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July 23, 2017 | Author: milly121 | Category: Contentment, Happiness & Self-Help, Soul, Mind, Cognition
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Discover Your Own Deeply Held Beliefs About

Soul Mates & Relationships 1   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    












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50  Life  Changing  Beliefs  







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2   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    




  This  eBook  is  designed  to  help  you  identify  some  of  your  beliefs  about  relationships   &  soul  mates.    It  contains  50  statements  (or  beliefs)  that  you  can  test  yourself  for   using  muscle  testing.     Muscle   testing   is   derived   from   Kinesiologists   who   found   that   you   can   test   the   body   for  different  things  (such  as  allergies,  trauma,  sub  conscious  beliefs  &  locating  the   source   of   illness)   &   the   body   will   produce   an   answer   using   the   electromagnetic   field  that  your  body  and  all  objects  are  surrounded  by.    The  electromagnetic  energy   field   will   help   your   body   produce   a   positive   or   negative   response   when   it’s   asked   a   question   by   strengthening   your   energetic   field   &   your   muscles   for   a   positive   response  &  weakening  your  energetic  field  &  your  muscles  for  a  negative  response.     There   are   several   different   ways   to   muscle   test   yourself.     If   you’ve   never   muscle   tested   yourself   before,   instructions   for   one   of   the   methods   is   explained   on   the   next   page   for   you.     If   you   already   know   how   to   muscle   test   yourself   you   can   use   the   method  you’re  most  comfortable  with.     Once  you  have  learned  how  to  muscle  test  yourself  you  can  proceed  to  the  50    life   changing  beliefs  that  will  give  you  insight  into  your  own  deeply  held  beliefs  about   soul   mates   &   relationships.     This   is   an   invaluable   tool   that   can   lead   you   to   transforming  your  love  life  for  good  &  for  the  better!     Enjoy!          

3   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    




  STEP   1:     Ensure  that  you’re  well  hydrated  with  water  before  starting  to  muscle  test   yourself.         STEP  2:    Stand  straight  up  with  your  feet  shoulder  width  apart  (neutral  position).         STEP  3:    Make   the   following   statement   out   loud   “yes,  yes,  yes”   &   allow   your   body   to  naturally  move.    If  you’re  testing  correctly  you  should  sway  forward.         STEP   4:     Go  back  to  a  neutral  position  and  make  the  following  statement  out  loud   “no,   no,   no”  &  allow  your  body  to  naturally  move.    If  you’re  testing  correctly  you   should  sway  backward.         *If  you’re  not  testing  accurately  drink  a  glass  of  water  &  repeat  steps  2-­‐4  until  you   are  testing  correctly.     STEP   5:     Once  you’re  testing  correctly,  read  the  statements  on  the  next  two  pages   out  loud,  one  at  a  time  &  allow  your  body  to  sway  forward  or  backwards  for  each   statement.    If  you  sway  forward  your  body  is  answering  “yes”  to  that  statement.    If   you  sway  backward  your  body  is  answering  “no”  to  that  statement.         STEP  6:    Use  the  space  beside  each  statement  to  write  “yes”  or  “no”  in  accordance   with  the  result  of  your  muscle  testing.         With  muscle  testing  you’re  testing  your  “sub  conscious”  belief  about  the  statement   –  not  your  “conscious”  belief.    For  example:  you  might  consciously  believe  that  you   are   worthy   of   being   loved,   but   when   you   ask   the   question   out   loud   &   allow   your   body  to  answer  it  might  move  backwards  (which  is  your  sub  conscious  saying  “no,  I   don’t   believe   this”).     This   means   that   your   sub   conscious   mind   does   not   believe   4   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    

  you’re  worthy  of  love,  even  though  your  conscious  mind  does.    This  is  a  powerful   discovery   as   your   sub   conscious   mind   is   90-­‐95%   of   your   mind   while   your   conscious   mind   is   only   5-­‐10%.     If   your   sub   conscious   mind   has   limiting   beliefs   in   it   then  these  limiting  beliefs  could  be  holding  you  back  from  experiencing  the  life  you   desire.         For  more  information  about  beliefs  &  feelings  please  visit:­‐healing/beliefs-­‐and-­‐feelings     For  more  information  about  muscle  testing  please  visit:­‐healing/muscle-­‐testing    

5   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    


50  LIFE  CHANGING  BELIEFS   1. I  know  what  unconditional  love  feels  like    ____________   2. I  believe  I  am  worthy  of  unconditional  love    ____________   3. I  believe  I  am  good  enough  to  be  unconditionally  loved    ____________   4. I  know  how  to  be  unconditionally  loved    ____________   5. I  know  what  it  feels  like  to  be  loved  for  who  I  am    ____________   6. I  allow  myself  to  be  loved  by  others    ____________   7. I  allow  myself  to  love  others    ____________   8. I  believe  in  soul  mates    ____________   9. I  believe  I  have  a  soul  mate    ____________   10. I  deserve  to  have  a  soul  mate    ____________   11. I  am  worthy  of  having  a  soul  mate    ____________   12. I  am  good  enough  to  have  a  soul  mate    ____________   13. I  believe  it’s  safe  for  me  to  have  a  soul  mate    ____________   14. I  believe  it’s  possible  for  me  to  find  my  soul  mate    ____________   15. I  know  how  to  recognise  my  soul  mate    ____________   16. I  know  how  to  love  my  soul  mate    ____________   17. I  know  what  it  feels  like  to  be  loved  by  my  soul  mate    ____________   18. I  know  the  difference  between  my  soul  mate  &  my  soul  family    ____________   19. I  know  what  it  feels  like  to  have  my  soul  mate  in  my  life    ____________   20. I  know  what  it  feels  like  to  be  in  a  loving  relationship    ____________   21. I  am  ready  to  have  my  soul  mate  in  my  life    ____________   22. I  know  how  to  live  without  the  fear  of  losing  my  soul  mate    ____________   23. I  know  how  to  trust  my  soul  mate    ____________   24. I  believe  it’s  possible  for  me  to  be  happy  &  in  love  at  the  same  time  ___________   25. It  is  safe  for  me  to  be  in  love    ____________  


Note:    If  your  muscle  testing  answered  “no”  to  any  of  statements  1-­‐25  above,  then   you   have   a   sub   conscious   limiting   belief   that   is   likely   hindering   you   as   it   relates   to   that   statement.     If   your   muscle   testing   answered   “yes”   to   any   of   statements   1-­‐25   above,  then  you  have  a  sub  conscious  beneficial  belief  that  is  likely  helping  you  as   it  relates  to  that  statement.    

6   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    

26. I  believe  love  is  conditional    ____________  


27. I’m  afraid  of  being  unconditionally  loved    ____________   28. I  believe  love  hurts    ____________   29. I  believe  if  I  love  others  I  will  be  hurt    ____________   30. I  push  others  away  from  me  to  protect  myself  from  being  hurt    ____________   31. I  believe  I  have  to  change  who  I  am  in  order  to  be  loved  by  others    ___________   32. It  is  safer  for  me  to  be  alone    ____________   33. I  believe  if  I  love  someone  they  will  let  me  down    ____________   34. I  know  how  to  live  without  holding  my  past  experiences  with  men/women   against  my  soul  mate    ____________   35. I’m  afraid  I  will  lose  my  identity  if  I’m  with  my  soul  mate    ____________   36. I’m  afraid  I  will  lose  my  independence  if  I’m  with  my  soul  mate    ____________   37. I’m  afraid  of  having  my  soul  mate  in  my  life    ____________   38. I’m  afraid  of  being  happy  &  in  love    ____________   39. I’m  too  busy  to  have  a  soul  mate  in  my  life    ____________   40. I  believe  I’m  too  old  to  find  my  soul  mate  ____________   41. I  believe  I  missed  my  chance  to  find  my  soul  mate    ____________   42. I’m  afraid  my  soul  mate’s  love  will  be  suffocating    ____________   43. Being  in  a  relationship  takes  up  too  much  time    ____________   44. Being  in  a  relationship  drains  my  energy    ____________   45. Men/Women  cannot  be  trusted    ____________   46. I’m  afraid  my  soul  mate  will  leave  me  for  someone  else    ____________   47. I’m  afraid  my  soul  mate  will  fall  out  of  love  with  me    ____________   48. I’m  afraid  I  will  fall  out  of  love  with  my  soul  mate    ____________   49. I’m  afraid  my  soul  mate  will  cheat  on  me    ____________   50. My  heart  has  been  broken  too  many  times  to  fall  in  love  again    ____________    

Note:     If   your   muscle   testing   answered   “yes”   any   of   statements   26-­‐50   above,   then  you  have  a  sub  conscious  limiting  belief  that  is  likely  hindering  you  as  it   relates   to   that   statement.     If   your   muscle   testing   answered   “no”   any   of   statements   26-­‐50   above,   then   you   have   a   sub   conscious   beneficial   belief   that   is   likely  helping  you  as  it  relates  to  that  statement.  

7   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    




Did  you  discover  any  beliefs  on  the  above  pages  that  you  weren’t  aware  you  had?   Have  you  suddenly  gained  a  new  insight  on  your  past  or  present  relationships  after   discovering  your  beliefs  about  soul  mates  &  relationships?     Once   you   have   muscle   tested   yourself   on   the   50   life   changing   beliefs   about   soul   mates   &   relationships   you   will   have   a   greater   understanding   &   insight   into   your   own  love  life  (past  &  present).         If   you   have   discovered   that   you   currently   have   some   limiting   beliefs   about   soul   mates   &   relationships,   have   no   fear…     Every   human   being   experiences   limiting   beliefs  at  one  time  or  another  in  their  life  that  prevent  them  from  moving  forward   in  some  aspect  of  their  life  until  they  resolve  the  limiting  belief.         There  are  many  ways  to  change  and  resolve  limiting  beliefs  through  different  forms   of  therapy  (conventional  &  alternative)  and  it’s  also  possible  to  self-­‐heal  a  limiting   belief  using  a  variety  of  self-­‐awareness,  meditative  and  affirmation  techniques.         One  of  the  fastest  &  most  comprehensive  techniques  currently  available  to  change   &  resolve  limiting  beliefs  is  Theta  Healing.    Theta  Healing  uses  a  simple  three-­‐step   process   to   change   limiting   beliefs   in   mere   seconds.     In   most   cases   the   limiting   beliefs   are   resolved   for   good   &   when   they’re   not,   Theta   Healing   employs   another   simple,   yet   thorough   technique   called   ‘digging’   that   finds   the   source   of   where   the   limiting  belief  originated  from  &  resolves  it  from  there.     Once  a  limiting  belief  is  changed  you  will  often  notice  an  immediate  sense  of  relief   &  calm.    You  will  suddenly  feel  different  about  the  belief  you  were  working  on  &  the   situation   it   was   related   to.     It’s   common   to   notice   changes   in   your   relationships   with  others  after  a  belief  has  been  changed  as  well  –  often  instantly.     8   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    

  Without  a  limiting  belief  holding  you  back  in  a  particular  area  of  your  life  you  are   free  to  move  forward  &  create  the  experience  you’re  wanting  to  have  with  grace  &   ease.    Life  seems  to  flow  much  more  smoothly  –  mentally,  emotionally,  physically  &   spiritually;  relationships  are  enhanced;  you  experience  a  greater  sense  of  peace  &   calm;  your  possibilities  become  infinite  rather  than  limited.     Anyone  can  learn  Theta  Healing!    To  learn  more  about  Theta  Healing  and  how  you   can  benefit  from  a  session  or  a  course,  please  visit:       We   hope   you   enjoyed   our   eBook   on   Soul   Mates   &   Relationships!     Wishing   you   a   lifetime  of  love,  joy,  happiness,  harmony  &  contentment  with  your  soul  mate.     With  blessings  &  gratitude,      

Theta  Healing  UK  

9   ©  2011  by  Theta  Healing  UK.    All  rights  reserved.         W:  WWW.THETAHEALINGUK.CO.UK      I      E:  [email protected]    

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