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IT is related to Vastu Shastra Principles for a Home...


South Facing Fa cing House Hous e – What Vastu Vastu Says Say s About It You mus mustt kno know w – and und unders erstand tand – tha thatt vas vastu tu sha shastr stra a has always always cla claim imed ed tha thatt all the dir direct ection ions s are equally good, good, be it, North, East, West or South. However, as per the same – yes very same – vastu shastra, shastr a, one thing that can make a house inauspicious inauspicious is the entrance/main door  o   o the house !even i  all other vas vastu tu rul rules es are ollowed" ollowed".. Hen Hence, ce, with Sou South th ac acing ing houses, houses, one thi thing ng tha thatt can make it auspicious is the entrance or main door o the home !considering that all other vastu principles are ollowed". #n other words, # can say that i a house !be it South acing" is as per rules and guidelines o vastu shastra, then it$s bound to be auspicious – in act ama%ingly auspicious. &his is a reason why you might  – and will, i you observe careully – see a lot o very powerul, inluential, rich, successul and happy people living in south acing houses. So, without any delay, let$s take a look at rules and guidelines o vastu or south acing house.

South Facing House Vastu – The Tips, Rules and Guidelines  's mentioned earlier, the entrance o a south acing house is o prime importance in vastu shastra. (astu says that, i a house is South acing, then the entrance or main door o the house must be located on the 4th pada  !step or part" o the south side.  pada !step Now, in order to understand the concept o )pada* or step, all you need to do is to have a look at the image below.

#n the image above you can see that the South part !the length rom South+East to South+West" is divided in  e-ual parts. Each part is called as )pada* or step in vastu shastra.  'lso, you – must have – noticed that only the )pada* numbered  is in green color  and  and the pada$s to the right i.e. pada number /, 0 and 1 are in orange color  where   where the remaining pada$s, rom 2 to  are in red color . Here$s what this entire thing means3 /. &he th pada !green one" is the best and the most auspicious or entrance or main door o a south acing home. 0. &he pada$s pada$s /, 0 and and 1 are the ones ones that you can can use !or !or entrance4mai entrance4main n door" i pada pada  alone alone is small. 5ut make sure to include pada  along with padas 1, 0 or /. # you$re using space up to


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pada /, then make sure that the entrance4main door doesn$t touch the SE corner. 6eave at least 7 inches rom SE wall. 1. &he pada$s 2 to  are the ones that are prohibited, as per vastu shastra, or having an entrance. Hence, a main door at padas 5 to 9 is inauspicious.

South Facing House Vastu – What to Avoid [ Tips! /. 0. 1. . 2. 7. 9.

'void main entrance in any pada rom 2th to th. 'void having anything related to water like sump, bore+well etc. in South+West corner. 'void a plot that slopes rom North to South. 'void a cut or e8tension in South. 'void car parking in South. 'void keeping more open space in South than North side. 'void kitchen in South+West.

South Facing House Vastu – What to "o [#$ Tips! /. 0. 1. . 2. 7. 9. a room in North+East. You can make a guest bedroom in North+West.

Having said all this, # believe and trust that you – now – understand what a vastu compliant south acing house means and aren$t araid – anymore – to dwell in one.


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Kitchen Vastu – Here’s How to Have a Vastu Compliant Kitchen (astu or kitchen is important since kitchen represents the )Fire* element. # am sure you already know that ire, in controlled environment, is beneicial, but i the same – yes very same – ire goes out o hand then it obliterates everything and anything in its way. &he above statement holds true or both types o  ire – the actual ire and symbolic ire. @etting conusedA Bust read on and everything will make sense to you in a moment.  's actual ire transorms uncooked or raw ood into edible one, in the same manner, symbolic ire provides heat to your physical body and desires to your spiritual sel or everything in lie. #magine, what would happen i symbolic ire within you diedA You start to lose hope in lieC all the )burning desires* come to endC your body becomes cold. Dn the other hand, what would happen i the same ire – symbolic one – goes out o controlA You start to suer medically, the )burning desires* will make you mentally sick and you start to lose your position, respect and dignity in society. Now, you see, why is it important to have kitchen as per vastu shastraA

Vastu %o& 'itchen –What is it( &o make you understand )vastu or kitchen* in a better way, # want you to consider the words )vastu* and )kitchen* separately and then # will combine the two terms so that term )vastu or kitchen* becomes clearer to you. Vastu3 You might already know that (astu Shastra is an ancient #ndian science o balancing energies in and around a place. Here, # assume that you already know what vastu shastra isC i you don$t know what


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vastu is then # suggest you to read our article which enables you to understand vastu shastra in a better  way . Kitchen3 itchen is where healthy and nutritious ood is cooked. itchen is the place o transormation – because it$s in the kitchen where all the raw and uncooked ood is transormed into delicious meals. &he same ood then provides )energy * to amily members. # want you to pay special attention to the word )energy* here. &he energy that you receive by consuming the ood is positive one – that$s why it makes you eel good, happy and contented. What would happen i the same ood starts to instill negative energy in youA Want to know how this can happenA Bust read on. # believe that you know that everything in this universe is energy. Fire is also an e8pression o energy. # have told you earlier that a controlled ire is beneicial i.e. it is positive energy with respect to you and uncontrolled ire is disastrous i.e. negative energy. Now, imagine – due to vastu deect, which is imbalance in energy –your kitchen starts to give o negative energy rather that positive ones. What happens ne8tA &he negative energy starts to affect you physically and mentally. You start to eel the negative impacts on your body and mind. Dbviously, you lose your healthC with degrading health you don$t stand a chance to manage your day to day workC you start to become rustrated and this repercussions list can go on and on and on. #t is thereore very important or you to make your kitchen as per rules and regulations o vastu shastra so that the kitchen generates and enhances positive energy, suppressing – and even eliminating – negative ones. Now combine the above two terms, namely, vastu and kitchen. What you get is a vastu compliant kitchen having all the ability and capacity to dispose o all negative energies together with accepting and enhancing all the positive energies available. &his –in turn –will always have positive and beneicial impacts on you. You will prosper, become more and more >oyous, successul and will have peace o  mind –always.

Vastu %o& 'itchen –Is it I)po&tant( # believe that you have already read the previous section o this article and are in a better position to understand the ill-effects o vastu non+compliant kitchen. #n the previous section, # believe you understood some o the negative impacts o a vastu non+compliant kitchen. Here, in this section, # have pin pointed some – in act very ew – butdefinite problems which one will ace i he4she chooses not to do vastu or kitchen.

Vastu *on+o)pliant 'itchen – He&e-s the .ist o% /&oble)s /. Health 6oss –loss o health or the cook and head o the amily, lethal diseases and untimely death 0. Financial 6oss –inancial condition deteriorates, credits goes up, bankruptcy 1. Family Gisputes –clashes within amily, separation or divorce and these are – as # mentioned – very ew. Your dedication to read this ar o this article makes me to believe and saely assert that you are a responsible person and under no circumstances you will ever want yoursel or your amily to go through all the troubles which are mentioned – and unmentioned above. 5eing an intelligent person – who # know you are – you might have already understood by now that doing vastu or kitchen ensures that you and your amily are protected and shielded rom all negative attributes  – arising out o kitchen – and hence you must take the necessary action to do vastu or your kitchen. Now, in order to take )that necessary action* and make your kitchen a vastu compliant one, all you need to know is vastu tips or kitchen which # have detailed in the ne8t section, so >ust read on.

Vastu %o& 'itchen –Ho0 1ou an "o It( )Better to prevent and prepare, rather than repent and repair * and this part o article makes you to prevent the entry of any negative energy –via kitchen– in your home.


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&here are actually two steps to make your kitchen as per rules and guidelines o vastu shastra. &he irst step – which # really want you to take – is to have a very good look at the image below. &his image tells you the best location o kitchen in a house.

Having seen the image, # believe, you now know that the best location to make kitchen is the South+East corner o a home. However, as # have seen in many cases, sometimes a kitchen is placed in the North+ East corner o a home – and this is a serious vastu deect. # – by any chance – the kitchen in your home is placed in the North+East corner then you must read the article on vastu remedies you must apply – immediately – to eliminate the negative impacts of North-East kitchen. &he second and the last step that you must take to make your kitchen in complete accordance with vastu shastra is reading and applying ollowing vastu tips.

Vastu Tips %o& 'itchen2 What 1ou 3ust Avoid2 /. 0. 1. . 2. 7.

9. ob to rela8 and have a sound sleep to gain energy or  the ne8t day. (astu Shastra or 5edroom has been given a very high priority and signiicance. 's per  5edroom (astu Shastra acceptable shapes or are s-uare or rectangular. Now, in case i the bedroom is rectangular, then as per bedroom vastu shastra, reasonable length to breadth ratio is less or e-ual to /30 e.g. i the length is 0? oot, then the breadth lies between /? eet to ? eet. From the below image we can see the ideal place o bedrooms or dierent members o the amily


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Vastu Shastra edroom !ips are given below3 /. 's per  (astu or :aster 5edroom, it should always be in the South+West corner o the home and head o the amily must occupy this bedroom. 0. &he master bedroom should always be bigger than other rooms o the house. 1. # the house is multi+story then master bedroom in the South+West corner o the top loor is best. . =erect place or bed in master bedroom is towards South or West wall, so that while sleeping the person$s head is towards South or West and legs towards North or East. 2. Girections or Sleeping in bedroom as per (astu Shastra3+ /. Sleeping with legs towards the east gives name, reputation K richness. 0. Sleeping with legs towards the west gives mental harmony K augments ondness or  spiritualism. 1. Sleeping with legs towards the north, increases prosperity and opulence. . However, one should not sleep with legs towards South as he will not have a sound sleep. &here will be bad dreams, bad thoughts in the mind. Heaviness in the chest can also be sensed occasionally. South direction is =lace o Yama !the 6ord o Geath". :ind sickness will increase and there is possibility o lessening o lie span. 7. 5ed alignment to any corners is unsuitable. 9. (astu says that the master bedroom should only be used by married couples. ust love your guests to stay too long !which could be diicult to manage at times" then you can locate your living room here. However, this place is best suited or :aster 5edroom. % 6iving area loor should slope towards East or North. .% &he ceiling o living area, i sloping towards East or North is good. /% Have the door o the living room in East or North as they are very auspicious and brings wealth, health and overall progress. '0% South, North+East or South+East entrance indicates success but then it takes lot o hard work to achieve. ''% West entrance or living area is good or scholars and researchers. '(% 6iving area$s North+West entrance supports development in all areas o lie. ')% South entrance or living area is inauspiciousC >ust shit the entrance to West or better results. '*% Within the living area keep internal urniture, articles and heavy things in West or South side. #  there is no option, then use a base o /+1 inches height to keep urniture in North or North+East. '+% &he head o the amily, in living area, should sit acing East or North so that he remains in command and guests are not able to dominate him. '% =ut the &( in South+East corner and not in North+East corner. '% # &( is in South+West corner, then it will breakdown oten. '.% # television is in North+West corner then the amily will waste a lot o precious time watching &( only.


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'/% (0% ('% ((% ()%

eep telephone in East, South+East or North. Go not keep telephone in South+West or North+West. =lace air cooler and air conditioner in West, North+West or East and not in South+ East. You can hang portraits o @ods or some beautiul paintings in the North+East wall or corner. Go not hang any portrait depicting negative energy e.g. war, crime, weeping etc in the living area !actually avoid them anywhere in a home". (*% se white, light yellow, blue or green colors or living room walls. (+% 'void red or black or living area wall colors. (% eep s-uare or rectangular urniture in living area and avoid circular, oval or any other shape o  urniture !this is applicable to urniture in entire home". (% =rovide a staircase in the South, West or South+West corner o living area. (.% =ut light curtains on North+East windows and doors and heavy curtains in South+West !this is applicable anywhere in a home" o living area. (/% eep North+East corner o living area clean and empty i possible. 'lso, to make things better, keep some healthy plants in this corner. )0% Never keep artiicial lowers, dried lowers !they attract misortune", cactus4cacti or bonsai plants !have negative inluence on inance and career" and are inauspicious. )'% Hang a chandelier in South or West o living areaC do not hang anything in center. )(% 6it the living area brightly with soothing lights. ))% eep a ish a-uarium in the East, North or North+East o the living area. n vastu shastra, a fish a1uarium is considered a very powerful tool – so powerful that it acts a remedy for many vastu defects% But, you must use fish a1uarium as per the rules and guidelines of vastu# else it may  ruin all the happiness in your home% 2ead the article on vastu tips and guidelines for fish a1uarium to know more on how you can easily have a vastu compliant fish a1uarium at your  home% )*% # there is an error in the North+West corner then placing an a-uarium will drop that issue. )+% Never keep an a-uarium in South as draws all positive energy out o home. )% You can place a water ountain in North.  'rmed with these simple but very powerul vastu tips or living roomC as you now know the implications o  not having a vastu compliant living room, # sincerely trust that you will leave no stone unturned to make you living room a vastu compliant one.

Poo/a0Praer oom Vastu !ips 213 D,s 4 19 D,5’!s6 =oo>a room – or prayer room – is – and must be – one the most auspicious and sacred rooms o your  home. 5ut this )most auspicious and sacred* room needs be as per rules and guidelines o vastu


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shastra. Since you worship, keep religious te8ts, idols and images o deity$s and other @odly belongings in this room, hence you must protect this room rom negative energies. 3&Y A &o know the answer, >ust read on. Dnce you have made a poo>a or prayer room in your home then )the room* automatically starts to attract positivity and harmony. However, i the poo>a room is let unprotected then this )attracted* positivity and harmony starts to weaken due toinfluence of negative energies that – may be – present in your home. Hence, you must take all the re-uired actions and make sure that the poo>a room in your  home is vastu shastra compliant so that it is capable o enhancing and attracting positive energies in and around your home.

Ho0 to 3a5e 1ou& /oo=a Roo) Vastu o)pliant( :aking a poo>a room vastu shastra compliant is a two step process. &he irst step that you need to take is to locate the poo$a room – obviously – in the most auspicious way. Now, to help you to identiy the best possible location or a poo>a – or prayer – room in your home, # have made an image, which reveals to you the best location or a poo>a room in a home as per vastu shastra.

 's you may see in the image above that the best place to locate poo>a room is the North+East corner o  your home. However – due to any reason – i the North+East corner is unavailable then you can make the poo>a room in East or West side o your home. &he ne8t – and the last – step to make a vastu compliant poo>a room is to ollow all vastu tips and guidelines or poo>a room which are mentioned below.

/oo=a Roo) Vastu Tips2 What You :ust Follow /. 's per poo>a room vastu, north+east corner o home is best site or poo>a place. 0. East and west are second best locations. 1. eep the poo>a place on ground loor. . #n big plots or actories etc. construct poo>a ghar at centerC this is very auspicious. 2. eep the idols in east and4or west o the prayer room. 7. =lace the idols a ew inches !at least an inch" away rom wall. 9. :ake sure that all the idols are always in perect condition. a Ioom can have doors and windows in north or east walls. /?. White or light yellow colored marble work in prayer room makes it more auspicious. //. se white, light yellow or light blue colors or walls o poo>a room. /0. You can place a lamp stand in the poo>a room in south+east or eastern side.


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/1. /. /2. /7. /9.

# the roo o poo>a room is pyramid shape then it$s very auspicious. You can place an 'gnikund in the prayer room in south+east corner. eep showcases and almirahs towards west or south walls. Entrance o poo>a place must have a threshold. # the prayer area is in kitchen then keep it in the north+east corner o kitchenC you should ace east while praying.

What You :ust 'void '% &he poo>a place should never be in south direction. (% Go not have poo>a place in a store+room. )%  'void poo>a place in any bedroom. &owever if there is no option then use the north-east corner  of the bedroom as poo4a place 5but remember this is the last and least favored option6% 7lso remember that while sleeping or lying on bed your feet should not point towards this corner% *% Never make poo>a room in basement or irst or above loors. +% Go not have prayer place above, below or ne8t to any toilet or kitchen. %  'void poo>a room or place under a staircase. % #dols should never ace south. .% Go not chisel o the wall to make place or keeping idols. /% Never keep broken idols. '0% #dols should never be directly in ront o the entrance door o prayer room. ''% Never keep the idols brought rom old temples in the prayer room. '(% Women should not enter the prayer room during menses. ')% Scenes or photos o crime, battles or o any negative emotions are a strict )no* in the poo>a place. 'ctually you must avoid them in your entire home. '*% Go not hang photos o animals and birds in the poo>a place. '+% Never have photos o passed away people in the poo>a area. '% Never keep a dustbin in the poo>a placeC it reduces positive energy o the room. '% No one should sleep in the prayer room !e8cept i the prayer room is in bedroom". '.% Gon$t keep the items in the poo>a area that do not belong there. '/% Never ever – under any circumstance – conceal any money or other valuables in poo>a place. # believe and trust that above vastu tips or poo>a room will deinitely make your prayer room a very auspicious one.

11 K78 Vastu !ips for !oilet 4 "athroom When considering doing vastu or home, you must pay special attention to make toilets and bathrooms in your home as per rules and guidelines o vastu shastra. &oilets and bathrooms are – or tend to become – a ma$or source of negative energy i they are not built as per rules and guidelines o vastu.


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Hence, in this article, # will reveal to you the best location, internal arrangement o items and the most eicient vastu tips which you can – and must – apply to make vastu compliant toilets and bathrooms in your home. Now, coming back to the topic o this article i.e. vastu or toilets and bathrooms. 's per vastu shastra, the toilets and bathrooms in a home must be separate and not attached, but there are over 9 billion people on earth and 9?L o earth$s surace is water, hence the space is limited or living and thus attached toilets or attached bathrooms – as some people call them – have ound a way into our homes. 5ut this doesn$t mean that i you have attached bathrooms or toilets in your home then you cannot do vastu or  them. You can easily do vastu or them also and that$s what you are going to learn here. 5ut beore you take any action urther, # want you to go through the ne8t section o this article which tells you the importance o doing vastu or toilets and bathrooms in your home. 'lso, the ne8t section makes you aware o the common problems and issuesassociated with vastu non compliant bathrooms and toiletsC hence i you are acing similar troubles in your lie, you can easily pin point the reason or such troubles and apply suitable remedies to get rid o them.

Toilet and ath&oo) Vastu – Why so )uch %uss( :any troubles and issues are invited by vastu non compliant bathrooms and toilets. Here in this section, # have listed the most common – but in no &ay painless – troubles and issues which ind their way in i  the toilet4bathroom o your home doesn$t comply with vastu rules and guidelines. Iemember that many people have already aced these problems and there are many others who are still being grinded by them.

Vastu *on+o)pliant ath&oo)s – .ist o% /&oble)s They Att&act /. Financial #ssues3 Weak inances, loss o money by various means. 0. Health #ssues3 :ental tension and stress, re-uent – lethal and minor – accidents. Having seen – some – common problems that may arise due to vastu deect in toilet and bathroom, you are now ready to read and understand how you can make the toilet and bathroom in your home a vastu compliant one. 'll you need to do now is to read the ne8t section o this very same article.

Vastu o)pliant Toilets and ath&oo) – Ho0 To "o It The o&&ect Way( &his section o the article reveals to you the best vastu tips, location, wall colors, internal arrangement o  items and much more in a bathroom while complying with the rules and regulations o vastu shastra. :aking an attached toilet a vastu compliant one is a three step process. #n the irst step you will learn the best location, as per vastu, where you can make a toilet or bathroom in your home. Have a look at the image below and you will be able to easily understand the best and the second best locations, as per vastu, within a home where you can make toilet or bathroom.


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Since you have seen the image and understood that the best location or a toilet or bathroom is the North+West part o the home !not the North+West corner", see careully that # have left the corners in the image. &he second best location or a toilet is the North+East part and not the North+East corner, and the South+West part leaving the South+West corner, you are now ready or the second step in making a vastu compliant toilet. &he second step is to identiy the internal arrangements o items such as geyser' bathtub' taps' mirror' commode etc. in an attached bathroom. &o make this process simpler, # have created another image which tells you the best possible arrangements o essential items and ittings in a bathroom.

Vastu Tips %o& Attached ath&oo) and Toilet ## Things 1ou 3ST " /. Water closet !commode" should preerentially be aligned to North+South a8is in toilet. 0. 5uild toilets in West or North+West side o north o a room depending upon whether toilet is with bedroom or separate. 1. &oilets can also be constructed on South side. . =lace commode inside the toilet in West, South or North+West side o West. 2. Fit the pot, in toilet, in such a way that while using the commode the person never aces East or  West.


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