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Thesis Statement: Research shows that social networking has more positive than negative effects on society. I. Introduction A. Overview of the Research B. Importance of the Research C. Thesis Statement

II. Body A. Advantages of Social Networking 1. Developing friendships 2. Finding employment 3. Improving communication skills

B. Disadvantages of Social Networking 1. Computer addiction a. Physical effects b. Emotional effects c. Social effects

III. Conclusion A. Summary B. Insights I. Introduction

In the past, people who lived far one another communicated through letters, long distance calls in calling stations or telegrams. With the advent of technology, telephone was discovered. Then came cell phones and computers. These discoveries led to the beginning of social networking. Social networking is a way of communicating with people from far away places online. It is an effective way of expressing one’s individuality and meeting new friends online. Social networking is also a good business technique for entrepreneurs; it provides online jobs and many more. However, this social networking also can have many disadvantages that can affect society. This research paper intends to show the different effects of social networking and also the reasons why many people are addicted to it. Thus, the results of this research paper will surely help the readers to widen their knowledge about the benefits and disadvantages of social networking in the society. This research paper will show that social networking has more positive than negative effects on society.

II. Body Technological determinism- this term is commonly referred to as the way some people think that it is the machines and their development that drove and brought changes to economy and culture. On the other hand, many people also see technology as a more neutral claim, that, it is not the technology and it’s advent that had brought changes to the people and society, rather, the reason for so is the way how people use it. For whether, they use it for good or bad.

People vary in terms of their judgements about social networking. Some had considered boon insights and some had not. But presenting its effects would somehow build more insights. Developing friendships is one of the advantages of social networking. There are millions of people browsing the internet daily to search active individuals online who want to develop professional relationships and friendly bond with them. Networking sites enable you to be your real self. While interacting with people online, you get to know them more and thus, develop social relationships. “People trust one another which eventually lead to meaningful relationships. Networking sites are a means to bring you new opportunities, responsive followers and life-long friends” . . . (Lee Burkhart Shaw: 1973). Social networking also enables mind sharing and insights. While interacting with people online, you get a unique perspective into their lives and their problems, signifying you have now gone unto their lives. Learning about their lives will eventually lead to helping, advising and other means on how you can show yourself to them. And in return, you will receive feedbacks and gain trust from them. In result is mind sharing. “Since social networking is human focused, it is a great atmosphere to get feedback, research and insight” (Mark Smith: 2001). Although there are really instances that people do not want to be told, forced, spammed or made to do anything. But then, when you are now involved with them, meaning, have gone far through knowing them, the entire environment changes. “Remember, whatever your aim is- to make friends, build new clients or to know different religions, it can be fulfilled through creating a profile that contains truth, informative and things that you enjoy doing” (Thomas J. Sullinan: 1969, Introduction to Social Problems). Through social networking, making friends with people who are very far and are not culture-related, just as for example an American citizen had made friends online with a Filipino is very possible.

Under sharing of ideas and insights, there developed some attitudinal effects and behavioural effects. The first one talks about on how people can develop feelings about a product, individual or idea. Social networkers might decide that they like a new product, political candidate or hairstyle because of what they have shared and talked about. If a friend had influenced you in terms of your choices, for instance is during elections, political advertisements spontaneously arises and thus you and your online friends have talked about that, and he had said a lot of things that had actually convinced you to vote for whom he would also vote and not to the political identity you had chosen first. Remember that as you build relationships and friendly bond, comes next the strong involvement. The latter talks about almost the same meaning with that of the attitudinal effects because it is also about imitation. Just like for example, you and your online friend had planned to buy a new product from which you had discussed and liked both. So it would further increase the rate of your relationship and thus, tightened your friendship bond and may develop better. Another benefit of social networking is in finding employment. It brings business and opportunities and it provides online jobs. The more people you get to know and interact with, the more business opportunities you are likely to come across (http://google effects of social You get a chance to meet leaders and players in your industry and further, you build and let these relationships grow. You get to know and understand one another and in no time, opportunities arise when one person takes the first step and proposes something. It might have been that the person you just knew through social networking is establishing a certain firm and that he needs employees and workers, so might just have ended the long search and waiting process.

According to Stanley J. Baran, 2002, “The service industries- retailing, telecommunications, social services now provide more jobs than manufacturing . . . Individuals can communicate electronically in an instant with one person or ten million people. People search for and retrieve information from the world’s most sophisticated libraries, newspapers, and databases without ever leaving their homes. Many workers telecommute, rarely visiting the office. We are in an information society- a society where in the creation and exchange of information is the dominant social and economic activity.”(302.23 p.48) Regarding career management in general, it is no longer good enough to be known only within your company. But it is much better if you are now widely known for further esteem development. All professionals need to establish credibility and visibility outside of their organization for their own career security and success. In addition, if you are looking for a job, most professionals still land their next job through whom they know. “So social networking can play a critical role by providing an “at your fingertips” method of networking more efficiently an assertively with greater results in less time” (


Providing this social networking methods or tools can. . . •

Provide a way to establish a professional online presence that showcases your skills and accomplishments.

Be an excellent way to affiliate and be able to share with others who are “like-minded” people and get useful information and advice.

Particular to job search-help to identify employers and key contacts within those companies to target the elevation of your visibility as a candidate.

Attract potential opportunities by being more visible to recruiters and employers through having a well-developed online profile.

Stay relevant and abreast of industry trends through ready access to information and resources.

Feel supported through the up’s and down’s.

Build business by using time-efficient tool and broad pool of individuals to prospect.

Identify vendors, business partners and generate referrals. (http://google.effects of social

Remember that it would always be useful if we avoid having an incomplete online profile containing incomplete and unflattering information, for who would hire you if you do have so. It is also a common mistake to people who are usually engaged to online job search the having of a poor etiquette. It is not necessary to push yourself and talking much would offer less help to your success. Bear in mind that it is also important not to ask for too much in the networking process. Be aware also of the mood of your approach, non-thoughtful approach in making engagements had never been a good idea. Instead, be

strategic and open-minded. Even though someone is not in your literal industry, they could still be an asset in making new contacts. In addition to having a complete online profile, it has always been a good thing is to leverage the applications that could further enhance your online image and interactions. Expect that employers and clients would always look for overwhelming, flattering and pleasing characteristics. “Facebook has changed the way people communicate. It’s the familiarity of the technology. This generation is becoming more comfortable with technology in any field,” said Penn State spokeswoman Annemarie Mounts. It’s not only the Facebook site that affects user’s communication skills but the entire technology of the internet. It is a great place for everybody to use their skills in communication. Another advantage of social networking is its impact on the improvement of its user’s communication skills. Once you get your account setup with your privacy settings in place according to your purposes of using that certain networking site, you can immediately start communicating! Social sites like Facebook are one of the most popular ways to start conversations with your online friends. It’s about time to get the ball rolling with being in touch with people that you may not have contacted in years. Communicating with them more often would develop more your skills in communication. As you get used through using it, you will be more confident that you are delivering and handling conversations well. Pleasing communication skills don’t just mean that you have this “efficiency” in grammar and that you have a wide vocabulary but it tackles more on the way you deliver it and handle conversations. In gaining friends, it is not

primarily important to make them get amazed of your diction. But having a refine attitude would make them appreciate you more. Meaning, what is knowledge without wisdom, right? You have to make a conversation that has a sense and is humane. In improving your communication skills through social networking, it would be a great help if you converse with people who have wisdom, most example for this kind of people are the professional ones, because you would learn a lot from them and earn knowledge with good use too. And it is on that process that you get your skills in communication improved. Also it is by viewing and scanning the homepage of the website and learning new ideas from the visible texts of your co-social networker’s profile. You learn through them and thus, another benefit for improving your communication skills. However, social networking is also associated with dangers that now many people are addicted to it (http://www.fare. The access of -communication-a121387). One of the harm that social networking brought to people is the easy access of pornography in internet. This issue had really alarmed the people especially the parents who are concerned about their children’s welfare. Theee accccess

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