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FLOW • • • • • • • • • • •

 A Brief History of BUNGE BUNGE LIMITED. Bunge’s current strategy. Bunge’s Agribusiness. Their a!ue a!ue chain. chain . Turnaroun" an" I#$. Bunge’s o%erations in agribusiness. $%eration strategy &atri'. Bunge G!oba! Mar(ets an" cha!!anges. $rganisation an" )u!ture. Integrating )ereo! an" cha!!anges. )o&%etitors.


1818: *oun"e" in A&ster"a& by +ohann #eter Bunge , )o.

1884- Bunge as estab!ishe" in Argentina by gran"son/ Ernest Bunge

• •

1905- Bunge then e'%an"e" into Bra0i!

2001: )hange" its na&e to Bunge North A&erica %rior to the initia! %ub!ic offering of Bunge Li&ite"

2002: Bunge Li&ite" ac2uire" )ereo!/ hich inc!u"e" )entra! 3oya in the Unite" 3tates an" )ana&era *oo"s in )ana"a

1923- Bunge North A&erican Grain )or%oration foun"e" in Ne 1or( )ity to tra"e ra agricu!tura! co&&o"ities

CURRENT STRATEGY Bunge’s strategy rests on its newly founded Bunge Global  Agribusiness divisions whose focus is on vertically integrated operations improving value by linking dierent regional and international markets together.

Global Agribusiness

AGRIBUSINESS • 3oybean / heat an" corn accounte" for &ore than 456 of U3 cro% area %!ante" in 7889. • In 7889 / &ore than 948 &i!!ion tonnes of soybeans ere consu&e" or!"i"e as &entione" in E'hibit 5. Unite" states/ bra0i! an" Argentina accounte" for &ore that :86 of or!" soybean an" corn e'%orts an" &ore than 586 of heat e'%orts. • Groth in agricu!tura! %ro"uction ha" &o;e" toar"s 3outh A&erica !arge!y because of cost a";antages an" the !arger tracts of arab!e !an"s a;ai!ab!e there. • *or Euro%e/ ith Asian crisis in [email protected]/ the in"ustry continue" the "oncyc!e of %rocessing ti!! 7888. $;erca%acity in oi!see" %rocessing %ut %ressure on the &argins/ !ea"ing to 98ton fro& an a;erage of 9:ton. • In 9??4/ genetica!!y &o"ifie" see"s ere a"o%te" by far&ers in U3 , Argentina. Hoe;er/ they beca&e %rohibite" in Bra0i! in EU.


E!e;ators- *aci!ities that ere ser;e" as conso!i"ation an" storage %oints

The abo;e chain cou!" in;o!;e a sing!e integrate" grain co&%any or &u!ti%!e co&%anies ith se;era! changes in onershi% an" ith %rices estab!ishe" &any ti&es at "ifferent !ocations

STRATEGY • • • •

Goa! as to beco&e the best integrate" agribusiness an" foo" co&%any in the or!" In a""ition to its strong &ar(et %ositions/ it cou!" "ifferentiate itse!f by its business &o"e! an" its organi0ation an" cu!ture 3u%erior !ogistics C )ost a";antage Three "i&ensions to !ogistics C Trans%ort  C Ha;ing the right in"ustria! foot%rint an" !ocationa!!y a";antage" %ro"uction assets  C E'tre&e!y goo" &anage&ent in the ca%ture an" ana!ysis of i nfor&ation Logistics C Getting the right %ro"uct to the right custo&er/ in the right 2uantity/ at the right ti&e an" the right %!ace

TURNAROUND • In or"er to co&%ete g!oba!!y/ it as suggest that Bunge shou!" refocus on consu&er foo"s an" agribusiness o%erations/ "i;est noncore assets/ an" intro"uce %rofessiona! &anage&ent. • In [email protected]/ Bunge returne" to its roots in agribusiness/ i&%!e&ente" ne strategy an" ac2uire" )e;a! A!i&entosFBra0i!’s !argest 3oybean %rocessor. • In 7889/ Bunge ent for I#$s an" so!" [email protected] &i!!ion ne shares at 94share.


BUNGE’S STRATEGY • The co&%anies &o"e! nee"e" itse!f to be integrate" in a ho!e chain. • This can be attain by focusing on integration , the &ost "efining factor ou!" be !ogistics as state" by >eisserF)*$/ Bunge !t". • >eisser thought/ !ogistics not to be on!y trans%ortation but getting the right %ro"uct to the right custo&er/ in the right 2uantity at the right ti&e an" the right %rice. • Manage" !ogistics ou!" gi;e Bunge a cost a";antage o;er co&%anies that co&%ete" in on!y one %art of the ;a!ue chain. This ou!" a!so enab!e Bunge to offer custo&ers better ser;ice in ter&s of trac(ing their or"ers. •  Accor"ing to >eisser/ !ogistics cou!" be bifurcate" into three "i&ensionstrans%ort ha;ing the right in"ustria! foot%rint an" !ocationa!!y a";antage" %ro"uction assets an" e'tre&e!y goo" &anage&ent in the ca%ture , ana!ysis of infor&ation.

BUNGE’S OERATIONS IN AGRIBUSINESS • Bunge’s agribusiness "i;ision consiste" of Geisser ante" Bunge to be the or!"’s best integrate" agribusiness co&%any. 3o he as confuse"/ hether the ac2uisition on )ereo! re2uire a change in Bunge’s organi0ation &o"e! or not

CO-ETITORS AD• • • • • • •

Large an" "i;ersifie" than Bunge $%erate" in oi!see" %rocessing/ et corn %rocessing/ heat &i!!ing etc. High!y centra!i0e"/ U3focuse" an" @86 re;enues fro& North A&erica Lo cost %ro;i"er/ an" &ore &ar(et share , %ro"uction oriente" than custo&er "ri;en isua!i0e" itse!f as a !arge foo" in%ut an" fue! factory- ra &ateria!s entere" at one en" an" e'ite" as ;a!uea""e" %ro"uctsO Has &a=ority onershi% sta(e in A) Toe%fer Internationa!/ a grain tra"ing co&%any Toe%fer ha" &ore than 8 sa!es offices or!" i"e an" tra"e" 8&i!!ion tons of grains annua!!y

CARGILL • Large an" "i;ersifie" than Bunge • Largest %ri;ate co&%any in the or!" ith sa!es of 58 bi!!ion in 7887 •  Acti;e &e&ber throughout the agribusiness chain/ fro& su%%!ying in%uts to far&ers to se!!ing %rocesse" foo"s to consu&ers • Its strength as in co&&o"ity %rocessing • Ha" !e;erage" its ca%abi!ities in co&&o"ity tra"ing/ !ogistics an" %rocessing into nonfoo" businesses inc!u"ing stee! &ini&i!!s an" &eta! tra"ing

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