StatCon Case Digest - People vs Temporada

May 10, 2018 | Author: Raisa Rodriguez | Category: Sentence (Law), Prison, Appeal, Criminal Law, Common Law
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StatCon Case Digest - People vs Temporada...


People vs v s Temporada Temporada G.R. No. 173473

Facts: Accused-appellant Accused-appellant Beth Temporada Temporada as conv!cted o" the cr!me o" lar#e scale !lle#al recru!tment$ or v!olat!on o" Art!cle 3% o" the &a'or (ode$ as amended$ and )ve *+, counts o" estafa under Art!cle 31+$ par. *,*a, o" the Rev!sed Penal (ode *RP(,. From ept eptem em'e 'err / //1 /1 to 0anu 0anuar ar  / // /$$ accu accuse sed d Rosem osemar ar!e !e Ba' Ba' Ro'le o'les$ s$ Bern Bernad adet ette te 2!ra 2!rand nda$ a$ Nen! Nen!ta ta (ata (ataco cota tan n and and 0oo 0oo Resco esco and and appe appell llan antt Beth Beth  Temporada$  Temporada$ all emploees o" the Alternat!ve Travel and Tours (orporat!on *ATT *ATT(,$ (,$ recru!ted and prom!sed overseas emploment$ "or a "ee$ to compla!nants Ro#el!o &e#asp!$ 0r. 0r. as techn!c!an !n !n#apore$ and oledad Atle$ &u 2!n5a$ 6veln 6stac!o and enn!s !maano as "actor or5ers !n 8on#5on#. The accused and appellant ere then hold!n# o9ce at ela Rosa treet$ 2a5at! (!t 'ut eventuall trans"erred 'us!ness to !scover Plaa$ 6rm!ta$ 2an!la. A"ter compla!nants had su'm!tted all the reu!rements cons!st!n# o" the!r respect!ve appl!cat!on "orms$ passports$ NB; clearances and med!cal cert!)cates$ the accused and appellant$ on d! c, "rom 6veln 6stac 6stac!o !o P%%$+ P%%$+/./ /.//> /> d, "rom "rom oleda oledad d Atle Atle P=?$+ P=?$+/./ /.// / and e, "rom "rom &u &u  2!n5a 2!n5a  P=?$+/.//. As none o" them as a'le to leave nor recover the amounts the had pa!d$ pa!d$ compl compla!n a!nant ant lod#ed lod#ed separ separate ate cr!m!n cr!m!nal al compla compla!nt !nts s a#a!ns a#a!nstt accuse accused d and appellant 'e"ore the (!t Prosecutor o" 2an!la. @n Novem'er ?$ //$ Ass!stant (!t Prosec Prosecutor utor Rest!tuto est!tuto 2an#al!n 2an#al!ndan$ dan$ 0r. 0r. )led s! *=, ;n"ormat ;n"ormat!ons !ons a#a!nst a#a!nst the accused and appellant$ one "or ;lle#al Recru!tment !n &ar#e cale under Art!cle 3% *a, o" the &a'or (ode as amended$ and the rest "or )ve *+, counts o" estafa under Art!cle 31+ para#raph  *a, o" the Rev!sed Penal (ode. RT( 0ud#ment: 0ud#ment : [email protected]$ the prosecut!on hav!n# esta'l!shed the GC;&T o" accused Beth  Temporada  Temporada [email protected][email protected] R6A@NAB&6 @CBT$ ud#ment !s here' rendered rendered (@NE;( (@NE;(T;N T;NG G the sa!d sa!d accus accused$ ed$ as pr!nc pr!nc!pa !pall o" the o 0r.> the !ndeter !ndeterm!na m!nate te penalt o" "our *4, ears and to *, months o" pr!s!on correct!onal as m!n!mum to ten *1/, ears and one da o" pr!s!on maor as ma!mum each "or the estafas comm!t comm!tted ted a#a!ns a#a!nstt compla compla!na !nants nts$$ enn!s enn!s !maan !maano$ o$ oled oledad ad B. Atte Atte and &u &u  T. 2!n5a> and the !ndeterm!nate penalt o" "our *4, ears and to *, months o"  pr!s!on correct!onal as m!n!mum$ to eleven *11, ears and one *1, da o" pr!s!on maor as ma!mum "or the estafa comm!tted a#a!nst 6veln 6stac!o. 6stac!o.  The accused !s also ordered ordered to pa o!ntl and severall the compla!nants actual dama#es as "ollos: 1. Ro#el!o A. &e#asp! 0r. P+7$=//.// *(r!m!nal (ase No. /-/%37, . enn!s T. !maano ==$+/.// 3. 6veln E. 6stac!o %%$+/.//

4. oledad B. Atte ==$+/.// +. &u T. 2!n5a =?$+/.// (A 0ud#ment: [email protected]$ !th [email protected];F;(AT;@N to the e
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