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Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 5 Test A Name: ___________________________________________

Grammar 1 Complete the sentences. Use for or since. 1 I’ve been in the library ________ 4.30 p.m. 2 Steve has loved Alexia ________ years. 3 I haven’t been on holiday ________ 2010. 4 Have you had that computer ________ a long time? 5 What have you done ________ you finished school? Mark: ___ /5 2 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I love my school. I _______________ (be) here since I was ten years old. 2 _______ you ________ (see) Richard at the cinema last night? 3 A: How long _______ they ________ (know) Petra? B: I'm not sure – you'll have to ask her. 4 We _______________ (watch) our football team play last weekend. 5 _______ you ________ (see) any good films recently? 6 He _______________ (not be) to the gym for six months. 7 What _______ he ________ (buy) Lucy for her birthday last week? 8 I went to Tim’s house for dinner last night. He _______________ (cook) me a great meal. 9 A: How long _______ she ________ (be) ill? B: I think she went into hospital last week. 10 I _______________ (not hear) from Fiona since her family moved to Brazil. Mark: ___ /10 3 Complete the sentences. Use been or gone. 1 Have you ________ to the new mobile phone store? They’ve got all the latest phones. 2 I’m sorry, he isn’t here. He’s ________ home. 3 I’ve ________ to the bank and now I’m going shopping. 4 We’ve ________ at the gym. I feel exhausted! 5 She’s ________ outside to get some fresh air. She’s in the garden. Mark: ___ /5

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Solutions 2


edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 5 Test A

Vocabulary 4 Read the sentences and complete the words. 1 I bought this necklace at the j_ _ _ _ _ _ _’s in the High Street. It was really expensive! 2 James sells newspapers and magazines at the n_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _’s. 3 There isn’t any writing paper in the office. We have to go to the s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _’s. 4 Can you buy me some aspirin at the c_ _ _ _ _ _’s, please? I’ve got a headache. 5 I’m going to the b_ _ _ _ _ _’s to get some fresh meat for dinner. 6 That new c_ _ _ _ _ _ s_ _ _ in town has all the latest fashions, and it’s not expensive. 7 Mum wants some flowers for the balcony, so she’s gone to the g_ _ _ _ _ c_ _ _ _ _. 8 I need a new MP3 player. Where is the nearest e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s_ _ _ _? 9 I’m looking for a s_ _ _ _ _ s_ _ _ with good tennis equipment. 10 The b_ _ _ _’s sells delicious bread and cakes. Mark: ___ /10 5 Complete the sentences with the words below. There are two words you do not need. artists







1 I’m nervous about my ____________ tomorrow. I really want to be in the play. 2 This is a popular ____________ for street musicians because lots of people shop here. 3 My mum used to ____________ when she was a student. She played the violin. 4 There are always lots of singers and other ____________ in Covent Garden. 5 The ____________ loved the clowns in Covent Garden this afternoon. Mark: ___ /5 6 Complete the dialogues with the words below. There are two words you do not need. advertising







1 Customer: How much is this T-shirt? Assistant: 2 Jake: Zoe: 3 Ben: Frank:

£10.99. It’s half price today, so it’s a real ____________! I’m selling my camera on eBay. I hope I get a lot of money for it. I hope so too. Have there been any ____________ yet? I don’t like this website. There are so many pop-ups and flashing messages. Well, the website can make a lot of money from ____________ like that.

4 Customer: How much is the painting in the window, please? Assistant:

I’m afraid it’s not for ____________.

5 Tele sales: What’s the problem? Customer: I ____________ some things online last week, but they haven’t arrived. Mark: ___ /5 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press

Solutions 2


edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 5 Test A

Use of English 7 Complete the text with the words below. There are two words you do not need. customers departments for large


larger largest since until

has been

has had


London 1____________ many famous department stores. Harrods is probably the most famous and is the UK's 2____________ department store. Charles Henry Harrod started the business in 1834 and the first shop 3____________ in East London. Later, the shop moved and it 4____________ in West London, near Hyde Park, 5____________ 1849. The original building burned down in 1883 but the Harrods family built a 6____________ shop after that. The most recent building has been there 7

____________ over 100 years. Harrods 8____________ many famous 9____________ in its

history, including many of the British Royal Family. It has 330


____________, including the

popular Food Hall. Mark: ___ /10

Listening 8  Listen to a dialogue in a shop. Are the sentences true or false? 1 The manager thinks the phones were a bargain.


2 The customer is complaining about the price.


3 The customer wants a refund.


4 The customer hasn’t got his receipt.


5 In the end, the customer has two phones.


Mark: ___ /5

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Solutions 2


edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5


Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 5 Test A

Reading 9 Read the text. Match the paragraph titles A–F with the paragraphs 1–5. There is one extra title you do not need.

One-click shopping 1 ______ What can you buy online? These days you can buy food, cars, holidays and even a house with a few clicks and a credit card. In fact, it might be quicker to list the things that you can’t buy on the Internet. 2 ______ According to statistics, 85% of Internet users have bought something online. In 2006 only 10% of the world’s population shopped on the Internet. Two years later the figure was 40% – that’s nearly 900 million shoppers! 3 ______ It’s easy to see why people are choosing their computer instead of the high street. With city centres getting more and more crowded, and things like petrol and parking getting so expensive, it makes sense to avoid the crowds and shop from home. There are often great deals on the Internet too. 4 ______ Of course, there are disadvantages to shopping for things online. You can’t try clothes on before you buy, so they can sometimes be the wrong size, or disappointing when they arrive. And of course, Internet shoppers have to be patient and wait for the goods to arrive. 5 ______ So will Internet shopping replace shopping in town completely? It’s hard to say, but most people think it won’t, even with more and more Internet offers and possibilities. In the UK shopping with friends or family has become one of the most popular leisure activities. Many people simply enjoy going shopping. A I’ll meet you in town

D Saving time and money

B Watch out for Internet crime!

E Is this what I ordered?

C It’s all there on the web


More and more customers

Mark: ___ /5

Writing 10 You have just bought a new MP3 player from an online shop called Unfortunately, the MP3 player doesn't work properly. Write a formal letter of complaint.  Explain what you bought, and when and where you bought it. 

Say why you are sending it back.

Explain the problem and give details.

Mark: ___ /10

Total ___/70 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press

Solutions 2


edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5


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