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September 15, 2017 | Author: Reza Afrianto | Category: Workforce Productivity, Labour Economics, Economies, Economics, Production And Manufacturing
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1.1. Chuck Sox makes wooden boxes in which to ship motorcycles. Chuck and his three employees invest a total of 40 hours per day making the 120 boxes. a. What is their productivity? b. Chuck and his employees have discussed redesigning the process to improve efficiency. If they can increase the rate to 125 per day, what will be their new productivity? c. What will be their unit increase in productivity per hour? d. What will be their percentage change in productivity? Jawaban a. Productivity = output/input = 120 boxes/40 hours per day = 3 boxes/hour b. New productivity = new output/input = 125 boxes/40 hours per day = 3.125 boxes/hour c. Unit increase = 0.125 boxes/hour d. Productivity change = 0.125/3 = 4.2%

1.2. Carbondale Casting produces cast bronze valves on a 10-person assembly line. On a recent day, 160 valves were produced during an 8-hour shift. a. Calculate the labor productivity of the line? b. John Goodale, the manager at Carbondale, changed the layout and was able to increase production to 180 units per 8-hour shift. What is the new labor productivity per labor-hour? c. What is the percentage of productivity increase? Jawaban a. Labor productivity = 16 valves/8 hour shift = 2 valve/ hour shift. b. New labor productivity = 18 valve/8 hour shift = 2.25 valve/hour shift c. The percentage of productivity increase = 0.25/2 = 12.5% 1.3. This year, Druehl, Inc., will produce 57,600 hot water heaters at its plant in Delaware, in order to meet expected global demand. To accomplish this, each laborer at the plant will work 160 hours per month. If the labor productivity at the plant is 0.15 hot water heaters per labor-hour, how many laborers are employed at the plant? Jawaban a. Output = labor productivity x input = 0.15 x 160 = 24 valve per month b. Amount of labor = 57,600/24 = 2400 labors

1.4. Lori Cook produces “Final Exam Care Packages” for resale by her sorority. She is currently working a total of 5 hours per day to produce 100 care packages. a. What is Lori’s productivity? b. Lori thinks that by redesigning the package, she can increase her total productivity to 133 care packages per day. What will be her new productivity?

c. What will be the percentage increase in productivity if Lori makes the change? Jawaban a. Productivity = output/input = 100 care packages/5 hour = 20 care pakages/ hour labor b. New productivity = output/input = 133 care packages/5 hour = 26.6 care pakages/ hour labor c. The percentage increase = 6.6/20 = 33% 1.5. George Kyparisis makes bowling balls in his Miami plant. With recent increases in his costs, he has a newfound interest in efficiency. George is interested in determining the productivity of his organization. He would like to know if his organization is maintaining the manufacturing average of 3% increase in productivity per year? He has the following data representing a month from last year and an equivalent month this year:

Show the productivity percentage change for each category and then determine the improvement for labor-hours, the typical standard for comparison. Jawaban

a. b. c. d. e.

Total input (Last year) = 3360 + 240 + 90 + 1450 = $ 5140 Total input (Current year) = 3060 + 215 + 100 + 1375 = 4750 Last year productivity = output/input = 1000/5140 = 0.194 Current productivity = output/input = 1000/4750 = 0.21 The percentage of increase = 0.016/0.194 = 8.2 %

1.6. George Kyparisis (using data from Problem 1.5) determines his costs to be as follows:

Show the percent change in productivity for one month last year versus one month this year, on a multifactor basis with dollars as the common denominator. Jawaban a. The percentage of increase = 0.016/0.194 = 8.2 %

1.7. Hokey Min’s Kleen Karpet cleaned 65 rugs in october, consuming the following resources:

a. What is the labor productivity per dollar? b. What is the multifactor productivity? Jawaban a. Labor productivity = output/input = 65/520 = 0.125 b. Multifactor productivity = 65/(6760 + 500 + 1000) = 0.007 1.8. Lillian Fok is president of Lakefront Manufacturing, a producer of bicycle tires. Fok makes 1,000 tires per day with the following resources:

a. What is the labor productivity per labor-hour for these tires at Lakefront Manufacturing? b. What is the multifactor productivity for these tires at Lakefront Manufacturing? c. What is the percent change in multifactor productivity if Fok can reduce the energy bill by $1,000 per day without cutting production or changing any other inputs? Jawaban a. b. c. d.

Labor productivity = output/input =1000/400 =2.5 Multifactor productivity = output/input = 1000/40000 = 0.025 New multifactor productivity = output/input = 1000/39000 = 0.0256 The percentage change = 0.0006/0.025 =2.4 %

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