SnakeEyes September 2014 Issue 11

April 5, 2018 | Author: CommissarNasty | Category: Battalion, Regiment, Brigade, Artillery Battery, Cowboys
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First off I’d like to clear up any possible confusion from last issue. On the Last Minute Column on the last page of issue 10 of Snake Eyes I showed Alessio Cavatore’s Tarot of Loka, as produced by his gaming company RiverHorse. In my description of this product, I may have unintentionally alluded that the cards were part of a the game rather than ‘the’ game itself. My apologies if anyone read this the wrong way.

Game spotlights

I hope that you all had an outstanding month.

The games we play

Hi Everyone,

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I would like to extend an offer to any budding artists or existing ones as well, that should you wish to promote your work, send any artwork to us for an opportunity to be promoted on the front cover of Snake Eyes. While on the subject I would also like to put a call out for any GGG member who might be interested in writing a column for Snake Eyes covering Blood Bowl, Epic, Ancients, War Machine, Bolt Action, or any game of choice please let me know. This Issue of Snake Eyes we will open the floor to one of our core games, namely the Old West. This is the first time that

Snake Eyes has offered an interactive game. I’d like to say more here, but there’s simply not enough room. More on this exciting event, inside this issue. I can remember people remarking many years ago, about this hobby of ours, that we should ‘Get a life’. I have always tried to fit in the things that I enjoy doing into my work/life balance, as I believe that we all do. Gaming is, and has always been a huge part of my life. If I was able to afford it, I would be running a hobby shop right now. So I settle for the next best thing. I love the variety of games that are out there, and I strive to have a taste of them all. My secret dream is owning an empty warehouse that I could fill with tables of scenery for different games and invite gamers from everywhere to play there. It still could become a reality. If you have people telling you to get a life, tell them next time, that why should you change what is already a great life, and give them a copy of Snake Eyes. As we strive to make each issue of Snake Eyes better than the last one, what we need from you the reader, is




feedback. We love to hear what your thoughts are and what you may have liked or (dare I say it) didn’t like. Feedback allows us to keep up a great presentation for you, and keeps us proud to be doing this service for gamers all over the world. Tank War is available soon from Warlord, SAGA Crescent & the Cross from Gripping Beast, Pirate Rules from Osprey, Nagash is back & Archaon is having another Chaos invasion into the empire in Games Workshops Warhammer Fantasy, Battlefront is churning out the WW1 tanks, more fantastic miniatures from the Perry’s, & RiverHorse’s Tarot of Loka...what a great time to be a war gamer...

Send your submissions in to: [email protected] and put Editor in the subject line. SEE YOU THERE

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GGG-Members Alan Anderson

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while Turkey – then at the center of the

Alex Barrett U.K.

Aaron Fleming

Tim Prenzler

Ottoman Empire – was one of the

Steven Azzopardi

Rod Franze

John Pope

Brittanie Ball

Bryan Gagen

Stephen Randall

Sean Beggs

Duane Gardner

John Ross

Drew Birkmyre

Matt Garside U.K.

Brendan Ryan

The major Allies, sometimes referred to

Marcus Blackman

Jason Goodliffe

Don Sargent U.S.

as the Entente, consisted of the British

Kieran Bowman

Courtney Halverson

Dwayne Schwede

Steven Brittle

Paul Hannouf

Carl Sciscio U.S.

ed other historical members, but they

John Brotton

Joshua Harbort

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more or less fell under the command

Kaz Brotton

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to holding the line. You will find that

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your depleting resources of men and

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This is not World War II. Progress during "The War to End All Wars" was measured by yards, not miles. The Italians were on the side of the Allies,

members of what was known as the Central Powers. Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were the two other main Central Powers.

Empire, France, Italy, the United States, and Imperial Russia. The alliance includ-

and control of one of these great powers. In fact, had General Pershing not insisted that its integrity be maintained, even the American army would have found itself as simply being replacements for French and British.

Axis & Allies: WWI 1914 puts players in charge of one of the major powers, each with its own infantry sculpt; other sculpts represent the artillery, tanks, aircraft, and naval line-up of either the Allies or the Central Powers.

As designer Larry Harris notes, "While playing this game, you will quickly realize that this is not World War II. There are no massive sweeps across continents with blitzing armored divisions and aircraft. Instead, there are a series of determined offensives resisted by equally determined armies dedicated

artillery must be deployed with great thought and efficiency. You will be fighting pretty much the way man has been fighting with each other for thousands of years – only this time the ability to kill your enemy, and for him to kill you, has become intolerably efficient."








A tale of too many armies... Normally I say that you can never have enough miniatures but in some cases this does not turn out to be true. I read of one persons lament the other day, where they were considering selling off all of their collection. I feel for this persons situation, having experienced it myself in the past.

always been in your, ‘will do it later pile’. Now make a list of these items, and have a think about whether you can use them anywhere in your collection. Maybe you can make them into some terrain feature. Can you add them to existing armies, or can they make up a separate force?

The main thing about it, is that I have found that it is a temporary feeling. I found that the best way to combat it, is to have a look at what you have in your collection. Find what you may have bought on a whim, items that you may never use, or has

If you are coming up with no answer to the previous questions, then I suggest you sell, trade or donate, these unwanted items in your collection. This will allow you to possibly purchase or trade for more of a type of item that you can use now or at least

be a part of your collection. You can even start a new collection. You could give them away to a friend who is introduced into the hobby, or might be less cash fortunate. The big mistake would be selling off all of your collectibles. Outside of later remorse, you will never recoup the money, time and enjoyment of getting them in the first place. Keep your favourites, and who knows, hopefully along the way you will rediscover why you loved them so much, when you first acquired them. Good luck.

“There are many gaming systems out there...all you have to do is find one that suits you”

From the Collector’s Vault Can a novice who has decided to start collecting have any chance to succeed? Well yes they can if they have the money and will power to chase the needs they have.

My advice is to start small and look for something that is achievable. For instance you may decide that you want to collect figures from a certain sculptor or company.

Today collecting is an expensive hobby (on the whole). Thanks to many shows on pay to view channels like Foxtell, you can see the greed factor openly displayed, as people just prove what tools they can be. Thirty plus years ago you could easily acquire items within a reasonable price range. Today you really have little hope unless you run into people who are genuine good guys, and believe me they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Chasing small numbers of figures is more likely to get a collection completed than say, I’m building this massive army and I need 40 mutant goblins from the old GW range. People who only have a couple of figures left over from a collection or project will more than likely sell for a reasonable price. This small purchase tactic lets you sneak under the radar of avid (I call the greed) collectors, however if you ‘are’ SNAKE


really trying to build an army of 40 mutant goblins and if you are getting them a couple at the time, the next hurdle is shipping. Postage costs may be a killer, particularly if you are here at the a*#e end of the world (Australia), and you are purchasing your collection from a hobbyist overseas. There is no sure way to beat this, and ebay post packs are not the answer. Hopefully you have relatives overseas that can forward them on to you. So in this hobby I can only advise “slow and steady wins the race”.


The Collector is a gamer with over 40 years in collectable games and wargaming...

Forward Scout By GGG Member

Glen Taylor

A successful history doesn't guarantee a successful future.

I heard this the other day and boy did it strike home. Games Workshop, for one example. Now before some protest, yes they are still here and selling, but if you look back to what they did in the eighties and nineties, you might start to see what I mean by this statement. I was lucky to have started gaming in the eighties and had the time of my life, but along the way they, and by ‘they’ I mean GW, lost me. For those who are new I'm back playing 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles and loving it, thanks to OLDHAMMER boyz. Again some still might howl so what, each to their own. This is true but it made me think about all the things out there for us today. So many great games and figures from all round the globe. If you are like most of us, you’ll want everything and want to build massive collections. Some never even see combat or get out of the packet. Again each to their own but as I get back into the hobby, I am trying to fight with each army as I build it. I want to use each troop type at least once, and above all photograph it. Some of this effort has already been shown in Snake Eyes and posted on various sites on facebook. Back to the title, and what it means to me. I did enjoy my gaming so much in the past. I formed clubs, and ran them with others. I organized tournaments and travelled to as many as I could. I just loved it and if you stopped to talk to me back then I would’ve talked your ear off about gaming.

Then it all changed. People went off and did their own thing. Friends I gamed with stopped gaming for their own reasons and moved on to something else. Now as I wander back down the road, I will make every effort not to rest on my past glory, and to continue to work hard on my gaming whenever I can. Old alliances have been re-established. New friends have been made. By doing this gives me success in my future. Gaming.

May your dice roll high




Napoleonic Battle - Prussians versus French After a long hiatus I have returned to playing Napoleonic battles with my old friend Andrew R. Normally Tuesday evenings is the best for both of us, we were scheduled for this evening but the G20 had other plans for Andrew. Was going to put off till next week, but Andrew decided that it was best be strike straight away, probably less chance of me finding an excuse to put of a good flogging! Right as mentioned in another post we use the WRG rule set Wargames Rules 1685-1845. Yes they are 30 odd years old, but I don't have a problem with them, neither does Andrew. Here is my Prussian List for the day. Headquarters

(Six 6 pounder guns and two 7 pounder howitzers Can be deployed in half batteries)

Commander in Chief - 1 Element

4 Light/Medium Artillery Pieces

Chief of Staff - 1 Prussian Staff

4 Horse Limbers with Trained Drivers

Grenadier Battalion - 10 Elite Line Infantry 2 Elite Line Infantry trained to skirmish

Regular Infantry Regiment 1st (Musketeer) Battalion - 12 Trained Line Infantry

1st Infantry Half Brigade

2nd (Musketeer) Battalion - 12 Trained Line Infantry

Infantry Commander - 1 Prussian Staff

3rd Fusilier Battalion - 10 Trained Line Infantry

Hussars - 6 Trained Light Cavalry

2 Trained Line Infantry

Field Artillery Battery - 13 Trained Gunners (Six 6 pounder guns and two 7 pounder howitzers - Can be deployed in half batteries)

Landwehr Infantry Regiment

4 Light/Medium Artillery Pieces

1st (Landwehr) Battalion - 12 Raw Line Infantry

4 Horse Limbers with Trained Drivers

2nd (Landwehr) Battalion - 12 Raw Line Infantry 3rd (Landwehr) Battalion - 12 Raw Line Infantry

Regular Infantry Regiment 1st (Musketeer) Battalion - 12 Trained Line Infantry


2nd (Musketeer) Battalion - 12 Trained Line Infantry

Cavalry Commander - 1 Prussian Staff

3rd Fusilier Battalion - 10 Trained Line Infantry

Dragoons - 12 Trained Heavy Cavalry

2 Trained Line Infantry

Landwehr - 9 Raw Lancers

11th Reserve Infantry Regiment (2nd Silesian Regiment) 1st (Musketeer) Battalion - 16 Raw Line Infantry 2nd (Musketeer) Battalion - 16 Raw Line Infantry 3rd Fusilier Battalion - 16 Raw Line Infantry

2nd Infantry Half Brigade Infantry Commander - 1 Prussian Staff Hussars - 6 Trained Light Cavalry Field Artillery Battery - 13 Trained Gunners






I’m hoping Andrew will supply me his French list which I shall include as an edit. Here are some photos of the day. Needless to say I was flogged good. My die will be binned, as they failed on all fronts except one, where on barrage from the right flank artillery butchered 6 out of 12 French troops. Pity I could not keep that sort of luck up!

My opponent Andrew and his French!

My left flank advances.

My right flank decide to stay put and let them come to us.

Advance, always move forward, unless the artillery spoil you day.

Right flank continue to observe the French advance.

Advancing to engage those French. Cavalry ready to charge.




Right flank, nothing happening prior to artillery phase from French.

French advancing on my artillery. Lancers ready to engage.

Dragoons peel off from flank to support the Lancers

French chase of the artillery crew. Hussars mauled by French artillery.

Finally movement from the Prussians on the right flank.

Lancers countercharge the French dragoons. Prussians learn that not all charges ram home.



Lancers bolt with the French hard in pursuit.

Left flank starting to crumble.

Death by musketry. Flank certainly lost.

Right flank broken. Landwehr hiding in stone building and refusing to come out.

John McDonnell runs his own blog site called Hammer & Banner which has over 3600 views. He is a veteran gamer with many years in gaming...



Dark Heresy

is a role playing game set in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, the decaying dark

future of Warhammer 40,000. Below is the continuing background story of Bekki Imam, GGG member Simon Machins’ character in Dark Heresy, continued from last issue. Sister Krankies diaries Part 10 My name is Bekki Imam, I am an Acolyte of the Handmaidens of the Emperor, an Adepta Sororitas.

We move as fast as we could, heading towards the turbo shafts that would take us down into the bowels of the ship, as we made our way to the Engineerium section, and to the area where the murdered victim was found. The squad shouldered their way through the startled occupants of the gangways that were not quick enough or smart enough to make way for our group. Eventually we reached the Engineerium. We investigate the area surrounding the body, but can only determine that the murdered crewmen were killed by the use of one or several sharp instruments. Some, where pierced through, and given the lack of defensive wounds, the attack was quick. Inhumanly so. We talk to Magos Zeul Howe and examine the dead servitors lying around or near the damaged engine. A typical Techpriest, Magos Zeul Howe is furious at the destruction of his servitors and the damage to his sacred machine. We find the organic components of the servitors are missing. We all feel on edge, as the feeling of something awful is near. We spread out to search the engineerium. I start to pray to the Emperor for strength, when the presence of the disturbance makes its appearance. It’s the flesh daemon. It has made its way here. The daemon we destroyed on the space hulk had somehow made its way onto our ship. It cackles with glee, unsheathing long bladed knives, but now I see, the blades are the daemons appendages. It attacks us, immediately. The squad is steeled to the threat this time and open fire. Fear or loathing has made them more resolute than ever and they hit the daemon with some of the best shooting I have ever seen from them, solid rounds and beams simultaneously blowing chunks and crisping flesh. I pray to the Emperor for strength and righteous fury and charge it, but before I could even close the distance to the daemon, Brawn, Carno and Adamantus, shred the daemon into strips with their firepower. The daemon tries to slither away. I step up to it and use my faith to bring forth the "Light of the Emperor". The Emperor blesses me and I glow with the brightness of Faith. I bring forth the light from me and into the daemon. The daemon wails in agony and is burned to ashes. We all gather and pray and give thanks. The Techpriest, Magos Zeul Howe is impressed. We check the area and are sure the daemon is banished completely. Just after we start to leave the area we get a message via our sub vocal communication chip.




"This is Hastus. I have taken over the ships bridge. Give me what Inquisitor Arrazmus stole from me, and you promised to give me. I have bomb here ready to detonate." We were all startled by this. We talked amongst ourselves and agreed that we have to stop the Techpriest, and we head back toward the bridge of the ship, to confront the Techpriest. On arrival, we find Hastus standing in the centre of the bridge, close to the Captain’s chair. The captain is dead on the floor next to him. The crew of the bridge are huddled in the corner. He says "Give me what was promised, or I’ll blow the ship up". Brawn shouts “No” and opens up with the brawn gun. He shoots and the round slams into the Techpriest. The concussive force of the shot knocks Hastus several meters away from the bomb, yet did not kill Hastus, only tearing away the robes of his midsection. Sparks fizzled from the Techpriest’s torso. The shot revealed that Hastus was a fully mechanized being. Hastus yells "You stupid flesh creatures know not what you’re doing. I will destroy you weak fleshlings". I, the Magos and our Techpriest, immediately realize that the creature is a tech heresy and must be destroyed. Hastus it turns out is so badly damaged he can’t fight back. Brawn’s shot hit a critical location and has immobilized the creature. I tell the Magos that we must destroy this thing. He disagrees, saying that we must keep it alive and study it. I am uncertain but I am aware of his background from the Inquisitor, and give him leave. The Magos went to the creature and crackled some binary cant. He then cleaved the head from its neck, in one quick move. Magos Zeul Howe smiles, lifting up the head of Hastus and checks it. He says "I wanted it to think I meant it no harm so it would not erase its files". I smile and nod appreciatively. "Is the data is still intact"? I asked. "Let’s see." he replied. He leads the way to my new quarters and he plugs the head into a holo-table. A lot of images flash by, mostly of some men like him and some others with strange green glowing eyes. The Inquisitor is seen to capture it and the data feed ends. The Techpriest exclaims loudly "Men of iron, what blasphemy, and Necrons". I remember a discourse I once had with a Techpriest on why servitors have brains, and he mentioned an old war of men versus the Men of Iron. The Magos says he will need to check up on this and get back to me on the findings. I thank him and tell him I am glad for all the assistance he can provide. He smiles and says that we have just made an important discovery for both the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

“Innocence proves nothing"

Membership to Garage Gamers Group is free. You can be approached by a member either directly, or electronically, and asked if you wish to join, or turn up and play in one of our games. SNAKE






We would like to introduce you to something new this month, in the form of a very enjoyable game that we have put together. Dog County Range Wars is an interactive game, allowing you to join us in playing. A

facebook page has been set up, to allow players to read up more thoroughly on the rules, and become familiar with the game terms. In this issue we will show you a brief overview of what to expect, and in future issue will publish the game map, showing all player movements.



Dog County Range Wars

“Free land they said? First, I had to line up and race against mad people for the good spots. Nearly rolled my wagon, killing my family. Nearly lost the lot. Then the weather and the savages all had a go to kill our dream, and now this... a range war. Well I can tell you that this time I have had it. Not only will I defend what’s mine. This time I want theirs as well." Your income can be spent on training your Cowboys, new bunkhouses, and Chuck Wagons.

Welcome to our Wild West campaign!

Its is simple once you get the hang of it. If you have played either Risk or Civilization board games, then you will have a good start.

What’s it about? Expand your ranch by claiming new hexes of land and taking hexes owned by others. Some may be explored for more fertile land for your cattle, and in turn produce more income. You may discover Silver mines on your property, or take over one belonging to someone else. The winner at the end of the campaign will be determined by your land and income. That player gets to name the new territory.

You will begin the game with your Ranch (named by you) in the centre of six hexes. This represents your initial land grab. Until game play starts and you get to see the whole map, you will only know the hex co-ordinates of your own territory. You won’t know which direction the rivers are, or how close your neighbours might be until the map with all gamers is shown. This allows everyone to have a fair start. You will also have $300 to spend.

You will have ten level one Cowboys and a level six Boss, (that’s you), to start your game. You will have one ranch, and a bunkhouse that will sleep your 10 cowboys. Income is produced by the hexes of land you own, with various levels of income based on the fertility of the land, anywhere from $25-$100. You will start the game with an even mix of differing land values. As the game progresses, players will explore new areas and take over land to farm your cattle. You might be the first to discover mountain ranges, mines, rivers, timber forests and other features. In the case of you being the first to find these things, an email will be sent to you so you can name that river, mountain range or mine. That name will then remain on those features in the new territory, irrespective of whether you are the winning player or not.

Every new item must start from your Ranch hex and then move out from there. Cowboys being trained up any levels must do so at the Ranch hex. Chuck Wagons are built at the Ranch Hex. Bunkhouses however can be built on any hex of your choice, with the exception that only one Bunkhouse can occupy one hex.

Bunkhouses can support 10 Cowboys and can supply to all surrounding hexes from it’s own hex. You can build as many Bunkhouses as you have money to do so. If you buy more Cowboys you must have a Bunkhouse to house them. The Bunkhouse costs $300, and can be built on any of the surrounding hexes of your Ranch if you so choose. Building a Bunkhouse in any hexes beyond the six that surround the Ranch needs a Chuck Wagon to be converted.

Chuck Wagons cost $150 and are mobile, however they only support 5/6 Cowboys. When you want to build a Bunkhouse two or more hexes away from your Ranch, you state that you are converting the Chuck Wagon to a Bunkhouse and paying the remaining $150.

Cowboys are $30 to hire. For the sake of a simplistic set of rules, this is the only cost outlay to hire a Cowboy indefinitely. They are hired with the skills at level 1. You, the Ranch Boss can nominate Cowboys for training. This occurs at the Ranch, and Cowboys are trained up one level each turn. Cowboys can be trained to a maximum of level 5, representing a veteran. The level costs are as follows: Level 1 Cowboy $30 Level 2 Cattleman $60 Level 3 Outrider $100 Level 4 Horsemen $200




Level 5 Trail Boss $400 These level skills are what matters in combat with enemy Ranchers.

Income can be derived from several sources if you are lucky or vigorous enough.

sive bonus. If the attacking player has two level 1 Cowboys, then the first is lost, THEN the defending Cowboy is lost, leaving the attacker as the winner, who then may take over the hex, providing the attacker has a Bunkhouse or Chuck Wagon in an adjacent territory.

Level 2 Cattlemen are equal to two level 1 Cowboys. In the example given above, the attacker would need at least three level 1 Cowboys to defeat a Level 2 Cattleman defending a hex. This is because the first Cowboy is lost to the defensive bonus, and the remaining 2 Cowboys are now the equal of the level 2 Cattleman. So the order goes, attackers loses one, defender loses one, then the process is repeated. Timber can earn you $50 and halves the cost Losses are always taken from the lowest of any one building for the turn it was discov- level first. Imagine that as a Cowboy is ered. trained up a level, they get an extra Mines can be found around river basins and wound. in the foothills of mountain ranges, and if This would indicate that it is a good idea your luck holds with you, these will provide to have good numbers, or higher levels on you with $200 per month. The mountainous your side when expanding your ranch. land has no other real value, outside of creating a defensive bonus. Mines can be searched for each time you find a new As an example of play, have a look at the (unsearched) mountain hex. map pictured which shows the starting Land will produce the majority of your income. Even if you lose the hex to an enemy player it will still produce one last payment for you from that turn. Payments are represented by the land type. Land values are broken into four main types. These are arid, grazing, abundant and lush. Arid earns $25, Grazing earns $50, Abundant earns $75 and Lush will earn you $100. These are paid per month.

location of the other players. Movement is all within your territory. That is to say, you can move any or all of your men within your territory owned, provided they have a Bunkhouse or Chuck Wagon to support them. (see turn example) You may also choose to have your men explore or if occupied, raid an adjacent hex.

As your Ranch expands it’s land ownership, it may become big enough to support a trading post or even a town, may come into being.

The map will show all of the starting players, that will be randomly allocated their starting positions. Each player will be given the location of their Ranch on the map when you join the campaign, in a numbered hex format. The Ranch’s are shown by the black hex. The green hexes surrounding the Ranch hex are the lands that each player starts with. Now if your Ranch was the one with the star, you have the option of threatening your immediate neighbours to your right or lower left.

In the first turn, you might spend $300 on 2 Chuck Wagons, and send 5 Cowboys to the South West with the new Chuck Wagon, and do the same in the East, so the end of your turn 1 might look like this if every Rancher did the same.

In the game map, you will see the colour change of the expanding ranchers but you will not see where the other ranchers have their Chuck Wagons. Let’s assume that the two hexes you have taken over are grazing lands. Your income for the month increase by $100 ($50 each), for a total of $400 for the month. As each Chuck Wagon supports 5 ranchhands, you raid the adjacent hexes to the Chuck Wagon, WITHOUT attacking the presumed location of your neighbours at this time, but understanding that your neighbouring Ranch Boss’s are planning their movements as well. In this example your immediate neighbours will attack you. Your move on the eastern side will be to raid the hexes adjacent to the Chuck Wagon location. They are the north, where you send 1 Cowboy, the South East where you send 1 Cowboy and the South where you send 1 Cowboy. The remaining 2 cowboys stay with the Chuck Wagon. Your move on the South west will be 1 Cowboy each to the north, north west and west, and 1 to the south east hex, leaving only 1 cowboy with the Chuck Wagon. Your expansion is represented by a darker green.

Combat in the campaign is kept quite simple. Defenders will have a +1 bonus if they occupy the hex. If both raiding groups enter a hex on the same turn, then neither has the defensive bonus and will both lose casualties. Combat is based upon having the numbers to win. If a level 1 (Cowboy) moves into a hex that is occupied by a level 1 Cowboy, then the attacker will be killed, because of the defen-

case it would be your neighbour to the East, or to the South West.

The game uses compass points, so in this SNAKE



The south west neighbour sends 1 Cowboy into each of his adjacent hexes, leaving 1 with his Chuck Wagon, as shown by the red colour. His other Chuck Wagon takes adjacent lands with no opposition, as shown in orange. Likewise the neighbour on the eastern side has their expansion shown in blue.

discovered. Have your say online by posting your thoughts about Dog County Range Wars, or maybe just harass your neighbours. Don’t forget that you can name discoveries that you make, putting your name in the history of this campaign. Snake Eyes monthly magazine will show the top Ranch’s in the game as well as a local Newspaper that will announce any news on the Range Wars...

Aim High...

As a result of their attacks on you, with 1 Cowboy against 1 Cowboy , your defensive bonus means that their attack is foiled and you remain in the expanded territory hex with your Cowboy.

Then end result of turn 2 is that you, and your neighbours have all expanded their territory. The eastern neighbour has increased their land by 5 hexes. The south western neighbour has increased their land by 6 hexes, and you have increased your land by 7 hexes.

To play in the Dog County Range Wars, interested Land claimers send an email to [email protected] Tell us the name of your Ranch, what you would like to spend your $300 on, and where you would like to move your Cowboys for turn 1. Snake Eyes Magazine facebook page will be the site where it all happens in between turns. Rules and extras will be posted on here as well as the game map, and updates on new mines, rivers and mountain ranges SNAKE



Dogtown howler

Edited & Published by Jacob Adams Esq.- Journalist & Photographer - Established 1867 Dogtown County - Member of Professional Newspapermen of N.Y.

Dogtown County opens up new land grabs...New land is up for sale in Dogtown County, and would be ranchers are lining up at the land sales office hoping to purchase some prime property. ‘Six months ago, this land was populated by our small town, and savages on the plains’, said town Mayor, Alistair Dumphrey. ‘Now it will be populated by peaceful, good Christian white folk.’ Town Doctor, Johnathon Weeks, said that Dogtown had it’s first infant born in town in nearly a year. Things may be looking up for the town as many see this event being the start of a run of good luck. Shuttered shops are now re opening their doors to greet the new Ranchers as they make their way around town.

Already threats have been made against our peaceful community. Glen “Smiley” McTaylor made threats against the Land Sales office and the local authority, Sherriff Reo Krey. Only the fact the the gunman was unarmed at the time, allowed the Sherriff to remove him from the town boundaries. McTaylor begrudgingly left Dogtown with the words “It’s my land. Not the Indians, not the ranchers”. Dogtown wilder beginnings…“Dogtown wasn’t always this quiet on the streets...No sir-ee”, proclaimed long time resident, and town drunk, Bob ‘Tonic’ Brown. “I can remember a time when even the town Deputy was crooked. He ended up gitt’n himself killed by the lawman, at the time...Can’t quite remember his name. Helluva town Mayor back then too...Can’t remember his name either...If you’re buyin’ mebbe I can recall a story or two of back in those days...You ain’t seen a fight til you see a Chinaman fight...Wow who’d a thunk they could fight like that...Where were we? Oh yeah, Dogtown...wasn’t always this least, not in the old days...six months ago…”

New Ranchers come to town as land opens up in Dogtown County. Folks are coming from all over the place to secure a future. The Lands office in Dogtown is overrun as Pioneers queue for their chance of some cheap land. Dogtown hotels and Bunkhouses have been booked out for days, and townsfolk are even offering their houses for rent to the newcomers. Business is booming as they say, with the added possibility of finding a silver mine on their property. Silver was the reason Dogtown is here, named after the late Reverend Stanley Dog. Some old timers say that the silver is far from played out. This writer hasn’t seen any action yet, but according to banker Milus Freyton, several people have opened new accounts at the bank with silver ore. The old mines are scattered all over the county, so anyone could be lucky if they stumbled over one. It could be that a silver rush could be the greatest thing for Dogtown to bring it back to it’s former glory.

Glen “Smiley” McTaylor

For Sale Lookie Tay Lor Laundry Interested Parties only No Chinese

Worked Sites Available - Old mine ridge (3), Deadman’s Grove (17),Dimity Hollow (6), Indian Graveyard (7), Tuncurry (4), Questor’s View (2), Dusty Pickings (3). All mine lodgements must be paid for in advance with NO returns. Owners may re sell the Ownership rights back to this office at the current market price. No mining is allowed on site until all lodgement fees have been paid. Any breaches of this arrangement may result in forfeiture of mine holdings. Railroad might be coming to town. Mayor Dumphrey has had a town meeting last week, over the possible location of a railway station for the town. The railroad is still some 120 miles from the town, but the Mayor is confident that an investment of this type can only be good for the town. The old station was burnt down a

year ago and the track stolen, or destroyed. The Mayor expects that the new line will follow the previous track plan. More to come...

Thomas Seawall was killed yesterday after a shootout near Riverhorse Saloon. Allegedly caught cheating, he was shot by gambler Matt Batton who was also wounded in the shootout. Witness Don Gaskonie Artist Andy Bunson re-enactment witnessed the event.

Indians on the run...Indians were sighted again yesterday on the hills overlooking Dante’s Gap. They left soon enough when one of the newcomers fired his rifle their way...have we seen the last of them?




Star Wars X-Wing by GGG Member Stuart Shaw

I asked Stuart to give me some advice, with regard to Star Wars X-Wing. I asked if I was new to the game and wanted to collect some miniatures for the system, what would he suggest? First things first ... purchase 2 boxes of the X-Wing: Core Set ... That way you get 4 x TIE fighters and 2 x X-wings which is plenty to get going in the game, as well as two sets of movement templates and 6 each of attack and defence dice. From there its comes down to personal preferences in terms of the way you play and which ships "gel" with you... At the moment with Wave 4 ... as per the article ... the YT (Millenium Falcons) seem to be having their day in the sun as they are proving incredibly effective against the threat of the new Phantoms ... so flying a YT + 2 other ships (i.e. Xwings, B-wings, E-Wings, or Headhunters), would be a strong choice and give you plenty of grit to hold your own as you are learning the game. If you are looking for more excitement then the old TIE swarm with the new "Echo" Phantom is fun to play ... the learning curve is higher though, until you get used to the crazy manoeuvrability. For more ideas on squad builds you can go to Click on :"Tools", and then on "List all Squadrons" ... there you will find thousands of different options. With Wave 4 there are hundreds of different variations, some great, some shit, some that work with only a particular play style ... just like any table top game. The best way is to strap yourself in and roll dem dice ... pew pew pew ... may the force be with you !!!

(Stuart Shaw created the Toowoomba Star Wars X-Wing group, and regularly posts information about tournaments and upcoming releases) Pictures on the right show a game in progress in Toowoomba, Queensland.

An X-Wing, the IG-2000 (pictured Right), is a powerful, large-base star fighter with three attack, three agility, four shields, and four hull. It can boost, it can evade, it can target lock, it can equip two cannons simultaneously, and it can whip through space at high speeds while performing the demanding Segnor’s Loop manoeuvre. (Wave 6)




GGG Member Roy Wells has sent in more of these excellent examples of modelling in WW2, using Tamiya kits and VP figures. Roy’s specialty is creating a realistic backdrop for his masterpieces...




WarpForged Miniatures Contact Scott For commissions And sales at [email protected]




Eyes Around the World By Glen Taylor

This article for September, promotes an event called “Gauntlet”. A Warhammer 40k tournament run in Brisbane last month by Rod Franze at The Pink, at Pinkenba. I managed to make it to this one and wish I had been able to enter. I managed to take many photos, but unfortunately can only show some of them here. Adam Nordberg of Alpha Hobbies generously supported this tournament with an excellent prize pool. There is another Gauntlet running on 15th & 16th of November. Still spots available if you would like to enter.







GGG Member Stephen Randall & Bolt Action

The Bolt Action game was played at Ace comics, Annerley, a suburb of Brisbane on a Wednesday night. Using a variety of my own terrain such as 4g buildings, an Italeri church kit some Gale Force Nine trees, and some home-made blockages etc. The points limit was 1000 pts each with British (Normandy 1944) Vs Germany (Normandy 1944). The scenario was objective based. Turn 1, saw both sides hold some units in reserve. The Brits rolled on through the heavily wooded forest whilst the German force made their way on through the bocage. Turn 2 saw the Panther G moving flat out up the right flank on the road beside the town church with a veteran grenadier unit armed with assault rifles, supported with a unit of regular grenadiers. They we're heading towards a couple of units of British infantry supported by jeeps. One contains a Flamer. The left flank saw German command with a couple of units of Heer grenadiers and a Puma, heading towards a Centaur, Staghound and a few units of infantry. By turn 4, the Panther had cleared some infantry with a couple of HE rounds & MMG only to be out gunned by a fast moving jeep carrying a Flamer. Four pin markers were delivered and the Panther failed its morale and promptly left the board. German infantry eventually claimed the right flank objective and were making some good progress towards the centre objective. A British sniper was picking Germans with ease. The Centaur was slowed in the town centre with a shot to tracks and became a bunker with a big gun right on the left flank objective and facing the centre of the table. The Staghound was playing cat and mouse with the Puma. The End turn saw some serious hand to hand combat in the ruined buildings in the town centre, to attempt to take the left flank objective off of the Brits but was unsuccessful. If memory serves me correctly, the German forces won with Germany 2 objectives to Britain’s 1 objective. Cheers Stephen (Terrain was a mixture of 4Ground, Warlord and a HO scale church all built by Stephen)




Biltz’s Battlegroup (GGEAB1) Years of combat have made your infantry a tough fighting force. The cutting edge of your attack is the imposing A7V Panzer and Stoss (Shock) Platoons. This tanks is superior to British tanks in practically every way. Mass them against a weak point in the enemy lines, and use its overwhelming firepower to tear open a gap in Tommy’s trenches...

Mitchell's Marauders (GBRAB1) Includes 36-page Great War rules supplement, one Company HQ, two Rifle Platoons, one Machine-gun Platoon, one Royal Artillery Gun Detachment, one Medium Tank Platoon (with decal sheet).

Your rifle company is well-equipped for assaulting and crushing the enemy. Prepare your assault with your Mark IV tanks. They will pulverize Jerry’s gun nests with high-explosives and rake his trenches with machine-gun fire. Then send in your highly-trained rifle platoons to clear out the trenches and breakthrough.




Members Spotlight I played my first miniature game when I was ten years old or so. I was using ESCI HO scale toy soldiers (WWII) and rules that I ‘wrote’ for the squares on the wooden floor of my bedroom. The rules were basically an adaptation of the ones I learnt from the Battlegame books of Andrew McNeil.

Much later (during my first years of University) I discovered Warhammer. I have been gaming now for about thirty years.

My current favourite game is Bolt Action. I have a Regular U.S. army and I’m now thinking of an Axis force. I’m thinking about building a Finnish force as I like to play with the ‘good guys’, as it seems to me that the Finns qualify for ‘good guy’ status, even as part of the Axis.

I also own Kings of War Undead. Flames of War Italians. Warhammer Bretonnians and Skaven. 40K Eldar, Imperial Guard and Marines.

Obviously I'm only talking about painted stuff...

I struggle to find time to 'just play'... it's mostly play-testing. I'm blessed that I often get to play with the Perry twins on their awesome tables with their awesome soldiers!

Alessio Cavatore

and the other nice people at Weta Workshop and were invited to have a cameo as they were still filming a few extra scenes. Of course we enthusiastically accepted and the experience, as a die-hard Tolkien fan, was one of the best of my life!

My own company, River Horse was born to create games, then mostly ended up being used as a 'for hire' design studio by many other companies, but thanks to crowdfunding, we're slowly moving back to making our own stuff! We are working on lots of stuff... but most has not been announced yet... Sticking with what I CAN talk about – more supplements for Bolt Action, more work for Kings of War...

The only armies I am working on at the moment is the planning stage for my Axis Bolt Action army... and keeping an eye on ebay for painted armies...

As far as painting my own miniatures? Nope. I don't like painting. But I do love playing with painted armies, so I normally buy the miniatures and then pay/bribe/blackmail someone to paint them for me!

Alessio Cavatore Managing Director River Horse

I also play in Bolt Action tournaments.

It was great working for Games Workshop, and I've learnt my trade there from the best designers in the industry. The love story eventually ended, but without GW I would not be who I am today. Once while working with Games Workshop, I was sent to New Zealand by GW, together with the Perry twins, Brian Nelson and Gary Morley. We were on a mission to gather information about the upcoming Return of the King film to design the game. There we became friends with Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor SNAKE



To Sell, Buy & Trade Some or all of these items may be open to Trade EDSLIE’S PREPS







#1 -3 Building Set for Warhammer Town $40


#2 -3 Building Set for Warhammer Town $45


$80 for both sets Pictures coming - Expressions of interest via GGG

Wanting to Buy

Flintloque Miniatures for sale

Old Warhammer Quest Characters

New in Box

3rd Edition Warhammer Rulebook & Army Book

Excellent purchase for the collector that missed out as they are now OOP

Necromunda Characters

MageKnight & Mechwarrior Hard to get but selling now Complete your collection Items going at great prices Enquire Now

Not for Sale but looks cool doesn’t it….




OldHammer BOYL Tournament U.K. Last month an Oldhammer event was held at Foundry HQ in the UK. I have garnered some of the photos, with more to come next issue...Looks like a brilliant weekend...




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