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July 18, 2017 | Author: Ramona Pasca | Category: Vocabulary, Transport, Business
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C o n v e r s a t i o n guide Spanish

Published by: Editorial Stanley Illustrated by: Daniel Redondo First page design: Diseno Irunes © Editorial Stanley Apdo. 207 - 20302 IRUN - ESPANA Telf. (943) 64 04 12 - Fax. (943) 64 38 63 ISBN: 84-7873-299-3 Dep. Leg. BI-2634-03 First edition 1996 Reprinted 1997 Reprinted 1998 Reprinted 2003 Printers: Imprenta Berekintza

Pronunciation In order to achieve an approximation to the phonetics of some Spanish words it is necessary to resort to complicated phonetic symbols; for that reason, the use of a pocket book such as our Conversation Guide, would be very restricted. The user would have first to memorize all the phonetic symbols before being able to use the book. Our aim is not, therefore, to teach the traveller correct pronounciation, but, to attain that, using the normal English letters, s/he may make himself/ herself understood in any Spanish-speaking country. In some cases we have preferred to sacrifice the possibility of a smart Castilian pronounciation for another, less smart perhaps, but more within reach of an English-speaking person.

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Contents 49 1 At the restaurant 2 Vocabulary 50 3 Ordering breakfast 51 Hotels &boarding houses. 4 Vocabulary 52 Vocabulary 5 Ordering dinner 53 General requirements 6 Vocabulary 55 Vocabulary 7 55 Room service 8 The menu: Starters Vocabulary 9 Typical Spanish dishes.56 57 Paying the bill 10 Soups

At the customs At passport control Vocabulary

Vocabulary Money Vocabulary Travel(l)ing Travel(l)ing by taxi Vocabulary Travel(l)ing by air Vocabulary Travelling by train Vocabulary Travelling by bus Vocabulary Hiring a car Vocabulary

57 12 Omelets 58 13 Fish and seafood 60 14 Meats This is how food can be 15 63 15 cooked 63 16 Poultry and game 16 Vegetables and legumes .. 65 66 17 Fruits 67 18 Desserts 69 19 Drinks 70 20 Asking for the bill

At the police Vocabulary

21 Age and jobs 21 Vocabulary 23 At the travel agent's 23 Vocabulary 24 At the bank 25 Vocabulary 26 Buying in a department 27 store 30 Vocabulary 33 At the doctor's 34 Vocabulary 35 37 Chemist's /drugstore Vocabulary 39 41 Buying in a shop or 42 street market 44 Vocabulary

At the post office Vocabulary

45 On the beach 48 Vocabulary

Driving Vocabulary At the garage Vocabulary Sightseeing Vocabulary What time is it? Vocabulary Asking the way Vocabulary Making a phone Vocabulary

71 73 74 76 77 79 81 83 85 90 93 94 96 98 99 100

At dinner and an invitation to dinner 102 Vocabulary


Saying good-bye Vocabulary

106 108

Miscellaneous Countries


Ordinal numbers 109 Cardinal numbers 110 Calendar 110 Seasons 111 Dates 111 Days of the week 111 Warnings/Notices 112 Usual phrases 113 Greetings 113 Questions 114 Introductions 114 Politeness 114 Adjectives and pronouns 114 Possessive adjectives . 114 Demonstrative pronouns 114 Possessive pronouns ..114 Verb To Be 115~ Verb To Be 115 Verb To Have 116 Times Differences of G.M.T. in relation with other countries 117 Money 118 Equivalence 118 Distances, measures and weights 119 Map of Spain 121

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At the customs En la aduana

Have you anything to declare? I have nothing to declare, I only have some presents. Which is your luggage? How many cases do you have? We have three cases. How many cigarettes? I have two hundred cigarettes.

iTiene algo que declarar? No tengo nada que declarar. Solo tengo unos regalos. es su equipaje? tCuantas maletas tienen ustedes? Tenemos tres maletas. tCuantos cigarrillos? Tengo doscientos cigarrillos.

Tyaynay ahlgoa kay dayklharahr? Noa tayngoa nahdah kay dayklharahr. Soaloa tayngoa oonoahss raygahloas. Kwahl ayss soo aykeepahkhay? Kwahntass mahlaytahs tyaynayn oostaydhess? Taynaymoass trayss mahlaytahs. Kwahntoass theegahrreelyoass? Tayngoa dosthyayntoass theegahrreelyoas. How many bottles tCuantas botellas Kwahntass of liquor? de licor? boataylyahss day leekor? I have a bottle of Tengo una botella Tayngoa oonah brandy and a bottle de conac y una de boataylyah day konyak of whisky. ee oonah day weeskee. whisky. Are you on holiAystah oostdayd day cEsta usted de day? bahkahthyonayss? vacaciones? I'm on business. Estoy en viaje de Aystoy ayn byahkhay negocios. day naygoathyoass. You will have to Tendra que pagar Teyndrah kay pahgahr pay duty on this. aduana por esto. ahdwahnah porr aystoa. Abra esta maleta, Ahbrah aystah Open this case, please. por favor. mahlaytah, porr fahbor.
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