State Life Insurance Multan (Maira)

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An internship report on State Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Multan by Maira Rizvi, student of M.Sc Accounting & Finance....




Internship Report Submitted by : MAIRA RIZVI MAF-11-51 M.Sc A&F (2011-13)

Institution : Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

Submitted to : Dr. Rehana Kousar



I am very thankful to almighty Allah who enables us to complete this project. Man is not perfect in all the context of his life. Although today man is doing some difficult and nearly impossible things, but his mind is still limited and has minor thinking approaches. It is mercy of Almighty ALLAH who blessed man with mind and knowledge and make him able to do a lot of things. HE is Almighty ALLAH who shows the man light in the darkness and man finds his way to the light. Without blessings of Almighty ALLAH man is nothing but a helpless Creature. Same is the case with us; we also face many difficulties during completion of this project and have been successful in our duty only because of the help of Almighty ALLAH. I have special thanks for Choudary Akhtar Hussain (Zonal Head Multan), Mr. M. Ashraf Bhatti (Assistant General Manager P& G.S), Mr. S. Hassan Nasir Zaidi (Head of FMD Department) & who help me a lot and provided us an Opportunity to understand and learn every aspect of this internship programme.


STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN In this report i have discussed the state life insurance corporation of Pakistan. We have work in this organization for six weeks. It is located in Nawan Sheher chowk Multan. I want practical knowledge of this company that how this company works and becomes leading company in life insurance sector having 200 billion assets. To know about the this organization briefly i met these executives:.

● Mr. Ashraf Bhatti

In charge P& G. S

● Mr.Ch. Mehmood Ahmad

Manager NB

● Mr. Aamir saeed

Deputy Manager Internal Audit

● Mr. S. Hassan Nasir Zaidi

Head of FMD Department

I try our level best to gain all the knowledge about the business of state life insurance corporation of Pakistan. In case of missing any information I apologize for this.


Executive summary This internship report is about the state life insurance corporation of Pakistan. In this report I describe the business, departments and how they work in state life corporation of Pakistan. This report also describes the history of state life insurance corporation of Pakistan. The report includes that how this organization made the businesses with its employees, customers. At the end of report, some suggestions are given to the company for managing their work effectively and efficiently.




STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION INTRODUCTION HISTORY: The Life Insurance Business in Pakistan was nationalized during March 1972. Initially Life Insurance business of 32 Insurance Companies was merged and placed under three Beema Units named “A”, “B” and “C” Beema Units. However, later these Beema Units were merged and effectives November 1, 1972 the Management of the Life Insurance Business was consolidated and entrusted to the State Life Insurance Corporation



The major function of the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is to carry out Life Insurance Business; however, it is also involved in the other related business activities such as investment of policyholders’







State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is headed by a Chairman and assisted by the Executive Directors appointed by Federal Government. Up to July 2000 the Corporation was run by Board of Directors constituted under Life Insurance (Nationalization) Order 1972. In July 2000, under Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Federal Government reconstituted the Board of Directors of State Life which runs the affair of this Corporation.

Insurance: Insurance means that the Probable loss occurring in future can be so shared that the overall impacted of total loss to any individual or section of the society is mitigated. Insurance can be of life for the compensation in case of normal or accidental death or of property like car, bus ship, airplane, etc. in case of loss caused by fire, floods, earth quakes etc. Insurance provides compensation for the loss to a maximum extent. The term insurance is sometimes also called assurance. Both terms are defined in the same way, as “It is a social device providing financial compensation for a fact of misfortune the payment being made from accumulated contribution of all participants in the scheme”. The other definition may be “Insurance is financial arrangement which distributes the cost of unexpected losses”. Technically, above-mentioned

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN definition can be explained as “Insurance is a contract in which a person agrees to pay some cost for the compensation of any misfortune in future”. Insurance can be divided into two basic categories; life and non-life, which are called general insurance.

MISSION OF STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION “To ensure satisfaction of our valued policy holders in processing new business providing after sales services and optimizing returns of life fund through quality culture and to maintain our position at the leading life insurer in Pakistan.” OBJECTIVES OF SLIC: Following are the objectives: To run life insurance business in sound lines,

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN To provide more efficient services to policyholder, To maximize the return to policyholders by economizing on expenses and increasing the yield on investment, To make life insurance a more effective means of mobilizing national savings, To widen the area of operation of life insurance and making it available to as large a section of the population as possible, extending into from the comparatively more efficient sections of society to the common man in town and villages, To use the policyholders funds in the wider interest of the community.

CORPORATE INFORMATION 1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman Mr.Shahid Aziz Siddique. Director Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudary. Director Mrs. Spenta kandawalla. Director Mr. Aslam faruqe. Director Mr. Amin Qasim Dada. Director Mr. Rasheed Y. Chinoy. Director Mr. Syed A. Wahab Mehdi. Director Mr. Syed Hur Gardezi. 2. PRINCIPAL OFFICE State Life Building no.9, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi-75530. E Mails:[email protected]. 3. REGIONAL OFFICES Southern Region Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. Northen Region Blue Area, Islamabad. Multan Region Nawan Shehr Chowk, Multan. Central Region Davis Road, Lahore. 4. ZONAL OFFICES a) Karachi (South) b) Karachi (Central) c) Karachi (Eastern) d) Hyderabad e) Mirpurkhas f) Sukkur g) Larkana h) Quetta i) Lahore (Central) j) Lahore (Western) k) Faislabad l) Sargodha m) Multan n) Vehari o) Sahiwal

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN p) Rahim Yar Khan q) Dera Ghazi Khan r) Bahwalpur s) Rawalpindi t) Islamabad u) Gujranwala v) Sialkot w) Peshawer x) Swat y) Abbotabad z) Kohat MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY Chairman Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Gen. Manager Dept. GM Executive Director Asst. GM Manager Dept. Manager Asst. Manager Superintendent Asst. superintendent Senior Office Assistant Office assistant Record Sorter Naib Qasid DEPARTMENTS IN STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC) has divided its whole setup into twelve departments. The organization setup is same in Zonal Offices, Regional Offices and Principles Office. All the Regional and Zonal departments are directed from the Principle Office. The twelve Departments are currently performing services in SLIC. There are two Departments which are working only in Principle Office at Karachi. The function of each Department that is common in all zonal and Regional Offices given below: are

1. New Business Department 2. Policy Holder Service 3. Finance and Accounts Department 4. Personnel and General Services Department

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN 5. Agency Department 6. Internal Audit Department 7. Information Technology Department 8. Field Manpower Development Department 9. Group Insurance and Pension Department

1. NEW BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The business of SLIC is initiated through New Business Department (NB).When Insurance Sales Rep sells policy to any client then this department handles all the document procedures. The precise working of the department is as follows

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. The procedure of this department is given below: 1. Proposal Number Section 2. Underwriting Section 3. Premium Calculation Section 4. Policy Issue Section

1. PROPOSAL NUMBER In order to fulfill the recognition of the Insurance Policy, NBD allocates a number to each Insurance Policy for future references. New business department also verifies whether the client is a new customer and a past customer.

2. UNDERWRITTING Underwriting is the process through which the underwriter assesses the risk associated with the Insurance proposal. Underwriter verifies the personal information provided in the proposal form. If he feels that client should have a medical checkup than SLIC has its own panel of doctors to provide medical assistance.

3. PREMIUM CALCULATION After underwriting, the premium of sum assured is calculated in accordance with the rate book provided by the SLIC.

4. POLICY ISSUE SECTION After premium calculation the insurance and revenue stamps are embossed on the policy bond and the policy document is sent to Client. One copy of policy document is sent to Policyholder Service Department for record purposes. New Business Department considers the risk associated with the proposal and estimates the premium for the client through a formal agreement between SLIC and the client.


STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN First of all the agents of state life corporation which includes sales representatives, sales officers and sales managers take the policy in main department and than a proposal number is issue to that person who want to become a policy holder of state life. After that according to the sum insured amount the first premium is deposit on cash counter and two slips issued to agent. One is given to the applicant and second is given to new business department for further process. Than under writer is check the worthiness of the applicant by checking his financial strength, physical and moral hazards. Proposal has two types

● Medical ● Non medical If applicant is medical case than all the expenses of medical check up of the applicant is beard by state life. After the approval of the under writer the premium is calculated for the person who deposit it at every year. If the person is over than premium is high. But if the person is less age or young than premium is less. At the end policy number is issue to the applicant and he becomes policy holder of the state life corporation.


In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. The Policy Holder Department deals with the services provided by the corporation to his Policyholders. The Department is divided into following cells to provide better facilities to the Policyholder.




In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. This Department maintains the records of all the cash transactions. It prepares payroll for the regular employees and disburses the amount. It also takes care of the fringe benefits such as medical facilities provided to the office staff. Commission that is paid to the Sales Representatives, Sales Office and Sales Managers are also calculated and paid through this department. To keep the corporation on financial track Balance sheets and Income Statement also prepared on annually, monthly and weekly basis. The Principal office sends Annual Budget to the department and the department is responsible for proper utilization of cash disbursements. The department also send budget forecast for new budget proposal. Payment on behalf of the other zones and preparation of bank reconciliation statements are also function of this department. The basic commission of ISR, SO, SM on first premium is ISR= 35%, SO= 15%, SM= 8% is given to the agents for the policy that they bring into state life. If these agents achieve 20% target of their annual quota in first quarter than some additional commission is paid to them and this is ISR= 2.5%, SO= 2.5%, and SM= 2%.when second premium is deposited by the policy holder in the state life than second premium commission is given to the agents and this is ISR= 10%, SO= 2%, and SM = 1%. When third premium is deposited than another commission called renewal commission is given to the agents and this is ISR= 5%, SO= 1%, and SM= 0.5%. This amount of commission is given to the whole policy years until the policy is become mature. They use a software name FOX PRO with the help of this they allocate commission automatically to the agents and after the recovery of their own state life expense they give printed checks to the agents.


STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. Personnel & General Services Department provide a services to the front line department i.e. Selection, Recruitment, Termination, Leave Records, Medical, Utilities Bills, Capital and Printing & Stationary and similar other General Services. • Personnel • Leave Record. • Printing & Stationary. • Capital Assets. • Office Rent. • Utilities Bill. • Dispatch. • Medical. • Imp rest system

5. AGENCY DEPARTMENT Services provided by the SLIC are intangible and are therefore are not acquired at the counter by the people who need it, so it must be sold to them by the persuasive method. In order to maintain the record of the field force this department was established. Here are some basic operations of this department. This department is involved in the recruitment, promotion, Selection and termination of the field force. The Principle office Karachi controls this department. The working of this Department starts with the recruitment of the field force and to keep all the records of all their sales force and then issue them the licenses. The department motivates the sales force by promotion based on their sales targets. Similarly, this department decides to terminate the sales person if he or she does not abide the rules and regulations of the company or indulge himself in any sort of misconduct. Promotion criteria depend upon achieving the given target for a job title and the persistency rate. The field force is also required to undergo training programs conducting by the SLIC. The department also disseminates important field related information to the sales force. The department maintains a database of field force in order to maintain and manage the daily matters. This department is concerned with field workers. This department is engaged with recruitment of SR’s , making license of SR’s, promotion, termination and medical facility for field force and arrangement of different contests.



In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. Audit is the official examination of the accounts of the organization to see whether the reported income is presented in real terms. Actually audit system removes the element of any type of cheating of fraud and taxes levied on actual income, all the unfair means of benefit are supposed to eliminate by the system. SLIC is having internal as well as external audit. So, in the same manner this department is some how like account section but instead of maintaining accounts, its work is just to check the work. The department provides assistance to external audit. It is compulsory for all registered companies to check their accounts by any of audit firm every year spent. No audit firm can audit any company for more than three years. As well as the working of this department is concerned their basic work is to reconcile each and every transaction among the departments and find the mistakes or errors. The main work of internal audit department is that they check the vouchers of all the departments and the amount that is allocated to these expenses and finally approved it for cash payments. Basically they received the vouchers of these three departments

● New Business Department ● Agency Department ● Personal & General Services As well as new business department is concerned they received medical vouchers of that person to who under writer is approved for medical checkup. Internal audit department check the rate of test, doctor signatures, signature of agent, signature verify by manager of concern department. The deduction income tax of services is also work of internal audit department which is 6%. When I work in this department I do audit of vouchers which include medical, general payment and death claim and maturity claim. One important thing is that the amount which is allocated for the expense is fixed. If vouchers are above that amount than the person or department pay it their own pockets. These all amounts are written on entitlement page from which we can check the amount and rectify it. In maximum 2 days the vouchers check and rectify. They have also record of receiving the vouchers so that the vouchers may not be lost.


7. Computer Department Computer Department is responsible for maintenance of hardware and software. System Specification The System running at Multan Zone is RISC 6000 where RISC stands for Reduces Instruction Set of Computer. Operating System AIX Version 3 where AIX stand for Advance Instruction Execution. This system is purchased from IBM. Oracle 7 Language is used. They are using the Hard Disk Capacity 1.2 GB. Ram is of 64 MB. Backup taken at every week (on Friday). They sent monthly data to P.O. in a floppy in the form of a file having extension of DMP.

Net Working Technology used is the mixture of star and Hierarchical Net work. There is a distribution box which is used to connect Terminals and Printers. This multiplexer has 16 ports and one terminal or printer can be attach to one port. Multiplexer has two slots Input and Output Slots. Input slot main computer i-e CPU is connected and the output slot, the multiplexer is attached so in this way terminals and printer are Net Work and are placed in different department. 200 Terminals can be connected with this system. Computerize System • New Business Department. • Policy Holder Services. • Voucher System. • Agency Channel verifies. • Payroll. • Maturity. • Policy Inquiry System.

8. Field Manpower Development Department

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN In this department most of the other employees and assistant are also working but I mention only that name that helps me great for providing practical knowledge about SLIC. Field Manpower Development Department (FMDD) old name was Human resource Development Department (HRDD) plays a vital role in the success and prosperity of state life is business for the development and enhancement of marketing skills of the field and office employees, different courses are offered in this department. The training to S.R.S.O S.M, A.M (field workers) office employees this department has one Manager one Assistant Manager with brilliant qualification marketing kills. Foundation course , Management oriented study course, and Marketing management series coure training is given in FMD.

Functions of FMD • Conducting Courses of Foundation course, Management oriented study course, and Marketing management series for Field worker and staff. • Management development courses for Staff. • Prepare monthly report & agency information • Prepare check list of courses and register entry of all courses. • Arrangement of sending a notice to participants of Courses. • Calculation result sheet of ADP, MOSC and MMS. • Preparation of Certificate of different courses. • Maintained all training activity and records. • Maintaining the accounts of Selling of training books.

9. Group & Pension Department. Group & Pension Department perform a group and Emigrants insurance.

Group Insurance “Group Insurance means a policy where 10 or more lives are insured under a single policy.”

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN According to legislation 10-B, Group Insurance is necessary for workers. Group is not combined only for the purpose of insurance. Group insurance are renew after one year. Renew letter are send to applicant before one month and one month are allowed to applicants after expiry for renewal. Emigrants Insurance / Counter Insurance Insurance is necessary for emigrants that go to foreign countries for jobs. Amount Payment = Rs.650 Duration = 2Years Sum assured = 300,000 Renew after 2 years.

Group Pension Scheme: State life, have become increasingly aware of the predicament of progressive employers wanting to better the lifestyle of their employees by providing financial security and job satisfaction, but not being able to do so, due to lack of availability of avenues and opportunities. This booklet is a guide to the State Life’s Pension Scheme that enables an employer to provide substantial benefits to employees and ensure a higher state of well Being for them. State Life maintains a full-fledged pension Department capable of handling each and every scheme in the most competent and professional manner. It has actuaries, lawyers and other experts, besides offering a unified administrative, technical and investment service.

SEGMENTATION/ PEST analysis Segment is the process of finding the segment that offers greatest potential for success in persuasive communication and to allocate resources efforts to those who are more promising. Markets consist of buyers, and buyers differ in one or more ways. They may differ in their wants, resources, locations, buying attitudes and buying practices, because buyers have unique needs and wants, each buyers potentially a separate market. Ideally, then, a seller might design a separate marketing program for each buyer. Segmentation means finding the segment that shows clear variations in market behavior when compared with other segments.


BASIS FOR SEGMENTATING CONSUMERS There is no single way to segment a market. A market has to try different segmentation variables, alone and in combination, to find the best way to view the market structure. The following table outlines the major variables that might be used in segmenting consumer markets. VARIABLES TYPICAL BREAKDOWNS Geographical/political Region, Country Size, Climate, political factors. Demographic economical Age, Gender, Family Size, Income, Occupation, Education, Religion , economical factors. Psycho graphic/ socials class, Lifestyle, Personality, Behavioral/ technological User status, Usage rate, Loyalty status, Benefits sought, modern technology usages.

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT is the abbreviation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strength of the organization can be measured from the activities and resources that give it a competitive edge over competitors. Weaknesses reflect areas where the organization lacks better performance. Threats are the environmental conditions that can affect the performance of organization in order to be more competitive. In light of the SWOT analysis, management also reevaluates its current mission and objectives. Are they realistic? Do they need modification? As we where we want to be right now? SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. The main aim of this analysis is to identify the extent to which the current strategy of the organization and its more specific changing taking place in the business environment. The idea of SWOT analysis is to undertake a more structured analysis so as to yield findings, which can contribute the formulation of strategy. SWOT analysis of SLIC is as follows:

STRENGTHS The following facts reflect the strengths of the State Life Insurance 1 MARKET SHARE


SLIC has 90% Market Share in life insurance business in Pakistan. It makes the corporation more reliable and profitable.

1 EXCELLENT SET UP SLIC is a large Life Insurance Corporation in Pakistan and have 26 Zonal Offices and 4 Regional Offices throughout the country.

1. INFRASTRUCTURE State Life Insurance Corporation is one of the oldest institutions of the country with a huge setup spread all over the country. The Corporation has four regions and twenty- six zones that provide basic facilities to the Corporation to penetrate deeply in the insurance market.

2. TRAINING ACADEMIES &TRAINING CENTERS SLIC has 4 training Academies at Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi and Multan and 26 Training Centers in zonal offices. In 2011, 1946 courses and seminars, ranging from Basic Courses to advanced Programs like FC, MOSC and MMS of LIMRA (USA) had conducted

3. AUTHORISED CAPITAL State Life Insurance Corporation has got the highest paid up capital in the insurance sector. This fact makes the Corporation the richest Insurance Corporation of the country.

4. GOVERNMENT SECURITY State Life Insurance Corporation main strength is the security provided by the Government to the policyholders. It makes the Corporation more reliable and self-efficient for policyholders.


5. EXPEIRIENCE. State Life Insurance Corporation has got an experience of almost 27 years in the life insurance industry that makes it the more experienced Insurer in the country.

6. ADVERTISING &SALES PROMOTION During 1998, a new penal of four advertising agencies was selected. Outdoor advertising such as installation of Unicode Hoarding display of commercials in PTV is done and other publicity materials such as Calendars, Stickers, Eid Cards, and Posters are produced to boost business activities.

7. ORGANIZATION CULTURE State Life Insurance Corporation’s culture reflects devotion, motivation and cooperation that acts as an asset for the Corporation.

8. MARKETING DIVISION This division is backbone of SLIC. During 1998, 25486 young and educated people were inducted as SR in the sale force, this raising its strength to 256,814, inclusive of SO & SM.

9. SALES FORCE Stat Life Insurance Corporation has the biggest sales force in the Life Insurance industry. It helps the organization to push its policies down to the customers.

10. RATE OF RETURN State Life Insurance Corporation gives highest rate of return. It also provides bonuses to its policyholder i.e. Golden Jubilee Bonuses.



State Life Insurance Corporation is one the oldest Insurance Corporation in the country with a history to support its corporate image. The goodwill created by the Corporation acts as a barrier for the other to follow in the Insurance industry.

12. REAL ESTATE DIVISION (INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO) SLIC has well-equipped and computerized Real Estate Division in principal office (PO) Karachi supervised by highly qualified staff, engineers and investment analysts.

13. COMPUTERIZATION About 2/3 working is computerized in SLIC. The Plan to computerize total working is under review.


● PO conducts marketing survey to analyze environment and develop new plans. ● Employees are fully devoted and highly paid workers as compare to other organization. ● It has highest paid up capital. ● It is reinsured by Swiss Re (Insurance Company Switzerland).



We saw that in different departments that in some section employees are less to do the work at time. Because capacity of work is more than the employee’s capacity. Particularly in Policy Holder Services which deals with the policy Holders 2. LESS JOB ROTATION Job Rotation in state life is taking part in very rare cases. We saw that people working in the same department don’t know the work of other person. By increasing job rotation practice the skills of the employees can be sharpen. 3. INCOMPETENT FIELD FORCE In term of quantity, it is strength but in term of quality it is weakness. Most workers are not highly educated. They are promoted by fulfilling targets.

4. UNDERWRITING The under-writing process at initial level is based solely on judgmental methods. It should be based on practical methods. 5. CENTRALIZED DECISION MAKING Managerial decision-making is totally centralized in the PO Karachi, Zonal Offices follow the instruction and rules & regulations provided by PO. Sometimes decisions is taken by PO is not strategic and adjustable in the local environment. For prosperity & survival of the organization, decentralization (to some extent) is necessary. 6. SELECTION & RECRUITMENT SR are selected and recruited by SO & SM irrespective of their education and unique internal attributes.



1.FEED BACK The Corporation does not have any effective and efficient feed back channel to disseminate sales force suggestions to upper management. Further, organization has no well organize system for feedback between office employees and manager, managers and Board of Directors. 2. PER - CAPITA PREMIUM In Pakistan per capita premium payment is $1.5 and $1.7 only for life & general insurance respectively. There is an opportunity to enhance this nominal rate. In Japan per capita premium for life insurance is $3810.

3. POPULATION GROWTH RATE In Pakistan, population growth rate is approximately 3%. It is a great opportunity for insurance sector.

4. INUSRED POPULATION In Pakistan 2% to 3% population is insured while rest of the population provides opportunity to life insurers to enhance their business. 5. GOVERNMENT REGULATION Section 10-B of Pakistan Commercial and Industrial Standing Ordinance 1968 provides the compulsory insurance of all the employees of the organization (whether private or govt. ). So it is a great opportunity to SLIC. 6. ENTRY BARRIERS To enter in the insurance business huge investment is required. Further 40% of premium are compulsory for the private insurers, to cede to Government of Pakistan security purpose is creating the entry barrier.


STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN The existence of local and government insures such as EFU, CU and Metropolitan. ALICO etc. is threat to the survival of SLIC.

2. POLITICAL INSTABILITY Political instability looses the confidence of the policyholders. Further rules and regulations of government are subject to change creating threat to insurance business. 3. FEAR OF WAR The relationships of Pakistan with India are not satisfactory due to Kashmir dispute. There is always a fear of war creating the threat to corporation and policyholders.

4. INVESTMENT CLIMATE Due to the political instability and government changeover the investment climates are not satisfactory in the country. So the return from real estates and other activities is deteriorated.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: RATIO ANALYSIS Net Profit Margin Net Profit/Total Income Year Net Profit margin











The net profit margin of the company is very good. It clustering round 40% that is very good. The net profit margin of the corporation dropped down to 34% in year 1998 from 41% in year 1997. In year 2001 that net profit margin of the corporation is 44% that is 3% higher than the profit ratio of 1997 i.e. 41%. Operating Profit Margin Operating Profit / Total Income


Year Operating profit margin











The operating profit margin has increased from 43% in year 1997 to 46% in year 2001. This thing shows that the management has taken some encouraging actions to reduce the operating expenses of the corporation. Current Ratio Current Assets / Current Liabilities Year Current Ratio











The company has kept the majority of its sources in the current assets. The ratio of the current assets is increasing over the year. The ratio of current assets to current liabilities has increased from 1224% in year 1997 to 1300% in year 2001. Debt Ratio Total Liabilities / Total Assets







Debt Ratio






As the company acuires funds from the general public it has huge amount of externl sources.They have remained almost 99% throughout these year. Investment to Total Assets Investments / Total Assets Year






Investments to total assets






The corporation has kept majority of its assets in the investment of various types. The portion of investment in the total assets of the company is increasing. It has fallen down to 68% in year 1999 but again increased to 67% in year 2001. Loans to Total Assets


Year Loans to Total Assets











The portion of the loan to total assets has remained constant from 5% to 7% in these five year. In year 1997 it was 7% that has fallen down to 5% in 2001.

The portion of the local investment in total assets has been decreasing over the years. It has fallen from 8% in year 1997 to 6% in year 2001.

The corporation has kept majority of its current assets in the government securities. The portion of the government securities in total assets has also remained constant around 65%. It has increased from 65% in year 1997 to 67% in year 2001.

Week by Week working & learning The department I worked in was Finance and accounts where I visit first and they had different sections 1-cash collection 2-Admin account 3-commision payment 4-pool account 5-disbursment account In disbursment account they deal with three thing 1-admin payment -like salaries 2-policy holder payment account 3-checking account -issue check

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN They also deals with pool account it is baicaly collect all payment of multan zone They deals with budget account and have codes like for claim and investigation their

Salaries section NTN= national tax number PR=payroll number CS=clause number For officers 40% of basic salary house rent and 20% of basic salary utilities PR number remain fix through out life Two grades for employees D-officer 8 to 13 B-staff 01 to 07 50% of pension will be pay at time of retirement

Payroll has two sides 1-pay and allownce Basic House rent Utilities Total=

2-deduction(fixed) incom tax providend fund group insurance total=

Providend funds are organization cut specific amount from employee,s salary and employees can take loan from their prividend fund and this loan is interst free and they will pay back on monthly basis Providend fund is amount which will be pay to employee after their retirement and this is a amount which is deducted from their salary Commision AM= area manager consider employee of organization and get salary like other employees SM=sales manager is not a employee of organization he is on the contract and get commision as payment of his services and other benefits like medication and travling expenses etc. SO= sales officier also collect commision when he bring new policy holder he get commision. SR=sales repesentative commision is 40% and he get no other benefits .

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN In account and finance department they prepair check for them after checking their recrd

From 5th july to 16th july, I visited I.T depatment and policey holder services department I.T department have one server and thirty five terminals (pc) Every user has different task and i.t department control all departments and check them if problem occour in printer or computer than i.t department check their problem and solve . Xeon server is dual process and rate 5 technology They have Rade 5 technology this copy the document to other server They have data base orcal All pc,s of organization are connected to I.T department,s data base and all users has their owm user name and pasword They also train their users and play the role of midle man They design reprt for their users and also send report to head office And use software of smarter PHS Department they deals with -revival -Surrender -Loan they can issue loan to policy holders mark up is 12% and loan issue 80% of cash value of policy two type of sale at the time of sale of policy A-Automatic paid up (APU) B-Automatic primium loan (A.S) A-if someone short his installment than policy will go to automatic paid up and in case of B if someone short premium policy will not stop.when the policy will stop that called" out of surrender" In case of B organization issue loan to that person 70% for two years but after two years with regular payment he can get 80% Loan surrender or loan documents - policy documents - account number

STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN - NIC Claim have two types 1-maturity claim 2-death claim Maturity claim all policy reserve when policy is being natured and person provide his information -policy bond -copy of NIC -bank account verification -discharge document if he don,t want to deduct zakat than he will have to send the amount of zakat Death claim has two types 1-early death claim(less than 3 years) 2-Non-early claim (after 3 year of maturity) In early claim investigation is necessary and In non-early claim investigation is not necessary or required Document that reqire for claim -investigation -CNIC -death certificate -hand written application After calculation that file known as journal voucher and for death claim audit will conduct two times. Agreements has following types 1-FIB (family income benefits) they give annula amount 10% every year to family 2-ADB(accidental death benefits)double claim as per condition of accident 3-AIB (accidental indemnity benefit) e.g frecture. Revival section is the part of PHS (policy holder services dept) When someone stop paying premium we called that thing revival or if policy is cut off called revival. And when that person want to restart his premium than they check his physical position and his medical checkup.anf if that person is medically fit state life insuranc corporation start his policy. And at the time of maturity they transfer the policy amount with bonus in a maturity account.


Last two weeks of internship

Agency department and new business department Agency department deals with the issuance of licence to sales agent to give premission to sale the policy There are four typr of sales agents 1-ISR(insurance sales representative) 2-SO(sales officer) 3-SM(sales manader) 4-AR(area manager) Agency department conduct meeting weekly with their SR,SO,SM and AM and agency department appoint the agent on contract SR collect 40% commission on one policy.For SO allied facilities start from 2 nd year it is 4.35% and SM commission is 12% There commision increase 25% after three years. Adency department have following operations 1-promotion/demotion 2-medical 3-Area manager cost 4-attachment/detachment 5-contest SR promote after 2 year his target is 390000 after completion of his target promoter to SO and SO,s target is 625000 Medication is based on their proformance of business.medical limit SM 5250 to 10500 and SO 5250 to 7000 AM (area manager become govt. employee when he promoted to AM. AM incentives are renewal commission, calarical rent, car and monthly meeting payment. Their expenses should be 10% of their business which they make in a year. Entitlment based on AM business of previous 2 year Contest AM decide region for SO and SR. New business department: In the end, I was introduced to the new business department from where the real business is generated.


SUGGESTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS Suggestions are the keys to success, proper working and prosperity of the corporation. During our internship-training period we conducted some interviews from the policyholders and has taken their suggestions.

Recommendation from the interviews of policyholders 1. In PHS department different section should be properly separated, so that it will be easy for customer to reach their concerned section.

2. There should be proper sitting arrangement. Particularly in PHS and NEW BUSINESS department, no of chairs should be increased.

3. There should be a “General Information Cell” on the ground floor, because when most of the policyholder are illiterate and can’t understand the map given at ground floor.

4. The reception should be attractive, and must bear all the relevant information’s which ever the policy holder requires 5. Sales Rap should properly guide to the policyholder.

6. In some departments policyholders are not kindly being served. So this thing should be removed, because if they don’t behave well with the policyholders then they may lose their existing and potential customers.

SOME OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS 1. There should be a complaint cell in the building of state life insurance corporation. This will enhance the credibility of the company. This will lead them towards customer satisfaction.

2. There should be “Job Rotation” for the employees working in the state life either in the same department or in some other departments.


3. All the working of SLIC should be fully computerized. All the zonal Offices should be interconnected.

4. State Life Insurance Corporation should arrange some documentary program on TV order to create awareness in the potential customers.

5. There should be an educational program for field members as they promote from SR TO SO, SO TO SM and so on. Because the people on the higher post should be at least graduate. 6. Behavioral training should be given to field force and they should be motivated not to deceive the innocent policyholder.

7. There is a need of more and extensive training program for office workers.

8. Flexible pay system should be introduced in the corporation to motivate the workers to do more work.

9. The labor union of SLIC should be more competitive for the betterment of their workers.

10. Quick service should be provided to policyholders in case of underwriting.

11. Two-way feedback is compulsory between corporation and employees.

12. Proper concentration should be given to the inputs of the field force. All the requirements and rules & regulations should be critically met before selection and recruitment of field force.

13. Field force and office workers should be strictly asked to wear the proper uniform developed by SLIC while they are on the job.

14. The employees should be rotated from one job setting to another. So that in case of emergency there should not be a working problem.


CONCLUSION At the end of this report I conclude with these words that State Life Insurance Corporation has excellent setup in Pakistan and provide valuable services to its policy holders and also a big custodian of their money. This is the only organization in which employees are very loyal to this corporation and no corruption exists in this corporation. This is the reason that people trust more on State Life Insurance Corporation and he has no close competitors in Pakistan. Due to the great efforts of its employees and sales force its capital increase every year and also increase the bonuses that corporation given to its policy holder at the end of every year. It also provides self employment scheme to people for their better career. So State Life Insurance Corporation has become a leading Corporation in term of Life Insurance.


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