Song of a Waning Age

July 24, 2017 | Author: Hans E Magnusson | Category: Elf (Dungeons & Dragons), Drow (Dungeons & Dragons), Orc (Middle Earth), Elves, Unrest
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SONG of a WANING AGE An Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes Setting

STORY In the ages past chaos ravaged the world in forms of demons, dragons and warring giants. The Faefolk managed to save the world from the apocalyptic terrors building a verdant and peaceful world. Yet, the time of the Faefolk is waning and the younger races of men and elves build their homes and kingdoms across much of the world. Knowing their storey is coming to a close the Faefolk taught their successors magic, astronomy and agriculture. Yet men, in their hunt for power over other men, corrupted the gift of magic into Necromancy. Necromancy became a disease that weakened the Faefolks hold over the great evils of the past and now long imprisoned enemies resurface to take the world. Be afraid for the world us up for grabs and the Fae can no longer help you. Who will win? The Death, Dragons, Demons or the spirit of men?

CRATIC: The Imperial Outpost of the North Azure’s Dominion governs many of the islands in the Middle Sea, like Amlug Tol and Aestolf, however SPIRE ELVES:

The Elves of the east are the proud, elitist, members of the oldest civilization of this age. Generally referred to as Spire Elves, to differentiate them from the Dark Elves of the Azure Dominion and the Wood Elves who have forsaken civilization to live with the Faefolk, they live in

magnificent city-states dominated by elegant towers. The Spire Elves, as a whole, are isolationist, concerned only with other members of their race and maintaining the status quo. For that reason the other denizens of the world rarely see them and they are rarely welcome on elven shores. Minimal trade and occasional expeditions are the most common reason these elves are seen away from their home continent. Some travel to the Wyrdwold to learn the ancient magics of the Faefolk and some travel across the land to spy on other peoples who wish to disrupt the Elven people in their solitude. Spire Lord Points: 138

Quality: 2+

Combat: 3


Evade and Counter, HeavilyElf Cataphract Armored, Leader, Long MovePoints: 86 Traits Mounted

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Block, Dashing, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Long Move, Mounted, Oblivious to Danger Mage of the Spire With greater privilege comes Points: 96 Quality: 3+ Combat: 2 greater responsibility. Spire lords Traits Fearless, Magic Block, Spell: expect all young elves of noble Lightning, Spell: Protection families to learn how to right and fight from Arrows, Spell: Rain, on horseback. When the call to arms is Spellcaster sung across the city they must mount as the Catapracti the decisive heavy cavalry and personal bodyguard of the Elf Captain Points: 95 Quality: 2+ Combat:3 general. Traits Block, Heavily Armored, Leader AZURE’S DOMINION: The Empire of the Dark Elves Elf Swordmaster Points: 120 Quality: 2+ Combat: 4 Traits Acrobat, Evade and Counter, Free Disengage, Heavily Armored, Master Duelist, Melee Block, Quick Elf Phalangite Points: 44 Quality: 3+ Combat:3 Traits Block, Long Reach, Shieldwall Elves fight shoulder to shouldier with their brothers in the phalanx. It every elf’s duty to upkeep their arms and armor and if need be fight for the city. Elf Archer Points: 30 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Traits Long Bow Archers are the professional A thousand years ago the Great foot soldiers of the city-states since it Dragon Azure called upon an Elven takes a great deal of training to prince to serve him. The Prince become proficient with the elven managed to turn a number of Spire longbow. In times of peace Archers Elves to their service of the Dragon. serve as guards and watchmen. The Spire Lords sought to stop this threat to the Elven way of life and in a

great war they forced Azure’s followers into exile. Azure lead the Prince where the Dark elves could find a new home, leading them to his Volcanic Island home. There they subjugated the tribal dragonkin race, the Drakes, and build a new civilization. They expanded, conquering and assimilating peoples in the name of Azure and the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Emperor, and all his faithful subjects, seek to prepare the world for Azures coming at the Dawning of the next age. Though the Dark elves are the chief citizens of the empire, often refered to as Azure’s Chosen, the dragon kin, called Azure’s Children, and men alike serve Azure’s Dominion.

Dark Elf Lord Points: 148 Traits

Quality: 2+ Combat: 4 Block, Dashing, Evil, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Knight, Leader, Mounted, [Savage] Many noble houses serve the Dragon Emperor and each noble seeks to see his house rise above the others. The chief goal of every Dark Elf Lord is to gain enough notoriety and power to be voted the successor to the aging Dragon Emperor.

Dracine Knights learn how to ride the vicious dracine, a dragonesque mount. Dark Elf Captain Points: 82 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Traits Evil, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Heavy Weapon, Leader Wytch of the Black Tower Points: 98 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Traits Difficult Target, Evil, Spell: Fireball, Spell: Transfix, Spell: Wall of Fire, Spellcaster All young elves who possess magic potential are brought to the Black tower. There they are trained in the Arts of Magic and in the Truth of Azure. Dragon’s Tooth Legionnaire Points: 58 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Traits Block, Evil, Fearless Heavily Armored, Longer Reach Dark Elf Crossbowman Points: 40 Quality: 3+ Combat: 2 Traits Crossbow, Evil, Poison Dark Elf Warrior Points: 34 Quality: 3+ Combat:2 Traits Block, Evil, Quick

Blackhelm Captain Points: 50 Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 Dracine Knight Traits Ebil, Gregarious, Leader Points: 78 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Only the bravest and most Traits Block, Dashing, Evil, Fearless, worthy of men can rise to prominence Heavily Armored, Knight, in the Blackhelm Auxilia, Mounted, [Savage] Blackhelm Auxiliary Points: 18 Quality: 5+ Combat: 3


Evil, Gregarious


Blackhelm Crossbowman Points: 25 Quality: 5+ Combat: 3 Traits Crossbow, Evil, Gregarious


Mouth of Azure Points: 29 Quality: 4+ Combat: 1 CORSAIRS: Scourge of the Middle Traits Evil, Magic Resistance, Orate Sea (music), Spell: Flame Jet, The Dark Elven people are a well Spell Caster ordered and legalized folk, yet there Where female elves become rae those among them who rather wytches a male dark elf whom Azure serve themselves than the great had bestown the bless of magic are dragon or fellow imperial citizens. made into his priests, called the Often these self-serving individuals Mouths of Azure. A Mouth of Azure is find a home in the many small islands uncompromising in the execution of in the middle sea where they make a Azure’s will. living as pirates, smugglers and Repentant Linebreaker slavers. There are a number of small Points: 51 Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 chaotic communities on the fringes of Traits Dashing, Evil, Fearless, Hugethe empire lead by a cruel Dark elf Weapon, Opportunistic, captain who has clawed his or her way Shield Breaker to the top to be master of a small Individuals tried for religious island and a handful of ships. crimes, the most egregious in Dominion law, are often put to death. Those that are spared being casts into Dread Captain the volcano become slaves in service Points: 60 Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 to Traits Acrobat, Leader, Melee Block, Opportunistic Drake Skirmisher Points: 24 Quality: 4+ Combat: 2 Traits Gang, Gregarious, Javelin, Skipper Quick, Rabble Points: 22 Quality: 5+ Combat: 2 Traits Melee Block, Opportunistic, The dragonesque race which inhabited Subcommander Amlung Tol when the Dark Elves first arrived have been integrated into the Assassin Empire. Some of them are called from Points: 53 Quality: 4+ Combat: 2 their communities to serve as scouts Traits Acrobat, Backstab, Danger for the Legions. Sense, Dashing,

Opportunistic, Piercing Weapon, Quick, Stealth Wytch Points: 63 Traits

Corsair Points: 20 Traits

Shanty Singer Points: 12 Traits

Goblin Warrior Points: 18 Traits

vile wizards, maurauding Ketons and Corsairs.

Lords of small Fiefs do what they can to protect their lands beset Quality: 4+ Combat: 2 by existential threats on all sides. Acrobat, Magic Block, Spell: Many are faced with a choice to Wall of Water, Spell: accept Imperial rule and Protection Windstorm, Spellcaster under Azure’s Dominion or starve through another long winter of fighting. (Special Rules Note, knights only count to be dashing when Quality: 5+ Combat: 2 mounted) Hand Crossbow, Melee Block, Opportunistic Baron Points: 136 Traits Quality: 5+ Combat: 2 Music, Oblivious to Danger, Sling

Quality: 4+ Block, Greedy

Combat: 2

Wizard Points: 82 Traits

Sherrif Goblin Archer Points: 54 Points: 20 Quality: 4+ Combat: 2 Traits Traits Greedy, Short Bow FIEFS OF AHRN AND RODIMER: The Remnants of Civilized Men Men thrived on the plains between the hill lands and the middle sea. They learned magic and how to work the land from the Faefolk and they formed petty kingdoms. As years passed two great kingdoms formed, Ahrn and Rodimer and they stood proud for many generations. Yet, the rise of necromancy destabilized the kingdoms and the realms of civilized men fell into turmoult caught between

Knight Points: 96 Traits

Man-at-Arms Points: 38 Traits Archer

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Block, Dashing, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Knight, Leader, Long Move Mounted

Quality: 3+ Combat: 2 Magic Block, Spell: Lightning, Spell: Slowdown, Spellcaster

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Hammering Blow, Subcommander

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Block, Dashing, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Knight, Long Move, Mounted

Quality: 3+ Block

Combat: 3

Points: 20 Traits

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 times for the Keton who must now fight to preserve their traditional Coward, Short Bow hunting grounds.

Huntsman Points: 58 Traits

Jarl Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Points: 68 Forester, Good Shot, Short Traits Bow, Stealth

KETON: The Children of the Red Mother The hill folk were always wilder than their southern cousins, yet a mythical Ancestor all Ketons claim to share cemented their root in the wild by merging their spirit to that of the Beast. All Ketons have a totem Spirit which influences their tempers and personalities. An honored few can channel their Totem into a physical embodiment of their totem. This makes them fearsome warriors terrifying to behold. There are a six totems, Bear, Wolf, Raven, Rat, Ram, and Otter The Keton are a hunting and herding people who supplement by raiding. They live in small palisaded communities centered on a Totem House, the center of all important spiritual matters and the chamber where the elders meet. (On the full moon on the month that a Kent youth comes of age they are permitted into the Totem house for the first time where they undergo a ceremony and one of the six spirits of the beast chooses The past years migrating orcs have made for difficult and desperate

Seithr Points: 35 Traits

Ice Giant Points: 65 Traits

Bezerkir Points: 48 Traits

Huscarl Points: 56 Traits

Fyrdman Points: 42 Traits

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Block, Leader, Were

Quality: 4+ Combat: 1 Spell: Summon Totem Spirit, Spell: Wall of Ice, Spellcaster

Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 Group Fighter, Huge, Huge Weapon, Lumbering, Tough

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Huge Weapon, Shieldbreaker, Were

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Block, Shield Rush, Shieldwall, Steadfast

Quality: 3+ Combat: 2 Block, Long Reach, Shieldwall, Steadfast

Svienn Slinger Points: 21 Traits

Quality: 4+ Sling

Werebear Points: 58 Traits

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Animal, Big, Fearless,

Combat: 2

Now the younger races who have claimed much of the world as their own and have thrived under the tutelage of the Faefolk who taught Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 them magic, agriculture, husbandry Animal, Fearless, Forester, and herblore. The faefolk withdrew to Greedy, Long Move, Savage their homeland the wyldwold where they protect their borders from Orc and Corsair alike and must fight the Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 growing threat of Necromancy and Dark Magics. Animal, Fearless, Flying, Long Hammering Blow

Werewolf Points: 58 Traits

Wereraven Points: 70 Traits

Move Wererat Points: 42 Traits

Wereram Points: 56 Traits

The Faefolk rule over the magical woodland beast that inhabit the Wyldwold, like the minotaurs, Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 mouslings, treefolk and freybugs. Though peaceful the residence of the Animal, Fearless, Free magical wilderness are more than Disengage, Poison willing to bare arms to save the home they love.

Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Green Guardian Animal, difficult Target, Evade Points: 150 Quality: 2+ Combat: 3 Traits Fearless, Flying, Forester, and Counter, Fearless, Heavily Armored, Magic Mountaineer, Quick Resistance, Melee Block, Spell: Courage, Spell: Wereotter Transfix, Spellcaster Points: 48 Quality: 3+ Combat: 3 Powerful and mysterious Fae Traits Amphibious, Animal, Lords Dashing, Fearless, Piercing Weapon Forest Elemental Points: 57 Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 Traits Artificial, Entangle, Forester, Huge Leafsight, Lumbering Short Move THE WYLDWOLD: The Mysterious Wilderness of the Faefolk The Faefolk remember what the racs of Men and Elves are too young to recall. They remember the violent chaos that wrecked the world. They remember the desolation and how they had nursed the broken world back to life.

Minotaur Points: 27 Traits

Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 Animal, Big, Dashing Short Move, Steadfast

Mousling Warrior Points: 17 Quality: 4+

Combat: 2

When the Faefolk gave men the Animal, Gregarious, Quick, gift of magic something happened that Tiny they did not expect. For all men carry a corrupting darkness in their hearts Fey Slinger and when they touched magic they Points: 29 Quality: 4+ Combat: 2 corrupted it. Men learned how to Traits Flying, Puny, Sling, Tiny harness the vile corrupted magical energies and unlock the secrets of necromancy. The dark magics caused Freybug Points: 42 Quality: 4+ Combat: 3 the world to dim wherever it was used and so necromancers became hated Traits Forester, Long Move outcasts in the kingdoms of Ahrn and Rodimer. The necromancers fought MOUSLING BARD back trying to overthrow the kings of men yet they failed and fled to the MOUSLING ARCHER south of the Wyldwold. There in the swamps of Feigr Marsh they practices MOUSLING Wizard (better Name) their vile sorcery. This corrupted the MOUSLING LEADER (better Name) once peaceful gnolls into a violent warrior people and it turned the mouslings into goblins. Traits


Necromancers and corrupted creatures alike contend with eachother for hegemony in the marshlands as the lords of men and the Faefolk keep a keen watch over the borders to ensure the corruptions remains quarantined. Meanwhile brigands, outcasts and deviants have made a home in Feigr Marsh where they can scheme and quarrel where good men dare not tread. Name Points: Traits DEATHPRIEST HAG HENCHMAN SKELETON




in the Il-elea. Even then their magic was strong and the men who settled along the north coast developed a few devilish traits in their appearance. As the power of the Fae waned a few of the demons escaped and formed nomadic tribes in the southern sands. The men of Do’la A’Rijino learned how to capture the spirit of a demon trying to enter Il-Sudi and bend them to their will. Mus Tabed (The enslaved)

Giant Spider

ORCS: The Migrating Menace


Magic comes from the Unseen World Which Surrounds Us There is no translation for it in the Tongues of men but it is often refered to as the immaterial world. In Elvish is Il-elea or in Fae it is Doman Defiecth and in the Demon’s Tounge, Ozomahn.

ORC Archer CADRIA: The Shadowed West (Find a way to divide the list between the Barbaric Cadrians and the Civilized Cadrians)

Do’la A’Rijino: The Forsaken South Long ago the South was the land were the Demons came, and they built a terrible civilization in the endless desert. After a great war between the Demons and Faefolk, the Fae imprisoned the surviving demons

Demons are different than the Fae. The demons were born of the Ilelea and influence the seen world. IlSudi. The are the Inverse of the Fae and their children who are of Il-Sudi but dabble in Il-elea. Ordinary men cannot see the ruins of their great civilization for they exist in the Il-elea alone. That is why the demons who escaped imprisonment, though few, are called spirits and shades by men, for they rarely have any interaction with Il-Sudi. Some demons are powerful enough to give themselves physical form, others can only sense

and influence the physical realm, and there are those, just as there are those men and fae who can do little or no magic, exist only within the Il-elea.

Name Points: Traits



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