Starcraft Battles!

April 4, 2018 | Author: A Jeff Butler | Category: Infantry, Bomb, Gun, Artillery, Machine Gun
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First attempt at wargaming rules circa 2001....


StarCraft Battles! By Jeff Butler, February 12, 2002

Player with highest roll on (1d6) die decides the order of play. At the end of each turn, each player receives additional pts to buy units. *Not normally used. A unit is destroyed or killed when all of its Hit Points have been expired. All troops can be healed by Medics or at the Base for 1 hp per turn of rest. Units may move individually or in groups. When moving over terrain all individual units are reduced to 1” inch movement rate. Vehicle Units reduced to half their movement rate. Units grouped together on a movement tray fight as one unit but must face their enemy squarely to attack. *See Squad Combat & Movement Turn Sequence 1. Issue Orders and begin Movements. 2. Attack if within range. 3. Purchase new units and/or Order Reserves if needed. Morale/Concentration/Zeroing (1d6) Before a unit can attack it must roll for morale. A roll of 2 or higher is required to continue the attack. CAVs must role a 2 or higher. Technomancers/Chaplains/Artillery must role a 3 or higher for concentration. Attack (1d20)* 1-3 Miss 4-9 Slight Wound or Hit –1pt 10-15 Wounded or Good Hit–2pt 16-18 Serious Wound or Critical Hit –3pts 19 Deadly Wound or Lethal Hit–4pts 20 Kill Shot *A 1d4, 1d6 or 1d10 will be used for certain attacks as indicated.

StarCraft Battles, 2 Commanders (7hp) Movement: 4” Command Range: 3” Attack Range: 8” Cost: 0pts This figures represents you on the battlefield. Any friendly troops within range of the commander receive a morale bonus of +1. Commanders do not roll for morale. Commanders receive an damage bonus of +1 vs. All. Commanders can call-in Orbital Support Fire and authorize missile launches but must be within their base or a within 4” of a Comm-Radio Trooper. Infantry (5hp) Movement: 4” Range: *8” Cost: 5pts Morale Roll bonus of +1 if 2 or more units attacking same target. *See Weapons Data Sheet for weapon information. *See Cylon Army Codex for robotic units. Space Marines (7hp) Movement: 4” Range: 8” Cost: 10pts Space Marines are the bravest of the brave and need no morale roll. Space Marines wear Power Armor; all attack rolls against them are reduced by –1. Space Marines must be led by a Sergeant or the Commander/Commissar. *See Special Operations Mission Directive for skill specialties. Medics (5hp) Movement: 4” Range: NA Cost: 15pts Has same attack as Infantry but must role a 3 or higher for morale. Can heal all troops except themselves. Can heal 2 wounded troops per turn using the following 1d6 scale: 1-2 Dirty Bandages, 0 hp healed. 3-4 Morphine Injection, 2 hp healed. 5-6 Field Surgery, 3hp healed. Combat Engineer (5hp) Movement: 4” Range: NA Cost: 15pts Has same attack as Infantry but must role a 3 or higher for morale Can repair 1 piece of equipment per turn using the following 1d6 scale: 1-2 Dirty Oil, 0 hp repaired. 3-4 Quick Fix, 2 hp repaired. 5-Field Welding, 3hp repaired. 6-New Parts, 4hp repaired.

StarCraft Battles, 3 Artillery (10hp) Movement: 2” per turn. Max/Min Range: 18”/0” Cost: 35pts Artillery AOE=large circle (all units, friendly or foe) Have an attack roll bonus of 1d6 damage vs. Foot Units. Artillery requires 2 soldiers to operate them. Must role a 3 or higher to zero in on target. Missiles/Orbital Spaceship Support (NA hp) Movement: NA Max/Min Range: NA Cost: 55pts AOE=Large circle. Bonus of +2 to attack roll vs. All (including friendly troops). Missiles/Orbital Spaceship Supporting Fire 1-Severe Weather to bad for a clear shot. 2-3 Raining, 1d4 damage 4-5 Partly Cloudy, 1d4 damage +1 6-Clear Weather, 1d6 Combat Assault Vehicles “CAVs” (*hp) Movement: * Max/Min Range: * Cost: *pts CAVs have multiple attacks, lasers, bullets, missiles IAW the design of the CAV. Example: If a CAV has missile pods, machine guns, and laser blasters the CAV may have 3 attacks which may be directed at the same or multiple targets. Also if the CAV has more than 1 of each type of weapon then that individual weapon has an attack. Example: CAV has 2 missile pods, 1 machine gun and 2 sets of blasters, then the CAV has 5 attacks. *See CAV Technical Manual for stats on hit points, movement, cost, range, weapons, etc. Chaplains (5hp) Movement: 4” per turn. Chapel Range: 4” Attack Range: 8” Cost: 30pts Chaplains give a +1 morale bonus to troops that are within their range. Chaplains must role a 3 or higher before attempting any conversions. Chaplains can convert or divert enemy troops based on the following 1d10 scale: 1-2 No affect 3-5 Troop loses 1 turn 6-9 Troop retreats full movement rate backwards. 10 Troop goes mad and turns into a Kamikaze and charges the chaplain. Technomancers (5hp) Movement: 4” per turn. Range: 10” Cost: 20pts Technomancers are the futuristic alchemists of old. They mix technology with alchemy to construct deadly projectiles of toxins, poisons and explosives to fire at the enemy. Technomancers cannot fire the same projectile twice in one turn. They can be healed by medics or at base for 1hp per turn of rest. Technomancers can fire 25pts of ordinance per turn. Technomancers may not fight in a squad or group. *See Technomancers Compendium.

StarCraft Battles, 4 Commissars (6hp) *humanoid armies only Movement: 4” Command Range: 3” Attack Range: 8” Cost: 20pts Acts as 2nd in Command and assumes command if commander is killed. Commissars do not roll for morale. Commissars will rally retreating troops. Commissars can call-in Orbital Support Fire and authorize missile launches but must be within 8” of base or a Comm-Radio Trooper. WarBoss (6hp) *Orcs only Movement: 4” Range: *8” Cost: 10pts Acts as 2nd in Command and assumes command if commander is killed. WarBosses can call-in Orbital Support Fire and authorize missile launches but must be within 8” of base or a CommRadio Trooper. *Adds +1 to Morale of troops. Battle-Lords (6hp) *Elven/Dwarvish armies only Movement: 6” Range: *8” Cost: 15pts Acts as 2nd in Command and assumes command if commander is killed. Battle-Lords do not roll for morale. Battle-Lords will rally retreating troops. Battle-Lords can call-in Orbital Support Fire and authorize missile launches from anywhere on the battlefield. *For rallying fleeing troops for weapon range see Weapons Data Sheet Cyborgs (6hp) *humanoid armies only. Movement: 3” Range: * Cost: 10pts Taken from robotic heaps and the bodies of dead warriors then combined to form a lethal killing machine. Cyborgs do not roll for morale and have a +1 bonus vs. Robotic Units. Cyborgs can only be repaired by the Technomancer. Battle Droids (7hp) Movement: 3” Range: 8” Cost: 20pts Battle Droid manufactured for war. Can serve as Comm/Radio Platforms in addition to being mainly a first strike weapon. Battle Droids have no need to roll for morale. Equipped with standard laser and blaster weapons. Can attack twice in one turn. Mercenaries (5hp) *No more than 10 points of your army can be comprised of this category. Movement: 4” Range: 8” Cost: 2pt *see Infantry Rules Mercenaries (humans, elves, halfings, orcs, dwarves can be hired as extra troops) Mercs must fight as a group on a movement tray. Mercs must have a designated leader within their own group. The leader must be placed in the front center of the group. If the leader dies the Mercs will automatically flee the battlefield for their lives. They fight for money not honor. Technomancers/Chaplains cannot be Mercs or assist them.

StarCraft Battles, 5 Technomancer’s Compendium AOE = Area of Effect, small circle radius *These projectiles are effective against infantry only. **These projectiles are effective against vehicle type units only. -Explosion (1d4 damage) 5pts -Warp Grenade (blasts affected units backwards 18”) 25pts -Caesars Gallstones (bomb explodes over the heads of enemy & rains down pebbles, 1d4) 5pts -Poison* (poisons units for 1hp damage per turn until cured) 5pts -Fright Gas*(troops lose morale and must role a 5 or higher not to retreat 6” back) 5pts -Greater Explosion (2d4 damage) 15pts -WarSpasm Grenade (1d4+4damage) 15pts -Napalm Bomb (1d6+1 damage) 15pts -Mustard Gas (1d6+4 damage) 25pts -Xenospasm*(1d4 damage and affected units disabled for 1 turn) 15pts -Frostbite*(freezes a group of units for 1 turn) 10pts -Acid Bomb*(1d4+2 damage) 10pts -Phosphorus Bomb*(1d10 damage) 20pts -ElectroSpasm Grenade (1d10+1 damage) 20pts -Electric Virus Shot**(acts as poison for vehicles) 20pts -Oxinide Rust Bomb **(1d4 damage, vehicle target) 5pts -Q2 Bomb**(1d4+2 damage, vehicle target) 10pts -Orinda Bomb (2d4+5 damage) 25pts -Cyborgs (dead warriors + robots) 25pts

CAV Technical Manual GR-9 Centurion (25hp) Movement: 5” Range: 8” Cost: 50 2 Missile Pods, 1 Heavy Machine Gun, 2 sets of Laser/Plasma Blasters KU-6 War Walker (27hp) Movement: 5” Range: 9” Cost: 55 2 Missile Pods, 1 Heavy Machine Gun, 2 sets of Laser/Plasma Blasters Griffon Battle Tank (16hp) Movement: 8” Range: 6” Cost: 40 1 Projectile Turret, 1 Heavy Machine Gun

Weapons Data Sheets Power Rifle: Range: 8” Heavy Power Rifle: Range: 10” Bonus of +1 damage on an attack roll of 6 or higher. Heavy Machine Gun: Range: 8” Bonus of +1 damage on an attack roll of 6 or higher. FlameBat Heavy Flamethrower: Range: Fire Template 1d4+1 damage. Grenade Launcher: Range: 8” AOE=Small Circle, 1d4+2 damage. Pistol: Range: 6”

StarCraft Battles, 6 Weapons Data Sheets Mortars: Range: 15” Zero: 3 AOE: small circle Bonus of +1 vs Ground Troops. 1d10 damage.

Special Operations Missions Directive To perform these missions Troops must be led by the Commander, Commissar or Sergeant. -Dropship Attack: Up to 3 troops can by “Jumped” into any area on the battlefield for a surprise attack and can be “Jumped” out on the next turn. Can only be done once. -Hit & Run: This tactic depends on the transport. A # of troops can be transported within the range of the transport, jump out and attack an enemy position then pull back into the transport to leave for a “Hit & Run” attack. Skill Specialties *Space Marines can only have 1 Skill Specialty Jump Troops-See Dropship Attack for definition. Infiltrators-Double Movement Rate Sergeants-Double Damage Comm-Radio-Troop- Acts as Radio Liaison between Commander and Base. *Normal Infantry can perform this skill as well.

Battle Tactics Charge-A squad, vehicle or trooper may charge an enemy once every other turn. Charges double the movement rate of the unit but the charge must end in within 1” of the enemy being charged. Kamikaze-A trooper can go mad, charge then attack twice in one turn but will die from a brain explosion at the end of that turn.

Squad Combat & Movement Troops grouped together on Movement Trays may fight as one unit. The entire squad rolls for morale 1 time, but each troop in the squad rolls for attack. Example: 1 Sergeant and 3 Elite Troopers are grouped together in a squad on a movement tray. They all move together their full movement rate, except over terrain. They front of the tray must face the enemy in order for the group to attack. The entire squad attacks one target at a time, then each unit within the squad rolls for attack. So if there are 4 units in the squad tray then they will roll 4 attack rolls on a 1d10. There is NO squad damage, each unit takes damage individually as it is targeted by the enemy. If the Sergeant or Squad Leader dies then the squad automatically breaks up into individual units again and the movement tray must be removed.

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