Smart University (Higher Education)

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cloud computer...


us over IP, Smart Education - Huawei “Smart University”Solution


ICT is changing the traditional education …


Essence of Educational Informatization: Deep integration between ICT and “Teaching, Learning, Research” Educational Infrastructure

Smart Smart Smart Smart Smart Supporting layer of “Internet of Things”:Smart Information open platform,Smart cloud computing platform, service suppor Teaching Opration Management Collaboration Library Research School connection with broadband; licatio App ortaEnergy p p up p S Class connection Resource with better resource; Layer n Management Center of “Internet of of “Internet of tform PlaCenter SeamleNetwork Human connection with learning Things” Things” ss twork e NetworLayer N space; ICT k ow Perce on L i t a , c o pt L Perception tion p Inform ion, Identif m su catio Layer n Perception Connection Intelligence ation o g n n Stro e,r C ocw Enable the campus with perception and fa P services for theSupporting faculty and students the visionthe of management smart city tion making Improving level and decision poverall e r e P w o L  The overall perception over the campus  Comprehensive , he areas of teaching, research, live Energy-saving, emission reduction analysis t  Campus information  Environmental  Deep he convenient services with new technology protection insight os concentration C  Efficient command transferring   Renewable resources Accurate decision

 Rapid emergency response 3

How does ICT change the traditional education? Research Practice Discussion 90% Audiovisual50% 75% Reading 20% Lecture 10% 5%

No Passive Learning

No fxed classroom

Interactive multimedia teaching



Virtual Learning Community

Education No faraway 3 for 21st century Knowledge Digital Library

• Oral Communication • Face to Face• Textbook •School, Family • School, Library •Single Information •E-Book, E-Dictionary Sending •Information Flooding Resource • Personalized • 5A Learning Environment

5 No inefficient management

ICT Enabling Smarter Education 4

4 No hidden teacher

Principal’s Dashboard

Cloud learning

National Strategy drives Education Informationization  " e-Strategy "  2008, the “Golden in 2005 : Teaching project”; Changing the  2012, “10 year children's development planning of learning and the Education service form Informationization ": with the learning society; fair Informationiza education, quality tion "; ; education, lifelong  In 2008, education; accelerating Bridging theof"digital divide" British the construction  In 2000, " education information Eliminate the " InformationEducational Islands National Communicatio infrastructure; " Educational ns and Technology Technology Plan ", the  In 1996,Agency the education information (BECTA ) informationization expressway; launched overall plan with 3the "  In 2010, a new phases; next " National  In 2011,generation launched a Educational learning fourth phase plan of Technology movement " the comprehensive 5 Plan 2010": ( 2008-2014) educational

Northern Western Eastern MEA Latin Japan Asia America EuropeEurope America Pacific

24.315.12.1~2.6~3.9~3.3~12.8 25 Bn $ ~ ~ 2.6 3.5 4.8 3.4 ~ 20 Bn $26.518.7 17.3 10 Bn $ 5.0 Bn $ 2.0Bn $ 0 Bn $

SRC : Gartner , 2011 Q3201201201 201201 1 2 3 4 5

The global increasing investment in education informatio  2012: global educational informationization 

investment reached $68.7Bn/Yr, 2015: May reach $76.9Bn/Yr, CAGR 3.8%; China: During the 12th five-year plan, total education informationization investment will exceed 320 Billion CNY; By 2015, broadband network coverage for all the schools, over 1Gbps bandwidth for university, over 100Mbps bandwidth for primary and secondary schools,

“Smart”to be the future trend of University Informatization (~1998)












 Smart teaching and resea  Digital School Affairs  Business Integration  LAN  Smart school managemen  Digital Teaching  Network Convergence  Connected Network  Digital Research Internet IPV4 Smart live  PC  Smart operation  Discrete applications  One-way control  Simple Apps  Cloud Computing  Broadband network  Internet of Things  Multiple Application  Ubiquitous wireless  IPV4 / IPV6 6

“Smart”Practices of International Universities  Multiple applications’ integration through RFID: Student Card, building access control, library service, school bus service, electric consumption, network authentication and payment.  Integration of PennyCard and mobile SIM card:  Integration with bank card functions: PennyCash, Convenient mobile service of PennyCard’s supporting small payment; Using as a debit card; replacement. with PNC Bank magnetic stripe;  Being a souvenir card after graduation: After Campus card of Pennsylvania graduation, PennyCard could become alumni card, a discount card;

"Smart" Construction VCL VCL Class  Integrate the campusVCL Desktop resource, establish a (Single (Multiple Server Sync xaaS "cloud computing " VCL platform; Seat) (Servers) Seats) Platform Super Blade Mini  On demand service: Agent Storag Desktop, Class, Server, Servers Computer Computer Subcloud, HPC, etc.; University e VCL HPC VCL SubCloud  Free services of providing the teaching resource, Principal dashboard of California University Highlights (HPC  application ILow cost: 75% cost(Environment reduction of the software software, and Ubiquitous Network: " Internet of things", Smart License, and 150% utilization rate increasing of online storage to the Clusters) ) real-time sensing the core business operation; the applications; faculty and students. BI system: Integration of all campus data, University  Flexibility: More flexible transferring among

"Smart" Const  

"Smart" Const

mining, and trend prediction;  DSS platform: In emergencies, DSS supports the scientific decision through the intuitive  Crisis management: dashboard panel. Crisis prevention, response and disposal;  Innovative applications: The fine management and service through the real-time perception of student information, such as: Alarming when 7 a student doesn’t

Cloud Research ofteaching, North research, Carolina management, State University and better

satisfaction; Broadband  Wireless connection High improve the utilization the campus ofofHong at aefficiency: high- wireless server and computer; speed: 802.11n upgrading, 6 times of wireless access rate, to realize the ubiquitous and broadband campus;  Intelligent unified management: Unified management over wired and wireless accessing, user accessing, service identification, and the backbone network equipment, to improve



The typical development ideas from the universities Perception: To present the knowledge and the decision through the analysis among the perception information from the participants in organization environment. • Philosophy: From " Resource-based view " + " Informationbased view " to ' " knowledge-based view" and " management-based “ Tsinghua University:view KM-based “5E” • Applications: E-Learning, E-Research, E-Management, EService, E- Living • Sharing: Isolated information islands are better than dead Tongji University: Smart Tongji Zhejiang University: Smart Campus Smart information islands. • Intelligence: logically • “Three Networks” Convergence University judgment by the analysis of and wireless campus the elements, such as high • Perception and Control over the temperature, high power campus equipment consumption Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication : • Smart application system. • Perception: Obtaining the • Smart Campus to be a part of ”Internet of Things”-based Smart Campus basic information from the Smart City • Integration: Overall integration neural elements, such as among people, campus, information ambient temperature, energy system. consumption • Service: Perception service, • Control : Controlling by the management service, teaching and defined interactive and learning service, and research controlling policy, such as 8 •

Features and ICT elements of Smart University Features of Smart University

ICT elements of Smart University


SO Co A mp ut

Tim Co ely nt ro l

gh ou tion or Th rcep pe

us ito n iqu tio Ub nnec Co

Make Campus Safe University Resource Reduce the energy Make Campus healthy and y saving, Environment Principal Planning ( URP ) cost stable tion Decision Support Dashboard(PDB) Timely Turn of Thing to Thing Safe Green Scientifc System ( DSS ) Timely Warning Human to Campu Energy Decision Traffic Control Intelligence System thing to s ( Cloud computing ) System Smart Advanced Univers Convenien ity Interconnection perception Teaching / t ( IP ) ( WSN ) Cloud Research prove the Living Internet ernationalizatio service forof the Data ( VDI/HPC ) Computing niversity brand Improve students' Wireless Things ( M2M/WSN ) Convenient teaching and staf Experts Knowledge Mining ( BI ) satisfaction Integration by All IP Broadband ( 3G/LTE/WLAN ) curate decision Smart services Convenient Network Storehouse ( EKS ) Protect the assets gh operational Campus Card Fast Emergencies akingthe management Managemen duce Access Unifed ciency tResponse t 9 Communication

Smart Elements in University Management


High Management Efficience Timely and Accurate Decision Call PrincipalURP Excellent Operation

Dashboard ICT Infrastructure

Center Office Collaboration

IT Director

IT Trend Integrated Network Network IP Evolution Cloud Internet of Integrated Platform Management Wireless Network Behavior Integrated Integration Computing Things Management Security Center Broadband Management

Smart Campus Hospital Card

Faculty and Safe Students Comfortable Multi-media

Teaching, Research, Advanced Advanced E-Library 10 Living


Smart Analysis Manager HD Video Surveillance SafeEnergy Environment Multi-system Monitoring Campus Monitoring interaction Mobile Remote control

Production, Operation

SmartSmartSmart Canteen

Summary ( 1/2 ): Cloud, Connection, Perception Traditional IT Status

220V Short-focus Switch AC IP/Eth Lan projector . Computer Whiteboard / podium curtain DVB/DM Cable B TV CCT CCTV V CobraNe t

Campus PA 11

Integrated, Perceptible University

Cloud Resource Center 220V Interactive Remote AC TV Mangement TVPA IPCCT Teachin Interactive V g Class CCTV Remote Class

Energy Campus Monitoring PA

Summary ( 2/2 ): Build the 21st century university by ICT

(~1998 Connecte ) d

University Campus

(2006 Digital ) (2009 Integrated )

(2010~ Smart )

Digital Campus over “Network” 12

Advanced Teaching Smart Management Green Energy Comfort Living Safe Campus

Smart Education over “Cloud”


Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over C


E2E Smart University Solution • Remote Virtual Class • Security Monitoring Advanced Safe • Online Learning • Asset Management Research Education Intelligent Campus Resource Control • E-Library • Emergency • Virtual Center simulation Center Dispatch • Order management •Green Energy Management Campus •Energy Environment Control Network

• Wireless Campus • Smart Principal Dashboard Convenien Teaching Building Admin building Playground DormitoryLibrary • • Campus Card t Office Collaboration Managemen • BroadcastingLiving • Behavior t 14

Smart University Solution Panorama Multi-media EClass Campus Library Green Campus NetworkCampus Teacher/Research Teachin Resourc Managemen B Office g et Multi-media Interactive Office e Public Service E-Library Classroom on b Calss Collaboration k ac WireliessSafe Campus Energy B Digital School Resource ol Campus Campus o Network Control h I Affairs Sharingnte -Sc Inter-School Backbone Teaching/Research Ne tre-Sr rk n cwho tIw Network Teachin Resourc Managemen Office ot o Nerk ol g e t Cloud Computing Center Bac kb on e Multi-media Office Interactive EClass Campus Collaboration Class Library Green NetworkCampus Teacher/Research Resourc Managemen Wireless Safe Campus Teachin Ofice g e t Campus Campus Z Campus Office Interactive A collaboration WirelessSafe Class CampusCampus ……


4 Layers of Smart University Solution Smart Education Cloud

eaching/Research Smart Convenient Safe CampusGreen • iCloud Center: Education resource sharing ManagementLiving Campus • iLearning Classroom: Cloud learning • iManage: Cloud school office mart Education 智慧云教育 • …… 评价 共享 决策 Digital Campus Cloud Evaluatio Sharing Decision Converged networks, ubiquitous access; Digital ) ( iCloudEdu n Intelligent control, easy, cost saving, trouble-free Teachin Resourc Managemen Campus Smart operation, efficient, safe, green and convenient; ; g 教学 e 资源 t 管理 智慧校园 ( iCampus ) Teacher Interactive Classroom 教师社 教 Community 教 Intelligent cloud edge, wired and wireless unified accessi 区 师 Interactive classroom, active learning Teachin Resourc Managemen Students e School 师 Smart 学生社 家校 g e智慧校 t Community ection Parent Campus 通家 家 学 学 E-Schoolbag E- 区 园 s长 教 长 Schoolbag 生 生 • VDI/BYOD ubiquitous learning 教 • Unified access, unified policy, unified management 智慧教室 家 师学 ( iBag ) 互动教 师学 Interactive 互动教 长 生 家 室 长 Classroom 室 生 16 • • •

• •

Solution: 5 typical Features of Smart University ConvenienGreen Advanced Safe Smart t Teaching/Researc Managemen Energy Campu Living h t s


Teaching/Research ( 1/3 ) : Cloud-based Teaching, Research, Resource Sharing Partner’s Smart Man. Resourc Interactiv Smart EApp Center e e Shoolba School

No Hardship in Research: Collection and sharing of the innovative ideas; Experimental group learning and workshop

No fxed classroom: Remote and interactive “Cloud” classroom; “Cloud” learning at anytime and anywhere.

No faraway knowledge: “Cloud” library to enable ondemand information access at anytime and anywhere.

No hidden teacher: Wide connection, distance education, international training.

Sharing Classroom g

NMSD eSigh CC UeSD C T IV Virtualization/Cloud S N tDC Computin Connectio SStorag CKC P S OS Region/HQ gInfrastructure e n Education Center Cloud Cernet/Telco Edge Cloud Campus Cloud ranch Campus Branch Cloud Partner’s Partner’s Smart Management Smart Management Interactiv Resourc Smart EInteractiv Resourc Smart EEdge Edge enter Center Partner’s Smart Management App App Interactiv Resourc Center Smart EEdge Center ee Schoolba School ee Schoolba School App Center e e Schoolba School eSD NM SD eSD Classroom NM SD Sharing g Classroom Sharing g eSigh CCUCTIV eSigh CCUCTIV Virtulization/Cloud eSD NM SD Virtulization/Cloud Classroom Sharing g eSigh CC U C T IV Computin Storag Connectio Computin Storag Connectio KCPSVirtulization/Cloud DCt S N DCt S N S C S CKCPS Computin Storag Connectio OS g en K OS DCt S N S CCPS Infrastructure g en Infrastructure OS g Campus Branch e n Infrastructure Center Gree n Classroom Dormitory





Teaching/Research ( 2/3 ): Interactive Classroom, to Change traditional teaching

Classroo m

Online Classroom Exam

Cloud Edge

Campus Cloud Network Edge Classroo m


Smart Control Center

Energy Monitoring Auto. Troubleshooting Upgrade Remote DC Environment Control

Classroo m

Cloud Edge


Education DC

Cloud Edge


Customer Value

rooms, training laboratory, multimedia rooms;ofthe Class Cloud Edge:integrated Effectivelyaccess resolve teaching problems equipments of online teaching School m. Monitoring \ Interactive Teaching Cloud Edge: because Intelligent of network caching,failure; intelligent 19 Unifed access and management of multi-media equ tal Adjustment\ Remote Management synchronization

Teaching/Research ( 3/3 ):

Smart Schoolbag, to connect to learning space anywhere and anytime! Unifed Access Control Unifed Management Policy Management ( UACM ) ( UPM )


Education Resource

Network Classroom LSW

Pad Mobile Classroom AP BYOD

Unifed Access ( Cloud Edge )

Playground AP/AC BYOD Home/Dormitory

Unifed Device Management ( MDM )




Restricted Internet

Convenient Living ( 1/4 ): Wireless broadband, web surfng anytime and anywhere Scenario Cernet/Internet Authentication ServereSight NM




All Coverage : The application spaces of Office, Teaching, Vistor, Meeting and training

PoE Switch

 

Access Switch

AR G3+Fit AP

 

Double access, double billing; Dual-band3G/LTE wireless relay network, saving cost, an installation; AR G3+Fit Wired andAP wireless integrated network, unified op User and user group based security authenticatio PoE Switch

Customer Value

  

PlaygroundParking Lot Warehouse Canteen 


Mobile Network, Mobile Business Flexible authentication, strong security; Integrated operation and maintenance, efficien Office Laboratory Converged network, ubiquitous coverage

Convenient Living ( 2/4 ): No.1 network throughput, 20% coverage improvement Intelligent empty

Intelligent antenna technology Intelligent terminal signal dispatching technology Intelligent Antenna resource allocation Traditional Antenna



2 4



1 3

Directional coverage,


20 % AP Lower number

20 %


according to the signal quality



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