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Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 8 Test B Name: ___________________________________________

Grammar 1 Complete the text. Use the correct second conditional form of the verbs in brackets. Cumbre Vieja, on the island of La Palma, is a super-volcano. Some scientists are worried that one day it could erupt. If a large earthquake 1_______________ (happen) on La Palma, it 2

______________ (start) a huge volcanic eruption. If the super-volcano 3_______________ (erupt),

the explosion 4_______________ (cause) an enormous landslide. If a large part of the volcano 5

_______________ (fall) into the sea, there would be a tsunami. The wave 6_______________

(destroy) cities near the coast and kill many people if it 7_______________ (strike) without warning. Mark: ___ /7 2 Complete the second conditional sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs below. be




not drive

not work



1 We _______________ better with people around the world if we spoke several languages. 2 If we _______________ everywhere, we wouldn’t pollute the air so much. 3 Kate would be more relaxed if she _______________ at the weekends. 4 Lots of people _______________ scared if scientists predicted a volcanic eruption. 5 If I went to New York, I _______________ the Statue of Liberty. 6 We would use less energy in our homes if we _______________ fewer machines. 7 I get the train at 9.30 a.m. If I _______________ the eight o’clock train, I wouldn’t get a seat. 8 If we gave more money to charity, it _______________ people in poor countries. Mark: ___ /8 3 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I wish I _______________ (know) Harry’s mobile phone number. I’m worried about him. 2 I wish I _______________ (play) the piano. It’s a beautiful instrument. 3 I wish we _______________ (can) go to the beach, but it’s too far to cycle. 4 I wish I _______________ (not have) a Saturday job. I can’t go to the park with my friends. 5 I wish that painting _______________ (not be) so expensive. I’d like to buy it. Mark: ___ /5

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Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 8


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 8 Test B

Vocabulary 4 Match 1–5 with a–e to make sentences. 1 Doctors in the area 2 The flood waters reached 3 The terrible heat of 4 The landslide 5 The TV report showed the route of a struck the village and destroyed all the homes in its path. b the forest fire has stopped any rescue attempts for now. c the tornado: it struck the city and then moved east. d villages along the river and damaged many buildings. e say that thousands of people are now ill with the disease. 1 ____

2 ____

3 ____

4 ____

5 ____

Mark: ___ /5 5 Complete the sentences with the words/phrases below. donate pollution

dress up raffle

left-overs reduce




take part

1 Every year I help Mum sell tickets for the Christmas ____________. 2 We ____________ jars from the supermarket when we make jam in the summer. 3 We’re trying to ____________ waste at home, so we recycle glass, metal and paper. 4 The charity shop is asking people to ____________ old clothes and toys. 5 In the London Marathon, lots of runners ____________ in funny costumes to attract attention. 6 All the plastic we throw away will cause ____________ for hundreds of years. 7 It’s important to think about what we buy and whether we can recycle the ____________. 8

Mum and Dad make a big dinner on Friday and then we eat the ____________ for lunch on Saturday.

9 There’s a sponsored swim for charity next month. Why don’t we ____________? 10 I’m doing a sponsored run this weekend to raise ____________ for Children in Need. Mark: ___ /10

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Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 8


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 8 Test B 6 Choose the correct answers. 1 The landslide ______ many houses in the village. a destroyed b destruction

c destroy

2 The ______ has continued for months and thousands of animals have died. a drought

b flood

c explosion

3 A ______ with an asteroid might be a devastating disaster for the Earth. a collide

b collision

c damage

4 Doctors say millions of people will ______ of the disease. a injure

b fail

c die

5 The emergency services managed to ______ the two boys from the sea. a strike

b rescue

c injure

Mark: ___ /5

Use of English 7 Complete the text with the correct form of the words in brackets. Droughts don't always become 1____________ (NATURE) disasters, but when they do, they result in a famine, like the one in Ethiopia between 1983 and 1985. The current 2____________ (SITUATE) in Somalia, in East Africa, is another example. Since 1991, many different parts of Somalia 3____________ (FIGHT) each other in the Somali Civil War. This has affected the 4

____________ (DISTRIBUTE) of food around the country and thousands of people have died as a

result. The international charity Oxfam says that famine is a 5____________ (COMBINE) of three 6

____________ (FAIL): not enough food 7____________ (PRODUCE), not enough opportunities for

people to get food, and most 8____________ (IMPORTANT), a slow 9____________ (REACT) to the famine from local and international 10____________ (GOVERN). Mark: ___ /10

Listening 8  Listen to people taking part in a radio phone-in. Complete the sentences with the correct speaker, A, B, C, D or E. There is one extra sentence you do not need. 1 Speaker ______ is doing a sponsored run. 2 Speaker ______ is raising money for animals. 3 Speaker ______ is dressed up as an animal. 4 Speaker ______ is collecting unwanted things to help his/her community. 5 Speaker ______ is holding a raffle. 6 Speaker ______ is donating clothes to disaster victims. Mark: ___ /5 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press

Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 8


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 8 Test B

Reading 9 Read the text. Are the sentences are true or false?

Earthquakes Every year there are over 150,000 earthquakes around the world. Many are very small and people don’t notice them. Others, like the ones in Haiti in 2010, or Japan in 2011, cause terrible damage and can destroy whole towns and cities. Scientists study the Earth and know where earthquakes are likely to happen. Some countries have a much higher risk than others. Japan has on average 1,500 earthquakes every year. In Britain there are 140. The earthquakes in Britain are usually very small and don’t cause damage to people’s houses. In Japan there are much bigger earthquakes, and many modern buildings are specially built so that they don’t get damaged by the movement of the earth. One of the big problems with earthquakes is that we don’t know when they are going to happen. Scientists can tell us where a big earthquake will probably happen, but they can’t tell us the date or the time. If we could predict earthquakes, we could prepare for them. If we were prepared, we could save lives by moving people away from the earthquake area. In the future things may be different, however. In the 1970s, Chinese scientists noticed something interesting about the behaviour of animals. In the winter of 1974 lots of snakes woke up from their winter sleep and came out into the cold. That winter there were several earthquakes in the north of China. In January the following year, people around the city of Haicheng noticed that lots of farm animals like cows and horses were nervous and refused to go into buildings at night. In February there was a large earthquake in the area. Its centre was in Haicheng. 1 There are over 150,000 serious earthquakes annually.


2 Japan has over ten times more earthquakes annually than Britain.


3 All new buildings are safe in an earthquake.


4 If we could say where earthquakes will happen, we could rescue more people. _____ 5 Scientists think that animals may know that an earthquake is coming.


Mark: ___ /5

Writing 10 You are organising an event to raise money for a new facility for your school. Write an announcement to publicise the event. 

Tell people what the event is, and why you are organising it.

Say when and where the event will take place.

Ask for people to help with the event and say how they can help.

Finish with a strong message that motivates people to take part.

Mark: ___ /10 Total: ___ /70

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Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 8


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