Soal Jawab Ujian Keahlian Pelaut

August 27, 2018 | Author: status | Category: Ships, Water Transport, Watercraft, Shipping, Industries
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soal jawab ujian keahlian pelaut (UKP) english language third edition (bahasa inggris3)

I. Complete these sentence with Proper preposition 1. The helmsman stood at the wheel 2. The ship is fulled at Dakar  3. The engineer stood away from the flames 4. The ship anchored away from other ship . The ship stayed on the course !. The chart lay on the ta"le #. The ship was off the course $. The keel was off the sea "ed %. The ship moored in the har"our  1&. The instrument instrument lay in their "o' II. (oin this sentences together "y using )elati*e Clause. 1. +ome ship are called colliers. , these ship carry coal. (w". The ship which carry coal are called colliers 2 -emp and sisal rope are made from the lea*es of plant. , this plant grows in part of urope/ Persian and the 0+

(w". The hemp and sisal rope are made from a plant which are grow in parts of urope/ Persian and the 0+ 3 n officer may "ecome the master of his own ship. , -e has the right ualification and e'perience. (w". n officers may "ecome the master who has the right ualification and e'perience. I. i*e concise definition to the following terms 1. Chief officers officers is one of the ship officers officers who is head of the deck department/ department/ responsi"le responsi"le of cargo handling/ making stowage plan/ pre*enting and maintenance of the ship. 2. -ead line is a kind of the ships mooring mooring line which are used when their ship alongside at the wharf or etty in order to keep in position. 3. +tar"oard hand hand "uoys "uoys is on a "uoys "uoys designed and marked marked to pass "y the ship the star"oard hand. 4. 5onkey ladder is a kind of ladder made from ropes and "oards "oards to clim" clim" up or go a"oard the *essel . 6ulk Carrier Carrier is a type of *essel which are designed to carry cargo in "ulk. !. Chief engineer is one of of the ships engineer who is the head of engine department and responsi"le to the engine operation/ pre*enting and maintenance. #. 7ree"oard is the depth measured measured from the water line until deck line. $. Draught is the depth depth measured from the the keel until the water line. %. 8ife"oat is a kind of li*e sa*ing appliances on"oard the the *essel which which are used when in the emergency situation and need to a"andon ship 9 *essel. 1&. 5uster list is a kind of list which are used to handle the emergency emergency situation where it is contain all of the ships crew name and position and also their duties when there is an emergency situation. II Translate the ne't into Indonesian 6uilding +hip +hips cost a lot of money to "uild.  general cargo *essel costs se*eral million pounds and giant tanker can costs o*er 4& million pounds. :n reason reason for this is the high cost of steel and other materials used in shipping "uilding. nother reason is the high cost of la"our.

 modern shipyard is designed for "uilding ships are cheaply an uickly as possi"le. 5any of the old processes ha*e disappeared or "een com"ined into one fully mechani;ed  process. 5achines are now used instead of men. Today/ ship can "uilt in a"out si'teen months costs can "e kept to a minimum. t get up at &4&& o>clock e*ery day. !. essel must not keep clear of this area. #. I will not pass north of the green "uoy. $. 5ines didn>t reported in this area. %. I am not on fire and ha*e not flamma"le cargo on "oard. 1&. I ha*e not lost one of my crew. I. Please Translate The 7ollowing Passage Into ood Indonesian +teering  Course :rder to the helmsman/ who steers the ship/ are gi*en "y the officer of the officer order the helmsman to turn the wheel @or helm A to port or star"oard and to steady the ship on the new compass course. The helmsman repeats all orders gi*en to him so that the officer knows that his order  ha*e "een understood.
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