me if I thought that Obama, suis generis, has the ability to engage in a strategic world overview. I assured him that like our previous boss, Pres. Nixon, Obama had shown the same personality traits of someone who wanted to accomplish major achievements in world affairs like the opening of Communist Cuba [my birth place] as well as something as difficult and impossible as peace with Iran. Remember what I have written continuously in my blogs: Obama was what I have derisively described in the past as ‘a CIA baby’ – nurtured and fostered since childhood as an operative with great potential. I referenced his mother who worked in Indonesia as a trained ‘anthropologist’ who spoke several languages. I mentioned his maternal grandfather and grand mother who both worked in the East-West Center, a place known as a ‘cut-out’ for the CIA. Now, I must congratulate the CIA/ MI and other intelligence communities for having nurtured and supported one of their own to initiate a bold peace plan that truly deserves a Nobel Prize. It was the latter award that gave me the clue that Iran and Obama would make certain that he would one day deserve that award that was given to him prematurely. Many say that times are changing and we have entered into a period of chaos and world disorder. I disagree.We have always had wars or low intensity conflicts even during the Cold Wars but then, we did not have the internet and social media to augment the intensities of conflicts that were de rigeur for centuries. As for the fear of an Arab Nuclear Bomb, please, I have often written about the most dysfunctional state of Pakistan which has hundreds of nuclear bombs with delivery capacity that can easily reach Israel or India. Yet never one word is uttered about the ISI control of a nuclear arsenal where Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Haqqanni network of terrorists know everything about this loosely controlled arsenal of massive destruction. Why is the Pakistan Bomb never mentioned by our 225

antiquated pundits who slobber words of righteous indignation as they reside in our tax supported nursing homes a.k.a Washington D.C. “Think Tanks”? America, enjoy the fact that in one day, we have been able to achieve what most nations in the world can only dream of---we reached Pluto, the planet as well as correctly realigned the Middle East where our new surrogates will try to maintain some stability. Now Turkey will oversee the Sunni States as they have done for centuries under the guise of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey will continue to engage those post neocolonialist nations created by the British: Saudi Arabia; UAE; Jordan; offering to engage in war or peace. Now those aforementioned countries are frozen in time with a stale economy where fossil fuels can never resurrect their impending futures. As for Iran, along with Russia, China, and some of the EU countries, they will temper the Civil Wars in Syria; Lebanon; Bahrain; Yemen; Iraq. Contrary to the zeitgeist of hysteria and panic, I am one American who is extremely proud of the President and the members of his administration who helped to bring Iran back into the fold of nations. I have waited longer than the ride to Pluto, almost thirty some years. I will quietly celebrate something that I could never expect would happened in my own limited life time: a Treaty with Iran. Next watch the American, German, French, Russian, Chinese companies enter into a melee of infrastructures and booming oil wells long discarded by wars and negligence. Always remember that most treaties are never about the manifest content but about “Money”!! Everyone stands to make a fortune in the new wild-west called Persia/Iran [Boeing; UAL; American Airlines; Peugot; Halliburton; Shlumberger]. Already some of our senior former Ambassadors are lining up to line their pockets with whatever currencies they may want to use. Merci !!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2015 Donald Trumps Hillary and Jeb! He May be Joke to those on the Left/Democrats but I can Assure you He could become our Next POTUS! No Joking! Donald Trump came out with a fury unbeknownst in modern times. He has elicited the comedic vitriol of the enfeebled Jay Leno and those who really think he is cannon fodder for some type of humor –at his expense, of course. Somehow I want to take him a lot more seriously than those who think he is a blustering buffoon or a self-caricature. His braggadocio has effectively covered a very shrewd, highly manipulative, sensitive businessman and showman. I don’t know Donald Trump. I have never met him. Yet I have worked with five Presidents of the USG and he stands out in a way that reflects some characteristics of each president with whom I had worked. Nixon was not comfortable in one on one encounters. He was basically shy as was George H. W. Bush. Both were tempered by the imperatives to pander for political favors and assume a façade of gratitude. Trump has no need to pander to anyone. He chooses his own friends and colleagues and demands a certain amount of respect and loyalty. That was true of Nixon, Bush Sr, and Reagan. Like Jimmy Carter, Trump has appealed to the populist and the incompetency or corruption of his predecessors as a narrative that will allow him some justification for running for POTUS. Those who do not take him seriously now, will pay a very high price later. He, like Nixon, Bush Sr, Reagan –all demand an implicit loyalty that transcends practical quotidian concerns. Theirs is a loyalty for a lifetime to be called upon whenever they decide they might need you. Like Nixon, Trump does not avoid risk and in particular the willingness to endure failure. I must admit in that sense, Trump is also very much like Obama who has been willing to risk all his political capital on Obamacare; the Iran Nuclear Treaty; and the opening of relationship with Cuba. 227

Trump is quite bold and at times offensive. His mode of operation is to basically come into an unknown scenario blazing away, hitting indiscriminately anyone or any issue that may stand in his way of progress as a serious candidate for the Presidency. Reagan was very much that way, except he used humor which could be quite biting and offensive, as a way to disarm his opponents. Reagan would mock them later on for taking themselves too seriously [ a bit of a sadistic streak]. Next we have Trump’s business ventures which may or may not be valued at $9 Billion. Whatever fraction of that number may be the real or presumed estimate is not for me to say. I do know from having visited his failed casinos as a managing director for Kidder Peabody [on his helicopter that was not properly certified to fly- no biggie!] his missing cash flows and discounted net worth was still sufficient to garner the attention of Wall Street to try and bail him out of one of his many bankruptcies. As a business man, I am always impressed by those entrepreneurs who have gone bankrupt and then return to the so-called coterie of ‘successful businessmen’. Nixon had always said that he measured a man by his ability to ‘get up from the floor’ and continue ‘to fight’. Nixon, like Trump and even Hillary Clinton can be evaluated on the basis of how they rebounded from disaster or failure. As for his specific plans that he would like to implement as POTUS, Trump has said very little—and rightfully so. Like Reagan and Bush sr, specificity of implementation will come much later—probably after the Republican Debates. For Trump like Carter, Reagan, Obama, the grand illusions are out there to be articulated and debated endlessly while they concentrate on the other aspects of their respective careers. Trump has the same affability as Bill Clinton and can deliver it with somewhat more gusto. For now, the American public wants to hear not words but affective emotions that will resonate with their underlying feelings—be it hope, anger or both. Trump has the political acumen of a Bill Clinton who can reach out and co-opt any adversary through bluffs, cajoling and endearments. As someone who has been involved extensively in real estate transactions, I can assure you that as practitioner of motivating a matrix 228

of skills and diversity of different types of people, Trump may have no equal. The one reason I never went into construction was the fact that I did not want to deal with the different zoning commissions and their particular peccadillos. It was tiresome and exhausting. However, Trump has made his basic livelihood as man overriding these minor problems and constructing all types of buildings all over the world. In many cases, he sold his name as moniker for others to develop what they wanted to see built. Some were successes. Some were failures. That combination of failures and successes is par for the course of an industry that has more sinusoidal waves inherent in its industrial fluctuations than a tidal wave in maelstrom. Jeb Bush is nothing more than a pimple on the ass of Trump’s discomfort. He should never have run. And it serves Mr. Priebus [Chairman of RNC] that he best leave Trump alone; lest Trump break out of the staid, moribund Republican Party and run as an Independent. Over the past thirty years, the Republicans have shown an incredible inability to sense underlying emotional issues that resonate with Americans despite the highly publicized misbegotten and erroneous polls created by lackluster retreads of past campaigns. Romney lost the election because he ran a very poor campaignthanks to his inability to discern any reliable talent that was not vouchsafed for previously. I warned that Rich Williamson, his Campaign Manager, would never deliver a Presidency. I knew that because these guys had failed before, they didn’t have the fortitude nor the skill set to get elected. Trump must pick a political team that is chosen by him and not transferred from some other failing candidate. He must also learn to monitor his energy level and remember that this is a long race in which he must defeat an opponent –Hillary Clinton—who has known as many failures as he has. She will not give up. She could be the Nixon in a transgender mutation. She has his wily skills and quiet intellectual arrogance that will flash in moments of desperation. Trump should remain in the race. If the Republicans give him a hard time, then he should leave the party and create a new Independent Movement. Now Americans will no longer vote accordingly to party 229

lines. Instead, they are tired of party politics and will vote for the individual without admitting to others whom they had voted for. It’s a new voting reality. Party politics are arcane and dying. Religion, gun control and abortion will not be the future issues for him to worry about---it will be simply ---Trump versus Trump! May the best man win!

Friday, July 17, 2015 The Ultimate Paradox of Terrorism: Hamas and Israel Working Together as The “Odd Couple”— Mabrook! Mazel Tov! For years I have been trying to state a simple fact that most American Jews and the Moronic Neocons could never understand: Hamas was created by the Israelis as a counter-force to the PLO. Every Jewish and Republican supplicant to the state of Israel’s massive guilt factory funded by AIPAC and American Zionists Organizations— including the most intellectually and morally impaired goniff—Sheldon Adelson and his cronies [Saban, et. al.] now must contend with an intellectual dilemma that beguiles the paranoia of Israel’s defenders. Israel has been working intensively with it’s nemesis, Hamas, in order to deal with recently exploding problems in Gaza; as well as, the southern flank of Israel where ISIS-sponsored groups have given all parties [including the Egyptians] some major headaches. How do alleged enemies suddenly invoke some element of trust in order to work with each other when a mutual enemy suddenly confronts both? By now, many of you readers know the old Middle East saying that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my partner’. What that means is that for whatever reasons that were propagated time and time over, Hamas was far less a lethal enemy that some ersatz-Saddam Hussein left overs called, “ISIS.” 230

In reality the nefarious nature of the supposed ‘evil lethal terrorist group Hamas’ could not have been as deadly as the Israeli ‘father’ / ‘ holy creator’ of this particular group had screamed with hysterical intensity. For as long as I have known the Israeli security apparatus— part fantasy/part braggadocio—they have always been in partnership with a host of terrorist groups from the very day that these groups were even conceived including the infamous PLO; PFLP; Habash; Abu Nadel; et. al. I have mentioned repeatedly ‘terrorism’ is another form of playing the ‘big game’ of manipulating ‘strategic tensions’ all over the Middle East and even in America in order to mobilize national sentiment and the accompanying preparations for conflict that often results in predetermined failure. What are we to make of this new marriage of convenience? From my perspective, I think it is turning point for all parties in the Middle East where realignments of new partners and different consortiums have to be created. Hamas will align with Israel as will it’s ostensible ‘false enemy’, Saudi Arabia. Then the UAE, Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon will all fall into place shifting their alliances as needed on a timely bases. We can even imagine these new alignments as part of a ‘Contra Dancing’ maneuver where one partner might end with a completely different partner, time and time again—according the instructions of the “caller”. There will be no music, of course, but rather there will be a lot of verbiage condemning the present state of affairs; decrying America’s indifference to the new situation. It has been a long time coming: the Middle East countries take the responsibility to straighten out what might be the natural order of things without the intervention of ‘big brother’ –America. I am not totally optimistic that these newly created countries established after the Ottoman Downfall will succeed in any great measure.Yet for the moment, I do enjoy watching the inherent paradox of hatred melting away when necessity and expediency keep knocking on the door of new opportunities. I wish my Arabic friends—Mabrook! 231

And to my Israeli friends [if I have any more]—Mazel Tov! Congratulations to the new partners in this new dance –called, ‘alliances against self-created terrorists group’. Please remember that at the core of one’s self-destruction is the minute one decides to use ‘terror’ and ‘violence’. It rarely works! I know! Most of the groups who started with terror are not around anymore. They have become some asterisk in history, if that.

Sunday, July 19, 2015 In the Spirit of Taking Down the Racist South Carolina Flag, I Propose that another Black-Hating-Bigot’s Words and Statues be Completely Removed from our History Books and Our Capitol! When I tried to explain why I was against the removal of the South Carolina Battle Flag, I was jeered and overridden by the hysteria of the ignorant and vindictive—be they black, white, or yellow. Immediately, as in all well-calibrated propaganda movements, mass hysteria took over any attempt at discerning the truth or the possible validity of the reasons for that flag as a symbol of one of the original colonies to be allowed the legal right to secede from the Union. In the spirit of the present mass hysteria and self-righteous ignorance of white and black politicians and rabble rousers, I then went hunting for more evidence of inappropriate racism against the blacks. In doing so, I realized that I, too, had an obligation to denounce the validity of history and denigrate the man who spoke the following words that I have uncovered. I reveal this man of loathsome venom and hypocrisy--approaching the level of a complete sociopath and mentally deranged individual: “I will say, the, I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black 232

races—that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor in qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a Physical difference between the white and black races. I, as much as any other man in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race” If that is not the words of raging Skin Head, Neo-Nazi—then I have never heard words and feelings more racist, bigoted and inflammatory than these and other words that I can quote to you. For example, this person wasn’t happy just trying to explain that white people were superior to blacks, he then went on to propose an APARTHEID STATE –just like South Africa. Let me continue with these ignoble words that has been lost to the history of America: “Such separation if effected at all, must be effected by colonization….what colonization most needs is hearty will.. our interests [white people]to transfer the Africans to his native climate [Africa], and we shall find a way to do it, however great the task may be.” Clearly no one in their right mind would consider the aforementioned words conciliatory or pro-black. Therefore these words and many other words and deeds have shown that the man who pronounced them time and time again did so in order to curry favor with his American voting audience.Yet, now, these words represent the most heinous of attitudes that one can even imagine at any time in the short history of our nation. By now, most of you will suspect that I have played the same propaganda trick on you that our United States Government and state governments played on all of us while we growing up---in the name of education we received highly contrived propaganda by those in the elite schools and institutions of the northeast telling us about a fictional character who was ‘honest’, ‘noble’ and ‘caring’; when in fact his actions and deeds show a malevolent individual replete with hate and tyranny. Of course, I am talking about none other than our illustrious President Abraham Lincoln—or ‘honest Abe’ as we would watch 233

Raymond Massey play this Marfan’s role in the movie that was shown in grade school again and again. So where did I get those verifiable quotes? The first denigrating the blacks comes from the 1858 LincolnDouglas Debates. For those of you who are historians, you may find this quotes and similar ones in the “Lincoln –Douglas Debates of 1858”, edited by R. W. Johannsen [Oxford University Press, New York, NY:1965], pp. 162-163. The last quote comes from “Abraham Lincoln Speeches, Letters, and State Papers.” Vol. I, p. 458. Let us now, tear down the Lincoln Monument because without a doubt Lincoln was a racist of the highest order. Next let us rescind his presidency and demand by government fiat that any all pictures of Lincoln be abolished including whatever paper and coin currencies his picture and/or name appears. Now, I feel justified that a flaming racist who lied, deceived and killed hundreds of thousands Americans [on both the Northern and Southern sides] would be finally reproached for his heinous deeds and actions. But, I have one simple question. How did the North so cleverly disguise Lincoln’s miscreant words and misdeeds so effectively that not one school child in the north would ever be taught the truth? Perhaps the truth does bend to the will of the aggressor? And that the palaver of so-called “American Education” is nothing more than highly contrived propaganda disseminated in our socalled ‘textbooks’ and ‘history lessons’. What else has the our Federal Government lied to us in modern times? Let’s ask the new Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Perhaps that is too much work and exposure on our part of possible retributions. Let us just take their word at faith value and believe that this is the best of all governments and truths as my old friend Candide would often opine in Voltaire’s satirical novel. 234

Control of the masses always takes place through lies and more lies --Nazi Air Force General Herman Goering said it at the Nuremberg War Trials. Repeat the lie often enough and it becomes to sound like the truth. Hail Abraham Lincoln !! Once again, you have showed that the tyranny of the few can dominate the supplicant masses over and over again. Was John Wilkes Booth the real culprit when he assassinated Lincoln and pronounced the prophetic words that would eventually remind us of what Lincoln really was—a TYRANT!! Sec Sempis Tyrannis! Thus Always With Tyrants! The great Greek philosopher/writer, Aeschylus writes as follows: “Words are the physicians of a MIND DISEASED.” And so it was with Abraham Lincoln and his supplicant apologists of the North East Establishment and our pathetic two hundred year education establishment.

Sunday, July 19, 2015 More agree with Donald Trump's honesty and refusal to back down

Monday, July 20, 2015 Trump Attacks John McCain and Double Downed! McCain was Not a War Hero! Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a stream of invectives between a man who served our country [McCain] and one that refused to 235

serve [Trump]. Does the fact that Trump seemingly insulted McCain minimize his chances in the Presidential race for 2016? Let’s exam the more relevant factors in Trump’s assertions. [1] He claims that McCain was a ‘dummy’ and was ‘low man’ in his Annapolis Class. Fact: John was born to an extremely privileged military family about which he says very little. Both his grandfather and father were famous Four Star U.S. Navy Admirals. Clearly he had an advantage when he entered the U.S. Naval Academy. However, according to his own memories, he said the following: “ was bullshit and I resented the hell out of it [demands of discipline].” “…McCain would later acknowledge that those [key] courses math, science, engineering were a struggle for him” [Wikipedia]. “His class rank was further lowered by poor grades for conduct and leadership which reflected his sloppy appearance, REBELLIOUS ATTITUDE, and POOR RELATIONS with his company officers.” “Being on Liberty with McCain was like being in a train wreck” [Classmate testimony]. “McCain graduated fifth from the bottom in CLASS RANK, 894th out of 899.” Conclusion: Trump was correct that McCain did not perform well. I suspect that if McCain’s father, a very famous admiral had not intervened on behalf of his son, McCain would have been thrown out of the Naval Academy for behavioral and intellectual deficiencies. [2] Trump claims that McCain being a ‘captured pilot was not a war hero’. Fact: General Patton in his biography and opening statement in the movie played by George C. Scott correctly inveighed his Army troops to believe the following precept of war: “Taking a hostage is what makes us war heroes; not become a ‘hostage’. What factors in this rambunctious McCain’s military life would have led him to eventually end up as a hostage to the North Vietnamese? 236

By his own admission, McCain revealed that during his training at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, he was ‘a party man’, ‘drove a Corvette’ . and dated an exotic dancer named ‘Marie the Flame of Florida’. McCain concluded that he “generally misused my good health and youth.” He was not assigned to the elite units of fighter aircraft. Instead became a pilot of ‘attack aircrafts’. A brief history of McCain’s flying accidents and mishaps: ▪ During March 1960 on a practice run in Texas, he lost track of his altitude and speed and his single-seat, single pistoned –engine AD Skraider CRASHED INTO CORPUS CHRISTI BAY and sank to the bottom. [Wikipedia]. ▪ In December 1961, McCain collided with power lines while recklessly flying too low over Southern Spain. ▪ In January 1965, McCain appeared as a contestant on the quiz show “Jeopardy” winning one game. Perhaps stroking his insatiable narcissism? ▪ “In November 1965, McCain had his third accident when apparent engine failure on hi T-2 Buckeye trainer jet over Eastern Shore of Virginia led to his ejecting safely before his plane crashed”. ▪ On July 29, 1967, then a Lieutenant Commander crashed once again, this time on the USS Forrestal which created a major fire wherein he was struck in the legs and chest by fragments. The fire he had created killed 134 sailors and took 24 hours to control. ▪ In fact, McCain even wrote “in all candor, we[McCain] thought our civilian commanders were COMPLETE IDIOTS who did not have the least notion of what it took to win a war.” Wikipedia. ▪ On October 26, 1967 , McCain was flying his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam in his A-4E Skyhawk and was shot down by a missile over Hanoi. What in all these accidents made McCain a hero? That is really the key question. The early release of McCain from the Vietnamese Prison is strictly prohibited by the military code of conduct so that nonsense that he 237

voluntarily refused early discharge from the Hanoi Hilton is nothing but pure propaganda. This propaganda was promoted by McCain himself, Kissinger and Schultz. Trump has a very reasonable point when he stated repeatedly that McCain was “not a war hero”. In fact, he was a major screw up. The rest is history and with a lot help from his well-connected father, McCain became a Navy liaison to the U.S. Senate beginning in 1977. Next he went on to run for politics as a Presidential Candidate where once again, he was a ‘loser’. As a senator, McCain supported every major nonsensical war created by the Bush Jr administration and continued by Obama. Please tell me and the other veterans how McCain was a legitimate war hero after having crashed and burned five times before his final captivity? Forget his personal life replete with alcoholism, gambling, domestic violence and constant extra-marital trysts. So for all those who did not serve or refused to serve like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Romney [who ran away to Paris to become a Mormon Minister during the Vietnam War]--- McCain stands for recklessness; childishness; and complete and unadulterated narcissism fostered by a political system for which there is no outrage or accountability. McCain fits right in with the misfits of society called “Entitled Politicians”. Trump makes no bones about his draft dodging days and his capacity to defy the system without any recourse to pandering and political correctness. No one can be more hypocritical or vicious than those who spout platitudes and are born with the congenital lying gene: Hillary, Jeb etc. Trump is not a perfect candidate. He is a man who will on impulse or calculation tell it like it is… Now it’s up to us to decide if that is what America needs or not… Good luck future voters and supporters.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015 knew too much. Former White House Top Chef Found Dead in New Mexico Mountains

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Senator Lindsay Graham [R-South Carolina] Calls Donald Trump— “A Jack-Ass!” Trump Kicks Lindsay’s Proverbial Hypocrisy and Political Pandering by Waving Lindsay’s Phone Number on air.. Next Murdoch Insults Trump despite the fact that NYPost Makes a Fortune Off of Trump’s Antics! Everyday now, I have been getting up with a certain elan vital and mischievous eagerness to find out what Trump the 21st Century’s Balladeer of Insults, Deprecations and Verbal Manipulations had to say for that particular day [oops, I mean moment]. Trump is doing the job of cleaning out the underlying hypocrisy and ‘bullshit’ that has characterized almost of all our 2016 presidential candidates. Unfortunately, the Trump Phenomena took over thirty years to fully express its calculated force of upsetting a staid, ossified electoral system marked by lies, distortions, and cowardly behavior, characteristic of most of our civilian, military, intelligence leaders over the past several decades. Trump is the Newtonian verbal reaction to the lies of the Clinton and Bush families who have provided inept cannon fodder for the past several generations. I have a distinct feeling that Trump in his boisterous but exceedingly shrewd presentations understands far more about Americans than any of the soporific pundits on the media, who are paid ‘whores’ of a particular party, candidate or corporation. What Trump is effectively doing is a ‘verbal’ and ‘emotional’ Blitzkrieg through the patent nonsense of the candidates and politicians who presume that they above all others are fit to lead this amazing 239

country. Yet none of the so-called frontrunners dared to serve or created any formidable assets that arise from our savage, but effective, capitalist system.When an effete, if not effeminate Senator like Lindsay Graham, squeaks that ‘Trump’ is a ‘jackass’ because Trump correctly pointed out the Senator John McCain was not and will never be a ‘war hero’ despite being tortured, then we, Americans, are on the right road to understanding that there is a new kind of revolution occurring in America. No one has to riot in streets as we had done in the 1960’s to stop a war that was created by several war criminals whom we know all too well by now. We do not have to arrest the Bush family in total – including Jeb the cherubic panderer whose personal family history comprises a lesson in addiction, incarcerations, and corrupt political cronyism. As long as Trump runs, he is effectively tearing down the absurd pretenses of an Australian huckster, Rupert Murdoch, whose loyalty to any country is determined by his obsessional ability to make money even at the expense of committing major fraud in all his media outlets— English, American News Papers and Fox News. Murdoch belongs to no country other than that which bows to his intrepid use of fear to expose the peccadillos of any politician, friend or foe. Trump is neither scared nor intimidated by Murdoch suis generis. Trump knows all too well that Roger Ailes, the genius businessman with whom I had worked on one of the Bush Sr’s successful campaign’s will not be told what he should or should not say. Fox Media is to Trump as Mother’s Milk is to a newborn baby. The question arises as to how much longer this Trump Whirlwind will continue on its course of decimation and neutralizing potential candidates for the Presidency. I think that the upcoming Republican Debates on August 6, 2015 will in many ways define in part, Trump’s limitations. If he can maintain his riff of improvisations without allowing himself to self-destruct with ad hominem words attacking those around him, then he has a clear chance. In order for him to continue the grueling race till next year, he will need a assortment of different strategies and 240

talking points which can still convince us, the American people that he does, in fact, have the gravitas to become POTUS. He must also realize that POTUS is not a job where every second is filled with thrills and chills but involves laborious attention to details and process. One would assume that Trump has had to deal with the tedious and mundane in his normal – or at least ‘unusual life’. Whatever happens in the future, I have only hope and wishful thinking for now. Trump or those around him understand that revolutions, be they verbal or kinetic, have a certain life span before they peter out. Napoleon Bonaparte described Trump in an interesting way: “A leader is dealer in hope.”

Friday, July 24, 2015 In Defense of the Death Sentence: Calculating, Mass Killer James Holmes Convicted by a Jury of his Colorado Peers of 1st degree Murder, Must Be Executed! A life sentence would be a mockery of State Judicial System and the useless, ineffectual Insanity Plea. As most of you by now, James Holmes, a failed Neuroscience graduate student, dumped by his alleged girlfriend, went on a premeditated bloody rampage in a movie theater. By chance, Colorado still has the death penalty after having rescinded it at one time in their recent history. The reason I am particularly interested in this case is that very early on in the trial, I explained that this was a typical case of a ‘narcissist, childish’ pre-calculated murder by a young man who was not mentally insane. Some of my colleagues in psychiatry disagreed, declaring a false truism that “by the very nature of this man’s mass-killing, Holmes had to be insane.” That seemingly rational logic has no basis in truth or in my extensive experience dealing with mass murders in the civil arena as well as in the national security environment. 241

How many times have I heard a senior State Department Official say to me that a particular leader had to be ‘crazy’ or ‘paranoid’. I would always calmly explain that leader X could not run a country of millions of people as well as command a military, if they were ‘crazy’. Our society has become very lazy in their understanding of what the concept of ‘mental illness’ involves. It is much easier to state that a barbaric act of mass killing like one that James Holmes had committed was part of a simplistic matrix of calculations and manipulation for James to be designated as ‘crazy’. However, thanks to the excellent work of the Colorado State Prosecutors and the FBI [which has extensive behavioral experience in these type of cases] – Holmes was convicted on 160 charges including 12 first degree premeditated murders. I congratulate the citizens and jury of Colorado for understanding how egregiously calculated Holme’s murders were. Holmes was so clever that he even tried to play the part of a ‘catatonic schizophrenic’ in court by just sitting there and saying nothing. His defense attorneys did what they do best –they try to convince the jury that he committed the act of mass murder because he was ‘mentally insane’. The prosecutors and law enforcement officials made a brilliant case of how really pre-calculated Holmes had been. And the judge, judiciously allowed for all the evidence to speak for itself. Clearly, any type of sentencing will never bring back the innocent victims [including lovely children] who were wantonly slaughtered by machine gun fire. As the judge and jury agreed, Holmes had been very circumspect and exceedingly calculated in every part of planning his debauchery of mass murder. The question that hangs over Colorado is what to do with James Holmes? As someone who took care of the criminally insane, I professionally and personally advocate for the death sentence ASAP! Holmes could never be rehabilitated from any mental disease that he never had. Despite the psychiatrists that can be hired to say anything at any time for the proper amount of sheckels, they do not constitute the basis of any truth other than the fact that they can declare anyone insane for the right amount of money. 242

The converse also works. When someone like Holmes is placed in a State Psychiatric Institution, he will receive a work-up and then meds according to the diagnosis he will evidence at any given time in order for him to justify the faux reason he had been hospitalized to a life sentence. I have never been able to reform or rehabilitate a mass murder or know of anyone who has. What the mass murderer does in his new surroundings is to revel in his past glories and remain ineffective for the rest of his life, at a huge multi-million dollar cost to the taxpayers. Look at murderers like Chapo in Mexico and those two lifers in NY State who attempted to escape from prison, I strongly suspect that Holmes will spend most of his solitary life figuring out how to escape from captivity. Prison provides a retreat for a mass murderer to figure out how much further he can game the system. Professionally, I would strongly recommend immediate execution without any delay or commutation of sentence at the last minute. Killing a mass, cold-blooded murderer is as compassionate an act as society can invoke as punishment and retaliation for his wanton killing. The American mass murderer deserves no less than a full termination of his life ASAP!. The killer’s death may or may not deter someone else. Death does have a certain psycho-dynamic finality to it which will allow the grieving families to start to end their grief process and work on a new, inspiring perspective to their respective lives. Life sentence for James Holmes would allow for a constant reminder of an odious element to constantly mock society and the judiciary for having gamed it to perfection. Congratulations to the honest citizens of Colorado who had found James Holmes Guilty on First Degree Murders. Please take the next steps and allow him to end his life as he might have not intended to end his Machiavellian games of revenge for personal hurts and injustices. He may have gamed the system in killing and wounding as many people as he had but don’t let him game out his final ending of ‘guilty by insanity’. Nonsense! He is guilty without any marks of mental illness. 243

He must pay as the other three murderers [also from Aurora] on Death Row in your Colorado Prison. James sought out celebrity status by enacting his mass murder scenario. Instead, let him discover an ignominious death with alacrity and publicity; so that a man who had committed a heinous act will now pay the proper judicial and mental price for his miscreant behavior. The French writer, Jean Anouilh wrote the following: “Until the day of his death, no man can be sure of his courage.”

Monday, July 27, 2015 Congratulations to Donald Trump for a Brilliant Tour de Force Speech in Iowa: Humorous, Biting, Highly Detailed, and Comprehensive! I hope that as Donald keeps running and devastating the Republican and Democratic field, he is cautious of the envy he generates; especially in the Bush and Clinton families. For some time, you and I have been cheering on Donald Trump and his revolutionary style of eviscerating opponents while at the same time explaining the problems of our staid, dysfunctional American political system. I am concerned as some of my more dedicated readers have pointed out- that the longer Trump keeps up his engine-of-truth that the more desperate the Bushes and Clintons become. I use the plural because Hillary and Jeb are not really one person but a compilation of enablers whose relatives have been former presidents with checkered and miscreant pasts. Both Bush and Clinton families have had an infamous record of avoiding prosecution for economic and political crimes committed by them against the American people. Without belaboring the point, all one has to do is to look at Jeb, who promised a new team, but said team has been repopulated the Neocon cockroaches like Wolfowitz and company. 244

Likewise, Hillary has rebounded from one lie to another with alacrity and vibrant pathology. I am not writing this blog to laud Trump, he certainly can do that on his own. My deep concern is when a revolutionary force like Trump appears on a fixed political system, an ossified dyad of Republicans and Democrats, unfortunate accidents and assassinations appear from socalled “lone gun men”. Recently Americans have witnessed a bizarre circus of so-called ‘lone gunmen’ killing innocent victims all the way from the lovely Cajun center of Lafayette, Louisiana to churches in South Carolina. Whether these killings are part of a copy-cat effect or something else, I will leave up to the FBI. However, I do know that in the case of other Presidents: JFK, Nixon, Ford, Reagan – we have had a spade of attempted/successful assassinations by ‘so-called crazies’. There is now a requirement for extra protection –be it private and public—lest an ‘unfortunate accident’ should transpire on one of Trump’s stops. I do not and will not advocate violence of any kind against anyone, especially presidential candidates. But, having been in the business of mass killers and political assassinations, I must warn those who do protect Trump that as of now all the psycho-dynamics are in place for something ‘untoward to occur’ whatever that might mean. The speech in Iowa capitalized on the fact that Trump was funny, knowledgeable, self-effacing and well versed on a host of subjects from currency fluctuations to trade imbalances. That type of insouciant delivery, almost effortless will engender all types of envious feelings among his so-called ‘colleagues in the Republican Party’ including the odious comment by the ignorant, incompetent Scott Walker, whose representative called Trump dumb. The more covert candidate on that trail of jealousy and envy has to be Jeb Bush who was rightfully dismissed as a ‘toady of lobbyists and special interests—a nobody’ [Trump words]. When envy penetrates the dysfunctional family of spoiled, idiot sons of the lovely Mrs Barbara Bush, many things happened like: Silverado S&L Crisis, 9/11 False Flag or falsifying evidence to invade a 245

foreign country. Clearly the Clintons were baptized by our dishonorable Bush CIA in Arkansas when they were assisting in the illegal drug smuggling initiated from Central and South America by Reagan, Bush Sr, Elliot Abrams. The media and the sheeple will repeat the mantra of ‘conspiracy theorists’ which by now has become a badge of honor, certainly for me. However, as we say in intelligence, ‘expect the unexpected at all times.’ Thanks to the previous assassinations of our own presidents and successful candidates, we, Americans have learned to mistrust our system and our leaders to the extent that the initials JFK denote—LBJ, Bush Sr, Nixon, Cuban/Italian Mafia; and the Warren Commission. Not an exaggeration, its simply a matter of fact. Look how the Bush family is now trying to portray the 9/11 selfinitiated attack by showing pictures of POTUS Bush Jr looking in a series of stupefied expressions. My friends in the intelligence business as in psychiatry know that very little happens by coincidence—ask General David Petraeus when he went against future DCI John Brennan and POTUS Obama in the Benghazi affair. Suddenly, Americans found out about some ludicrous extra-marital affair just as Obama was about to be re-elected. If Trump does not make it to the Presidential Races as the major candidate against the constantly judicially besieged Hillary, then I will be quite disappointed and very suspicious. That is not a very good position for me or my fellow American citizens to be in; our future rests on eviscerating this cancerous dyadic nonsense called: Republicans and Democrats. Long live Trumps and the Republic! Homer the great Greek poet/writer said the following of a great man who was assassinated: “Achilles absent, was Achilles still.”


Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Jonathan Pollard: America’s Benedict Arnold becomes Israel’s Hero—The Ultimate Perversion of a Dependent Nation-State Relationship! For those of you too young to remember the name Jonathan Pollard, please read the excellent section in Wikipedia on this ignoble individual and one of America’s greatest traitors. To summarize his life is basically to use pejorative, but extremely accurate terms like nuts, manipulative, sociopathic, greedy and a vicious traitor to his birthright, America. Pollard sold highly sensitive Top Secret Intelligence as a former U.S.Naval Intelligence officer for hundreds of thousands of dollars to his beloved fantasyland –Israel. He is finishing a 30 year sentence in prison and will be extradited to Israel as a one of their newly minted citizen-heroes. My cursory depiction of Pollard’s most salient characteristics as a ignoble human being is countered by a combined American-Jewish and Israeli chorus “he has regret for his actions” and “Pollard was never charged with treason”. The counter argument presented in an ad hominem form for decades by this congregation of ignorant American Jews who have no idea of how much damage Pollard had inflicted on the American Intelligence Community [IC]. These Jewish Fakirs did not realize that ‘treason’ technically involves cases where someone spies for an ‘enemy state’. Stupid Americans never have considered Israel as an ‘enemy state’ despite their malfeasance in 9/11 when countless Mossad Operatives were arrested in NYC and NJ for ‘aberrant activities’. Yet let me concentrate on this Pollard. While I and others in the CIA, MI and the Reagan Administration were busily implementing a strategy for the ‘regime change’ in the Soviet Union from Communism to Capitalism, Pollard was busy collecting money from enemy operatives in South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina, Taiwan and of course, the Soviet Union to the tune of a monthly salary of $2.5K plus hotels, travel, sapphire and diamond ring for his second wife. For those of you who might be impressed by the 247

ersatz legends created by the highly imaginative Mossad/Lekem Unit [a highly selected science-intelligence unit] Pollard’s controller was a very famous Israeli spy by the name of Rafi Eitan. When Pollard was asked what he would do with all the money Israel had given him; he stated the following: “I not only intended to repay all the money [to Israel of course, not America] I had received but also, was going to establish a chair at the Israeli General Staff’s Intelligence Training Center outside of Tel Aviv.” Voila! Pollard becomes the new benefactor of Israel. What does this all mean to you and me? Pollard is a reminder that in the world of international relations, Americans have no friends or partners whom we should and can trust. What we have are national interests. How Pollard received countless security clearances in the light of obvious mental health problems as well as manifest sociopathic behaviors is still a mystery to me. Perhaps there are others in the Intelligence Community? However, credit must go to DCI George Tenet and the CIA for pursuing the indictment and conviction of this Israeli spy until he was finally incarcerated after some very complicate manipulations on Pollard’s part. As for Israel, it is the only friendly country that I know of that has: [1] Attacked mercilessly our spy boat, the Liberty and willfully killed many of our brave sailors. [2] Was intimately involved in the 9/11 False Flag and multiple explosions in the World Trade Towers which were not caused by any flying planes. [3] Is the only country to allow dual citizenships of: Bibi, Michael Oren, Dore Gold, and Ron Dermer, all of whom represent Israel with a venom against the country of their birth that qualifies them as an ‘enemy of the state’ rather than a natural born son of America. None of the aforementioned turncoats has ever served in our American military or intelligence service. Yet, they have the audacity to berate our country for imagined travesties of diplomacy that they have concocted regarding: 248

[1] Hamas one of their own progenies [2] PLO their ally [3] Saudi Arabia their longtime ally [4] Syria an erstwhile ally under the Assad family [5] ISIS who they helped to create and foster [6] Iran they had oil trade with them for decades Like a Frankenstein, America has unwittingly created a bon fide Israeli dybbuk with inherent malfeasance structured into its DNA from the self-propelled and constantly refueled paranoia which they have created to justify any inhumane actions anywhere around the world. As a the scion of “holocaust Jews” who were fortunate enough to come to America and embrace it’s opportunities and requirements for citizenship [as well as serving in the military], I have always warned the Israeli operatives that they are not the friends of those of us who survived the Death Camps. We do not pledge any allegiance to their makeshift history of how they, Palestine/Israel, had saved us. Israel and the ignorant America Jews who know nothing about the real history of the “Holocaust” should pay dearly for any transgressions against our Republic. Every American/Israeli who decides to hold two passports should be the object of suspicion and doubt. The hi-tech miracle of Israel will remain as that as long as it is not a front for siphoning off secrets from the country that allowed them to exist—America. It is an unfortunate truism that Americans expect China, Russia, France and Germany to spy on our leaders but to have Israel gut out our secrets –that is no longer “a Gentleman’s Agreement”. Perhaps Pope John XIII gives us wise counsel on such matters: “See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little”.



Saturday, August 1, 2015 Here's Donald Trump's letter to supporters, I like what he says and I like how he says it. I gave him some $$$ (not a lot, he's rich and I am not) to show that I support him. Read his letter, a breath of fresh air, lets see what happens in debate on Aug 6th. Urgent Message From Donald J. Trump Dear Friend, Are you ready to Make America Great Again? Since I announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination for president I have soared to first place in the polls, defying the mainstream media and the GOP establishment. I am rising in the polls because of you — and the fact that I am offering the American people an alternative to the inept career politicians who talk big but never produce results. I have a long track record of producing big results. Very big results. Frankly, I am running for president because I hate seeing what is happening to America — the country I love so much. I am sick and tired of China and Mexico and all other countries beating us at the negotiating table — getting one-sided trade deals from Washington officials. They have been letting these countries rip off our jobs, killing our potential for economic growth. Let's face it, America is in deep trouble. We are a laughingstock around the globe as our incompetent leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton get outmaneuvered. Our economy is a disaster. I think the American people are ready for some hard truths. You know I call it the way I see it. Thanks to Obama, the American dream is dead. But I can bring it back — bigger and better and stronger than ever before. 251

Weeks ago the political establishment went crazy when I pointed out the fact that some illegal aliens from Mexico, being pushed into our country by the Mexican government, are bringing crime, drugs and murder to the United States. The media tried to smear me, claiming I was "racist" and that I attacked the Mexican people. Nothing could be further from the truth. I forced the media to focus on a number of horrific crimes in which U.S. citizens were killed by illegal immigrants who got into the country because our borders are so porous practically anyone can walk into the United States. In the face of this media onslaught, my poll numbers actually went up. I even pulled well ahead of Jeb Bush, the supposed "front-runner." Bush is a weak and ineffective leader who would merely preside over the continued decline of this country. If he gets the nomination, we lose in 2016. I am very critical of John McCain's record in the U.S. Senate. He has done little to help veterans. John McCain has been in the Senate for 30 years and worked closely with Senator Bernie Sanders to pass legislation to ensure that no one was held responsible for the scandal at Obama's Veterans Administration, in which over 1,000 of our veterans died waiting for medical care. Ironically many of these veterans died in the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona — McCain's home state! It's just like Benghazi — incompetent and pathetic officials screw up, then Americans die . . . and no one in Washington is held responsible. My concern is for all those men and women who served this country. As president, I would build the finest Veterans Hospital system in the world where our veterans would have universal access — and I will do it for far less in tax dollars than we are spending now on our disgraceful broken Veterans Administration health care system. The political establishment is in shock over the way I have taken the lead in the presidential race — and they are scared to death. 252

I am not afraid — I know Americans like you are with me. Because my campaign will be funded mostly with my own money, the Washington insiders know that the lobbyists and special interests will have no influence in a Trump administration. The special interests know you can't "buy" me. As I have traveled across the country I have met thousands of Americans who want to join our crusade. Actually, some people are calling it a movement. The media, however, wants to claim that I have no grass-roots support. I want to prove them wrong. I am asking you to stand with me and join with me today. I believe so much in this campaign and that we can Make America Great Again, that I will match dollar-for-dollar every dollar donated by people like you. If you will send a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more I will personally match whatever gift you give. If you can send $500, $1,000 or more, I will also match that. Show your support by Going Here Now. I want to show the liberal media that not since the days of Ronald Reagan has there been such a grass-roots movement of people ready to transform our party and our country. My #1 goal is to create the greatest economic boom in American history, to unleash the incredible spirit of free enterprise in this country — get America moving again! I have been tremendously blessed in this country. I want all American families to share in the great economic opportunities this country offers. I am very rich and I created something very special. I want to make you and the American people rich. I have no doubt the liberal media and the GOP establishment will continue to attack me. But, make no mistake, I will never back down or apologize in the fight to make America great again. 253

Stand with me today and send a powerful message to the establishment by supporting my campaign. Please rush me your answer today — Go Here Now. Sincerely, Donald J. Trump P.S. I so strongly believe in what I am doing that I am willing to match every dollar you contribute to my campaign. Jeb Bush just raised over $100 million from Washington insiders. His donors are not donating to me because they can't own me. Show America you want to join me in taking back Washington -Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Saturday, August 1, 2015 UBS- The Swiss Bank that Keeps on Giving and the Ex-American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who Keeps on Taking! What a Wonderful Parasitic Relationship. By now, we should all have Clinton-phobia or at least ClintonFatigue! Yet, I am still amazed by the insatiable avarice manifested by the Clintons in terms of receiving illegal payments, graft and all other forms of financial irregularities. Perhaps, there is some perversion in my delight at discovering how we, Americans have concluded that the Clinton and the Bush families are by far the most corrupt two families spanning our political spectrum from left to right. If money had an ideology than it would be reconfigured along the lines of a Clinton BitCoin that would suck up whatever was in the US treasury and the rest of the world banks and redirect it to some ersatz paradigm entitled: a non-profit foundation; super pac; or the Chelsea foundation for advanced skulduggery. I want to thank the two journalists at the WSJ [July 30, 2015]-James V. Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus for detailing the incredibly 254

incestuous relationship between UBS, one of the world’s most corrupt banks, and, of course, our Lady of the Dollar—Hillary Clinton. “A few weeks after HC was sworn in as secretary of state in 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart…. The American IRS was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts.” Now it gets better… “Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS turned over information on 4,450 accounts --- A fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS, an outcome that drew criticism from some lawmakers …” Now comes the piece de resistance…. “From that point on UBSs engagement with the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased. Total donations from UBS to the Clinton Foundation grew from less $60,000 through 2008 to a cumulative total of $600,000 by the end of 2014.” And where is Bill Clinton in this financial chicanery? Here comes the rest of the familiar tedious political/financial corruption tale: UBS lent the Clinton Foundation$32M for inner city programs and inner city loans. Bill Clinton was paid $1.5M [on top of everything else –guess for what?] for “participating in a series of question and answer sessions with UBS wealth management chief executive, Bob McCann. Making this UBS ‘donation’ the single biggest corporate source of speech income.” You may think that I am being a little harsh on UBS. But, let me tell you about incredibly corrupt bank. In Miami Beach, where stupidity, greed and illegality is a way of life, one of the UBS American Executives, a Latin born female and a ‘gringo’ both approached me to place my financial assets in a UBS High Wealth Management fund of about $1. 7 Trillion. Both bankers assuring me that UBS in Switzerland could guarantee that I would not have to pay any US taxes on income derived from my investment. UBS had a 255

fanciful scheme where all the American investors could skirt our IRS laws. Having been an official of the USG, I was fascinated to learn more about the scheme where in effect they would allow you to leave the USA and travel around the world and if you stayed only a certain number of days, then you, the American, would avoid USA taxes. I explained to both of these well-dressed nitwits that their scheme was stupid and possibly criminal. They disagreed with me. I said nothing and left to inform my contacts at the IRS that there was a financial scheme developed by UBS Switzerland and its subsidiaries in Miami to convince Americans that they were free of taxes. Neither banker was arrested as I had recommended. Instead, true to the venal nature of world-wide banking, both individuals went on to work with an American bank. This is just one example that points to the obvious truth as to the perfidious nature of the Clinton and the Bush Families. Such revelations have finally erupted into a swelling rage; best expressed by Donald Trump who makes no apologies for his braggadocio and financial wealth. Hypocrisy and political/moral cowardly behavior of the Clintons, whose bounds of veracity has never seen any limits of decency, have contrived to create faux drama with another cowardly corrupt politico, Jeb Bush. Their plan is to make forthcoming 2016 elections seem politically credible and morally consistent with some manufactured standard decided by both families ahead of their ersatz repartees. Here’s a quote from Bill regarding the UBS issue, “I don’t know [if the Clinton Foundation donors ever sought favor from Sec State Hillary]… I never know what people’s motives are.” They really must think Americans are stupid. It’s time to rid ourselves of this kind of garbage disguised as disingenuous ignorance and make-believe ‘civility’. No enlightened American believes anything from the mouths of a Clinton or a Bush. Unfortunately, UBS will continue to do what it does best and that is to steal and hide assets in the cloud of ether, assuring every depositor that they will be safe from hackers and any other noisome intruders like the American IRS. 256

That is a fact of life.

Sunday, August 2, 2015 V. P. Joseph Biden: Plan B for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Race! Hillary Clinton cannot and will not be the Democratic Candidate. She is on a continuing road of self-embarrassment and self-destruction. She can’t help herself. So, I have decided to comment on the Democratic Party Candidates as a biased impartial observer. In that one statement I reflect the inherent contradiction of a Hillary Clinton—talks one way/walks another way.We don’t need to belabor the point of Hillary’s genetic disposition for prevarication leading to her eventual self-implosion---on the smallest unpredictable matter. Now back to what I would do if I were consultant to the present Democratic Party [clearly I am not]. There is no question in my mind that Joseph Biden is a “seasoned politician”. Even his verbal gaffes are part and parcel of his persona, eliciting a cringe tainted with a hint of sympathy. It is that last factor that I want to talk about—sympathy.I know as much about Biden as most of you maybe even less. But I do know one thing. That man and his family has suffered personally and collectively more than any other politician in either the Republican and Democratic Party, combined.Without going into the perverse details of Biden’s losses, cumulatively the full panoply of those losses from the death of his first wife, children and cancer---Biden would in any Biblical Sense qualify for Job, God’s trusted servant of endurance. Have I become sentimental or have I suddenly become religious in a country that is evolving into atheism and agnosticism as the new shibboleth of faith?? No, I have not become either religious or sentimental. What I see is a large political lacunae in the Presidential 257

Race of 2016. If Trump, by chance, self-destructs or even gets run over by one of his fleet of golf-carts and subsequently sustains serious injuries….what’s the backup? In other words what happens to the electoral field if untoward accidents occur throughout? As for the Republicans, they will produce their medical team of Drs. Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and even recruit some ignoble candidate of lesser merit. As for Bernie Sanders as the Plan B for the Democrats? No Socialist, avowed or even defrocked, can really sustain a credible narrative of trade, economics and a secure foreign policy. Elizabeth Warren, the ersatz American Indian who shimmied her way into the pretentious Harvard faculty, she will flame out as Hillarylike opportunist and indigenous fakir. That leaves me to suggest Vice President Joseph Biden, loyal American and exceedingly tenured politician, who has held more political offices than I can remember. What is the difference now? VP Joseph Biden has had to suffer through death of his oldest son who died from a brain tumor. That is a life-changing experience when, if one is to believe the narrative that Beau requested one last wish of his father—‘to run for the Presidency and co-opt the Clinton family’—then his presence in the race becomes more compelling. Even mandatory! President Nixon, a man of strong convictions always remonstrated to those around him—‘judge a man when he is down not when he is on top.’ Judging Biden at his nadir of his personal and professional career, I admire the fact that he is reserved, focused and reliable to the present POTUS. He neither cowers from attention or political assignments that only a few aides could possibly discuss in public. Therefore, as a participant-observer of the 2016 Presidential Race, let me reiterate my support for Biden’s entrance into the Democratic Race as initially Plan B. Let us see how Plan B eventually converts to Plan A as the Hillary, Banshee of lies and deceits, whirls herself around into another Charlotte’s Web of self-destruction—aided by none others than her sycophant advisors and so-called, ‘Family Friends’. Go Joe! 258

Let America see which is the more revealing truth about a Democratic candidate –inevitable choices-- or an accidental fate which inspires one to reach beyond reality? Let the best man/woman win! At least Democrats, please have a Plan B! Let me quote the Bard from the play, Hamlet: “A politician …. One that would circumvent God.”

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 Just Like the Ebola Situation, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has Failed to Predict the Rise of the Highly Infectious Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak in the Bronx and Elsewhere. The CDC was once a great institution but it has now been degraded to just another money sucking, useless government entity. Never has a health agency costing taxpayers north of $7B, employing over 15,000 medical personnel failed so poorly as in the former Ebola Epidemic which was eventually curtailed by the brave initiatives of our U.S. Military who were sent by General Martin Dempsey (AFRICOM) to Liberia and surrounding areas to stop the spread of the epidemic. This dysfunctional CDC and its accompanying officer corps of the Public Health Service managed to showup for pictures in Africa after the epidemic was stopped by our military force. A while back, I met an extremely knowledgeable former Assistant Surgeon General. This individual told me well over a year ago that the CDC was again in default with regard to its duties. This discrete, highly talented infectious disease expert warned me about the imminent rise of Legionaires Disease in the USA. How did this person know? This person was an expert in the spread of infectious diseases here in the USA and abroad. They warned that Legionnaires was once again 259

found in the HVAC systems located in hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, and other large buildings; where air is mixed with water which often contains the gram-negative aerobic bacteria called “Legionalla pneumophilia”. Legionnaires is usually not a fatal disease. It affects those people who may have a compromised immune system, especially in the very old and very young. It does not travel from person to person. It has a far more insidious pathway, it is located in the air conditioning systems that have not been cleaned out on a periodic basis. Basically we breathe in the bacillus once we enter any large building and then we take our chances that we do not get infected. Once the incubation period of 2 -15 days has passed usually the most common symptoms are those of a typical flu-like virus—cough, fever, sweats, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue.. In the case of Legionnaires Disease, physicians can easily treat it effectively by quickly administering the proper antibiotics and fluid regimens. The real burden of proof that we have a potential Legionnaires Epidemic, rests with the highly incompetent CDC which should have picked up the pandemic course of Legionnaires well over one year ago, starting somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s time for the Director, Thomas Friedman, MD, to quit or be fired [God forbid this Obama Administration would hold anyone accountable]. Next I would dismiss the entire PHS Commissioned Officers Corps which should have been deployed as soon as one outbreak was reported one year ago. Remember Kathleen Sebelius? That was one disaster that was eliminated ASAP. Now we have Sylvia Matthews Burwell, current Secretary of Health and Human Services. She is a former president of Walmart who also worked on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her finest nonqualification for this onerous job of monitoring our public health in America was as a ‘political aide’ to Governor Dukakis (Mass) and a ‘political operative’ for the Clinton Gore campaign. How such a resume qualifies her to protect our public health befuddles me. Despite the Harvard degree in government studies and the store bought Oxford degree on a Rhodes scholarship, Ms Burwell seems eminently qualified 260

for nothing in the health related sciences or even conversant in epidemiology. Or maybe we are counting the fact that her father was an optometrist? Americans have an incredible amount of talented professionals in all parts of our society. Sadly, now, political loyalty is paramount to competency in government agencies originally set up to protect our citizens. Most of our governmental institutions have degraded into employment agencies for political friends and relatives of same. Skin color nor gender should dictate who is the most qualified to hold leadership positions in key public service institutions. Neither should how much money you’ve brought into the wallets of your politician friends. Remember, we have two medical doctors running in the presidential, Dr Ben Carson and Dr Rand Paul, why not ask one of these qualified physicians to set up to the task of protecting our country’s health? Now that’s a great resume builder.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Putin’s Russia: On the Tipping Point of Economic/Political Instability! Russia is like And Quiet Flows the Don [River] ”—quiet on the surface but turbulent below. When one discusses Russia, whether it be peace or war, one must always remember that this is not just a country but an entity replete with a rich texture of civility, angst, and civil wars. Nothing about Russia is simple. Remember it is composed of eleven highly varied time zones spanning both Europe and Asia. It is not about one particular demagogue replacing another one. That is a narrative that is bereft of a deep appreciation of 20th Century Russian history. I have to go back to a book, which I read at my mother’s behest, entitled And Quiet Flows the Don by Nobel Prize winner Mikhail Sholokhov. The book contains four volumes depicting the history of the 261

famous [or infamous] Cossacks who lived on the Don River –their lives and loves [without love there is no Russian novel]—during the First Word War. The author follows several Cossack families through their trials and tribulations during the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent Civil War which lasted for over a decade [contrary to popular images]. The book describes the pains and sorrows of the Russian people during a time of political repression and economic starvation, much like today. The irony of the book’s title is quite apparent. As the Don River flows quietly and majestically like Russia itself, beneath the placid waters are the turbulent currents of impending history—much like Putin’s present stance of impending suppression of his own people. Why do I call Putin’s actions ‘impending’ when in fact, we are beginning to see the elimination of free speech and the congregation of protestors? Russia is now on a tipping point of economic instability accompanied by social unrest. As I have written for over a year, Russia’s economy is evaporating at a far faster rate than I would have predicted even in one of my more somber blogs. In fact, the financial picture is bleak. Eighty-three different regions are approaching bankruptcy. Their banks have no more liquidity to service their clients. Foreign investments have dropped by a staggering fifty percent [unofficially –far more]. Close to 200 Billion USDs fled the country, placing thousands of local Russian banks on the brink of a major financial collapse. Without exaggeration, Greece literally pales in comparison to the problems that Russia is facing economically as oil continues to drop below $50 USD per barrel. The problem is that neither Putin nor his Kremlin coterie of security sycophants have any idea as to which financial instruments to use to attempt a correction of the ‘impending’ financial disaster. They are not economists. Nor are they requesting the help of more advanced western countries to try and implement a drastic fiscal program to avoid the aforementioned problems. Between Putin’s personal arrogance and inherent ignorance, he has resorted to the only instruments of financial and political control that he 262

has been taught and knows---suppression of potential Russian protestors. Putin will use the hammer to knock down any regional financial problems instead of employing the incredible intellect available to him throughout Russia and the surrounding countries in Western Europe [especially Germany and the northern tier nations]. He will beat the protestors in place of resolving an imminent financial catastrophe that has been long in the making thanks to Putin’s avarice for wealth and fame.That is not an outcome that I or any other caring friend of Russia would wish on these brave people who have suffered more than any other during WWII and the aftermath. Yet as the Don flows quietly… and no protests have erupted, but Putin knows all too well that below the surface of a placid country lies the phoenix of discontent that has erupted continuously from the very first days of the 20th Century, from the time of Czar Nicholas to Stalin and onto the dissolution of the Soviet Union—followed by more turbulence and political chicanery. When I was personally involved in the regime change in the Soviet Union, I had reaffirmed to my colleagues in our National Security apparatus, that we changed only the face of the Russia people.. but we had done nothing to change the admirable suffering Russia people themselves. And so, I write to you all, my Russia friends, whom I admire for your stalwart nature; your tolerance for suffering but enough is enough. Never forget that the Don River flows quietly through much of Mother Russia but beneath its smooth surface it is exceedingly turbulent. Let’s wait and see which way the river flows, into Moscow or away from it. It is far beyond credulity to see eighty-three regions fall mercilessly into the river because one man did not know how to navigate The Quiet Don! Please remember the words of our great Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, who wrote the following: “Not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity.” Vsoyvo Harishivo! All the best! 263

Thursday, August 6, 2015 The Political Debates: Outmoded Entertainment in the 21st Internet/Social Media Century! Nothing is sadder and more painful than to watch outmoded entertainment that has no particular relevancy to our present times. Example: presumably baseball is our national sport, however, it has a waning attendance that is only equaled by the non-devotional attendees at any local Catholic parish. Sad but true. Even the presence of the Holy Father Pope Francis, the papal Rock Star brought in to increase the number of attendees has barely succeeded in Latin America where the Evangelical Christian movement co-opts Catholicism in exponential numbers. Similarly, the national political debates, be they Democrats or Republicans, shares the same pallid shoal of religion. It is become increasingly antiquated as the years approach 2016. Nothing bores American viewers more than tedious, repetitive political catechisms that were pre-digested by political operatives who earn more obscene amounts of money than a honest grade school teacher. Novitiates of persuasion and propaganda [mislabeled as ‘informed insiders’] pick out members of the church of political narcissism, officially labeled ‘politicians and politics’, to create a persona which has no correspondence to reality or truth. Just like religion, politics relies on faith. Faith arises in the hope that some amount of truth can penetrate the armor of deceit worn by candidates when describing their personal history and distorted resume of achievements.This palaver that slobbers all over the Presidential debates assumes an annoying, aggravating boredom which prevents most citizens from learning anything substantive. So why do we watch the Presidential Debates? Part of the reason is schadenfreude—our need to quietly enjoy the miseries of someone else. We watch those debates for the same reason that many of us enjoy NASCAR racing. We don’t necessarily count the number of times a driver is ahead as much as we want to anticipate 264

within our quiet, sadistic souls the imminent crash of one or another car traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. Then when the car crashes we can express our deep sorrows and even admit surprise that such a tragedy could happen—when we had been praying all along that it MIGHT happen. We do not watch the presidential debates to learn anything. The reason we watch is to hope that one or more candidates will make a mistake which will become the butt of every late night comedian; as well as, as allowing us, mortals to deprecate each and every candidate in what is normally called discourse. By the time there is even the possibility of discussing the debates and it’s travesties, the social media engine will have initiated a narrative that over-rides any informal or formal discussion. This far more sophisticated form of propaganda co-opts the possibility for anything that would resemble normal verbal exchanges. It is not an accident that there are always key words or phrases that are inculcated into our apostates of narcissism, be it about #abortion, #same sex marriage, #immigration, or #terrorism”. The true beliefs of the candidates and their potential to lead can never really be tested accurately in these variety shows labeled as debates. The debates simply provide a scorecard for how many gaffs each candidate makes so citizens can review the next day like any other spectator sport. Its time we choose our candidates according to the zeitgeist on social media. Let’s end the pretense of truth in fake eyeglasses; disingenuous blabber and stale Hispanic reminisces. As baseball gives way to soccer as the nation’s most popular sport; lets make real time tweets and posts the way to see who’s the best candidate for the irrelevant position of POTUS. I will end with a quote from the famous American anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, indeed its the only thing that ever has.”


Friday, August 7, 2015 Fox News Entered into the Hunger Games- Sparing No One in Order to Create Ratings: It Failed Miserably. These moderators became the Rapacious Vultures of Ratings making the real loser in the debate: Fox News! Sorry Roger Ailes, you went way over the top and blew it. Like millions of other viewers, I anticipated an interesting give and take in last night’s Republican Debate. Yet what I discovered, along with millions of other viewers, were verbal snipers who were so proud of having been tutored so well that they could not even disguise their childish delight with their own presumed success. Of course, I am talking about the Megyn Kelly whose false eyelashes and windswept blond extensions were distracting enough to attract my attention to the degree that for the most part, I could not really take this seemingly bright woman seriously. I wrote in my previous blog that these debates were irrelevant and last night’s antics proved it. I can now say that if I were the Trump Camp, I would disavow myself from these debates which prove nothing except that the narcissism of the moderators is even greater than that of the candidates on the dais. I have never seen such childish, boorish behavior among seemingly serious moderators who gave themselves a ‘high-five’ at the end of the show as a congratulations for what they thought they had accomplished. They had reaffirmed the simple truth that should be evident to the moribund Republican Party-- that Trump should break away from this group of staid school boys who can recite on command the proper catechisms of concern about the American economy, security and immigration. I have warned the party that if the irrelevant if not noisome issues of ‘abortion’ or ‘same sex marriage’ supersedes the much greater concern of a failing economy or the absence of political leadership, then party is moribund. I believe that Donald is too strong and creative for such a stale party that gave America wars upon unnecessary wars. 266

Trump is an outlier. He should accept the mantle without regrets or explanations. If he does not break from a non-existing party of retreads, he too will become what they all are now—“self-caricatures of a political dolls” that have nothing more profound to say than “God”, “Abortion”, and a “stronger defense with through more boots on the ground”. Enlightenment was not part of last night’s “Fox Burlesque Show”. Even the dower Fox News Contributor, Dr. Charles Krauthammer [whom I know well], made some fawning comments about how great Megyn was and how this debate was the definitive test of Trump’s superficiality. Unfortunately, Charlie has never been an insightful, objective critic of America; nor, its complex foreign policy. The reason is quite simple. Charlie willingly transformed himself from a serious Harvard Psychiatrist [and VP Mondale speechwriter] with some gravitas to a pitiful Fox accomplice spouting ex-cathedra statements without any bearing to reality or first-hand knowledge of anything. For me the defining moments were the beginning of the show when the Fox Moderators wittingly compared themselves to LeBron James and his Cleveland basketball teams. The moderators were so proud that they literally playing in the same ‘Hunger Arena’ as the exceedingly talented LeBron. Without belaboring the fact, last night was the first and possibly the last night of watching this sequel to “Hunger Games” [ a movie promoting perverse sadistic themes of kill-or-be-killed]. Trump should leave the Republican Party and run as an Independent. He will probably choose Senator Ted Cruz [Princeton-trained Hispanic] to be his Vice President or even Carly Fiorina [ a Stanford Graduate and the darling of Silicon Valley] to be his running mate [they should bring in the women]. As for Jeb Bush? What can I say that I have already not said? Inarticulate, lifeless, awkward and corrupt. He is literally a $100M embarrassment to the old man [who should have reigned in his cretin sons] and America. Fox News accomplished for me what I had expected that they would do—make the debates about their pathetic selves completely bereft of 267

maturity, gravitas and enlightenment. Roger Ailes should have known better. He is far too smart for this type of narcissistic solipsism demonstrated by the Three Stooges –Megyn Kelly; Chris Wallace [a pale scion of his more tutored father, Mike Wallace] and Bret Baier. Perhaps, the only salvage for last night’s fiasco would have been to place only Brit Hume as sole moderator. He is perhaps one of the best TV Journalist in the past decades, who had both the gravitas and elegance to refrain from the offensive self-congratulatory childishness of the “Three Stooges”. Alas, I am not Roger Ailes; and, I know one thing above all else, Roger received the ratings he had wanted to achieve -bar any sense of journalistic credulity. May I suggest that next time, he might place on stage the once offensive group “Twisted Sister” [Mrs Al Gore’s nemesis] playing against Kanye West. Then he would have broken the world record for real television firsts with regards to vulgarity, entertainment and ratings, which is all Fox really cared about. Let’s hope that in the next year, we, Americans, can decide on what type of leader we will need without any prompting from the billion dollar dying industry of political operatives who know nothing more than how to sell postcards, bumper stickers and expensive TV commercials. Time for change….

Sunday, August 9, 2015 Megyn Kelly, she's got issues, I'm just sayin'


Monday, August 10, 2015 R.I.P. Tyler Drumheller, a man on the inside who dared to challenge Bush Jr.

Monday, August 10, 2015 Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly: On the Road to Fame and Fortune Type A Woman with a Sharp Wit! I have already written about what I consider to be a fiasco of journalism: The First Republican Debates. As much as I respect Roger Ailes and Brit Hume, I was annoyed that Megyn Kelly, a beautiful woman of great potential got herself in a ‘pissing contest’ with Donald Trump. Clearly, her questions were well rehearsed and simulated for counter-responses, both intended and unintended. She felt that she must give truth to some salacious statement that Trump [also an A Personality] made about women in general and one woman in particular. From my perspective, Megyn unwittingly revealed far more about her own psychodynamics than did Trump who basically said ‘go f..k yourself’ [in much nicer words]. The truth was that Trump restrained himself from his usual verbal scherzos on the incompetency and pandering nature of reporters who in better times tend to “suck up to him”. It must be challenging to be a reporter these days when anyone with a brain can make a decent investigative video and post it on Youtube. I don’t believe that Journalism in the 21st Century is a viable profession in which one has to contemplate, reflect and write. So what separates a Megyn Kelly from the round-of-the-mill ‘journalist’? Her highly coiffured good looks combined with a Mae West/Joan Rivers type of sassiness. We really don’t listen to what she says because 269

it borders on the absurd, if not the hysterical. Call me a male chauvinist and ask me why I may tune to her program from time to time; because I am tired of seeing mulatto skinned she/men on boring CNN. I will say that Anderson Cooper presents himself as a gay newsman who has at least earned his battle stripes having covered more of the world than most TV journalists. But, Megyn? No such gravitas. She is a pure product of Syracuse University where she was a star athlete. She is overly conscious of her own good looks which has encumbered her intellectual development. Her insecurities prevent her from maturing and that’s why she has to prove herself by taking on a man like Trump. Trump is unique. He says and does what he wants to do. That’s his prerogative. He earned it by hook or crook.When he made statements about women or a woman it was not as much a misogynist as it was a point of disgust at having been attacked as self-made celebrity… much like Megyn herself. Megyn has a problem with dominant men. I think that is understandable. She is not the first beautiful high powered woman to have a problem with the opposite sex (abandonment /disappointment/ control issues) and she won’t the last one. However, if she expects to grow in her position as an anchor woman, she must understand why it is that she acts like a ‘field hockey player’ [which is what she was in High School] and less like a mature individual who happens to be a woman and happens to have earned the limelight of fame as a celebrity journalist. If she continues down that road of a group cheerleader, giving her Fox News little brothers an inappropriate ‘high five’ then her credulity will start to wane as rapidly as she had ascended. I do not wish her any ill will. Yet, self-consciousness on the air is not an admirable trait to watch, especially on a woman who attempts to flaunt her beauty over her intellect. I guess its a maturity thing or an insecurity thing, or both. She is more comfortable as the wise-ass miss smarty pants than a serious journalist. Megyn must become more 270

professional. Yet it will take a man like Bret Hume [who has interviewed me before] to continue to teach her how to act maturely and credibly. We already are beset by the Kardashian phenomena of extroverts and selfies. We don’t need a blonde-haired ace-jock to join the club of empty narcissism. Megyn: beauty is truly fleeting. So is a sassy personality, they both tire the eyes and ears. Sobriety with humor is a gift that few journalists have tried to develop. Eventually, you need to loose the hooker extensions, the 60s style false eyelashes and realize we would love to see an elegant woman with brains and nerve ask alpha male power brokers really tough questions. Time for a make-over. “Goodnight and Good Luck!”

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Syria Implodes in its Endless Civil War… Turkey Attacks Syria and the Kurds, America Negotiates and Builds Effective Coalitions! To all you cynics, it just may work. As the Republican race for the presidency mounts in tempo, heated discussions without much thought have been thrown out to the public regarding resolving the problem of ISIS and the Syrian Civil War. We hear the cries for more U.S. boots on the ground and greater fire power. Neither one is a viable solution for many reasons, the least of which is that we are dealing with a multifaceted problem with over one hundred different competing fighting groups in both Iraq/Syria. After some convincing and cajoling, Erdogan agreed to allow U.S. fighter jets into a base in Turkey to pursue the continuing kinetic degradation of ISIS. Yet this bouillabaisse of problems is so convoluted. On one hand, we are supported by a group of Kurds in Syria and Iraq while we overlook the Turkish enmity to the Kurdish PKK front. 271

Without looking at the big picture, its easy to opt for a simplistic solution like more force; however, the real questions are: ▪ how much more? ▪ when? ▪ which of the 100 member groups, even within ISIS should be attacked? So far this administration has chosen an effective weapon with the blessing of our military/intelligence community [IC]. Such a choice is extremely difficult to pursue and implement but it may prove out to be the most lethal weapons of all—NEGOTIATIONS and BUILDING COALITIONS! Sounds airy-fairy but believe me, it is far more difficult to accomplish and implement than a useless kinetic war. Why? Contrary to common wisdom, Russia has turned out to be one of our more crucial allies in the Middle East. Putin and his extremely talented Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, have made a concerted effort to engage the Iranians through the good services of IRG General Suliemani as well as Syria’s President Bashar Assad to negotiate an end to this useless civil war. Alongside these efforts, the USG went out of its way to co-opt the Turkish President Erdogan to help us destroy the enemy that we both inadvertently created-ISIS/ISIL. In that latter process, we have been able to work with two different Kurdish groups – the Pesh Merga in Iraq [Tirkrit] and YPG [primarily women fighters] in Northern Syria. At the same time, we have allowed the mercurial leader Erdogan to have his way in fighting his primary nemesis –the PKK [the head of the Kurdish Liberation Movement]. How the outcome of these conflicting alliances might turn out, I am not certain. I do know that this type of coalition building is complicated, tedious and very labor intensive [if not psychologically demanding]. For those Republicans and Hawkish Democrats who think that we should have more bombings and American boots on the ground, I say no American citizens has vouchsafed for this expensive undertaking nor has military leadership proposed a more intensive kinetic war. 272

We are in an age where war is fought in areas of the ethos that no one could have predicted decades ago, let alone prior to WWII. We are now engaged in conflicts where binary numbers are going to determine the outcome of some battle on social media. We have the limited resource of water in both Iraq/Syria as a most effective weapon. What happens when both the citizenry and the combat elements have no more water? That is what is happening in Syria. For many of you who don’t remember why the civil war started in Syria, it had nothing to do with religion but rather the horrible truth that the Sunni farmers of Homs [Sunni stronghold] had no water. They could no longer farm their land. So they all descended onto Damascus, looking for work and water. Neither appropriate work nor water was conveniently available so social instability with the unsolicited aid from Saudi Arabia [seeking to place a foothold into Syria against its arch enemy Iran] flared up into what we now call a “Humanitarian Disaster”. Over 4 Million Syrians have been displaced from their homes and over a quarter of million were killed by the conflict. As usual, the UN stepped into the scenario and performed accordingly, a fiasco. Russia, US, Iran, Turkey and an assortment of different parties, including the Israelis, who have maintained a decent modicum of silence with regards to the Syrian conflict –have helped this burgeoning coalition to succeed. In the beginning, I was hoping that Bashar Assad could hold onto the reins of power. I was wrong. I did not misread his intentions or ruthlessness. I just underestimated the degree to which he would want to decimate his own Syrian citizens utilizing gas warfare and “barrel bombs” [they are more deadly than regular bombs because they splay out deadly metal debris]. I have come to the sad conclusion that the beautiful country of Syria where Aleppo, Damascus and Palmyra stood in my mind as enticing respites from the endless deadly arid deserts, is now gone. Whatever is left of Syria is a swath of useless land somewhere in the coast line of the Mediterranean waters. The conclusion of this unwarranted civil war is yet to be set in writing. My suspicion is that Bashar and family will have to leave Syria for either Russia or England where Bashar trained as an 273

Ophthalmologist; and the interim ruling party will consist of a coalition of different parties acting as proxies of the major powers. I am certain that Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the USA will have to provide some guarantee for this eventual peace. Perhaps it could be in the way Lawrence Eagleburger and I set up the initial peace-keeping force in the Sinai Peninsula, creating an effective buffer zone between Egypt and Israel. Or, it could look like the interim peace agreement that I helped to set up in Cambodia under Secretary of State James Baker. In either case, patient negotiation with all the parties involved in the conflict is the best weapon of peace that we have for now. In the words of John Lennon: “Let’s Give Peace A Chance!” Everything else has failed up to this point.

Thursday, August 13, 2015 Recent Devaluation of Chinese Yuan: “Mama-Hoohoo”! HalfTiger/Half-Zebra! Chinese President Xi Jinping assumed control of his failing economy then he suddenly devalued the Yuan by 4%. What does it really mean for China and the world currencies? What does that mean to me and to us? I think it’s a mixed picture hence the blog header: half tiger/half zebra. It’s not indicative of anything in particular except for the following considerations: ▪ a highly inflated Yuan had to drop against the dollar in order to realign it’s true value for spot market [denominated in dollars]. ▪ US exports will decrease markedly as the dollar climbs in value making all products sold to China and Asia in general exceedingly expensive. 274

▪ Yuan dropped in anticipation of the Chinese President’s impending visit to POTUS. ▪ Yuan drop is an attempt to break away from the worldwide dollarbased currencies created by the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire. ▪ China wants Yuan to be considered by the IMF as part of the universal sovereign funds consisting of the Euros, Yen and the US dollar. The above list is a rational assessment of what China thinks it is doing as a one-off depreciation. However, I am not all that impressed by how President Xi has been able to manage a highly restricted, manipulated economy that has been based on political favors, subsidized by State Owned Entities [SOE’s] and which has changed from an export driven to a domestic consumption economy. I believe that China is in a very serious financial and possibly political trouble. Why do I think that right now? China has a top down artificial economy based on exports and false numbers related to growth [average GDP about 6-7%]. Such figures were all highly exaggerated from the very beginning as Deng Xiaoping encouraged his 1.2 billion former Communists to become ‘more capitalistic’. From the beginning, the Central Banks of China had created a structured economy that could not endure for more than a few decades. The past and present economic concerns have never been the free flow of capital or profits. China’s primary concern has always been it’s transformation to a ‘free market’ economy; providing jobs for hundreds of millions of people. That initial hypothesis was correct –up to a point. When the workers became successful a strong middle class arose which like America demanded high quality consumer goods. For a period of time that Middle Class acted appropriately. They worked limited hours. They bought their houses and even bought second ones for investments. However, China was no longer able to export quality goods at a cheap enough prices to USA [primary client]. Instead, our manufacturers who had shipped their respective factories to China realized that the 275

quality of Chinese goods were poor and relatively expensive when one considers the cost of shipping, handling and delayed deliveries. So what did our manufacturers do? They went to Mexico where they could build cheaper factories which in turn produced cheaper cars which did not need to be shipped over the expansive Pacific Ocean. The Yuan was no longer attractive to American industrialists who also left China because of severe pollution and restrictive trading practices and realigned their central offices to the more friendly, financial oriented states like Singapore and Vietnam. What is the state of the Yuan today? The cheaper Yuan will create a massive deflationary spiral all over Asia and possibly throw China into a severe recession if not depression. But what do I know? I have owned a few banks here and there. Lately, I found that banks were outdated modes of currency exchange as the internet created such powerful virtual entities as Pay Pal and Lending Tree. I see a major restructuring of the financial markets all over the worlds where the Euro, the Ruble and other weaker currencies will have to be seriously devaluated if not eliminated, as in the case of the Euro. As most of you know by now, I feel that the Euro entity/currency is not sustainable politically/financially because it was an artificial construct initiated by the French in an attempt to control Germany’s rise after WWII. We all know how that turned out. I would say that Germany should pull out of the Euro and introduce its powerful Deutschmark once again. For those of you who are worried about the Dollar, don’t! The idiot pundits in the Washington who are screaming that “American xenophobia will be destructive” are completely wrong. Our economy will continue to grow at a 2-3% level with the present administration if the Federal Reserve does not do something stupid like ‘choke off’ our dollar liquidity in the name of a non-existent ‘inflation’ –by raising interest rates. America’s exceptionalism resides in one simple fact. We are an ‘Entrepreneurial State’ which means that we depend on the ability of 276

many of our citizens to create and implement small businesses of all types which in the aggregate create economic growth. Even if our dollar is too strong we can offset our trade inbalances with creative financing which is what sophisticated manufacturers will have to do in the course of doing business. If we elect candidates who are attuned to specifically creating a growth economy based on sound principles of business, then we will become an even stronger economic, political entity. America first! That will continue to sustain us as the Financial Tiger of the World….

Monday, August 17, 2015 Note to FBI /Federal Prosecutors: No Doubt that Ex-Sec. State Hillary Clinton “Did Not Follow Proper Procedures” Just ask Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy. He has been lying to cover-up for the inveterate mendicant Hillary since the beginning of her tenure. For some time now, we, Americans have been exposed to the Hillary pathological tendency to lie. Yet, how do I know that the Under Secretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy, is covering up for her lies and in the process has committed a criminal offense? Pat worked for me [Under Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger] when I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management under Sec States Henry Kissinger and Cyrus Vance. When I went overseas on official business, Pat was an extremely conscientious administrator who wanted my expense sheet asap upon my return. I recall one particular assignment in Panama, where I was being ‘hunted down’ by General Noriega’s PDF soldiers. I had to hide and move about Panama in order to create the necessary conditions to allow Noriega to leave involuntarily. When I presented my official expense sheet for a small sum of money, Pat was correct in denying me any reimbursement because I could not produce any receipts. It slipped my 277

mind while I was being chased by the PDF. That is Pat Kennedy—a professional Foreign Service officer who had acted accordingly to the rules of the State Department—no receipts, no reimbursements.

Remember during the Benghazi affair when two FSOs had to resign with pay? They were Eric Boswell [Diplomatic Security] and Pat Kennedy [Management]. I had warned then that if the State Department personnel felt that they must break the rules to suite Hillary, then these FSOs must be held accountable. Like all good bureaucrats, Pat is a decent, hardworking individual garnering a government salary that was significantly less than what one could earn in private practice. Nevertheless, Pat knows very well that no one sends unclassified documents to the Secretary of State, all correspondence that is inherently ‘confidential’. Certainly any information related to the CIA has to be marked with an appropriate security designation. In effect, Hillary as she is wont to do – creates a web of cover-up on all her past miscreant deeds and in the process compromises the entire system for which she was supposed to be the effective leader. Hillary tends to be a ‘walking disaster’ insinuating herself in places and positions to which she has neither the skill nor knowledge to function in a professional, transparent fashion. Pat Kennedy, along with Hillary should be spending some jail time otherwise, security clearances will mean absolutely nothing. On the other hand, what value are they when the Chinese and Russians can hack into our porous cyber systems and reveal the identity and backgrounds of millions of American civil servants and spies? Let me end by quote the British mathematician/philosopher about knowing/ignorance: “Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge”.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Pump Up the Volume: Bernard Sanders and Donald Trump! Please Get Lost: Bush and Clinton Just as we had discussed for some time now, America is ready for a new type of President. One who is not tutored or scripted by the retread idiot-savants of previous failed administrations [read Clinton, Bush Jr]. This new breed of political species is born of rage and frustration –the two crucial elements that constitute an effective, non-violent revolution. Sanders. to my complete surprise and ignorance, [I never really followed him-shame on me] drew thousands of young, black, Hispanic Americans to rallies on the west coast and New Hampshire that $100M could not buy for Jeb Bush. Similarly, Trump is storming across the goal line time and time again. He is the superman of a new type of politics – called, ‘Internet Populism’. Without having to spend so much money, Donald is streaming across the country, annunciating tough-love sound bites of hope and possibility, in contrast to Bernie who has denounced financial inequality and doomsday scenario. Both candidates complement each other. Bernie has worked as an independent in the highly partisan legislature for the longest time in the history of the U.S. On the flip side of the coin, is Donald who has been an independent entrepreneur, neither beholden to banks, legislators or anyone other than himself. The forces of American discontent fueled by the inadequacies of past Presidents and politicians has come to full fruition where everyone has gasped with one last breathe – “We Want Change”! “No more Political Dynasties [Bush /Clinton]” “No more political chicanery at the expense of the American taxpayer!” The message was received loud and clear. Even the tempered boyish disingenuous Anderson Cooper of the left leaning CNN has literally dominated his full hour for over seven weeksto try to understand the political/psychological dynamics of a phenomenon like “Donald Trump”. The studious and learned David 279

Gergen, JKF Harvard School, gave a fair discussion of Donald’s narcissism and explained why he is not going away from the presidential race. On the radio, I heard Rush Limbaugh discuss in a very logical sequence why Bernie was leading and why Hillary would not drop out of the race because she could not. I agree with him that she is indentured to so many people that she may have no choice but to run out of the money which she and Bill would never reimburse [again another 100 Million Dollars]. The media has turned around in fast time to accommodate the pumped volume of the public’s reactions to both Bernie and Donald. Contrary to the pronouncements of the other losing candidates in both parties, the American people are responding rationally and vocally to what they correctly perceive to be a major shift in the body politic. Donald and Bernie are extremely healthy representatives of an American narrative that has permeated our society since the Founding Fathers started the kinetic Revolution in 1776. On one hand, we had the firebrands who were willing to upset the status quo, like John Adams and “The Boston Tea Party”. On the other hand, we had the ersatz populist, Thomas Jefferson, who was Governor of Virginia doing almost nothing while the British soldiers were raping Richmond. Then as now, Americans accepted a narrative slightly different from the reality of the times. We are in a new era where people are voicing their discontent with social media and rallying to see the real candidate and more importantly, learn how history is being made. One can feel the excitement in the air! Gone are the staid platforms of propped up stick figures and what do we get instead? A famous John Hopkins Neurosurgeon who can best most of them by simply stating that ‘he has to learn about the problem and then try to solve it –logically’. No more BS about position papers and deceptive pronouncements about ‘peace in our time’ a la Cretin- George Bush Jr --when all along he was planning for the Iraq War. Even more dastardly than Geo W. is his younger brother –Jeb Bush –who had the audacity to state the Iraq War arose from an ‘INTELLIGENCE/ 280

MILITARY FAILURES!!!” To which part of the Military did Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condolezza Rice belong? We no longer have to pretend that no honorable men/women were killed in action because of the compounding incompetence of the former Presidents. Now we have those leaders who can articulate our major discontents. What they will do next, it’s up to them. As for now…. JUST PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Jared Fogle “Subway Sociopath” Busted by FBI/ Indiana State Police on Charges of Child Pornography/Pedophilia! My suspicion is that this particular Jewish bullshitter, who had a Bar Mitzvah in Israel and is the failed son of a successful physician and school teacher, is a compulsive liar and an inveterate sociopath who never really lost the weight that was claimed by Subway. We now see a man of a particular background who has committed one of the venal sins of Judeo-Christian society—Pedophilia and it’s sub-variant medical diagnosis. Thanks to the effective work of both the FBI and the Indiana State Police, they were able to uncover a far greater child pornography enterprise undertaken by Fogle and his compatriot, Russell Tyler. What do I make of this particular incident right now? I thought about what type of man was this Jared Fogle and how did he become a spokesperson for Subway – a very successful franchise that was inspired by a physician at Georgetown Hospital in Wash. D.C. I read in Wikipedia and elsewhere, the disturbing words that “Fogle’s roommate had written an article in the school [Indiana] newspaper about his weight loss.” Then the rest became history. The Subway franchises in Chicago and elsewhere then entered into a collusive relationship with Fogle to create a convincing narrative [probably false] that Fogle lost 281

200 plus weight eating only Turkey and vegetable sandwiches at Subway. Sounds convincing? Except for the fact that I have eaten Subway sandwiches for decades (usually on the highways of Montana, California and Florida) when I could find nothing but McDonald’s or Wendy’s and I didn’t lose weight?! In my mind, I convinced myself that I was eating healthfully when in fact I was eating bread and mayonnaise with maybe a bit of tuna. The point is that from the very beginning of the Fogle story onward we had nothing but corporate America using a sociopath to promote what most of them like to promote –themselves with a cautionary tale of weight loss. In the Jared story, we have a full blown sociopath who lies with little children because he is completely inadequate physically and mentally to deal with mature women or even men [if he were homosexual]. Even if he were Muslim where child brides are accepted, I would still have to question Fogle’s behavior and even more importantly the integrity of a company like Subway which prided itself on transparency and truth—informing all of us about the hidden calories embedded in the food we eat. What I suspect is that from the very beginning of the Fogle “Subway Man” creation, the corporation was blinded intentionally by the ching-aling of the coins dropping into the massive franchise all over the world. They even promoted him using ersatz props like oversized pants that they claimed, without any verification, that these were the pants that “Fatso Fogle” wore before becoming slim and trim. Subway in the classical American flim-flam corporate manner propagated a completely disingenuous narrative and performance in order to enhance their paltry profits. I would even go further to claim that certain senior corporate executives knew about Fogle and his perfidious sexual activities and the non-profit foundation that Fogle had created to fight childhood obesity; but they were hoping that the FBI and law enforcement agents would not catch up with their collusive scam with Fogle. My past experiences with sociopathic individuals, especially Fat Jewish Boys who could not 282

measure up to their physician father, is that they end up destroying themselves through lies, deceits and miscreant behavior [just like our politicians]. What is to be done now? I would strongly suggest that Fogle remain in prison for a far longer time than he was given. He should donate the fifteen million dollars he gained while lying through those Subway commercials. As for his partner, if he attempts suicide again—let him be. Subway has a real problem. They have to hire an outside investigator [not Freeh, the ex-FBI Director] to completely vet Subway of any possible illegal activities or false advertisements. Let’s listen carefully to the words of Axl Rose’s song: “Oh Sweet Child Of Mine…”

Saturday, August 22, 2015 North and South Korea Enter their Ritual of Mutual Deprecation, Once Again! It’s been a while since we have heard from either Koreas. However, the Swiss-Boarding school educated leader of NK, Kim Jung Un, has found the time and need to address the problem of the enduring silence on the DMZ border. He has just announced to his people and to the world that he has placed his rundown military on full alert; presumably ready for war with SK. For the most part, everyone in South Korea, especially in the wealthy, beautiful city of Seoul have been ignoring his words. What could possibly be wrong with these young South Koreans who have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Asia? Are they spoiled? 283

Are they ignorant of the threat? Or are they just inured to the boisterous flatulence proclaimed by Kim Jung Un, a contemporary of theirs who had more of a privileged upbringing than anyone in South or North Korea? Most of you know the answer by now. No one takes Kim Jung Un seriously, not even his own people. They too have become used to the yearly ritual of threats and ultimatums thrown at the South Korean government for one or another reason. Why does Kim Jung Un continue this useless yearly rituals? One reason is that his grandfather, Kim IL Sung and his father, Kim Jung In, had made this a practice in order to keep their people under a presumed threat of war and terror. Most of the North Koreans know that there will be no war for the simple reason that they also know that no one can or will win a war between North and South Korea. So the North Korean people acted accordingly, making believe that they have been insulted by the propaganda statements of South Korea and then warning the world of imminent war. The only country that must worry about North Korea is not South Korea or the USA. It’s China. Since WWII, North Korea has been a client state of China. Nothing gets done domestically or externally without China having blessed that particular action. Occasionally the Chinese operatives will deny this, like the time they had personally told me that they have ‘no control over North Korea’ and, then they dismissed that notion outright. The reality of the North-South Korean problem is basic. Contrary to the American critics untutored in psychology, who have claimed that the Kim Jung Un or NK in general ‘are crazies’, the truth is far simpler. There has been no insanity demonstrated in the actions of the North Korean leaders over the past half-a-century. What we see is the helpless outcry and acting-out behavior of a country mired in poverty and repression. Unlike SK, where the youth indulges in the excesses of capitalism, NK people can barely live through a day’s work without some financial hardship. 284

NK is not only a failed state, it is also a geopolitical entity that serves the purpose of legitimizing our naval presence in the South China Sea as well as allowing over thirty thousand American soldiers to remain in Seoul as a ‘trip wire’ to possible war. Yes, ‘possible war’. Not actual war; because if one looked at the map of SK, one can clearly see how close Seoul is to the DMZ. This makes it almost impossible for both American and South Korean troops to amass a sufficiently large enough force structure to deter the theoretical might of 2.2 million North Korean troops only a few miles from the heart of SK. The nonsensical ritual of deprecation continues between both sides as if there were two babies spitting at each other in two aligned cribs. SK raises its country’s flag to seven feet on the DMZ. Next NK has to raise it to seven feet one inch in order to instigate a rivalry of sorts which leads to nothing more than a fruitless round of negotiations.Old habits die hard. Neither side wants to concede defeat in this constant antagonism. One day when North Korea has been able to improve its’ GDP after having worked with South Korean factories in the south of NK, they will finally realize that there is difference in their respective cultures divided now by an artificial financial barrier of the ‘have nots’ and ‘haves’. The dirty secret is that SK uses North Korean labor as a cheap working force in their respective factories located on the border of the DMZ. When NK attains a more impressive economy and the financial discrepancy is not that large, then NK and SK will be one again. At this point in time, SK feels a bit like West Germany before East Germany, the crippled state, was integrated into WG. SK cannot afford that type of integration now. It would drain the SK economy and possibly implode both states financially. So the merger has to accrue over time as one entity become worthy of an acquisition. These two entities are like two companies that want to seek a merger at the appropriate time in the fiscal cycle. Who will be the intervening bankers to arrange this merger? You guessed right! America, China, and a few other states that could benefit from this new financial giant called, “KOREA!” 285

It might do the leaders of both countries well to remember the words of the great Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “There is nothing permanent except change.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 A Cautionary Political Tale to the American Public: “The Morton Downey Jr. Story” –The Meteoric Rise of Shock/Shlock/ Reality TV on CNN [Magnolia Films]. During a casual Saturday evening meal of turkey [and cranberry sauce], my friend, the hostess, started an effortless conversation which spun off from Donald Trump’s triumphant gathering in Mobile, Alabama. The guests, consisting of former Vietnam Veterans and their spouses, agreed that Trump was skyrocketing through the presidential race like a meteorite that hopefully would not burn out before the election. My hostess, an extremely well-versed reader and former health professional, started talking about someone that I had heard about but really did not know much about: Morton Downey Jr. The table was silent as she described in her usual logical manner how Morton Downey Jr reminded her of Donald Trump and some other political narcissists whose personality pre-empts any consideration for substantive discussion of policy. She then added that CNN was replaying the film underwritten by Magnolia Films entitled, “Evocateur” which portrayed the beginning of Downey’s rise as the “King of Shock/Shlock Reality TV”. As I watched the unnecessarily long film, replete with annoying commercials, I became quite disturbed by what I was witnessing. Morton Downey Jr, the son of a famous Irish tenor/ film star, tried his whole life to attain the fame and notoriety of his father. However, the son chose a 286

path based on completely inflated narcissism, lies, deceptions and ‘in your face anger’. For the most part, his TV producers who had facilitated Morton’s meteoric rise in the TV ratings aided and abetted what they euphemistically called a ‘Shock TV Personality’; eager to encourage the narrative that outside of the TV set, Morton was a decent kind man who loved his family. Yet like most hucksters, be they on TV or in politics, their persona becomes the message [Marshal McLuhan]. In the case of Morton, his persona knew no bounds of reality. He affiliated with other sociopaths of any color or message, including the obese Al Sharpton, after he had performed his greatest scam involving a black teenager who claimed she was raped and sodomized by white boys. Of course, Sharpton and Downey knew this was a lie. However, both of them used this tragic case as ‘ratings booster’. Sound familiar? Ironically we see pictures of Morton Downey Jr consorting with a very young Donald Trump at one of his palatial condominiums, Trump Towers in NYC. Whether the producers of the Magnolia film had intended to make this association between a young Trump and a decaying Downey intentionally is up for conjecture. After seeing Evocateur, I decide to write this blog as a cautionary tale to my readers and others that the self-inflated narcissist, be it a business man or politician, can distort any semblance of a rational narrative by simply acting boorish and inappropriately. Downey and Trump understand all too well that politics and TV shows are literally entertainment where ‘shock and shlock’ created by any side of the political spectrum will override any attempt at a rational, fair give-and-take discussion on any matters of state. Back in 1976, the brilliant screenwriter, Paddy Chayefsky, wrote the foreboding Academy Award film “Network”. This film delineates the cynical use of TV for increasing ratings by showing the blended evolution of reality and reality shows. He predicted that real terrorist/hostage sieges would become part and parcel of daily TV 287

watching. Boy, was he right. Starting wars and crises gained legitimacy in creating increased TV viewing and ratings. Two stellar thoughts arose from that film: “We know things are bad, worse than bad.” “TV will never be the same.” You all know that I like Trump. I like the idea of him as a presidential candidate and evidently, a lot of other people do as well. Yet, Trump and other TV personalities, who garner and manipulate mass attention have an inherent destructive element built within their hysteria, eventually they can self-destruct. Continuous ranting and raving about the decrepit nature of our political situation in America will not result helpful solutions. There is an underlying anger and discontent of the political citizenry that is rallying around Trump. However, if the crowd turns their anger against Caesar, then the Republic must once again dissolve in a coup or into the ashes of history. Morton Downey Jr could not, at the end of his career, discern the difference between his narcissistic fantasies and the reality of every day living. Democracy demands a certain modicum of psychological sophistication which I believe the American public possess when they have shut off their respective TV sets. Let me quote my former boss, Dr. Henry Kissinger: “Now when I bore people at a party, they think it’s their fault.” Or let me a bit more crass and let one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, explain fame more clearly: “The greatest monarch on the proudest throne is obliged to sit upon his own arse.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Peggy Hubbard speaks the truth on CNN 288

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Donald wows them in New Hampsha

Thursday, August 27, 2015 How's this for scary, 3 teenagers from Central America at a "state run school" in Homestead Fl. hack another teenager to death w/ machetes. Does this sound like a nice place?

Friday, August 28, 2015 Turn Out the Lights Night Watchmen! The Intelligence Community No Longer Needs You Anymore. So they think…. I have just recently returned from a reunion of intelligence officers who have served this country for the past forty years. Since I was trained by CIA/DARPA/Military components of our country at both Harvard Medical College and more importantly at M.I.T [DARPA/CIA funding], I wanted to show my gratitude for a career in and out of several different administrations working in policy/intel matters. For the most part, I would have to say that the reunion was well organized and quite moving as the major speakers, including DCI John Brennan, were personable, hospitable, and informative. For most of my professional life, people thought I was a CIA operative. This was not true yet I was quite proud to have worked with many outstanding CIA Station Chiefs, DCIs and Operatives. The names 289

are legendary: Stanfield Turner, William Casey, Don Gregg, Jim Little, Paul Redmond, Fritz Ermath and many others. At this particular meeting, Brennan revealed the outline of his new reorganization chart which included the creation of new “Directors” for functional bureaus like digital media and cyber warfare. Next, a man who will remain unidentified gave a brief but excellent analysis as to why the Iran Treaty to limit nuclear weapons was sanctioned by the CIA and other members of the intelligence community. I did not have time to query him further, his basic point is that the IC had thoroughly vetted the nuclear issues from a strictly scientific perspective and found it quite realistic because of the half-life of radioactive elements lasting so long that no one could really escape or avoid detection. Another CIA professional stood out. His name [it’s safe to reveal] is David Robarge, CIA Chief Historian. Throughout two days of meetings, he presented a very accurate and often critical historical perspective of the rise of our first civilian intelligence operations, the OSS which spawned the CIA through several presidencies. Many of his key points and insights can be read on the CIA website. I particularly found the elan vital of these old operatives [including myself] to be convivial and often jovial and reflective. No one was really puffed-up about what he/she had done in the past. It was simply a group of us sharing different insights and faux pas that we had made at different times in our careers. Contrary to the image of Jack Ryan or Jason Bourne, most of the operatives were modest, earnest and proud of their service over thirty years. There was no discussion of kinetic wars or Hollywood-type escapades. The sobriety present among my colleagues was appreciated yet it was constantly punctuated with a sharp, incisive wit that I have often associated with CIA operatives in particular. Most of them, some married to their partners in the service, found quite meaningful lives after the CIA. For a brief moment on the second day, I realized why I felt I had to come to this reunion of intelligence officers, most of whom I did not know or would not know. I understood that my hegira to Langley Va, to a building which I had visited twice in my life as DAS, was a final 290

moment of gratitude to a DCI whom I did not know—John McCone. McCone created the Center for International Studies at MIT where I had learned my psychological political tradecraft. If it had not been for visionaries like Walter Lacquer [psychoanalyst], Ruth Benedict [anthropologist], Harold Laswel [Psychopathology and Politics] and Prof. Lucian Pye, I would never have had my unique, exciting career serving five Presidents as well as DOD and others. However, my stay did not end on a happy note, in part due to my own moment of discontent. A British journalist who claimed to be not a spy decided to lecture us on the end of HUMINT in the IC. That was a premise that was at best faulty if not completely erroneous. Making matters worse, this person started his talk by stating that one of his British ancestors had developed the “Grey Massacre” of 1777 where Colonel Grey of the British Cavaliers thought it moral and expedient to silence their flintlocks so that they would make no noise when they bayoneted and massacred American Revolutionaries in their beds. I found this quite offensive. In my usual brusque and intolerant way, I dismissed his handler [a former CIA operative who made a living protecting ‘action jockey’ wannabe journalists] while I reprimanded the British speaker for his inane comments. I stated that he and his countrymen were “Forlorn Hope” for recent American Intelligence/Diplomatic achievements including the regime changes in the Soviet Union and the recent economic warfare in Russia. After scolding the Brit and absorbing what I thought was enough, I left to go back to my home in the South. My home, where Americans fight every day to make an honest buck and no one cares about the CIA or what would become of its future. I wrote this blog as a tribute to my fellow operatives who had served valiantly and quietly during the worst of times in the Cold War and the present eruptions of worldwide terrorist attacks. Yet there is one more point that I have to emphasize. Whatever happened in the attack in 9/11, which many of you know was a homegrown fiasco by Bush Jr/Cheney/Rumsfeld, the CIA really inadvertently dug it’s own grave. 291

What I had finally realized when I looked back on 9/11, is that the CIA [whether collusive or incompetent] had given birth to the Director of National Intelligence who would one day relegate the CIA to the one job that they were so well qualified to do: HUMINT! Yet for some bureaucratic misconceptions, they refused to continue their basic utility of HUMINT which came from the CIA’s very foundations after WWII. This is what they did: the collection and development of HUMAN ASSETS all over the world using psychological/ cultural determinants. However, under John Brennan, the CIA became Operational using drones to create ersatz wars all over South Asia and the Middle East. They had failed to develop the very core expertise that set them aside at MIT and other learned institutions—HUMINT! I bid the ‘Night-Watchmen’ [CIA operatives] a fond farewell and wish them the best of luck. For they have become just another bureaucracy buried beneath the greater funded, increasingly more important, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, implemented by 15 other agencies. Binary numbers have replaced the basic concepts of psychological determinism. For that, Americans will pay a very heavy price. I am certain that Russia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the EU are still using personality profiles and psyop programs to eventually co-opt our manifest destiny. We will need new leadership to think-out-of-the-box. Perhaps, one day in the future, a “Wild Bill Donovan”, the founder of the OSS/CIA, will arise at the least likely of all places and times.

Saturday, August 29, 2015 Hillary Clinton Threatens Joe Biden and Becomes The “Sad Sack” Figure of the Democratic Party! It’s time for Bill to Start the Razzle Dazzle Routine 292

As Hillary Clinton becomes increasingly mired in the self-inflicted wounds of corruption and disgrace, she has committed the gravest sin of all, being boring. No one can watch her without having a sense of pity for her exceedingly boring explorations of nonsensical policies that everyone knows she would never implement. She has become a political bore—in all it’s varied connotations. She blusters through Q&A’s, responding with the blunted insights of a short-sighted Elmer Fudd. Even her speech is faltering, searching for words that seem to be appropriate to questions that were never asked or never even would be considered. She has made her inept showing in the 2008 race against Barack Obama look like a virtuoso performance. On a very practical matter, whoever donated over $100M better think seriously about bringing in the likes of a Richard Gere in the musical, “Chicago.” We need some fancy tap dance and some smarmy vocals to brighten up Hillary’s abysmal performance. We all know that no one can touch Bill Clinton in the fancy footwork department. Whatever agreement between Hillary and Bill that keeps him out of her campaign should be immediately rescinded, if she wants to have a chance to win her party’s nomination. Why? Nothing is more vitriolic in a political performance than the absence of emotion, humor or vitality. Hillary is the master of contrivance. She forces facial and bodily postures that simulate important political variables like approachability; being liked; or trust. She has the lowest ratings across the polls on all such factors. Hillary comes across as a matronly android simulating human emotions. In contrast, Bill oozes emotion and charm. In the best and worst sense, he is truly an entertaining politician. He loves the crowd and the crowd loves him. I have never met anyone who had not been charmed or seemingly seduced by Bill’s personal attention and amazing recall of specific facts relating to that individual person. Decades after the fact, I see pictures of Bill and certain women pasted on the refrigerator doors. 293

No, I am not jealous, merely observing. These women were charmed by this man and they remembered it for years, who knows if they even voted for him??! Here is some simple advice to the Democratic braintrust: If you ever want to see Hillary anywhere near a number which might indicate that she is true presidential contender, then recruit the peripatetic ex POTUS and let him start to razzle dazzle the American audience. Even if she were to lose, no one could say that the Democrats did not do their best to make the election as entertaining as the Donald has done. Let’s be honest, nothing turns us off more than a ‘talking head’ who does not mean a word that she says or will say. Hillary: re-introduce your charming, entertaining husband and admit for the first time that you do not have the charisma to win even a seat in the audience for the TV show, “American Idol.” Democratic operatives: deal with it. Even Carville says he can’t get enough of Donald. The alternative: the $100M investment in the Hillary Show will bomb before it gets to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let us bring back to the American Political Stage—The Silver Tongued Prince, Bill Clinton, singing something like ‘all I care is about love….” Americans will be entertained by the newly created TV/Cable Show—“Trump Bill!” That’s show business for which we pay our entrance tickets or as they say in Washington DC: TAXES.


Thursday, September 3, 2015 A Realignment of Business and Power in the Middle East: Turkey, Israel, Hamas, Gaza. All in Line for Potential Free Trade Zone! For some time now, we have been hearing about the mutual animosities between Israel and Turkey and Israel and Hamas. Yet recent developments between Turkey and Israel indicate that there may be some type of rapprochement about to arise between two former friends. Turkey has always been the major Sunni ally of Israel since the days of Ben Gurion. The reason is quite simple: Ben Gurion and Ataturk were close friends. They lived and worked together in Istanbul for some time. Ben Gurion’s strategic philosophy for the nascent state was to develop a non-Arab geopolitical ring around the Arab countries so that Israel would have potential allies; within this arena of presumed friendship was Iran and the Kurds [Barazani –Jewish]. Remember that Israel’s formidable air force had to practice within the expansive areas of eastern Turkey because their Phantom Jets[French made] could traverse their tiny country in seconds. Now Israel and Turkey have met in the Gaza strip to consider the possibility of recreating a Free Trade Zone in that devastated area which would employ fifteen to twenty thousand Palestinians. This has the quiet support of American Intelligence. As fanciful as this idea might seem to many of you, the truth is that during the time of PLO occupation in the Gaza, Israel and Arafat did have a thriving free trade zone. Yes, the AH-HA moment. What do I mean? For too long Israel has been fighting too many enemies, real and perceived- to no real constructive end. Yet when Israel partners it’s formidable Hi-Tech capability with its historical ability to create diverse manufacturing companies, then peace and prosperity prosper in the region. No country can benefit more from the horrendous destruction created in Gaza, Syria, Iraq than the highly capable Turkish construction 295

companies who have been in the business of building for centuries during the Ottoman Empire. So we are beginning to see subtle changes as a result of a successful treaty between Iran and America. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will pick up the mantle of coordinating moderate Sunni activity through the Middle East; while Iran in conjunction with Putin’s Russia will negotiate a sustainable peace settlement in Syria. Obama’s military/intelligence strategy which allowed our allies to work out their differences is starting to blossom. There will be ups and downs but Americans must be patient and allow the constructive aspects of this treaty to take fruition. Tectonic shifts in geopolitical strategies require patience and quiet nurturing from all interested parties. Peace always starts with a treaty; no matter how porous it may seem on the surface, especially to those who have never been involved in such negotiations. I speak from experience. Ironically, the most successful treaty or initiative that was created during the Baker/Bush Sr tenure was one that neither man ever mentions: The 1991 Cambodian Peace Treaty. This treaty was initiated by the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, Dr Richard Solomon Phd [MIT]. Now twenty years later, the once ruthless Khmer Rouge are engaging in democracy and business –too busy to kill each other. Hun Sen, the leader who was put at the helm of this amazing experiment had morphed from a former Khmer Rouge Commander into a successful Prime Minister. BTW, this is an example where the United Nations served quite successfully as peace makers. It’s a pity that our civilian leaders do not laud their own accomplishments toward peace… that’s their problem.Those of us who were involved in both Camp David Peace Accord [Jimmy Carter] and the Cambodian Peace Conference [Bush Sr.] are quite proud of how American initiated peace overtures that seemed, from the very beginning, destined to fail. Yet they succeeded contrary to the broadcasts of the Washington pundits. Give peace a chance and allow our military/intelligence community do what it does best: work quietly and effectively, sub rosa. 296

Friday, September 4, 2015 Putin Goes to Beijing with Hat in Hand Begging for Money from Chinese President Xi What a sad sight! For some time now, I have warned my Russian friends that their economy is not doing well. Now what I had told them is a serious understatement. Putin went to Beijing asking for hundreds of billions of dollars for oil/gas that was presumably sent to China from the eastern parts of Russia. President Xi, no negotiating slouch, waited and allowed Putin to puff up his bravado before Xi politely explained that the Chinese were not really interested in funding Putin’s oil or his imaginary gas pipeline that he and his corrupt oligarchs had wanted to build between Russia and China. I am not writing to humiliate Putin or the Russians. Yet Russia is in serious financial trouble because of mismanagement, political corruption and the decreased price of oil. For those of you who think this Obama administration, including its civilian/military IC, had not been effective in their economic sanctions- time to re-think your assessment. I have been involved in several economic embargoes but this one and the one that was placed on Iran worked well, despite the hysterical outcries from American politicians who have never been involved in nation-state sanctions or embargoes. I caution the Russian intelligentsia to re-examine their approach to a failing economy that will not rebound even if the price of oil rises back to certain untenable levels—around $90 per barrel. Its doubtful that this will happen any time soon. The world markets are flooded with surplus oil and Chinese impending economic recession will not facilitate a healthful rebound in Russia’s economy. Now we have a scenario where the beggar, Russia, is asking the once rich ersatz partner, China, for money that China cannot distribute to any outside nation. China is busy trying to correct it’s own failing economy by eliminating 300,000 military personnel to streamline military costs. To make matters worse, China is buying its oil on the spot 297

market from Russia’s former colonies – Central Asia—where the oil prices are significantly lower than what Russia can offer. I ask the Russian people to re-evaluate their failing economy and decide what they, collectively, want to do about it. Just wishing that Putin and his corrupt oligarchs, former KGB operatives without business experience, will conjure up a quick fix is foolish. May I remind many of us about Russia’s tendency to act like Goncharov’s Oblomov – daydreaming in bed. Russia has some of the most talented young economists in the world. I think it’s time for them to come to the forefront and start to manage this abysmal economy. Russia: suffering is appropriate when you were besieged in Stalingrad. Yet in peace times, suffering is not a virtue but a sin committed by those who fail to do anything constructive for the Mother Country. Vsoyo Haroshovo! All the best!

Monday, September 7, 2015 The Black Hole of the American Presidency: Americans know very little about our POTUS! A recent poll among Trump supporters has revealed that most of them believe that Barack Obama was not born in America and is a Muslim. These two beliefs have been growing as more Americans begin to realize that we know almost nothing about Obama or any of the other candidates including Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and the rest who are paraded across the media as ‘true representatives’ of the American people. What nonsense! Our vetting process is non existent. This includes the Secret Service, who’s blind loyalty to the job to protect and serve the POTUS 298

has compounded this masquerade. Here are some questions that you and I would have to answer on any job application in the federal government for much less important positions than POTUS. [1] Do you belong to any organizations/societies that are by nature exclusive or covert? Obama, Hillary, Jeb all belong to the CIA and were recruited long before their respective candidacies. [2] What is your professional relationship to those covert organizations and whom were you in contact with? ▪ Obama’s mother, Anne Dunham was a trained PhD anthropologist who spoke several languages and was sent to Indonesia during our military coup against Suharto. His maternal grandmother and grandfather worked at the East-West Center, a cover in Hawaii for the CIA and other USG intel services. Both grandparents were bankers in the financial institute where the USG pays the CIA operatives. ▪ Obama worked for Peter Geithner in the Asia Society, a cover for the CIA, and was intimately involved in international affairs before he was a state senator. ▪ Valerie Jarrett, the power behind the throne, was born in Iran during the Shah’s time. Her father was a prominent black physician who did outstanding research in Iran. Clearly, he too had close relations with the CIA and other intelligence organizations. Remember: during the late 50’-70’s, the CIA was recruiting very talented people to serve our country. This is the crucial part in understanding many of our presidents. They had served our country in covert ways that no one might have known. Were they Manchurian Candidates? If my suppositions are correct, Obama and others have served our country in covert positions way before it was popular to think of intelligence operatives as ‘sexy’ or ‘dashing’. [3] Was Obama born in the USA and is he a Muslim? Now, it’s time for you to decide for yourselves whether his cover, including the questionable birth certificate and contrived story of a Kenyan father was a distraction from the main point that his maternal family were patriotic Americans who served. Similarly, Bill and Hillary 299

Clinton, were both recruited out of Yale, the primary location for the birth of the OSS and CIA. Was Bill Clinton at Oxford really studying? Or was he in Moscow and other locations monitoring covert activities that were mandated by his ‘handlers’? Did Hillary get on the Nixon impeachment committee as an ‘operative’ in the guise of a neophyte lawyer out of Yale? Could the Secretary of State, like Hillary or John Kerry, be both a civilian and a former or even present day operative for the CIA? If you have watched the brilliant, revealing CBS TV show, “Madame Secretary” , you all will learn the real truth. Most, if not all, of our so-called civilian functionaries were and are both CIA and Sec State. The real questions are the ones that have never been asked about our candidates. It’s up to our citizens to uncover whether Jeb Bush, the son of George H.W. Bush is like his father and brother- a CIA present or past operative. Whether they tell the truth is up to our system of transparency. We should not allow any government agency to vet our potential candidates as to their past activities and qualifications. It is our job as citizens of the USA. Our intelligence community has waited decades for the citizens of America to poke and probe the black holes of the potential presidential candidates and their particular choices for different positions in the administrations. Our federal and state government have been created in such a way that no one institution could assume too much power. It is our civic responsibility to frame the right questions and demand full explanations about anything or anybody with whom our representatives have worked or concerted with in the past, present and future. That is the right of every American as well as any employer. We are the collective employers of our past, present and future presidents—not the CIA, MI, Secret Service or any other organization for which we pay with our hard earned tax dollars. You see all those people, past and present, are dispensable; only the body politic of America is not. 300

This black hole of ignorance about whom we elect is massive with the advent of the internet it could get bigger (more dis-information). Truth can be hidden by all types of distraction including the greatest mind game of all: the Presidential Elections. Stop worrying about whether a candidate has insulted someone rather probe seriously for the lacunas of truth that pervade every one of these potential sociopaths who call themselves candidates. In reality, the country must act as a counter-intelligence operative digging to uncover the truth about the candidates who claim they are best to lead us. Obama’s candidacy taught us Americans one very important lesson: he was never properly vetted by the citizenry which took the easy way out. We elected a mixed race man who pretty much had no history. Hope for the Change…etc. They said he went to Columbia (did not) and Harvard (did) but he did graduate from the CIA recruiting school: Occidental College. Seek the truth and ignore the distractions that are presented to you as ‘history’ or ‘truth’. Truth is not self-evident nor is it easily accessible. Yet it’s worth the hard work to uncover its camouflage. Long live the Republic and its eventually enlightened citizens.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 A Clear and Present Danger to the USA! While her “Personal Server” Keeps on Revealing Top Secret Information, Hillary Clinton Continues to Deny, Prevaricate and Obstruct Justice! No one person in recent history has caused more public consternation than Hillary Rodham Clinton. I thought I finally I had nothing more to say about her blatant pathological sociopathy. Yet she, like most self-centered narcissists, has proven me wrong again.


Now, she denies that she had sent Top Secret Emails despite the fact that both the CIA and National Geospatial Agency representatives have repeatedly stated that she has violated the ‘national security’ of our country. For those who do not know about this newish intelligence agency, the National Geospatial Agency or the NGA, they are more than just an intelligence collection bureau that stores random bits of unclassified material. The NGA is lead by very senior intelligence officers who do not make it a practice of sending non-classified data to senior officials in the USG. Truthfully, to describe Hillary, I may have to resort to one psychiatric diagnosis that I rarely use. A Harvard colleague of mine used this term when describing corrupt, murderous dictators like ‘Sadam Hussein’. That diagnosis is Malignant Narcissism. Those of us who analyzed foreign leaders, who presented a clear and present danger to our national security, used this label of malignant narcissism. From my thirty years in the USG, I have witnessed only one such example of obstreperous behavior and that was under the Nixon Administration over the issue of the tapes and possible impeachment. Even Nixon, whom I considered to be incredibly brilliant but flawed, eventually saw the futility of his ways and resigned. Resignation does not to appear to be in Hillary’s zeitgeist. What she is doing is systematically encumbering our intelligence, FBI, federal prosecutors and other costly federal employees with an incredibly selfish need to garner the most amount of time to prove a point that has already been de facto contradicted. She is guilty of sending and receiving classified emails on her personal server. She has created a state of Clear and Present Danger for this country. If she does not cease her stalling behavior, she will end up with a possible obstruction of justice charge. Remember: Hillary and Bill were born and nurtured by a stream of lies that have no beginning and no end.When we elected Bill, his sociopathy screamed out in one or another behavior that almost lead to his political demise. Later, America was to develop some amnesia regarding his wily ways. Hillary has a long public history that is replete 302

with lies, distortions, and insincere apologies. America can no longer ignore her well documented iniquitous history. If the DNC has no concern about the welfare of the US and thinks that Hillary is still a viable candidate then they are in a collective state of self-delusion on the road to self-destruction. As of now, the DNC has two or more legitimate candidates who have amassed, through diligence and integrity, the adulations of their voting constituents. I am talking about Joe Biden and Bernard Sanders. It’s amazing that in close to fifty years of service, I have yet to hear about Joe Biden having violated any major federal laws concerning our national security, considering the fact that he, more than Hillary, was clearly involved in a far greater panoply of national security secrets. The solution is quite simple. Either Hillary bows out of the race or the DNC decides that she has done enough damage to this country and forces her out of the race. I don’t think that they are that brave or forceful. The last but perhaps the most effective and swift recourse is for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to indict Hillary for violation of the national security act. One way or another, Hillary must go… As I have repeatedly stated, she now constitutes: A Clear and Present Danger to our Country.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 Putin’s Chess Game: Outflanking USA in the Middle East, Arctic, and Asia. The recent arrival of Russian forces into Syria is beginning to show what Putin has in mind when dealing with his perceived arch-rivals, USA and EU. He has displayed his chess game, where all his bishops and knights, along with his queen, are all pre-positioned for a check mate. What would a check-mate look like? 303

In the world of superpowers, America had shown that it could maneuver with ease in all the necessary choke points of strategic value. At one time, these geopolitical imperatives included a major projection of force in the Middle East, Asia and the Arctic Circle. In fact, the northern tier nations bordering the arctic assumed that they were in safely contained within a NATO partnership that would obviate any Russian or other foreign intrusions into the zone of comfort. Yet for the past year, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland have found that they had to engage in some type of phantom war with Russia fighter jets and sea-borne provocations. Nothing underlies this feeling more than the fact that Russia has already declared the Arctic [rich with petroleum resources] to be part and parcel of their sphere of influence. Similarly, as POTUS drew his red lines for potential engagement in the Syrian civil war but did not follow through, Putin realized that he had the ability to maneuver into a major position of controlling the chess game in the Middle East. Putin allowed Dr. Bashar Assad to continue his war of terror against his presumed enemies including ISIS and other Sunni rebel groups. In reality, Putin could care less about Assad or Syria. Assad is using chlorine gas and barrel bombs [makeshift weapons] to decimate his enemies. This has made his country into a heap of rubble. Putin has partnered with Iran in order to guarantee a major shift of political power away from the USA, NATO and the EU. He has overflown Bulgaria and Greece in order to place his ground, aerial and sea based troops into their proper position along the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, despite his cap-in-hand begging for more time and money from China, he has started to forge an alliance with China as that country tries to assume a financial and geopolitical hegemony around Asia and Central Asia. Recently, Putin quietly implemented full mobilization of Central Asia’s Azerbaijan military. This indicates to me that Putin is also in play in a region where the USA has airbases for rapid deployment for protection of oil interests of international companies. 304

There is nowhere in the world where Putin has not inserted his chess pieces. Even the refugees streaming into Europe has the earmarks of Putin’s hand. His support of the Syrian massacres forces the mass movement of refugees disrupting the European continent. Putin has successfully moved his military chess pieces into strategic choke points that have placed American civilian/military/intelligence strategists into a complete pre-checkmate position. While our White House is concerned with defending a treaty that should have passed a long time ago, and the American public is consumed by the show business of a faux presidential election, Putin, despite dwindling resources, has moved rapidly to pre-position his chess pieces before our administration can even figure out what he has done and will be doing. This what Rudyard Kipling, the brilliant British author called, “The Big Game of Nations”. America has lost any real capacity to assess the world situation in a coherent, systematic fashion. Now we just have a knee-jerk reaction to every major crisis with no long term strategy. The age of strategic reasoning, which had characterized our post WWII successes, has disappeared. The end of the Soviet Union [which I helped to foster ] was not the beginning of our deficit in strategic thinking and tactically maneuvering. It was the disappearance of any institution of learning that left Washington D.C. drowning in ersatz think tanks. Studying anything for money and offering no real substantive analytic perspective to America’s national security interests became the new normal. As I tried to tutor our senior military personnel who multiplied like farm cats, I discovered that I was wasting my time and ideas. America spends billions of dollars on all types of military/intelligence institutions and centers for counter-terrorism. I was completely shocked that the money our government spends on outsourcing everything from thinking to fighting. Our once great nation is now stilted and reactive in our geopolitical interests and positions. To be quite honest with you all, we have never really been a nation of strategists. Strategy and survival was more of the bread and butter of 305

the Europeans, Chinese, South East Asians and Russians. Americans took the high road of morality to explain our interventions into everything that never was of critical importance including: Vietnam, Korea, Iraq [twice], Afghanistan and then the piece de resistance –Libya [brought to you by Susan Rice/Samantha Power & Hillary Clinton]. For the present, I do not see a shift in the paucity of our strategic thinking. Instead of worrying about how many centrifuges Iran will or will not have, we should be concentrating on a full board assessment of what I have talked about in these blogs and radio shows: “What is America going to do with the new power balance in the Middle East as Iran and Turkey and now Russia become the dominant forces?” Our civilian /military leadership are wanting in critical thinking. Our country no longer want to play chess with a master of the game, who has been seriously wounded and is quite angry. Putin will not wait to be comforted by our paltry overtures nor threatened by our military. I fear time is not on our side. Pax Americana has descended upon us in a very deliberate, stealthy way- where indolence of thought and timidity of action has become our shibboleth for the present and future. As Rudyard Kipling once said in “The Light That Failed”: “We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”

Thursday, September 10, 2015 Bibi Netanyahu, the Presumptive Leader of World Jewry Refuses to Accept Devastated Syrian Civilians. Ironic, that the egotistical leader of a country that was created entirely by refugees (Jews, Muslims, Druze, Christians and even VietNamese Buddhists) will not open the doors to a single soul in one of the worst refugee crisis in history. No Israeli leader has shown less 306

compassion, empathy or historical knowledge than the son of a Cornell Professor whose family was granted refugee status by America as Jews fleeing the Holocaust. No Israeli understood less about the beneficent nature of many Muslim Countries who gave many of us, Ashkenazy Jews, sanctuary during the WWII Holocaust. Part of my family comes from Algeria, where they had lived in the African Muslim culture for hundreds of years before they were thrown out during the French/Algerian War. At that time, there were thousands of Jews who lived in Morocco under the direct protection of the Royal Family. Even when the Sephardic Jews were chased out of Morocco because the nascent state of Israel created conflict points to force the Jews to leave to Israel; King Hassan always wanted to make certain that ‘his Jewish children’ would be well taken care of in this new state. Distant cousins in Turkey came from the Ladino refugees who were protected by Turkey for over 500 years. I can go on about how different Muslim countries, even ones that are perceived as hostile to Israel, have welcomed Jews throughout centuries of wandering about this earth seeking a homeland. Only a few years ago, I remember that in Isfahan, Iran, I encountered thousands of young and old Jews praying on a Friday morning under the bridge that was called in Farsi, “The Bridge of Jews.” In contrast, it’s interesting to note that during WWII, Ben Gurion and the Jewish Council refused to save the lives of thousands of Jews incarcerated in the Nazi death camps. Instead, they insisted that Heydrich [father was an Austrian Jew] and Eichmann send cows and not Jews to Israel. Israel’s history is not great when it comes to saving the lives of the Polish Jews who literally created that state from its inception in Warsaw, Lodz, Bialystok. However, in the tradition of true Judaism [ a la Rabbi Hillel], Begin and the others of the Likud brought into Israel-Ethiopians, Eritreans, Russians and Vietnamese refugees. Now we ask Israel to bring in those Syrian civilians tortured by war that was not of their making. I ask the youth of Israel to demonstrate against your presumed leader, Bibi, and demand that once again, Israel show mercy to those whom we consider our neighbors and friends. 307

I have been in Syria during the best and worst of times and I have never witnessed any Anti-Semitism against their own Syrian Jews. Yet I have seen Bibi attack with venom and graceless disrespect the very country that made and nurtured him and his arrogant family – The Great American Society of Christians [primarily]. Americans did not ask what you could do for them. They simply wanted to extend a hand to those in need. Never Forget: America saved thousands of us Diaspora Jews when all others turned their back on us, even the nascent land of Israel. The youth of Israel, who fight for it’s very existence, must show the compassion that your leader can never possess because he is too consumed with his arrogance, ignorance wrapped in layers of selfdelusional paranoia. I am certain that his brother, the true hero of Entebbe, Yonatan Netanyahu who died to liberate hostages in Uganda, would have welcomed everyone in need to his homeland. That’s why he is a Jewish Hero and Bibi can never be! It’s up to you, the youth of Israel, to reclaim the future by truly understanding our past in the real diaspora. “Treat others as you may want to be treated.. that is all you must learn in the Talmud” Rabbi Hillel.

Friday, September 11, 2015 Finally DNC Agrees to have Plan B for Hillary #Dukakis2016—DNC Fears what happened in the Bush Sr/ Dukakis Presidential Election. This twitter reference to Dukakis allows me to write about my personal/professional involvement in the 1988 presidential. Not to sound too Donaldesque but I did some of my best psychological work in that race for the Presidency. 308

As I remember, I was called in to see James Baker III. I didn’t know why I was summoned but I had an immense amount of respect for him and his assistant Robert Zoellick. They asked me to formulate a strategy to help George H. W. Bush Sr. ascend his ten or fifteen point loss to Mass. Governor Dukakis. Without much ado, I first asked Baker to make certain that Atwood, who had just come into the room, be asked to leave. I did not like him nor was I interested in his ‘gunshot approach’ to life and politics in general. In any case, seated next to me was another figure whom I did not know but eventually learned to respect. His name was Roger Ailes of now Fox News Fame. At the time, he was TV/media expert. In a few hours, we started to create a strategy using Dukakis’s personal dynamics [not relevant for this discussion] to affect a change in his behavior. It worked, Dukakis literally ended up in a tank, making himself look absolutely ridiculous. We kept Dukakis busy in Mass. , and we swung Bush Sr out of the state and moved him onto other states where he was able to politic as best as he could. It is important for me to add that the ‘old man’, like Jeb, is not a ‘natural politician’. Unlike George Bush Jr [whose campaign I was also a part of unfortunately] was more of natural. He was comfortable joking and teasing people around him. George Bush Jr had the ease of dealing with strangers [ although I had never met him] that his father and brother, Jeb, just do not possess. It must be said of President Nixon as brilliant as he might have been, he was not a natural people-to-people type of politician. Perhaps the best candidate I have ever met was Bill Clinton. He was simply excellent at glad-handing strangers and working the vote. Bill owned the room as soon as he entered. I have already whined about his uncanny ability to appeal to the ladies. Bill had that gift but his wife does not. Hillary is learning that no amount of training or prepping can make you ‘approachable’ and ‘engaging’ if you are not. It’s one of those personality traits with which one is endowed. From what I can see on the TV, it seems that Bernie Sanders has that type of controlled charisma that makes him both 309

credible and approachable. If you were to tell me that an avowed Jewish Socialist from the failing state of Vermont was to become popular, I too, would have been incredulous. I made the mistake that thinking that the affable President Gerald Ford would trump the more dower President Jimmy Carter. I was clearly wrong. Personality and charisma do not necessarily win the elections. Yet those traits do help a candidate go quite far. As for the Present Plan B for the DNC, I can say the following about two of the potential candidates whom I have met on a cursory basis: ▪ Former VP Al Gore was born and bred to be POTUS. He came from a distinguished family of sincere, honest politicians. He could win the race, if he picked the right team. He may have to face the dirty trix Bush team again but this time he is wiser. He’ll have to work out the failed marriage thing but hey, its the 21st century. ▪ VP Joe Biden has a clear shot at the Presidency. There is something quite genuine and sincere about him that makes him appear approachable and credible. He has had the endurance and suffering that wizens a politician in a way that makes him act in a very responsible, effective way. He is a politician who enjoys his work and wants everyone else to share part of that enthusiasm. In effect, I am glad that the DNC has begun to think of Plan B. Irrespective of the $120M that Hillary and Bill raised and the so-called ‘formidable team’ that they have organized in every state, the truth is far more cruel. My advice to the DNC is put your new candidate into play ASAP! It’s not too late. And then, let the games begin!! Let me end with the prescient words of President John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


Saturday, September 12, 2015 September 11, 2015: Fourteen Years After. George Bush Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi attacked their own citizens and betrayed America! Remember a time in our recent history when POTUS decided to attack America to justify an unjustifiable war in Iraq. Americans sent their sons, daughters, husbands and wives to die for a cause concocted by cowards and criminals. Those simple two words describing a leader like George W. Bush Jr and his compatriots has lingered in the ethos of American incredulity. Most Americans did not and could not imagine a POTUS arranging an attack against his own people. Yet, little by little, ordinary Americans begin to realize that the inconsistencies in the 9/11 narrative and physical impossibility of NYC buildings collapsing due to plane crash, are too big to ignore. What have we learned in the last fourteen years? ▪ We lost American civilian and military lives for a cause that was highly contrived and replete with lies and distortions. ▪ The USG became a source of mistrust and disgust by it’s citizenry. Legislators, FBI, CIA and military officials were placed on a watch list of mistrust and most of the youth felt both alienated and angered by a government that was willing to kill its people on US soil and in foreign lands such as Iraq, Afghanistan. ▪ Our military performed according to modern day standards: poorly and without honor. Every so-called victory was met with civilian disdain as our country assumed a position of an aggressive intruder. ▪ Our leaders became purveyors of lies and half-truths. All three POTUSs –Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama –were directly and implicitly indicted for this 9/11 travesty. ▪ The present outrage of the American public against establishment candidates is a direct result of the citizenry informing the Republic that there will be no more stand-downs and ‘false flags’ now. This outrage 311

extends to these “faked, copy cat mass shootings” to promote so-called gun control. ▪ Both the Bush and Clinton families have been “outed” as purveyors of death against Americans. ▪ Hillary is not a feasible candidate due to the lies that infest the trenches of mistrust that she and her husband dug for over thirty some years, culminating in the present day crisis of ‘the private emails.’ ▪ The Bush Family legacy has been destroyed once and for all. Matriarch Barbara Bush declared that no more Bushs in the White House. She, like any smart and protective mother/wife, realized that her family was tainted with the innocent blood of brave warriors. Jeb shares both the arrogance and ignorance of his three other brothers. What is most interesting is to watch him twist in the wind as Trump eviscerates him and his family in public again and again. I have realized for some time that Trump knew all too well that the George, Jeb and the rest of “chicken hawks” were clearly responsible for the 9/11 attacks against Americans. He does not have to say it yet he shows the lack of respect for the Bush family that they truly deserve. What Trump realizes is that once and for all the Bush Family will descend into the festering bowels of disgrace, betrayal and greed just like the Borgias and Medici families, caught in their own deceitful web of miscreant behavior. As for the rest of the 9/11 cabal of neo-con cowards, Steve Hadley, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Zalmay Khalizad, et. al. they have entered into the lexicon of traitors, cowards and criminals whose descendants will continue to bear the enigma of an American Judas. Even Mueller of the FBI will have to live with the stigmata that he had brought onto himself –in an otherwise distinguished patriotic career. He failed as did the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, FAA. Worst of all, were our Generals in both the Army and Air Force; who conspired to engage in this heinous act against their own country men. On the more positive side, fourteen years have afforded America enough time to realize that even when our USG lies to us and tries to kill its own citizens, we have armed ourselves accordingly—with knowledge 312

and bullets. No incident in American history has caused a greater run on guns and bullets among the citizenry than the 9/11 attack perpetrated by our POTUS and his entourage. If those who were involved in the 9/11 Stand Down and “false flag’ think they are free of retribution, they are sorely mistaken. I can assure those culprits of 9/11, be they American or of other nationalities, that not one of them will be free of justice and a proportionate retribution. Time is on the side of America’s youth. Stats show that up to 75% of the population believe there is cover up or a false flag surrounding the events of 9/11. Americans have too much independence to fall for Nazi Luftwaffe General, Herman Goebbels—“Repeating the big lie over and over again.” Too many of us know the big lie when we see it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015 Trump's Trump by G. Murphy Donovan sent by a friend This is an interesting commentary, written by a Vietnam-era Air Force Intelligence Officer. Take it for what it is worth. You fans of old “Hands Across The Aisle” McCain will not appreciate this. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” B.Hussein Obama, at the UN, 2012 From a navy friend. Interesting. As Trump continues to lead in the polls, as conscientious voters, we need to understand more about him. Is there a moral imperative that compels Trump to run for President? 313

Here’s a little additional info on the author of the following piece: G.Murphy Donovan G.Murphy Donovan is a Vietnam veteran, a former Intelligence officer and Director of Research and Russian (nee Soviet) Studies, USAF Intelligence, at Bolling AFB when DNI James Clapper was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, HQ USAF. The author was also a former senior research fellow for Intelligence at the RAND Corporation, Santa Monica. Trump's Trump DonaldTrump is a piece of work even by New York standards: tall, white, loud, brash, entrepreneurial, successful, rich, ruthlessly candid, well-dressed, and fond of heterosexual women. He has married at least three delicious ladies in fact. Trump has five children and seven grandchildren. Indeed, his progeny are well above average too, smartly groomed, photogenic, and successful to boot. As far as we know, Donald does not have any tattoos, piercings, unpaid taxes, or under-aged bimbo interns. He is not a drunk or a junkie either. Trump projects and enterprises probably employ more folks than the NYC school system -- or the United Nations. You could say that Trump is living the life, not the life of Riley, but more like Daddy Warbucks with a comb over. “The Donald,” as one exwife calls him, is not just living the American dream. Trump is the dream -- and proud of it. You could do worse than think of Trump as upwardly mobile blue collar. He is the grandson of immigrants and the product of Long island, a Queens household, and a Bronx education. The Donald survived the Jesuits of Fordham University for two years before migrating to finish his baccalaureate at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. When readers of the New York Times , The New Yorker , and the New York Review of Books speak of “the city”, they are not talking 314

about the Queens or the Bronx. Growing and schooling in the bluecollar boroughs gives Trump a curb level perspective, something seldom found in Manhattan. Or as any “D” Train alumnus might put it, Trump has “a pretty good Bravo Sierra detector.” So what’s not to like about Donald Trump? He doesn’t just stay in four-star hotels; he builds them. He doesn’t just own luxury condominiums; he makes them. He doesn’t just own historic buildings; he restores them. He doesn’t just eat at the best restaurants; he creates them. He just doesn’t belong to the best country clubs; he builds those, too. And Donald Trump, unlike the Manhattan/Washington fantasy Press and every Beltway political pimp, doesn’t just pay lip service to a bigger and better economy, he creates micro-economies every day. The only thing we don’t know about Donald Trump is why he would like to immigrate to the District of Columbia. In any case, the merits of entrepreneurs like Trump might best be defined by the character or motives of his critics. Trump detractors are for the most part “B” list politicians, ambulance chasers, and a leftleaning Press corps that lionizes the likes of Nina Totenberg, Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, and Brian Williams. If the truth were told, most of Trump’s critics are jealous, envious of his wealth -e- and they loath his candor. Donald might also be hated for what he is not. Trump is not a lawyer, nor is he a career politician who lives on the taxpayer dime. Trump is paying for his own campaign. Bernie, Barack, McCain, and Kerry could take enterprise lessons from a chap like Trump. Unlike most government barnacles, Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time. He knows how to close a deal and build something. He is a net creator, not consumer, of a kind of wealth that provides “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for Americans -- real jobs not feather merchants. Today, Trump has nothing left to prove. Yet, success has allowed him the rarest of public privileges, an electoral pulpit and the courage to 315

speak his mind. Alas, truth is not necessarily a political asset in a socialized democracy. Indeed, the erstwhile presidential candidate stepped on his crank recently by suggesting that Mexico, already exporting dangerous drugs, cheap tomatoes, and even cheaper labor, was also exporting violent felons to the US. Truth hurts! Trump’s rude candor is underwritten by nearly half a million illegal felons in American jails. Coincidentally, events have conspired to support Trump’s take on Mexican dystopia with the El Chapo Guzman jailbreak and the murder of Kathryn Steinle by Francisco Sanchez. Senor Sanchez sported a lengthy criminal record and had been deported on four previous occasions. San Francisco, a "sanctuary" city, failed to honor existing warrants and released Sanchez from jail just before he blew Kathy Steinle away. As serendipity would have it, Trump then went to Phoenix on 12 July and gave a stem winder to a sell-out crowd on the subject of illegal immigration. Senator John McCain was not pleased to have The Donald on Arizona’s front lawn and intemperately called Trump supporters “crazies.” Trump returned fire saying that McCain was no hero. Here again Trump cut to the quick, pointing out that no one qualifies as a hero because he was shot down or captured. Indeed, being a hostage in North Vietnam is not necessarily heroic either. McCain is thought by some to be a heroic because he refused to accept an early release. In fact, the Hanoi parole offer was a ruse, a Hobson’s choice, designed to embarrass McCain and his father at CINCPAC. If McCain took the parole and abandoned his fellow POWs, he would have shamed his father and been ostracized by shipmates. Indeed, had John McCain not been the son and grandson of famous and victorious, Pacific Command flag officers, no one would have noticed him then or now. Few of the demagogues who have come to John McCain’s defense could name any of the 600 Vietnam-era POWs other than McCain. McCain is famous today because he, like John Kerry, has parlayed a very 316

average Vietnam military service into a three-decade political sinecure. We know of 50,000 Vietnam veterans that might be more deserving than John McCain. Unfortunately, they died in a war that generals couldn’t win and politicians couldn’t abide. A body bag seldom gets to play the “hero.” McCain is no political hero either. He is famously ambiguous on domestic issues like immigration. He is also a Johnny-come-lately to Veterans Administration rot, which has metastasized as long as McCain has been in office. On foreign policy, McCain is a Victoria Nuland era crackpot, supporting East European coups, playing cold warrior, and posturing with neo-Nazis in Kiev. McCain pecks at Putin too because the Senate, like the Obama crew, hasn’t a clue about genuine threats like the ISIS jihad or the latest Islam bomb. To date, Trump has run a clever campaign. He is chumming, throwing red meat and blood into campaign waters and all the usual suspects are in a feeding frenzy. McCain, the Press, the Left, and the Republican establishment all havesomething to say about “the Donald.” It is truly amazing how cleverly Trump manages to manipulate the establishment. If you are trying to sell an idea or a candidacy, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Who knows where the Trump campaign goes? For the moment, he has scored direct hits on Mexico and McCain. With El Capo on the loose again, every time a toilet flushes in Sinaloa, Mexican garbage is likely spill out in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that the Left Coast could survive without cheap labor, pistileros, meth, coke, heroin, or weed. Necrotic immigration and its byproducts are ready made targets for a gunslinger like Trump. 317

Trump is no bigot. He probably employs more Latinos and Blacks than Enrique Peña Nieto or Barack Obama. In his own way, Donald Trump is both immigrant and POW, a refugee from Queens and still a prisoner of Wharton. The Donald is The Dude, the guy with babes and a role of Benjamins that would choke a shark. He is the wildly successful capitalist that some of us love to hate. Before democratic socialism, success and effectiveness were measures of merit. It doesn’t take much insight to compare Trump’s various enterprises with federal programs. Public education, banking oversight, public housing slums, poverty doles, veterans fiascos, Internal Revenue hijinks, and even some Defense Department procurement programs are consensus failures. The F-35 “Lightning” fighter is an illustration, arguably the most expensive single DOD boondoggle in history. Pentagon progressives seldom win a catfight these days, but they still spend like sailors. If and when Trump fails, he is out of business. In Trump’s world, failure has consequences. In contrast, Washington rewards failure with better funding. Indeed, generational program failure is now a kind of perverse incentive for Beltway politicians and apparatchiks to throw good money after failed programs. The difference between Trump and McCain should be obvious to any fair observer; Trump has done something with his talents. McCain, in contrast, is coasting on a military myth and resting on the laurels of Senatorial tenure. Any way you look at it, Donald Trump is good for national politics, good for democracy, good for America, and especially good for candor. If nothing else, The Donald may help Republicans to pull their heads out of that place where the sun seldom shines. The author had two tours in Vietnam as a junior officer and subsequently served as command Intelligence briefer in Hawaii where he updated CINCPAC, John McCain’s father, on POW matters. By G. Murphy Donovan 318

Monday, September 14, 2015 Happy New Year from Iran. Good Diplomacy.

Monday, September 14, 2015 In the Circle Of Terrorism: Hamas Fights ISIS in Gaza! What an interesting paradox. Contrary to the pervasive language of ‘war on terror’, we already recognize that terror is a tactic and not an entity or body of fighting units. Yet one element of surprise that I have found in my long career in counter-terrorism, is the crucial even ironic paradox that terrorism ends up fighting terrorism. For decades, I have witnessed this unique phenomenon where one political group that used terrorist tactics in the past then becomes legitimate but then must use terror to neutralize a rival, newly formed terrorist group. This just happened with Hamas. Remember: Hamas was created in the late 1980’s as a counterforce to the PLO and PFLP. Now Hamas must use it’s once formidable terrorist fighters and order them to ferret out the still nascent ISIS cells working in the hot bed called, “Gaza City”. Only one year ago, Israel and the world were bemoaning the very atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli citizens. Now Israel will help Hamas [usually covertly] to infiltrate those groups of malcontents who are discredited members of Hamas or the PLO and decided to join ISIS. The rationale for joining ISIS is usually quite standard— disaffection with previous terrorist groups and a newly found attraction for Salafism. If one takes a long view of how terrorism becomes an endless circle of self-destructive killing, one can recall the origins of Israel and the Irgun Zvai Leumi. Remember how the IZL was neutralized by the precursors to the IDF –Ben Gurion’s Haganah. The IDF played with and encouraged the PLO, PFLP and other terrorist groups to create ‘strategic 319

tensions’ in the that part of the world. Eventually the PLO under Arafat became legitimate and then it had to fight it’s own break off extremist element—Hamas. You get it! It’s a never ending circle of guns, bullets and fear. Yet the political aspirations are eventually achieved not by violence but by outside negotiations. Then the new government, which came into power using terrorism, must await a new unpredictable eruption of violence from another groups of believers and killers. I predict that Hamas, with the quiet help of it’s Middle East neighbors, will resolve this messy situation and will enter into a new era of financial growth and success sponsored by Israel, France, Germany, and Turkey [with the silent help of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar]. How do I know? In my experience, usually money and trade trumps all forms of unsustainable violence. Violence begets violence until money begets legitimacy. That is the circle of resolution for which we now wait…..

Thursday, September 17, 2015 Russia Threatens Both Sweden and Finland if they Formally Join NATO! However, Russia’s main concern is Finland. Once again, Putin is flexing his biceps by threatening Sweden if they join NATO. This past Friday saw an event that has become all too common, with Putin acting desperately to intimidate those western European countries which may present a potential geopolitical threat to Russia. As I have posted previously, Putin and his military are provoking the Swedish military into potential conflicts by Russian overflights into Swedish territories and Russian submarines patrolling the littoral areas of Swedish sovereignty. 320

Putin is re-enacting the Soviet Union’s paranoia, where any near-far lands that may present potential threats have to be diplomatically coopted before they become real strategic threats. Sweden and Finland are literally a stone’s throw away from the true heart of Russia—St. Petersburg. Finland is so close that some of you may remember that prior to the full outbreak of WWII, Russia and Finland fought a brutal war against each other where thousands of troops on both sides froze or died in their ensuing battles in their respective snow tundras. Putin has utilized these old memories of conflict to reinvigorate his new virtual Russian Federation expansion. By outright reprimanding the Swedish Ambassador this past Friday, warning him to abstain from joining NATO, Putin was really warning Finland and the USA. Sweden presents far less of a military threat than does Finland which has the advantage of military expertise and geopolitical proximity as a true threat to Russian sovereignty. From the USA and EU perspective, both Sweden and Finland would act as effective counter-forces to a potential incursion by Russian troops into the northern sector of the EU. Please bear in mind that Putin’s extravagant gestures of bellicosity do not effectively correlate with the current Russian economy. Putin desperately directs his frenetic attention away from the more serious concern: the complete bankruptcy of the Russia economy. Neither he nor his ineffectual political cronies can control this economic sinking. A new narrative has been created by the Kremlin where they claim that the stalwart Russians are not in anyway encumbered by the failing consumer economy. Some of our leading policy thinkers agree with this complete myth. There is no doubt that when over 81 regions of Russia are bankrupt then the people have already suffered more than they should have. Putin has ensured that those who might want to complain about souring conditions in the consumer sector are silenced for quite some time. Putin’s image of a progressive Russia has more bearing to that of Stalin-Yeltsin borscht. He wants to look and act like Stalin without the efficiency or lethality. In reality, Putin has the ineffectual traits of a 321

wannabe Stalin with the complete incompetency of the drunken Yeltsin. Not a great combination. The more he threatens the less intimidating he becomes. If Putin thinks that the invasion of Georgia or Ukraine was impressive, may I remind him that anyone who dealt with the powerful Soviet Union will not take his predictable gestures seriously. Putin must be reminded that Russia is a very large federation of 125 different ethnic groups located over 11 time zones. If we were able to takedown a far greater threat than Russia –that is the Soviet Union—rest assured, Putin, that you are nothing more than a fly on the bear’s ass. If you keep on threatening those countries around you like Moldova, Nagorny--- time is not on your side; neither is China, the EU nor the USA. Putin: please remember the Swedish Russia Wars of 1595, 1788, and 1808. What did Russia really gain or lose in those wars? A few kilometers here and there. Russians are now tired of wars and foreign intrusions which take the attention away from more important subjects. What will be the future of a rich Motherland which is sinking rapidly into poverty and oblivion as the rest of the western world keeps on growing and advancing. Putin you have managed to stultify the growth of the great Russian citizens more than any Czar in the history of Russia’s repression. Congratulations, you bully. Watch out for your security apparatus which has been planning behind your back for the next successor. Why not? You did that with Yeltsin, now it’s your turn to be deposed. That’s fair. Forget Sweden and Finland ! Instead, pay attention to Mother Russia, which needs your help… ASAP!!!


Sunday, September 20, 2015 Trump was right 7 years ago. He is the ONLY candidate to bring up poor treatment of vets.

Monday, September 21, 2015 Lebanon: An Incredibly Resilient Country in the Midst of a “Garbage Revolution” Protesting corruption with #Youstink and fighting ISIS at the same time! An American citizen and her family, including a son and daughter in their early twenties, went to see her relatives in Lebanon. She reported back an inspirational story of a multi-cultural population in the midst of major battles, where the young men are fighting ISIS only a few minutes from their homes and other young people are rallying against corruption in government. At the same time, Lebanon is blossoming. Ironic isn’t it? A country where battles are raging only ten minutes from their doorsteps is still prospering and living a vital existence. Yet, despite this contradictory reality, there is a new type of youthful political resistance, called “The Garbage Revolution” or #YouStink. Amidst streets and souks, garbage piles up everywhere and has morphed into a symbol of political protest against corrupt leadership. In the past, the presidency and prime minister positions were usually balanced between the Muslim and Christian factions of Lebanon’s major ethnic groups. Now the youth of the country want to change this old formula for powering sharing. They feel that their voice should be heard once and for all. I still do not understand why the Lebanese government allows this sanitation hazard to exist. Yet I must express my admiration to country 323

which has Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims mixed in with Druze, Christians and they all seem to live well together. The war against the barbaric ISIS has unified these different people into an effective coalition of which they are all proud to claim that they are one-- Lebanese citizens. I have always admired the Lebanese. Even during their terrible civil wars during the 1970’s and 1980’s, their economy never dropped one penny and trade continued to flourish in all parts of the country. For those who see Hezbollah as a terrorist group, you best reconsider the fact that the Shi’ite sons and daughters of normal Lebanese families are going out to fight every day against ISIS. For some years now, I have insisted that Sheikh Nasrallah was a brilliant leader of a group that once was considered ‘terrorists’— Hezbollah. Now it is a legitimate political/economic Lebanese faction. It’s his forces, along with Iranian soldiers, who are the major bulwark against ISIS. The Hezbollah militia fight for ten days to two weeks then come home to Lebanon to rest and then go back into the battle field. Amidst all this fighting, Lebanon has been able to absorb the Palestinian refugees of the past and integrate the new Syrian refugees of the present and future. The Lebanese Army has become extremely effective and vigilant where once it was considered to be part of the flower power generation of youth. Overhead, the IDF flies jets to make certain that no extraneous forces intercede into the vibrant lifestyle of the Lebanese people. I wish all my Lebanese friends a Happy New Year and send wishes for a safer, more peaceful future. As for the Israelis, I thank them for keeping the skies and ground clear so that the Lebanese can continue to throw garbage into their streets. May the youthful revolution continue! Merci! Thank you. Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year. #YouStink


Tuesday, September 22, 2015 SHOCKING ! Muslims in france, soon all of europe !

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Xi Coming to America with Rice Bowl 1/2 Full! Chinese President Xi Jinping has lost an immense amount of Foreign Reserve Currency which started at a high of $4 Trillion now down to $36 Billion. Just like Russia, China’s economy is falling apart. When a Princeling like Xi Jinping—a son of Maoist Revolutionary leaders—has to resort to both Confucius and Mao’s Childish Book of Wisdom then, President Xi Jinping is in serious trouble. As the economy of China starts to fall apart because it is both structurally and functionally built on lies, deceptions and massive corruptions then the Yuan can not be a vehicle for financial transaction. Yet it does becomes an expression of the world’s contempt for a fast growing economy built on make-believe numbers and a fictitious narrative with the least amount of credibility that the ruling Communist party could have mustered. China, under the leadership of Xi, is returning back to the past of torturous memories for the Chinese people when Mao, a man of little perspicacity of finances but an expansive sense of himself, created a Chinese Revolution that decimated millions of his own people. Like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Mao devoured his own people in a fit of rage, cleverly labeled “purging the old way in order to bring the new ways.” China is poised to expand its overseas investments into massive infrastructure projects in order to attempt to replace the ersatz currency, the Yuan, with the dollar. Clearly that will not happen. When a country as large as China cannot manage its economy without the ‘envelope factor’ i.e. graft, then all bets are off. There is 325

nothing inherently sacrosanct about the Yuan that would allow traders and merchants to accept this worthless piece of paper as more than what it is ---monopoly money. I sound harsh but I happen to like China and what was happening when it was growing at a more realistic pace. However, Xi came in and decided that the Chinese would convert from an export country to an internal consumption one. Yet he didn’t bother to supply a corresponding narrative that would explain such a Chinese reversion. He demonstrated an immense paucity of intellectual heft; not to mention any understanding of economic principles that have dominated the post WWII trade and finance since the Bretton Wood Conferences. Instead he has played the weakest political card, arresting potential threats to his vacuous reign. He is repeating the mistakes that destroyed Lin Bao, the Chinese General who was killed in an airplane ‘accident’ because he refused to follow Mao’s order to control the Cultural Revolution. That very revolution that eventually created massive slaughters of innocent Chinese intellectuals and businessmen. At present, China is merely a shadow of what it should have become. It’s economy is close to complete collapse if not bankruptcy. It’s military is extending its reach to the Spratly Islands just as I had predicted in my novel Pax Pacifica twenty some years ago. However, if Xi read the end of the book, it clearly describes how China will find it’s self caught in a spider’s web of military ineptitude bereft of skilled warriors and clear strategic vision. I still believe that China’s expansive moves will be the final wake up call for the Chinese people who will discover that the diversion of necessary funds for domestic growth has been squandered on useless overseas expansions. Like its past three leaders, who have never been tutored in the ways of responsible leadership and strategic financial realities, President Xi Jinping is what one can honestly call, ‘a political hack.’ He is from the princeling class where he was embedded into the hierarchy of promotion without any real evidence that he knows much of anything other than his own survival within an antiquated, stilted system called, Communism. 326

In time, Xi will discover, as did Mao, that someone out there in the Chinese hinterland will challenge his authority and prove that he is really no more than a paper tiger. Meanwhile, Americans must watch out for the onslaught of Chinese intelligence operatives who come to this great country in the guise of being professors, students and teachers of Confucius and Chinese. There is a Chinese Expression for President Xi Jinping; ‘zhi lu wei ma’ [pronounced: jrr loo way ma] Meaning: “Swear that black is white; Or, The Emperor Has No Clothes.” President Xi Jinping: Get serious… or leave.. And allow the more talented youth of the country to take over!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015 The Government of Colombia and the Terrorist FARC Organization are finally Reaching a Peace Agreement after Decades of Fighting. Congratulations! Recent newspaper articles describe the imminent signing of a peace treaty that is being crafted to end the war between the terrorist group FARC and the Columbian government. Decades ago, I had the unique opportunity to negotiate with the FARC regarding the release of an American Peace Corps hostage who was taken while he and others were trekking through the jungles of that country. I immediately assessed the situation from afar and determined that in fact a peace corps volunteer had been taken for reasons that remained both unclear to me and more importantly to FARC. FARC assumed that this young man was a CIA operative. However after some time, they conceded with my insistence that he was not ever CIA nor could ever be CIA because his education and lifestyle were completely inconsistent with that of an American operative. Once we agreed that this 327

individual was a target of happenstance, like many other Peace Corps members, they decided after some long distance communication to release him for a price. At first the price was quite high. I don’t remember the amount but it did not correspond to the raison d’etre for his capture. Eventually, it came to a point in our conversations where the FARC leader had to admit that they had made a mistake in taking him. What became more interesting was, as the weeks went by, I was sensing an urgency from the FARC leader to get rid of the American hostage. I recalled the O’Henry short story—“The Ransom of Red Chief”—where the captive became so obnoxious that the captors eventually released the captive. As I gathered more HUMINT, I learned that the Peace Corps volunteer had made himself so incredibly disliked and burdensome to the FARC over a very few short days that I was able to knock down the asking price to a paltry amount. Thanks to the fact that Peace Corps hostage was a real pain in the ass. I went down to Colombia to make the necessary exchange without involving myself or the FARC in any direct communications. The Peace Corps volunteer was released. The FARC was true to their word. And the rest of the story was inspiring, right? Not quite! In the middle of another hostage siege that took place in the USA involving a black American Muslim who had taken over five hundred hostages in Washington DC, [Hanafi Muslim Siege], I received a disturbing phone call from the Peace Corp member’s family. She informed me that one year after his release, he had committed suicide. I mentioned a few words of consolation and then proceeded to extract out the five hundred hostages from the hands of the Black Muslims. After the ordeal was over, I asked myself what had happened to this young Peace Corps volunteer who really was extremely helpful in facilitating his own release. I began to realize that his suicide might have been a PTSD reaction to what had happened to him while he was in captivity. I researched the issue of hostage taking and PTSD; and I found that there was very little 328

literature related to this phenomena in the civilian press. Yet in military literature there was an inchoate movement that was starting to study prisoner captivity in North Korea and Vietnam. As a result of this FARC hostage siege and its tragic aftermath, I recommended that the State Department personnel [those who were about to leave abroad on assignment] should take a mandatory hostage-survival preparation course. Under Secretary for Management, Lawrence Eagleburger, enforced this mandate. In retrospect, as much damage and pain that FARC had caused Colombia, I do remember one small, incidental episode where they had inspired me to make hostage-survival a part of the Foreign Service Curriculum. Whether that program still exists, I have no idea. I congratulate both the FARC and the Colombian government for their final approach to signing a peace treaty. May that peace last for many years! The Colombian people deserve a respite from violence and terror.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Boxing at the Military Academies is Required for Military Cadets “Expose Them to Fear and Stress”! A recent article in the NYTimes, September 29, 2015 entitled “Despite Concussions, Boxing Is Still Required for Military Cadets” by David Philips explains that the number of brain concussions does not warrant continuing boxing as a sport for training our ‘future soldiers’. From my experience, I have found that nothing that the army is presently doing has increased our military’s ability to win a conflict or increase the capacity of our military staff to configure a successful campaign. In fact, the recent successes of the Taliban in Afghanistan overwhelming our own soldiers as well as decimating our Americantrained Afghanis has shown, once again, that we do not have an effective 329

fighting force anywhere in the world. Our methods of training combat officers in the various elite military academies is at best antiquated, if not completely irrelevant. Since WWII, our US military leadership has become an embarrassment to our country. It’s not the soldiers themselves who have been wanting. It is the Senior political and general staffs that have turned out to be disastrous. What can explain the failure of our military in Korea? Excuses abound but only five years prior to that war, we had prevailed in two World Wars. Then the Vietnam War mirrored the errors of strategy, tactics and implementation that were reflected in Korea. In both cases and then subsequently to that, our military has not been able to assess what it can and cannot win [in its fullest sense]. When I was drafted for the Vietnam War, I knew from the very beginning that our political and military leaders had no idea of what they were doing and why they were there. Similarly, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and other zones began to pop up with a regularity of senselessness that begged the basic question of who really was in charge of trying to win a war. From my extensive experience in conflict areas around the world, I knew that our leaders [civil and military] did not know the languages, cultures nor the mentality of the people with whom they were fighting against or for. Eventually, it became so absurd that we, Americans, were arming the very factions that we were supposed to defeat. Witness the recent fiasco where our military/CIA trained a certain number of people [say100] and ended up with about six ‘moderate rebels’ who relinquished their equipment and trucks over to Al Qaeda or ISIS. Thus we have become a military of failed endeavors and wanton mockery. That is no way to run an Army. This entire imbroglio starts with a White House that has never seen combat nor understands the nature of war, let alone the science of warfare. Since the Bush Sr administration, there has been no POTUS who has ever witnessed the ravages of war first hand. Most of our Presidents and presidential candidates have made a mockery of our draft 330

system, demonstrating to the American public that time and time again, only the rich and entitled have avoided military service. Witness the satirical palaver of Trump who is proud to have avoided the Vietnam Draft while I and others really did not have the chance to buy or ‘game’ our way out of it like George Bush Jr [ and his National Guard Charade]; or the sanctimonious pronouncements of a wealthy Mitt Romney who ran to Paris and proclaimed the need for a Mormon Priest to convert the French Catholics. Yet we see on the roster, men perhaps boys, who want force and wars to defeat our erstwhile enemies like ISIS or the Taliban while they scurry off to the Peace Corps and try to convince the Mexicans to come to America – as Jeb Bush and his cowardly family has done. As our leadership resigns to bellicose talk while hiding beneath their school desks, our military leaders have refused time after time [with few exceptions, namely Gen Martin Dempsey] to deny POTUS the opportunity to fail in combat and instead to learn to win the peace. No travesty was greater than our constant bombardment of Libya in the name of democracy and transparency while the only henchman who did maintain political and economic stability was whisked away [Qaddafi]. The problem is far greater than this endless charade of military disasters. There is a cancer within our military that promotes political professionalism at the expense of true strategic and tactical capability. No longer do we have a system in place where the competent, war-tested Captains and Majors can be promoted into senior positions of responsibility because our very senior slots are taken by sycophants and staffers. Currently, there is not a measure of what makes a good or outstanding General or Admiral. Instead we have resumes filled with all types of acronyms that for most of us mean nothing. On top of these supernumeraries, we then place Secretary of Defense, like Pannetta, Carter or even Gates who have never witnessed or experienced any sort of combat other than as a “guest of DOD”.


We need a new way to assess the needs of a modern military configured for the 21st century. This modern military must be equipped for combat in the information age. We don’t use horses anymore but maybe our training should include something other than “boxing”. I read a recent think tank book on the future of our military and how we should utilize it. The book was like our military; a complete fiasco of thinking critically instead relying on completely false assumptions and heuristic concepts that could never be realized. We do not need a bigger stronger military. We need a smarter more effective one with senior leaders who have been culled out for their courage to resist civilian authority; as well as the ability to demand real outcomes in military matters. That search alone is enough to induce a brain concussion. It is worth firing everyone until we get the people we need—just like General George Marshal did in preparing for two wars in WWII.


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