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ESSENTIALISM  Acquire basic knowledge, common body of knowledge  Excellence in education  Student centered  4R's (Reading , Writing, Arithmetic, Right Conduct) Proponent: William Bagley EXISTENSIALISM  Freedom of choice  Individual Differences  Unique individual  Awareness of consequences Proponent: Jean Paul Sartre PERRENIALISM  Education are changelessHumanistic  Educate the rational person  Cultural literacy  Great work of civilization  Develops the ability to think deeply  Student – centered Proponent: Robert Hutchins PROGRESSIVISM  Always in the process of development  Teaching using real life situation  Relevant curriculum, humanistic education, radical school Reform  Growth  Learning by doing Proponent: John Dewey IDEALISM  Unified reality with God  Morally and mentally upright  Mind

 Anything what is in your mind (absolute value) Proponent: Plato REALSIM  Based on natural law  Lecture method and memorization  Logical and abstract thinking  Objects exist independently of the mind Proponent: Aristotle PRAGMATISM  Always changing  Interaction of individual with environment  Essence of idea comes from the consequence of it’s practice/test  Practical / Beneficial Proponent: John Dewey, William James, Rousseau RECONSTRUCTIVISM  Reconstruct society  Improvement  Change and social reform / social change  Awareness of societal needs and problems Proponent: Pragmatism, Teodore, Brameld BEHAVIORISM  Modeling  Stimulus response to teaching  Modification and shaping of students behavior Proponent: John Watson Rationalism – to enable to think for themselves

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC Naturalism – nature is the aggregate of physical objects Constructivism – creating new idea connecting (old-new) Humanism – loving one self Empiricism-knowledge through comes sense based experience Social Humanism- asserts the importance of playing in the curriculum Hedonism- Pleasure is the only good thing to the person Utilitarianism-actions are geared toward the highest total amount of happiness that one can achieved. QUESTIONS WITH answers 1. Edukasyong Kagandahang Asal at Wastong Pag-uugali (EKAWP) is integrated in the New Elementary School Curriculum. Which philosophy supports the teaching of EKAWP in the elementary school? A. Taoism B. Hinduism C. Buddhism D. Confucianism In line with the philosophy of Reconstructivism, which of the following should be given emphasis in teaching? A. To seek a better position in the society B. To compare oneself with the less fortunate C. To become economically self-reliant D. To designate one’s superiority over the others RATIONALIZATION:C.To become economically self-reliant. Reconstructivism aims to achieve social changes. This is a philosophy that entails the identification of social problems, finding solutions for this and be a part of the solution.

Joining organizations or clubs in school is requisite to granting of academic distinction under DECS Order No. 65, s. 1998. This shows school community connection reflected in activities geared towards society's needs. What philosophy is related to this? / Activities planned by school clubs or organizations show school-community connection geared towards society's needs. What philosophy is related to this? A. Realism C. Existentialism B. Progressivism D. Reconstructivism 2. If a student believes in this passage "One cannot see perfection but i long for it" then, the student can be regarded as _______ / Student B claims: "I cannot see perfection but I long for it. So it must be real." Under which group can he be classified? A. Idealist B. Empiricist C. Realist D. Pragmatist Mr. Cruz exemplifies an ideal teacher and son. He is competent in his field based on the various recognitions that he received from his school. As a dutiful son, he assumes all the responsibilities of raising his family (this includes his parents, siblings, and their own families) –giving all their needs and wants. The fulfilment of these is the neglect of the responsibilities to himself. This attitude of Mr. Cruz is against what kind of philosophy? A. Existentialism B. Pragmatism C. Constructivism

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC D. Humanism RATIONALIZATION: D. Humanism. Humanism stresses personal culture, individual freedom, and development (the best way towards full and rich lives). Teacher Rosemarie ensures to put a certain amount of her monthly earnings in the bank. At the end of the school year, she used all his savings in visiting places rich of cultural heritages rather than of buying expensive clothes, jewelry, and latest gadgets. Favoring the former action over the latter exhibits that Teacher Rosemarie follows what kind of philosophy? A. Existentialism or Perinnialism B. Behaviorism C. Essentialism D. Progressivism RATIONALIZATION:A.Existentialism . Existentialism is a philosophy that gives a person the freedom to choose. It is a philosophy of subjectivity. .Perennialism. Perennialism views education as a recurring process based on eternal truths. Good education involves a search for and understanding of truth which can all be found in the great works of civilization. Teacher Alvina rates the art work of her students not just on the merit of its appeal to the senses but also considers its uniqueness and the responsibility that every student has given in accomplishing the task. This practice shows how Teacher Alvina upholds this kind of philosophy: A. Realism B. Idealism C. Reconstructivism D. Existentialism RATIONALIZATION:D. Existentialism. Conceives philosophy as something that is felt

by an individual because it’s concrete in itself or based on what is concrete. There is also personal involvement in this kind of philosophy. 3. Who is most likely to advise you to modify your classroom environment in such a way that your pupils will be motivated to learn? A. Humanist B. Behaviorist C. Cognitivist D. Existentialist Increase of time allotment in English, Math and Science in the Elementary level under the New Elementary School Curriculum (NESC) as provided in DECS Order No. 1, s. 1993 contributes in the culturation of basic literacy by providing the needed essential skills. The related philosophy is ______. A. Realism B. Idealism C. Essentialism D. Perennialism RATIONALIZATION: B. Essentialism. Essentialism is an educational theory rooted in classical realism and idealism which advocates curricular reform stressing the essentials of the basics like the 3R's. 4.

If a teacher would say that honesty is still an important value even if no one values it, the teacher can be regarded as ________. A. Realist B. Empiricist C. Idealist D. Positivist Teacher Jay serves as an inspiration to his students because of his efficiency and effectiveness as a teacher. The mind set of his

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC students towards him/her is an instance of what kind of philosophy? A. Realism B. Nationalism C. Idealism D. Constructivism RATIONALIZATION: C. Idealism. Idealism is a philosophy which asserts that what’s in the mind is the only reality. In this situation, the teacher inspires his/her students through the values that he/she possessed. Values are absolute are told to belong in realm of ideas. Hence, these are considered as ideas that exist only in the mind. John learns well through active interplay with others. His learning increases when engaged in activities that has meaning in him. Which philosophy can describe this? A. Progressivism C. Realism B. Idealism D. Empiricism RATIONALIZATION: A. Progressivism. Progressivism is a philosophy of hands of learning on experiential learning. “Learning by doing”. Learning is based from the questions of one’s experience of the world. Hence, it is the learner himself who thinks, solves, and gives meaning through his individual experiences. 5. “Education is a continuous process of experiencing and of visiting reorganizing experiences “according to a Progressivist. What does it mean? A. Education begins and ends in school. B. Education takes place anytime and anywhere. C. Education happens formally and informally. D. Education goes on throughout life.

5. Which philosophy of education influence the singing of the National anthem in schools? A. Nationalism B. Pragmatism C. Naturalism D. Socialism Teachers in school perform the role and responsibility of parents in the development and education of the child. This stems from the belief that the home is the primary agency in the education of the individual. Thus, teachers are regarded as surrogate parents along the loco parentis principle. Which philosophy espouses this view of education? A. Pragmatism B. Idealism C. Naturalism D. Realism RATIONALIZATION: C. Naturalism the school is seen as the extension of home and teachers are deemed "surrogate parents". This philosophy believes that students need a passionate encounter with the positive and negative phases of life like the joy and agony of love, desirability of life, the inevitability of death, the anguish of freedom and the consequences of choices and actions. Which philosophy advocates this view in education? A. Existentialism B. Essentialism C. Perennialism D. Realism RATIONALIZATION:A. Existentialism - it is a modern school of thought that grew out of the thoughts of European philosophers , particularly from Soren Kierkegaard, who believes that the central

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC problem humanity is facing is the ability to cope with its existence. .Who among the following believes that learning requires disciplined attention, regular homework, and respect for legitimate authority? A. Essentialist B. Realist C. Progressivist D. Reconstructivist The curriculum is viewed as a means of developing desirable habits. It is recommended that the way /means to form these habits is through the mastery of organized subject matter. Which philosophy is behind this educational view? A. Naturalism B. Realism C. Idealism D. Pragmatism RATIONALIZATION: B. Realism. This educative process is viewed mainly as the transmission of information and knowledge. The curriculum has the function of forming the body and this interrelationship gives rise to the dictum "sound mind in a sound body." Teacher Jessie says: "If it is billiard that brings students out of the classroom, let us bring it into the classroom. Perhaps, I can use it to teach Math." To which philosophy does Teacher Jessie adhere? A. Essentialism B. Progressivism C. Idealism D. Reconstructivism Which philosophy influenced the cultivation of reflective and meditative skills in teaching? A. Confucianism B. Taoism C. Existentialism

D. Zen Buddhism “Specialization is knowing more and more about less and less”. It is better to be a generalist claims Teacher R. What philosophy does she uphold? A. Essentialism B. Perennialism C. Existentialism D. Pragmatism Teacher Pauline is concerned more on conceptual matters since reality is mental. She upholds this kind of philosophy: A. Empiricism B. Idealism C. Realism D. Progressivism “Everything changes” explains the teacher. This entails readiness to accept challenges in life and be ready to address it. What kind of philosophy can this be attributed? A. Realism B. Behaviorism C. Materialism D. Rationalism “Life is what you make it”, exemplifies best what __________ is A. Existentialist C. Idealist B. Humanist D. Realist

Teacher Sharon is concerned more on conceptual matters since reality is mental. She upholds this kind of philosophy: A. Empiricism B. Idealism C. Realism D. Progressivism

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC “Everything changes” explains the teacher. This entails readiness to accept challenges in life and be ready to address it. What kind of philosophy can this be attributed? A. Realism B. Behaviorism C. Materialism D. Rationalism Teacher Gui is known in giving great importance on humanistic education. Which of the following will depict this trait? A. Developing students into thinking individuals B. Making students civilized, distinctly educated and refined C. Giving the students the freedom to choose and decide for themselves D. Teaching the students the different works of civilization If Teacher Janice believes that learning also takes place in having interaction with the environment, this teacher can be regarded as: A. Pragmatist C. Realist B. Empricist D. Herbalist Scouting and Citizens Army Training (CAT) give training in character building, citizenship training, etc. which leads to the creation of new social order and a new society eventually. What philosophy supports this? A. Existentialism B. Progressivism C. Perennialism D. Reconstructivism Virtue as one component in the teaching of Rizal as a course focuses on the teaching of good and beauty consistent with the good and beauty in God. What philosophy supports this?

A. Existentialism B. Progressivism C. Idealism D. Reconstructivism Teacher Rey believes that the learner is the product of his environment. Sometimes he has nochoice. He/she is determined by his environment. A. Rationalist B. Existentialist C. Behaviorist D. Progressivist RATIONALIZATION: C. Behaviorist. A behaviorist believes that human behavior can be best explained in terms of responses to external stimuli. Also, education can be best achieved by modifying or changing student behaviors in a socially acceptable manner through the arrangement of the conditions for learning. The control is obtained not by manipulating the individual, but the environment. Teacher Rogelio should provide for shared experiences in the classroom that fosters cooperative learning rather than competitive learning. Scientific means of inquiry complements such atmosphere. Which theory advocates this view? A. Existentialism C. Perennialism B. Essentialism D. Progressivism Which philosophy has the educational objective to indoctrinate Filipinos to accept the teachings of the Catholic church which is to foster faith in God? A. Realism B. Idealism C. Pragmatism D. Existentialism


Teacher Marites believes that the learner can choose what he can become despite his environment. A. Rationalist B. Existentialist C. Behaviorist D. Progressivist

year. The change hopefully will provide the needed social reform in alleviating the condition of poverty. What philosophy addresses this concern? A. Realism B. Essentialism C. Existentialism D. Reconstructivism

DECS Order No. 13 s. 1998 entitled "Revised rules and regulations on the teaching of religion" is emphasizing the development of one's spirituality and moral. What philosophy is related to it? A. Realism B .Essentialism C. Idealism D. Progressivism

DECS Order No. 54, s. 1995 entitled "War on Waste" helps students realize their role in the conservation of nation's resources. This also helps instil discipline among them. What philosophy is related to this? A. Realism B. Perennialism C. Essentialism D. Reconstructivism

This philosophy believes that ideas are inherent in the individual. This explains the nature of the Socratic dialogue in teaching, where the teacher asks questions to wring out the ideas innate in the learner. Which school of thought has advocated this belief? A. Naturalism B. Realism C. Idealism D. Pragmatism Changes in the T.H.E takes care of the cognitive needs of students. It also emphasizes the use of project method as implied in DECS Order No. 91, s. 1998. The related philosophy is _____________. A. Realism B. Progressivism C. Existentialism D. Reconstructivism

Your teacher is of the opinion that the world and everything in it are ever changing and so teaches you the skill to cope with the changes. Which in his governing philosophy? A. Experimentalism C. Idealism B. Existentialism D. Realism RATIONALIZATION: A. Experimentalism. Experimentalism believes that things are constantly changing. It is based on the view that reality is what works right now and that goodness comes from group decisions. As a result, schools exist to discover and expand the society we live in. Students study social experiences and solve problems.

DECS Order No. 57 s. 1998 entitled "Clarification on the changes in the Social Studies programs" offers Economics in 3rd year instead of 4th

Principal C shares this thought with his teachers: "Subject matter should help students understand and appreciate themselves as unique

LET REVIEWER SEPTEMBER 2015 SOCIAL DIMENSION- by JAYMC individuals who accept complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions." From which philosophy is this thought based? / Teacher V teaches her students to appreciate themselves as unique individuals and are to accept the responsibility to their feelings, actions and thoughts. She upholds the philosophy of _______. A. Perennialism B. Existentialism C. Essentialism D. Progressivism

Hedonism. Hedonism is the general, Epicureanism is the specific. Always select the general answer.

RATIONALIZATION: B. Existentialism. Existentialism is the philosophy of subjectivity of selfhood and proclaims man’s freedom in the accomplishment of his destiny.

RATIONALIZATION: A. Constructivism. Constructivism is a philosophy of learning which asserts that reality does not exist outside the human conceptions. It is the individual who construct reality by reflecting on his own experience and gives meaning to it.

When a teacher emphasizes that man’s sense should be trusted because they are the only way to acquire knowledge, the teacher can be regarded as____. A. Naturalist B. Empiricist C. Realist D. Pragmatist RATIONALIZATION: C -Empiricism. Empiricism upholds that the only source of knowledge is the senses and sense-based experience. Teacher U teaches to his pupils that pleasure is not the highest good. Teacher's teaching is against what philosophy? A. Realism B. Epicureanism C. Hedonism D. Empiricism RATIONALIZATION: C. Hedonism. Epicureanism is just a form of

After listening to the homily of the Priest about fidelity, Catherine has a moment of reflection. Her understanding of the value of fidelity has become deeper as she related this to her past experience. This typifies what kind of philosophy? A. Constructivism B. Humanism C. Reconstructivism D. Existentialism

Lea listened to the advice given by her sister to end the relationship that she has with Jonard . However, her sister learned that the advice she has given was not followed and Lea decided to continue the relationship. This action of Lea is a manifestation of what kind of philosophy? A. Essentialism B. Perennialism C. Existentialism D. Humanism RATIONALIZATION: C. Existentialism. Existentialism is the philosophy of subjectivity of selfhood and proclaims man’s freedom in the accomplishment of his destiny.

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