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Software Requirements Specification


Credit Card Processing System

2 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

Version 1.0

3 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

Table of Contents


1. Introduction




Purpose 1.2 Document Conventions


4 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

1.3 3

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions 1.4 Product Scope

3 1.5



2. Overall description 2.1 Product Perspective

4 4


Product Features



User Classes and Characteristics



Operating Environment



Design and Implementation Constraints



User Documentation



Assumptions and Dependencies


3. System Feature 3.1






Description and Priority



Stimulus/Response Sequences


Functional requirements

4. External Interface Requirements 4.1 User Interface 4.2 Hardware Interfaces 4.3 Software Interfaces


7 7 7 7

5. Other Non-Functional Requirements 5.1

Performance Requirements

5.2 5.3 5.4

Safety Requirements


8 8 8

Security Requirement


Software Quality Attributes


Business Rules

6. Other Requirements



5 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System



Credit card processing is interaction of the customer to the credit card processor for buying a new card of for the payment of bills. The processor allows getting a new card and also to get the details of the card and makes the copy of the purchase made.

1.1 Purpose The credit card makes shopping easier and the customer or purchaser need not carry cash along with him/her. It allows the customer to buy his/her requirements without a need to keep track of his/her cash in hand especially in case of emergencies.

1.2 Document conventions This document is written in the following style: Font


Times New Roman



16 size

Sub-headings :

14 size


12 size


1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions This document is intended to be read by the developers and the end users. This is a technical document and the terms can be easily understood by the users.

1.4 Product Scope The credit card processing is usually done with a help of the swiper which scans all the details of the card. After each purchase, the details are recorded and document is made by the credit card issuer. Accepting credit cards is an integral part of business today for merchants who want to be competitive in their market and grow their business to its greatest potential. Software and Gateway processing helps reduce fraud losses, saves you time and money, and provides powerful features and performance, including detailed transaction records and reports. Swiping credit cards ensures lower rates, resulting in potential savings of hundreds of dollars each month for your business.

6 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

1.5 References

2. Overall Description 2.1 Product Perspective This project is a self contained project for easy transaction using credit card.

2.2 Product Features

7 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

The front end requires details that are needed to buy a new card or selecting the options for paying the bill to the credit card. In the back end, the credit card issuer records and deals all the transactions made by the purchaser and send the statement to him/her.

Credit Card Processing System( Credit Card Payment Gateway ) Credit Card Payment Gateway is a subject, i.e. system under design or consideration. Merchant’s Credit Card Processing System Primary actor of the system is the Merchant’s Credit Card Processing System. The merchant submits a credit card transaction request to the credit card payment gateway on behalf of a customer. Bank which issued customer's credit card is actor which could approve or reject the transaction. If transaction is approved, funds will be transferred to merchant bank account. Customer's Credit Card Bank and Merchant's Bank The requested amount of money should be first authorized by Customer's Credit Card Bank, and if approved, is further submitted for settlement. During the settlement funds approved for the credit card transaction are deposited into the Merchant's Bank account. Authorize and Capture Authorize and Capture use case is the most common type of credit card transaction.

8 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

In some cases, only authorization is requested and the transaction will not be sent for settlement. In this case, usually if no further action is taken within some number of days, the authorization expires. Merchants can submit this request if they want to verify the availability of funds on the customer’s credit card, if item is not currently in stock, or if merchant wants to review orders before shipping. Capture Capture(request to capture funds that were previously authorized) use case describes several scenarios when merchant needs to complete some previously authorized transaction - either submitted through the payment gateway or requested without using the system, e.g. using voice authorization. Credit Credit use case describes situations when customer should receive a refund for a transaction that was either successfully processed and settled through the system or for some transaction that was not originally submitted through the payment gateway. Void Void use case describes cases when it is needed to cancel one or several related transactions that were not yet settled. If possible, the transactions will not be sent for settlement. If the Void transaction fails, the original transaction is likely already settled. Verify Verify use case describes zero or small amount verification transactions which could also include verification of some client's data such as address.

2.3 User Classes and Characteristics The credit card transaction is used by the clients to do the crediting features that are available in bank and do the payment back. The account has to be updated with the balance every time when the crediting and the payback are done.

2.4 Operating Environment This tool will function on MICROSOFT WINDOWS based operating system Programming Language






2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints This will be an open source project and thus will not be able to operate and function on most propriety operating systems due to the lack of support systems provided by these systems. In the current version reports can be generated only in SQL SERVER 2008 R2 dbms and source

9 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

database are also restricted to few sources mentioned above .Further more it will also require VB language compilers for further enhancing of features.

2.6 User Documentation The user documentation can be found in this SRS

2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies We assume that the extra documentation beyond this SRS would not be necessary in order for the user to utilize this project.

3. System Features 3.1 Trainer 3.1.1 Description and Priority The process of swiper is to scan the information in the magnetic tape and inputs the PIN number of the credit card to make a successful transaction.

3.1.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences When the card is swiped, a remote connection is made with the issuer and the amount is retrieved.

3.1.3 Functional Requirements REQ 1: The PIN number must be genuine REQ 2: The credit card holder must pay his debts genuinely

4. External Interface Requirements 4.1User Interfaces This tool will come along with a basic user interface tool with GUI along with simple and easy to navigate icons thus avoiding any complexity which may not be understandable for novice users.The interfacing will contain arrow marks, text boxes and some different shaped boxes reduce complexity.

4.2 Hardware Interfaces

10 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

Processor Memory

- Intel Pentium IV 1.83 -

Hard Disk Drive -

256 MB RAM 40 GB.

Credit card processing system requires a Swiper to be connected to the computer.

4.3 Software Interfaces Operating System : MICROSOFT WINDOWS Programming Language DBMS



5. Other Non-Functional Requirements 5.1 Performance Requirements The swiper should work effectively during the transaction for good maintenance of the system.

5.2 Safety Requirements The card issuer must update the record of the card holders to prevent fraudulent actions and other errors that may occur during transactions

5.3 Security Requirements The card holder must not give details to others about the PIN number of the credit card.

5.4 Software Quality Attributes The code will be free to in its accuracy, reusability to modify the code, flexibility in its usage and more over simple and informative.

5.5 Business Rules There are no such Business rules. The tool can be used by any users.

6. Other Requirements

11 Software Requirements and Specification for Credit Card Processing System

There are no extra Requirements.

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